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Saturday, July 25, 1S96.
Mexican Dullard, '1 ( ').".
America's lincst trod net L-ri, Frank
lin Count v
IM. Massey, I la- wt 11 known mining
111:111 is in Nogales.
They arc trying to notion that
smuggled carpet transaction.
Try that delicious ice cream soda at
t-hc fountain of Chcuowcth .V Mix
Tuesday Mrs. W. I'. Overton was
unite ill. She has since recovered.
Captain L. W. Mix returned from a
trip to llorni-illo Sunday morning.
For Yankee not Ions of all sortssend
to F. Von P.orstcl. Guayriias. .Nonoi a.
Yo-terrlav Senor Istnaol P.rli'l.i of
Santa Ar.a. was a visitor at Nogales.
Icecream Sundays and 7'liurwlnys
in ti e I tdies'dining room at the Hotel
Doctor and Mrs. F. M. Cramlle of
Tort lliiaclnica, were visitois at No
gale yctenl iy.
Deputy t S. Marshal Al LV.eki'os
was down iron) Tucson the hitter
pal t. of hist week.
For staple and fancy groceries of
t " j- best quality onlcr of F. Von
R-rste, Guaymas. -
I ..1st week Mr. I. I!. Iltv'"" went
over to Loehiel id put np a windmill
fi.r Colin Cameron.
to to 1'. Von R.irstel, Guaymas, So
nora. for hardware and mining imple
ments of al! kind-;.
Wednesday evening .lohn Renedi.-t
rem: neu from Tucson, w here he had
been visiting some time.
Wednesday morning (!co. AVeilan;
came up from Minas Prictas to visit a
few days with Ins family.
Tuesday Doctor Welles received a
let tor from Dr. Cherioweth. lie was
in Chicago with his bride.
Monday evening Mr. Geo. Chyle r
t itr nod from llisbee where, he had hten
visit ing a couple of weeks.
Last Friday oveningT. 1'. lirodo.rick
went to Caiaha-as to al tend a dance
th it wa ii 1.1 in that burg.
Mr. P. 1'.. D lo. who has U en quite
ill, was on I lie street yesterday for the
lir-t lime in several weeks.
Dm:::: At NV. gales, Arizona, July
Linth, is'.Ki, to the wil'e.if .1. .). hushard
of I Ierm.iiIlo, Sonora, a sou.
I. at Saturday morning Mr, I rank
Wright came up from Minus Prictas
and will remain here sevoralday.
Wednesday morning Mr. (Ico. !',.
Dent started for (iuanajuato. to en
gi ge mine is for work at F.l l'k.mo.
"A New Karth" will he the subject
of Kev. HeaW's sermon at. t lie Congre
gational church tomorrow morning.
Tuesday morning Miss I'a-toia Jof
froy, who has been vNitirg relative-,
at, I; res. Sonora, returned to Nogales.
Docket Kodaks for sale by C'lieno-weth-V
Mix. Will take orders fur
larger sizes. Call and -ee samples of
Monday morning Mr. I'. Decker
went to Tomh-d one and Rucker Cafi
011 to visit friends there a week or
ten days.
Tuesday morning Mrs. Herbert .1.
Wood, who has been visiting her
mother, Mrs. Rcddoch, ret iirned home
tii Dciison.
Tuesday morning Mr. Ceo. K. Dent,
manager of the National Mexican
Mining & Developing Co., came up
from Altar.
Monday six men and fourteen bosses
were engaged in raising a heavy tele
phone pole on Moiley avenue near
True ( Jams oilice.
America's lincst production, Frank
lin Count y Club.
Yesterday morning a couple of "pe
ados"' engaged in a light on Morley
avenue, and were run into the cala
boose. Sefior Francisco Lamarquo of the
(inn of Dojoniuez & Lamarque, at. Iler
inosiilo, was a visitor at Nogales
Thursday morning Senor Dedro
(.'(.sea, of Cosca, Garcia & Co. of Guay
nias, 1 ussed Nogales en route to Sari
Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Salvadore Mar
tini, Messrs Cuilebaldo Klias, F.
Sicre and Fduardo Rraun went to Ci-
bula on a picnic.
Saturday evening Dr. T. F. Derry,
I of the V. S. treasury department, was
!an arrival at Nogales, and remained
here several days.
Sunday there will be a ball game on
! t he Hat near t he lumber yard. Two
I picked nines will play, the losers to
! pay for a keg of beer.
