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Published every Saturday at Nogalea, Ptma
County, Arltona, ly
x RBI ni l I ion IN MIMM.
Kdltor and Prop.
A 'II I'l'I.V ' ' l 1' I- '!'
A world created new;
'The thought with transport range
'This lovely scene to view."
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lent. Advertising Kates made known on applica
tion to the business office.
Unless otherwlsespeeifled all subscriptions,
advertisement and Job printing are payable
In American money.
Address all communications to ThiOasib,
Nogales, Plma Oo. Arliona.
Saturday, Feb. 5, 1898.
Pastor Brown should have
stuck to his lie to the end or ac
knoledged the truth at the outset.
Formerly chaplains of legisla
tures prayed; now they "deliver an
invocation." It is assumed that all
legislative bodies are past praying
The Illinois house of represen
tatives has passed a resolution in
favor of Hawaiian annexation.
Illinois was and always will be
The Teller resolution went
through the house like the boy
went through college "walked in
at the front door and was kicked
out at the back door."
In iron mining Thos. A. Edison
has wrought a tremendous 1 evolu
tion, reducing greatly the expense
of handling ferruginous rock, mak
ing possible its reduction in vast
quantities, and so reducing the cost
that ground or rock bearing only
two per cent of iron can be profit
ably handled. He asserts that the
same system can be applied to gold
and silver mining, making possible
the handling at a profit of many
millions of tons of earth and rock
which bear only traces of the
precious metals.
In New Jersey where Mr. Kdi
son's iron mining operations are be
ing successfully conducted, there
are vast areas of land which all
carry to a great depth about two
per cent of iron. Under the - old
system of working that proportion
of metal would not justity handling.
But with steam shovels Mr. Edison
loads hundreds of thousands of tons
daily upon the cars of a steam rail
way, which convey the ferruginous
rock and earth to the mill and dump
it directly in the rolls. These lat
ter are great machines consisting
of toothed cylinders and crushers
revolving at high rates 0 speed, in
the capacious maws of which
thousands of tons are speedily
ground to powder as fine as flour.
tion in mining before which all im
provements made heretofore will
pale into insignificance. A recent
number of Scribner's magazine pre
sented an illustrated article describ
ing the successful operation of the
Edison process in iron. Its success
in that field will cause no little ex
pectancy in the mining world until
it is tried on a grand scale in other
branches of mining.
with diverse declarations and pur
suing a monetary jKilicy it one time
In his "Story of the Revolution"
Senator Lodge in describing the ac
tion of the second continental con
gress, says:
"Thus while they proclaimed the
king, shrank from independence,
md sought conciliation and peace
by addresses and memorials, the
second American congiess took into
their service an army already in the
field, and sent the greatest soldier
ot the time to command it and to
fight the sovereign whom they still
acknowledged. Very contradictory
yet very human and natural all
this, for great causes are not carried
out nor do great forces move upon
the straight line marked by the critic
or by the student, but along the de
vious and winding paths which
human nature always traces for it
self when it is brought face to face
with difficulties and trials which it
would fain avoid and must meet."
The paragraph quoted is a com
plete reply to to the charge so fre-
auentlv reiterated bv the Brvan
As this dust is discharge 1 from the , press .md orators m the republi.
A 1'REsiDENTiAi. order which will
wrench away from the pap teat no
less than forty-five hundred demo
crats who are now holding on by
grace of Grover Cleveland, is daily
An eastern exchange remarks
that the logical termination of some
of the arguments against Hawaiian
annexation would be the position
that a nation without territory
would be in the most happy condi
tion. Is not that the case with the
An eastern magazine essayist
has sapiently announced the dis
covery that the political boss is the
product of a demand for such an
individual. Monopolists find it
cheaper to deal with one man and
buy legislatures before election than
dealing with individual legislators
after election.
machinery by an air blast powerful
magnets divert the infinitessimal
particles of iron from the earth, and
deposit them in a heap by them
selves, whence they are conveyed to
other machinery which mixes them
with coal tar and presses the com
position into bricks of a size con
venient lor handling, in which form
they are conveyed to the smelter
and the iron speedily converted into
pigs. With the large capital and
tremendous machinery employed
the entire operation is simple and
rapid, vast quatities of very low
grade rock are daily reduced and
the iron therein separated at a
As hereinbefore stated Mr. Edi
son claims that he can apply his
new machinery to the reduction of
of gold, silver and other ores as
successfully as he does to iron, and
can party has abandoued the people
on the silver question. That the
party has changed front on that
great question there can be no
I doubt; but that it has abandoned
the people is most positively denied.
