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Another Imltiitry at Arlxnli
Thin waek Mi". J N (Jochenouer, a
gentleman who ha recently come to
Arizona for the health of hta wife,
hailing from SI. FranclM, Cheyenne
county, Kannas, ha located at Arizola
with lils family, and will immediately
establiuh a Mack'mithing; and repair
Mr. Gocheriouer lias secured two Iota
in the name block with Mayhew's cor
ral, on which he will Immediately le
gin rntiHtruction of a hrick building;
that will lie pushed to speedy comple
tlon and occupancy.
Mr. G. conies with the highest recom
mendations an a mechanic and a man,
and with his family will prove a de
cided acquisition. Thk Oasis bids
him wcleoiua with an assurance that
he has struck the riht place.
To sell 10) or 130 fat steers and
, cow. For particulars. Inouireof
C'asa (Jrandc, A. T.
Edison was recently asked In his
labratory if aluminum would not solve
many of the problems of science when
it should ultimately become as cheap
as Iron, as It is soon destined to be.
'"No:" he said, t here is nothing in it.
No matter how cheap it may become,
it will be of no practical use in ma
chinery or construction.
"Aluminum has notstreiigth. You
might :u well ust lead. Its only pe
culiarity Is its lightness, and it will
only be useful in making ornamental
objects. It has fallen in prica from
1 par pound to about the cot of
. brass, fifty cents per pound, and it is
cheaper than brass lceause you can
get more to the pound. Hating no
strength this new metal as it has been
called, is not available for machinery.
"It cannot be used for building steam
Hhips because It lacks the atrength,
and weight does not count in the con
struction of a ihip. A n aluminum ship
would be hardly stronger than one
made of paper. It gaiusstrangthonly
when alloyed with some other metal,
like copper.
"Nlckal steel is the comiag metal.
It consists of steel with an addition
of about five per cena of nickel, which
gives it ductility and increases its
hardness Had reaistanca. Steel will
crack. Nickel steal you cannot crack.
Iron can be bored, but nickel steel la
hard to bore.
It will not, howcTor make the burg
lar proof safe for which the world has
been wasting. You can no more make
a burglar-proof safa than an unsinka
hle ihip. Even with a safe thai can
neither be bored uor cracked, the bur
glar with a dynamite cart ridge lias it
at his mercy. No sooner is some new
resisting substance found than we go
to work and learn how to destroy it."
A Demand fur Feeden.
A press dispatch of recent date from
St. Joseph, Mo., says cattlemen and
feeders are besieging the stockyards
these days, and they have but one ob
ject in view, which is to iret feeding
cattle for the winter. Cattlemen te
itli.e that there is uchaii'-a (his sea
son to make some money by feeding
cattle -something (bat has been im
possible for years. Stock cat tie in good
feeding condition command almost
any price the owner may nk. The
price of Ihroeyearold rat (lent (he St.
Joseph yards on (he date of the tele
gram (October 20; averaged ;J0 per
head, which Is thought to be the very
top notch by feeders, ;is it is consid
ered a hard job to put enough nYsli on
bride in a season to be, able to stand
f wch a price,
A Ilmarly for f hoklnf .( atria.
A correspondent of the Country
Gentleman writes: "Somewhere in the
pat few months I have read of a rem
edyforn chok'-d animal that Is well
worth remembering: Take a round
stick, In size prrlmps orieor two Inches
and in length sli or eight Inchca; tie a
cord on each end and put it In the anl
mal's mouth, the same as a bit In a
horse'a mouth, tying the cord back of
the horns. Laet evening' I found a
nice heifer with an apple in her throat
She was badly bloated in fact in a
condition where something had to be
done soon for relief or I would be mi
nus a heifer. Ueing alone I could not
push It down, and to snap it out with
my thumbs was impossible; so I tried
the stick in the mouth remedy. It
worked like a charm, and in forty win
utes from the time the stick was put
in her mouth the apple had become
soft and gone on into her stomach.
'As I remember the Idea given, was
that the keeping of the mouth open
preTented attempting to swallow, and
that would prevent bloating, and the
working of the tongue would create
saliTa which would digest the apple
or potato or whatever might be the
cause but it does not matter what
the theory was: practically it is a sue
cess, and the remedy is worth putting
in your hat w here you will not forget
it. This one instance has saved me
enough to pay the cost, for a year of
every agricultural paper I take, and 1
wish to present il to others through
your paper.''
A Very fiood Showing
From South Kiemtdt Bee.
Editor ISke: During the month of
July) im, I bought of II. H.Linville,
owner of the Highland nursery, 8,000
Lisbon lemon trees, and under the
superviaion and management of J. F.
Megginson the same were removed to
my Cerreto Ranch at South Riverside,
a distance of twenty-seven miles, and
planted. And for the benefit of Mr.
