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The oasis. [volume] (Arizola, Ariz.) 1893-1920, October 26, 1893, Image 6

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THl'KSI'.W, PCTonKR 6. 1S03.
ICu'-Ied frota Kxch.uicc.'
A riuuitaiMitia circle is to be organ
ized at Flagstaff.
Machinery fr an electric lighting
jilant !,a nrrivei! at Tresei'tt.
Clupjiarral jrule!:. near l'recott, is
-i(Klueing ?ol! very lia.iiso!:ieiy.
A eaiinad of ere from the McCabe
mine was shipped from Treseol t last
The Sonoita canyon, near Nogale.
is reputed t be haunted by a genuine
! A party of scvci government sin-
veyors h;:s recently been in the rieinli
j borhid f the Ir.iC"ii nio'int ains.
in Cochise eo'inty. Inciting township
! lines.
! Last week James Meliiernay. ex
I superintendent of 1 lie territorial peni
tentiary, was indiet t-d'hy the Ynma
: eoiiniy grand jury. Ili trial will be
gin next Monday.
Last Sunday a prisoner escaped from
the penitenfiary at Yuma, swimming
the river. In twenty minutes lie was
returned by wuiic Indians on the look
out for the standing reward of
Hart & Campbell of Apache county
havt sold a lot of beef steers to be de
livered at Mngdalena. New Mexico.
and their range foreman is now driv
ing the herd across the country for delivery.
The heaviest rains fr Arizona dur-
Judge Rouse ha ordend a term of j jM,r the 11n.nl h of September occurcd
court in (iila county, to lx-gin Monday, i ;,t lYn t C.rant. which last year was
. The young ladies of Tempeare mak
ing rapid progress with the brass band
and they play very well.
The corn crop in the vicinity of Sol
onionville is this year one of the best
the best ever produced.
(ieorge Emmet of Mesa has refused
an offer of $s.Cxm for a mining claim
in the Superstition mountains.
Last Saturday the president sent to
the senate the nomination of Charles
1 GrotT for postmaster at Tucson.
Fourteen licensed gambling games
are now running in Yuma, contribut
ing f42(l monthly to the school fund.
At Flagstaff tlm Arizona Timber &
Lumber Co. is Ailing a large order for
fruit boxes for a California tinn. ship
ping ten carloads of box material each
Several men are reported placer min
ing on Snow creek, a few inilen west of
I'reseoU, making from :t to 4 per day
.lack Eberly, a sporting man well
favorably known at Tombstone, died
of consumption at Los Angeles a short
time since.
Luke& Kirkland of rim nix have
shipped two carloads of high grade
silver ore from their mine up the I Hack
Canyon road.
At I'ho'iiix last Friday J. L. Mahard
wai bound over to await the .-esiou j
of tie grand jury for selling wine to
the Indians.
Nogalrs lias more secret societies
than any other town in the territory
and hs than three. years ago there
was but one.
There is on exhibition at Major Ev
ans' otlice at I'lio-nix. a pomegranate
weighing -U ounces-one of the larg
est on record.
Monday of lat week A rick Freder
icks of l'i'e cott. reeeived a painful
wound in Ins hand while cutting open
a coal oil can.
The young man wanted at Willcox
for seduction, Edwin S. I'.ooth. was
hanged in etligy at that place, Tues
day of last week.
A few days ago a Mexican shepherd
in the employ of George Stone in I'inia
county, skipped across the line with
1,000 head of sheep.
It is estimated that no less than "oo
to tjOO tons of wild hay have been cut
this; season within a radius of tight or
nine miles of Flag-4alT.
Friday last at Hog Ranche, in the
vicinity of Fort Huadiuea. a negro
soldier named 'West was'diot and Mlled
by a comrade named Robinson.
At l'liu-iiix. la-t Saturday, Lee Rine
was shot and killed by Lee liurt.ou.
The two had been pai l ners in business,
and had dil'ileulty ovm" old scores.
At Flagstaff Walter Me Bride has on
exhibition in his shoe shop a twclre
pound turnip which w-as raised on his
place sijLt niik-s. south of that town.
near being abandoned for lack of wa
ter. During the month :i.s. inches
fell there.
The Willcox Stockman says dudes
and mashers will receive cold treat
ment in that burg, if they attempt to
press their attentions. The general
opinion is that the safety line is not
The counterfeit five dollar pieces
reported in circulation at Frescot t are
now said to be genuine, but have been
suViected to the "sweating" process
and arc cracked, ennseiiuently are
without the proper ring.
