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VOL. XXI No. 41.
Red. Star
j-Wr ireu Opintet, Mn.t1ics and J'ciioiu
AT i.Z . ;jrs JTB tr JU
13! l.lm;iU2 t,iriM. atLTTXOKZ, XD.
I1AN hkncui
I Ores nhcticicism. Neuralgia,
UllHU, 1. -C TftllKM
PKlrK. rilT C'FATH.
Tit Greatest gedital Triitcpa cf the Agt!
Lot! of appetite, Bowelacottlve, Fain la
the brad, with a dull itnuilta la ikm
Back part. Fala aoder tbo aaoaldrr-
Made, nllceaa tiltrr ratine, with dis
inclination ta exertion of bodr trcinil,
Irritability often per. lwaplrlta,wiia
a feeliacaf bavin neglect aaae datr.
Wear! nee, Dlulneaa, Flan criac at tao
Heart. Dot before the cyea, llcadache
aver the richt rjr. Itestlenaasa, with
Btfal drrama. lllchly coMrad L'rtae, aad
TtTITS FJLIJ are especially adapted
to sa;a case, ono doao etTecu sueli
sinner of fecllr.;?as to aston Sail the sufferer.
Tbey Increase tJie Appetitcanilcaasatlia
bo3r to Take ou r'lrsti.tna ts (rural U
nbnriahrtl.aivt t ribelr Tonic Action on
tta liltrcatlreOnrans'.ltetrularlitooIaara
p-KtofH. hlw 3.sc. -H Mumyit..5.T.
HenoTiUx r, i,, mafcrt health j Jle&ix.
Krenglbrss . wtasi repairs tbe nttes of
tbe arsseni i T n? tji i and ban! incscle;
tones Uw ikttou. tiKtn, tntiorates lha
brm, aad upa'la . o rigor of lLa&bood.
81. SoM hr dnicriKs.
OH'ICE 1 : Jlurraj St., Sow York.
O DC i J n a t at Catarrh
-r.UHIM DKLlil
Altrija Icflatntiin-
Cion Itenls Sore
Itrtnj-c the rscn
men if ine. Ii-ar-ItiC&vm.-il
Keller. A :'Ulvf
ha? ca.ned an cavl HAY"FEYER
nble ilitn"on. 3 pl n t othr prnnt.
t.on. Apar.-;e aKj .i-i into eTnwtnl:
co pln; M.reesu'c to use. I'ri-e jn cent, by
iaallor.it ruceiL t-.nJferclrcu r
HKOTHKIIV. Uroji.-i'.l- Oweco. Y
TSrt.l oulj S3. Shren lu proportion
Louisinnu State Lottery Company
-We lo
L-v cfrtify tliat tre fui-ervle
tli?srrnctmeij' for a.l the Jlontlil
:nr anu
Quarterly Drawing of tbe Ix'Olslana
State IOitery C-iaipcay. and Id person man'
at ana control in irsiring5 tiimeive.
uid that the arac a oro' Jcci-J wltli lionee
t y. fairnrM. and In c hxI f itb toward all par.
ties ara authorire t" Compusy to n-e
IbM crrtlflcaic, wth 1ms- miles cf out!gna.
tnret attached. In .la a 1 vertiiietconts."
We UiC cr.dtt-ictud IUrk snd batilcr
will pay all Priies drawn In The Louisiana
State LotterltA which mav b.
prc;enSed at
our rousterr
ji. Pres. Louisiana National Bank
Pres. State National Bank.
A OA Ml in.
Pres. New Orleans National Bank
Incorporated in JCa for S .r by tho
I .Itiatiirs for educational ano Charitable
lKirpoe wiiU acapi'I of$l.h,000 which
Jtntn fund alov r S".1 hs lace beer
U; unoverwl ' laal-z popular vote lt fr.
cliNeuaainn par. ..f tue pient State
Contiuutloti aduT.ttu I', .entbtrsd, A. U. ISTS.
Tho only lol'erj ever voted on ah.l endors
ed. by the people of ray sute-
it tVKit scars or. rosiroxES.
ft trAtid Single IVamtter Krawlan
take plute mimllily, anil tho fixlraor
dinary ItaulD;i rrsularly rvfry three
inunttiH uteHd or sriul-.tinnlly u
lirtetikfort-. b-simiins 2Xar-h. 1HSC
a st'i.iixriiM oi'i-oim viTY to
VIV A r-oamr. F RST dKAXD
Prawlni: 4" A. in tticAcaderav ofMutlc,
Nwi-:.i.T-4-i .January IS tli l!tt
Capital Prize, $75,000.
