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ARE II 3f 0
Rafael Serabia Acquitted and R.
T. Brown Dismissed on Third
Day; New Informations Ex
pected to be Filed in June.
(From Saturday's Dally)
Acquittal yesterday afternoon of'
Rafael Serabia, sheep raiser, of a
charge that he urged his bands upon i
the certain specified lands of Ramon
Contrcras, brought the record of the
sheep trespass cases to date to four
acquittals and one .conviction. Gre
gorio Hazas was found guilty of a
trespass on land' that bore no testi
mony of private ownership. In all
four other cases, the issue was dif
ferent in that it was alleged the land
entered unlawfully by the sheep, was
in fact, the possessory right of sonic
individual, usually the complaining
I witness.
Judge Sweeney on the bench in
structed County Attorney Sullivan
to file a new information in the Sera
bia case.
Robert E. Morrison and Emmctf
T. Morrison, defense counsel for
Serabia, leaped upon an issue sud
denly raised in the late morning ses
sion, moved the court for a verdict
in their favor, and after several hours
of further argument, won the point
ym nnmcnytA !n- rniintv At- i
lmT Tfr tad
tornev J. L. Sullivan, took tne stana t
l.t , . W, rnniVrr,, had:'"
LI1LV LWU Idbi ww..--
acquired a patent to the 640 acres in,
question, ought not to deprive lnm
of the right to range cattle thereon
and to do it in a manner as exclusive
as the cattlemen sought.
Mr. Morrison held thai to charge
a man with a crime under a section
of the statute covering "public do-
main he termed cattle range, ana , , .
then to prove by one's own witness the large boxes carried out to the
that the land was not public, but Pst from the chamber of commerce
private, was not according to the .d were : distributed to the men; and
rules. This meat of the argpmcntjcop.es of the special editions of the
was expanded and ornamented by j local papers were also given out
great quantities of descriptive, nar-j I" addition, eveiy bed patient m
rathe and contentious language in the' hospital received special ice
the course of the debate between cream and cakes, the gift of the Owl
Mr Sullivan and Mr. Morrison, that! Drug .company, who sent out 20 gal
cr.dured for the afternoon. jns of icc cream and a supply of
Sullivan said that it was the desire cakes sufficient to go with it. These
of the state to conform to a hint just rc distributed through the wards
thrown out by the court that if I by the Red Cross and then; assist-
would be
well to confine the "acreage
Ti.rfcri. weenev
nlained that inasmuch as his ruling
JMC- " "
would tend to classify the lands for j
all times as either sheep land or cowl
land it would be well to know just
what territory was being taken in.Commcrcc aistrioution in me canons
The defense was most agreeable to
this mode. By all means, the dis-
putation should be delimited. In.ioiiows.
:f tint Tn rrnmniat- Ward
Stlldl t llltaauik, it ..w. ... 0
ical sense. And it was,
But the confinement of the issues - glhVand Mr.
to the little 640-acrc patch of Mr.1John L SulHvan
Contreras, swung wide the door for Ward 3Mrs. Qtto Orthel, assisted
the defense motion, and Mr. Mor-;by jjrs j A Ren0e( yuss Conroy
rison quickly availed himself of thc aI1(j Mf g vy. Hughes,
right' of entry. Clearly, he argued, it; Ward 5 Mrs. Granville Fain, as
was no way to do to charge a man 'sisted by, Mesdames H. T.. South
under one section of the law and try! worth and M. B. Hazeltine and Miss
him under another. And when this j Pendergast
point had been thoroughly treated as Wards o-7-Mesdame, . 1. St..
P. ,. i, i, ,,f ,1,, i for- art, S. H. Martin, A. J. Herndon and
mation and Rafael was free.
But it is not to be for long.
definition of range land . as cither
cattle, sheep or joint range, remains
to.be made. Sheep interests arc con
cerned practically solely with the
achievement of this purpose. In June,
it was intimated by high court of
ficials yesterday, ncw informations,
repaired as to the faults of the pres
ent ones, are expected to bring the
cases up once more for trial.
