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The oasis. [volume] (Arizola, Ariz.) 1893-1920, April 21, 1906, Image 6

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f ' fit
.it; :! i , .p; si ? i , v,
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- I . -i
?-i M,l C ( ''!') . - - - - - - !'!
I i;m i I v in A t v 1",
X t in inert- n Mn. .r I ' . . i v
! 'i i'-inu Cni"- n"! Mi' Icti'.M H on Hj.-!i'-i-s
t In t I'.i' t s -S lir .t1ii'",
.4 I vet t l"Ili'tlt Mini j ( . ! I'lihHIItf IMV !;( ! ' i
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AMMr,- nil runiinmni iilinic: t it-.
' sniii i Cm c iiiiiiy, Arumui.
Isi Ulieil Kvry SiituMn.r at 1. of
Crux C ounty, Arloim. by THIS OASIS
Printing Motir, lit'oriortMl.
At.UKN T. HIKI, fa!B;lr(r Killtor,
I'ATT K. StXCIVAN. IItiineM Manager.
"Not since the dawn of recorded
tnstory has there occurred a great
er cataclysm than that which on
Wednesday of this week fairly
wiped out of existence the beauti
ful and wealthy city of San Fran
cisco, the wonderful growth of
which in a half century has been
.me of the marvels of the develop
ment of American civilization.
History records but few events so
caUs trophic. The destruction of
Ilereulaneum and Pompeii, by
ashes from Vesuvius early in the
dawn of the Christian Era. and the
destruction of Lisbon by an earth
quake and tidal wave in 1764,
milled, perhaps, the frightful
and horrible calamity which has
so suddenly befallen the Queen
Citv beside the Golden Gate; but
thev certainly did not exceed in
devastation and horror the present
cataclysm; and it is only from re
n&bs and misty tradition that
there comes any word of anything
exceeding it the disappearance of
the fabled continent of Atlantis,
n'ldeli Plato states that the early
Phoenician voyagers visited and
returned with accounts of great
states and lovely cities, thit sunk
to a watery grave in the broad
At this writing the full extent
and complete magnitude of the
ierrible calamity are not known;
and with the breaking of commu
nication by wire and the horrible
paralysis that has seized upon the
city, it may le weeks before all
will be known. In every town
and city on the Pacific coast are
iigonized men and women, hoping
for -the safety of loved ones in the
doomed -city, yet fearing the worst.
Tl&e stTain of uncertainty is terri
ble upon everyone.
The terrible experience was not
cxmfined to San Francisco, as the
shock was severe in a great radius
of tutny miles surrounding, and
Oakland, San Jose, Salinas, Santa
Cruz, Santa Rosa and many other
towns have suffered terribly. Some
of tike shocks were felt at Los An
geke.and extended even as far as
The fact that California has
leea visited by severe earthquakes
tw-'X-tl times during the past half
"l .t I '!- j ' 1 ' ! ' 1 1 ' ! I f .1 ii
! ! ; i r 1 i i f 1 1 1 1 1 1' ' i " 1 1 -i ; test w ( ! !,a J
! h i f ' !"!n ! r ! !; v. i I ! ,ii. f!)-c.'v f
he p'1' '!' which Ii m vi' ii, ,(! ( '.;- '
ifi-rni i m gjrat will rai-e her im-
pt ti.ti metropolis from its a .-dies,
and restore the wasted places
where beautiful towns have fallen.
Teodoro ?lartinei Who Ghat a " rJ fatal
ly Wounded Hi Wife Gits o Years
for Assault in First Degrza,
-'fir V:-' 1
"' U() ''
Louis Lulley, at the Senate sa
loon, now carries Pab.-4's celebrat
ed blue ribbon beer, and has just
received a large supoly.
The Mexican, Carranza, charged
with stealing ore from the Mowry
mine, was convicted Monday of
petit larceny and sentenced to
four months in the county jail.
Joseph Pizskorski is arranging to
erect a handsome two story stone
building for stores and oHices, on
his property on Morley avenue
near Dos Naciones cigar factory.