IOO.UUO Ticket at Flu lioilor Each.
VrctlouK. In rirtli in Proportion. t
i caiTTaL rmzE tsjv)
1 di do , :OlO
1 do lo . 1,CW
' !'Iwl7.ES . i." .. jjttti
5 d J hi... . 1 0.1 O
:u do i ... .o
a : iu ii'.ax)
Jl do Sao 2J.0U0
J llH 3).00U
&v .io S 2CO0
Uu '.(U)
rrot:ttATio.v rsin-a.
W ArrT.ixtuiatlon l'rir of fTM f 8"V
! li ! frti . . 4.'jh
fi .t r ' . . hti.tii.'
to .....SKVA
?i riuba fL. ulil be
n -.ict. tt.-or'.'-. ..r the Coainuyln
N'r -!i.
rni&tlr.n rrte elmrlff. elv
llifla' u !rt-. :-oTA t. AOTKS. Kxpre
-. .r r.ou ..t. ;;ic3TDse in
oraiaary ?:!.
Httiin cf $3 ana
t y Kiprtai tail
tu oar i :p te
it a. ia: mh.v.
ft Oi. U
Males ?. 0. ?;'oney flrdars payable
KF.u oi:f.nAXSATio.vit, nu
Nrw Ol-l'3t.a, 11
I'robte JuUce
Prescbtt, Arizona."
45jIj! sttentioTi id convepnein and
fiii-cc o:.: of all kinds.
KF ds Ku:.cn.wnB;ai.i. r.egtaiar
ineriiiic of thla LoJfQ. tits Tint ard third
"C UtK'sDAVot cich month, fct 7:3J uMloe
Mfzibcra srolarltcato Lc WH'I'
I Baa
Jerry P. Thomas, the author of the
seductive irritant "Tom aid Terry," has
just died. Omaha Herald,
The Albuquerque Journal, which has
been published as an independent paper
fcr the past year, has come out as a
straight republican paper for 18S6.
"Politically speaking" the Tucson Star
is expecting "something to drop in Ari
zona between the 1st and 10th cf this
month." Vulgarly speaking, let her
A New Yjrk man had his wjfe
arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.
In court it was shown that she was in
the habit ot taking off her wooden leg
and beating him with it.
The "friendly Apschfs" of Arizona
are said to fear to be attacked by white
men. The outrages to which the poor
Apaches are subject when they are
caught would not till a large volume. -
Philadelphia News.
A new democratic evening paper has
been started in Albuquerque, and the
Democrat, formerly an evening paper
has changed its tim:
of issue to morning.
This will ,ive that live town two morning
papers and two democratic sheets.
Before the 'rar it was frequently re
marked in the South that a judicial de
cision had established it as a matter of
fact and law "he d d lie" was equiva
lent to an assault. The author of this
famous decision, it is said, was Judge
William Dime!, the grandfather ofSen
atcr Daniel, of Virginia.
This is the way in which San Fran
cisco papers handled the Latin quota
tion "Hostes humani generis," which
appeared in ths President's message.
The Caii made it "Hostile to the hu
mani genusr" the Bulletin concluded that
the .proper translation was "Hostilo to
the humane genius," and the Alu soared
above its rivalsVith "Pirates by humane
It is said that Senators Harrison and
lngalls will lead the fight against the
confirmation of Governcr Ross. The
Journal wishes to remind these gentle
men that Rocs is really better than the
average democrat, and it is better to let
him hold the office tiian to run the risk
of putting some pestiferous eastern ward
politician in his place. Ross is not a
mean sort of man except in his political
predictions, and can do no harm to the
republican party in New Mexico. Albu
querque Journal,
The Tombstone Epitaph makes the
Journal say Governor Zulick's proclama
tion was necessary. This paper said
that proclamation was unnecessary, and
it should have added at the time that it
was an insult to a sorely tried, law abiding
people. Albuquerqne Journal Our
morning conterapprary made the item
read the same way the Epitaph did.
