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City News
In Brief
(From Thursday's Dallv)
From Humboldt
George Davis, well known resident
of Humboldt, drove to the city yes
terday for a short stay on business.
From the East
E. Moorhead of Minneapolis and
J. T. Kerrigan of St. Paul are pass
ing a few days in Prescott.
Goes on Hunt
Warren Stone of this city has gone
to Congress Junction to hunt quail
for a week.
Home .for Holidays
Miss Genevieve McNally is ex-
pected to arrive today from Tempe,
where she is attending the state nor
ma! school, to pass the Christmas
holidays with her parents, Dr. and
Mrs. J. B. McNally.
iiome tor Amas &
Paul Plummer has returned from
Tucson, where he is attending the
University of Arizona, to spend the
Christmas holidays at home.
From the University
Mary Ruth Payne arrived yester
day from Tucson, returning from the
University of Arizona, to be at home
during the Christmas holidays.
Back for Xmas
Joe McNally, who is in his fresh
.man year at the University of Ari
zona, is expected to arrive from Tuc
son today to pass Christmas at home,
In on Business
John T. Keegan, mining man who
is operating in the Walker district,
was in the city on business yester
Has New Car
H. G. Fansler, manager of the
Clarkdale and Jerome district for the
Prescott music store, has pjurchased
a new Buick roadster.
From the Coast
Charles F. Gilroy, traveling auditor
for the Santa Fe coast lines, is in the
city on business at the local office,
lie is accompanied by his wife.
In on Business
D. O. Saunders drove over from
Clarkdale yesterday to attend to
some business. Saunders is assistant
manager of the Clarkdale branch of
the Bank of Arizona.
Ranchers Here
H. A. Miller and Marion White,
ranchers of the Williamson valley,
drove to Prescott yesterday to at
tend to some legal business.
.Returns from South
C. U. Pickrell, county agricultural
agent, has returned from attending
the meeting of the livestock section
of the Arizona Industrial congress
at Phoenix.
Expected Today
Tony Johns was expected to re
turn last night or today from Phoe
nix, where he attended the annual
meeting of the Arizona Industrial
Back After Vacation
Mrs. L. B. Morsehead, deputy in
the county assessor's office, has re
turned from Phoenix, where she has
been enjoying a vacation during the
past week, visiting friends at the
Deputy Recorder
Miss Esther Swartz has been ap
pointed a deputy in the county re
corder's office, succeeding P. J..Mc
Nulty, who has accepted a position
with the Santa Fe at Wickenburg.
Returns to Jerome
Robert E. Tally, general manager
of the United Verde, yesterday re
turned to his home in Jerome, after
a short visit on his way back from
attending the annual meeting of the
Arizona Industrial congress at
Returns to South
Concluding a short stay in Hum
boldt, Dr. J. H. Heald of El Paso,
yesterday passed through Prescott
en route to Phoenix and Tucson.' Dr.
eHald is superintendent of the south
ern district of the Congregational
Comes to Office
Coming in from his home in the
Walnut Creel: district of the Pres
cott forest, Ed Oldham, ranger irt
charge of that district, will be here
for several days attending to some
detail work at the local forest serv
ice office.
Back from South
Returning last night from Phoenix,
Supervisors W. W. Midgley and L.
S. Colwell, and R. E. Donovan, clerk
of the board, have completed their
equipment and this morning will be
trip to the capital to purchase county
among those attending the meeting
of the Hassayampa road committee
of the chamber of commerce.
Attend Meeting
J. E. Wagner of Jerome and C. P.
Mullen of Hillside, members of the
county highway commission, are ex
pected to come to Prescott today to
attend the meeting of the chamber of
commerce committee which will con
sider effective means of helping to
bring about completion of the Has
sayampa road.
Expected Today
Joseph McCarthy, county highway
engineer, is expected to come to
Prescott today from his home in Je
rome to attend the chamber of com
merce committee meeting this morn
Back from South
R. E. Moore, chairman of the high
way commission, returned yesterday
from Phoenix, where he went on
business a day or two ago, and will
be in the city today to attend the
meeting of the Hassayampa road
committee oi the chamber ot com
Adjusts Insurance
Insurance adjustment of the recent
fire which destroyed the auditorium
of the Clarkdale High schpol, will be
made by K. W. Witchers of Phoenix,
who arrived in PrescotJ Tuesday and
left for Clarkdale yesterday.