The premise is expected to be con
fined to the matter of priority. If
the cattlemen can show they have
been using the land continuously, ex
clusively and legally all these years,
thry win: if it can be shown that,
sheep have grazed, lambed or other-1
wise carried on their destinies in any
of the disputed areas, under certain!
circumstances it can then be held j
that the land is no one's in particular (From Tuesday's Daily)
and no offense has been committed. The Ladics' Guild and the mothers
Juan Brown's case, continued the thc Cathojic Boy Scouts are to
10th, was dismissed yesterday. ! banquet the scouts of Troop 3 r.t
1 -! their next meeting' at the church
REPATRIATE PRISONERS j parlors Wednesday. .This will be in
RIGA, Lativia, April 18. (By 'celebration of Mothers' day, which
Mail) Repatriation of Ihc hundreds thc scouts observed on Sunday by
of thousands of officers and soldiers attending church with their mothers'
captured by the Russians during the; and wearing flowers in their honor,
world war has nearly been complct-1 Mrs. O. H. Jctt is president of thc
cd. Thousands of Germans, Aus-1 guild and is sponsoring the affair,
trians, Hungarians and soldiers of I which promises to bc something new
various, other nationalities, whom the
Russians took prisoner have married
and decided to remain indefinitely
in the- soviet country.
Among detachment of former
Hungarian officers passing through
recently eiiroilte home wasasburcd of such an event by thc
Count Valentine Szechenyi, whose,
cousin-married Miss Gladys Vander
bilt of New York, the count being!
accompanied by his wife; a young
F.us.wi vouiiMi, Pnnce-ji, Mary Gi-
Every Patient and Every Ward
Supplied With Blooms, With
Candy and Cigarettes and
With Special Ice-Cream.
(From Saturday's) Daily)
Whipple yesterday resembled a
vast hot-house. Flowers were every
where. Not a ward that didn't
smell like the perfumery counter of
a drug store. Not a patient among
the 700 at the post who failed to re
ceive a liberal share of the thousands
of blossoms which during the past
two or three days poured into Pres
cott from almost every part of Ari
zona and from points as distant as
Redlands, Calif.
All during Thursday afternoon and
until late at night, members of the
chamber ot commerce committee
d anil arranged the flowers as
erc unpacked, and made them
up into individual bunches which
were replaced into large boxes for
each ward. At 8:30 yesterday morn
ing, committees of women assisted
by Boy Scojuts began the distribution
of the flowers in the various wards.
Not only flowers were distributed,
however. Packages containing cig-
.1 ' ' - -- 1 ...!.. , - :t11lrtrtr! I fl
ants. Kca cross director a. m.
ex-i1""1 miormeu uic journai-.wuiti
that the ice cream was sufficient to
supply all thi bed patients. .
The committees of Prescott women
who had charge of the chamber of
wards, under the committee ncaacci
by William G. Greenwood, were as
1 Mrs. R. L. Jones and
'Mrs. C. T. Davenport.
I O I..i:, rnrntiv Aire
Ted Ross.
Ward 10 Mesdames James Whct
stine, Richard Lamson and D. R.
Ward 11 Mesdames Walter Hill,
C. H. Dunning and R. B. Wcstervclt.
Ward 12 Mesdames J. L. Smith,
Eminent Morrison and Miss Peggy
Ward 16 Mrs. T. E. Hines, F. H.
Alexander, Hughes, Harvey and
Ward 17-Mrs. M. L. Coleman and
Mrs. C Fl Ryckman
Post hospital Mrs. W. G. Green
wood' and W. E. Garrett.
in the annals of Prescott scouting
Father and son affairs arc history,
but mother and son suppers will be
a new feature. Oother scout .troops
are considering similar affairs, but
Troop 3 is the first to be definitely
mo the
- ; Troop 3 .is striving hard to take
the" lead in scouting- in Prescott and
under the able leadership of Scout-
nusttr Joe Morgan, and his assist-j
ants ib nuking excellent progress '
(From Thursday's Dally)
'Stay, cowboy! Turn 'cm out
wild! ' Four days and nights, wild,
rough, fast and furious."
Somehow despite the peculiar styjc
which has taken hold of the press
lately with respect to the Smoki
snake dance, these old terms sound
mighty "familious."
While the Smoki Indian snake
dance will occupy the attention and
interest of the public generally from
now. until June 9th, the Prescott
Frontier days committees will forge
ahead with their departments. Con
siderable business of importance was
transacted at a general meeting held
yesterday afternoon.
