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'K'X. " "
Second Skkiks,
Vol. III.. No. 24.
Whole No. 597,
Republican County Platform.
We pledge anew the National
...,,at0rv Plant at La Bufa Solve, i and Territorial Republican plat-
ttvi "
Smelting Problem.
j forms, as good Republican doctrine,
worthy of acceptance by the Amer-
The Richardson Bros, wlio own ; can iHiopIe and the people or An
Santa Cruz
the utmost
useless electric clocks, unnecessary
type writers, etc.
We condemn the increase in the
rate of taxation and the shortening
of school terms under the present
Democratic administration of Santa
Cruz county.
We stand for honesty, integrity
and a business administration of
public affairs in Santa Cruz coun-
-he La Bufa copper mines in Sono-Uona and Santa Cruz county.
--it about lw miles wesiwaru irom;
Vrs..., fi,;--tfitP huva solved the ; county we pledge
Imelter' problem by a 30-ton re- j economy and care in the expendi- public affairs in fcanta Cruz
, t v copper furnace built ture of public money. ty, and we pledge our candi
,er , .1 i uiii,, UA.i We condemn the extravagance when elected to a rigid adh
-in Tilt LLlUUUU UUVi sniv. Mvn.T, - t-j . - , . . . . , .
" du-in lry oak wood for fuel, i shown by the present Democratic to the principles laid down in this
Dtvi- Richardson, president of the umuusirauuu 01 oauw
La Bufa Mining and Milling Com- county, in the adoption of plans
H inv who spent Thursday and j and construction of a Court House
tv;.i.,'v in On ritv. is so entliusias- i far leyond the needs and require-
mc over the success of the plant i ents of the county. There was;
hat he uo-s not hesitate to sav an- authorized issue of bonds to j
h it manv similar plants will be j pay for a Court House, and the ,
established in the Sierra Madres in j money realized should have cov- j
-he near future. His company is - -'d the entire cost of the bvilding j
'tt;,w ., nnnthpr ."ift-ton niant land fro-uiu, but the entire sumj
he Ciem-uita Cot.per Company is j was expended upon the structure Oct. 1.5, 1904. The run of cattle
mrtir" up two 50-ton furnaces, and I alone, and several thousand dol- this week here, 82,000 head is very
other companies in Sonora are con- i lars additional were expended upon near a record breaker, only a few
M -lin r nnttinif thfin ui : tne grounds, anu n is auegeu imu j nunareu neau less man weie ie-
Interesting ltem Gathered Around
the Line Cities.
Respectfully submitted
Ray Ffwjuson, )
N. K. Noon, Committee.
Live Stock Quotations.
Special to Tin; Oasis.
Kansas City, Mo.. Saturday,
The Itiehardn Bros, have- been i the entire cost of the building and ceivcd third week in September, I able at the Red House, Ramon
L. T. Urlstnl, Dentist, Marsh Bid.
Thursday Mr. Harry L. Vaughn
was in from Salero.
The Postal Typewriter, $27.00.
F. A. Athearn. 5t.
Tuesday Captain L. W. Mix
went to Tucson on business, thence
to California.
Young people's? meeting at the
Congregational church Sunday
evening at 6:15.
Landlord lager of the Monte
zuma hotel at Nogales, and the
Santa Rita ct Tucson, was at No
gales Thursday.
Gents' and boys' clothing and
underwear, stylish, cheap and dur-
-hinpim' their high grade ore out grounds exceeded $40,000. Con-1 1902. As it is, the supply this week
If J0 miles on mules to the railroad j trast with that the cost ot the
up to three vt-ars ago. They then! Court House in the County ot isa--mj.loyed
Edwin M. Clark, an ex-1 vajo, created only two years before
pert smelter man from Butte, Mon- j that of Santa Cruz, which Navajo
tana, to come to La Bufa and solve j County Court House cost only
the problem for them. He did so j $12,000.
by means of an experimental plant! We condemn the increased ofli
f live tons capacity, and for twolcial salaries in counties of the
vears past thev had the lo-toni sixth class, in wmcn oania ruz
'plant in operation. Mr. Clark is j county is listed, made by the De-
tinder a hve-vear contract with the
is the second largest ever nau ai
Kansas City. Of course, the very
large majority of the stuff has been
range cattle of variou classes. The
market was 10 to 20 cents lower on
nearly everything Monday and
Tuesday, but has strengthened up
since, and the week closes practi
cally steady with the close of last
week. The best sale of beef steers
this week was at $6 00, but the cat
tle were not very toppy. Western
grass steers have sold at $4.40 this
week, and natives up to $4.50.
Colorado and Panahandle 900 to
1100 pounds steers ranged from
Thursday John Glissan went out
to the new camp of P. E. Murray,
near Bloxton with a load of mine
supplies, lumber, etc.
Don't fail to hear Hon. George
H. Maxwell, the eloquent exponent
of irrigation, at Armory Hall, No
gales Thursday evening of next
bring $2.50 to $3.00 mostly, some-
C a n ne rs wea k e ned
yesterday, but are still as good as
Veal calves reached the $6.00 mark! visiting her brother at the mine,
this week, and close firm. More j "V as leiuuuug 10 mi nume in
me uay uiv.
Wednesday Judge W. H. Barnes
returned home to Tucson, from the
east, with Mrs. Barnes, the latter
yet suffering from the injuries re
ceived three months ago, at the
St. Louis exposition.
Monday evening Mr. and Mrs.G.