News from Gallup is to the effect that
the town is all ferment just now over the
report that Messrs. Sturgill, Mallone and
Temple, citizens of that burg, who left
about November S for a prospecting tour
of two weeks, have been killed by Indi
ans, l ne report was Drought in Dy a
cousin of Captain Smith, who eays that
just as he was leaving Carlysle's ranch,
near Durango, Colorado, cowboys com
ing in reported the killing of three pros
pectors from Gallup by Utes and rene
gade Navajos. Telegrams to Mr. Car-
lysle, of Durango, have failed to elicit
further information.
G. A. Sala writes from Australia:
'Labor is needed everywhere i Austra
lia more wotkingmen, mare domestic
servants more young men, snore intell-
gent men, more Scotsmen as many
more as ever you lite. 1 think 1 Have
also been able to discern the people who
are not required here. Theso are black
sheep of good families, loafers, idlers,
young men who come out and spend
their money, drift into dissolute habit
get remittances to take the hme again
where they do nothing but abuse the
colonies, of which they know nothing
and in which their presence was likely to
do more harm than good."
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never Tirie. A curve! re
purity, gtreoclli acd wholetoraeneis. Mo n
economical ttun the ordinary kinds and ca
not be soli! In enmpctltlon with ttie tnultltnd
of low-test hort elrht. alnra or pliotutat
powder SvM only in cxds. Rayil BakJof
rowctr vj, jvj mu sireer, aow lore.
tack Has ta CaueH.
The fourtk annual meeting of the
Yavapai Stock: Growers' Association was
keld io this city yesterday. Among
those present we noticed the following
prominent stack men of this county: J
R. Walker, John G. Campbell, Robert
Blair, O. Lincoln, Jacob Henkle, J. D.
Cook, P. J. McCormick. W. H. Willis-
craft, A. Charlton, A. A. More, J. J
Gasper, N. 1. Bowers, J. W. Dougherty,
John McNary, L Kuhn, Captain Gerald
Russell, J. L. Fisher, Geo. H. Curryand
W. E. Hareltine.
The secretary submitted his annual
report, which was received and accepted.
The membership of the association
was increased by the accession tf ten
ew members during the year.
Ths treasurer's report was also read
showing a balance in the treasury of
Sr-20.84, after payiag all expenses of the
association for the year.
The fficers serving the past year were
re-elected unanimously, and are: John
G. Campbell, President; W. W. Hutch-
isoi, Vice-President; O. Lincoln, Treas
urer; W. E. Hazeltint, Sec-etary.
The Executive Committee chosen for
the year 1S86 were as follows: N. B.
Bowers, W. S. Head, Jos. R. Walker, H.
H. Cartter, T. D. Cook. C. P. Wilder
Robt. Blair, J. L. Fisher, Jas. Oneal, W
H. Williscrafu
Jhn J. Gospor was chosen delegate
to the Stockmen's Convention to be held
in Denver the 27th inst, and W. H.
Williscraft as alternate.
The meeting discussed the policy cf
hiring a detective to watch cattle and
horse thieves, but left the matter in the
hands of the Executive Committee, with
a motion advocating this measure. The
meeting then adjourned tine die.
Live Stock liana.
The first importation of Short Horn cattls
to Amerxa is laid to have been made in tb
yer 17S3.
Tbe first English Herd book of Durham
Short Horn cattle was publitbeJ in 1822.
About seven tenths of the great wealth of
the United States ii comprised in the livo
stock, farm and kindred interests.
The noted old Uambletonitn stallion
Volunteer, ii now 32 ytati old.
Gov. Stanford owns a Holitein cow with
a record of eighty pounds of milk ia ono
Qjietly comet foreign cattle into cur er
ritorT as falls the silent anow. Soon all the
ground will bo covered.
Joseph S. Fiiield and Charlie Curtis havt
gone to Signal, Mohave Ccnaty.
Mrs. Curtis bat bsen quite sick for sev
eral day, but is improving in health.
W. W. Vanderbilt is in vocal training-
under the tuition of Mr. Joseph Dauphin
He is possessed of a very fine voice,
I. T. Stoddard, cf the Hartford Coppe:
Company, is expected to return with hii
family in a few days.
Tronble Ahead Far Aaather Deaia
eratle Aasalntee.
A recent Washington dispatch says that
it is reported that a strong opposition wi.l
be made to the confirmation of the appoint
raent of John A. Hise, appointed to 1
Sarvevor General of Arizona. Hise wu
appointed upon the recommendation of
Mr. Sparks, tbe Commissioner of the Oea
cral Land Offics. He is charged with us v.
ing been inlereated in a miscarriage of tbe
mails and other like eccentricities. Pwt
Office Inspector Tracy has submitted to
First Aesiatant Postmaster General Steven
son a report upon Hise'a operations. The
report is not made public, but it is laid
that its contents may lead to the withdrawal
of tbe appointment.
