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Associated Press.
DON. Sept. 24. Hostile air-
attacked the southeast coast of
England tonight. According to an
official announcement the raiders
(From Tuesday's Daily.) 1 Case from the beginning, were of the
Hiigh McKinnon, charged with the 1 opinion that the State had a rather
murder of John Simpson on the Slate I weak case up until the time the story
Creek road last December was last ' of Mrs. Troutz was told in court,
night convicted of murder in the first This is what is believed to have cinch
degree, the jury having reached its cd the case against the defendant,
decision on the first ballot and after J Story of the Killings,
having been out but 18 minutes. The j McKinnon was charged with the
ccnvic.icn carries with it a sentence j killing of John Simpson, one of the
of life in the penitentiary. 'two deputy sheriffs who had arrested
The conviction of the defendant j McKinon and his unknown pal on
came after a trial which had lasted j charges of robbing several mining
five days and in which the greater ; camps below Crown King. Simpson
part of the evidence introduced wasiand his brother Nelson were riding
of a purely circumstantial character. ! horses and marching their prisoners
The most damaging testimony pre- I along in front of them, making thcii
scnted, and the testimony which in ' way to Prcscott. On the afternoon
all probability caused the jury to re- Df December 12th, the four reached
turn its verdict in such a speedy man- a point on the Slate creek road, and
nes, was the recital of the alleged McKinnon received permission to tie
confession which Mrs. Jessie Troutz, a bundle of bedding onto the horse
a Federal prisoner, swore that Mc- j ridden by John Simpson. In handing
Kinnon made to her during his in- thc bundle up to the horseman, he
carceration in the county jail. Mrs. sc;zcd the opportunity to snatch thc
Troutz on Saturday testified that lie- , liter's rifle out of the holster and
Kinnon had made a clean breast of fatally wound his captor. The other
the matter to her, evidently hoping to i prisoner is said to have pulled a six
thereby enlist her aid in his plan to ( siIOotcr from his shirt at thc samt
escape from the jaiL i moment and fired at Nelson Simpson,
McKinnon will be sentenced to the . killing him instantly. Thc men parted
penitentiary on Thursday morning, ; shortly after thc murders. The strange
September 27th. ,nan was never accounted for, al-
The taking of testimony was ended , though officers hereabouts arc not
during the afternoon, the defense in- i,csitant about claiming to know the
troducing but one witness. W. S. identity of the man. lie is believed
Massev. a shoe salesman in a local, i, : fi. interior of Mexico at the
clothing store was put on thc stand presct t;,nc. McKinnon took to the
by the counsel for the defense, in an roug, country and was making his
effort to show that the shoes worn by wa. toward Crown King. He was
the defendant on the date of the mur- tra;ied by Officer Fitzgerald to the
der could not have made the tracks , cab;n of c p Sannier, where he was
I-.. .ili!.lt Vimx mtn woe trtftA in tin ' , t-x i , r . 1 .
uj - . arrestee! on ueccmucr itiu anci ujv
came from different places in Kent
r.nd Essex and a few followed the
! Thames and attacked London. Bombs
! were dropped at several points. Thc j
'casualties reported arc six killed and
ANT I-DR AFT AGITATORS , -0 wounded.
AIDED BY I. W. W. HAD! LOXDOX. Tuesday.2" Sept. 25.
PLANNED NATION-WIDE ' Hostile airships early today appeared
TTDDTCTMP AMI", f- A DTTTT3T? ! 0fT t,le COaSt f L!nCoInS"'e and
UPRISING AND CAPTURE !.yorkshirc. ,n official announcement
fays tUe raid is still
j There are no details.
; nrnMAMO ujitli
tornwo mm
By Associated Press.