Llnville, who furnished the trees, and
Mr. Megginson, w ho jilauted the trees,
and Mr. Heckerton, who attended the
trees since planting, I desire to state
that out of the entire lot of 8,000 trees
my lose will be less than ten trcea.
It. B. Tayloh.
On and after this date all credit for
meat will lie refused, and settlement
of all outstanding accounts is request
ed. G. I. Anclo.
Casa 5rake, October 1st, 1S93.
The World's Fair correspondent of
the Los Angeles Times In the follow
ing arraignment of the Arizona Com
misiion, gives some Interesting data
with regard to the material resources
of the territory: "In its way the ei
hibit Is unique. With 20,000 square
miles of timber lands there is not suffi
cient limner in (he exhibit to kindle
afire. AVith 7,000 square mile of
coal lands, according to the United
States geological survey, a man might
carry on his back all the coal the ex
hibit contains. With nearly three
quarters of a million acresof land irri
gated by rive hundred miles of canals,
there is not u peach, a pear, a plum,
nor an apricot, an orange, a tig nor a
lemon to -show that fruit grows ii:
Arizona, or a sheaf of wheat, barley
or alfalfa to ahow that it farmer ex
ists in the territory."
Have you never noticed that when
ever a clergyman shows horse sense,
and make investments which yield
him an honest penny, he is decried f,i
"mixing religion and business:" while
if he does not, making an endeavor to j
live on the small salary his calling
generally provides, hv is the subject of
sneers for hi poverty?
The San Francisco mint has been
instructed to coin as many silver dol
lars as possible without interferine .
with the roininc of ld. i
H.II. Liiivillc, Lou Iran,
i-iioi-iiv;iD, ca.ihoin:i,
(MH3I5A P. O., Pan Bernardino Coaaty )
100,000 Lemon Trecw.
L-iwfcjori. Lemon a. S3jpecieilt-
MTllitV fwnnnei I Including NareU. Mediterranean Sweew. Late Vla
VoriCtJ UlCaDcS01'4 Jna fceed 1,rd Ltock-HIUHLANI) GOW5-Tra
Eureka and Villa Franca Lemon Trees,
Lemon and Orange Trees on Four-Year Roots.
ALSO dp:ciduous stock.
Strictly first (lass and A'o Insects of Iny kind.
The Bet of Reference GlTen.
(P. O. Box t.
irs; O Hl-AT VAKtETV.
The Nursery is located three miles from San Bernardino, in the north-ea
corner of the Kialto tract. A sandy loam soil Frodnces fine roots.
Largest Stock in Southern California.
"VN'es Keep Evcrytlilnu Iscl?c3.
We will pack in moss and guarantee safe arrival. Correspondence solicited.
Catalogue and prices furnished free.
S. B. We Io a pcneral ffnrwrjand Horticultural bnsine, and rill contract to plant larf
tract, and gukrantee all work, trees, etc.
Kefereuce: First National Bank, Doctor J. M. Ilurlej, TY. X. Craudall, Van Raraardiaa,
California; C. 8. LeUaron, Arluila, Arizona.
Capital Stock
SucceMori to
San Bernardino, Calif.
a e
a r
a a
0 0
u c
3 O I
PrauttM iutliIlug'i)Ul cure cuntlp&tlua I'ruuilua l.ocllt jlu j pills cure cuuaUpalioa
Prpti Kecttfyliig pllleureouUpatloB tremin Rcctltyln plllcurcontlpUoa
Almoat all ptllaaad mllrtB pmduca cooatlpatlen, kr U a fill tat caraa torpid
llvar, lilllouanaaa, rbcumatiam. Indication, itrk h4ack and kidnr and lift
trouble wltaout jriplaf or leaTlnf any traca of CONSTIPATION, vkteh
la tba prima cauaa of ail alckoeaa, bawara of It jtUnj kabliuat aad cbroaio wl yu
aaa toltlatimaj tbaaapllla rill cura you.'
bacauaa It la tba oalj aafa and barmlaaa
ramadr tbat rill auralr BEAUTIFY tba
clear tba ikln and ramora all blotch from tba f aea. Try a bos aad fcar yor
aalf. asocateabox. SOLD ONLY IN SCALED PACKA6Cf
Or aoat by mail upu reotipt of prlu tj
Prentiss Chemical and Manufacturing Co.,
ProutU Ileotiryiut; pills cum toumlpailuu ruuli lvectirlu( pills cui-acuiitiup&tua
Prentlsi flx-tlfylnn euro constipation Vrwulls HitlfTlrn; r.lllsciircoDtliiatlon
liar been listed with us for f-aK Until arc situated in the already fa mora
C'asa (Vrande Valley: ore (if the most fertile and productive oil in the ter
ritory: are in a hipli Mate of cultivation, and offer to any purchar bar
?ain: hi -ill coimt be duplicated anywhere. Price- and terru ma4
Infu upon ajplkati'H) to Ih)a;-i.: olricf.

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