Feraaaal Meatiest.
Prof. J. A. Church aad wife will abcrtly
leave for the east.
Juge Jobn Hayues, of Tucson, a menber
of the 11th legislative aisembly, came in
from tbe south lait night to tttend supreme
Associate Justice Ba-nes, ct Tucson, and
Marshal Meade, are expected to arrrri to-
Jas. H. Mamilton, of Antelope, wis in
town to-day.
Thts. B. Carter, of iralnut Grove, left for
borne this morning.
L. A. Willard it in town from Cotton
Letter Uat.
The following is tbe list of letters
remaining at the Post Office in Prccott,
Ariaona, for the week ending Dsccmb-.r 31,
Beckman Miss
Barton M B Mre
Groeell Frr-nk
Harlan W H
Jackson K T
Palock H II
Reid J A
Seber Jas
Stewart G
Brascher C L
Couley M J
Chambers Joe
Glass Manly
Gilmour A C
Call for advertised letters.
I II A MAitfn,
Aa ladlaa Killer,
Andy Cooper, a cowboy on I.jncb i3ros.'
ranch at Navajo, bas had to kill two more
Indians. This time the Indians trisd to
drive horse belonging to the Lynch Bros
orT before hit eyes. He followed, recaptured
the animal and was taking him home, when
the Indians threatened him with theil guns
He immediately opened Are with bis Win
Chester; killed two Indiana, and str.ously
wounded a third; tbe fourth beat a batty
retreat, and left Cooper master of the aitua
tioft. Genersl Crook ought to employ Andy
to hunt tbe Apacbft. St. Johns Herald,
Bids tor repairing and altering the build
ing occupied at present by the JotnsaL
Mines will be opened by tho Bo ml ot
Supervisors at their meeting next Monday.
Tbe Beard proposes to tit three office) in tbe
building. One will be occupied by the
Treasurer, ont by the Probate Judge and
one bv tbo County Assessor. Two vaults
will be built one each, for prcbtte icecrds
Mi treasurer.
Ths Board of Supervisors met yciterdsy
Preuent Supervisor! Cook and Wingfield'
and Clerk Vlitchcl.
Tbe accounts of tbo Supervisors Lt the
fourth quarter of 1S83 having been tpprov
ed by tbe Probate Judge, warrants were
issued as follows:
W Y Hutchinson 70 30
J D Cook 123 00
W Wingfield 102 50
Tbe following bill were audited and
D I" Mitche?, clerk of board S125 00
J J Hawkin, probate judge. 155 00
E H Ccok, af.ornej's fees 40 CO
JJHjde. do 40 00
E B Dodge, clerk ot court 320 S5
A E Foote, do 434 00
II Si Clack, justice fees W SO
J W Spaflord, Jo 40 00
Ed J Lawler 26 40
John Bauer 19 20
Jotn SlcLellan, bounties 135 bO
F EI Auswortb, physician 73 00
John McNary, OTerseer of road district
No. 10, presented bis teporr, which was ac
rep ted and bill of $42 cllowed.
Board agreed to give transportation to
Mrs. Dilda to her borne at Pbenix.
The following proposals for repair to
coanty building were opened ami tilcen
under cent ideration .
Waleh Williams 919 40
J H Miles 1C15 00
Nichols & Jccofci 1050 0
FG Parker Jt Co 02S 0
Tee Board adjiurncd until :day at 10
Tuesday, Jan. 5
Keport ot county treasurer received and
suttletneut made.
The contract for repairing county build
ing formerly occnp'ed by the Jocu.val
HrxEit ws awarded to Walsh & Williams
for f!J46.
Bitpreaic Court.
Suprccc ourt met this moining at ten
Present Chief Justice J. C. Shields,
Assosiite Jtutica W. W. Porter ted Clerk
AJbsrt E. Foote.