EX ID, Okla., Sjpt. 24. A revolu
tion of 2,000,000 malcontents, nation
wide, backed by the Industrial Work
ers of thc World and 48 affiliated or
ganizations including the Working
Class Union was planned July 27tli
last, according to thc testimony of
Will Hoover, a State witness in thc
trial of the anti-draft agitators. The ,
Industrial Workers were to launch
the uprising. Hoover said Rube Mun
son, thc State organizer of the Work-
mg Class Union told the members,
that at a prearranged time the union
was to capture the small towns, take
charge of the banks, burn bridges and
cut wires while thc Industrial Work
ers did likewise in the larger cities.
President Wilson and Governor Wil
liams of Oklahoma, he said Munsot.
declared, would have such a large i there is only artillery
army for personal protection that j German fire is heavy in
they couldn't spare any man to fight Russians continue thci
thc rebels.
By Associated Press.
anxious to try honors with thc Ger
mans. In fact, their only grievance is
that for thc present they are not per-
Stiiidav. .Sent. 2I-f)n n hUtorir bnt- mittcd, except where necessity de-
'tlefield, which merges into the fight-; mands, to expose themselves to the
By Associated Press. ;ng j;nes arc cnca,nped many Amer- enemy's big guns. They want to feel
BRITISH FROXT IX BELGIUM, jican troops, far removed from the thc tllri11 t"3J onc experiences when
Sept. 24. American surgical teams I rest of their compatriots, who form I explosives are going up alt about and
are again doing magnificent workjn I ?A.ranprBa!U ? cl.c.Mms CXpem . n
liUHUi 111 X IHIUk.
cabin of C F. Sannier on the morning
of the fugitive's arrest by Officer
Fitzgerald. V
Argument Begins. .
County Attorney Neil C Clark be
gan the opening argument for the
State late in the afternoon, his talk
occupying several hours' time. He
was followed by Attorney James
Coleman of the defense, who spoke
for about two hours. The defense
was based largely upon the circum
stantial character of the evidence.
inn attempted to pull a gun on the
officer. He had made Ms bed close
up against the door leading into the.
room, and was apparently under fhe
impression that he was being pursued.
McKinnon is a man of about ' 35
years of age, neat appearing and docs
not look the part of thc cold-blooded
murderer which the jury's verdict
stamped him as being. He was a
former resident of Bisbcc.
Cruel and Inhuman Treatment.
According to thc complaint filed
By Associated Presi
Violent attacks by the Germans on
the new French positions northeast of
crdun, Monday, were checked with
heavv losses. On tnc Aisnc front
activity. Thc
Flanders. Thc
- drive in thc
The members were told I Rica-Dvinsk sector ' and report the
that two carloads of rifles were avail- capture of a German defensive posi-
ablc. Thc organizations had a right , tion in the Sizmc sector. The Aus
to conscript recruits for thc revolu-1 trians failed to dislodge thc Italians
northwest of Trent.
Sanguinary Losses.
PARIS, Sept. 24. The Germans
who have made repeated attacks on
the French-lines north of Verdun,
have been driven back by the French j
fire along a front a mile and a quartet
in length. The secondary attacks i
near Beaumont have been repulsed
thc advanced casualty clearing sta
tions, being under a -heavy shell fire.
Surgeons at onc station on the Yprcs
Mcnin road section, have worked
steadily since Thursday. They wield
the knife to save life while thc shells
arc breaking about them. This is de
clared to be thc greatest demonstra
tion of bravery and coolness evet
tion thc same as thc government to
draft men for thc trenches.
Cattle Plague Is
Traceable To Enemy
operation of farmers and wheat deal
ers was asked by the grain corpora
tion of the Federal food administra
tion for thc zone comprising
fornia, Nevada and Arizona. Em
phasis is laid on thc advisability of
i across "No man's" land with a wicked
whine, which gives notice that in a
fraction of a minute deadly bits of
ragged steel will be flying in all di
rections. In fact, until a stringent
order was issued recently the Amer
ican officers had a hard time keeping
For military reasons, it is impos
sible to tell the world just where
these men arc, who they are or what
they arc doing to further thc inter
ests of thc Entente Allied cause, but
it mrtv be sriid on rmthoritv to friend;
at home that thev are a credit to the I their men out of thc British front line
Stars and Stripes, which for thc first j trenches. It is said that more than
onc American soldier has crept away
when off duty, and after making
friends with thc "Tommies," has tak
en his place beside them for a few
time .in history fly over a camp of
American soldiers in this part of thc
war-wrecked world.