! Wednesday morning Master Don
J llerrera w r.t 1o the 1 1 miehuca ranch
j: n;s i.irner 10 pass ;i oonpio 01
! moot lis on th" range.
I'nl'.'ss voi! are well shod vouarenot
; we; drexscd. Co to !!. Vasquez at
the Ucd Hou-o, and h;ry a air of ele
! gant 'A sf shoes.
j .:ha;:.h-r!.r.:iV Cough Remedy cures
j coins, c-'oirp an 1 . hooping cough, it
Ms plea-. int. safe, arid reliable. For
; sale l,y c:..-m,vilr M.x.
Mr. V. !!. ID;-:! of San Francisco,
I representirrg th? great tea, coffee and
I spice hoiw of Sdiiiiing Co., was a
visitor at .NVgales Tuestlay.
! M i. (o !.. 11. o'nt came up from E!
! Ploin with Mr. I'.eni. Tuesday niorn-
ing. arid will amain at X. gales, until
i h.j returns from G lianaj'iat o.
Duri: g t he present week Mr. Leon
Dotik n'ue, has been very ill with a
lever, winch has delayed ins departure
i'or his Il.iu- in S'n; Francisco.
ley & Calislier, at the Casino,
liae this week received a new combi
nation po il and billiard table, direct
from the factory at. Cincinnati.
WcdneSiljy evening Captain Miguel
Dorni". manager of Las Vlanchas Min-
' ing Co., arrived from F.l I'aso, and on
:the following day went out to the
! mines.
I Tuesday morning Mrs. F. Iferrera,
Miss Freda llerrera, and 1 lie llerrera
baby started for San Francisco. They
j will visii in Califor nia two or three
III' lilt lis.
lust received sample-of shirts made
to order from -i I . i o upwards. They
all are a No. 1 shirts and fully worth
what we ask for them-Fleischer
j 1 !r other si.
! Monday evening Mr. A. Crawford of
' Santa Uosa, California, an ived at No
j gales, en rout e into Sonora, to look
j over the country w ith a view to in
j est merit s.
J Seuera Mordijo, mother of Senorita
j Elena Mi ntijoof 1 lerinosillo, arrived
j from t he Sonora capital t his week and
i is vtsitifg Nogales, the guest of Se
! nor ilas Ramirez.
j M iss Mai i.ma Diaz, one of lleimo
isill i's most, popular and charming
vmiiig lailies vyill be a mendjcr (if the
j party that D to arrive from the capl-
tal this rimming.
Friday evening of last week Mrs. J.
: Howard Palmer of Hermosillo, for
Imeilyof Negales, returned from a
I i lvit in l'mt:lnd Si!w ll'Iil In. en (r.m,.
about t hree rimut lis.
Ladies shoes, gents' shiics, and
children's shoes in great variety, and
at prices which beat the lowest, al the
lied House 11. Yasqucz.
Mr. 11. D. t'ndenvood of Tucson,
and Colonel Kobert Williams, (,e well
known hotel proprietor at Florence,
were at Nogales Tuesday. Tiny re-
turned to Tucson Wednesday.
Several of the rabid free silver
papers in Arizona have commented
upon a sample McKinley Ac Hobart
shirt bosom sent them, and have as
serted that no one in town would
wear one. They simply lied. Arizona
has many voters who will wear Mc
Kinley shirt bosoms, arid wlio will vote
for McKinh y. Wednesday TiikOasis
received one. Mr. J. T. Driekwnud
donned it, arid in a little while he was
overrun with inquiries from staunch
free silver republican who believe in
bi-mctallisiii and know the republican
party only can secure it, who wanted
a shirt bosom just like it. All in
quirers Mr. J;. referred to C. F. Al
bright & Co., l'l Wabash Avenue,
Chicago, .Illinois, who will send them
for ten and fifteen cents each, accord
ing to quality.
Lovers of good living will patronize
F. Ca.abon's hotel, restaurant and
short order house, opposite t lie rail
road depot. Fresh lisli, oysters and
all other delicacies in their season.
