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VOL. XXI No. 45.
Red Star
"1 JNoUMlf SSaWSWaW''
r'rce trwtm Upiattt, Emxtic
at Dsrcoisrs sra nuat
TU 1MIS1 WJ J. TMUU millT,
Cms SacnMtisJt, I
H.r.1 . InlM, a Mb
pitfc r. rirr v crrTa,
t usitMliri. . tuua
mouuai.miinaivin, mLtisoas. aa.
(.Irauae thrtf east,
Alias IbIw
tlB Hralt stare.
eat.rc ihr Mra
svr r ta.tr. hear
lBC.atrll Aqtlrb
Rrtlrr. A INxltlve
bs calul n eml-
able refutation, dl.placlnr all other pn-para.
lion. A iwrtl'-le 1 .milled Into eac nostril
no pala; a;reeabe to use. Price So cents, by
mall or ut rult Sud ferclrru ar.
KLT HK8THKH. lru.-rll. Owrrn. V. T
lateeaf appetite, Basvala eaatl ve, Fala la
the head, with a stall maulii la lha
hack Bare Fala wader th. aaaalAsr
Made. Fallaaaa altar atlas;, with atfla.
lacliaatteataasertlaa.r hadr .ratlad.
Irritability aftespr. Law aalrlta, wtth
a far Una ofhavlaa aealected aaas datr.
Woariaeea, Plaalaaea, Vlauarlaa at th.
' linn. Data hafarash. .yea. Heaastah.
aver tha right era. Baatlaaaaaaa, with
sHtal drMssa, Illsalr c.wSrad Cvtas aaa
TTJTT'" FIIXS are especially fliplaa
So eh eases, one tlosa effaeu aoeh a
Tbrr IsmtH tha AptMtts.and eaass the
txxlr to Taha ow I'lMkfUiiit tlx m M
aaa. ana cy unir ran aw em
0mMi.Rrnlar StaaU ara
rs-ndawi. inc. aaV. sawsray a..l.T.
Henoratns Ilia tfly, makni hJU:f Sean,
etreoiruVns Itm rrUra tba wastea cc
the eynu-m with i Hire blood and hard maacss;
tooas tlie iwtou srstera. Invigorates tba
brain, and Imparts tha vVjor of marJuxd.
I . Soil lir dWirlsts.
IfFll'Kll Murray St.. NiwTsrk.
Tlrkriaaaly ax. naarra la praaarilaa
LoHisiaM SUte Lottery Cipaiy
-We do hrbT etrtity that we snptrrls
thearranctrocnu for all tbe Monthly and
Quartrtlj- Drawloga of the Louisiana
Slate Lottery Company, and In person man
age and control th Uraalnas themselves.
.1 thai the aame are co i -Jneted with lionre
Iv. ralrucs. and In rood t Itb toward all par.
tie, aua we authorise t' e Com puny to o
IhUcertlOcate, with rac-lmlles of oat signa
tures attached. In Its adTertlsemenU."
t'-sn astaalraera.
We 11. r ui .1. iriiriifd llinV and banVrrs
Bill v all I'm d'avrti In The LouUlana
State J.ottorl'H sli'di mv h pre i-utcd St
oar count rr.
J. H.O lil.I.stBV
1'rcs. l-ouisiam National Hank
Htm a h. k:kiv
I'rcs. State National Bank.
. sujimv
Pres. Nc Orleans National Hank
Incorporate.! In lt. for 35 ; vr by tts
r l.iature Tor .ii.rrttloital ao Ohriiable
.urp-i-wltU araplul uff UU.Uil which
artserva rnud utov ri'ti'J hA lnce t-eer
By anoverwhslinl e popular Tote lis frso
rhltcmu made a pan at Ibe present SUU
ujiitlluikm .dopu-d Decern NrlJ, A. U. lgi
Tbeonlv lot'ery ever Toted on and endors.
1 by the "people of ray state
ftaCirsaa- wiasle Xaaater Prawlaca
take place- saouihly. ihe Kxlraar
aiaar)' llrnwlnca rexaiariy ercry three
Muslim Inoie-il i esnl-.aaaalljr aa
aeretrre. b clnnlc March. lMfMV
v l-l.t.lll UrfUKrVSHV TO
WV a -tTrX". KillST OKAS8
Drawiti.- i It, in llicAcademy of Music.
rwrleu.'l ufay. r'rltraary th
J MS h Mointiy lrwjnc.