nmc of tliem hrtve been workinir I
continually in a zone covered by Ger- j glorious minutes, while a minor battle
man guns and already two of" their i was progressing,
number have been wounded, a fact I It would have been unwise, per
whereof they are exceedingly proud, j haps, for the correspondent to inquire
The Associated Press heard these ' too closely whether any of the Amcr-
men were here and soueht them out. i lean Othcers had done their bit in
Cali-lTlie visit involved a lonir motor trio, this manner. Nevertheless, the cor-
but the sight of their bronzed faces ' respondent had grave suspicious that
and thc sound of their cheerful deter-! some of them had been ."oyer the
mined voices more than repaid for ' top" with their Allies in early days
Thev are a fine, i Detore orders toruaae it. riowever,
holding wheat in warehouses
farmers should sell to the dealers, and ,
not directly to the food administra- j healthy looking lot, and nearly two ' they are good disciplinarians and no-
tion, say the instructions.
Time Allowed For
$6000 Ring Bouts
mnnti.c of inr,i work in the onen un- body is disregarding the edicts wnicn
der real campaigning conditions has (have been issued by the higher corn
put them in shape and they are ready mand, although the sound of the ar
for anything. Itillcry brings a wistful look into their
I Especially are they prepared and eyes.
SACRAMENTO, Sept. 24. The ' witli sanguinary losses.
state veterinarian declares that the
epidemic of anthrax among the cattle
of Yolo county is alarming. He says
the germs were spread by enemies of
the United States. Deputies have
been sent to stop thc spread of the
disease and save the big herds.
which had 'nt"" J?" i vesterdav in the Superior court by
McKinnon, and an effort fsj;Mri An;anda W. Short, her husband.
"it l" " J"-"."' . Theodore, was in thc habit of sub-
MVs. Troutz. Ti c State s dosing to ;nd; ;tics
argument was made : by E S C art . ;n ,0,7 whi,e
who was assisting Ins son, Neil n . , fanl-, . resided at Cottonwood. th
the prosecution of the case . II.s taHj . admin;sterctl a scvcrc bea.
ended shortly before 10 c. clock, and plaintiff, and otherwise
the lengthy instructions to th s jury P she
were then made by Judge ,r"1": j,c Kranteil a divorce, S40 a month ali
Four forms of '".'' mony. and the custody of five of the
and handed to the jury. Thcj were . . children. The conllaint
for verdicts of murder in the first de- v ;n M;s
manslaughter and acquittal. The ,
jury retired at about 10:30, and were j
back in their seats IS minutes later.
0SAMT0 UiM&imOi
III 111 IfltlllllllKaH
i im nflor rnn
1 in mbL run ;
j By Associated Press I
NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 24. The
appeal hoard granted Pete Herman, 1
the bantamweight champion, until
November 15th to report to the na-i
tional army. He told thc board he j
I wanted to accept a couple of $6,000
bouts to provide for his aged parents.
souri in 1900.
New Suit Against United Verde.
Mrs. Hulda Karkela. widow of thc
.... . r i t .
Mrs. Troutz P.ecalled. i'ate Albert KarKeia. cstcrua mm , somc way wag fomld tQ QU$t LaFol
Durintr the morning session, Mrs. sun againfi mc u.mcu c,uC v,. UcUc H(. caHcd hiu a tl;sracc. jic
KANSAS CITY, Sept. 24. Colonel
Roosevelt in speaking at a Middle
Western patriotic celebration today
said that he would be ashamed to sit
'm the united States senate until
By Associated Press.
