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s. - - - -
J., C Martin, Editor,
S!rK -
6, 1885
. 5 OwJnz to the storm oa the night be-
'ifore New Years, and the extremely cold
.3r!5. ... , .. - . ... J-J .1...
.weauier luiiomnc, wmca rciaiucu
moving cf the presses and other heavy
machinery connected with this office, :t
wis found impossible to issue a paper 03
Saturday evening, January 2d, as ex
petted at the time ol our last issue. We
are, however, now comfortably settled
in our new Quarters on Montezuma
street, near Gurley, where we will be glad
to see our friends.
TheRovcrnor is justly alarmed at the
round of indignant attack made upon
his misrepresentations of this people and
has tried to meet cur assertion that he
had no ground for his intimation that the
people cf the territory were threatening
to raid the Indian reservation. Night
before last he took an article to our
democratic contemporary which was
intended to show the evidences that the
people arc reallyconternplating an attack
on the Indians.
He quotes from three cr four papers
that have published intemperate articles
since the beginning of the Indian raid
These articles talk bloodily and are to be
deplored for the use that will be made of
by doctrinarians and mistaken
philanthropists in the east, flat are
they also a sufficient reason for an
official declaration on the part of our
governor that there is danger these angry
phrases w;ll lead to an uprising? Are
they good cause for even an intimation
of tliat sort? Let us see.
It is evident that the people have paid
no heed to the: invitations to violence.
'- Oar press has always been prompt to
find cut and eager to pabtish any dis-
. position whatever of the pebHc mind,
1 .1 -
On Thursday evening, December 31ft
after the JouRNAi-Muftx bad gone to
press Governor Zulick received a tele
gram from Secrctary.Lamar stating J that
the latter had not received any such
telegram as was reported in the Washing
ton press dispatches of the 28th instant.
calling for troops to protect the Indians
from the lawless white element of this
territory. For the 'good name of this
territory, as well as for governor Zulick
this paper is glad to make this announce'
The proclamation issued by him was
a serious mistake as he must see by this
time, as the entire press of the territory
with one exception as well as the leading
ban Francisco papers, have condemned
it in the most unmeasured terms.
Governor Zulick, no doubt, at heart
really wants to do something to relieve
this territory of its Indian curse and the
mistakes he has made have probably
been those of judgement, rather than of
the heart, but whatever the motive the
result to the territory will be the
The press dispatch published all over
oar country will also have a prejudicial
effect against the territory and while
Secretary Lamar's denial of receiving
any such telegram from Governor Zulick
relieves him from any and all blame in
the matter, it would be a great satisfac
tion to the people of this territory to
know from whence such a report eman
Governor Zulick claims that at his
request troops have been sent to this
territory for the better protection of
white settlers.
There is nothing in the published
dispatch from the Interior Department
indicating that such a request had been
made by Gov. Zulick. It is evident that
no dispatch was sent requesting troops
for any purpose. We are willing to
accord Gov. Zulick all deserved credit
and we have hastened to publish the
falsity of the dispatch purported to hive
. I .! ,. " . f
a sum many part ot I ueca sens uy nim requesting troops tor
'HI and there is not
the territory that U,e people occupy any
itriw rtiA that rr .k! tra . cuf.
fenng though ind:guat protest which the
trying rustoty of so many years has mad.
us tarntiiar witn . Indeed tbc governor
awakenine" to a sense of his
accusation, hastens to assure the people
in his article that they are perfectly law
abiding. Hven he do? s not pretend that
there is any cause in the attitude of the
people for thts proclamation.
Are articles of this wild kind anything
new in Arizona's history that tin chiet
fEuif our eaversment, he who is our,
iceuth-pece to the authorities in Wash
ington, should lake alarm and publish to
the world the ridiculous nonsense that if
he wire not in the breach this people
would be raging around not only thirst
ing for, put actually shedding Indian
Oar citizens know perfectly well that
such wni'ngs are not new. Every cut
break of the Indians brings out speci
mens of this wild territory. The gov
ernor has hunted up a' few but we could
hive ; applied him with scores of just
such articles that have been - printed
from ttmc to time for ten years back.