Capital Prize, $15,000.
lao.eoo VlrUc: ai Five Dallara Kara.
r"nriiii. in fifth la Prapartlaa. I
i.lror tt:iZRn.
I fM'lTal. fttl.K
1 .4 do .. i... -1
do do
t TS.0C0
- I0.UUU
- uooo
? rnizr. ok 8-o .
- tojoeo
AiTiiodinriini putii1.
t Approximation Prise of f""J 6;
y do do .rM 4.'
V Zila do IiO z:
1'.C; Prizes, utii'ianttng to.. in. t3VM0
Application for rates to club sbculd be
tuaueni3 w lur oiurc ui tun .viuy.u .w
r'""": . ....
r or luiiuer iij.oiiuanui tjt
Int full nddren. PWITAL eTiC, Expreil
MoDy Orders, or New York Kxchanca In
ordlnirv .ettcr. Currency by Express (all
so tot of ts and uniranis at oar czper.it
Jl Mm DSKrnia,
New Orleans. 1.
ar m. a. BArrms. -
sVaahlastaa, B C
Make P. 0. Money Orders uvalft
and address Registerei Letters
Jrw llrleaaa. Iji
AH Sorts of
bttrts and many sorts of ails of
Siaa and beast need a cooling
lotion. Mustang Liniment.
'-Skavtac aka im."
A (all, tlia raaa with a caw boy hat and
olherwiee having lac aaaaaraace of belaag
in j to tk hardy racaeVaitiMaa vrat aroand
town yalteray, en gaged ia tba tUegal patt
iaa -of tryiag to iliaanat at aiot ot bogna
fire dollars gold piecee. Ha laccaadad ia
getting rid of a number of them, bat Chief
of Police DocUoa got oa to hi gamr, and
it it rappoaed that fearing arrest ha
left towa. Two deputka of tbe United
States Marshal left is pwauit ot bin this
mom iog. He evidently has the nec entry
outfit for lbs Banufactar of tha bogus
coin, as H is Blade aut of soft metal and
then plated with gold. A maa aaawsriaf;
tbs tassc deseriptioB vktied a Bambar of
drsr ttorrs oa BatBTwav la search of
chloride of gold and cyaatae of potash
which are both used is gold plating.
Deputy Marshal Boyle rataraed at aooai
Irxlay having in charge tha she indivi
dual. Ilia came is Jamas ruber sad he has
bees living as Geo. H. Curry's rssch sear
Qranit Moantaia. Ms worked for Mr.
Curry a short time last fan sad aiaca that
time has been engaged la cboafiag wood;
with a mas named Go. Tba latter was
arretted also sad brought into town, bat
there being bo svidescs against him ha was
allowed to return to the ranch. A search of
tbs premises was mads in the bops ot find
ing tha eatfil seed ia the maaufacturs of
tne.bogaa staff, bat without eaecata. Fisher
is a young maa about or it year of age,
tin Brelimiaarv examination was set for
three o'clocV this afternoon before Judge
W. II McGrrw, United States Court Com
miasioaer. The bogus coin was s vsry isii
imitation ot tbe genuine, and ia now held by
Deputy Marshal C T. Daaavan.
Ike verlaaa MaMkl.
Tha February iaiue of tbe OrerUoil Moo
this will I published Jtuuarj 2ltb. It
ill contain a continuation of the Ocnt'
loo on Cbiaeee Libar, locludinf , probable,
nsprr from on of tbe leader of Ibt
Tacama Jnti Ctineat Mereaient, and cer-
tainlj a p)r from John S. Hitiell.
A consideration of tbe German tipatria-
tioa Treaty Q-ieatioo, bj A. A. Hargeanl,
late Minister to Berlin, U promised for
Jaroary and poiticly for Febtusry.
Tbe fiction of tbe nomber will be a coa
tinOLtioc of Htaa Uelea lAka's aerial,
California nore), "For Moaey." and an after
Cbrittatat etory, entitled, "Min Roai'e
Mrs. Helen Csmpbcll w II contribute a
most attracting uittorcil sketch, entitled,
"Two Old Fashioned Live Matcbva."
Several Terr important bitturical aid
dccriptire California articles are announc
A very competent critical eetim ite of Mr
E Igar S Kelly's ' Xoiic of Macbeth," ia
also tn r-e in tbe number, beside, tbe
periodic revi w of New Novels and Verse.
Charle Warren Studdaid it to e emnrg
the poets of the oum'e', and tbe Editorial
D partmcnu, inclading Commente and
Review, will ba unuuaily lull and var
our, c mp'.-tmu a vi-ry notable iiuober.
