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The oasis. [volume] (Arizola, Ariz.) 1893-1920, December 16, 1905, Image 9

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n il.- m tf i n !i a ' ! . - i
uur t h i f dni-!'i. n a i in !-t i k 1 ,
1 1 i
Saturday, I )( n , 1 k -r i(, too-
Last vc. k the ltin!(-r Vi-1 tt-
threw a cat fit over the. organiza-j
tion of the Joint-Statehood Asso- J
eiation of Santa Cruz county, audi
thought it a pity that a matter to I
serious should he treated with such j
levity. The Vidette may depend j
upon it that the issue ol jointure is
xi serious mattervery serious; but
the levitv is all upon that side of
the houe. The advocates of joint
ure are in deadly earnest, and
thev are in the contest to win
They are opening the eyes of the
far y;r-.-f r ! n ottiil !! t if ( n-t
of one, .1 nd 1 !.. 'ml- -.y '-'.
! !'
and vntb-il lock !' ii!u:il;' :ui'l iirt i-l io
urticlr- !'-!' Holiday :i t the More
"l tllO SllO'IM News' ('if. it.
For good, substantial service wear
Hamilton, Drown & Co.'s "Patrol
Shoe," sold at the lted House, Ita
roon Vasouez.
No. ;;,vj.
The Territory of Arizona, at the relation
and lo the of i 'cm o'K"!-!'i Treasurer and
Kx-Oitk-io Tax eolh-otor in and fur the iie oi
Smita Cruz county, in the Territory of Arizona,
j Plaintiff, vs. .'hi-.. i ne M. Kdward and 1). li.
I Oiilctte, defendants. I'li'ler Mii't t.'v virtue of
an Kxeetition und Onicr of fab- issued out of
tiie. District ( oiirt of the Second Judicial Dis-
. I . i . t::.,,. i trtet, lerntorv ot Arizona, in ana tor me
people tO the aOUOimai coouiuuiia (-0Ulltv smH rux on the .jnhlh day of
under which Arizona is laboring, i November, l-jus, u.i t me m si.enff iuiy
uuuci wuiv-i ''directed und delivered, on the judtrment
and that Statehood IS the Only re- rendered in suid court, in the above entitled
i in tlii i action, on the ninth day ci : November, P.n.i. tor
medy. Men are beginning to mink , (he Mim of ,ixl)M,ne mdiar ta.oi and Four
,. fa at oc one does a hit of I Cents und nil accruing costs I have this day
aiKl as idsfc as one uuco j i,.vil.(i ,, ,,-, f.,i!m.jnK property, to-wit :
good, hard ratiocination upon tnej Tin-pan-nted niiii site, '-i rem-:-,, ' smutted in
i i i , . 4 4iw, -M,.,.. ! the llrtrsliHW Mining District, Santa Cruz
subject he comes over to the cause j r.nmtVi Ariz)irt.
of ioillttire When SUCh men asi I'nUiU-muw is hereby given thiit 1 will, at
JOIIHUIU n,. . r,, Itherourt house duor of the id county of Sh ntrt
Frank Proctor, ha. iitcomo, A. i. vvy.; t tu honrof n o'clock a m., u Mi.n-
( i , i- lf.A i ditv. the cl;venth day ot Deci-mber, .-oil at
tasanega, Geo. 1). Gross, George , llU-biU.ail..,jun ,., lhv m, rt.i i,.-t binder
W A tic in ami A L Peck. I Blir-i lorcnsh.iu 1,-uMul woney of the rniieil rtuti's,
U AkV ;? m, V n." ! all lu: riht, title, . bum and inteiest oi the
gOOn, V . G. hcOVllle, GOn U Iveeie, ; h1,vmihiih'.1 deiet.daut in, of n;xl to the above
d n ... , , l . n "'1i,1c(Tji f 1 deeribed lu-oiierty, or .-: nnieli tbereul s Jiuiy
Kav rerguson, U, I). George, u ., w w,i,;rv to sMtiM-vsnidiuduieutaudcosts
Ephraim, I). (J. Chalmers, (and j f m, and all sh,rifT.
many more wao nave signed ine
mem'hersJ'ip roll of the association) j
with all the varied and important j
interests thev control, unite by j
Dated November i'ih, lX.
N'XiAj.Ks. Ari.utnl. r-eeiiilier IV, VMt.