Mr. Francisco Saldamando, who
for a long time past had been with
Mr. Samuel Leeker in the El Paso
store, is now filling a position in
Mr. L. B. Fleischer's Boston Store.
Jose Juan Palma, alias Octa
viano Chavolla, was sentenced to
three years at Yuma Tuesday.
He is the man who stole the mule
from William Bowers about a year
Mr. William Barnett, who re
signed his position in the Southern
Pacific office a couple of weeks ago,
left Wednesday for Cananea.
There he will fill a position in the
Mercantile Bank.
Gladys Regan, the nine-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Began of Mowry, died at
that place Monday morning, of
convulsions. The body was
brought to Xogales and interred
here the same afternoon.
The reception which was to be
given by Mrs. E. Titcomb next
Wednesday has been postponed, on
account of the earthquake at San
Francisco, where many Xogale
people have relatives. The recep
tion which was to have been tend
ered Itev. and Mrs. Davis at the
Episcopal church last night was
postponed for the same reason.
I beg to announce that I have
decided to locate in Nogales. 1
have opened a MACHINE SHOP
for light work on Morley Avenue,
in the rear to the right of Dr.
Brockman's office, where I am pre
pared to do Light Mechanical
and Electrical Work of any kind;
Mechanical Drafting and Laying
out Plans for Manufacturing
Plants; Putting in Order Light
Machinery of any description; Re
pairing and Aligning Typewriters,
Electrical Instruments, Surgical
Instruments, Guns, Pistols, Locks,
Sewing Machines; also the Manu
facture of Surgical Instruments
and Hospital Appliances. I have
had fifteen years' experience with
light machinery and electrical
work, having been connected with
some of the foremost manufac
tories of the United States, as well
as having been in charge of large
manufacturing departments. Any
work entrusted to me will be ap
preciated and will be executed
promptly and thoroughly.
Pai l Roemisch.
Teod'iro Martinez was sentenced
Wednesday by Judge Doan to ten
years in the Territorial peniten
tiary at Yuma, but he has no cause
to feel that he has been harshly
dealt with. Circumstances so
favored Teodoro that though he
shot his wife and she afterwards
died apparently from the effects of
his murderous assault, he was not
brought to trial on the charge that
might have sent him to the gal
lows. Martinez shot his wife at their
ranch near Tumacacori September
28, of last year. He was arrested
at the time and held till the April
term of dist ict court on a charge
of assault with intent to kill. The
woman was brought to Nogales,
where she recovered to a certain
extent from her wound, but never
entirely. When able to return to
her home she did so, and there she
died about a month ago, apparent
ly from the effects of the shooting.
She had been shot through the
neck and jaw and never after the
shooting was she able to partake
of solid food.
However, as the woman died
about eighteen miles from town
and the coroner and doctors were
unable to reach the place till next
day, the doctors who examined the
body were unable then to state
positively that death was due to
the wounds received five months
before. Accordingly the coroner's
jury could only bring in a
verdict to the effect that the woman
died from causes to them un
known. Thus it was that Teodoro Mar
tinez, when brought into the" dis
trict court for trial this week could
Our Loans are CONSER
Our Cash Reserves LARGE
Our POLICY Carefully
We offer YOU -Security
be charged only with assault with
intent to kill, the charge upon
which the grand jury at the Oct
ober term of court indicted him.
Without the accusation of the
coroner's jury, backed . by later
evidence in regard to the woman's
death last month, there was al
most no chance of a conviction on
a murder charge and the trial was
conducted on the original charge.
The jury returned a verdict of
guilty and Wednesday Judge
Doan sentenced Martinez to
ten years at Yuma.
"The American Gentleman" the.
finest and handsomest shoe for
gentlemen's wear, at the Red
House, Ramon Vaso.uez.
We Make a Specialty of Making Air
Pipes and Galvanized Iron Tanks
Mining Camp Kitchen Utensils, Including Stoves of
All Sizes, from Small No. 7 to Largest Hotel Range
Everything Free on Board Cars at Nogales,
Sonora, with All Custom House Expenses Paid
Correspondence Solicited
Cia de Fcrrctcria y Con
strucciones, S. A.
Noc.ai.es, Sonora, Mexico

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