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Eldest Paper In Arizona Established March B. 1861
Published br
Telephone 11
J. 'W. MILNES. Editor and Manager
IiYLE ABBOTT, Associate Editor
Member Associated Press
Published Every Morning Except Monday
Dally, per month t LOO . "Weekly, three months J1.00
Dally, three months 2.60 Weekly, six months 1.50
Dally, per year 9.00 I Weekly, per year 2.50
Dally, year, outside state 10.09
Payable In Advance
Entered at the Postotflce, Prescott. Arizona, as second-class
mall matter.
The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for re
publication of all news crediated to It or not otherwise cred
ited in this paper and also the local news published herein.
All rights of republication of special dispatches herein are also
WHEN nothing else is handy, the newspa
pers will do as well as anything to growl
about. They arc never right unless they are
boosting someone whose boosting is popular with
the growler in question, or hammering someone
the growler doesn't like.
In an argument to a jury the other evening, a
very young attorney told the twelve men in the
box that the sedulous care with which the at
torneys exclude veniremen who have read the
newspapers is caused by the fact the press pre
judices the people against the defendant.
On the other hand, half a dozen times in the
last week it has been remarked that the newspa
pers give too much publicity to the prisoner, hand
him entirely too much notice, and go so far as
to display sympathy for him.
Both these observations on the attitude of the
presstare wrong. Although opposed to each oth
er they aje also diametrically opposed to the
facts. TThe1 real newspaper prints what its best
judgment tells it 'is news interesting news. It
comments neither for" npr, against a defendant.
It is continually supressing the beliefs of its rep
resentatives, who may sit through a trial and
form strong opinions of the guilt or innocence of
the accused. In the course of years of dispassion
ate observation of courts and criminals, newspa
permen frequently become pretty fair judges oi
the weight of evidence. But they dare not, and
do not express their convictions in type.
On every street corner there occur conversa
tions in which people say: "Oh, I know he is
iruiltv!" or. "He is certainly innocent."
The expression of such opinions is a privilege
of the citizen. Standing in his unassailable posi
tion of a free-born American, the citizen can say
just what he thinks. Often he feels that an ac
cused person is guilty, artel the? 1 'ye he Joes
not find his favorite newspaper Sciaboring the
accused as a guilty person, he takes it the Uews--v.oaper
is mawkishly sentimental about the pris-
No such excuse is to be found for the lawyer
who, in the absence of argument, takes slaps at
the press. It is bad enough to hold newspapers
up to disparagement in questioning a jury, inti
mating that things printed are not to be believed.
But to follow it up with disquisitions on the fal
libility of fellow human beings, just because they
chance to be employed as reporters of current
events is ungenerous and unjust. It would be
worse if it were not also unthinkingly done.
few years back we were engaged in a fren
zied campaign to prevent mergers of rail-
Department of the Interior, United
States Land umce, i-noemx, Ari
zona, November Z V)U.
roads, or to dissolve mergers already effected, but To Thomas Smyers of Kirklan
. ... Arizona. Lontestee:
now we are trying to force roads into mergers
. 1. :ii
acrainsi uieir wm. m,u,.""" " j
. . ... pntt Arinha as his DOSt-OlflCC ad
Some large meat packing concerns are talking ... XWmhPr n 1922. file
of merging and there is vehement protest, rer-
haps a few years hence we shall be trying to
force them to merge, so that they can operate
more economically and so that their operations
can be the better scrutinized to prevent improper
Undoubtedly we would get far better transpor
tation service if some of the roads were United
under managements that could handle a ship
ment from the beginning to the end of its journ
ey from the Atlantic to the Pacific or from the
Canadian border to the Gulf. A lot of costly
delay and bookkeeping could be eliminated.
Harriman had the vision of a transcontinental
line under one ownership, but he found few to
approve the idea. .Now we know that aHrriman
was right.
If a farmer had to hire his crops hauled from
his farm to town, he would prefer to have the
whole trip made by one teamster rather than
have the load transferred from one contractor to
another midway of the trip.
Application of a little common sense to regu
lation of business would help a whole lot.
You can't do by proxy what you ought to be
by proximity. Kansas City Star.
in this office his duly corroborated
application to contest ana secure tnc
cancellation of your Homestead Entry
No. 040372, Serial No. 040372, made
November 21, 1918, 'for W2 SE,
Section y, Township 11 in., nange o
W. G. & S. R. Meridian, and as
grounds for his contest he alleges
that entryman never established resi
dence oh the land embraced in ms
homestead entrv and has wholly
abandoned same since the inception
of his entry; that said abandonment
was not due to service m the Army,
Navy or Marine Corps, nor any other
Kfmti nf ihr sprvirp. nnr to service
in the National Guard of any State.
