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Single Cop ... -jo cts.
P.iyble!n AmerUitii Money or iu Kqulva
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tion to the btmini'ss nftlee.
Cole otherwise apeciflrd all sutmrriptfon
dTertlemetii and job priming are payable in
American Money.
Ad'lress all coiamnntratiotii to Thk Oai,
Nogalei. Santa Cru county, Arizona.
P aUhel Every Saturday at Nog-le.Sauta
Cru County, Arizona, byTHK OASIS
Printing Ilou, Incorporated.
1LLEX T. Ill KD, Managing Kdltor.
Recently there appeared in one
of the Los Angeles dailies an in
terview with Cotonel Epes Ran
dolh of Tucson, in which the
gentleman took most pronounced
ground against jointure for New
Mexico and Arizona. One of his
most emphatic points was that
he could not advise investment of
capital in a state that is controlled
by Mexicans, as will be the new
proposed state; and that until the
menace of joint-statehood has
passed important and heavy in
vestments in Arizona, which had
been referred to him for approval,
will be withheld; and if jointure
prevails they will be. entirely
Now then beside controlling
important investments in Arizona,
Colonel Randolph controls im
portant investments in the Mexi
can state of Sonora. Yet he does
not hestitate to recommend in
vestment of capital in that state,
which is controlled entirely by
Mexicans. He is president of the
Cananea, Yaqui River & Pacific
Railway, a corporation which is
building railway lines in Sonora
right now, and has perfected plans
to gridiron the state with new
railway lines. He is president of
the Llanos de Oro Placer Mining
Co., which is developing great
properties in the Altar district of
Sonora; and he has not hesitated
to recommend investment of capi-i
tal in that great enterprise, which!
is destined to prove one of the
greatest gold producers upon the
continent. Besides that he is re
puted to have secured valuable
mining properties along the Yaqui
river, in development of which he
will doubtless recommend invest
ment of capital. Now all these
vast interests in Sonora controlled
by Colonel Randolph, are at the
mercy of state officials in Sonora,
who are all Mexicans, just as
much as would be the great in
terests in Arizona under the con
trol of Mexican officials at Santa
Fe, should jointure prevail. More
so; for some of the officials in the
new stUe will be Americans.
Colonel Randolph has no fear in
trusting to Mexican officers in So
nora all of his vast interests and
hestitates not at recommending in
vestment of capital therein. Then
why should he draw the line
against Mexican officials in the
coming great state of Arizona?
Surely if can trust them in Sonora
he can do so in Arizona.
Misinformation in great hunks
and gobs continue to come from
the anti-jointure literary bureau
in Washington about the prospect
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Ih prf-'i.l'T.t would fii ike offi.'i.il
de I tr.tli'-n .u-iiinH ) i n t u r i u hi
j iu !:'. !it':d )' ih f 1 ind for
and defniruled it. Then it would
he kil!e in the House cant u-. The
cauctM (conference) declared for
jointure lv a vote exceeding two
to one. Now the measure is to be
beat by recalcitrant republicans
joined with the democrats to vote
itdown. Failing in that the sen
ate will give the proposition its
death blow. Maybe these predic
tions of the antis will come to pass.
But their prophesies heretofore
panned out so disastrously that The
Oasis has become quite skeptical.
When in Tucson last Saturday
The Oasis editor heard Mr. Rodev
put the question plump to the
most prominent and bitterly hos
tile opponent of jointure:
"Why do you oppose so bitterly
the proposition of annexing New
Mexico to Arizona?"
Here is his reply and the pity
"I lived manv vears in the South
and I know how we had to resort
to killing negroes in order to se
cure decent government. Now I
know full well that should we be
joined to New Mexico there will
have to be adopted the same policy
of murder and repression to keep
the Mexicans in subjection and
have any chance for decent govern
ment." Now how is that for an argu
ment? Was there ever anything
more pitiful conceived? Those
who are murdering helpless Jews
in Russia probably feel the same j
way. Yet the man who made the
assertion herein quoted thinks
himself a
human being
reasoning, tninking
The Douglas International
American says: "We have never
heard of a man in Cochise county
who openly advocated joint state
hood." The Oasis will inform its
esteemed contemporary of one
right now: Mr. P. B. Soto, of the
well known commercial house of
Soto Brothers of Wilicox, is an
ardent advocate of jointure; and
in Tucson last Sunday morning
The Oasis editor heard Mr. Soto
so declare himself to Mr. W. B.
