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63,000,000 POUNDS OF
In 1917 the United Verde Extcn
s!on produced 63,242,784 pounds of
This compares with a production
of 36,402,972 pounds for 1916.
The gold production for 1917 was
1,655 ounces; for 1916, 2,570 ounces.
Silver production on the other
hand, increased from 128,568 to 332,-
536 ounces.
Gross revenue rose from $9,949,'
918 to $14,583,64870; net income from
$7,400,000 to $8,256,177.17. Dividends
paid in 1917 amounted to $1,680,000,
thus leaving a balance of $6,576,117 to
be added to surplus account.
The 1917 production was from 115,'
064 dry tons of ore, the recovery rcp
resenting 95 per cent of the assay
value. The average copper content
recovered was just a trifle under 27.3
per cent. '
sin 1916 the Extension shipped 77,-
461 tons of ore which averaged 23.5
per cent copper.
All these 1917 figures arc included
in the annual report to the stock
holders, mailed out of the New York
office a few days ago. The only copj
so far received in Jerome is at the
local office.
President's Statement
In his statement to stockholders,
President James S. Douglas said in
""Work on the smelter has not ad
vanced as rapidly as wc expected
yet, when we take into consideration
the abnormal conditions that have
prevailed wc feel that satisfactory
progress has been made. All con
signments of material to us have
been subject lo preferences given to
war material."
Regarding the mine valuation the
following remarks ' of President
Douglas arc of particular interest to
stockholders: '
"The amendment of the U. S. in
come tax law of September 8, 1916.
permitted mining companies to de
duct from gross income, a reasonable
allowance for depletion thereof not
to exceed the market value in the
mine of the product thereof which
has been mined and sold during, the
"In order to avail ourselves of this
provision it was required by the In
tcrnal Revenue Department that the
fair market value of the mine prop
erty 'as of March 1, 1913,' be deter
"To meet this requirement of the
Department and to establish our
rights to depletion wc have, under
the authority of the board of direc
tors, determined the fair market
value of the natural deposits of min
eral property 'as of March 1, 1913,
and placed them upon our books at
$40,000,000. This item now appears
in the balance sheet."
Manager's Statement
In commenting upon the 1917 pro
duction General Manager George
Kingdon today predicted that it
would represent a fair average for the
next ten years.
"A great many people think that as
soon as wc get our smelter running
the output of copper will show a
great increase," remarked Mr. King
don. "Such will not be the case. It
is true that wc will treat much mort
ore than wc are marketing now, but
it will be of much lower grade and
the production of copper cannot be
much greater. Wc arc now shipping
our high-grade ore and will soon be
down to the ten and twelve per cent
'Shipments this mouth have not
averaged more than 350 tons a day,
the general manager also stated.
This is partly because of the shortage
of freight cars. No important in
crease in shipments is contemplated
as the aerial tramway which leads
from the Edith shaft down to the
bins on the V. T. &'S. railroad is
pretty well loaded.
Kingdon would not even hazard
a prediction as to when the smelter
at Verde will be in operation. Ma
terial of all kinds is being delayed.
The smokestack has not been
touched for more than a week, ow
ing to a shortage of fire bricks. Th&
Gallup plant, which has furnished all
the brick utcd to date, has proven
inadequate to turn out the ISO car
loads required, and arrangements
have been made for an additional
supply from Los Angeles. Ten
thousand tons should arrive from
Los Agclcs in a day or two.
Building Program Delayed
Manager Kingdon gave out the
further vitally important information
that the company will not undertake
to carry out its building program at
Vcrdc this year and perhaps not till
after the war. It had been planned'
to start putting up brick dwellings
and other buildings at Vcrdc before
this time.
The switch in plans is partly due
to the failure of the company's brick
pant and partly to the difficulty of
securing other building materials,
tuch as steel.
Over a month ago the brick plant
was started up and it began to turn
out bricks at the rate of 16,000 a day
But it was quickly discovered that
practically none of the bricks wen.
usable. Two or three kilns are being
burned at the present time but thei:
success is doubtful.
The cause of the failure of th
brick plant has not been determined.
Manager Kingdon is hopeful but by
no means certain that the difficulties
will be overcome.
There has been no change in th
building plans so far as the Hogback
is concerned. Bids for the erection
of eleven concrete dwellings just cast
of the city boundary will be called
for as soon as the architect can com
plctc the plans.
Slow progress is being made in
driving the haulage tunnel. Soft
ground, necessitating careful and
heavy timbering, has been encount-
crcd in all four headings.