The people read tbem and piss them
by. Our other governors, McCcrmick,
Learn ysur busineM thoroughly.
Keep at so thing; in Mwite change.
Always be is hatte, but never in a
Obeerve system in all you do and
Whatever is worth doing at all is worth
doing welL
One to-day is worth tw to-morrows.
Be self-reliant; do not take too much
advice, but rather depend on yourself.
Never fail to keep your appointments
nor to be punctual to the minute.
Never be idle, but keep your hands or
mind usefully employed except when
Use charity with all; be ever-generous
in thought and deed help others along
life's thorny path.
Make no haste to be rich; remember
that small and steady gains give compe
tence and tranquility of mind.
He that ascends the ladder must take
the lowest round. All wh are above
were once below.
Think all you sneak, but sneak not all
you think.
Thoughts are your cwn; words are so
no more;
Where Wisdom steers wind cannot
make you sink.
Lips never err when she does keep
the door.
An Extraordinary Effort to
Our Present Stock
There is reason to beleive that the In
dians are leaving San Carlos every few
days, singly or in small numbers, so as
not to be missed, and .are swelling the
number of hostiles who have already
murdered the settlers and pillaged their
homes in Arizona and New Mexice.
Upon no other theory can the newly dis
covered bands of hostiles be accounted
for. Tucson Times.
The New Year's edition of the San
Francisco Chronicle was a remarkable
piece of journalistic enterprise. It con-
the protection of Indians from the "law- j sisted of twenty pages, containing an ex-
less white clement," Hut the governor I cellent and complete review of the pro-
snouid net ask credit that is not ais gress of the state of California and
due. adjoining states and territories. The
If he sent a dispatch or wrote a letter Chtonicle is without exception the most
requesting additional troops to be sent enterprising journal on the coast.
10 mis territory tor tne Better protection
of white people he can easily have the
same published, and let the people see
what he really has said for them. Our
columns are open for the publication f
such correspondence if any exist and we
will not hesitate to give full credit where
credit is du. But unless some such
proof is presented, it is difficult to see
upon what Gov. Zulick bases his claim
to having brought the additional troops
for the purpose named. The real cause I The Washingtan Star says that Consul
for the order being issued by the Secre- general Mueller s report upon the feeling
tary of War will soon be known showing 0I" tbe German government towards the
.i- i . t 1 , TTnitAil c. ...... r 1 .1. . t . . ...
exactly upon wnat nis action was oas:a, 1 okucsi iitcry 10 ieaa to aipio
Stephen G. Marcou bobs up serenely
as of yore on the eve of a municipal
election. His communication, ha
is couched in milder language than was
his custom heretofore. It will probably
not nave any great influence on the gen
eral result of the election but is no doubt
a relief to the writer.
Is being made. Price have
been so cut down in every
department that if thereis
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clothing, shoes, hats, etc., at cost
price, it does not pay you to let
the opportunity slip. Our im
mense stock must be sold at any
The Lion Store.
Tbe uaen lined, proprietors ot Hi
Granite Street, Prescot,t
Bun stages from Prescott to Alexandria
and return, once a week, carryin J
passengers and freight.
Will Leave Prescott
Every Monday Morning
at 7 o'clock, returning evxy
toay, te ui Sals M&
JBusiness Commandments
THOU shalt not compare our house "with
any other, for we have the finest assort
ment of goods in town.
Saw Mill, hree at; 1' 1 s irottand
Tard.eastsldeof Piiu. tint la Goldwater'a
Store, have the largest assortment or
are prepared althe shortest'ooticcto 111
ellorj. r trltii promptness and dispatch
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Market; Rates.
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il Institute
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ows Affections, cured hero or at hi me,
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all particulars.
tencr, Xoc inrual Lotwi,
and aO JHorMd Conditions
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lies and rerulclou boll-
zerac Saioorr!
And Billiard Hall.
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Exclusive use and entertain
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ten centu in etosip.
treated under wnaranteo to core.
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laliins: of tho uieruis weak back,
antovcrsion, retroversion, Learliir.