(From FriOay's Dally)
Gees to Coast
R. H. Burmister, senior member
of tiie real estate firm of Burmister
& Hill, yesterday left for San Fran
cisco to pass the holidays with
Home for Holidays
Among those returning to pass the
Christmas holidays at home in Pres
cott are the Misses Mollie Merritt,
Vera Jackson and Mary Cromwell,
all of whom are attending the Uni
versity of Arizona.
Home for Christmas
Miss Louise Howard has returned
from Tucson to pass the Christmas
holidays at home. Miss Howard will
have as her guest during the Christ
mas teason, Aliss .uarjone ihrum.
who is also a student at the univer
From Swansea
Frank Hood, formerly in charge
or the Arizona rower company s
commissary department, is passing
day or two in Prescott from his
home at Swansea, where he is now
chief clerk of the Swansea mine for
the Southwest Metals comparer. The
Swansea is shipping some ore to the
smelter at Humboldt, Hood said yes
To Visit Parents
The' Misses Margaret Watson and
Dorothy Stuart returned yesterday
noon from Tucson to pass the
Christmas holidays at home.
Returns Sunday
T. G. Norris is expected to return
Sunday from Chicago, where he has
been recently on legal business.
To Visit Friends
The Misses Delia and Sue Moore
of Winslow are visiting friends in
Camp Verde.
Returns from University
Joe McNally, son of Dr. and Mrs,
J. B. McNally, yesterday returned
from the University of Arizona, to
pass the holidays at home.
Has Rheumatism
Deputy Sheriff Bill Fitzgerald yes
terday was confined at home, suffer
ing with rheumatism.
Holiday Vacation
Dixon Fagerberg, Jr., is home from
the Page Military Academy at Los
Angeles, to spend the holidays.
From the Junction
Mrs. A. O. Despain drove to Pres
cott yesterday from her home at Je
rome Junction, to pass the day in
Holiday Vacation
Mrs. Marie Vance Ryland of the
Ryland Piano Studo, left today for
a holiday vacation and will return to
Piescott the middle of January.
Returns from South
C. E. Gentry has returned from
Phoenix, where he attended a meet
ing of Arizona's county assessors
Goes to Phoenix
Ben Harmon, well known cattle
man of the Camp Wood country, is
passing a few days at the capital on
Express Business
W. S. Seidel, traveling auditor of
the American Express company, is
here on business at the local express
office, of which O. H. Tucker is
On Legal Business
Judge A. K. Lee, justice of the
peace at Humboldt, was in the city
yesterday on legal business.
Home for Holidays
Charles Suder, Jr., has returned
from Tucson, where he is attending
the University of Arizona, to spend
the holidays at home.
Home from Tempe
Miss Genevieve McNally has re
turned from Tempe to pass the
Christmas holidays with her parents,
Dr. and Mrs. J. B. McNally. Miss
McNally is attending the state nor
mal school.
Back from South
William Brown and Mike Larkin,
ex-service men of this city, have re
turned from Wickenburg, where they
have been staying recently.
From tho Verde
Driving over from their homes in
Camp Verde, Henry See and Mr. and
Mrs. II B. Cummings are making a
short visit to Prescott.
Leave for Holidays
Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Orthel and
their daughters, the Misses Margaret
and Katherine, plan to leave for
Phoenix today to pass the holidays
with Mrs. Orthel's sister.
Claim Business
A. C. McQueen, livestock claim
agent for the Santa Fe, is passing a
few days in the city on business for
the road.
Goes to Coast v
George Kingdon, general manager
of the United Vefde Extension, has
gone to Los Angeles on a business
trip. Mr. Kingdon's home is in
, Back from California
Richard Ebbs has returned from
California, where he has been passing
some time lately, and is again
Whipple Barracks.
Returns to Coast
Thomas H. Collins of the Calumet
& Arizona and the Verde Central
mining companies, yesterday left for
Pasadena after a stay of several days
in Prescott and at the mine, to join
his family in their winter home.