The Bb-earhe SJaw.
Winn I was young and used to roam
around over the country, gathering water
melons ia the dark of tbe moon, I used to
think I rould milk anybody's cow. tut I
do not think an now. I do sot niilk a cow
now unless tbe sign Is right, and it hasn't
been right now for a good many years.
The last cow I tried to milk was a com
mon cow, bora m oriscurtiy; kiiki oi a sen
made crw. I remember her brow was low,
bat be wore her tail high, and tbe was
haughty, ob, so haughty.
I made a common place remsrk to her.
one tbst is used iu tbe very best of society,
one that need not have given offente any
where. I said "So" sud sliu "so d." Then
I told her to "histe" and she bitted. But
I thought she overdid iL She put too' much
esp'exmoa in iv.
Jnt torn I heard something crash
through the window of the barn, and fall
with a dull, sickening thu 1 on the outside.
The neighbors came to aae what it was
tbst caused the noise. They lound that I
bad done it in getting throijh the win
dow. I afked Ihe neighbors if the barn was
still standing. They said it was. Thea I
asked Jif tbe cow was injured much. Ibty
said stie seut.-ed quite robust. Tbtn I re
qarttlrd theirrttf jta-rrxarrd calm tbe cow a
little, and see if they could get ay plug bat
off her horns.
I am buying all my miik now of a milk
in in. I select a gentle mi I a tut a who will
not kick, and I teel as though I could trust
him. Tbtn if be feels as though be could
tru me. it is all right.
Ike Csww.atfaliera.
The man Got, who was arrested in con
nection with Fisher, ia tbe counterfeiting
case, hat who was rslsased from custody.
pot "or' 'aa'atr'Of irjured innocence, and
thought the cfrbers ought to furnish him a
horse to rstinw tome. lie did not tarry ia
tnwa long, however, waiting for a horse but
cut tbe dust far the cabin as rapidly as be
could. Fiiher now chsrgas, and we doubt
not, truthfully, that Go was tbe real
counterfeiter. That he made the gilded
coin, and used Fuller aa a pliant tool to
procure tbe materia! and to place them in
Acting on this information Deputy Mar
shal Danavsn, this morning awors to a
complaint against Goat and Deputy
Marshals Boyle and James' Teckett
ent out to arrest Qoss. Tha latter, no
doubt, however, haa destroyed the appara
tni, and left tor a more congenial rlime. Us
is n stranger in this vicinity, having been
here'oaly three months, and ia a tolerably
well ewacated maa. He is also wall armed,
and tasy resist arrest.
There 1xit little doubt that Gass be
Ioca to s ,rag of counterfeiters, who have
operated ia dLffrent parta of the territory,
and who aVaaw headquarters near Flagstaff
last eammstvHe is said to have come orig-
Inaiy from Utah.- At tbe hour of going to
press' tbe o&cers had not returned, although
they had baa absent twenty tour hours.
A nine year old dasg'iter of Thomas L
Rice, who hat a ranch near Haschucs, met
with an accidental death recently. She was
in a stars rsom where a number of sacks of
potatoes wera stored . Whsn diacovared ah
was dead, with a sack W potatoes ovsr bar,
Prescott livery stable koeperr, srf, with
out deabt, tbe tsagbsst set of people knowa
ii tbs territory speaking frasa a physical
standpoint. A fatality, which, however,
does not prove fatal ia their esses, aaoatsl
oos ss this eipressioa Bay sppsar, teems to
attend them oflate.
The first victim was J, T. Basil, of the
Gray Eagle, who a abort time aince was
thrown from n broncho horse, landing
squarely on tbe top of bis bead on the
rocky and froseo street, casting a fractnr
of tbs skill, concussion of tbs brain, pan-
lysis of tbe spijtl cord, and other Isss ira
pertaat iajuries. aay one of which would
bev Wiled anybody, bit s stable keeper.