ST. LOUIS. Sept. 24. New York
today cinched thc National League
Means' Hearing Is
Devoid Of Sensation
Troutz. whose testimony on baturday : VAe VinYth of
was interrupted by an argument wnicn " " :v., " J' " .
endued between opposing counsel, . cr liusDanu, who as khicu
was again placed on thc stand, and attendant company s mine on .-uigusv the wor,d safe for dclnocracy
few minor details of thc alleged con-j. J"'
riy Associated Press.
CONCORD, N. C, Sepi. 24. Thc
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 24. The
third series of officers' training camps I
will be opened by the war department
earlv nest Jrmaij. aiiaidatcs
commissions will be selected from thc
enlisted men or the drafted men. No
be con-
By Associated Press. ' By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 24. Steel j IiUENOS AIRES, Sept. 24. Mob
prices were agreed upon today be-' ilization of the Argentine navy was
tween thc government and the pro-j ordered at a rendezvous 37 kilometers
duccrs, effective at once and subject , from Buenos Aires. There is also
to a revision on January 1st. Thci unusual military activity, ostensibly
schcdulc is as follows: Steel bars, at j due to thc general strike but a high
Pittsburg or Chicago, $2.90 per hun- j official says the general staff has its
dredweight, formerly $5.30. Iron ore eyes open to "other necessities."
is unchanged, at $5.05; pig iron, $33 j The question of a rupture with
per gross ton, formerly $58; steel Germany was widely discussed by
platcs, $3,25 per hundredweight, for-1 members of congress. Thc deputies
merlySll. ; say they no longer have any confi-
.- i dence in Germany. It is learned the
cut n . . D'll T general stair long nau mouinzauon
for I LeTlCWnClJ DILL ID 'under consideratipn, war plans com-
said America should declare war on State today rested its case in i the pre- jappiicat;ons of civilians will
.viistna and I urkcy to make good the liminary hearing of Gaston 15. Means, s;dcrcd majority of th
j words of President Wilson to make ( charged with the murder of Mrs.,wiu i)C'ocatcd ; thc South I
Favorably Reported Jnd-;
1 immediately, not being content with
!n nnive attitude. The men and
fession of McKinnon were gone into.
According to the complaint, Kar-
rvinnuii wtit i.nv. ; - -( t
Asked as to whv she had consented jieia u at ... . , - -
to ghe this line of testimony if sheim-cker ,n one of thc slopes and was
pretended to be a friend of the ac-l;"cd when a large mass of rock fell
cused she replied that she had con- f'" tllC ,OP, f ' ,e t"e- T',C P,am;
sented to testify only after she had tiff alleges that the company was not
sentca to lebii-y , S1;ff ! sufficiently careful to see that the
been pinned do r b b hcr.lt , J , thnbercd so
lSS &S the rock could not have fallen on
the murder. She said that she under- the workmen. The deceased left a
. ci,.nff vniinir Md lnd sus- ! widow and two small children, and
pdi.to?MeUnUon8d told T plaintiff sets forth that the family
'. . , ., i..has been damaced to the extent of
that,she had at last fc ; t ob iged to Logt
tell loung wnai sue nau i.w.u. -... ,,:,if f tl
S'f! " 15 olu,;; HS LEO KROUSKUP, OIL AU-
ing the story Following her tcsti- tcrday made : the defendant in a .dam-1
nib mc siuij. t c-i---rr niro ;i,,t tile.l hv Fred LaTuencsse. the
mony ot the morning session, oner... . ,j, ,tfnfi,nt
! Din nm
II T! I .i DIE H3 I
..iatme King, it gave no Hint as toi.. , f vorthcrn Winter.
the motive and contincd itself to an i . .
-a . i . i.-i. i '
cicnt to hold Means. Two experts
testified that it was a physical impos
sibility for thc woman to have held j
thc gun and inflicted thc wounds
which caused her death. Thc defense
was granted a delay until tomorrow
to prepare its case.
