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Germans Detach Many Divisions
French Front And Hurriedly Dis
patch Them to Italy
FVfiTYl ' YAVAPAI CONTINGENT IS y Associated P-e.,s.
I iUlli. . I.O.VDO.V. Tune 24 Premier
By Associated Tres )v Qcn
WVSIMN'GTOV, June 24. Confi-i Son.
lcncc at Rome that the war may be
brought to a victorious conclusion
this j car, if tlie Allies give
lans a lull jneasurc ol support in
Foch in Italv for tliat rea-
. O
nu muuii uuu I I uni iuiilu
J Lloyd George announced to the
house of commons that the next
i couple of months will lie anxious V
ones uuu lucre iingiii nc a great mow,
in the next few hours, certainly in By Associated Tress.
. fulness is expressed by the Allies 1 of all Germans. caDtured some and
the next few days, on which the is-, The defeat of the Austrian armies who have never been better able to I taken five machine guns. The
sue of the campaign might depend. on the western bank of the Piave is meet an offensive. He said: "Enough , Americans are now in complete pos
The Allies have never felt heller al.le ,r,ni,.f, The A,.n offir- Americans have arrived to satisfy the session of the woods. They attacked
. i . .1 i . t . . r : i i. i . ! - : . . ...j- . . . , , . , . i - t ..i.r . . , r. . .
i nc vjcriuans arc saui iu ue mor- ine i uv.ipai inuiiii in un iaui jh.-i-j0 lnce jj ,,. saj(l. The AllStro-IIun- -d 't th t th t f d "mes ana to accompusn mc uiunaic unaer a ncavy Darragc, aiicr wmcn
Camp Cody, X. M.. June 21, 1918.
Editor Journal-Miner:
Tilings arc going pretty well with
JllClllSlori, i i nivalp In llie lirolinliilit v ol 1 i ... r r..n . . i
the ItaU! col,:ns; ;f'tIle AlIsr!an 'r:::1:: a. .r" to evacuate Montello plateau over
ntinrt in' --...-- . , , in cvulcncc man couiu uc iounu ii-!uuh nun i uiniuu mvy win
lans a uni measure oi support in. .., , t,i,. c,rnM ,,.:.i, i -"-""-
the offensive which has been auncheA ' B,",7 ' ?,r"d S.trUSB,mS '.th ! couple of weeks ago wlicn ab
ine oncnsivc wiicii iias iiccn launciica half starvo,j anu riotous people, in , n( ,,ln iinv-
against the Austrians, is reflected m .... .., nf rmiPtP , . two-thirds of the Arizona bojs w
official wireless dispatches received! , , , T1 , ' ! half dead from-the effects of I
ciitcial win less dispatches reccne.l the hands of the Italians. j , ..... . m n,
I they went over and smoked out the
wt-Jrli ttiev tinnert In nrKC ttieir wnw X7TT T T.TCPTTPT TJT 4M5 I . . ' . .
about.be able to effect that retreat. He , ,::r t ,AeTifti t" 1 ,VTW! eanled as almost impregnable.
ere referred to the amassing of an or- f v,CTt-t .i.. ,.,v. it.c;,, -..! bpiiiim ptatumumt
toolgamzation which is bringing Amen- failure of thc operation which haJ possibly been upset by the, BERLIN. Tune 24.-Germans at-
today from the Italian capital ' .Ri;tion of this fict Rome be- mUCl1 tln"!nK U,.e , sun' ?. ,r "Ps io rnincc a m aa.ieii uiai intended to crush the Italians and crushing defeat of the Austrians : tacking the French and American
.i . . - 'Keaiiaiion oi ims iacit ioiul ijl j f . , tl cilftc : nrm wlnrli ! enottcrii Ainrrican. had arrived to. r r - - . p . . . .
i iirso iiiossairts av mo iiQtnan .. . .1 - , vv - - inrrp nn nccentance qi a 1 cuionic nirtncr thf Min vr 15 tne nnimnn oi.trMPriM tn thA HnrinviiifT- ri(nnn
reirrnt -.cross ihe PInve in whirl, tho ' ,,cXes ""T 1 , "e ucn"an Kcn! ! we had received. Good humor is now satisfy the Allies and disappoint and
.... . . . . oral
rntt nrariirnnv 10 susiicnci. 11 .... r . i.. ,t..r . r t. .
i . i . tt.n ruin m r i on i, Trio cvri'ii, i iiii.ii i-i v i , r , i . , , iiii- nil- 11 mis . ..