You are, tnereiore, turtner nouueu
that the said allegations will be taken
,-nnfpccprl anrl vntir snirl entrv
will be canceled without further right
to be heard, cither Detore tnis ottice
or oil appeal, if you fail to file in
this office within twenty days after
the FOURTH publication of this no
tice, as shown below, your answer,
under oath, specifically responding to
these allegations of contest, together
with due proof that you have served
a copy of your answer on the said
contestant either in person or by reg
istered mail.
You should state ill your answer
tli a inmn nf thp nnst-nfficc to which
you desire future notices to be sent
to you.
SCOTT WHim, Kecciver.
(W4t Dec 6, 13, 20, 27, 1922.)
Even the greatest' misfortunes haye" their pal
liating ccrcumstances. It appears that in his
flight from Constaninople the Sultan was ob
liged to leave behind no fewer than 75 mothers-in-law.
Boston Transcript.
Our idea of a modst man is the parent of a
new-born son who admits that the mother was
also present. San Francisco Chronicle.
There was a rumor about recently to the ef
fect that Luther: Burbank ciossed a field of dai
sies with a carnation 1 in ' his buttonhole. Life.
"A married man should never argure," declares
Miss Janet Thorpe, the American lecturer. But
surely he must spend some time at home. Lon
don Opinion.
Things a young girl ought to know do not in
clude many of the things that ask her to go fliv
verfng. San 'Francisco Chronicle-. --
The fellow who wants to kill two birds with
one stone usually misses both, muses the Gilman
City, Mo., Guide.
Thev sav that a woman's ordinary vocabulary
consists of only about 500 words, but we'd hate
to call out her reserves Boston Transcript.
The woman vote in Britain is said to have been
a surprise, but we don't know, why anything con
nected with woman should be a surprise, bhes
a surprise herself. Kansas City Times.
RADICALISM is not constructive, but de
structive," declares the Republican Publi
city Association, through its president, Hon. Jona
than Bourne, Jr.
"Radicalism never cleared a farm of rocks or
stumps, never planned or constructed a railroad,
never launched a merchant fleet, never opened or
operated mines for the production of useful met
als, never developed latent water power, never
created a new industry, never provided employ
ment for labor, never successfully operated a fac
tory, never estbalished a dependable banking sys
tem, never built a city or added to its beauty,
never endowed a great university."
Tough Luck.
A Brooklvn neerro was all beaten up, and the
iudtre advised him to keen out of bad company
I kain't. vo honor, replied the man. I kain t
get enough money together to obscure a. divorce."
Kansas City Ctar.
This Didn't Occur in Prescott.
"Waiter," said the fussy old gentleman.
"Yes. sir."
"I've made three attempts to take a dose of
medicine in half a glass of water. Each time I
trot the water reduced to the right quantity you
rushed around and filled up my glass. Stay away
from me until I want you." Birmingham Age-
But This One Did Happen in Prescott.
"That young man of yours," said father, as
danp-hter came down to breakfast, "should be in
a museum for living freaks."
"Why, father!" exclaimed the young lady, in
tones of inditrnation. what do you mcanr
"I noticed when I passed through the hall last
night," answered the parent, "that he had two
heads on his shoulder.
Georges Clcmcnccau is, of course, a ripe
French scholar, and he is conversant with Eng
lish. We also are inclined to the belief that he
knows his German when he sees one.
A Brooklyn manufacturer writes to say that he
"would put college girls to work. It is evi
dent that he hasn't a little college girl in his fam
D. C. Thome, his heirs and to all
irhrM-l, if 1I13V rA11lPm
V.-... oro Vkm-pIw nntifipH that Mrs.
Josephine T. .Mullin, co-owuer with
you in those Mx certain unpaicmcu
lode mining claims, situate m uie lu
nistrirt. Yavanai Coun
ty, State of Arizona, claims located
and recorded as ill the location no
tices which appear on record in the
office of the County Recorder of said
Vn.f-jni PniuiH- iii the Rooks of Min
ing Records at tiie pages as iouows.
Portland Book 98, of Mines pages
Seattle Book 98, of Mines, pages
Astoria Book 98, page 342.