Notice is iieieiiy uiveu that the iiouve ad
vertised sale is 'hereby jiH-ti-,ncd. until Mon
day. December IStU. l!-i"., i.t 11 o'clock . in.
HAKi.KS L. FOWI.KK, Sheriff.
No, ;a?, ;.
snontaneoua incentive in sucli a
'movement it ineans .something.
One meaning to the declaration to j
which thev have subscribed is. that;
there is not the Unanimity of sen- ! - The Territory of Arizona, nt the relation and
... " I to the use of Con O'h.eete. TrenMiror aud
ti merit against jointure in Arizona j Kx-omoio tx Collector, in and for the county
Wot liMim 'illpcrprl Another i ( H,lf" 'rnz. in t lie Territory of Arizona,
that iua oeen aiitgeu, nuoiiier ; ,,)ail,tjff- v Uils ml M,.Kiiott, heiendams.
meaning is that the movement in Under and by virtue of ;u Execution and
' . . . , j ( inler of Sule issued out ot tne Dist.nr-t ( ourl or
favor Of jointure IS growing; TOT ajU(? .i Judicial District, Territory ot
n'll l,t trn at three of the i Arizona, in ami t'-r the C.utitty oi Santa Cnu,
year ago ail out iwo or inrecoi i"t oH lhe vhihlh (ill. (. NoVciuber, an..i t
entlemen name! Were hostile tO I rneasslK-i-iff duly directed and delivered, on
... , i. . ,. i the judgment rendered, in said Court, in the
'the proposition, Vet HOW embrace j H,ove-eiititled action, on tne ninth day of
.U a tha Kat fnr Arinn-l Then I Ncvembcr, VM, t-r the sum of One Hundred
H as the Dest I0r Arizona. A1,tn jllfi ,slxtv (ito.y.o inllars and Ninety-Five
thev were ruletl by a sentiment: i tvms ami u acemint? co.-t. l have tins ay
- . . i i. levied upon the folio ing described property,
now thev are actuated by good, , Ul.wlt .
ciilwr-.ntYil t.n.inpc;q motives TllCV The t'nited States l'ateuted Ml tie '-Iron Cap."
substantial UUmIIKSS m0Ut. im.) , R(. hhnSQ )iy Milu.ml ( (ntiheale Number
see that it is business for the peo- : being Lot Nmiii.i -i:, situated m the llarshaw
, . . ' . . ', : ,;t,, MnmsK District. muUh Cnu County, Arizona.
pie of Arizona to frame a eonsutu- j Vilhiu, tmk.v is hereby given that i - will, at
:,-, B..nmi tlio vl ntioa nnd re-- i the Conn HoitH- door or the said County ci"
Hon, assume the duties ana n i,, rrU(i -ttt tUt, h.M,r,,t u ovwk H.m.,ou
ponsibilities of Self government, Monday, the cleu-;;tli oay of December. .-,,
i ,i l u,' sell ttt otibii'.' auction t the nielli's' tind best
and that it is business to have tne j ,,idder for .-a.-ii. m law fui mot.cv of the cnue.i
people of New Mexico help them in !,,1's-'u riin titu-. daim and. interest
1 T 1 v " 1 ici the Mijovo-muiicd dctenuaiit in,. u ami to
the "Teat work. ! the .above-described property, or s. much
lliereoi a m;iy oe imriuj o skumj am
jUUKUietit atol costs ot suit, tii;o nii acci-nuig
iVl.Kli, fin rut.
Costs. t.HAKIJ-M U;t
Dated Novtnibcr ;;h. V?X.
The tiny snow ball of opinion
The Oasis started down the moun
tain nearlv two years ago, is stead
ily, rolling and gathering Size,, N uks Arizona. Dumber 11, !,'n.
weight, speed and force. Py an - ' Notice u iieivby dveu that the above ad
.i - :u i . ,,,. i , ! veitis. d sale is hercl-v iMstnoned, until Mon-
other year it will be an avalanche ; (1(tVf ,,WKIIlU.r i.sth, i'j,i.,a.t n o'clock a. m.
of public opinion, and will bury ! ' charlks l. Fowlfu. sheriff,
from sight forever all who shall -
have the temerity to stand in the
Your eastern friends will greatly ap
preciate lino and artistic Mexican drawn
work, and nothing could be more ap
propriate for it Holiday present to loved
ones far away. You will find an elegant
and valuable assortment at the store of
the iSonora News Co. -It.
ii nd for
TclTit'i! v
The Dakota 9 were too large for one
state; the Virginias were too large for
another and both were divided. How
ever, Arizona and New Mexico are of
just the right size, according to the
jointure advocate. Who said "cons-is-t
e no y ? ' 'A r i zon a G. aze 1 1 e .