ians nave aircauv laKen -tajtui . . . i.-,.,.i fM. itc;,. ; i l"u w . ' : units
1 i i L u .iii.uniuii, 1 1 - iit-"i uiiv.iu-iv ' c 1 l : T. 4 a no cilklr 1 1 ciwl flint u-it htn n clinrt
nsoners. I.as become a veritable' as bcc ev;dcnced by ,Ilc f"' f ! , ' . i . . T "'. .X i . : , , " " , u" snd the
t, but that information from secret, -., fnr .iwj " e .ooi-.cc,. uu. .. ... .... .... .. ...... .... . ..... . b heels of
rre i,n,vc il.nt n.r.v .iK-UTnnc M'- - - , i,as forgotten to blow tor a couple ucrmany. i ue enemy, nc saiu, nan ;.
of German troops have been de
tached from the front in France and
are being nished to thc aid of the i
Austrian army
in fticnrHrr Pavalrv ic Tieinf T.lUn o.i--.ce ?c vet untfilf?. Tt
Our release in a few days no further reserves to call after an- . , , ...i.:,. . lU-t .i.-
... , . . - ... .. ... ,. , u.u hi iianaaaiii mc .i.wi.ijr, vwniiv is rciraiacu as icildiu iliac n.w w.i-
German soldiers are being rushed from thc confinement camp is looked other offensive, except by a drastic machine guns and airpianes arc also tral powers were dealt a blow which
by rail to the northern end of the forward to with pleasure by all of combing of thc essential industries bein uscd Enemy iOSSes are des- will fit
Austro-ltalian battle lines, with the lIS notwithstanding the fact that the; which had already started. bribed as enormous in killed, wounded people
l'lopc is felt' here that a snbstan-j 1,lirc of, rC!itorinK i)c A'"1! opportunities for sight-seeing here
lit fiupjiasizcu uic uniicmiy aim , , a t Tc : - t. j ,,1- -
tial part of the retreating Austrian " an" ' ' 7 ...ctK.,.B . abouts arc .Iccicleuiy iimiteu. almost iinpossiDiniy oi .icanng w,i. h tQ the cmbassy in Washington piete readjustment of their plans in
.i. n... ..,:u i. .i-.,n Italian counterattack, but by force JIost nf tbe ,ovs i,avc given up. Russia with its differing, changing annnn V. Tk : j.,,t.,i i,, nn-
HIV m V. H4U Ul. Ufcll . , . . i 4liA 1 1 t. 1 " 111 UVl 13 till- HUltl IttitD IJ,wys p ailtw Ik 13 liUl UWkW.W w "
.ilJIH a.111 IIIV 1 Will UL UJf-l . - . , . . i . - I - . .
-l" t!w-rhcfer lweWc'llail'''l:j,(!rs' 1,rt,afa0g tUcWgh;ho Slfct, popular 'sports as "badger
wll be o grcatlv demoralized as to mountain passes into the plains of fight;ng snipc hunting, etc., and
governments hut agreed it voidd he
to the interest of the British to bci
oners alone. The Italian official that the victory vill prove one of thc
rtitmAnf cure AC fWl 'Vmf tVi latter ...4 1 nf V wVinl wnr
" iir. 1. - . , . . r t . . y i ------ inujk uv.bioi w - -
be useless for offensive purposes for veneua. Have taken up tlie more strenuous ; just an e.,.mai)ie, iviiss.a wanicu-. belJeved to antedate the embassy Armv officers agreeing with view of
months to come. Wth such help as .the bntcntc duties of street policing. ' urcat iintain to stana iy Kussia. dis atch and ;n all probability the Secretary Baker, expressed the opin-
Somc officers here feel that the armies can give immediately, supple-: j,m .ettle ot Jerome, came in on, nc sa:i me nuiiiDcr oi .xmencans number far exceeds the iatter. The ;on that it would influence greatly
Italians should content themselves ' nicnica as rapmiy as uauspumuui. a ; i..i.... K"" "j v , i " fact that the river was swollen out the events in France.
wiili ;n;n;n nil nn Lie rlninfre i can be hail Dv troops directly irom morning, anu tens us uiai u..s ju wc........
force an acceptance of a Teutonic along the Piave is the opinion of, trenches in the Badenvillcr region
peace like the Russians. Only small some of the officers here. Official inflicted heavy losses and brought
remain on the western bank reports reaching Washington bear back many prisoners. The opera-
Italians are keeping at the out the press accounts ot the dis. tion lasted only half an hour, and
thc retreating enemy who is aster, although the full extent of the . testified further to the thoroughness
of the American method and deter
mination to succeed in any undertak
ing assigned. The whole affair was
brilliantly conceived and carried out.