Cattle and Wool Growers' Meeting
As had been' tentatively announced
seme little while ago, definite assur
ance was given yesterday that the
two big organizations representing
the cattlemen and the wool growers
will meet in Prescott on July 6th and
7th. While the pleasant duty of en
tertaining this important delegation
and their ladies will be turned over
to the entertainment committee ofthcjto
chamber of commerce to work with b
thc local members of the associations,
a live reception committee for the
Frontier days was appointed. This
committee has been requested to pay
particular attention to the reception
of the cattle and wool growers, but
it will also be their duty to receive
every visitor who comes to the Mile
Miglv city. This committee as ap
pointed is composed of M. B. Hazel
tine, Otho Hill, A. A. Johns, Mor
ris Goldwater, LcRoy Anderson, R.
N. Fredericks, Dr. G. D. Alice, W.
W. Midgicy, Charles E. Burton, Dr.
R. N. Looncy, C H. Hooker, W. M.
Cobum, L. S. Colwell and C. C.
Stukcy. v .
Under the guidance of Chairman
O. F. Orthel, the finance committee
is now at work lining up the neces
sary number of guarantors and sub
scribers. This committee's work is
one of the most important in the en
tire association. The members of
the committee are: Frank G. Brown,
O. A. Hcsla, Lylc Abbott, Robert
tfirch, H. E. Shumate, C. E. Law-
jreIlce( Tom Bate, Joseph H. Mor-
jgin Ed Block D H BilcS) William
j MaySj Henry Brinkmeycr, Jr., and
Henry Hartin.
From now until the close of the
Froutier days thc -advertising cam
paign will be conducted in full 'swing.
rticles will be dispatched to all the
papers in tlie state ana to tnosc out
side. Local merchants arc requested
to play up Frontier days in their pub
licity, wherever possible. Posters ad
vertising thc contest arc now being
printed, and will be distributed broad
cast. For the purpose of boosting thc.
cause, many .residents of the Salt
River valley being as deeply inter
ested In seeing Frontier days a suc
cess as citizens of Prescott, the
Manufacturing Stationers of Phoenix
have requested the Frontier Days as
sociation to submit copy for a sticker,
1,000 of which will be printed free of
cost and given to thc association.
The prize list and rules are now
being printed and within a very short
time, copies will be in the hands of
cvc llIc n? shccl; art in A"T
z"a' Ncw MCX'C a"d
(.From Friday's Daily)
Financial conditions throughout thc
county are in much better shape than
they were last year, reports County
Assessor C E. Gentry. For thc past
several weeks, thc assessor and his
deputies have been listing property
and" computing valuations of taxable
wealth in every part of thc county,
and a fairly complete survey of the
Dusiness ana nnanciai situation is
now available.
Sheep, cattle and wool arc in fine
shape, said Assessor Gentry, and there
will probably be some pretty good
offers for spring Iambs. Although
there are very few buyers in the;dis
trict at present, one or1, two spring
cattle sales have been made, and the
tendency of .the industry is to look
much better than it did last jear.
In mining, general conditions arc
showing an appreciable up - grade
trend. More production this year
than last is increasingly in evidence.
said the assessor.
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PHOENIX, May 10. The god
dess of harmony and Que George W.
P. Hunt were significantly absent
from the proceedings of the demo
cratic county conference which met
yesterday to elect 46 delegates to the
Tucson state convention to be held
May 15.
The result of the deliberations was
a hand-picked delegation for Judgefe the dubj. delegates to the recent
R. C. Stanford for governor, but
this course was fraught with consid-
erablc dissatisfaction to those who
favored Alfred Franklin, and for
those also who think .and act in
compliance with the wishes of for
mer Governor Hunt.
Hunt was not in evidence, but
when someone tried to jam through
a resolution instructing the delega
tion to work for Stanford under the
unit rule the Hunt influence was
evidenced in a counter resolution in
structing the delegation to vote
against the endorsement of any can
didate for any office at the Tucson
meeting, as being in opposition to
the direct primary and of democratic
piinciples in general.
Aiguments became furious, and the
chair was forced to call for order
and proper decorum. Someone tried
a(ijourn) but he was howled down
cr:e, Dt TUC." and the dis-
cussion of what the delegation should
do or should not do went merrily on.
Finally it was voted to table both
resolutions. Thc outcome of the
meeting is that a practically solid
delegation of pro-Stanford dchiocrats
will . proceed to Tucson, determined
to carry off the nomination for their
fa oritc. 1
(From Friday' Dally)
Fire of unknown origin yesterday
damaged the upper part of a small
frame dwelling on North Alarcon
sticet, just across the trail from thc
Santa Fe right of way. Mrs. Lctha
Sates, occupant of the house,- her
mother and young daughter were
able, with the assistance of thc fire
department and neighbors, to save
all the household furniture before thc
two streams of water were turned on
the rapidly burning structure.