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tiou. Inflanimation and ulceration
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ana tenderness) in ovaries, Internal
aeat, and Xemalo weakness."
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tr illutntsNt with pltadid cDcrmnsc. Tbi
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of Inf orxutioB vHicb o person thcrald b witboat.
Tli popaUnty of th tdr-xnnc axtucax i
oca Uit iu nrcalAtion nexHy eqn) thi of all
other papers of iu clue combined. Price. 912) a
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at CO Fcbliabers. o. aentroadiraw. 3. x.
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mon taui On Hundred Thou
sand sr-plicatKOt tor psuou id tos
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Cuuii. Trsd-llrk. CoPI-na.
Mid weal
lion. BIc
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ion. Bloat Kervou I'roetratFou,
' mnA ill nlhn BADtn foT
Iircanac to mtnbm xtrit nhu in us
ITmtad StAtoL CxlmdS. EcsUod. Rise.
I Gnnny and other foraifn cosstnw. pr
Ipsna si soon sours ssa on rwoaw
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urn..in .m trm. Pstonu obtained
thranth Moon & Co. ara noticed in ths baentiaa
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ll ondentood b, all persons who wuh.toiUfr.
poM ox tneir wnu.
Address STCXN a CO.. O&tos SUUUfW
Aazaicia, XI bosdwsr, or-
PRICE $1.00. SS
and now is the time for Gov. Zulick to
shawhow it was done by him.
matic correspondence between the to
countries, and probably to a demand on
the part of Germany for Mueller's
price sys-
Ssflbrd, r.-emoct and
fsmirhr widi such talk
sense enough to recognire
s-dt cetitrol in our people.
I ntie were
but thev had
the powers of
They did not
tluiiK proclamations necessary to curb
the cskns t a community that has
proved its love cf law by its orderly
conuuet through so many years and
under the most cruel trials.
instead of mumatm? to the world
that they ruled orer a cut throat bond
tney nave hd 1 up the opposite picture
and shown tbe 'east that the atrocities
committed by the Indians are dene upen
a people that has not furnished one
occasion for retaliation in many years.
T T .t: . 11
-iiuc. uus uumiui. rtprcseniauon a
gaoi feeling was actually arisinr, aad for
the first time in all our history there was
a prospect that gd feeling, a willm.
cess ;o do tight ana a wise consideration
cf ail the facts would give as at length
an luiiaa twiicv m which both the west
und the us: c. Ltd jem hands.
Governor Zulick, through an interview
with the editor of the Courier, denies
having seat the telegram to Washington is in order for the Courier to
calling for troops to protect Indians I expum uow a forgery ctuld kve been
from the lawless white elemenL He I committea by signing Got. Zulick's
attributes the telegram to the act of an I Mnie to a dispatch purportsd to have
organized conspiracy against him. "VVe I been sent to the Interior Department at
gladly give our readers the benefit of his I "shington when the department
denial, but at the same time cannot j declares that so such dispatch has been
refrain from cxmcssinz the oninion that I received.
if Governor Zulick did not send the
telegram it wis never sent. In order to I Morgan R. Wise, who has recently
completely refute it, beyond all question j returned to Tucson from (Washington,
cr suspicion, Governor Zulick should thinks President Cleveland made a mis-
iurnisnacopy 01 me telegram sent to I late m his selection for eovernor of I
, ... . i . . . i
me department, or it a ooeus one has I Arizona. He is vir?nti
w J w UftlUUU
peen forwarded with his signature I that it would have been a Wise choice
attached he should procure it and expose I u Morgan R. had received the appoint-
Us author. J bis paper will cladlv 'om I ment.
in such expose as it has no desire or
inclination to misrepresent Governor
Zulick, in this matter.
J.;KiSJ.J.tJt MJII'l lCtTY.