(From Friday's Daily.)
iWhilc Prcscott is removed some
what from, the scene of military ac-
tivity, it has been the good fortune
of its citizens to have heard recently
two men who had been actively en-
gaged in the trenches in France.
Tonight, at the High School audi
torium, at eight o'clock, Dr. Fred-
crick A. Perry, who has been with
Pershing's troops in France for six
.months past, will tell about his ex-
pcricnccs and actual war conditions,
As was announced in Tuesday's is
sue of the Journal-Miner, Dr. Perry
is spending one month promoting
the work of the Y. M. C. A., or
rather in telling what is being done
by the organization for the men in
France. Dr. Perry comes highly
recommended as a gifted speaker,
and having been "over there," his
message will appeal to every man,
woman and child in Prcscott.
Arrangements have been made by
M. B. Hazcltinc so that the high
school students will have an oppor
tunity of listening to Dr. Perry and
he will address the school imme
diately upon his arrival this after
iPrcscott is particularly fortunate
in having been selected as .one of
the few towns in the Southwest
which Dr. Perry will visit. This
meeting is not for the purpose of
raising money, but is solely for the
purpose of enlightening the citizens
of Prcscott as to actual conditions.
(From Saturday's Daily.)
For over two weeks there has been
in evidence at different points on the
desert south of Congress Junction
and along the A. & C road, a remark
able effort to save manv hundred
thousand head of sheep in wintci
quarters. It was a case of cither pro
viding food or permitting them to per
ish, and it was deemed expedient, at
great cost, to save these animals. Ac
cordingly there lias been arriving
daily at different points along the
railroad an average of ten cars,
loaded with alfalfa and cotton seed
flake, procured from Salt River val
ley at a tremendous cost in the ag.
grcgatc. Alfalfa brings $35 per ton
in Phoenix, the highest price evci
paid. Over 200 cars have been re
ceived to date by different owners
and this remarkable situation will
prevail for another week at least.
when it is expected desert grass will
be sufficientlv advanced for this
practice to be abandoned. It is also
stated that as a result of scant feed
the increase this winter in lambs will
be the smallest ever known.
PHOENIX. March 1. With the
discovery of the presence of a recruit
ing party from the Lnitcd States
army in Arizona, it develops that
there is a possibility that the baby
state may be represented on the bat
tlefields of Europe by a regiment of
cavalry. It all depends upon whether
or not enough Arizona men can be
secured for this regiment.
The recruiting party is working
quietly in Arizona, having established
headquarters in Douglas. In so fat
as the government is concerned, this
party will recruit a regiment of cav
alry. It has been suggested that all
Arizona need do to have the honor of
securing a regiment of cavalry that
will be known as an Arizona regi
ment, such as the old First Arizona
infantry, is to furnish sufficient men
to make up a regiment of cavalry
H ith so many line horsemen in tha.
State there should be no difficulty in
recruiting such a regiment composed
entirely of Arizonans. With the tra
ditions of the Rough Riders as a
standard for such a regiment, it
would have every incentive to make
a record for itself in the big war.
Miners of this community are be
ing appealed to by officers of the
319th Engineers to join that crack
engineering units without delay.
Miners enlisting in this regiment
of Uncle Sam's fighting force will
imd that their knowledge of tunnel
ing, timbering, boring and construe
tion gained in civil life, can be utiliz
ed by the government.
The 319th is now completing an
organization at Camp Fremont.
Hundreds of skilled men in many
crafts arc volunteering for service
in this regiment, which is officered by
men of extensive technical exper
The miner is taking a foremost
place in the world war. As the wai
continues, he becomes a more import
ant factor. In civil life it has been
his business to produce practically
all of the raw material. To him has
been intrusted the work of taking
raw materials, such as iron, copper,
lead and coal from the ground. These
raw materials arc essential to the suc
cessful prosecution of war.
Now the miner is being called to
render direct service in the engineer
ing corps. Most of the miner s tunc
will be spent behind the frdnt line
trenches. There his most import
ant work will be the rendering of as
sistancc in constructing "cave she!
ters and dug-outs.
To afford the necessary protection
against heavy artillery, the cham
bers arc placed as far as 50 feet un
dcr ground. The strongest kind o
timbering, with which miners arc
thoroughly familiar, must be used to
stand the impact of the heavy shells.
The miner will be of invaluable as
sistancc in the use of improved mcth
ods in the construction of machine
gun emplacements and special trench
Under adverse conditions the min
er is called on to use his skill and
natural talent in working on tun
ncls. Some of this work is being
done on such a large scale that it has
been found necessary to install
enough surface equipment to run a
dozen ordinary mines. Countcr-min
ing against the drift of the enemy in
running against a section of otir dc
fense is another important phase o
the miner s work.
