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Journal - Miner
Huns Are Losing
Over 100,000 Men
' A Day in Battle
By Associated Press.
Members of the Allied mili-
! tary mission said today that in
the nature of the fighting on the
western front the Germans
I must be losing at least 100,000
men a day. They made this
deduction from the Germans'
plan of massed attack, the num
. ber of troops they are employ-
ine and the strencth of the Al-
fr lied resistance.
The Allied losses, it was de-
' dared, would be far less than
those of the Germans, because
they are fighting on the defen-
-T. J. -T.
lv foul u u 1
; lummiio mi iLiiimmu
I 83
Army of Four To
Five Million Men
Day War Bulletins
j The Germans claim the capture of!
. Raupaumc also that the Crown Prince j
forced a passage on the Somme bc-
W anted in France , Ham anJ scaled the hczhis-
Germans captured Baupame at a
By Associated Press.
Back from his visit to the western
battle front, Major General Leonard
Wood, in a statement before the sen
ate military committee, declared that
Allied military opinion was unani-
cost of forty thousand men.
Germany's losses estimated at 349,
000 to 582,000.
President Wilson sent message to
Haig congratulating him for hold
ing back Germans.
Huns arc checked at Somme.
Fresh battle now raging arouiyl
British repulse attacks south ol
Pcronnc, with French aiding on
j south.
Berlin claims capture of 45,000 j
prisoners, 600 guns and thousands of
machine guns.
Capture of Irkutsk by 80,000 Ger
man prisoners in Siberia means that
mous that the German offensive will i control of Trans-Siberian railway
fail. He greatly urged an increase to; has fallen into German hands, says
four million or live million men in j a dispatch to the New York Tribune.
America's army. j
i . 1 1 U.' J l ,1V.., ' V JUKI UII ......
the Germans on the western front arc
now numerically superior, both on
the ground and in the air, but the Al
lies arc in a better position.
AVhile confident that the German
offensive will be halted before the
enemy gains any material objectives,
he suggested that it may change war
fare into an open contest, and rec
ommended the training of American
forces for open as well as for trench
The general was before the com
mittee three hours and franklv dis
cussed the situation. He stated that,
the French were disappointed at thej
size of the American army thus far !
mediate steps be taken to increase
the American Expeditionary Forces;
to two and a half million men at the
earliest possible moment, and that
two and a half million more men be
put into training at home.
He urged the speeding up of the
war program, saying that no Ameri
can artillery or airplanes were yet
available for the use of Pershing's
men, although thousands of aviators
are now ready.
Commenting on the German offen
sive, he said he thought the German
initial success had been greater than
had been expected either by the Al
lies or the enemy, judged by the num
ber of British., guns reported cap
tured. There was no possibility, he
said, of the Germans attaining their
apparent objectives, the channel
ports, or threatening Paris.
U. S. guns drive Huns from two
lines at Toul as Fritz hurls gas. For
third successive day, Germans drop
mustard fumes. Nine Sammies get
U. S. war cross.
German Advance Is
Really a Reverse
Paris laughs as giant gun .drops
shells on city today. Another air
raid alarm sounded early this morn
ing and four shots crashed into
French capital, but populace gaily
"kids" cops who are awakened in
drumming alarm. Monster battery
English outnumbered eight to one
at start of drive. Masterly retreat
of British is made against great
odds. Germans are thrown back
from Ham in a terrific counter-attack
of Haig's men. Fifty German divis
ions identified in battle. Men given
two days' rations and hurled over the
top to death.
Enemy hurled back to east bank of
river between Licourt and uric.
Hmw firmer in Manners rocKs
houses on Kentish coast.. German
losses arc frightful as English pour
in machine gun fire.
The French on Saturday went to
the assistance of the British and took
over a sector of the fighting lines.
By Associated Press.
LONDON, March 25. Comment
ing on the results of the German of
fensive, the Daily Chronicle says:
"'Assuming that the German losses
arc at least 150,000, the enemy has
sustained a reverse, for he has not ob
tained -a strategical success directly
conducing to a decision, while he has
lost 8 or 10 per cent of his effective
ncss without similarly lowering the
efficiency of the Allies.