Inspects V. C.
Ed Collins, prominent mining en
gineer of Duluth, Minn., has arrived
to visit the Verde Central mine
Jerome. Going over the mine yes
terday, he will return today and leav
for his home in the cast.
From Clarkdale
R. K. Duffy and Grant Dunlap
came over from Clarkdale yesterday
to attend the meeting of the cham
ber of commerce's special committee
on the Hassayampa road.
From Jerome
R. E. Moore, chairman of th.
c unty highway commission, and H
DeWitt Smith, both of Jerome, were
among those at the meeting of the
Hassayampa roads committee of the
chamber of commerce yesterday.
From Ash Fork
Charles E. Burton, prominent
land owner and resident of Ash Fork
came do.wn from the main-line junc
tion yesterday to attend the roads
meeting at the chamber of commerce.
Home for Holidays
Among Prescott young folk who
have returned to pass the Christmas
holidays at home are Miss Anita
Weil, Miss. Jimmie Jackson, Max
and Earl Escher, Harold Block and
Ernest Born.
Goes to Flagstaff
Miss. Ethel Compton, who teaches
the county school at Bumblebee, was
in the city yesterday, on her way to
her home at Flagstaff, where she will
pass the Christmas holidays.
Here to Shop
Mr. and Mrs. W. Jeff Martin and
family came in to town yesterday
from their home at Canon, where
Mr. Martin is engaged in the mer
chandising business, to visit friends
and do some buying for Christmas,
From the North
rrank K. (joodman, state engi
neer-elect, was in tlje city yesterday
on his way to the capital from his
home in Flagstaff, to attend a meet
ing of the special roads committee
of the chamber of commerce.
Goes to Coast
M. B. Hazeltine, president of the
Yavapai County Savings bank, yes
terday left for California, to pass the
Christmas holidays with his family
driving over to the coast with his
sons, Jack and Sherman. Mrs. Hazel
tine left on the train for southern
California, where their other son,
Bcnsall, a student at Stanford, will
meet his parents.
Go to California
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Shea and Hey
ward Gibbes, Jr., have gone to Call
fornia. The Sheas will pass the holi
days with relatives in Fresno, while
Mr. Gibbes will visit in L'a Jolla.
(From. Saturdays Dally)
From the Junction
Carl Reese, well known rancher of
Jerome Junction, drove to Prescott
yesterday to do some buying.
Noted Singer Here
Helen Boyle Haworth, noted mezzo
soprano, arrived in 1'rescott last
evening, coming to appear with the
St. Nick's entertainers, at the Elks
theater tonight. She will be the guest
of Lester Ruffners during her short
Holiday Guest
Miss Bessie M. De Dell arrived yes
terday from Los Angeles to pass the
holidays in Prescott 39 the guest of
Mrs. M. L. Baldwin of Mt. Vernon
Sheepman Here
Fletcher Bly of the Yeager & Bly
sheep outfit whose ranges are in
the Bald Hill district to the south,
was in the city yesterday on business
at the forest service office.
South for Xmas
Mrs. Edward A. Kastner and her
daughter, Miss Betty, will spend the
Christmas holidays with Mrs. T. E.
Lett at Tucson.
Visits Daughter
Mrs. Ross of Kingman arrived yes
terday from the north to spend
Christmas with her daughter, Mrs.
L. J. Haselfeld, of Kirkland. She
was met in Prescott by Mr. and Mrs.
Haselfeld, who accompanied her to
In from Ranch
Granville Fain arrived in town
Thursday from the S. & H. ranch,
and is spending a few days here on
ranch business.
Buys Supplies
Driving in from his ranch near
Walnut Grove, S. A. D. Jackson
passed yesterday in town to buy
some supplies for the ranch.
On Shopping Trip
Mrs. W. H. Cordes drove in yes
terday from her home at Walnut
Creek, to do some Christmas market
From the North
Miss E. Eckel of Flagstaff is
among visitors in Prescott She ar
rived from the main-line Thursday,
registering at the Prescott hotel.
Returns from South
Chester Hoatson, foreman at the
Verde Central mine, has returned
from a short visit in the southern
part of the state.
