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Tlirk.sDAV, ALL U.ST 17, I.S93.
Webster Treat of Davisville Califor
nia, an authority on almond culture,
lias rontrlhuted the following to the
Woodland Mail:
'This year from 1M California paper
'shell almond trees (five years old)
'covering two and five-sevenths acres,
"L gathered :i,.02 pound of nuts, that
".sold in Chicago at twenty-two cents
"er pound. This l.'H.2 to the acre
llttleovcr4tothe trc -eighteen
"poundg to the. tree. AVl.cn th'-HCMiine
"trees wcr four year old thf.v aver
"nged ahoilt three pounds, and at eight
"yoars they will double what they bore
"at five. They will at eight years bear
"fully forty jxMimUtothe tree without
"the least exert Ion. This at seventy
"trees to the acre, and reckoning nt
"twenty-two cents to the pound, Is
"1,540.00 per acre, Now these are
"nothing but plain, bare, raw facts.
"Almond trees live and do well for
"fifty years, and in some place- in
. "Europe when fifteen years old In-ar
"from l".0 to 2o) pounds per tree."
The same results attained intbecul
tureof almonds by Mr. Treat, can be
reached in Stmt hern Arizona. Devoted
to the culture of Almonds a very small
acreage would yield a handsome reve
nue. What better Investment ran ho
made than In a five or ten acre tract
in the Arizola colony planted in this
valuable tree? What hils been done at
i)avlvlllf! may easily be repeated here.
Lund that can be bought at pr ices at
which the colony tracts are selling
that possesses such a splendid product
Ivc : capacity is surely a gilt edged in
vestment. At the figures quoted, in
the fiftli year ten acres will yield a
gms revenue of more than M.onn. and
deducting freight and other exjienses
the net return will very near equal
that sum; while at eight years the net
revenue from the same ten acres will
bo close to Sl.",Oi)o.O!). What Ix'tter
chance to acquire a competence can a
man of limited income, expect than
by investing his savings on the iu-tal-ment
plan in a five or ten acre t ract in
the Arlzola colony, and have it planted
In almond) and cared for by the com
pany? lly the time the lat payment
Is made the- fortunate Investor will
have a home and a handsome property
which will yield a comfortable living
with very little care and attention:
with an assured annual Increase that
In a few years will make the reveoue
almost princely.
Such investment can be made with
out fear of any aiaterial change in the
value, of the product as the years pass.
In other words there is no reason to
apprehend a reduction in profits from
overproduction. That subject was
thoroughly ventilated in a recent arti
cle In the Arizona Magazine, copied by
Tiik Oasis. The writer had called on
many dealers in nuts in eastern cities,
and had corresponded with inqMirters
In Boston, TS'evt York and Philadel
phia, Invariably leveling his inquiries
upon the single question, involved,
lie found all agreed that there is a very
large and rapidly increasing demand
for almonds to satisfy which will re-j
quire the product of many thousand
acres. It is doubtful whether there
is enough land that will produce the
almond to satisfy the growing demand
and shut olT foreign iniportat ion. in
this light it is a self evident proposi
tion that the. far-sighted planter
of an almond orchard plants for
lasting profit and permanent prosper
ity. Anyone looking for proposit ions
of that kind will lind plenty of 1 hem
right here at Ari.ola. Con e and take
advantage of one of them. II is l he
greatest chance of the muttcA nth century.
('illicit from rvliH!ii:c.
Prc-rutt has a new tire alarm.
After September 1st it will be law
ful to kill d'-er.
The Indebtedness of Yavapai Co.
foot s up f PiC.ooO.
The territorial! assessment this year
foots up ? 27,000,000.
Tucson business men w ill tight the
new license law in t he courts.
A school district is to be- established
in the Supcrsi it ion mining district.
More prospectors are looking for gold
in Northwest Ari.onathaneverbefore.
Seven cases of typhus fever are re
jiorted in the Fort Whipple harricks.
Two hundred acres of beans are
growing on the JIart ranehe, near
Since the rains flies by day and mos
quitoes by night make Willcox folks
The roads just below Solomonville
are pronounced the worst this side of
Monday the Tucson .Sampler han
dled and bought nineteen tons of sil
ver lead ores.
Work In the Southern Pacific shops
at Tucson has leen reduced to four
days per week.
Thursday night of last week Consta
ble Fellows of Tempe was severely
bitten by a dog.
Fifty thousand dollar ore has been
struck In the (iraut group of mines,
near Arivaca.
In the Salt River Valley barley is
selling fit f. cents per cwt. cheaper
than than ever before.
Since the recent rains placer mining
in the vicinity of Creatcrville, Pima
county, Is increasing.
The stockmen of southeastern Ari
zona met at Willcox yesterday to ar
range for a general round up.
The new hoisting works on the
Mammoth mine, in the Superstition
district, started up last week.
Suflicient water is running in the
Little Colorado to irrigate half of
Apache county, if it were stored.
The Colorado Steam Navigation Co.
Is arranging to build a new steamlxiat
to ply between Yuma and Picacho.
The Southern Pacific pay car has
started from Sau Francisco and is ex
pected through Arizona next week
lion. .1. It. CamplMdl of Prcscott,
has been appointed a member of the
territorial live stock sanitary commis
sion. Colorado parties have bought the
Whipsaw mine, on Castle Creek, and
it is about to start up. Jt is a pro
.1. O. (fodin of Willcox, was seri
ously if not fatally injured, one day
last week, by a tricky horse he Avas
On September 4th bids are to be con
sidered by the proper IT. S. engineer
otlicials forconstruction of a new levee
at Yuma.
There are twenty-three greyhounds
in a pack kept at the Bartlett farm,
in the Salt River Valley, to keep down
the rabbits.
Burglars are operating in t lie vicin
ity of Phteuix. Sunday they stole a
valuable shot un from the residence
of Mr: Ilackelt.
An attempt to obtain artesian water
is to be made at Kingman. It is be
lieved a flow will be reached at a depth
of about .'100 feet.
tyimv than one hundred Colorado
miners are reported to have recently
found employment in t he Rig Bug dis
trict, near Present t.
Traveling in Apache county is re
ported unsafe, the rains frequently
and suddenly converting dry arroya;
;. f. SMITH.
lit:V .V KiWK!.
5: -'"; I; V-'ir'V';.;
c i f ' ' .' ;,;.' :;,t;;J-;'(;tf:li,'..j
Am -
r K M IJ J li OT C L..
TTTTff7FT--t t,"?T7rrmriii
The Nursery is located three miles from San Bernardino, in the north-east
corner of t he Ilialto tract. A sandy loam soil Prod nces line roots.
Largest Stock in Southern California.
V-r Kce 1 C very tiling Ititscl t;c I .
We will pack in moss and guarantee safe arrival. Correspondence solicited.
Catalogue and prices furnished free.
X. H. Wp do a Keiicriil Xurscry ami llorlleultural tmslnes, ami wtl! contrtft to plant largo
trai'ls, a ml iruarunU.H nil work, trees, cti.-.
IJcfpicnccs: Jl'irst National Hank, Doctor J. M. Hurley, V. X. C'rftndall, fan Uortmrdtno,
California; t'. I-tJiaron, Arl)la, Aiiina.
TnifirMir: tcrt.
(nnlial stock
Successors to
.MORK1S ii Jl.sKV.
San llcriiiiriliiKi. Calif.
Mteman s
Full Circle
Walter A. Wood s
Steel Mowers,
Su-llsz v Knkess.
jnto impassable i"trtam..

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