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town tt c u4'r"v.
Doctor W. T. Uarry is expected to
come from Florence today.
They say t hat Stevens eats tauiales
without shucking thorn.
Mr. Frank Iliggins, of Otis, was a
Tisitor at Ari.ola lust Friday.
Last week Mr. (J. K. Angulo of Casa
Grande, was a visitor at Florence.
Last week Mr. John Re is was up
from Gold Camp, visiting Casa Graude
and Florence.
The Oasis folks are under many ob
ligations to Simon Wtst for a supply
of fine watermelons.
Hay for sale. In ten and twc-ty
ton lots. Apply to Mr. Calvert AVil
on Arizola.
Yesterday Mr. C. S. Lcliaron and
Reverend H. A. Thompson went to
Florence together.
Mr. George Morse has laid Tiik Oa
sis under obligations for favors shown
during the past week.
Mrs. S. R. Cooley of Ari.ola, went
to Florence last week for a short visit.
She returned Monday.
Mr. W. H. McQueen is doing con
siderable improvement work on his
homestead near Arizola.
Step are being taken looking to
ward the institution of a lodge of
Good Templars t Ari.ola.
Union Sabbat h Sclux.l every Sunday
morning at 10 o'clock, at Casa Grande.
Everyone cordially invited.
Take note of the change in the ad
vertisement of Mr. Albert Grover, the
pioneer merchant of Ari.ola.
Judge C. M. Marshall' and Mr.
Rrown, of Casa Grande, were callers
on Thk Oasis Friday of last week.
Lust Friday evening Mr. G. E. An
gulo, of Casa Grande, treated Thk
Oahis force to a liberal supply of ta
luales. Thursday night of last week Mr.
and Mrs. C. K. Perkins, of Florence,
returned from Tucson, and Friday
morning went home.
Visitors at Tucson should patron
ize the Aldridge Hotel, a well-kept
house, (American plan), rooms all
newly furnished and table the best.
Mr. IlarlKjur is clearing some eighty
acres on the liogart & De Golyer
ranche, west of Arizola, w hich will be
planted in alfalfa the coining season.
Mr. W. L. Herbert is building a
house and putting other improve
ments on his homestead mar Lieu
tenant Brjan's place northeast of Ar
izola. Mrs. McKenr.ie, who formerly kept
hotel at Casa Grande, was reported at
Tucson but week, negotiating for a
place in which to open a lodging
Last Sabbath Reverend Thompson
announced that he had made definite
1 rrangements by which he will bo at
Arizola and hold services regularly
tiie second and fourth Sundays in
ea"h month.
Judge C. M. Marshall has cleared
about forty acres of land on his home
stead a mile northwest of Arizola, and
contemplates planting an almond or
chard there.
Last week Doctor Thos. F. Suleeba,
a graduate of the Rush Medical col
lego at Chicago, arrived at Florence,
where he w ill remain m) assistant to
Doctor W. T. Harry.
On and after this date all credit for
meat will be refused, and settlement
of all outstanding accounts i request
ed. G. E. Amu i.r.
Casa Gustpa,- OffrWr lt, lM.
A Corral aad I.l?r Stable at Arliola.
Tuesday a contract was closed by
which Mr. Felix Mayhew will estab
lish at Ari.ola a corral and livery sta
ble. Work will at once be commenced
on the necessary buildings, and stock
and vehicles put in - right away. Ry
this enterprising move Mr. Mayhew is
meeting a long felt and rapidly grow
ing want that will yield him a hand
some and very profitable business.
Numerous parties wanting convey
ances have been at Arizola, and all
the winter such parties will be very
frequent. It is the intention of Mr.
Mayhew to make a specialty of serving
travelers between the railroad and
Florence. Hy coming to Arizola all
going to the county seat will find a
first-class hotel at which to stop, and
Mr. Mayhew will convey them to their
destination over a shorter and better
road, on quicker time, and just as
cheap or a little cheaper thau the reg
ular stage will do it. Parties desiring
to go to the southern mines will also
find it advantageous to come to Arizola
and take conveyances. Those coming
with their own conveyances will find
ample stable accommodations and good
feed. Excursion parties to the Casa
Grande ruins, Cuajate (the Indian vil
lage) and the Pima Agency at Sacaton,
will receive special attention.