LONDON, June 24. Minor opera
tion last night in the neighborhood
of Metcrea. were completely suc
cessful, all objectives being gained
and the line advanced. In addition
to prisoners, ten machine guns were
captured. The French were success
ful in a raid in the Locre sector and
further shake the morale of theii-:
people and probably compel the Ger-
iiuuii uiv iciif-rfiuiK kih;hi ..nu --- ... -.. . , . . , .... . , onages noi tainra tway wtic aiiut jjerman view inai uic iwimi. nu... , attctdtam CTJTnreMT
-i.-.i. .... .i. . i: , i. ...IHtnrv cunnl es and food . - mur shift at the Little Daisy hoist., viouslv exaggerated the Allies losses . ... T..ir- it-.i . , t.r. it..:- . AUS1KIAN SIA liiftlJilM l
miuni noi Mch it. i-MLuu ...t-i. niit '. . - . ... to pieces oy iiauaxi i;uu: ..uiiipcuu h maae secure uciuic inu ua... .
tortile army, llie iianan general m.iii jur rising nine i mi. i'---.
ni of bounds and most of the few it is regarded as vital from the j took a few prisoners,
hrirlfer. not carried awav were shot carman view that the Italian front'
to the other sid- of the I'iavc.
Tbcv think thc situation would be is reported to be convinced that thc, has been 5:15 a. in., doubtless t,,,s f I h
s.-.ti'-'actory if the I'iavc line is victorious sweep of the Italian army will be questioned by many of the I !- r t II
irmly rc-ctablUhed At the same will traverse the famous llainsizza folks in Yavapai county who have sj j filfs
time ' there are man v military offi- plateau the scene of the great bat- known our personal habits in years -j
cials, both mcrican and Ttahan, ties of last tall and will not stop past.
who brve always contended that the until the Italians have reclaimed all' George Hues of Jerome is get
road to victory lavs through Italy., of the rorntry up to the right bank ting to be one of the best soldier-Thcs.-
officials "hai r" been hopeful for or the Isonzo, which marked the ex- "crs" we have strong at meal time
tl.e Vnnrliin.' of .i ronnler offensive trcine of Gen. Cadorna's advance. land light on drill.
j Jack sliuii s mammy 10 jm limit
sufticicnt food is creating a shortage
I of this commodity in and about Camp
Codv. Jacks daily routine includes
P hn
!NlO I Lit Latest Ultimaii
the Austrians to surrender or take ;n France can be prosecuted to a,
VIENNA, June 24. "The height
LlilU.LU.IIL. , ,ri. r ,iic six mess halls .
i - - jr anui:i;tini iti"?.
at meal' time. Speaks well forj YVASILIGTO
PIIOEXIX. June 24. At the re- iac.-s health, we believe. L
quest of Provost Marshal General Doc Rostine has lost so niuch a 4eCjra(;0n of senators support
Crowiler, through thc Council of.wcjpi,t that he is now m thc welter- g th(. Imllsc rcsoHtion submitting
, Xational Defense, Chairman Heard .Voight class not. . to the States thc federal suffrage
of thc Arizona Council of Defense sonlc 15 of thc men from Xo. A : alHCIUjIlu.ntf ;t was predicted thc
, has addressed the chairiiien of all training camp were transferred to scnatc woi, pass t,c resolution
i Arizona county councils asking that Co. 6, which some of thc smart n0's j Tliursdav. It is said thc president
1 r t Vti1 .ti
: .1.. - ,. .i.:i- iu.. A . Ol inc vaici anu liu
a cnr.ncc at w.uuuuS u tmi acvciopmcm. u uv-.i caused us to evacuate Montello and
The Austrian retreat was so hurried themselves wholly to forcing a vie- j fcad
in some places that they did not take t0ry in the west before American of piavc
time even to save their guns and power swings the scales agams her
stores great quantities of which were Therc is lutle doubt but that the, carried out in such a man.
captured. It has not yet been m- rcport of a German troop movement difficulties con-
dicated whether the enemy purposes to Italy is well founded. . with Changing to the other
SSST6 YANKS SMOKE" 'EM OUT 'bank. our movements remained
mountain region aunouE Pu;u WTTH TH AMERICAN! wholly unobserved. Many lines al
Sei'enU5 fSS (N'THE MARNE, June ready evacuated were subjected to a
Llo'yd George. British premier. 24.-The American troops at Mar- strong Italiar 'e yestay The
'trade i known to the Commons that ney, since last nignt, nave capiurcu , enemy
ai offtSaedtheorthwesum part of Belleau ; J""
June 24.-.ftcr but where he did not state. Hope- wood, cleared this strategic position - distance battenes drove them back.