The 319th Engineers, now at Canui
Fremont, will be charged with the
duty of carrying on the very work
outlined above. This is the ideal
chance for miners,, timbenuen and
muckers to join a fighting unit in
which their services can be best uti
lized. All men between the ages of
18 and 41 years, whether subject to
the draft or not, and who have had
experience as miners, may enroll in
the 319th Engineers. Men who arc
registered in the draft may join the
regiment by writing to Maj. J. A.
Dorst, room 1012, Santa Fc building,
San Francisco. Applicants arc urged
to state their special qualifications,
age and liast experience. v
IMaj. Dorst will take the necessary
preliminary steps to get permission
from Washington to induct drafted
men into the service of the regiment,
which promises to become famous in
American fighting history. Men who
arc not draft registrants may enlist
in the 319th at the nearest recruiting
A man went forth with a two-dollar
And never a doleful thought.
He gave the dealer a list to fill,
And this is what he bought:
1 bushel potatoes,
4 pounds of butter,
1 ham,
5 pounds of lard,
CO pounds of sugar,
1 sack of flour,
3 pounds sausage,
3 porterhouse steaks,
12 bars soap.
A man went forth with a five-dollar
Five dollars was quite a lot.
He gave the dealer a list to fill
And this is what he got:
1 peck potatoes
1 pound butter,
2 pounds ham,
10 pounds sugar,
225 pounds - flour,
1 pound sausage,
6 bars soap,
1 dozen eggs,
1 porterhouse steak.
A man went forth with a ten-dollar
And worry, it filled his dome.
He gave the dealer a list to fill.
And this is what he lugged home.
1 pound potatoes, "
1 ounce butter,
Yi pound ham, t
1 pinch of sugar,
1 tcaspooufu! lard,
1 pound flour,
1 sausage link,
1 pound round steak.
atc Duffy Dcmpscy of Ludlow, Col
orado, was among the 25 Americans
wounded in France on February 26th,
the war department today announced.
No details were received from Gen
(From Wtdpejdiy'i Daily.)
The names of 78inorc registrants
were yesterday put on the slacker list
at the offices of the local exemption
board, these men having been thus
listed owing to their failure to report
for examination or for neglecting to
.'end back their questionnaires. The
names of the laggards are the fol
Calistro Lorncli, Jerome, Ariz.
'Edw. J. Schlentcr, Humboldt, Ariz.
iPcdro G. Ramirez, Jerome Ariz.
Domfcnico Deluri, Jerome, Ariz.
Matt Haaga, 'Stoddard, Arizl
Fred Fcrranti, Jerome, Ariz.
Harry Laplacotti, Jerome, Ariz.
Gogorio Sarano, Nelson, Ariz.
Attilio Bcrnabovi, Jerome, Ariz.
Cruz Esparza, Prcscott, Ariz.
Dea Gin Tan, Jerome, Ariz.
Joe Ramljak, Jerome, Ariz.
.Clarence Bell, Montezuma Hs
Prcscott, Ariz.
John Yovanovich, Mayer, Ariz.
Jose Ccrijo, Jerome, Ariz.
'Amclio Salas, care Santa Fe, Prcs
cott, Ariz.
A'natlcto Ruiz, Clarkdale, -Ariz.
Emil Fcrra, Humboldt, Ariz.
Frank Lopez, Cottonwood, Ariz.
Frank D. Naylor, care Chase Hs.
Prcscott, Ariz.
Louis Bonardi, 1214 W. 4th St
Bernardino, Calif.
Elfrcn Espinosa, Jerome, Ariz.
Nick G. Millich, Jerome, Ariz.
Bernardo Carmona, Jerome, Ariz.
Gonxalo Lcyva, Jerome, Ariz.
Adolfo Rodriguez, Jerome, Ariz.
Brigidio Ballcgados, Ash Fork,
Eduardo Romero, -Humboldt, Ariz.
IMatt Ozanich, Jerome, Arz.
John Boco, Clarkdale, Ariz.
Melrose Edmonds, -Lovcland, Colo.
Jose Ojcda, 60 So. 3rd St., PhocnfX,
(Matthew Caiupbcll, Dewey, Ariz.
jMclquiadcz Hernandez, Clarkdale,
I Santos Gonzalez, Jerome, Ariz.
Refugio Corrca, Clarkdale, Ariz.