Walla Walla, Book 98, page 343.
Tacoma, Book 98, Page 344.
Spokane, Book 98, page 345.
VTn.re pvnpnHpH in labor and im
provemcuts upon said claim the sum
. . t ft rtnn rn T1
of Eighteen Hundred iouu.uu; uvi
lars in order to hold said premises
under the provision of Section 2324,
revised statutes of the United States
beincr the amount required by law, to
. . c 1(111
hold said premises lor tnc year ij-l
and V)Ll.
Ti,p.sni nf fine Hundred (S100.00)
Dollars thereof have been expended
upon and for the benefit of each of
said claims during each of said years,
1921, and 1922 That your interest
in slid claims is a one-half in
terest and your proportionate share
nf tlip ninniint so exoended is Nine
- . . . . Tj.,,-,rpri' rsonnnoi nnll.-irs.
Sr.nntnr ( nr.nwnv rt Arkniinc line 1ntTn1IIICP.1l a " VY . 7.VT . ., . -r
' - Vnti are hereby notitictt mat 11
joint resolution to prevent members of congress w;thin Ninety (90) days after this
, 'r- . .. r .- . i nf tliU nntirp liv tiulilicatiou
rlilrmrfl fit rim 1-inllc trnin I'nTintr on flllfKTinns I a-i v.-v- v. w.. -j . .
.... ...v. b or refuse tQ contrjbute tQ t,1C
of national policy. Caraway was once a judge, undersigned your proportionate share
1...1. :j. : ..:t ,...:.i..j. i. A 1, ct; nf snrli exnenditures as co-owner, to-
tution of the United States. Perhaps that is not
a prerequisite of judicial honors in Arkansas.
Doubtless some of our male readers will be
able to sympathize with the poet Billy "Wagstaff
who sintrs: I hate mv woolen underwear, im
mad enough to bawl. It itches here, it itches
there: the blame thinrr seems to crawl: and when
I start to scratch somewhere, that aint' the place
at all. Boston transcript.
SUMMONS NO. 8614 1
In the Superior Court of Yavapai
County, State of Arizona.
Velara Tombling, Platnttff, versus
Claude Tombling, defendant.
Action brought in the Superior
Court of Yavapai County, State of
Arizona, the State of Arizona sends
greetings td Claude Tombling.
You are hereby summoned and re
quired to appear in an action .brought
against you by the aboVe-named
plaintiff in the Superior Court of
Yavapai County, ptatc of Arizona,
and answer the complaint filed, with
the Clerk of this Court at Prescott
in said CoUnty (a copy of which
complaint accompanies this Sum
mons), within twenty days (exclusive
of the day of service), after the ser
vice upon you of this Summons, if
served m this County; in all other
cases thirty days, after the service
of this Summons Upon you (exclus
ive of the day of service).
And you are hereby notified that if
you fail to appear" and answer the
complaint as above required, plaintiff
will take judgment by default against
you and judgment for costs and dis
bursements in this behalf expended.
Given Under My Hand and Seal of
Said Court, at Prescott, this 22nd day
of November, A. D. 1922.
X. N. STEEVES, Attorney for plain
tiff. Weekly St first pub. Nov 29.
In the Superior Court of Yavapai
County, State of Arizona.
In the Mlattcr of the Estate of
GLEN WILSON, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that H. E.
Mitchell has filed in this Court a
document purporting to be the last
will and testament of GLEN WIL
SON, whom it is alleged is deceased,
together with a petition for the pro
bate thereof and for the issuance ot
letters of administration with the will
annexed thereon to D. O. Roe, and
that the same will be heard on Fri
day, the 22nd day of December, A.
D. 1922, at ten o'clock m the fore
noon of said day, at the court room
of Division Two of said Court, in
Prescott. County of Yavapai, State of
Arizona, and all persons interested in
said estate arc notified then and there
tc aunear and show cause, if any
they have, why the prayer of said
petitioner should not be granted.
Dated December 2nd,. 1922.
(Seal) EMMA SHULL, Clerk.
(V3t; Dec. 6,13,20, 1922.)
Gallib Pasha has replaced Rafet Pasha as mil
itary governor of Constantinople. These changes
come so often that we look for the presence ot
Ad-lib Pasha soon.
wit: Nine' Hundred ($900.00) Dollars,
vnnr interest in said mining claims
will become the property ot tne sud
hnrAln i.llHPr PPfinil Z.lZ-t.
11 . 1 w - -
Dated at San Francisco, November
23, 1922.
