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Published every Saturday at NoxuleH, 1'lmu
County, Arizona, liy
Al.LENT.IUKl - - - Kilitormid I'rop.
"AmazttiK, beauteous change,
A world created new,
Tlie thouiilii transport ranite
'TUis Lively wen to view."
On Venr f
-" -" ;!,-
Payable In American Mutiny or Its Equiva
lent. Advertising Rates made known on applica
tion to the business office,
rnlessotlierwisospeclfled all subscriptions,
advertisements and job printing ore payable
n American money.
Address all communications to TiikOabis,
Novates, Pima Co. r Arizona.
Saturday, July 25, 1S96.
mmn aitiowl ticket.
I on President i
of Olilo.
FOR Vice Phesiukst
o( New Jersey.
In lsl2 the democratic campaign
cry was "four years more of i rover!
and clover." Now they want four
years of Iiryan and bran.
F.v km sliver miners, who are most
anxious of all for restoration of the
white metal, are asserting that such
restoration can be brought about by
the republican party only.
Cr.EVEi.AND was twhe elected pre
sident '-because be was better than
his party." Now the party evidently
thinks Itself better than Mr. Cleve
land, and slaps bim in the face.
Tiik post olliee department has in
augurated an attempt to break up the
practice by railway companies of
carrying their own correspondence
outside uf the mails, free of postage.
lorn years ago the democratic
party induced the country to try the
Cleveland brand of reform. It soured.
Now the same democratic party repu
diates that brand of reform and oilers
the Iiryan brand. What guaianty has
the C iuntry that biand will not also
Mi:. Hko. K. Pent, manager of one
one of the largest silver mines in Mex
ico, who is also a close student of the
money question, deflates that the
policy of international hi-metalism,
as outlined in the republican national
platform, is the only practical solu
tion of the silver problem.
It ni all right for some Arizona
newspapers to call names and make
faces at other journals who do not
swallow the anarchistic departure ol
the latter day democracy. Free silver
is a good doctrine, and ever bud)
in this region wants it; but most of u
want it to come decently and in order,
nor should we swallow Altgeldi-m and
anarchism in order to get it.
ltu Me n's .irnua suite.
The Pest Salve in the world foi
Cuts, Uruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt
Klieum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped
Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and ail Skn
Kruptlons, and positively cures Files,
or no nay required. It is guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction or mono)
refunded, Frio.e cents uer box. For
sale by Chenowetl: & Mix 1
I ii t ho ( icat mcnt of t lie great monc
tary question now under considera
tion liy tin- American 1 '., anil
which Is In lie decided ly their ballots
next fall, the great mass (.f t lie people
are actuated only by a sincere and
heartfelt desire to have it settled
right, and to have the transition from
a gold standard to a bimetallic .stand
ard passed easily and giadcally, with
out, any Midden shock or violent 1I1--1
111 -banco of values.
It i now tweni y-three years since
t he great commercial nations of the
globe abandoned the bimetallic tnoi;e
tary system, ai d adopted a system of j
coinage in which silver was relegated
to a subsidiary position. At the time
of the change the bullion value of
silver and its coinage value were iden
tical. I'.ut there has been a gradually
diverging diilerenee until now the
bullion vuiue is but little more than
one-half the coinage value. With that
divergence there has come a gradual
shrinkage in value of ail commodities,
until now nearly everything which
mankind eats, wear.', or u-es in any
way. can t.e nongut tor one-hair as
much money expressed in dollars and
cents as was required to buy it in
1-TM. That shrinkage in value is as
cribed to the appreciation in the pur
chasing power of gold, as superinduced
by demonetization of silver. If that
be true, a return to bi-metallisni will
bring back the old range of prices, and
all classes will be required to pay for
what they now consume at the rates
prevailing in lST.'l or thereabout. loes
it not then stand to reason that if a
change so vast '.hould be precipitated
suddenly it would tie attendant with
great hardship, sulLvirg and loss'-
F.very woikingman would sudJenly
find the purchasing capacity of his
wages cut in two. and would be com
pelled to deny bimself and bis family
many of the necessaries and conven
iences of life to which they are now
accustomed. F.very creditor who had
sold goods under existing conditions
would be paid in money which would
buy only about one-half the goods he
had sold. Kvervone who bad loaned
money would be repaid in money with
its purchasing power much less than
that which he bad loaned. Wfiuld
not a transition so sudden create a
panic beside which that of W-i would
bo a baby? All the evils which can
he imagined by the sudden transit ion,
as above outlined, from present to
former conditions would follow in the
train of the sudden adoption of a free
silver policy.