W.Tantau of the Yaqui mine, were
at Nogales, with Miss I). Tantau
from San Francisco, who had been
mocratic legislature lour years
ago, bv which nearly $2,000 per
This plant turns out three tons j annum were added to the salaries!
f 47 to 55 per cent copper matte j of officials in Santa Cruz county, j
for every 15 tons of ore- Its me-1 viz: lour Hundred Dollars each
tWI of ni,.viitinn is so simnle that! to the salaries of the three Super-j
:,'., ).,. ,l,,.1(1l In-a.HTm. ihnivisnr Two Hundred and 'Fifty -$3.1 5 to $3.60. Cows have aver-
.lii,pn-inr with a skilled smelter i Dollars per annum to the salary! aged steady for the week, and
rmin Sof the Recorder, Two Hundred and
The La liufa people use only! Fifty Dollars per annum to the! times more.
one American to a shut. It re- j County treasurer, two Hundred j
quires an American cord of dry oak j and Fifty Dollars annually to the j
wood to the ton of ore. It can run j District Attorney, making a total of j
) oh.,rtm inntiiininr n s hiodi as ,V ! $ 1 .950 ner annum added to official j
per cent silica while the upright i salaries, wrung from the pockets of country buyers have been here this
smelters can not run over 35 per taxpayers. week than a week hetore this sea- j Everyone in Santa Cruz county
cent. The loss bv this plant isi We condemn the payment of j son. Prices on Mockers and feeder j interested in the projected gor
about four per cent of the silver ! Twelve Hundred Dollars annually f have changed little or nothingjlus j eminent irrigation project on the
and a small fraction of one per ! to the Sheriff for assessing the j week, and range from $2.75 toriver non (e0rge II. Maxwell will
cent of the copper. property in Santa Cruz County, ! $4.00 for the fair to choice kind-. give details at Armory Hall Thurs-
The brick which are made on the! when Six Hundred Dollars would Next week should be a good time i evening of next, week. All
ground are composed of pure non be liberal compensation. i to sell feeders as plenty of buyers silnnkl turn out and hear him.
mineral bearing quartz with one-! We commend the action of the! will attend the American Royal j ,1, .j
fourth of clay. Everything about : ast Grand Jury in going into and Show during he veek jand ny nune up from hermo-
Uie iurnace is maut iigiu mere ex- niveaugiumj; rAii.nt"vc .i - iv;iln en route tn Sin Fr.ncUcn t.
. ,i . f ,i . .. . i t ...i i ;.-f.w.t..... .....l ..ni- cl.ir slim, .n louit to oan rum-iMO to
eept tne iron wotk. ait irom me ; vouri iiouse. aim regret mat uie imtwinaui , c...,-...
compressors is used instead of a i could not have had sufficient time have lost money this week. Prices
oiower. : to mane a i-uorouuu intsngaiiuu. u pmwu uci t.,, . l k, ,,.,. .,,., t, , .
,! ra ..... ..,;.,..! a .i ,t ;.,..T;..Jl.r .h .n :, wenk turn, and hirhlv! 1 Ufd.iN the party went to lucson,
uie ou-i-uu luniivw "" I'tiui utuHuiu .in -H" iim-eng,-, ' . . P ' theoee westward
built is similar to the one mention- j tion of county affairs by an expert ; mixed and inferior light weights j luc c nt' '
ed,is 36 feet long and 12 feet wide, j accountant, with ample time to go j and pigs are 50 to 75 cents lower, j Tuesday evening an enthusiastic
It will cost between $12,000 and ! into everything. j Top sales are now around $5 45, j repUblican in Nogales Ut three to
113,000 Mexican moim-, excepting; We condemn the Board of Sup-1 with good packing hogs, 210 to230 one tnal Charles L. Fowler would
the stack which the company has ervisors for neglecting to comply ! pounds hogs going at $5.15 to $.. 30, l,e the next sheriff of Santa Cnu
for the present, plant. This stack j with the recommendation of the j and many sales of common stuff j C0UntV) alul (Jon O'Keefe 'the next
is about 440 feet long running up I Grand Jury that county officials j under $5.00 treasurer. After the bet was ar
il hill. It has four dust chambers, should be required to strengthen; Sheep receipts are liberal yet, 'itjranged and the money put up. h
Mr. Richardson says the stack is ', their bonds, and their further around 40,000 head per week, but j 0fiervx UK,re money on the same
the principal cost of plant. ! failure to follow a recommendation packers are taking care of their j terniS w i 1 1 i no takers.
The rnmiBinv h:is now a calcin-!of the (irand Jurv that the Board ; end of the receipts at somewhat j
in furnace and is experimenting ; proceed to collect in accordance J higher prices this week, and coun-1
R - - 1 1 1 . . i ll 1 l . . 1 . ... .. . I .1 .... 1 ...
, t ,-. furnfifo i with nv an aek-now eacea aenc i : u v ueiiunni soows uu iei. o . dcm
mill ft H.UI11M1, iUlliuvvi 0 i , . . . .
join Don Ramon Corrul and escort
him to his home in Hermosillo.
Mr. Richardson says there is , in the County Treasury exceeding ! lambs bring $5.25, muttons $3.2-"
clay suitable for these furnaces in j Ten Thousand Dollais. ; to $1.00, country stuff $2.75 to
many places in the mountains. In! We condemn the extravagance ; $3.50.
fact "email plants can be made of i in public expenditure in the No-1
adobes if lined with tire brick. He i gales Public Schools, which should ;
says that their 15-ton furnace ran j have been checked and controlled ! .
from January to August and re-j by the Democratic county school! J r.v harnes 'itte,
quired "fettling" but once. Chi-j superintendent, whereby several j doughnuts and pies. Hi
huahua Enterprise. ' hundred dollars were expended in j oest vet.
1. A. RlCKAKT,
L. S. Correspondent, j
ev are tl
Food or not, one can do a
better dav's-work and be
more comfortable, with good
coffee for breakfast.
Vtir groirr reutm your money it you don't Ji'

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