The product of two furnaces at
Globe is now alxiiit sixteen tons of
copper per day. The cal.de tramway
delivers about JJo tons of ore and
twenty-live tons of lime a day. and
has a daily capacity of about 2"i0 tons
The senate has passed the house bill
to mspend for t he year l't the law
requiring loo worth of labor to be
expended or improvements made on
each mining claim, with an amend:
merit excluding corporations from its
Excavation has commenced for con
struction of the immense dredger,
that is to take out the new heading
of the Mesa canal. The
excavation is to be 2oo jards in length,
fifteen feet, deep and eighty feet- wide
on t In- top and tifty on 1 he bottom.
At Flagstaff Charles . I. Rabbit, had
a large trunk stolen from the back
porch of his 'residence one night la.-!,
week. The contents were clothing
and silverware valued at about tJoo.Oo.
Two men must have participated in
the theft, as the trunk, wa.i too lieavv !
for one to carry. No traced the tyold
thieves has been discovered.
The Mohave Miner reports 4 ti;it
t here is st rong talk of extending t he
Ctah Sout hern railroad so a connec
tion wit h the l'rescott Arizona Cen
tral road, and then In the Southern
Pacific, by connection with the Mari
copa v. L'hivnix road. Such extemion
would open up a splendid region in
Mohave county for about loo miles.
Cattle men who last, year pastured
thousands of cattle in the great val
ley of tiie Colorado, from the Cocopah
mountains to Salton lake, and from
the Algodones to Indian Wells, and
who took thorn to the mountains last
.June when the heavy rains fell, are
now preparing to drive them back
iron: the vauev lor the winter. Feed
is reported excellent.
A party of Navajoes is camped near
Fresco!!, with about one hundred po
nies, and are peddling blankets of
their own manufacture. The latter
are of ni;! . ery heavy, and n-
-eniOie 1 .,r i.i: m: l.mto blanket.-!. Joe
liner quaiii icaro water pro-'..'' and will
Lot. a life! inie. Tiie,- rane from "
up according t o qualil . t he li in r qual
ities being Ik kl at fancy ligun. ..
Onion serials are- p-ported 1h rage
in Toes .in. Nix young hrile t ntul in
a row: (.re of them lutes a chunk out
of an onion: and the fellows pay ten
cents each to guess who bit it. The
Collect guesvers kiss the other five
girls, while the unsuccessful kis the
biter. It is unsuccessful to state t hat
t he per centage In t he game is in favor
of the onion chewcr.
Ranchers in the vicinity of Flagstaff
are busy diggingtheircropof pot at of s.
The yield is not so large as in former
years, but t he ipialit v is better. Flag
staff put a toes a re in great demand and
are known far and wide for their ex
cellent eating and k"ping (pialit ics.
The present demand ! greater than
the supply, and juices are already
higher than last season.
At I'luenix Tuesday afternoon, as
the family of Mr. Tims. Rankin was
visiting his son, who lives next door,
thieves entered the house and thor
oughly ransacked it. Nothing es
caped their hands and eyes, and when
the family returned the house looked
as if a cyclone had been turned loose
in it. The thieves took nothing but
some seventeen dollars in money.
r '.-w?r v. - V . ', J
VSr1"" ;'' I ,
-njt .:;'
How an Enemy was Foiled.
Tim follmvlnu graphic stutement- will ''
remi wil li IiiIi iis- interest : ' I cammt ile-'Tltn-the
11 11 in1 1. ere.-i. v seiisat i-n t hut existed in niy
lo ins, h.uids iiiid leirs. I hud tu rub and U at
thir,i' palls iimil thi-y wile sine. Inoi ercmne
in a measure the dead feelinn that liaii taken
pii.M--s!nii of tlieui. In mliliiinM, I had a
siiaiie wealiiu-s ill my hack 11 1 1 I around n.y
waist. Iii-.'elher wllii nil inili-s, rilialile Vein-'
feelini: ill my sonnaeh. Physician said It
,i 1 1 p!n'" paralysis, f nun w hich. aeeind
iim in !h"ir universal ci.incliisioii, there is no
relief. (In-'eit fa -lens upon :i jel son. 1 hey
sav.it- coal iinies it iir-iniim- iciv-., until
n reaches a wtal point ii'.: I he !Verer di' s.
Mich as inv pr is ct. I ic d Ik-cm iloctet :ii-'
:t ve.ir and a h;Ui'.-It adiiv, hul wit li no par
ticular I. cncli I. h'-n I s:-sv i :i aitvi i-t isi mi nt
of III- Miles' lh -luraihi! .Net -k inc. iiim uicd a
lM)t;!eani hi an tls:n- It. MaiM lntis II
tnavoeiu, hn; li few ilay had passed l- furi-.
e erv hit of I ha I er. epy feeling had h-ft me,
and llier-- has n.-l heen even the s 11 - i 1 1 e (
iiidica.'inii of its return. I nw I'ecl ns
well a I (M r linl. and have eaineil ten
pounds in v i ii.:lii, t In u-'li I had t un do-vii
from 170 o f.io I'iMir nihi l h ue lis' d Hr.