The CASC3 of United States vj. Tenney,
Christopbersoa and Kemp, respectively
were tct for argument to morrow, January
The following ci?es were set for hearine
at the adjourned tern which will beheld i 1
Tucson on the second Mondiy in March
Tombstone M & M. Co. vs. Way Up M. Co;
Western M Co vs Tpo:e; Arizona Copper Co
v Copper Qdeen M Co, Solomon vs Norton;
Long V3 Hioe: Jeffords vs Hine; Clark v
Titus; Miller xi Hopkins; Nigro ts Hatch;
Hobson vs N M & A It R Co (with leave to
n'o additional argument;) and Wolnngton
vs CiiarVeac; Territory vs Nehigb, argued
by Attorney General Churchill on behalf of
plaintifl and respondent; Territory vs Rich
mond, sppeal from second district, placed
on calendar. v.
IHlda Weaken.
Notwithstanding the outwardly stoic ap
pearance ot U. . Diltls on tbe day lis was
sentenced, he was considerably agitated and
attcr going back to his cell broke complete
ly down and wept like 3 child. Since then
be bas b?ca extrtracly solicitous for his
wife snd 'irmly, a realization of the near
approach of bis end, evidently rousing his
affections and whenever opportunity afford
ed, would converse with her in most affec
tionate terms.
Mr, Dilda and children left for her
father's borne in Pher.ix, where they fxpect
to remain. Bjfire leaving she wa permit
ted to eee her hu-bind for a moment, and
the leave taking of each other was very
affecting. After tbe departure of hs wife
and children, Dilda threw himself on hit
bunk face downward, and wept bitterly for
long time. There is no doubt but be is
beginning to realize the atrocity of Lis
crimes, and the certain and speedy retribu
tion for them.
eeeasber Weather Keport.
The JocksaIz-Mixek is urder obligation
to H. F. Knabe, obeuver of the United
Ststes Signal Service olHv, ct Whipple, for
a comparative weather summary for De-
cembir, 1S93. Durisg the month there
were 5 rainy and 20 clear day f, 3 cloudy and
S fair days. The total rainfall for tbo month
was .33 inches. The prerailicrr direction of
wind was south west; highest velocity, 27
miles per hour. The meau temperature was
33.5 degrees, the lowest being 10, and the
highest 65 5. The report shows 12 rainy
days for the corresponding month of 18S4,
and 10 fur 1683, with a rainfall of 5 53 and
4.54 irehes, respectively. The mean tcni-
peratnie for the corresponding month of
84 was Sac, and for 18S3, 40.1, the loxcst
temperature in 1831 being 4.5 below zerv,
or 14.5 lower than for 1SS5.
Oar Territory.
The treasurer safe, of Ap:cbo Coanty
was broken open and robbed on the night
of December 27th, over $11,000 being
Phin Cianton, Ike Cianton, Ebin Stanley,
L".t Renfrow and Iturk Henderson have
ben arrested in connection with the rob
bery of the county treasurer of Ap:cbe
1). K. Wardwell and Morgan It. Wife
have returned to the territory.
H. M. Wcod, formerly cf the Wilcox
Stockman, has gone to Inlain, California, to
Having failed to "catch ou' at Washing
ton, Morgan II. Ykiso is trying to start a
drcsssd beef shipping establishment inTco
Treaaarer'a Beaarl.
Tu e ecucty treasurer submitted hit qcar
terly report to the Board of Supervisors to
day. It shows balances as follows:
In territorial genersl fund..,.... 0,937.53
In school " 580.46
In county general " 15,795.14
In fchool 9,191.87
Total amount received during tbe
quarter from all tources 63,794.13
Balance on hand in all funds.. 49,614.87
An adjourned term of the Sepreme Oonr
will be held in Tucson tome time in Febru
The parting Jay is done,
Another year has gone
Gone forever !
Gone from futurity
Into obsenrity
Aye, forever!
Right and wrong it has wrought,
Joy and psin it has brought
Thee constantly;
Still, bow with reverence,
Knowirg kind Providence
Dealetb with thee.
If fortune's winning trail
Charm our weak hearts awhile,
Twill past away.
True happiness u found
Not in tbe wide world round,
8cek where we may.
Has your heart had its sorrow
Without hope in the morrow
To qmet its sttile?
Your life love its trial,
Which you hide ith a smile
Poor wounded life!
Is the way eft dreary,
And are stout hearts weary
In the fierce strife)
Or Las the icy breath
Of tbe huge monster, Death,
Taken a life!
And with an Angel bright
Borne upward in its light.
B?aching its gosl ;
Leaving a life lesson
With its burning impression
Deep in the soul?
What matter how pisa'd it,
If fate bas o'ercast it
With grief and gleom?
Mtrrory will treasure
Not its woe uor pleasure
In tbe dark tomb.