Fine wines and liquors and t he best
Mexican cigars. Private dining rooms,
large, light and well ventilated, on
upper I'.' or, w lien; families arid private
par I ics can be made at home. Well
furnished rooms for transient guests
or regular hoarders. Open- day and
Friday evening of last week Mrs.
and Mi-s Grace Monroe, wife and
daughter of Conductor II. J. Munroe
of t he Sorioi a railway, arrived from
I'lio-nix, w here t hey have resided for
I he past, t ' j ears. Mr. Murine came
up from Cat bo to meet. them. They
wi',1 resume their residence at Noga
l. s, w I, ii.h place they left when the)
went to Piaer.ix a couple of years
Yesterday morning Dr. Figueroa,
act iLg governor of Sonora, arrived at
.Nogales with Mrs. Figueroa and the
little ones, en route to San Francisco,
where the children will be placed in
school. Mrs. (J. J. (Jonales wuis with
the party. Doctor Figueroa will re
main at Negates a day or two. The
ladies and children continued their
journey yesterday.
Messrs England MeCullough are
clearing away the old buildings prepa-
tory to erecting a large line structure
for t he store of L. Ilorvilleur & Co. on
the Sonora side of the line. The new
buil'iing is to extend through from
(.'alio Elias to Railroad avenueand the
present "aliiKicen'' of the firm will be
included in its dimensions.
Last Friday night on the track of
the N. M. A. railway, Jas. I!. Mix
came across an orphan pit) which be
has adopted. There is nothing pre
rvisessing about the "animile," hut
Jim's tender heart was touched and
and now the canine is an adjunct to
the .International drug store.
The heated term turns attention to
negligee shirts. You will l-ind them
in great variety of style and quality
at the Doston Clothing House. We
alsosell theeclebrated ".lack Eabbitt"
pants. Twice the wear for the same
money that can be got out of any
other garment.
This week and last the warrants fcr
Company G, which were unsalable for
about a year past, have been sold to
the I'iio'nix agency of a large eastern
liuaneial inst.it ut ion. and as a conse
quence t lie company has paid its debts
about (own.
Senor .1 nan Y. Euken the prop! ictor
of '-La Labor," one of the largest and
best kept haciendas in tliestateof So
nera, arrived yesterday, accompanied
by his wife. They cause to attend
lire ball this ev ring.
About he hist of September the
Nogales Dramatic Associal ion will
heciri the work of preparation for the
fall and winter season. "Ilio Grande"
will be the lirst play presented.
Tuesday evening the track of the
N. M. it A. railway between Fairbank
and Uenson wast under water from an
overllow of ihe San Pedro river, and
the first bridge north of Fairbank was
carried away. The train I oui P.enson
due at .( gales at. nine o'clock that
evening was until eight o'clock Wed
nesday morning getting through, and
when it came the Southern Pacific
was reported interrupted by washouts
west of Tucson.
Friday of last week Mounted In
spector George Webb captured Juan
Ilomero, a smuggler, on the line west
of Nogales. He was disposed to resist
and drew a revolver. Inspector Webb
covered him with a Winchester and
he immediately weakened. He was
brought into town and Commissioner
Taylor held him to appear before the
U. S. grand jury.
Tuesday afternoon, when thearroyo
was running with water from the
heavy storm, a drunken man jumped
in at a point near Colonel Ft-nochio's,
on the Sonora side and was carried by
the swift How to the bridge on Inter
national street, where he was lassoed
and pulled out, nearly drowned.
lloadmaster George Montague of
the Sonora and X. M. & A. railways,
has his hands full now-a-days, with
the many washouts. He keeps on the
road with tireless energy, both night
and day, and is at the scene of any
trouble in short order.
Among the importations which
crossed the line Wednesday were four
teen carloads of ore from Sinaloa, en
route to Denver and Pueblo, and two
carloads of garbanzos, from the Kio
Mayo, en route to Dilboa and Santan
der, Spain.
About the fourth or fiftli of August
Miss Jesus Ramirez of Nogales, and
Miss Elena Montijo of Hermosillo,
who is at present visiting in this city,
will leave for Los Angeles, where they
will spend a couple of months in re
creation. Mr. Fred James, president of the
National Mexican Mining & Develop
ing Co., was a visitor at Nogales Tues
day, coming up from VA Plomo that
morning. The following day he
started for his home in Chicago.
Saturday of last week Nogales was
visited by W. C. Wilkins, a mining
man operating at San Jose de Gracia,
Sinaloa, returning from a visit in the
east. He went southward ou the
train Sunday morning.
Mr. Frank Coman, machinist, has
been transferred from the shops of the
Sonora railway at Guaymas, to those
of the N. M. & A. road at Nogales.
lie arrived Saturday of last week.
'We Sell the Rest." Drew, Sclby &
Co.'s fine shoes, combining all the lux
uries of tit, style and quality, at prices
which defy competition. The Red
House 11. Vasquez.
Highest Honors World's Fair,
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.

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