On and after October 1st all credit
for goods will be refused except on
good security. All owing are requested
to settle their accounts.
A. Grovbr.
A rizola, September 13j3.
The Florence Tribune says Colonel
Robert Williams has engaged the Col
lingwood building, immediately across
the street from the recently burned
Florence Hotel, and will remove all
his furniture into it, and is fitting it
up to continue the hotel business
therein. A new bar and fixtures
have been ordered, and very shortly
everything will be in order and the
wants of the public receive every at
tention as of yore. The public are
to be congratulated upon Colonel "Wil
liams' determination to remain in the
hotel business at Florence, and his
promptness in again starting.
Mr. J. L. Stowe has laid The Oasis
under many obligations by sending in
a copy of the paper of August 31st.
It was wanted for the territorial li
brary, to complete the file that is
kept there. Librarian Bruce writes
that he has had bound all the Ari
zona newspapers on file there up to
July 1st, making 140 bound volumes.
Those subsequent to that date will be
bound separately.
Thursday of last week Mr. John T.
Newman, of Batesvillc the new rain
ing district on the Gila, above River
sidevisited Tempe where he depos
ited with a bank a six-pound bar of
gold bullion from the Rates mine
This mine is turning out a fine pro
ducer. Mr. Newman is preparing to
double the capacity of his mill.
Those intending to plant trees in
any quantity should write to Frank
M. Hammon, at Phtrnix, for prices on
tree,. Ho is special agent for the
well-known and reliable Alexander &
Hanimou's Rio Ronito Nurseries, of
Riggs, Rutte Co., Cal.
Mr. Elwood Hadley has growing on
the Pogue place several tree tomato
vines that are laden with the delicious
vegetable-fruit just ripening. They
are seeral feet in height :ind are
well culled "the tree tomato.'1
Doctor C. II. Jones, of Tempe, is a
distinguished marksman of the ter
ritorial militia, and at Florence the
other day, he had a little shoot with
the boys of Company "E," beating
them all.
Next Sunday cveniiig Colonel Geo.
A. Mwuk goes to Yuma as a witness in
trial. H will return t AHHan
Tuesday niht.
To sll 100 or 150 fat steers and
cows. For particulars, inquire of
Casa Grande, A. T.
Sunday of last week Messrs C. R
At wood, of Tempe, afld Fletcher M.
Ioane, of Aztec, were visitors at Ar
izola. Mr. At wood has a land claim
in the vicinity he came to look over,
and Mr. Poanc came to spy out the
country. They were chaperoned by
General T. F. Wilson. Monday Mr.
At wood went to Tucson to make an
nual proof on his desert claim, Messrs
G. W. and George Saunders going
along as witnesses. Mr. Ioane re
mained here several days.
Last Saturday Mr. W. E. Guild, of
Florence, was prostrated by a severe
attack of typhoid fever, and his son,
who is in attendance at territorial
normal school at Tempe, was
telegraphed to come home. Doctor
C. II. Jones, of Tempe, was also sum
moned to prescribe. Sunday Doctor
Jonee returned to Tempe, leaving his
patient better, but was again called
to his bedside Monday by another tel
egram. Attention is called to the advertise
ment, in another column, of R. E.
Farrington, of the I'hnenix Pioneer
Nurseries. Mr. Farriogton offers a
great variety of Arizona grown fruit
stock, especially adapted to t his cli
mate. Those intending to plant trees
will do well to send for his catalogue
and consult with him about varieties
to plant and methods in planting.
The mill proposition at Arizola is
beginning to assume form, and it is
very likely that the next issue of Tiie
Oasis will announce that all prelimin
aries have been arranged and construc
tion work in course of preparation. It
is now definitely known that the par
ties who contemplate erecting the mill
will visit Arizola early next week for
the purpose of closing the deal.