Remarkable, is it not, how our
friends on the other side distort
Virginia was not divided be
cause the state was too large, but
because she was trying to breakout
of the Union, and the people of
West Virginia wouldn't stand for
it: so they set up another state.
So far as the Dakotas may be
concerned some of the most pro-
No. :;ti.
The Territory of Arizona, at !h
illld to tin- Use of Colt O'lvecie.
ami Ex-orl'u-io Tax Collector, in
the ( ountv of sante Cruz, in the
(if Arizona, Plaintiff, vs. Deiuctrio Anuido. De
fendant, i.'uder ami by virtue of an Execution
and Order of Saie issued out- of the District
Court of the Second Judicial District,
Territory of Arizona, it; and for the County
of SrtU'.n'Cn.iz, on the eighth day of November.
l'.KKi, and to me as sheriff duly directed and
i delivered, on the judgment rendered in said
Court, in the above-entitled action, on the
ninth dav of November. Hoii, for the sum
of Seventy-Five Dollars ($75.2;) and Twenty-Two
Cents and all accruing costs, 1 have this
day levied upon the following property
North-cast one-fourth of Section seven,
Township twenty-two south, Range thirteen
east, G. and S. It. it. and M., consisting .f one
hundred and sixty acres, with the im
provements thereon and personal property
thereto belonging.
Public notice is hereby given that I will,
at the Court House doo'r of the said County
of Santa Cruz, at the hnir of 11 o'clock a.
in., i ll Monday the eleventh day of December,
1W. sell t public auction to the highest
and best bidder for cash, ia lawful money of
the Cnited States, all the right, title, claim
and Interest of the above-named defendant
in, of and to the above-described property,
or so lrno h thereof its may be necessary to
iatb;fy said judgment and costs of suit, and
ail accruing costs.
Chaf.le L. Fowler.
Dated November i'th, 1!K5.
NoALKs, Arizona, December 11. lso5.
Notice is hereby given that the above ad
vertised sale is hereby postponed, until Mon
day, December 1Mb, P.!.".. at It o'clock a. in.
I - . ' I '.'''I it ii i I If
I i : .' . I I i , , I t i,l !
i !.'.' . ' 1 ,
I i - ! ' i ! I I '',! !,
i " ., :,! ;. in-- ,
'!; : I'M- 1 , on : i,.
olltt, ill 11,.
C.hitll 0,lV rf
ot I lilve 'Mm
Doiia.s i,t
i. 'I
o. .-,!,! ,', j
ii" -i ;!,.! '
! ill -n. d !
on ! ... I
tin i
ii ty "i e i.ii7)
ell!s clot nil
in 'I f! f'.
'I ii. tii.i r. . t- i r joncc in tin- ( i ' y . 'i i r-
rt,iir- Bu-I I ((. , I,, eve f,,f 'las-s-ii".
t r.ttiM. Next to Montezuma Ho'e,.
iii i i i i
!-'! i.'lii i
P."'."i, fui
a U ', i
iied and
Nil ii t -s
n.i oini-i c isis. i nave mis nay levied up' ii
tiie foilottitm described property t i-wit:
The I.' nitcd Mates pat.-nteil Mine ' Pomi nza"
b, dug Lot Number Thirty-sv-wn (:;7). in
M i in j a 1 i crtitieate N urn ; r' J- orty-Th i -e (1.:),
siniuted in the Tyiida.il Minin-i District iu
Mtidfanta t'ru:; CiMt. ay. Territory of Arizona;
and the I Iiited Slates I'ntcnted Mini? "Dl iVtoii"
beinir Lot Number Tiiiriy-Eight (;!), Mineral
Certiticate Number Forty-onc (11), also
situnted in the TyndaU 'Mining lMstrict,
Santa Cruz County, Arizomi; and tiie Cnited
States I'Mtented '.line "Mills" u's.i situuted in
toe TyndaU Mining District, in said Santa
Cruz County, Territoiy of Arizona.
Public not he is hereby given that I will,
at the Court House door oi the said County
of Santa Cruz, at the hour of U '.clock,
a. in., on Monday, the eleventh day of
December, P.tu", .u'll at public auction to the
highest and best bidder for cash, in lawful
motley oi the United Suites, all the right,
title, claim and interest of the above-named
defendant in, of and to the above-described
property, or so much thereof as may be
necessary to satisfy said judgment and costs
ot suit, and all accruing costs.