To reach bimetallism by a scientific
nroeess in which tie c hanire irom ex-
1 ' 1
istir.g conditions back to former con
ditions shall be gradual and with as
little shock and resistance as possible,
is a problem which will require all the
wisdom of all the world. That is the
policy propo:id by the republican
platform international bi -me tall ism
brought about by concurrent act ion of
all the great comm reial nations of
the world. All those nations are ripe
for adoption of such a policy, ('er
many, who declared at the Hnissels
c .ii Terence in 1 ''.' that she was satis
lied with her existing gold standard,
has now expressed, by resolution
adopted in her roich-lag, an earnest,
desire to return to bimetallism
through international action. Ii: bain
vill unite with such action by re
opening her India mints to free coin
age of silver. Austria, italy, France
and all the other nations participat
ing in the I'wusseLs conference arc anx
ious to enter an inter national coinage
arrangement. When another inter
nal ional conference is called by Presi
dent McKinley it will include the
wisest and most capable men of all
the nations. It will consider all the
changes which have come about in a
quarter of a century under the present
.monetary standard, and not the least
of t he problems will be to devise a
method by which a ret in n to the old
system can be conducted gradually,
effectively, and without shock or
strain to business interests, without
damage to the solvency of business
men and w ithout loss and suffering to
the working people. Having devised
j such a method it w ill be reported to
j the nations enlisted in the conference
jural will be incorporated in their legis
i lation. An) thing else will l.eilanger
ir.iis in the ex ire me, and u hazard
1 which the American people will hesi
S tate long before taking.
hid iiirv
liKI't HI A l l-.
l I )jriiiL' t he tn'oceedinLrs of the Chi
cago convention the platform was
wired to the country as framed by
the commit lee on resolutions. ()no
plank read a follows:
''We are opposed to life tenure In
the public service. We favor appoint
ments based upon merit, tixed terms
of otlice, and such an admini-t.rai ion !
of the ci v i 1 serv ice law as will all'oni
eq ual opportunit ie to ail . fit l.ens of
ascertained lit ness."
Later the telegraphic reports as
serted that the convention cutout
that resolution and rejected it. Hut
the Chicago Uecord of a recent date
quotes Senator Jones of Arkansas,
chairman of the national democratic
eomit tee, as asserting that the plank
was retained by the convention with
addition of the words "under the cri
st it ution of t he Fnited states."
If that is not a Hat repudiation of
the boasted democratic doctrine of
civil service reform, what can it be'
Civil service reform means life tenure
in olliee and nothing else, liy advo
cating it democrats in ortlee hoped to
stay In through republican adminis
trations. That one resolution will
pave the way for firing out a host of
incompetent democrats now in olliee.
John 1'. Iru of California, asserts
he is "a democrat, not a dynamiter,"
and he is rest ive at the company in j
which democracy has brought him.
But the present position of the demo
cratic party is the logical outcome of
the teachings of 1 rish and his political
a-sodat.es. They have always preached
that "the classes' were 1 1) ing to en
slave "the masses-,1' and that only
democracy could prevent,. Hat when
the democracy was iri power mat ters
seemed no bvl.lcr. Now "I he masses"
have taken possession (,f jite demo
cratic party an. I iir. ;-: that it, shall
l.eep its promises and :-'iki-!i "the
An in i kick-tino feature of
, campaign would b; a joint, debate be-
twee 1 uui'iuiau' i.iyan a no eanumau
Sewell upon some Mich question as
government ownership of railways or
abolition of national banks. Mr.