President Wilson
Ml I AY M'KHE, June
binho'i S. G Messnur
I all assistance be given local draft tcn us ;s composed largely of "ol-j,ras vcry enthusiastic in his support
: boards in calling 4o the colors or to bl;cs. ((f T,c pres;,lcnt ;s understood
4. Arch- uscl-ui occupations all idlers or draft' ,0c Xash's lady friends arc caus-j ,Q ,avc reitcratC(1 the bclief that the
cut a pas- , Illen jn non-useful employment. :., ,.,. COvernmcnt mail carriers in , - - :,.,, .n .-..
toral l.mr to all clergymen in his General Crowder's order on the. tl,is camp to get hump-shouldered j rc vitaj i its effects at home and
munx .wi.ii. subject becomes cnectivc on jiuy i, carrying Ins daily man. .abroad and it is said he told the
ing tne proniimion propaganda. it otiibrncinir all men of the lour classes : c p Itrodv and Kainbow Adams,
he comes more evu'.cnt, lie sanl, that W1Q now arc engaged in such occu-;cx.
a strong sectarian power is back ot ations as waiters, elevator opera
this present prohibition movement tors chili, store or building attend- t SCCius that Jerry Donley can-
i! o mflycnnDTHDA U M UU1
u. o. iifHiwruii uivwimuui i jiu
Mallow pots, arc making a shining a tT-lkinp dcmnstration that democ
ark at certain kinds of police duty. rary m Vlcric:u
and allliougli many Latliolic priests ants llshers, persons in domestic, not become reconciled to Ins en
are among them, actuated by good servicc and, particularly, "sales clerks forced absence from his young wife,
motives and acting in good faith, and other clerks employed in stores and his face gets longer each day.
they fail to see absolutely the false an,j otlcr mercantile establishments." Today is about the last day that
i rinriple underlying the movement jt ;s ,nado thc duty of all persons ' thc Yavapai men will all be together
aid the sinister work of the enemies to rt.p0rt lo thc nearest local board as tomorrow will see the beginning
o. the church who are trying to ajj ,-acts which may come to their, Df the segregation of the men in thc
1 re it i,v the opHrtiinity to attack knowledge concerning registrants casual camps into the older es
lur in the most sacred mystery en- wh0 are idle or who arc engaged inablishcd companies. The majority of
trusted to her. i asn- occupation defined as non-pro-j thc Arizonans will go to the 34th
'division of infantry, and the otliers
twelve other
nv As.-mte.i , ( WASIIIXGTOX, June 24. Thc.
YASINXGTOX, June 24. The j second national lottery for deter-'
German submarine, operating on this j milling the order of call of thc men:
is to be
mors circulated among Colorado
; farmers that the government intends
i to tax broom corn and other crops
5 an acre were officially denied by
1 the department of agriculture today
I with the announcement that steps
' have been taken to stop thc spread
of such stories, designed to discour
1 age food production. Country agri
i cultural agents have been asked to
' assist in locating the source of the
' stories.
MiSTF.RDM. June 24. There is' WANT TROOP SHIPS i branches such as the medical, re
some ten or
14 1 r!0 IAI ir&Qt I I A German submarine, operating on mis ; mining mc unm u. ii
PARIS f Ik ml N - T- s""k ,i,s ""' "
MISSOULA, Mont.. June 24.
or Fri-: Rainfall in some of thc forest dis-
c similar! tricts where fires have been raging
. ii.t r loir ni. 1.r..-l c has imnrovcil conditions somewnat
'tered by the Americans and bound (o ,je capsulcs containing! but the situation is still considered
up to thc largest number of rcgis-i serious.
The svstem,
'cast of the Delaware capes. Sixty-1
' seven of the crew are missing.
were landed. There
trants in anv district.
is to be based on master numbers, I
i-.igiiij-oiie "in ....mm. ........ . on, v(.rniniT - 5:mi,r n11m.i illftvni TI II T.,re "7.1 -Jfhnrles
were no troops aboard, and the vcs-i, T. . - , , . , , . . .
cnl sufficient corn for half a bread. WiASIIIXGTOX J"C Ninety "Iount. artillery, maciiim.
ration in Austria, lcclarel rootl ,-... Irnnll si,is asked for bv thc nai corps, -
PARIS. June 24.-Tl.e Austrian of-' flrc'1 ,1S .sI,,0,1s. int? jnkinB VCS-
M,ntter Paul in an interview with war Jcnartiiient have been included; Hoping that tins conimunicauon fcnsIVC appcars to have ended in a; wa, homeward bound.
t'" itnna correspondent of the ;n the enlarged building program oliiay prove oi micrtsi iu mi 1 1", rolltj according to the view taken by
1 '.a' nzeiecr. Ihe fonl depart- ,1.- shiiminu board. This was dis-. back Home. 1 am.
vcry 11 i.i
el was apparently not convoyed..,. , ... ...... r... , :....- Ti.t.-::
I ,. . . "WH vi j mi int U13U1UUUUU uj criior OI lilt. 1 LTi llUi ui j law an.