Pedro Garcia Cadcna, Mayer, Ariz.
(Jesus Oroz Mendcz, Jerome, Ariz,
Tony Pitlick, Jerome, Ariz.
(Jose Rios, Clarkdale, Ariz.
iPablo J. F. Ortiz, Mayer, Ariz.
Alfred Win. Hoffman, Cottonwood,
'Willie A. 'Jordan, Cottonwood,
Ariz. '
Jesus Garcia, 'Scjigman, Ariz.
Juan Horto, 'Jerome, Ariz.
Gabino Amador, Jerome, Ariz.
Cristoma Moloquini, Seligman,
Ariz. '
Marccmino Tomas Gastcsi, Mayer,
Emilio Rcighetti, 704 No. Main St-
Los Angeles.
Andres Calantc, Skull Valley, Ariz.
fYncz GaIind6riPrescott, Ariz.
Christopher Nephew, Bakcrsfield,
Castor Ruido, Jerome, Ariz.
Frank Bolian, Jerome, Ariz.
'Alberto Lozaifo, Clarkdale, Ariz.
.Oliver LaBinc, 73 Abbott St., De
troit, Mich.
'Emiliano Garcia, Jerome, Ariz.
IKdgar Mills Andrews, Jr., Marc Is
land, Calif.
Nestor Casanova, Camp Vcrdc,
Ariz. I
Wm. Floyd Price, Prcscott, Ariz.
Dcsidcrio Gabaldon, Ash Fork,
Braulio Aguirrc, Jerome, Ariz.
Drago Zarubico, Jerome, Ariz.
" Louis Klanfar, Jerome, Ariz.
Jose F. Loga, Jerome, Ariz.
Clyde Emerson Merritt, Wolf
Point, Mont.
Juan Garcia, Jerome, Ariz.
!Frcd J. James, Clarkdale, Ariz.
Miguel Molinaris, Jerome, Ariz.
Jose Santos, Jerome, Ariz.
Dornicio Barrcra, Scligman, ArU.
George Masanovich, 1574 Central
Ave., Cincinnati, O.
Win. Arthur Kickey, Boyd Hotel,
Jerome, Ariz.
Chas. H. Church, Mayer, Ariz.
.Luctto Carlo, 611 N. Main St.,
Los Angeles.
Bcnj. Baranlik, care Tom Logan,
Prcscott, Ariz.
'Jno. Ghigo, Clarkdale, Ariz.
Fred Goodwin, care C. C. Rose,
212 First Ave.. Seattle, Wash.
Dea Fook, Jerome, Ariz.
(From Thursday's Daily.)
Another addition was made to the
list of the Yavapai county registrants
who have for unknown reasons failed
to send in their questionnaires or to
report for examination before the lo
cal exemption' board. The list issued
cstcrday evening contained the
names of 7S recreant ones, and is
printed herewith:
Geo. Miner Young, S34 S. Main St.,
Los Angeles.
Arugo Simljanich, Jerome, Ariz.
Clarence Wheeler, Prescott, Ariz. "
Felix Gonzalez, Jerome, Ariz.
Wm. C. Clark, Logging Camp No.
', Hoquiou, Wash.
Francisco Rodriguez, Jerome, Ariz.
William Skorey, "Jerome, Ariz.
Albert Robitsch, Brighton. Oregon.
Arturo Chavi'ra, Jerome, Ariz.
Martin Gcrcty, Prcscott, Arir.
Juan Lcou, Prescott, Ariz.
Earl R. Barker,. Jerome, Ariz.
Ramon, Morales, Jerome, Arj.
Jno. Gil, Jfrome, Ariz.
Jpsc HerriaDdez, Jerome, Ariz.
lErscl Wm. Garrison, Ciar
Marcial Sandoval, Mayer, Ariz,
ijno. D. S.uljiyan, Jerome, Ariz.
'Patrick Drew-, jcrpmc.Ariz.
Cregogrio Baldogino, Jerome, Ariz,
Carmen Soto, Jerome, Ariz.
Dionicip Fuenles, Jerome, Ariz.
Celso jBocanegra, Jerome, Ariz.
Cornelius Harrington, Jerome,
Ariz. " " "
Albert Lee Simmons, Simmon
Ariz. i
Francisco Diaz, Clarkdale. Ariz.
Chas. W. Peterson, Congress June
tion, Ariz.
Maik Kosclji, Clarkdale, Ariz.
Luis A. Garcia, Xclson, Ariz.
Bartolomeo Manascro, Jerome,
Ariz. .