Miles' e-lm alive NerMne on mv feetiliien
ilat im:i. air.l it ha-. hei u iisa i iTaco-T v In t heir
c.is- s :- - in mill"." .In me K an--, f,:i line, .
Jir. lliie.s' Ue.-lutai ive Nervine is.-ohlhynll
dric-'isis nil a po liivi- L'uai aniee, or sent
din el hy Ihe Tr. ,l,les Medical ( 'o.. f.l i. hart,
hid., on receipt of price. fl per liotth--sit
hot I li s fur -.". epi--s prepaid, ll is free ll'yiu
opiates ur duuciuus drug's.
Sold by All Druggists.
Maricopa & Phoenix R. R.
III effect Murcli 4, U'Xi.
nio.M rno six
1 - '- 2
A : z A
Fn-tifht fc --STATIUNS frelL-ht
I'lisseii'cr x - I'assciii-'i r
P. M. " A. V.
T:J." rieeiilx :u.:!.s : .vi
:!."ii 7.77 Ten-pp. 'Jii.;,! H
S;:ii .' i a:i-n
:?( I'. l''. ' l vn-ne I I .' ."i
e.'."i 'sa-'-il-ni I : l.'i
t:? M.i i i---pa I : '.')
Sunt hern tVicple, i -i ' hcnu-l. pas a-s Mi--
c-tpa 0 li ; I ' e. V
Sine h'!-n 1 'a-'.!. . ( c,,, !,,; ,.. ,
ct.p-.t at 1 . .." . A.. I'ai-il." lime.
A. dally. ' ' J ' r -1 i i v-u ip on : .-t.til.
Traiii ' con ni-el iv: ! h t ra in . ' ::t i erti I'a
c i he r "i ' j ' i i . i'mreci mi 'i'. i ,ei ii h -a.i-'e-for
i--ci rii v. ml : I I'ho-ni .: w n I, -i -r.'i s f,.;
I'H.sC.it !, (iiilelt. WicnenliM-: ami idtnrt-.
i'. S M V-TI-V
'l''e-rics t font rlaiiner.
Id ilaiM
Having Purchased the
Place of Mr. W. II.
On in n at Casa Grande
I am now prepared to
serve the public with
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Delivery wagons will
run regularly to Ari
zola, Otis and Reward
V liyV l.lccmiMc It Ih
L -atl i nqf
A ! !.:
I'aiiy ci a yea v.
fl:.H a year. A'ldn-s
Leve-1 heailedL
Observant O
Sincere S
Loval I
Entertaining E
Sturdy ' S
True T
Incorrujjtible I
Masterly M
Educational E
Satislyin1; S
cent ii month: M'k Uiy
-os Aiiui ks, California.
tri i lisscril o J
Al tK'.M S. I 1 I : .M ! 'IIKMUS
! tot liey-at . fieneral 1-atV I'nietieo
otiier than rin.inai. ( M!'ce : fuurl Ihni-e,
I'l.oKKM K, ----- AlllO.VA.
.Koiti.i: c. isi: n . .losri ii n. Miuu.y.
Willi 5IC V ,S: ik'ai:i.,
A(lnrney'.-:,t l.a.. "Will I'lacilce In 'I'ert ilo
t ia I and 1 '. S. Vmt t . One i-n rnher of t he
tirin ill at tend tiie terms of the IHsiint
(unit at riorem c. tMhceat
PhiIMX ------ Alii.oA.
ttoreey Ik. ( ounsellor at 111 l'ructice
In nil the Territorial and l'i deiiil l imits.
District Attorney for final enmity.
I'l.oitiM k, ----- Arizona
w 1 1 s- ..
Mtori.ey !oid l oiinseiloi' at I. a iv. Will prai'
llce in t he onrts in I'iual I oiinty. otllce:
Vi m i, ------ Ahi.o.v,.
iw r sic i;-r
i il Jaiirim-i r. 1 ni.'fil Ion V)ti-sn S)e'l:
' '(-nil' y snrvevoi ol I'inid omit v. .
nut I iepi.it y I : ill ted Slate Mlm r.'i
W. In.
Attorney ( 'imii' el lor at I, aw. Will I'ructleft
In nil "the Tec ilorlal am? Federal l oiirt.,
( olleci iims Will lo ceive I'ronipt Attrtition
Floiiemf. Akuom

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