Thc fire was confined to thc attic
part of the house and,, prevented from
spreading to other small frame dwel
lings that arc closely built up around
thc damaged house.
Thc property was part of thc old
Rosario Blair estate and is now own
ed by a resident of Phoenix.
There arc in Europe vast potential
demands for all kinds of American
products and vast potential means
for thc creation of wealth and con
sequently of purchasing power and
capacity, Charles M. Muchnic, vice
president of the American Lqcomo
tivc Sales Corporation, told thc dele
gates to thc Foreign Trade conven
tion here today. Mr. Muchnic has
just returned from a trip to Europe
- I
In view of thc fact that those in the country find it oftentimes difficult to come to Prescott, personally, to do their shop
ping, th, following live wire inerchants,-and businessmen have arranged to take care of MAIL ORDERS for goods or services in
i.-:- ti,. nUAA th9f tW will ve these mail orders the same prompt attention that they would receive if you
were present and thev will be
by irail when you can't come
ordeing your needs by mail.
You can depend on getting
absolutely Pure Drugs from
Phone or Mail Orders receive
same careful attention as any
Phone 188 Prescott, Ariz.
$1.00 DOES IT! .
Open That Account Today!
Those who cannot conveniently
transact their business in person
may obtain thc same services!
by mail. Small accounts invited.'
(From Friday's Dally)
An excellent and lively meeting was
held last night by the Prescott Busi
ness arid Professional Women's club,
at the Y. W. C. A. house, with about
41 "members present. The Jerome B.
P. W. C. was prevented by bad roads,
from attending the meeting, as had
been planned.
Interesting were the reports given
state convention of the B. P. W.
clubs of Arizona. Mrs. H. T. South-
wonh providccl an unusuany interest
ing stercoptican lecture, for which a
screen was put up and the house
darkened. With a "magic-lantern,"
photographs of convention scenes and
episodes en route there and back
were shown, and the humorous com
ments of Mrs. Southworth made their
interpreation a mirthful one.
Mrs. Florence K. Smith reported
the other side of the convention, that
of its work sud meetings, and told
in detail how the 1923 convention
was secured for Prescott. Vocal se
lections by Miss Ethel McMurchic
added to the excellence of the pro
gram, which was held following the
regular club dinners.
Mmgus Picnic
A joint picnic will be held by the
Prescott and Jerome clubs on Min
gus mountain Saturday evening. Be
tween 30 and 40 names from the
local club jiave been listed for mem-
r -it i ii -a ii v r t many miles. So m the name of our
Cars will leave the Prescott Y. WJ ' ; T . . -f
C. A. at 5 o'clock, and will journey Lord Jesus Chnst' wc the commi -to
Mingus, where a picnic supper! tee appointed to draft this small
will bevenjoyed by the Prescott dele
gation and the delegation from Je
rome which will meet them there.
All those planning to go, who have
not made reservations, arc requested
to notify Mrs. 'Florence K. Smith by
noon Saturday, either by getting their
return cards in, or by telephoning
Mrs. Smith at 3S5-R.
A new
two-room district school' ,
WU c.nilf i.flnii Mice rf h I
house will be built at Drake this
summer, according to plans of the
school board of that district, it is
reported' by Mrs. Ward H. Wheeler,
county superintendent of schools'.
Mrs. Wheeler visited the Drake
school Thursday and found a full
school in session. Thc school occu
pies -a little church building in the
district, and is located across Hell's
canyon from Puntcnney.
During the summer, a ncw build
ing will be constructed to replace
the ore that burned down there two
years ago, Mrs. Wheeler said. It is
planned to have thc ncw building
ready for occupancy by the begin
ning of school in (the fall. The Drake
school Js capably taught by Miss
Alsa Spofford.