Pablo Franco, Jerome, Ariz.
Felix Ortiz, Jerome, Ariz.
Jose Hernandez, Clarkdale, Ariz,
has. Millerman, care Sheriff, Las
Cruces, N. M.
Juan Gornejo, Mayer, Ariz.
Walter A. Bowers, Peoria, Ariz.
Geprge MacGrcgor, rjox 281 Clark
dale, Ariz.
Dominick Spoldino, 347 E. 116 St
Chicago, 111.
.Carlos Pcna, .Jerpmc, Ariz.
iPaul Skocelicb, Jerome, Ariz.
Jesus Fe'liz, jfilarkdalc, Ariz.
'Atanacio Cortez, Jciomc, Ariz.
Mike Mutich, Jerome, Ariz.
Andres Padilla, .Jcr.qme, Ariz.
ISilas Thomas, Jerome. Ariz.
Felipe Hernandez," So. Granite $t
1Ghas. J. Murray, Fresno, Calif.
Gil Ramirez. lerome. Ariz.
Etiuardo Gcbara. Stoddard. Ariz.
Julio Esparza, Jerome Junction
Ariz. l
Frank Ruiz, Humboldt, Ariz.
"Paulino Alvcrcz, Jerome, Ariz.
Jose Rodarte, Seligman, Ariz,
Francisco Garcia, Jerome, Ariz.
Eugcnio Martinez, Crown King,
Anz. ,i
(John Mcnara, Jerome, Ariz,
Francisco Tuscano, So. .Granite St.
Prescott, Ariz.
Martin Cabra), Valdrini Hotel.
Prcscott, Ariz.
Dcr Wai, American Cafe, Jerome
Scvcrino Marchctti, Europa Hotel
Prescott, Ariz.
Francisco 'Madrid,-Jerome, Ariz.
(Jose Bcrdin, So. Granite St., Pres
cott, Ariz.
Clarence Wm. Shrcves, Jerome
Tony NBo'rca, Jerome, Ariz.
James 'S. toolc, 624 X. 17th Ave.
E. Duluth, Minn. i
Ralph v."tafT, Savoy Hotel, Kan
sas City, Mo. ,
Antonio Gomez, Clarkdale, Ariz.
Jose Rodriguez, Jerome, Ariz.
Cristoval - Casillas, Scligman, Ariz.
George Buchanan, Jerome, Ariz.'
Jesus Alatorrc, Jcroiuc, Ariz.
Ramon Chavez, Jerome, Ariz.
Salvador Fernandez, Prcscott, Ariz.
John C. Rose, Jerome, Ariz.
Jose Hernandez, Jerome, Ariz.
Theofilo Naria, Puntcnncy. Ariz.
Thos Douglas, Garden City, Kans.
iBicentc Gomez, P.qntenncy, Ariz.
Pedro Rios, Clarkdale, Ariz.
'Chas. Griffin, care Chief Police,
Santa Barbara, Calif.
Frank Bonotto, Jerome, Ariz.
iMikc Kulich, Jerome, Ariz.
Clyde F. Kane, San Pedro, Calif.
Salko Disdarovic, Jerome, Ariz.
M. Marqucz, So. Granite St., Prcs
cott, .Ariz.
Giacomo Gindcs, Jerome, Ariz.
Shelley Winfrey, Box S., San Ber
nardino, Calif.
Jesus Martinez, Crown King, Ariz.
Jean F. Gutierrez, Stoddard, Ariz.
(Walter F. Wilhitc, Jerome, Ariz.
Claude Mjorris, Jerome, Ariz.
iOctaviano Garcia, cafe Campbell,
Ash Fork, Ariz.
Samuel Jackson, Jerome, Ariz.
James Julc Cole, Cottonwood, Ariz.
(From Friday's Daily.)
Another sizeable addition was
made yesterday to the list of men
who arc rated as slackers in the of
fices of the local exemption board, 78
more men having been posted among
the delinquents.
The full list is as follows:
Polvino Marrugo, Douglas, Ariz.
Aurclip Rej'es, Jerome, Ariz.
iEdward Slate, Phoenix, Ariz.
'Florcntino Marqucz, Clarkdale,
(jeo. F. Davis, Stoddard, Ariz.
Stanley Jowor, Ash Fork, Ariz.
Antonio Miranda, Jerome, Ariz.
Cruz Rodriguez, Puntcnncy, Ariz.
l.ibrando Diaz, Clarkdale, Ariz.
iFose Rodriguez, Jerome, Ariz.