Democratic economy is fuUy shown
in the following concerning the Revenue
and lLxpenst.-s vt the United States the
Pas: Year. Dunr the jtar the net
revenue o: :b- Go;ernmc: was $33,-6-0,706,
a degrte cf $i,S:c,i63 over
the previous year beforr. The Secretary
vt ;b Ticisury has transmuted to Con
gress the estimates of appropriations re
quired tM ihz fiscal ear ending June 30-
133;. iiie joent estimated as
requited for alt :r.. exx-sesofthe Gov
jjV.;09-;3, iucn is $15-
i-i'; mon tt:in tee sum caJed fcr in
tne estimates sSwiued last jear. and
ic.Szo,;: more than the aggregate ap-
tccn.uuji.j ir it; preient fiscal
v,.emor .cuact is beiry petit:ned
to -aii on extra session of the territoril
AClAtu:.. ith his recent experience
cn :Ue t-jji .-r. j .- Skj road to fame, it
is scarcely probible that he nill submit
liiraJf ta the criticism which he would
lcvt.it: Lv tj.I'.nj that body together
araia. huaiso a question of doubt
whrther he Sus the au-hority vested n
Lira tor that l-urpose.
A great many c: z;r.a o: tx.th pohtical
partes lu.e psru:.aiiv iiunked us for
oui omiirV: and mar.iy defease of Ari
aeaa'i c.tizen ijuns; the asperaons
cast upon c:t character br Governor
Zv:lxi"s :tcc:i: jrociamauon. HTiiJ.
cntenain-r h;.h r.,-ronai rr,-rd for
cur c:
ex .
Good beer was classed as being the
drink next best to water by Dr. Lancer
aus, at the Antwerp convention against
alcoholic drinking. His remark applied
to pure unadulterated, well made beer.
He said that in France, where the beer
of the country is scarcely ever doctored
or tampered with, alcoholism is rare so
lonj as ihey confine themselves to that
leverage. Wine of good quality is less
innocuous. For children it. is always bad
and in adults it predisposes to tubercu
losis, nervous troubles, nightmare and
other affections. But gram and potatoes
arc the agents whence is obtained the
deleterious forms of alcohol These
spirits provoke nervous disorders which
commence in the extremities, pricking
sensation, chills, insomnia or else hideous
visions, tendency to suicide by hanging
or drowning, and in every instance pre
mature old age.
Ths City Council of Cleveland has in
definitely postponed action upn an r-
oinance lor opening the saloons on Sun
day. This settles the matter and now
Cleveland Democrats will continue to
patronize the back door en Sunday.
aix hundred men in the Brooklyn
Navy Yard received their discharge as a
Cnnstmas gift. In the intervals between
elections, retrenchment and reform run
a gaudy and vociferous race for thehoner
of being a Democratic byword.
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Ialh Justices' Court. Pirtcntt Prccrnct, Vara-
paicuu'iij, .rizooa 1 1 ith j t v.
D. G. Ktbt A Co., Plai itlfiV)
W. B. Alco, Defendant. J
The Territotv or jirizor.i snd rivetlnr to
too are Hereby tumtnonrd and rranlred
toacpsar In an action rouitu aga natyou
bvlhn obovo named 011.111117. Initios hive
enUtlel raujeaml answer Dlamilir pnmrlaint I
before the undersigned, a Justice of the Teae
11130m, in saj onct. witiiln ten (liy
nay. 11 eervra in ?lnct. ind wjtnln
twenty iM) day. If in the countv. nd
wltbla tuirty (3J) a t ierd In tne tfls-
iri.i.in aitomr t rty tl'l dr.
bam action Is bronzbt to teovcr tne sum
I tj.95, and you are hereby soUaol that If
you fall tot ppear and aniw. r tbe complaint
aboye rinalred. said Dlainiln will take
ludeement acalnt you for the amount de
manded ai aforesaid, and for all teller In tbe !
premises, and for costs of suit. Mate lesal
service ana cue return tuereor.
Given under ray band tulsid day ot Dc
comurr, a u,
Jaitice eftuc Peoce, Varjpal Ccna.y, Atlz-
Notice to Tazyers.
I will receive Territorial and
Count taxes until the 3 1st day
of December, 1885, without pen
alty for delinquency.