In the probate court at Florence
last week, a motion was made for ap
pointment of P. R. Rrady as adminis
trator of the Walker estate. The
Tempe News states the motion was
granted the statement being on the
authority of the attorneys making
the motion.
Mrs. C. M. Marshall, of Casa Grande,
is expected home from California
shortly. Her daughters will prob
ably remain, as they are both in lu
crative employment, Miss Bessie as a
teacher, and Miss Minnie as book
keeper and cashier in abusiness house.
The Novelty Manufacturing Co. of
Los Angeless, makes a patent tree pro
tector that is just the thing to shelter
young and growing trees from the sun
and depredation by rabbjts and other
animals. An illustrated advertise
ment will shortly appear in TnE Oasis.
Monday of the present week Mr. F.
II. Harbour returied from a two
months' visit at the World's Fair,
and his old home in Michigan. He
had a very pleasant trip and returns
to Arizona well rested and prepared
for another season's work.
Information received yesterday con
veys the intelligence that the Weather
Bureau at Washington has established
a station at Arizola with The Oasis
editor as observer. The Instruments
will arrive this week and the service
begins November 1st.
Monday Mr. H. R. PeNure, road
master, and Mr. Albert G rover went
up the new road from Arizola to Flor
ence, to take accotnt of the work to
be done to put it in good order, which
will be done right away.
The ton of paper for Tm: CHsis ar
rived last Saturday, and the office has
a good supply sufficient to last three
or four months.
Who At mid ip tli ninil il tle
reV.iYp.ii' 5
An active and responsible organize
for the order of the Kxiuim r tmb
Goi.rKN Citoss. Liberal commission
to the right man. Address 729, Hat
nlng Street. Los Angeles, Cal.
('apt. M. M. Chas.
Grand Secretary.
Tuesday a very pleasant party of
Arizola and Casa Grande people went
to the reservoir for a day's outing.
There were Reverend II. A. Thomp
son. Miss Maggie Megson, Mr. W. L.
Herbert and Miss Julia Stoddard
Thomas. They took guns, ammuni
tion and fishing tackle, and made the
feathery wanderers of the air and the.
finny denizens of the deep suffer
greatly. They returned at evening
well pleased with the day's outing.
fruit sod Ornamental Tree,
On Stock that It Perfectly
Vcl n jitwt 1 to t)"fw Glirvtaat
If You Wa
Pcnohi ) Aprloot.01
Chlneae UtvilrcUi
Trees it will pay you to to sco, ai I l.ave a fine
lot andCleveland Is forcing roe to
sell at a sacrifice.
Send for Free Catalogue.
R. LF1RRHGT0X, Proprietor,
fhirnix Pioneer Nurseries.
Pomona, Los Angeles Co., California.
"Olive Cnlture In California" mailed free
any address.
New Method of Propagating Olive Trwae.
The Age to TranipfaDV.
Time to Transplant.
How Far Apart to Plan,
Climate. Tveee.
Sire. Longevity and Produrtlvee.es of Oli
, Irrigation.
OUt Trees for Avenue.
Insect Pent. . .
olive Oil. Produced and Importes.
The Quantity of Domestic and Foreign Oii
Yield of Oil of Different Vrlelea.
I' sos of Olive Oil.
Pickled OlWe.
Methods of Pickling Olive.
Varieties. ... ,
Characteristic of Three Leading Varii
Returns Received from OIIto Tree.
The Outlook for the Industry onlhla CossS
800 Acre.
Incorporated IS
Calilornia Nursery Co.
Of Mist, Ald eouaty, Cellforale.
Mesa, - . - Arizona,
1,. C. HKNNETi Omn. A-m'
The only 5urery carrying a complete soe t
Fruit and Ornamental Tree,
Shrubbery and Bosa.
We permit no com petition In prlcesor qualltw
of our stock. Prices aud Catalogue om f u-catloBatthlsenice.
(Established li
Olive Treesa Specialty
I.tlirw Av Konwr
i Vile Jierb of p m! Brjrca.
Of.eein iie r"lrt H,"trI Bank ' Builiiae,

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