Suffrage Committee
Is Voted By House
3y Associated Press.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 24. Thc
house has voted for the creation of a
nnrnurn m
the camns
to escnne 1 . . . . a nassivc attitude, lhc
kv Associaiea rress. . r
WASHlNGTON,Sep, 24. - The S
; urgent ucnciciicy uiu, mc uijui
Young was again put on the stand. o u a nVh7 w VTo
and told a few . AcpWa. and hat said affections
Ztrcrcln cold cash, the sum of
.u. were nid to have hid the.?10'000'
guns Wltn wnicu nicy wiumura mi...
Following thc noon recess. Attor
ney Spaulding of the defense, made a
mcnts, he was married to Minnie ;
Helle Schwartz in 1904. and latct
inumii, ivirtrko on,v,-. ...OIIlan su(Trairc committee desnitc
OND EXAMINATION, AND I vigorous opposition. This presages
iitt t TTPHT? m! PniA)AMv!a ''Snt on tlle Anthony amendment at
WILL URGE HIS COMPANY jthc ncxt session Thc antis win
TO BEGIN DRILLING. fight the move on the ground that it
j is an endorsement of White House
J picketing. While the debate was on,
fFrom Tuesday's Daily.) four pickets were arrested.
Leo Krouskup, an oil operator of
Yards At Norfolk
I moved to the neighborhood of Skull ; Casper, Wyoming, left yesterday for j Qonnj-0 Pnecoc Rt'7
r ... .- i. :c.,..,t r,i-aucy, on a larm near mc nome ui v., ' " ."" '
mot.on u.al ''V.,, r, " "'the defendant. The complaint further ation ot the liig U.mo Held, witu
return a Yf rd, " fpra.c Y?,"1 I states that during thc absence of La- which J.c and associates have become
of the faulty ?""" " ,ch tllcF.Jtlenessc from his home, the defend- ! idrntihed.
formation had been drawn up. 1 ol J hoinc of thc , ..Any competent oil authority will
lowing a ....Bi ' , T, former and made
citation of numerous instances Mncli
niH or did not prove thc contention of Jucncssc' "u u
ation ot tlic ISlg illiuo Held, Wltn , ry-i r r-i ryi -i
hich he and associates have become Q DQl UnSlZu i 70(36
love to Mrs. La
the result that the
did or did not pro t ; ; ,,cr ,ulsband and trans.
the defense the nt.o w as o,er-Jferrcd tQ Mn ColIgIiran.
ruled. 3cve1.11 ihj...j ...
the !
readilv endorse," he said, "what I
sincerely believe is a desirable region
' to explore by drilling, Iiascu on thc
I surface indications in evidence in Big
' Chino valley; the formation is iden-
! tical to that in mv home State where
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 24. Thc
senate today adopted the trading with
the enemy bill, there being only six
negative votes. Thc bill forbids Am-
propnation measure ever prcscnicu to i tj.. xr
any nation, was favorably reported by OirZK6 tlllS laVy
tnc senate committee, me uiu uuutu ;
$779,000,000 for the army and navy,!
bringing thc total to almost $3,000,-'
' " ' By Associated Press.
Another Bi& Loan Norfolk, va.. sept. 24. Five
J-XIIUUIVI Ulg I thousanii nlcn employed at thc navy
UnAo Tf fncslnnrf 'y struck Pcnil'nS a" agreement
iviaae 1 o CjngLanaon a ncw wage scaic. Work in man-
(departments was suspended.
By Associated Pres3.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 24. A loan
of $35,000,000 has been made to En-
W;iIIT.Tn' Sent. 24 A new
gland, bringing the total to $1,190,-; ;nsltrancc section of thc soldiers and
NEW YORK, Sept. 24. Lead, Sc.
credit of Arizona might be made larg
er than before.
It is thought that further calls for
these most important and necessary
PHOENIX. Sent. 24. When tin
call was issued bv the nresident and items is our war budget will occasion
secretary of thc treasury in behalf of ' a serious drain upon the resources of
il.n IJ-.l r.nct U'r I..,l m,l lm I ) mi ,1 rilc of ctunll lui;iness nrcaniz.1-
Libcrty Loan, respectively, it was ' tions and public-spirited individuals I hotel damaged and coasting vessels
found that the large operating mining j in moderate circumstances, and if the injured. Railway and telegraphic
companies in Arizona in some cases companies rcterren 10 can scciuc communication su?in.-uu..u.
sailors civil rights' bill, drafted to
provide a government guarantee of
one year against lapse or forfeiture
of insurance policies was agreed to at
a conference of the war department
and insurance company officials.