First weekly pub. Nov. 2'J, iy2.
Last weekly pub. Feb. 28, 1923.
A defeated candidate for the speakership of the
New Tersev assemblv compared himself to Lin
coln. Lincoln being dead cannot help the many
things that are done in and to his name.
A dispatch reports the capture of a monster
sawfish off Panama. Some super-alarmist doubt
less will discover that its a Japanese fish sent
over to saw the Canal in two.
Clare Sheridan writes that Mussolini is ;frankly
contemptuous of a democracy. There have'.been
others, the Czar, for instances, and his cousin,
Wilhelm of Germany.
It is announced that "a nendinir steel nicrircr
will almost double the ingot- capacity of the
plants. Also it is expected to materially increase
the I-got capacity.
run 53
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Olticc at rnoenix, jrizona
VnvraihlT 4. 1922.
Vniirp i hprphv piven mat rs.oy
1. rnn,-.nr nf Prpcrnft Arizona, who.
oii July 29, 1921, made Homestead
irtrv- Vn (1.11151 fnr K'A. Section
28, Township 16-N, Range 3-W, G. &
S. R. u. & Meridian, nas niea noui-u
of intention to make Three Yecar
Prnn f tn pstnblisli claim to the land
above' described, before John Ashurst
Renoe, U. b. Commissioner at rres
cott, Arizona, on the 9th 5day of De
cember, , ,
rlilinnnt tminps ns wlthpSSCS! Will
iam S. Cooper, Manual Silva, Waldo
E. Bozarth, Orville Bozarth, all of
Prescott, Arizona,
(St W. First pub. Nov. 8, 1922)
The Journal-Miner job department
oroduces up-to-date commercial work
at shprt notice and at reasonable
m. HE IN
rnfnm.i i- C tViA Ttifor-tnr TTtiWnrl
States Land Office, November 13,
To Elzie L- McCann, of address un
known, Contestee:
You are hereby notified that
Dan A. Roten, who. gives Prescott,
Arizona as ms post-ottice auaress,
did on November 13, 1922, file in
this office his duly corroborated ap
plication to contest and secure fhc
cancellation of your Homestead,
Serial No. 046433, made June 24,
1071 fn T ntc 1? 1."? 14 IS Spptinn
29, 'Township' l'l-N, Range 6-W,
G. & b. K. .Meridian, and as grounds
fnr- hie pnntpst tip nllptTPS that VOU
have abandoned said land for more
than eleven months last past; that
your abandonment is and was not
tn vnnr pnnnprtinil with anv
branch of the military or naval
organization of the unitca states.
You are therefore, lurtner notincu
that thp snirl allprrntions will be
taken as confessed, and your said
entry will oe canceled wunoui iur-
ther right to be heard, either Detore
thie rffirp nr nil nnnpnl. if von fail
to file in this office within twenty
days after the FOURTH publication
of this notice, as shown below, your
qncurAr itnrlpr nnfh snprificnll v re
sponding to these allegations of con
test, together with due proot mat
you have served a copy of your
answer on the said contestant cither
in person of by registered mail.
You should state in your answer
the name of the post office to which
you desire future notices to be sent
to vou. .
JOHN R. TUWLti, Kegistcr.
SCOTT WHITE. Receiver.
(W.) First pub. Nov. 22,1922.
(W.) Second bub. Nov. 29. 1922.
tW Thir,1 null Tlpp. fi. 1922.
(W Fourth nub. Dec. 13. 1922.
030274 049132
npnnrtmpnt nf the Ulterior. U. S.
Land Office at Phoenix, Arizona.
November 4, 1922.
Vnfirp is herehv civen that Will
iam S. Conner, of Prescott. Arizona,
who, on 8-23-21 and 9-15-21, made
Homestead Entry, No. wioj
for SEtfNWJ. 5bW$. Sv
NE'i, Section 14, W section in,
Township 16-N., Range 3-W., G. &
S. R. B. & Meridian, has filed ndticc
of intention to make Three Year
establish claim to the land
above described, before John Ashurst
Renoe, U. S. Commissioner, at. Pres
cott, Arizona, on the yth cay ot ue
cember( 1922.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Manuel Silva, Roy Cooper, Waldo
Bozarth, John T. Cooper, all df
Prescoitt, Artzoha.
(5t W. First nub. Nov. 8. 1922)
Tn the Sunerior Court of Yavapai
County, State of Arizona.