TUCSON, May 13. Thc Univer
sity of Arizona took the series of
three baseball games with the Uni-j
versity of Southern California hercj
today when it won the third game'
by a score of 4 to 1. The Arizona,
battery was Stewart and Menheniiet, j
with Thornton and Tallcz for Cali
delivered to you by mail with the
to town and when you can come
Central Garage
215 West Gurley St., Prescott
Dealers In Everything
Mail Orders Solicited
Prescott :-: :-: Arizona
" 'Spedial Savirigs'Serviee '
For Out of Town Patrons
Mail your Savings to us and
we will open aii account for
you and forward you the p,ass
book. Send money order, check
or draft with your name and
address. ,
4 Compound Interest
Com'l Trust & Savings Bank
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mm run
(From Saturday's Dally)
Thomas Hi Adams, who left yes
terday for Flagstaff "after organizing
the Christian church here, was the
tecipicnt of the following letter from
a committee representing the board
and officers of the church:
"At our last general board meeting
of the newly organized Church of
Christ, it was unanimously resolved
to express to you, through this med-
jiuni, the deep sense of appreciation
we," the board of officers and congre
gation, feel for the splendid work you
have done, in organizing this church.
Your leadership and wisdom in gath
ering together us scattered disciples.
and oiganizing us into a Church of
Christ as has been done, demon
strates, beyond thc shadow of a
dcubf, thc wise selection made by
thc trustees when you were sent in
to our- city to do, what seemed to
many, the impossible.
"Your memory will be cherished in
the future years of prosperity, and
usefulness that this church wiil sure
ly give not alone to Arizona, but thc
world at large. .
"Recognizing thc great sacrifice
that this effort has been, not alone
to you, but to your dear family, in
laying on the altar of service a hus
band, arid father from whom they
have been separated by so many,
token, thank you on behalf of the
membership of the Prescott Church
of Christ, and we pray for you, in
your ncw field at Flagstaff. His
benediction and blessing that will aid
and give you the greatest possible
success in that new field."
(By Mail) Thc Russian soviet gov
ernment and the Turkish --nationalists
are planning to ho'ldiacbnYcrencc at
Kars to draw up a new treaty pro
viding for thc resumption of com-
i 1 i 1,i,ir.An TttT-1-.n- -i r, A
( -h-m-
SUCH as ueorgia uuu niuudiujdu
A treaty to that effect was signed
by thc Russians and Turkish na
tionalists last fall but has not been
ratified by the states concerned on
the ground that it was unworkable
owing to the abnormal conditions in
we have watched Yavapai County grow.
We Are The
We haye always been the bank- of the farmers, the cattle
ranchers and the miners.
We will give your business our personal care and attention.
Organized in 1877
same guarantee that a personal
call on those registered here
To Out-of-Town Orders for
Prescott Arizona
'The Earth's Best Investment"
Wc sell City property, alfalfa
lands (irrrigatcd) orchards,
farms and cattle ranches,
If you want to buy of sell
Write: THOS. E. HINES,
110 S. Montezuma St. Prescott
if : : y
(From Saturday 's)Daily)
National Hospital day visitors to
Fort Whipple yesterday afternoon
were surprised at thc extent of the
service of the- post library through
which they were shown by Miss
Emma Dutcher, who has been librar
ian 'since the organization was first
founded at Whipple three years ago
rndcr the American Library associa
tion. In a sunny room letting off
of the lounging-roorri and auditorium
of thc Red Cress i house, are the
library quarters. Over 4,000 volumes
are on thc shelves of this room, com
prising a representative selection of
popular fiction and an excellent
choice of non-fiction books.
Approximately 100 books and from
25 to 30 magazines a day are circu
lated among the patients who arc
welt enough to come fo thc library.
For bed patients unable fo leave their
wards, there arc shelves of books
placed in every ward by thc library
service. Although started under the
American Library association, the
post library now is conducted by thc
public health service, Miss Dutcher
explained. It was taken over from
the A. L. A. last November. Among
improvements which have been re
cently installed, -is the circulating of
current .magazines, of which a- num
ber of every class arc subscribed to.
Formerly kept in the reading-room
only, these are now circulated by
In addition " to Miss Dutcher,
whom the men at the post know as
"the library lady,'' Miss. Grace Gunst,
assistant' librarian, helps with the
work of providing the patients with
books. Miss Gunst, whose home Is
in Detroit, arrived a few days ago
from Los Angeles.
.-A" -
"Retail price of food increases dur
ing April," says a news item; , and
'that makes' food for thought
"Coal Operator States Strike ViIl
Be Ended Before July 1" Headline.
So will the patience of the public.
At least the young lady who re
ceives a kiss every morning by radio
need not be afraid of germs unless
(it be the wircles's bug.
call would obtain, fry ordering
and ask them more about
Buy them by Mail
Kelley-Springfield Tires
Auto Accessories
Fall line Pneumatic and solid
Truck Tires Order by Mail.
: I
. - j
-, ''- V
2J: : , g

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