KINGSTON, Jamaica. Sept. 24.
Nine were killed and much damage
done at Port Antonio by a hurricane.
The customs house was destroyed, a
did not make as great contributions 1 larger amounts to the credit of Ari-
SANTA CRUZ, Sept. 24n earth-
wells are flowing. I am going homc,vidcs a custodian for cncmy flIndS(
j- J T T tiu, '"V "' -""M-..j censorship on foreign language news-
ror rarm Laborers ?dvisabihty of piacmg at once a nK and a ccnsors,1Ip on alt for.
in action on our holdings m the ncw , mnlmni.,t;nn.
field, and making determinations "
, which arc far more attractive than I LARGEST YET OFFERED
preparing tne instruction iui ... , . , T A 7 J
jury, and thc opening arguments were LenienCU IS ASfZeCl
not uckuii u..... ,
MtKinnon, who was arrested in
December a few days after the com
micinn of thc crime, maintained an
air of composure all during the trial,' "WASHINGTON, Sept. 24. Thc
rind it was onlv at the time that Mrs. spokesman of thc nation's organized nrevailed in our holdings when initial
Troutz was giving her damaging tcs- farmers has asked President Wilson exploration was started; candidly, l WASHINGTON; Sept. 24. The
timony that thc defendant seemed ' to order a more liberal application or have no doubts what will be demon- j fourth scries of short-time treasury
nervous and ill at case. While he the draft law on farm labor in order , stratcd after we get to going. An- j certificates of indebtedness issued in
was not placed on the stand, he stead- j that agriculture may do its part in thc other excellent feature in favor of ' anticipation of the second Liberty
fastly maintained that he had no con-jivar. He urged that the government this new field is that Winter weather j Loan was offered thc public. The
nection with thc killing of thc two , keep the farmers out of military scr-'will not disturb continuous opera-' issue, $400,000,000, is the largest yet
Simpsons. Those who followed thc vice. tions." offered.
to the credit of Arizona as their earn-zona for the forthcoming calls, such;
1 . 1 T I a "It 1. t.r....!
mgs would seem to nave jusiiucti. inisirara win uc s'"") . , . ' r' lcrc at j oq
otucr words, sucn companies as nave i o lar, tnc cui lumuuns iujiui.uw, - ,
I offices in Ncw York and other cities I favorably in nearly every case, and (this afternoon. There was no dam
' outside thc State would subscribe a recently a communication was rccciv- , age-
fractional amount to thc credit ofed from Captain John U Urecnway, , jtjrtjejj TRIAL NEAR END
Arizona, and in some instances a 1 general manager of the Calumet & red 0-K Iowa Sept 24. The
much larger amount to thc State in I Arizona Mining Company, arr?n. ; end of ti,e tr;ai cf rcv. Kelly," charged
which their head offices arc located, advising that he had arranged with . . . v51,; axc nn,rders within
Thc imminence of a second call by, his othcials that tnc next ptrcnasc oi forecasted bv the State.
when thc defense rested.
thc president and secretary of thc ; bonds by the company will be wholly
treasury for subscriptions to thc Red! credited to Arizona.
Cross and Liberty Loan, respectively, If other companies of magnitude
reminded Governor Campbell early in ' will respond in equally generous
August to address communications to 1 terms, the work incident upon thc
the general managers of thc several collection of Arizona's share in thc
large mining corporations throughout J Red Cross War Fund and the Liberty
Arizona in which he set forth the Loan (second call) will be greatly
hope that thc subscriptions to thc minimized.
NEW YORK Sept. 24. Copper
nominal, 2iliC
NEW YORK, Sept. 24. Silver,
$1.08' S.

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