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United States and Santa Gruz County Depositary
CAPITAL $50,000.00
SURPLUS $50,000.00
BRflGET CURTIS, Preildint.
OTTO ft. HEROLD, CasllUr.
TtURON RICHARD60H, fltit. Caihlcr.
Saturday, Feb. 3, 191 2
Om Year -------- 12.50
Six Months 1.50
Single Copy .10
Payable In American Money or its Equiva
lent. -
Advertising Rates made known on applica
tion to the business office.
Unless otherwise specified all subscriptions,
advertisements and job printing are payable
in American Money.
Address all communications to Th Oasis,
Nogales, Sania Cruz county, Arizona.
Fab Uhed Every Saturday at Nogals,Santa
Craa County, Arlaona, by THE OASIS
Printing lloote Incorporated.
ALLKN T. 11IKD, Managing Editor.
As stated elsewhere in these
columns announcement was made
a week ago that a contract had
been let without advertisement for
installation of a municipal water
plant for Nogales, in connection
with the present water system,
which the town government has
contracted to purchase.
The contract made may be all
right. The award made may be at
the lowest price possible, and the
town may get for the money the
best possible return. Further, it is
possible that the town may not be
required by law to advertise for
bids in an undertaking of a magni
tude so great. But it is not the
correct method of procedure.
Let a survey be made of the situ
ation and condition. In May, but
three or four months away, the
present terms of office in the town
board will expire. The contractor
will have to rush the work tremen
dously to get it done within the
life time of this present town gov
ernment, and may not do so.
That will leave completion of the
work under the auspices of a
new set of men unfamiliar with
the work done, and handicap
ped by that very fact .in carry
ing it to completion. It will leave
a divided responsibility. If there
be anything wrong the board
elected in May can lay the blame
back upon the present board, and
the people now in can insist that
their successors are at fault. More
over, the present board was not
elected to build a water system
and two of them were not elected
by the people at all. A decent
regard for the verities would
prompt this board to pass on to
their successors in office this im
portant work. In an enterprise of
such magnitude the people should
have a voice in advance of a selec
tion of the men under whose aus
pices the work should be inaugur
ated, conducted and completed.
In this matter there is involved
another grave question. The tax
payers of Nogales voted bonds for
a municipal water system. At no
time in the election was there ad
vanced any proposition to pur
chase an existing water system.
Had there been coupled the propo
sition to buy the plant of the No
gales Water Company it is safe to
say that the bonds would not have
carried at the election. Afterward
there arose questions and condi
tions that made it apparent that
purchase of the existing system
was a necessity. By their suit the
Water Company had blocked the
sale of the bonds. It is explained
that the legal approval necessary
to market a bond issue is withheld
wherever there is litigation in the
premises involved. By entering
suit and asking an injunction the
Water Company put the . town
right where it was powerless to
proceed one step further. The
town had to contract to buy the
plant of the water company or fail
in the sale of its bonds, and let
drop the proposed municipal sys
tem. Now there was a condition
not contemplated when the bonds
'vere voted. And there is a grave
doubt whether the town has a legal
right to apply any part of the bond
issue to any other purpose than
plainly intended at the time of the
election. The least the town board
could have done, and should have
done would have been to have
referred back to the people the
new issue brought about by the
suit of the Water Company, and
asked public approval of the prop
osition. Judge O'Connor says he
can find nowhere in the law a war
rant for such a proposition. Mayba
so. But to have done so would
have looked far better than letting
a fifty thousand dollar contract
without advertising for bids. It
seems passing strange that. after a
community has mortgaged itself to
the extent of one hundred and
twenty thousand dollars, a half
dozen or more men, under the
cover of official action, can devote
that money to purposes not con
templated when the bonds were
voted, and can expend it t on
large contracts let without pub
licity. It seems remarkable that
the law should be so weak and
futile. Anyhow, for the sake of
appearances the board could have
called a public meeting and laid
before that the proposition to buy
the Nogales Water Company's
plant and asked its approval. A
fair, candid statement of facts
would have brought that approval
The Oasis believes.
Now, in the matter of the con
tract The Oasis does not deny that
the Karns contract is the. best and
most advantageous the town could
have closed. If that be the case
the bid of the Karns Brothers
would have been just as low and
the best after advertisement as it
is without advertisement. The
matter should have been handled
in an entirely different manner.
Then there would have been no
door opened to suspicion. And to
close The Oasis asks again "Why
Such Haste?"
There is an English Women's Trav
eler's club in which are enrolled women
who have gone to out of the way places
in the world. The founder of the club
is Mrs. Mary Gaunt, who has just re
turned from a journey to the wilds of
West Africa. Lady Arthur Grosvenor,
Mrs. Bent, Charlotte Cameron, Lady
Hamilton, Lady Sarah Wilson, the
Duchess of Bedford and others are mem
bers of the club. Tucson tstar.
It is alleged that one of the
ladies named bases her claim to
the distinction upon the fact that
once she visited Tucson.
Every position in Arizona held by a
Republican belongs by right to a Demo
crat, and this paper, ns far as its influ
ence goes, is in favor of putting Demo
crats in positions. The Democrats of
Arizona voted for a change from Repub
lican to Democratic, and the only honest
thing is for Democratic officials to OBEY
Nothing doing, Mr. Republican, out
you must go. Arizona Democrat.
Does not everybody know that
without being told by the Arizona
Democrat? Did a democratic ad
mi nistration whether national,
state, county, city, or town ever
let anything go to a republican
that could be prevented? Upon
the other hand whenever and
wherever there is a republican ad
ministration how hungry democrats
do hang around begging and re
ceiving crumbs off the tablel
In the Probate Court
Of the County of Santa Cruz, Territory of
JOSE M. FKKtiOSO, Dm eased, j
Notice for Posting of Settlement of Account,
and HeariuK Petition (or Distribution.
Notice is hereby jjiveti that MANUEL
ESC A LA DA, the Aduiinistrvlor of the Estate of
1 JUSE M. FKEtiOsO, deceased, has rendered and
: presented lor settlement, and filed in said Court
j his dual account ot his administration of said
; eMail' (together with hi.- petition for Dual dis
tribution) Hint thai Saturday, the 24th day of
.February, l'.U2, at 10 o'clock. A. M ., at the
Court-room of said Court, at the Court House
in Novaks i n said runt Cruz County, has
b.'en duly appointed by the said Court, for the
settlement ol said aecount and hearing of said
petition at which time and plaie any person
interested in caid estate may appear and rile
his exceptions in writing to the said account
and petition and contest the same.
Dated Feb'y 1st, 11)12.
Feb. 3-21, M2.
A New Train Dc Luxe
All-steel Pullmans Section Compart
ment and Drawing Room Sleepers,
Observation Smoking Car; Diner,
Electric Lighted throughout, Electric
Fans, Stenographer, Barber Shop,
Shower Bath, Valet Service, Ladies'
Maid Manicurist, Hairdresser.
8:30 a. m. Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Nogales to New Orleans close connec
tion with limited trains and steamers
for Eastern points, making time between
Nogales and New York and Eastern
points less than four days.
See Agents
Southern Pacific

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