Here cn Business
O. H. Mitchell came up from his
home in Phoenix Thursday and was
here yesterday to transact business.
Goes to Flagstaff
Miss Ethel M. Compton, who came
in to town Thursday from Bumble
bee, where she teaches the county
school, left yesterday for Flagstaff
to spend Christmas at home.
From the Coast
L. McKinnon and C. M. Larsen,
business men of Los Angeles, were
in the city yesterday, having arrived
from the coast on business Thurs
Here on Visit
Bill West, Yavapai cowboy, is
spending a few days in the city. He
came in on Thursday and is .staying
at the Prescott hotel.
In from Ranch
J. L. Sessions, son of Charles Ses
sions of Cherry Creek, is spending a
few days in Prescott to transact
some business.
Return from North
Rav Vvne and John Bowcn of
Vyne Brothers Electric company, re
turned' yesterday from Ash Fork,
where they have been working on
Vyne Brothers' contract to wire the
new school.
Does, Good Business
Wm. A. Davidson returned yester
day from Phoenix, where he went
several days ago to attend the Ari
zona industrial congress meeting.
While in Phoenix, Davidson reports,
he did a good business for the life
insurance company he represents.
Goes to Phoenix
Mrs. Walter Jones of the Arizona
Power company's office, has gone to
Phoenix for the Christmas holidays.
Xmas on Coast
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Peacock of
Tapco, where Mr. Peacock is in
charge of the Arizona Power com
pany's station, yesterday went to Los
Angeles to spend Christmas with
relatives and friends.
Xmas with Family
A. B. Colwell, well known mining
engineer of Jerome, was in the city
ye'sterday on his way to Los Angeles,
leaving on the afternoon train, to
spend Christmas with his family.
To Locate Here
G. H. Graves of Winslow has been
appointed assistant time-keeper at
the local Santa Fe office, and will re
sume his new duties on the first of
the year. Arriving in Prescott yes
terday, he has rented a house and
will move his family here.
Holiday Vacation
W. F. Staunton, president of the
Verde Central Mining company, was
n the city yesterday on his way
from the mine at Jerome, where he
has been for some time recently, to
Los Angeles, where he will spend
Christmas with his family.
Here on Business
F. A. Reid of the Reid-Cashion
Land & Cattle company, came to
Prescott Thursday to pass a day or
two in the city on business for the
company. While here he transacted
business at the forest service office,
Entertainers Arrive
Among the arrivals in Prescott on
yesterday mornings tram were Ala-
damoiselle Andrea, Victor Clibinsky,
Grace Vanskow, Princess Tewa, Al-
verda Mayee, all members of St.
Nick's entertainers, and their secre
tary. During their short stay in
Prescott they will be the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Ruffner.
Helps Fund
Through the courtesy of the Mer-
rit Transfer Company a special piano
will be moved to the Elks theater to
day to be used in the vaudeville and
concert numbers to be given at the
Elks theater this evening. "This
service we are glad to give as a
small help towards the Christmas
tree fund," said Mr. Merritt.
Injures Foot
While in the cast with his mother,
Mrs. F. W. Drydcn of Turkey
Creek, who has been undergoing
treatment at Mayo Brothers sani
tarium at Rochester, Minn., young
Charles Dryden accidentalljj shot
himself in the foot, it was learned
yesterday upon the return of Mrs.
Dryden and the boy. Fortunately,
the injury proved not to be serious.
Mrs. Dryden and Charles were met
here Thursday by Mr. Dryden, who
drove in from the ranch to take
them home.
Holiday at Home
A. F. Hunt, assistant superintend
ent of the Albuquerque division of
the Santa Fe coast lines, with juris
diction over the local line, yesterday
departed for his home at Burlingame,
near Se.ii Francisco, to spend Christ
mas with his family. Recently pro
moted to the Prescott supermtend
ency, Mr. Hunt plans to bring his
family to this city after the first of
the year.
Mining Man Here
rred Gronlund, mining man of
Venezia, passed yesterday in Prescott
on business.
Coast Attorney
1. C. Job, attorney of-Los Angeles,
in the city to attend to some legal
business. He arrivsd Thursday.