. r r- ,.i U. 5. Consul ireadwell lias re-
the critical moment when the man! turncd Vologda and under date
power pendulum is swinging in fa. March 20. reports that Pctrograd .s
vor of the Allies. No weakness at' undcr German control.
the Angio-i-rcncii junction nas yet WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY!
been disclosed and tne task- betorcj IV FRANCE, March 25. American
the enemy in tne next icw uays oi ,)attcrjcs on thc Toul front subjcctcd
Fresh attacks of Germans have de
veloped north and south of Bapaume
according to thc latest news from the
On a fifteen mile front and closely
following thc center of the Somme
the British have hurled thc Ger
mans back with terrific losses. This
is the British third line of defense
and regarded as practically impreg
the battle is more formidable than
that already accomplished."
formidable enemy offensive will be
launched on the Italian front as soon
as natural conditions allows, says a tographing the
dispatch from Rome. been bombarded.
advanced position of Germans to an
intense and destructive fire at inter
vals during the night. There was no
infantry action. German batteries
reply with gas shells and high cx-j
plosives. At daybreak American ob
servers new over ucrman lines pro
positions that had
(By Associated Press)
LONDON, March 25. The text of the evening official
statement reads : "During morning of March 25, our troops
on the front from Somme as far north as Vancourt had
beaten off continuous heavy attacks with complete suc
cess. Heavy losses have been inflicted on the enemy by
our artillery and machine guns, while our low-flying air
planes repeatedly attacked the enemies advancing columns
farther to the rear. Heavy attacks were delivered by fresh
enemy troops in the afternoon, which enabled them to
make progress west and southwest of Baupaume.
South of Peronne our troops have been pressed back
in several places, slightly west of Somme, while farther
south the enemy -has succeeded in making progress and
captured Nesle and Guiscard. French reinforcements are
arriving in this neighborhood."
The British in their retreat defended every hill, ridge
and fortification with great stubbornness, messages from
German war correspondents say, according to a Central
News dispatch from Amsterdam. The British artillery, it
is added, splendidly sacrificed itself in covering the retreat,
the batteries only breaking up when German storming
troops arrived a few hundred yards from their positions.
The British gunners then fired their last ammunition and
Fighting of the most severe description has been tak
ing place all day on the wide fronts south of Peronne and
north of Bapaume, says Field Marshal Haig's report from
British headquarters in France tonight. "In both sectors
thc enemy attacked our positions in great strength with
fresh forces, and in spite of the gallant resistance of our
troops, forced us to give ground. German troops occupy
Nesle and Bapaume, and heavy fighting continues," says
the report.
PARIS, March 25. "French forces fighting south of
St. Quentin and around Noyon, though retiring slowly, are
carrying out strong counterattacks, inflicting heavy losses
on the Germans," says the war office statement.
This has been another day of the most desperate, san
guinary fighting along the whole front in the new battle
zone. In the northern sector there has been no cessa
tion in thc awful work since yesterday morning. The
Germans have continued to hurl great forces of infan
try into the conflict, depending largely on the weight of
numbers to overcome the increasing opposition offered
by the heroically resisting British. On the northern wing
of the offensive the enemy this morning brought up addi
tional troops after an all-night struggle of the fiercest
nature and renewed his efforts to break the British front
in the region of Ervillers. To the south and near the
center of the line, an equally strong attempt is being made
by the invaders to extend the long narrow salient which
they had pushed in south of Bapaume. These places are
again the shambles in which the British machine gunners
and riflemen exacted a terrible toll of death from the
closely pressing enemy. The- decision at all these centers
is still in abeyance and the struggle goes on with un
abated fury. The resistance of the British right wing has
been particularly spectacular.
The Germans essayed crossing the Somme on rafts in
the Nesle sector Saturday, but their forces were caught in
a hail of artillery, machine gun and rifle fire and virtually
wiped out. Yesterday the enemy succeeded in getting
troops across in this manner and followed these advanced
guards up with strong forces.
The battle today on the historic ground around Long
ville was perhaps the most spectacular of any along the
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Two Engagements
Of Prescott Belles
Are Announced
People Get Excited
Over False Report
Put in Circulation
report reaching this city
yesterday afternoon from Phoe-
nix, and which it was claimed
was picked off the Western
Union wire, caused a great deal
of excitement, not alone in
Prescott, but all over the county.
Investigation by The Journal-
Miner showed that the report
was entirely devoid of founda-
tion and was not sent out by the
Associated Press as had been
represented. Instead of the
! A nrtA Mntiinntr nr lrill!nr RfW- !