On Wsdassdsy, XsfSM larnett, of tbe
Plana. Stablas, was thrown from a bigb
spring seat of a six borss wagon, bead firat
into the rocks sad melted snow of Granite
Creek, receiving a wound which laid bis
scalp open for several inches and caused aa
indeaUtioa or tbs iskoll. A Isss
fortes ale maa would have besa both drown
sd and killed by tha fall; bat Bsrastt was
srstud ysstardsy with his head tied up,
"feeling pretty well." Palmar A Moore, of
the City Feed Yard and Stable, yesterday,
visited Csrtmsll Hughes' mill oa tbe
Ilasaayamps, and Mr. Moore, being thirsty,
wsnt down into tbe engine room for a drink
of water Seeing a bucket tall of a clear
I quid there, he proceeded to quench bis
thirst from it. Seeing him drink tbe dtadly
stuff, Mr. Cartmall threw up both bands.
exclaiming "My God Jman, you're poisoned;
you can live but twenty minutes." Instead
of water, tba liquid proved to be cyanide
of potassium, which usually does a maa up
in tbe tune indicated by Mr. Cartmell.
Not so, bswaver, wltb Mr. Moore. He went
to tbe boarding house and after exhauating
the supply of condensed milk on band, got
oo bis horse and rode to tsws, sod in reply
o aa inquiry this morning said be never
felt better. H also said that be bad paid
a bit a drink for a worse deletion than
cyanide of potassium.
E J. Austin, of the Gray Eigle, and L.
C Palmer, of tbe City Stables, are the only
livery men in town that have net mt with
some kind oi an accident recently, sua
they are both wondering what their fate
wilt be.
rark aVattsr.
Ash Fob, Jan. 37, 1880.
Though thu burg baa had such adestruc-
tire firs it is again quits a busy place aa is
evidenced by such eneigetic citixous as W.
U. Cook and W. I. Latch ford already com
mencing to rebuild. Mine boat at present
is Billy Latchfotd, aa be is familiarlf cill
e l, who baa turned his private residence
into a hotel, for tbe accommodation of tbe
traveling public, sad bis generosity ia treat
ing bia guests is only excelled by his good
lovk. W. H. Cook, who owned tbe Cot
tage t-otel, which was recently burned, has
already started in to rebuild and Lis new
hotel and billiard parlors will be close to
railroad track, which will be of great con
venience to travelers. There ia quite a lare
mercbantile business here, which is done by
the firm of A. G. Oliver at Co., aid A. C.
Trask. Dr. Abbott is th resident physi
cian and also Das a wen lurataueu cirug
Wm. Fitbers' harness and saddle estab
lishment would do credit tn a larcer tawn.
M. Woods' blacksmith shoo ia kept buy
repairing outfits of the numerous freighter;.
Ctarley Beach, tbe well known journalist,
but who is now one of the cattle kinga o
Northern Arisoas, ia bare, anxiously await
ing lb arrival of ifteca bead of blooded
horse, which he rscantly purchased ia the
east, and which are stow bound semewberc
in Kansas. He has been here now about
three weeks swaiting their arrival, sod asys
lie profoss to slay bare till tpnrg- if nec
essary. Governor J. J. uoaptr passea
through here, en route to Denver, where be
goes ss a delegate to Ibe cattle convention
to bs held there en tbs 38 ih. Hs says the
exact schedule tims from Prescott to Ash
Fork st praasat it 24 hours, and from bis
wetry look when be arrived, I do notdcubt
his w rd. It ia rumored that this place ia
tu be headquarters for the P A. O. R.
Co., when work ia commenced ia the
spring oa the branch road, onnecting tbe
A. & P., with Prescott, and in that event it
will be the liveliest town along tbe line of
tbe Atlantic & Pacific railroad.
Fbkk L!tCE.
Tka Blla Bxeeatlea.
Oas week from to day, Friday, February
Stb, U tha day appointed for tbe execution
of D. W. Dilds, tbs murderer of Deputy
Sheriff J. M. Murphy. Tbe execution will
take place ia tbe plaza. The scaffold will
be erected near the at utb wall of tbe brick
enclosure, oathe east side of tbe court
bouse. Soms objections have barn raised
against a public execution, but Sheriff
Mulvenoa bu no choice in tbe matter, cx
cept to have th execution public, or go to
the expense of building an enclosure, and
this the supervisors will scares! y agree to.