,e mui.u.. 1 C llIcstionnairc bIanks t0(,
I torpedo struck. Afterwards the diver
succeeding Lucius E. Pingham.
l ici t is attempting to make up tins ciose,i todav in a report submitted to
' ieleney with other foodstuffs and'te scnatl. on thc revised $2,000,000,-
in addition to 2.-0 grammes ot beet, 000 sundry civil appropriation bill.
twr pounds of horseflesh a person will- -
' e attributed weekly. Military mo-i RESERVES DECISION
h ie 1 itchens vill Ik- used to supply, AMSTERDAM. June 24. Emperorj
IIAMMOXD. Ind.. June 24. J. C.
National League
Chicago Chicago, S:
l.n.-HKI persons daily for four weeks; Charles says a .enna U.spa cli. lias, .-u phia-Philadelphia.
.i.'i a warm meal consisting ot soup,, reserved his decision regarding the .i 1 ""."n 1
1 c ..raiiimes of meat and vegetables! resignation of the Austrian cabinet.' l.rooKijn,
j the Paris press, as summarized by
(the I lavas Agency. Relieving that
j under sucu conditions as tlie news' .Mcl-aildcn, attorney tor tne .11cmgar.
! indicates thc enemy will be compelled ' Ceptral, accuses Aloiizo Sargent, cn-
1 to gie up important booty, in ma-j ginccr of the troop train which hit
''Iterial and prisoners, to thc victorious J the circus train, of being asleep at
j Italians, the newspapers predict that' the throttle. He. the man said, was
7' thc unquestionable defeat will react, asleep for two or three miles as a
seriously upon the population of result of some sickness from which
X 1 - 1. 1 . . ... ... . .
In the iiienntinie he entrusts Pre- isosion -ev mm, .., t,c mlal nionarcliy, so sorely tried lie was sintering. 1 nc iieau are cs-
nt-Annr. r-c?nvvfi TJPflRP. ,r.,nr , t;,.,.,ii,.r ,i.e further ton, 0. I by hunger. ; timated at S5. of whom 24 have been
u'mnT.TO. tune 24-Direc- direction of affairs. I At Cincinnati Pittsburg, ;Cin-j The comment of I.e Journal upon , identified.
tr.r riitim! Wr Artn ordered an ill t ' - i Cllinatl,
- e-tf...itioii of the circus train wreck
r- !'- M:rhigan Central railroad
' - G .rv, Tnd.
American League
(the Austrian situation bears the cap-' tomorrow.
Thc inquest will be held
tion "Defeat and Famine," while thc '
1 TT.riT-.TTTr n nTrnrT.
JOPLIX, Mo., June 24. Maud At Detroit Detroit, 6; White atjn points out that Austria-Hun- tory will bring a loud echo from the
1 1 ill ti, alWed deserted from Camp Sox, 2. 1 gary has received one of the heav- v Irle virld." the newspaper adds.
, Fimston, who for several months At Washington Washington, 2; jcst hlows since the begining of the TV Echo de Paris thinks that in
METAL MARKET d fled the officials of Barry county, Philadelphia, 1. ' war at a moment when the internal consequence of the outcome on the
FV YORK., June 24 Lead, firm, 1 was arrested by army officers Sattir-j At Xew York Xcw York, 3; Bos- situation renders the event particu-, Italian front new offensive actions
?7 x2 prlt-r c.isv, spot, ?S.03 to day night and lodged in thc county 1 ton, 1. larly to be dreaded by thc Vienna likely to be begun shortly by the
$825. Bar sihir 09r. cents. ' jail at Carthage. I St. Louis at Cleveland, postponed. government. "Thc great Italian vie-1 Germans on the Franco-British front.
The Xcw Postal Law which goes into effect July 1st.
makes it necessary that all papers going by mail, must be
strictly paid in advance. Heretofore some latitude has
been given in allowing the paper to run a few days beyond
the date of expiration, but hereafter, the paper will be
promptly stopped when subscription expires. Subscribers,
will accordingly remit several days before date of expira
tion in order to avoid missing any issues.
The Xew Postal Law requires tlie publisher to pay
graduated zone rates, and the subscription price will later
be raised for papers mailed to distant zones.

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