Tn thp matter of the Estate of
Thomas Roach, Deceased. ,
Notice is hereby given that Kout.
E. Morrison has filed in this Court
niitmfnt niirnnrlinrr to he the
last will and testament of THOMAS
ROACH whom is is alleged is de
ceased, together with his petition for
the- probate thereof and for the issu
ance to him of letters testamentary
thorPi-iv anH that the same will be
heard on Friday, the 15th day of
December A. D. Vili, at ten o ciock
in the forenoon of said day, at the
murirnnm nf Division Two of said
Court, in Prescott, County of Yava
pai, State of Arizona, and an persons.
interested m said estate arc nouueu
hpii and there to annear and show
-Q11CP if a iiv thev have, whv the
prayer of said petitioner should not
e granted.
Dated November 22nd, 1922.
ov. 29. Dec. 0 and U
Pat Michael O'Brien is one Harp
who enjoys a good joke, even though
he is the central and ridiculous figure
of it.
Arrested at Scligman for sporting
a deputy sheriff's badge, he embark
ed on a career as a prisoner that is
fit only to be embalmed in the
vaudeville skits that Pat makes a liv
ing by writing. Now that he is out
of jail, and once more a free man,
he is negotiating with local theatrical
talent for the production of one of
his short comedies for the benefit of
the Red Cross.'
Eat was entertaining when he got
into this mess. He was the Sheriff
in the Shooting of Dan McGrcw. He
then became a prisoner. Being known
in Scligman, he was not locked in
the jail toith the "two thieves." He
was left in the unlocked office. Just
over the door of the jail room was
the key thereto.
In the course of the evening a
railroad officer came in and left his
six-shooter. "Don't leave that with
me," stated Mr. O'Brien. The of
ficer looked him over scornfully and
guesSed he could trust his .45 with
O'Brien, and walked out.
The two prisoners then began im
portuning O'Brien to let them out.
They pointed out that he would get
two years in jail and a fine of $5,000
for impersonating an officer, and he
might as well join with them, grab
the gun and take it on the run.
Coming down to Prescott, O'Brien
enjoyed the trip, as he told an inter
ested lady passenger, for his health.
He was not hand-cuffed as tbe other
two were.
Once in the jail, Pat saw the first
workings of the prison. He was tip
ped off by a former flying corps
man, a fellow aviator, who is serving
a term for white slavery, about this
kangaroo court, and when his time
came to be sentenced for brdakirig
into the jail, he cheerfully planked
down an order for his fine.
The cats were good, and Thanks
giving dinner was enlivened by a
general debate over the outlook for
Thomas Burge, whose jury was out
at that time.
Exercise in the county jail is taken
by means of the morning and after
noon walk. Around the table in the
tank 83 times is one mile, and the
prisoners, led by Frank LaGrange
and including as Pat says, "murder
ers, would-be murderers, white-
slavers, burglars and bootleggers,
take up the tramp and go wheeling
around the tank until "this Mick had
to join in or go bughouse."
When confronting the county at
torney with his story having been
in jail long enough to enjoy the ex
perience the prisoner was asked his
TIpnartlTlpnt r! flip Tllterifir. U. S.
Land Office at Phoenix, Arizona.
November 4, 1922.
that Manuel
" J ----
Silva, of Prescott, Anzonat who, on
Jrnuary 14, 1921, made Homestead
Entry, No. 045221, for E'ASE'A,
SWJ4SEJ4, SSWtf, Section 24.
Township 16-N., Range 3-W.. G. &
b. K. ii. cc Meridian, nas men noutc
of intention to make Three Year
Proof, to establish claim to the land
Tnlm Ashurst
Renoe, U. S. Commissioner, at Pres-
. rt.11 r T
cott, Arizona, on tnc ytn aay or De
cember, 1922.
Claimant names as witnesses: wiu
F. Cooocr. Tohn
T. Copper, Waldo E. Bozarth, all of
Prescott Arizona.
(5t W. First pub. Nov. 8, 1922)
Ex-service men in the city are re
sponding to the call to file appli
cants for vocational training before
the expiration of the time limit, De
cember 16, Martin Schriver, contact
officer in charge of the local veterans
bureau office, said yesterday. Appli
cations began to come in following
publication a few days ago of notice
of the expiration and efforts are be
ing made to see that all ex-service
men eligible for vocational training
are informed that after December 16
they will have no further right to
claim training.