Iiryan strongly favors both proposi
tions, while Mr. SewHl ithc railway
monopolist arid national bank presi
dent bitleriy opposes them. Vet
both are nominated on the same
Mi:. Fi:i.iS. J a men of Chicago, who
bas bren visiting at Nogales the pre
sent week, and who is heavily inter
ested in silver mining in Sonora, de
clares that, international hi-metallism
is the only solution of the exist ing
problem, arid that the republican
party is the only one which can bring
it about. Mr. James is an entlniMMi ic
suppoiter of McKinley, and hopes
earnestly tor his election.
The ( '.ss editor has seen a letter
from a very prominent politician in
the eastern statesa silver man v. ho
sizes up the situation by asserting
that McKinley and a silver congress
will be elected.
A Kansas politician basconiniitled
suicide on account of his extreme
bashfulncss. What must be the gall
of the rest of Kan -as?
Ilk' PI It I. K'W II4)(!TI( I S K.
The Albuquerque Cit ieii 1,jos- up
the political situation as follows:
"Kepuhlicans can not keep too
prominently in their minds that the
declarat Ion of the republican party on
the gold standard simply means that
It will maintain what already exists
until it is able to oiler to the country
something better, and It is pledged to
use its utmost endeavors to that. end.
The free sjv,.r people, on the con
trary, are determined to take the
country back to a systt 111 w hleli was
inadequate t hirty-scven ye i.-s ago, ami
dropped. They would ni t. only revive
this, but they would have this govern
ment try the experiment (if an-unlimited
coinage of adepreciatcd money
metal and of maintaining its integrity
against the posit Ion of all the great
commercial countries of the world.
The money plank of the St. Louis
platform, on .the contrary, is based
upon (he proposition that such a move
would be foolish ami disast ions. F.lim
in.ition of silver from t he cu: rjney is
not intended. The only proposal
made is to so limit its coinage that it
can circulate freely at par Willi gold,
which is the universal money of the
world, until an agreement can be
readied with other commercial na
tions for unlimited coinage by all at a
universal rat io.1'
The n cord of the democratic party
in congress since the dernonelizat Ion
of silver in l'-T'ldois not show up very
favorably to the white metal. In the
oiM congress, March -I. Wl. with a
majority of 11, they knocked free sil
ver cold. I n t he same congress, July
Ft, they defeated a free coinage bill by
an overwhelming majority, although
a republican president, had given the
assurance that he would sign it if
passed. J11 the.Vlrd congress, August
Z' ISM, with a large majority overall
whh ten populists tu assist them,
they voted down live propositions
favorable to the free coinage of silver,
at ratios of from hi to 1 to HO to I. On
Octobers, b-KI. the dated Slates
senate, with three democratic major
ity and four populists, defeated free
coinage. "The crime of is".-!,'' as the
demonetization of silver is called by
t he democrats, set ms t o have suited
them very nicely. ! L! Paso Herald.
Mon!.y a gehth nun who has been
in this v icinity some mont lis, on btisi-ne--,
said to Tiik Oasis editor: 'To
morrow 1 shall start fur my home in
Si. Louis, and I shall remain until
after election. I. never wanted to
vote so bad in all my life as I do this
year. 1 was born and raised a slave
holder and have never voted anything
but the straight democratic ticket;
but I cannot vote for Wm. J. Iiryan
nor for the anarchistic platform on
on which he is runrrng. I shall vote
for McKinley.1'
Tin; democrat ic platform proposes
to establish the Income tax in tho
constitution. With four years more
if democrat ic 1 ule t here would be no
incomes to tax. Why not establish
an "outgo" tax?
An k.wieun journal devotes a page
to an ai t icle on ''when and how to
bathe.1' The readeis must be. a pretty
dirty crowd to require so much direc
t ion in so simple a mat tor.
At a mining camp in Mohave coun
ty, recently, an egg laid away in a
'cool closet" was hatched by natural
heat. How hot must it have been in
a warm closet y
Hkvan is honked to make one bun
dred speeches in t he campaign -or t he
same speech one hundred times, which
amounts to as much.
One of the disagreeable features of
the political canvass are the many
cousins of both candidates bobbing 11 n

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