Bimetallism as it now exists in the
United States is the monetary sys
tem of the people and for the people.
That system is die single geld
standard, with the use of silver,
coined on government account, as a
'subsidiary coin, and so coined in
much greater quantities than ever
before known in the history of the
country, but every silver dollar so
coined worth a dollar in gold.
Under that system the wage earners,
the workers in whatever walk of
life, and they constitute the people,
are paid in money which enjoys the
highest purchasing power of any
money coined in the world. Under
wii.i. mm ti miii.k?
The Bisbee Orb, which never
was an advocate of the appointment
of Governor McCord, and is also a
a democratic paper, has the follow
ing to say:
"Some of the territorial papers
are raising various kicks against
Governor McCord. We see no
reason for this, and in the end it
will lie of great damage to the ter
ritory. If the authorities at Wash
ington see that we cannot be satis
fied with a governor of our own
territory, they will hereafter appoint
men from Ohio or other eastern
states. As it is now we have a
man in power who knows the wants
of the territory and is doing his ut
most toward advancing the terri
tory's interests. It would be well
for these disgruntled publishers to
take a tumble to themselves."
Thi'rsday a number of cattle
men from Calabasas were in .Moga
les, and they expressed no little in
dignation at what they believe a
move by interested parties to trick
the cattle sanitary boird into re
moving the present very efficient
live stock inspector, Mr. W. H.
Walker, and supplant bin with the
same man he relieved a short time
ago. Mr. Walker is in every way
satisfactory to the people of the dis
trict, does his work well and is a
good republican. It is said that a
petition in favor of Wi.-e was circu
lated which many were induced to
sign under misapprehension, and
was forwardee to the board Wed
nesday evening. Thursday decided
action was taken by the cattlemen
in the vicinity opposed to any
change, and the board was wired a
request to refrain from action until
the matter can be presented to that
body in the proper light- It is be
hoped the board will not act with
out full information.
at an equally great saving in cost, the alternate system of free coinage
As is well known the country rock Lf silver no gold would be coined,
adjoining mineral veins and ledges ail now in circulation wuuld go to
is mineralized for long distances. the melting pot, and the businessof
Mr. Edison claims that with his the country would come down to a
machinery all such ground can be
worked at a profit. He proposes to
put up his tolls, crushers and other
appliances with the steam railway
and steam shovels at a point con
venient for operations and instead
of burrowing into the ledge, for pay
basis of a silver dollar, worth only
the bullion value of its weight.
The purchasing power of wages
would be cut in half.
With the clamor of the free sil
verites these facts were at first un
perceived, and the republican party
The Oasis has heard it said that
some two weeks ago the Citizen as
serted that more money had been
expended by Pima county on roads
In the southern part than those pre
cincts had contributed to the county
road fund. In making that asser
tion the Citizen was certainly mis
informed, for it is widely at variance
with the facts. Nogales alone pays
about twelve hundred dollars an
nually into the road fund. Not
one-half that sum is expended on
roads in the district.
Many American newspapers
seem much exercised because Can
ada is about to levy a special and
burdensome tax upon foreign min
ers on the Klondike. But even that
would be better than the United
States does. Here the foreign
miner is shut out entirely. Whose
ox is gored makes a very great
rock, as is now done, attack the hill j allowed itself to be perfunctorily
or mountain where the ledge is committed to the doctrine of free
located at the best point, moving it
all away, and extractiug at a profit
the gold and silver, or other metals
the country rock carries in small
quantities. In due course of time
the ledge will be laid bare, and all
it contains secured at the very min
imum of cost.
If Mr. Edison can accomplish all
this his genius will effect a revolu-
coinage. But the logic of events
production of silver at a ratio of
above thirty ounces of silver to one
of gold, and an annual fluctuation
of that ratio of production, where
formerly it had been constant at
thirteen to one through centuries
has convinced the people, and the
republican party today stands, like
the second continental congress,
Captain Ray of the regular
army, sent to Klondike to investi
gate the outlook, has recommended
that immigration to that country be
restricted this year, and that no one
be permitted to enter the country
without two years supplies. It is a
great country to prospect where all
prospectors must provide a two
year's grubstake. A goodly sized
mule train would be required to
pack it all.
The Ohio situation does not
seem to clarify with investigation.
Mr.' Hanna's friends still assert that
be remains unscathed, while his
enemies are positive that he is in the

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