"I ask thee, O, God"
Let your hearts feel the word
As spake be
"Not thy gifts to mdltiply,
But, of the least before I die,
Worthier make me."
Kdaeatleaal.Xe. 6.
These articles are not intended 10 dupar
age private schools. While they have their
use., they have never in any land been able
to reach ana educate tbo masses. The pub
lie tchcol is the poor man' friend. It does
more to breaV down the spirit of cute than
any other inflaecc. Wc have seen the sen
of a vice president or the United States and
tbe son of the man who sawed his wcod
both io the ramc class, with the chtccct
decidedly in favor of the Utter. Believing
it to be the means ol a nation's prosperity,
knd the only basis on which freedom can
rest securely, we advocate free elementary
instruction for the children of all the peo
ple. When private schools shall have ac
complished this, public schools ought to be
abolished, but cot before.
Ignorance is the parent of many evils.
Sometimes it .bccon cs the victim of disign
ing knavery; and again, It falls under tbe
spell of strange illusions and inflicts untold
misery upon the world. There is no reason
in it. and nr thing but superior free can
control it.
Knowledge enlarges the mind and enables
it to look at t question lrom different stand'
points. It makes the man pause to wigh
and consider tho result, before rjshing on
headlong to perform the act. Reasonable
people arc guided by motives almost inS
nitely above and beyond the instincts of tbe
brute. Such people are ths pride of any
enlightened com muni tyand tbe stay and
prop of any civilized nation.
And then again, evil distils its veins into
the eager natures ot tbe young at silently
the thiet goes forth at night, producing a
rank and poisonous growth to tither and
destroy like the deadly Upar tree ot Java.
It is the duty of tbe teacher, who would
beat stive bis day and generation, to clear
tbo way for the onward march of true
knowledge as tbe skillful husbandman pulls
the tares from the growing wheat, to in
spire the young witn wonuy mnives ana
teach them the nscs of understanding. Men
of tense, whom judgement retain, not
f inatict who must be controlled by force.
sro the men needed to constitute a free
state; aad should be the product of tbe
public schools.
In tbe ideal school, then, tbe pupils
weuld ba governed entirely by moral sua
siou. It tcere were no CDiiarju vtuu vie
ious nature, no want of the proper home
influence, and no incompetent teacher?, this
could always be done.
Children can not bo expected to know
more an men and women, we may
drcan of tome distant Utopia, where so
ministers of the law are needed to search
out and punish wrong, no bayonets to pre.
serve tbe autonomy of empires, and no pul
pits to preach the enduring wrath and j
boundltts love of a righteous God; but no
each spot has ever yet been found.
Wbtn tbe physician finds his patient
racked with the torments of toai fell dis I
eac, he administers a gentla opiate to pre
pare the way fcr constitutional remedies, j
And to there are cases in the school room
as well ts tbe bousenoia, wnerc moacraie
correction must be applied to turn back the
rising tide of a passionate or rebellious
nature and make- room for tbe milder away
of reason. These, however, are catastro
phes to be avoided whenever the power of
persuasion will avail.
It the man is to have judgment, the child
must be tausht reason. He who acts upon
compulsion, does not exercise the human
faculty of perception, feeling, mental activ
ity, and moral preference. Without the
privilege of choosing, there is no practice
cither in discerning or desiring what it
best. Tbe mental and moral, like tbe
muscular powers, are improved only by be
ing used. Crime itself ia either d'seaae of
the mind that dethrones reason and turns
the msntal currents awry, or a moral stupor
that cannot bridge the cbassa from cause to
It should be the aim of youthful training
to tench self control from the standpoint of
reason; snd this can only be acoosaplithed
by firm, yet gentle, method', Tbo chili
ought to bs instructed in saotives adapted
to its cosaprebeasion bat merely forced to
obey tbe doctrine of so other.
Pnblic schools opened to-day agaia.
Doubtless, many old customers of the House will
be surprised on reading this notice to learn that we
are dealing extensively, in Draperies, Upholstery
Goods, "Window Stufls, Wood and Brass. Cornice
Poles, Smyrna Rugs. Mats, Matting and other
things for home decoration and use. Although we
have not carried some of these goods till recently,
our trade in them is already large and constantly
"We have also introduced new in another depart
ment, Men and Bos' Bic3'cles, Children's Veloci
pedes, and a vary fine assortment of Baby Carriages.