Miss Louise Nelson's arrival in 000 Germans, including the
Prescott on Sunday was the first def- Crovn Prince, they were forced J
initc intimation to her friends of an' back at several points and lost
engagement that lias been suspected. two or more towns during the
f. tin... 'T'l. r. ltinnt- iipivl' n'-l c ' .3. ti V- nnApfinne TtiMi fnrtC 4
IV. . V 1 1 1 IIII.V. . Ill I II. J'l'.l III. II J . UtJT .. w - j
verified at her home Jast evening,! were made public by the British
bug aa n a v o
nLn IT
A ro
when she entertained with an
mal announcement party.
infor. war office in its official statement
Yielding Line Of
British Absorbs
Shock Impetus
Mr. i issued last eveninc and there- '
Charles Henry, formerly of Prescott,; fore are authentic The Jour- i
and now holding a responsible posi-' nal-Miner desires to caution its :
tion with the Consolidated Arizona readers and the public generally !
Smelting Company of Humboldt, is, against taking any stock in street j
thc prospective groom, and he is bc- rumors or rumors coming from fr
ing showered with congratulations any but a reliable source. This .
, .pi , . ,: , i -i, , r j. i
louay. ine weuumg win taKC piace. v paper win uuncim any news ui -r
in the near future and the happy consequence from the war zone j By Associated Press,
couple will make their home in Hum-; and when it carries the seal of , While the German wedge is still
boldt. j the Associated Press on it the ) moving, its" progress is not alarm-
Thc surprise of thc evening came ' people will know it is true. j ingly rapid, as it was in the first rush
when the guests were invited to a Otherwise it is well to avoid fiof thc Teutonic hordes. The yield-
prettily appointed table in the dining I placing any credence in street
room. Here a second engagement ' talk or rumors as nine times out
was clcvcrlv announced in rhyme, of ten, like in the present in-
coupling the names of Miss Mabel: stance, they prove unreliable.
Brisley and I. L. Berrien of Bisbcc. ! The dispatch which caused all
Both Miss Nelson and Miss Brisley the useless commotion, was as
have been teaching in Bisbee this: ! follows:
past year, and being room-mates it "British have regained and
minmg engineer associated with the
Shattuck Mining Company of Bis-,
bee, where he has a host of friends.
Thc wedding will be solemnized in.
Bisbcc soon and it is there that they
will make their future home.
ing line, it is asserted, has absorbed
thc impetus of the shock, and weath-
'cred thc storm remarkably well.
Berlin claims that 45,000 prisoners
and 600 guns have been taken. These
were probably thc units left to hold
easier points to "-k-fend while the
main portion of Field Marshal Haig's
seemed a particularly happy event to captured all ground lost yester- ,army fell back,
make their announcements at the day, and captured and killed Battling for every point of vantage
same time. Mr. Berrien is a capable 182,000 including the Crown and giving ground only when ovcr-
Prince. The British this morn- J whelmed by numbers and exacting a
ing had killed 150,000 by gas . frightful, toll of lives for every foot
during the day and 200,000 abandoned, thc British line in Picady
trapped in the trenches vacated is still intact. While thc German on-
yesterday and blew up the i slaught gained ground at a number of
trenches. Later 400,000 Ger- j points Monday there was no sign of
mans were trapped and blown disintegration in the British forces.
up, making about 800,000 Ger- which at many points, especially on
mans killed, wounded and cap- ' the northern end of the line, are
tared in three days' fighting." standing firm.
Thc German official report which
""" tells of thc defeat of thc British an
; their retreat via Ypres would seem
I to indicate that thc fighting is far
north of the Somme battlefield. Lar
gest gains made by Germans ha-e
been made west of St. Quentin, where
they captured Nesle.
Cross the Somme
BERLI N, March 25. "Crown
Prince Rupprccht has with thc ar
mies of General von Buclow1, and
General von Dcrmarwitz, again de
feated the enemy in the tremendous
struggle near Baupaume, while thc
. i,corps ot Ocncral von DcrDcrne ana
By Associated I'ress.