I 'etc ArianO, Kifkland, Ariz.
Alfred Speiiccr, Shipping Board,
San Francisco, Calif.
Centura Baltia, Stoddard, Ariz.
'Jno. ,G. Actis,' Butte, Mont.
Piccini Ambrogio, Valdrjni Hotel,
Prcscott, Ariz.
Jose Payarcs, Jerome, Ariz.
Augustin 'Escobar, Jerome, Ariz.
Jorf Clint. .Cottonwood, Ariz.
Pedro -Olivas, Jerome, Ariz.
Jesiis Trelan, Stoddard, Ariz.
Jose Barrcra, 211 X. Granite St.,
Prescott, Ariz.
Frank Sarich, Jerome, Ariz.
Manuel Sales, Puntenney, Ariz.
Jesus Garcia, Jerome, Ariz.
Ross Alvarez, 402 Commercial, Lps
Angc'cs, Cal.
Carlos Tcjcda. Clarkdale. Ariz.
'Stojau Opacic, Jerome, Ariz.
Alfonso TcVan, Jerome, Ariz.
Etmiicnio Dclgadillo, Jerome, Ariz.
Diego Basqucz, Jerome, Ariz.
'Manuel Revcrs, Jerome Junction,
Chas. Win. poster, Majcr, Ariz.
.'Kay Nakau, Jcroiiic. Arjz.
'Antonio Bakula, Jerome, Ariz.
Marcelo Valjejp, Jerome, Ariz.
UAmfd M. Jfcn, Slo'ddard, Ariz.
"Ysabcr Padilla, Crown 'King, Ariz.
"AVasel Butulia, Prescott, Ariz.
Samuel G. Vosncy, Cottonwood,
' Ernest Zcni, Valdrini Hotel, Pres
coit, Ariz.'
'John M. Brady, Cottonwood, Ariz.
Martin Dclgado, Lalcxico, Calif.
fTancisco Vallco, Mayer, Ariz,
lian" Garcia, Jerome, Ariz.
Santiago Torre'z, Jerome, Ariz.
Padro L. Ramirez, Humboldt, Ariz,
Eliza Lopez, Jerome. Ariz.
James R. O'Brien, Jr., Jerome,
Clcopas Molina, Jerome, Ariz.
'Benito Garcia, Jerome, Ariz.
Jose Valdcz, Prcscott, Ariz.
Geo. G. Taylor, (Col.), Prescott,
Nicolas Perez, Jerome, Ariz.
:Cccilio Garcia, Jerome, Ariz.
iTrinidad Pcscndia, Jerome, Ariz.
Estamcaldo Montantcz, Puntcn
ncy, Ariz.
Earl Roy Mathcny, Clarkdale, Ariz.
Edw. Earl Stevens, Clarkdale, Ariz,
Isidoro Hernandez. Puntenney.
Erasmus Chas. Brown, Clarkdale,
Wm. Little, (Col.), Jerome, Ariz.
Harry Davics, (Co.) Jerome, Ariz,
Miguel Garcia, Jerome. Ariz.
Miles Corbitt, Pugct Sound Navy
jard, Bremerton, Wash.
'John Grinzac, Jerome, Ariz.
Juan Zuezado, Jerome, Ariz.
Frank L. Kingslcy, Jerome, Ariz.
Leon Hernandez, Puntcnncy, Ariz.
James McGuirc, Huron, Ariz.
Edward Thomas, Jerome, Ariz.
Celso Arcvalo, Puntenney, Ariz.
George Dozct, Jcrome,.Ariz.
Joe Grubisch, Jerome,' Ariz.
Sorcn Sorcnscn, Goldticld, New
Angel Scgobiano, Section House,
Prcscott, Ariz.
Jose Ortcz. Scligman, Ariz.
Franco Almazan, Jerome,. Ariz.
Box 1002
Harry M. Lewis, Montezuma
House, Prcscott, Ariz.
(From Saturday Daily)
Another addition was made yester.
day by the local exemption board to
the list of slackers in Yavapai county
who have failed to send back their
questionnaires or to show up for ex
amination, the names on the list be
ing the following:
Frank Tandske, 200 7th St, S. E.
Little Falls, Minn.
Asiano Romero, Gallup, New Mcx.
Jose G". Padilla, Crown King, Ariz.
M. G. Ruiz, Blue Bell Mine, Mayer,
'Masario Brochis, Jerome, Ariz.
'Chas. Geo. Daupe, Jerome, Ariz.
'Manuel Ares, Clarkdale, Ariz.