From Skull Valley
1. L. Morris, well known rancher
f Skull Valley, passed yesterday in
the city on business.
(From Sunday's Dally)
To Visit' Parents
Wallace B. Perry arrived yesterday
from his home in Phoenix, to 'spend
Christmas. with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles W. Perry. Mr. and
Mrs. Allan K. Perry will arrive to
day from Tempe for Christmas.
Goes to Winslow
Mrs. H. L. Haskell will leave for
Winslow today to spend Christmas
with Mr. Haskell, who was recently
transferred to the Winslow dis
patcher's office of the Santa Fe.
Install Officers
Frank G. Brown yesterday went to
Jerome to install officers of the Je
rome Royal Arch Masons. Mr,
Brown is high priest of the grand
chapter of Arizona, Royal Arch
Masons, and past grand master
the blue lodges in Arizona.
Goes to Jerome
County Treasurer Frank E. Smith
yesterday went over to Jerome on
official business.
Expected Today
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. McLane
are expected to arrive today from
Kingman, to pass Christmas here
with Mr. McLanc's parents, Judg
and Mrs. Charles II. McLane. Mr.
McLane is practicing law in King
man with Charles Herndon.
Home for Xmas
Miss Alma Tabler has arrived from
Red Rock, where she teaches the
county school, to spend Christmas
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas,
Tabler, of Summit street.
Humboldt Visitor
Robert White of the county high
way forces, came in from the road
camp near Humboldt yesterday.
From Mayer
Miss Alice Conant, who is teach
ing at he Mayer school, came to
Prescott yesterday to shop and visit
Mayer Visitor
Frank Wilson, proprietor of the
Mayer pool hall, was in the city yes
terday to transact some business,
From Kingman
Charles Herndon, well known at
torney of Kingman, has come dow:
to Prescott to spend the holidays
Here- for Holidays
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Metz, former
residents of Prescott, are at the St,
Michael for the holidays. They now
live at Kingman.
Home for Holidays
James Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs,
A. L. Smith, will arrive today from
Standford University, to pass Christ
mas at home.
From the Farms
Prof. L. N. George, principal o
the Prescott Farms school, spent th
afternoon in town yesterday on busi
ness, returning to his home yesterday
Goes to Phoenix
Miss Thclma Roberts today will
leave for Phoenix to spend Christ
mas with her father and mother, Mr.
and Mrs. George 'lumber. N
From Humboldt
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Nickerson
drove to the city yesterday and
passed the afternoon in town shop
ping and greeting friends.
From Humboldt
Charles P. Henry, purchasing agent
for the Humboldt smelter, passed
yesterday in town on Dusiness.
From Humboldt
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Colvocoresses
and Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Janssen
drove to the city yesterday from their
homes in Humboldt, to pass the
afternoon in town.
Goes to Coast
F. A. Hathaway, assistant cashier
of the Bank of Arizona, has gone to
California to spend Christmas with
Mrs. Hathaway and their two daugh
ters, who are in Long Beach.
From Jerome
C. M. Ewing, business man of Je
rome, drove over to Prescott yester
On Legal Business
A. G. Baker of Favour & Baker
yesterday drove to Camp Verde for
a short stay on legal business.
From the Est
Arriving from Virgilina, Va., Mrs.
W. H. Ellison is visiting in Prescott.
Goes to Phoenix
Perry Oliver has gone down to
Phoenix to spend Christmas.
South for Xmas
Miss Margaret E. Darrow is go
ing to Peoria to spend Christmas
with her family.
Miss Nancy Gibbes of Jerome was
a visitor in Prescott yesterday. She
drove over to visit friends here.
Here on Business
L. A. Kehr, chief clerk of the
United Verde Extension, drove over
from Jerome yesterday on business.
Back from North ,
Judge Lamson arrived yesterday,
returning from Flagstaff for Christ
mas. Judge Lamson has been hear
ing a case in the Coconino county
superior court.
Xmas in Phoenix
William Raab of the Bashford
Burmister company, went to Phoenix
yesterday to see the Utah-Arizona
football game. Mrs. Raab, who has
been visiting at the capital for the
past week, will return to Prescott
with him.