PARIS, March 25
Thc long range
bombardment of Paris was resumed
at 6:30 o'clock this morning but was
interrupted after the second shot. j
After a brief interval two more
-It is
n.lDIC -W-i.--l. -55
-i.n ...i ti.. t i i . , . .i ...t.:-u i.-ti.i ! ucncrai iinucmiisi umi
snciis were mtu. i uc uuuiuaiuiutiii nopca inai me gun which siitjitu' , . . , .
was suspended at 9:10 o'clock. As' Paris will very shortly be silenced,) K,,chnc ha?? broken through their
was thc case yesterday thc people did. says thc Figaro, which gives thc fol-j stronS positions, northeast of Bau
not take to shelter. Cellars which! lowing quotation from a man who Pau,"c- The stubborn resistance of
were filled on Saturday remained' was said to be in a position to know: he enemy, wh.ch had been rc.n
empty this morning. Little interest j "The 3S0 millimeter gun which ! lorcf b? ,frc1,1 top5'J;ras f!'rk'n
was shown in the bombardment. bombarded Dunkirk two vcars ago!1" ,hc ,ent l,3",e Thc G"m3n
Soon after they were awakened by! from a distance of 25 miles was lo-! Cro,wn P""" with the army of Gcn
thc first shot thc people were brought, catcd by our airplanes and soon put' eral v0" H"t,cr tor"i1. a -Pf"?.
to their windows by thc rattling of ! out' of action. Thc same methods i 3cross ,thc Soninie. Hi v.ctor.ou
drums. Policemen circulated through! be adopted with regard to lhc; troops hayc in hitter fighting mounted
each quarter of the city introducing 240 millimeter gun which has been! tI,c Ie.ghtswestofthejonime.
thc new system of alarm, which is dis-j bombarding Paris for thc last twoj.
tiiiguislicd irom tne alarm in case oi , days, amcc Saturday our airplanes,
air raids. Thc police came in for a have been looking for it and thc fact
tri-nt amount of chaffinir. the neonlc I thnt it stnnnrd firinrr is due .nerhans
ri- ' - . . i .- i i --
being greauy amuscu at incir lacs, to tncir arrival, it win not nc long
of proficiency with thc drumsticks.
This appeared to mark their limit
of interest in the bombardment. Work
was resumed undcr normal condi-
i.-r .i.- .ir...:.i.. i.i.
then its career will soon be over." (
The" military authorities, according1
to another morning newspaper, are;
lions. All thc transportation lines; convinced that thc Germans are US'
were running.' Thc streets were full j ing two new guns, while Riclulrc
of people whose sole object of con-1 Arapu, thc military expert of L'Ocu
vcrsation was thc new battle of the i vrc, believes there is a whole bat
Somme which is generally compared, tery of them.
rinnrs mill Tn
1 11 1 I'll AN
S ft a Mr
with Verdun.
PARIS, March 25. French troops
are opposing thc Germans in thc
Noyon region, having relieved thc
British there. Our troops began to
intervene since thc 22nd. The enemv
artillery has been violent in thc
Courcy-Locivrc region. Two sur
prise attacks cast of Suippc failed.
There has been great artillery acti
vity between Avoncourt and thc Vos
ges region. Attacks by enemy at
dawn cast of Ellmcvcy and cast of
Liadonvillicrs were reduced with
heavy losses.
March 25. Thc
British have rc
as a result of a French aid,
Evening Post states that the
By Assoclatml Press.
WASHINGTON, March 25. Scc-
I rctary McAdoo announced tonight
-Mar,c", 1,,ei that the amount of thc Third Liberty
-captured the Sonmie I oan v.jn h; ooo.COftOOO at 4'4
per cent, and that all over-subscriptions
would be accepted. Bonds of
92?i cents.
25. Silver
range bombardment of Paris was re-, i,..0 ?,. nf
sumed at 6:30 this morning, hut only j hc sccom, ,oan bcarinK 4 per ccnt
a few; shots were ired also that; ,c convcrtetl ;nto thc new bonds.
Americans have shelled the enemy on; bnt thosc of ,hc ,nird ,oan wi not
,llc Toul lines. j ,)c convcrtii,ic into ftUrc issues ac-
PRINCE HENRY KILLED I irAin" to 3n announcement made by
LONDON. March 25. Prince
Henry of Rcuss, head of thc younger!
branch of the Rcuss family, has bccnl
killed in the fighting on the western PARIS. March 25. American cn
front, according to a Central news ginccrs are in the thick of the fight
dispatch quoting advices received j doing excellent transportation work
r t-i- ' -11 1 !. i:
from Berlin.
all along thc line.

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