Cleary of Phoenix, the chief mis
informant of the Anti-Joint-State
hood League. Moreover Mr. Soto
stated to Mr. Cleary that a large
majority of the business men of
Wilicox openly support jointure;
and he expressed an opinion that
if given an opportunity to vote for
a state constitution the people of
Arizona will adopt one by an over
whelming majority.
The Immigration Commissioner of
Cochiso county will think of the affairs
of the county thirty-one hundred dol
lars worth, when the friendly Board of
Supervisors tell him to think'that much
and the people will foot the bill. Bis
bee Miner.
Does the Miner really believe
that should the gentlemanly offi
cial mentioned work his thinker
over hours for thirty-one days
that he could think thirty-one
hundred cents worth?
Remarkable, is it not, how the
American people thrive and wax
great upon "crimes". From the
earliest recollection of the most
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were ropfc'd, Then CHine (he
"crime of J -"," !." lint it w,m per-
(? I'll t ' 1. nd 1 lie pen pi i ; re lei ppV.
Now the "crime" if jointure for
New Mexico and Ari,on.i is on the
bo;inU. If. will go, the people
will accept it, and all will he
Srn.Ji'XT aspirants to journalism
to examination as to proliciency,
and license them, is a proposi
tion presented by tin; Naco Budget.
Theoretically the idea is excellent.
There are altogether too many
freaks and frauds in the newspaper
business, and they cheapen and
degrade what should be a noble
profession. But the constitution
of the United States and of all the
states are insurmountable obstacles
to the proposition.
Last week the Cieneguita Copper
Company, at its annual meeting in
Tucson, decided to transfer its or
ganization from Arizona to Neva
da, Judge Campbell, the chief at
torney of the corporation, holding
that a territorial form of govern
ment is entirely too unstable for
safety where are concerned in
terests so important and valuable
as have become those of the Ciene
guita Companv. Significant, sure-
From Washington comes the
word direct that the President re
ceived one hundred and fifty-seven
telegrams from Arizona and New
Mexico thanking him for his re
commendation that Arizona and
New Mexico be made one state.
It is related (on excellent authori
ty a wireless message however)
that they were flaunted in the face
of one "anti" who called on the
president to protest.
Pouring hot shot into the ranks
of the anti-jointure crowd at Bis
bee is the Miner of that city.
Brother Semple has been aroused
at the many epithets cast at him
by the Review, and the efforts of
the Copper Queen organ to start a
boycott against the Miner. But
then that is the only kind of am
munition they have, and Semple
should not fret at that. Keep after
them just the same.
Those upon the other side who
are desperately fighting joint
statehood in Congress have never
yet explained how with ninety
five per cent of the people of Ari
zona with them and two thirds of
the people of New Mexico they
so earnestly oppose sending the
proposition to the polls in a con
stitutional election and snow it
under by an adverse vote.
In giving the rules of living that
enabled him to reach a sunny old
C. J. MARBURG Proprietor.
The Most Extensive Commercial House in Sonora.
Gentlemen 's Clo thing and F u wishing Goods.
The Largest Clothing Factory in Mexico "EL MINKUO
- O 7
our Special Brand of Overalls, are the Best for Mining (
'"', M i f 1; Tw.nn ";iv le Meter
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I oooke.i one eu' tr ,it a titoe and
j -moked it frequent) y; that he drank
I whenever there w;n iiiiv on.? in
i . i . i i . ,
lonniv wiin ami ate everything he
liked and could p-t.
Eu'i: The Oasis greets its readers
again they will have passed the.
the great anniversary which marks
thy beginning of the'Christain era,
and will he deeply engrossed in
all the joys and pleasures of the
Yuletide. To all of them indi
vidually and collectively, there
goe forth from the editorial sanc
tum the most sincere and hearty
wishes for a Merrv Christmas.
"Ignorance is not a virtue; in
vestigation is not a crime." The
truth of the assertion depends up
on whether one is an anti-jointure
What is the "luckstone" of your
sweetheart? Whatever it may be you
will tii id any quantity of them at the
Sonora News Go's., and you will find it
your own luckstone, if you et her one
in a ring, for a Christmas gift. It.
Turkey dinner at the Montezum,
Christmas, oO cents.
A Bank which has
ample capital and
reserve in propor
tion to its deposit
liability, and makes
safety the first
consideration, and
is operated along
conservative lines,
is entitled to its
due proportion of
Our Directors meet
regularly and fre
quently and pass
upon all loans and
V;A ' 'JTiS -V

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