The veterans' bureau is being ably
seconded in this by the three local
posts of ex-service men's organiza
tions, post commanders and adjutants
of which yesterday conferred with
Schriver and formed plans to locate
all eligible ex-service men in the dis
trict and caution them to file their
claims at once. Those attending the
conference were: Albert D. Akin,
commander, and W. J. Baker, vice
commander, of Ernest A. Love post
of the American Legion, Baker serv
ing in the absence of J. A. Renoe,
adjutant; I. A. Marcotte, commander,
and Harry Juliani, adjutant, of
Buckey O'Neill post of the Veterans
of Foreign Wars; and C. B. Stal
lings, adjutant of the local post, Dis
abled American Veterahs of the
World War. Post Commander
Schneider was not able to attend.
t nf tlip Interior. U. S.
Land Uitice at Jfiioemx, nnzoiiu,
nrptllhpr 4
Vnilrp is hprplw pK'qii that Tosc
Soto, of Prescott, Arizona, one of
and for the heirs ot Lconozsc aoto,
,.r,n nn Tlllv ?5 ' 4. lTiailC MOttlC
Vn n?;4Qn fnr KV.EVi
Section 14,' Township 16-N.. Range
3-W., G. & b. K. H. & jucriuian, nas
filed notice of intention to make
Thrpp Vpar Prnnf. tn establish .claim
trt Iln 1ni,1 ahnvp flpsrrilipil bpfnrC
John Ashlirst Renoe, U. b. Commis
sioner, at Prescott, Arizona, on tnc
yth day ol December, vj&i.
r"lni,ii-,nt ii n 111 p s as willipssps:
Manuel Silva, William S. Cooper,
Roy Cooper, Waldo E. Bozarth, all
of Prescott, Arizona.
(St W. First pub. Nov. 8, 1922)
Notice is hereby given by the un-
.! :.-,nA A rliii?ctrn tnr nf thp estate
UtlSIUVU M.w w.
of Helen Derrick, deceased, to the
creditors of, and all persons naving
claims against the said deceased, to
exhibit such claims, with the neces
sary vouchers, within four months
from and after the first publication of
this notice to the said Administrator
at No. 310 S. Mt. Vernon St., Pres
cott, Arizona, which said address the
undersigned Administrator selects as
his place of business in all matters
connected with said estate of Helen
Derrick, deceased.
Administrator of the Estate of
Helen Derrick, Deceased.
(5t-W. First pub. Nov. 8. 1922).
Prescott may anticipate a visit
early this month from Sir Gilbert
Parker, internationally known novel
ist, author and lecturer, whose books
have enthralled thousands of readers.
Local people yesterday were delight
ed by this news, in which especial
pleasure is being taken by many
Prescott men and women who made
Sir Gilbert's acquaintance and were
won by his genial spirit during his
previous visits to this city and coun
ty, the most recent of which was
four or five years ago.
Word of Sir Gilbert Parker's in
tended visit to Prescott was received
yesterday in a letter to T. G. Norfis,
in which the noted author of "Car
nac'S Folly," and a dozen other mas
terly novels of Canada, said he pro
posed to come early this month, and
in which he wished to be remember
ed cordially to his Prescott friends.
Mr. Norris wired a cordial reply, in
forming Sir Gilbert that his an
nouncement had been met with ex
pressions of the greatest pleasure,
and conveying the warm greetings of
his local friends.
While at the Yavapai club on the
occasion of his previous visit, Sir
Gilbert Parker became a great favor
ite of most of the business' and pro
fessional men of the city. "Sir Gil
bert visited the springs some years
ago, and was the favorite there,
everyone got to know him with such
ease," Mr. Norris said yesterday.
"He has never forgotten the friends
he made here, nor the peculiar charm
and climate of Yavapai and the state.
We shall all be heartily glad to see
him once more."
BUI . j
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It required all day Friday for the
selection of the jury that is to try
D. O. Dunn on a charge of attempt
ed bribery of a witness. Judge
Sweeney, who had listened to the in
terrogatories of the state and de
fense for some hours, and noted
repetition of questions, was moved to
remark that it had required unusually
long to arrive at the point where the
jury could be struck by the two
sides. He then announced that court
would open 'the next day an hour
earlier, so that this morning the case
will be resumed with the taking of
the first testimony at the hour of
8, which, in the opinion of some
court attaches should be classed as
"unearthly." '
The best always in Hie eating line.
Birch Cafe, St. Michael's. (adv)
ily, and never was "worked" by one.

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