Chaki.ks L. I'owi.kh.
Dated November th, VMo.
li It.
M Esst Couth Eyrup. Tastes Cncd. Il
lis." In lim cij l j . M
Ni.HiAi.Es, Arizona. December H, IfKi.j.
Notice is hereby given that the above ad
vertised sale is hereby postponed, until Mon
day, December Iwh. r ''. at 11 o'clock a. la.
Chaklks L. Fowi.er. sheriff.
' No. aw.
Tin- Territory of A ri zest a. at the relation
and to tiie. use of (.'on O'Kecfe, Treasurer
and K.x-1 i,hcio Tux Co. led r in and tor the
County oi Santa Cruz, i:i Hie Tei nt-,,ry of
Arizona, I'hiinluf, vs. Chas. lloff, Jitd'entlam.
Uiuler and by virtue of an Execution and
Order of Mile l-siied cut of the District Court
(if the Second Judicial District, Territory of
Arizona, in and for the County of Santa
Cruz, on the eighth day of November, I'.Hi.),
and to me as Sheriff duly directed and
delivered, on the judgment rendered in
said Court, in the above-entitled action, on
the ninth day of November, - r.n,", for the
sum of Two Hundred and Sixty-Eight Dollars
($;s..)) and Fifty Cents and ail. accruing
costs, I have this day levied upon the following
described property, to-wit :
The Cnited Stales Patented Mine and
Millsite. "America," situated iu the Hardshaw
Mining District, sanu Cruz County. Arizona,
further described ii Mineral Certiticate
Number Thirty-Nine. 3;t).
Public indite is hereby given that I will,
at the Court House door of the said County
of santa Cruz, nt tiie hour of .11 o'clock a.
in., on Monday, the eleventh day of December,
100,5, sell at public miction to the highest and
best bidder for cash, in lawful money of tiie
Cnited States, ail the right, title, claim and
interest of the r la.ve-nanted defendant in, of
and to the above-described property, or so
much th 'ieo; as may be necessary to satisiy
said judgment and costs of suit, and ail
accruing costs.
Dated November 9, 35.
Joseph de Lusipan.
Merlianifiil Eiiajiie'T and
Practical Millwright.
With a record of twenty-eight quartz
mills and concentrators erected in the
state of Sonora in the past 'twenty-one
years. Address : .Nogales, Arizona, care
of Thk Oasis.
F. A. AQUILAR, Sues.
Banco tlacional de 'Mexico. S
Giinvmns, vSon., J t ox.
-n ., ( - - f- e i ", -mp-
iron Founciru
oi Sonora
We do all kinds of
work in ikon and
bronze and make
a specialty of re
pairing differknt
N'.ioai.E-s, Arizona, lecember 11, r.-i5.
Notice is I it-rely given that the above ad
vertised sale is hereby p jst polled, until Mon
day, December 1Mb, i'5, at 11. o'clock a. m.
Ciiaiu.es L. Fowlek. Sheriff.
Wg want uou to know
if you are contemplating the jiurehase of tain
ing property-that we are in a position to
suppiy you either in Arizona or Mexico I
or if" you have mines, to kell that we can
place you in touch with a purchaser. ;
We guarantee fair treatment to both parties, j
Arizona Mexico Investment Comoanv. i s;
Jose II. Aguilar.
Calle tie Morelia, No. 10.
Ilermosillo, Sonora, Mex.
Saloon and Restaurant.
International Street Opposite Depot. Novates, Arizona.
Richardson Brothers Company
JMhiing Brokers
We handle the stock of the Pat fa Mining, Milling & Smelting Co.
We make a specialty oi Mexican mining investments and mines in Sonora
Mexico, in particular, and Solicit correspondence regarding same
709-10 Lankershim Bldq., Los Angeles, Cal.
Miguel Late y lino,
Magdalena, Sonora.
Branch at Sta. Ana.
Importers and Dealers in (Jeneral Men liaiidisc.
Largest Assortment of Mining Supplies in Sonora. Prop's, of the
Tovrvnuto Raller tiour Mills Agents lor "The Cali
fornia Powder Works," Hercules Powder, and The Studebaker
Bros. Mfg. Co. Farm wagons etc.

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