Returns to South
Frank F. Hood, chief clerk of the
Swansea mine, returned to Swansea
yesterday after passing two or three
days in Prescott
Kirkland Visitor
Wayne Thornburg, manager of the
Diamond Two outfit at Kirkland, was
among those who drove to Prescott
yesterday on business. s
Here for Xmas
Leslie C. Derrick is expected to ar
rive today for Christmas. Mr. Der
rick, who has been ill in Los An
geles recently, is reported to be
much better.
Xmas in Phoenix
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Mcany and
Mrs. W. A. Drake, Mrs. Meany's
mother, went to Phoenix yesterday
to jpend Christmas with Mr. and
Mrs. H. J. McClung. Mrs. MeClung
is Mrs. Drake's daughter.
Expected Today
T. G. Norris, who has been in
Chicago on business for some time,
is expected to arrive in Prescott to
day, returning home for Christmas.
From Jerome
Returns from Jerome
Harry Funk, who has been doing
the electrical work at the Jerome
High school for Vyne Brothers Elec
tric company, returned yesterday to
be at home for Christmas.
Returns Today
Harry Smith, who has been com
pleting electrical installations at the
new Winslow High school for Vyne
Brothers Electric company, will re
turn to Prescott today to spend
Christmas at home.
Delivers Truck
T. F. McLoughlin made a trip to
Humboldt yesterday to deliver a
three-ton International truck to M.
W. Brint. He was accompanied to
Prescott by L. W. Geiseke, general
inspector for the International Har
vester company, manufacturers of the
trucks which McLoughlin handles.
From Jerome
Frost L. Benham, ' manager of the
Upper Verde Public Utilities com
pany in Jerome, was in Prescott yes
terday on his way to Phoenix, leav
ing for the capital on the afternoon
(Fom VTedrieSQays Dally)
Back from Game
Julian B. Downey, Jr., returned yes
terday from Phoenix, where he went
to see Arizona take the large end o
the Christmas football score away
from the Utah Aggies
Xmas at Homo
Kenyon Trengrove, who ts studying
civil engineering at the University o
Southern California, is among Pres
cott young people who are spending
Christmas at home, arriving last week
to be with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
S. R. Trengrove, during the holidays,
Return to North
After passing the Christmas, holi
days here w'ith her parents, Captain
and Mrs. Henderson of Mayer, Miss
Catherine Henderson, who is with the
Western Union office at Williams, re
turned there yesterday.
Returns from Phoenix
Miss Thelma Roberts returned yes
terday from the capital, where she
passed Christmas with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Tumber.
Visit Parents
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Walker
drove over from Jerome to spend
Christmas with Mr. Walker's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Walker. .
Returns to South
Wallace Perry, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles W. Perry of this city, yester
day returned to his home in Phoenix,
where he is engaged in the insurance
business, after passing Christmas with
his parents.
Opens Phoenix Shop
Mrs. Jane Cotton of the Marinello
Shop planned to leave for Phoenix
last night to open the firm's new
branch shop in the physicians' build
ing there shortly after the first of the
Drive to Humboldt
Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Trengrove and
their sons and Mrs. A. B. Fox yester
day drove to Humbjudt, where Mrs. J
Fox will visit her son-in-law and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Nicker
son, the Trengoves going on to the
ron King mine, south of Humboldt.
Returns to Home
Charles W. McLane, son of Judge
nd Mrs. Charles H. McLane, will re
turn to his home in Kingman today
after passing Christmas in Prescott.
Mrs. C. W. McLane, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Robert McMurchie, will re
main here until the first of the year.
Jerome Visitor
Harry Parker, manager of the Je
rome hotel, made a short business
visit to Prescott yesterday.
Go to Ranch
Leaving the city yesterday after
noon, Mr. and Mrs. Logan Morris
have gone out to their ranch near
Returns from South
Mrs. D. O. Fort, proprietor of the
Fort Shop, located in the Congress
hotel building, has returned from
Xmas in Prescott
A. C. Young came in from his ranch
Skull valley Monday to spend
Christmas with his family in Prescott.