Sheriff and Ex-oficio Tax Col
lector, Yavapai County, Ari
Pbescott, Dec. 15, 1885. tf
Send fcpn rv"to In tfomna fr TW THua'a
knre Treatise oa Cisccscs or Wctsen, lUus-tracO.
World's Dispensary Kedicsl isscclaiios,
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cents a vtii. by Crurcing.
Analysis by Dr. A. Voelciet. F. R. S Con.
eoltlne Cbemlst Royal ASTrtciu'sral Sodrry.
IHglanrt, shows only a trace of nitrates li
Uuctwell's null Durham ToteuvQ Tho sol
ot tbe Golden Kelt of ." on h Carolina, lntrhlcb
tbU tobacro is btotvu. dont sapply raTates to
tbe leaf. That is the secret or its orUdoa;
mildness. Kotbln? so pure and luzuncus tci
axoiabc. Dont forsct tbe brand. J-orwirea.
cine Trttbout the trade-carl: ot tie Kcli A3
Cfalcrs bare It.
VTbea friiae ccacet'j
bMt solics Is f oimdla
ElMdmmtir Dmil Xr.
him S-KAinj rleta.
mii, iei sauce uiotmam it -rWVV
rijdi.U-s Bill Dvr. 1
XLy Si-Uij rlima. VvB
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A full lice of
Tobaccos, Cigars, Pipes, Etc.
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Palace Saloon,
Mostezaii St., next to Bsaes 8pesca
I nUb to notify the pnblle tbatl bare
ccpened tbl ropular place and wilt keep the
-kt Haciz of fojJi la northern arlxona. In
Wines, Liquors S Cigars
J. Gcxx, Prop.
Cob Web Hall,
rornserly known u tbe Parlor aloon,
uoxrazuirA st., facing the pl&zx
Mates a
spJCloIty "f selling
aad finest
tbe oldei
The Pope his a dread that he will not
pass his 75th year. It was predicted
by a gypsy that ke would be ta peril at
that jate.
ihc Chinese at Silver City, New
Mexico are taking out naturalization
papers at the rate of thirty or forty a day.-1
Reports hate been received from both
St Petersburg and Vienna that the feel
ing is jrowing in those capitals that a
war between Austria and Russia over
the Balkan is almost inevitable. Active
war preparations by both countries have
beer, fioing on ever since the commence
ment of hostilities between Bulgaria and
Servia. Heavy crdcrs for stores and
war munitions are being placed in Phil-1
adelphia by agents of both Russia and
Austria, hich give much color to the
The total number of troops furnished
by all the States for the Union army
during the late was was 2,859,131.
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b XI
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Instruction will be riven to a limited
number of pupils on the
Also In Vocal Music
At her residence on Cortes street, corner
Wills, 01 at tbe pupils' rcsuenee as
rosy b Sel-d. Jno
Does a Geneial Bank ng Business.
Tas. T. Thornton - President
Seth Mabry Vice-President
M. W. St. Clair - Cashier
YV. R. Thornton - Assistant Cashier
Mr. Evans proposes ta deliver a
speech shortly sustaining Senator Beck's
views dn the Silver question.
Mutual Reserve Fnd Life Association
johs a. ncsn. xi. a. wclu
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
;Presco.t,Ar irons.
Will tt:nd strictly to all "ousioes entrctted
tasa ta the several Charts of E'eard tf
rrttorr. A ir-t 01 title to raining
tiaa ;r.rn -o-is-'ioas
.Oranr,. .tr.- f.mp lV
nllyutksfrsitfrMiirhlck lk.v.rn...
Price Bakine Powder Co..
Chlcaeo, III. st. Louis. Mo.
Dr. Prices Crtam laking Powder
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et Bry Hop Tcat.
jlxd the tar .
Imported Segur.
P. L FISHER, Proprietor.
And Lodging,
Comer Gurley and Granite, street as
end of bridge leading to West
i.JeanaaL. trosafartable Bdsb
nt fiood filed.
Stransers respectfully treated.