Simon Lopez, Jerome, Ariz.
Jose Bcccrra, Depot House, Pres
edit, Ariz.
Pablo Sandoval, Scligman, Ariz.
Rufugio Gutierrez, Sclignian, Ariz.
Guillcrimo Molina, Jerome, Ariz.
'Gcnaro Rayez, Puntcnncy, Ariz.
am'I L. Baughman, Clarkdale,
'Robert Beck, Jerome, Ariz.
Wm. Romero, Jerome, Ariz.
Thomas Lopez, Humboldt, Ariz.
Tilcssania Felipe, Puntenney, Ariz
Camilc Silva, Humboldt, Ariz.
(Walter W. Thomas, Clarkdale,
Dcr Sang, Jerome, Ariz.
Salvatorc Molino, Section House,
Prcscott, Ariz.
Fclip Parogrid, Jerome, Ariz.
Fcdocio Cervantes, Mayer, Ariz.
.Manuel Rodriguez, Box 360, Jer
ome, Ariz.
Carl Englbrccht, Kingston Hotel
San Diego, Calif.
Julio M. Bacha, Stoddard, Ariz.
'Frederick C. Beers, Jerome, Ariz.
.Roman loza, Jerome, Ariz.
John H. Meyers, Mayer, Ariz.
Vigncant Francois, Ash Fork, Ariz,
Jesus Noriega, Jerome, Ariz.
Inoccncio Valdcz, Jerome, Ariz.
Acinic Davis, P. O. Box 465, Jcr.
Augustine Baldcnariz, Scligman,
John E. Lydon, Prcscott, Ariz.
Higinio Borunda, Jerome, Ariz.
'Padro S. Perez, Mayer, Ariz., care
Blue Bell.
Padro Gonzalez. Jerome, Ariz.
(From Sunday's Daily)
Another addition was made to the
lacker list for this county yesterday
by the local exemption board, the
names of the men so posted being the
Alfred B. Siqueno, Jerome, Anz.
Juan Carrcra, Jerome, Ariz.
Francisco Bico, Scligman, Ariz.
Jack A. Chappcll, care Shannon
Cop. Co., Dewey, Ariz.
Trinidad Garcia, Camp A'crdc, Ariz
Jose Villalobos, Sonora, Ariz.
John Lcc Abbott, Clarkdale, Ariz.
Jose Gonzalez, Jerome, Ariz.
Cher Lin Linv Jerome, Ariz.
Francisco Mtmoz, Stoddard, Ariz.
Juan Martinez, Jerome. Ariz. I
Frank R. Valcnzucla, Jerome, Ariz. I
Toniictis Battista. Prcscott. Ariz.
Ying Firt Yong, Jerome, Ariz.
Jpsc Baca, Ash Fork, Ariz.
E. Bubin, Jerome, Ariz.
Fay W. Ballingcr, McKinley Mine
Co., Prcscott, Ariz.
(Bias Sanlon. Jerome, Ariz.
Angclo Cocsti, Jerome, Ariz.
Daniel Skoric, Jerome. Ariz.
Frank Cordova, Humboldt, Ariz.
Woiu Strain!, Jerome. Ariz.
.Antonio C. Valdcz, Clarkdale. Ariz.
'Ramon Epanosa, Xclson, Arjz.
Agustin Cacias, Jerome, Ariz.
Manucl P. Marqucz, care Miller
Co.. Jerome. Ariz. I
Jose Tabuad'o, Jerome, Ariz.
a Alv
Panciana Alvcrcz, ca
Camp 4, i
Ash Fork, Ariz,
Miguel Avilej, cart Camp 4. Ah The jouTiuil'-'STTneflias" the btst
1 ork, Ariz. equipped job printing plant in Norfh-
Otilco Rodriqucz, care Camp 4. i cm Arizona. A trial" will convince.
(From Wednesday's Daily.)
The list of Yavapai county regis
trants who have been placed in Class
lr and thus made ready for call when
the next draft is made, was aug
mented yesterday by the addition of
13 names, the local exemption board
having issued the list of those who
had qualified. The names arc the
following: ,
Jos. X. McDonald, Prcscott, Ariz.
Noah O. McCleary, Jerome, Ariz.
James O. Rankin, Simmons, Ariz.
Aaron B. Edmonds, Loveland, Colo.
Edw. Lee Sessions, Cherry, Ariz.
Herbert J. Craft, Lompoc, Cab'f.
Everett CoxwcIJ, Phoenix, Ariz.
Elmer E. Green, West Thornton,
New Hampshire.