Home for Holidays
Miss Vera Voge, who is studying
at the University of California, is
spending the holidays with her
mother, Mrs. Anna Voge, of Grove
Return to South
Miss Minnie Seaman and Hess Sea
man have returned to the capital after
passing Christmas with their mother,
Mrs. Minnie Seaman of this city.
Goes to Phoenix.
Superintendent George Shea of the
Pioneers' Home, has gone to Phoenix
for a short stay on official business.
Vacation at Home
Bud Sweeney i? spending the Christ
mas holidays at home, having come
over the latter part of last week from
Los Angeles. He will be here the
rest of this week.
Home' for Xmas
T. G. Norris reached Prescott Mon
day, returning frpm Chicago to spend
Christmas with his family. Mr. Nor
ris has been in the east on legal busi
ness recently.
Returns from South
Miss Margaret E. Darrow of the
Norris & Norris law offices, has re
turned from spending the holidays in
On Highway Work
Chairman Robert E. Moore of the
highway commission and County En
gineer Joseph McCarthy drove over
from Jerome yesterday on official
Mayer Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. John Peel, accompan
ied by Mrs. Peel's sister, came over to
Prescott yesterday from their home
in Humboldt.
From Jerome
Mrs. H. B. Wooldridge, formerly
court reporter for the superior court,
drove to Prescott yesterday from her
home in Jerome.
Goes to Phoenix
Miss Grace Sparkes, secretary of
the chamber of commerce, has gone
to Phoenix for a few days.
Goes to Mayer
Robert McMurchie, county-attorney-elect,
yesterday afternoon drove
to Mayer on legal business.
From Jerome
Norman Wykoff, well known Je
rome attorney, drove over from the
Verde side to spend Christmas with
his family, who are living in Prescott
On Legal Business
Perry Ling .drove over from Jerome
yesterday to transact legal business.
Visit Parent?
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Robinson, Jr.,
passed Christmas at the home of Mrs.
Robinson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.
C. Walters, south of Mayer.
Xmas in Phoenix
Harry Harter, local Santa Fe freight
agent, has returned from Phoenix.
where he spent Christmas with his
brother, John Harter, and saw the
Arizona-Utah football game.
From the Capital
Miss Mary Pettiv and her brother,
M. J. Pettiv, Jr., are visiting in Pres
cott during the holidays as the guests
of Dr. and Mrs. J. B. McNally. Miss
Pettiv is a graduate of St Joseph's
Returns from South
Herndon J. Norris returned yester
day from Tucson, where he and Mrs.
Norris passed Christmas with Mrs.
Norris' father, Lee Cruice. He made
the trip by automobile.
Here for Xmas
Hugh O. Morrison, state examiner,
and John Morrison, deputy assessor
of Coconino county, are in the city to
spend Christmas with their brother,
Robert E. Morrison, and family.
Xmas at Mayer
Dr. and Mrs. R. N. Lopney and
their young daughter, Marjorie Belle,
passed Christmas with Mrs. Looney's
mother, Mrs. Joe Mayer, of Mayer.
Returns to Jerome
John McNally, who is managing the
Connor hotel in Jerome temporarily,
returned there yesterday after speed
ing Christmas in Prescott with his
parents. Dr. and Mrs. J. B. McNally.
Return to Home
Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson, who
have been spending Christmas with
Mrs. Wilson's father, Judge E. W.
Wells, have returned to their home in
San' Francisco.
From Out of Town
Among out-of-town visitors in Pres
cott on Christmas were Aubrey Gist
of Skull Valley, Alfred Stapp of Skull
Valley and Mr. and Mrs. .Lee Stayner
of Venezia.
Xmas at Home
Ed Oldham, Prescott forest ranger
in charge of the Walnut Creek dis
trict, who has been preparing his dis
trict report in the local forest service
office, returned to his home for
Christmas. He will be back in Pres
cott this week.
Back for Xmas
Eli Stauffer, former local Santa Fe
chief electrician, who was recently
promoted to chief lineman of the
Santa Fe coast lines, passed Christ
mas with his family in Prescott.
Expected Today
M. B. Hazeltine, . president of the
Yavapai County Saxiigs bank, is ex
pected to return -today from Los An
geles, where he passed Christmas with
Mrs. Hazeltine and their family. He
is making the trip overland.

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