Pacific Brewery,
JOHN RAIBIE, Proprietor.
m &
By he hogshead, barrel, keg
. cask or bottle.
iusn but ore Qovrrv
Four mines at Leadville, CoL, have
paia over $1,000,000 m dividends dur-1
in the year 1SS5.
Citizens of Silver City, New Mexico
have telegraph a petition to the Presi
dent for relief from Indians.
It would appear from a canvass of the
House of Representati res, recently made
by the National Republican Washing
ton, that there are 195 members who are
opposed to a suspension cf the silver
ina2e and 130 members who are in
favor of it. It is also shown that the
division is Urely a sectional one, the
West and the South being opposed to
the suspension of silver coinage, and the
Middle States and New England being
in favor of iu
The people of the United States have
recently contributed $80,000 to the Par
neil cause in Ireland.
Total Number of Policies Issued,
Total Amount of Insurance Written, - -
Reserve Fund, - -
Average Daily New Business, -Losses
P.id, -
One Mortuoary Assessment Produces. - -
Amount invested in U. S. Registered Bonds
Amount deposited witli Insurance Department, New York.
150,000. 00
By resolution. uun:aiCs!v adout da. Ihe
last raeeMne of lt Execatlte i nnrniittea
CIATION bereljy offers a Ktuiillns rcira it of
One Hcmlredaud Firiy Dolli js Xor t.no.ieUc
t'on If oc U the arrest ant convicl'ot o
inr Ti- r ,.n n, irinn a miltv tit ctrfi'i t..i(li.
or hones beloalns to ny metr tn-r oft
Assoc:auoa; or loriatormattim icaain? to ine
arrest ana csnTiction or sqt iersan or rer.
S3QS ;u!!ty or tnartlnj, brauo eg or issl
ciousiy kiiiio; live siocc o.iODj.ns to as
W.E. UAZELriNE. Secretary,
We are wrltlcr a ltrere
amount ot lile lnsur
I smA trim r I )-
The Chinese have contributed $qoo I company or asso:iation
to the Grant monument fund.
A SI mine rartaer Wanted.
. larorsb.e otiortnnltr J offered bj
Jacksoa A Co It anv nmoa or nsrtw h
funds to invest in raiotni.-, to tike an interest
Is crsrel claims on tbe Uassspstnpa Creek
and set water upon tbe croucd. About 13.000
br io
' having-
in tbe Cnlb-d States.
Our cbatzes for or.
rjlne risks are low and
equitable, nt least ose
biifcbea p:r tta tb
rjt! ot tt.e old levt,
premlota ct tupnle.
We hsvt GR KED
required. For particalars confer Geo. Jackson. fOV?..ue.r-bI
The oyster police and oyster dredgers Walnut Grove, or address Henry A. Sijre. I " ua Vl 'OH --'-'
e Chesapeake.bay.
ioa rrt returned to i:
ri Si-jn'bern CaLfaraia.
Seaii r r r!es zLd
Uprialcd Isformstioc
aral .weat.
'reott. Artaaaak
Mrs. James Eoacii
has bought ouf the
'cist 'la I nd wUl keep tie tables '"?P'ud wl" fc
Arizona I T T Ttir TT7T m nTT?c
that the market aU:rds.
ail Kinds f Gams In Season.
Ba-d per trees:
xsfie ateai
PrewoU, Novo.
a- n- I f- IV I
rrepsrtd by a pfcjiMaa irttb sjtcil rtri
totetUb. i."o .'.-rr.m't, f-g cr A-."
At the old stand on Montezuma
California Win Works,
fcr oa-PRicra cream aAuwa fowdeh.
Battery Screens
Wirm ! tar teteznr. Uletsc. tSs?
U It C I bdds, rtt. cu.. as Idads auf siaa.
Barbed Wire
Oijcfics Sit csuastetdagacatlsar
I GopfierTrans, Bird Cages-!
.Wire Cloth and Netting-;
1 Art cf strsarth.
Ail kinds of Wire Goorfs
ICaer, Iuzjci aad rttr2 yulij.
tr ctmpttltiam mjul -r
siifja Mi..i . :
' " 'mm mmmmrm
trp hA
a vlitfaa uMt

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