Of course, eanying the above lines, of new goods
in no wise conflicts with our regular stock of Dry
Goods, Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Millinery. Notions,
etc. These things are kept in larger assortment
and at lower prices than ever before.
Large Illustrated Catalogue, giving full informa
tion about everything Ave deal in, sent free to any
address. Samples also free.
m ONE PRICE---400,
402, 404, 406, 408 K STREET,
Cranberry Sauce, Mince Meat,
Thanksgiving and
COME to Fishers lorjyorr Fresh
Seedless Eaisins. Currants,
Brandv and Michigan
,Why Don't you go to Fisher's and select from his extensive
assortment of goat and buckskin gltves. Buckwheat, fresh and
weet. J. L. FISHEE.
Successor to Douglass & Stephens,
The Tragic Meat Market.
Gurley Street, Between Montezuma and GraniteJSts.
Fresh and
Choice Corned Beef and Pork a Specialty.
ICash Paid for
Hides, pelts, etc, bought for cash.
Fort Whipple free of charge.
Fine Rooms 50c
and furnished in even particular with all the conveniences
it make it a
It is situated in the center of the city, within fifty yardi of the
Postoffice, and is the MOST CONVENIENT HOUSE in Northern
Arizona. Particular Attention raid to the Comfort of my tjuests.
SEB. Ap3IULLER, Proprietor.
Preecott, July 1, 1SS3.
Fnte and the elements appear
country. Appreciating the dull
money, we will sell our btock ot Clothing, J! urnishmg Ixoods,
Hats, Boots, Shoes, Blankets and Quilts, at prices never
before heard of in Arizona. Below we quote a few bargains:
Caatimert BusinettJSaits .... $6.00
rinitiCB Pants - - - 2.50
Kentucky Jean Pants .... 1,50
OoodlSsit !Underwear .... 1.00
Smtj Undar Skirts and Drawers -' '50
PiaMarOraralli,the best ... 1.00
Ka-asXttlsiMi DieklkitMbeaviest mads, Coit, Pants and. vest, -6.75
Km QtssaaMn, Corkscrew and Worsted Enits, Heir Goods, -
Mt Stewed 51.0
Xmas Proclamation.
Cider and dried Fruits.
Salt Meats.
Cattle and Sheep.. ,3
Meats delivered to all parts of the cityadn
and $1 Per Day.
to have combined against this
times, scarcity ot water and
ww a vs sartvu aw ww
'..rj vedntaiay t: iTeiystt, Ilia
taro:e4 to tha esmserelel and business is
erijaia Ol til Territcrv.
TS&Mf.i , . -
DAILY per yew " - li8
" " " alxtsantta. " i OS
Moaej may be remltttd by registered Utter
WtotSce onler ct draft. ,
Tbe Jor;azt,.Mixitwiii be deliver v
a rr!r so u'sexlai.'s ;n the. citj fcraSceott
Local sotlttet wlH be Inserted at fifteea
. into a line for the Srsi itscrtloa and tea
tsU per lias for each tubiequtnt tnserttsa.
Correspondence cn all cnblest of saeral
attrestTflU be accepted, anu news tromaeys
tocallly ia solicited, ct seelaDj from tie aleiai
'amps asd agiicrllrtt districts.
All coBUBssicsliona sheald be addressed ta
-n JocxxAt. JIikzr. Prestott. Arizona.
K. C. XUks. fiooa "o. 65, Merchaau's
'lane, Jan Kraiijlu. ta sole ajeatXor lb
v JotTBjra.t.-JttKxa.lxt tiixt city. Ha
.?.?ic,nea ti collect raonsra dun this
iatlini et,iako orJan xor adrertlalcs.
. wKoin any oiaer oastccaa i!to1t
ln lun f. tepretentaUTe orUiaoub
ter. iHE DA.r,JrtAl.-llrssa aaa
-rt KKLX 'iCOKAi-illSCr WU1 to focnil OS
l at h ..flce.
Kate or I?al AJxertlalax.
lierJff's "'"
:araoM. DUtrict Ci.ort
'moons Janice Canrt
. ISoa
- soo
t rre'inreotloe
L ad otnee tXotlce rcr Publication),
ii;cuuu lur ' j.- , , ,, ,,
lmnljttatcr'a v.itif
Kcvvapaper AdvcrUatue; Bartmss (10 braacs
vejomiso coyntAOS
mi be caCo &r tr la
t'ail I-cavo Tlnne Table to and
"iTeacatr. .