Dornil Milanich, Jerome, Ariz.
Everett L. -McCullcy, Flagstaff,
IJack Eakins, Flagstaff, Ariz.
;Har'ry M. Myers, Lebanon, Kans.
: Andrew- Carroll, Benson, Ariz.
(From Friday's Daily.)
:Thc' local exemption board yester
day afternoon issued a new list con
taining the names of a number of
Yavapai boys who have been placed
in -the list of those eligible for call
when the nct draft is made. Sev
eral' registrants were also placed on
the list of those who may be called
on for limited or qualified service,
this classification having been made
in these cases because of some slight
physical disability which would pre
vent the men from, getting into the
active trench life.
The lists arc the following:
Thomas Chavez, Cornville,' Ariz.
Joe Campbell, 141 So. Flosucr St,
Los Angeles, Calif.
Asa M. Newborn, Clarkdale, Ariz.
Ramella Francisco, Humboldt,
Geo. W. Clay, Humboldt, Ariz.
Bert I- Brown, Scligman, Ariz.
'Clinton L. King, Lake Linden
Pat Gcrritty, Prescott, Ariz.
'Harold Spaulding, WTekcnburg,
Ed Weston, Prescott, Ariz.
Chas. F. Thomson, Bremerton,
AVm. J. O'Brien, Huron, Ariz.
Mavro raldcz, Cornville, Ari,
Eduardo Romero, Jerome? Ariz.
Thomas'" Ruff, Cottonwood, Ariz. -
Chris. G. Sailer, Clarkdale, Ariz.
.Shelley Winfrey, San Bernardino,
Nicholas M. Johnson, Burmister,
Dan'l B. Leech, Charlotte, Tcnn.
The following men arc qualified
for Special or Limited Military Ser
'Harold M. Pickcrill, Prcscott, Ariz:
Dea Wing Tan, Jerome, Ariz.
Arthur R. Maxwell, Prescott, Ariz.
Paul Goiter, Peoria, Ariz.
Frank Kimbrcl, Red Rock, Okla.
Stanley r. Priestley, Prcscott,
Anthony Rch, Chowchilla, Calir.
'Chas. I- Harralson, Box 680, Jer
ome, Ariz.
Alex Garbarino, Prcscott, Ariz.
Hubert E. Guntcr, Huron Ariz.
Eugene F. Phelan, Grand Canyon,
Chas. D. Green, Phoenix. Ariz.
Emil G. Rochm, Clarkdale, Ariz.
(From Tuesdays Daily.)
Leu A. Sapha, Bakcrsfield, Calif.
Yce Wing Chong, Prcscott. Ariz.
Furio M. Dondcro. Reno, Ncv.
Fernandez B. Fcrra, Humboldt,
Jay Willard Richdalc, Santa Bar
bara, Calif.
.Carl Lindcmaun, Los Angeles,
Paul Alexander, Cottonwood, Ariz.
Henry M. Farley, Cottonwood.
Jno. Wm. Old. Clarkdale, Ariz.
Albert Groto, Aguila, Ariz.
,Wnx. W. Lloyd, Denver, Colo.
'Reuben E. Dial, Vallc via Williams,
Wm. W. Check, Lake Village, Ark.
James E. Jones, Dewey, Ariz.
Nathan J. Citron, Long Beach. Cal.
Harry Robt. Johnson, Los Angeles,
Albert Barron, Humboldt, Ariz.
Sam Coffey, Tarplcy, Texas.
Isaac M. Davis, Kirkland, Ariz.
Frank Wm. Zimmerman, Jerome,
Augelico Nausin, Mcadvillc, Mont.
Frank A. Gruncr, Los Angeles. Cal.
Peter Jno. Hanns, .Marshficid, Ore.
Newell Stark Crouae, Philadelphia,
Juan Munoz, Jerome, Ariz.
Stephen Jos. Hanns, Marshficid,
Roy G. Shoncc, 512 E. 12th St, Los
Angeles, Calif.
James C Houser, 706 W. Russell
St.. El Reno. Okla.
Chas. G. Emerson, Gcn'l Del., Los
Angeles, Calif, i
Sam Jno. Scupas. Douglas, Ariz.
Martin E. Mills. Eh Ncv.
Lewis Bushcy. Yukon. .Okla.
Ash Fork, Ariz.
Fernando Lopez, care Camp -L Ash
Fork, Ariz.
Ross Cramer, care Levi Hill, Tu-
cunicari, N. M.
Pedro Trujillo, Wickcnburg, Ariz.

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