Mii' lor eoutdcru portion of tte Territory
iwl Paoac Crtut icavea dailjat C:00 a. ra
rta Pienu5ad avicops. Arrive at 6i
O.C3. ' . -
JIad lor the Eutern States ria A. P. '
R. K. esres ua-Jy at 6a p m. Arrives?
U7-JU p. ra. daily,
Mul for Bra.ishaw-, via Ha3i,a vamps,
Bctao, JlcesrIUa ami Alexandria, " leaves
51oniays and Fridays ai 7 a. rn. Arrives
Tuesdays and Saturdays at 0 p. a.
ilail for Phenir,via Astclwo Xallev.
itanton, Wtcieobcrah and Valtuie. tea-rea J
U 1 u-.j , ..... '
nuuusja, eaneauays u rricays a: J a..
. -invEs itscroajs, innritiaTa ana t
ultrstttj a. ra.
Mdl for Juniper, via Shnnioas leaves
-l urtlityaetd Tuesdays at 7 a.-ta.; arrives
W jdajs and Fridays "at 6 p. a.
J. II. A. ilaiah. I'ostmMter.
'. -re As h FcrS at s A. M . Arri
.'uruf at l3o P. Jt. -
ve Altoicerqut: at 3"40 A. IT. Arrive at
x'hFor!:atio0 I'.M. Arrive t, Mojave a.
V) l. it. LeiTc Jtojave (Ssn Francisco
U .) at 6:C0r3t Arrive-at 5an 7rMcUeaar
Ki) A. t.
Train on th Attsntlo end Pacific trUlher
nerlinza ou moncralntlae. .
stuInsontheSoutaeraraetfls kI vseSaa "
r. uiseottme.
fcllinaa falace Hleeplns Cars will bo
run through between t. ImuI, Kta
sas City and Kan IVranrUee.
.T"Thron!i tickeU to
roiats for
!aie as toe rrcseatlotace.
For lnfomatioa cosceraiaR rasjeseer of
reigrit trasi-ess, cilUtt
D.-. tlobtcson, Qeaerai Muisr
or S. ?. MEA1KJ2, -Ktiit. Prescott,
at.Kev.J.M.Grten paitor. Service ererySab
tath atlttSOtTii. and ?3 r.as. Stbbatk Mbo;l,
at 1;33 aja. Frte seats to an who will cam
M, E. CHURCH SOUTir, Weit rteicott
Mr. J. M. Laosrston, paitor Service ercrr
i7' 'eioci?.JL Sabbati Uchool
P.iL 3:ra-4r are sorJlallj IcvtUd.
M. E. CHCI'.CH. Marlaa street Her. Ka
. nan L. Guthrie, pastor Services rrcry lit
?ftJ.S,A U M-SF.K.daalaj Sctool
i ear tse School ilcaie.Riv.tXS.Beanlsler.saa
t Service every aabttr.h at ica A.Xai
il . M. ?sninc service oetfns with 8sU
- utet p -..ss race tin-. Sabbath Seboal.C
. . A.. 'oralel arelcoue iriU te er-
t 't tc all.
eas-WIH practice mill the ecnru or Ar!ca,
aiid berore ttxe Tarloa.lMpar".iueuU in Wab
lcgton,I. c.
Oace-Koom Xo. 3. over Bank oi Avlzaaa.
Prescatt, A. T.
Prescott, Aruoca.
Attorney and Cocxsioor. at Law.
f-Wnijractiec in al.theC-iurl; of Arixona.
Orncs Ov-r the Baak. ct ArUcn
PrKcott, Ansons. ,
: in'Ccjit House - -" . Prescott.
- Aruona.
OlEce ou Cortez 5trH a rv-jr
The of JocBx.ai.otHc.
DR. P. K. AIN3WORTH, . - r
PrrisioiAn ahb 8coso,i
llescctt. Ararat,
0.3c0ct!.C6i.l StUtdlsr.Ccrle? stret.v
Physician ixp Surceok;
Office on "initeKni strccr,
One door Noirh of lUsie A Co a Criet:r
- r - i
.TTfftzzY General cr Arszona.
irroaycx jlkti -.c:aELor: r Lxr
rrti" . tbe FanJr i A-iio-v.
ATi ASiif-Xi-UAA. v. s.. COM
- I c.ud:v. Oi2c- ast ooor l
-rrr-r.ix, . i
i a .
: m
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as s- "-rjL

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