Th wall surrounding tbe jail yard is only
IS feet in bight, while ths scaffold itself is
18 feet. The obisstiea waisly to a public
ex ecu tioa, Is tbst ladies tad children might
be compelled to witness it. As tbe time
will bs announced, probably IS o'clock,
there need be no necessity of any ore's
witnessing the execution, who does not de
sire to. rsrents oi enuaren esa compel
them to remain borao at that hour, while
ladies whose sensibilities would bs shocked,
will, of coarse not be on the streets. No less
publicity would be given the affair, if tbe
scaffold were erected in tbe tail yard, as
even then, unless ths supervisors would go
to tbe expense of incrsasiBg the bight of
lbs wall, tbe ustramaat of death would
extend for six feet above tbe top of tbe
Terrl tarsal raaaa
Territorial Treasurer T. J. Butler bss
received full reports from sll tbs county
trsssnrers ia th territory, as follows
Apache county reports, (5,815
15, bat owing to tbe robbery
of tbe county safs remits... .$
3.000 00
14,99 M
IjW 3
1,84 17
,937 85
1.1M 83
4,663 13
1,55 43
3,831 49
8,365 31
a itti
....$77X38 0t
A Trlhate ta isseal rascra.
Every year, says tbe noa. David Davis,
ia a letter to an eastern literry paper,
amy paper gives from 100 to 85,000 in
free lines for the sole benefit of the vicini
ty ia which it k located. No o'ber rgeocy
can or will do this. The Iscal editor, in
proportion to his means does more for his
town than any other tea men, and in all
fairness, man with man, be ought to be
aupnorted, not because you may happen to
like him or admire his writing, but because
a local'papcr iathe best investment a com
munity can make. It may net be brilliant
or crowded with great thoughts, but finan
cially it is more ot a beaefit to s communi
ty thaa the preacher or teacher. Understand
me bow, I do not mean morsily or intellect
ually bu - financially and yet on this mora
question you will find the majority of the
local papers are on tbe riht side of tbe
question. To-day, the editors of local
papers do tbe most work for the least mon
ey of any men on sartb. Subscribe for and
advertise in your local paper, not at a char
ity, but as an investment
Fwtriassl Fa real a.
Tbe petrified forests of this territory are
attracting unusual attention at the present
time. A scientific writer in tbe San Jose,
(Cal.) Mercury recently says.
The silicified forest of Tritons, known ss
Cbalc -dony Park, ia undoubtedly one of the
greatest of American wonders, remarks Mr.
Geo. F. Kunz, This marvelous deposit eight
miles south of Corrirs. covers a thoutand
acres, sndcrnsistsof fallen trees which hive
become buried and silicified into probably
a million tona ot agats and j uiwr. Some
of the trunks are 130 feet long and ten feet
in diameter, and othera are broken into
every conceivable abape. Silicified wood is
obtained from many parts of tbe world, bu
no where else is it so beautifully colored as
here, every imaginable abape of red, brown
and green being presented. The most re
markable feature of the park, and a phe
nomenon unparalleled, is tbe natural bridge
of agatixid wood spanning acanai h ty tire
feet wide. Tbe tree is irom three to four
feet in diameter, and more than a hundred
feet of its length are in sight, loth sides
being imbedded in th sand stone at tbe
aides ot tbe cafi n.
A Mattel fleas ae rat.
Governor Hill made a speech at the
DelraoQico Andrew Jackson dinner last
evening. But those wno are in tne
secret assert this speech in question
was not the speech he had originally
prepared for delivery on this high party
occasion. The first draft of his remarks
is understood to have read as f.jllows:
Mr. President and Gentlemen: I am a
democrat; tthou, Tilden, art a democrat;
he, Sterling, is a democrat; we on our
side of the table, are democrats; they,
Tatnmanyites, are democrats. Let our
aims, brother democrats, be to see
to it that government of democrats and
for democrats may not perish from the
earth from the earth which we want-
Great and loag continued applause, the
whale company rising and bursting into
sympathetic tears. You will pardon me
fellow-democrats, if I indulge in a little
bit of autobiography. I am a democrat
from Bitter Creek. The democrats from
Bitter Creek are radical democrats, the
higher you go up the more radical they
are, and I am from the head waters.
Laughter and cheering. Ask me where
I stand on the tariff, I answer, I am a
democrat Seek to discover my views
on the silver qnsstion, I exclaim, I am a
democat Interview me touching my
judgment in regard to any of the politi
cal issues that are now at the fore, I but
reiterate, I am a democrat I know not
what course others may take, (here Hill
glanced toward Wasnington), but as for
me, I am a democrat from the crown of
my head to the soles of my feet, a dem
ocrat first, last and all the time; a demo
crat withaut variablness or shadow of
turning. (Distinct sensation.) This
morning, in a lull of business, in the
executive chamber I dashed of! a few
careless rhymes, which so accurately
reflect my sentiments on the inspiring
subject under consideration that with
your kind permission, I will read them
before resuming ray seat.
Cries of "Good," "Capital," "Go on,'
"Let's hear them."
About Old Hickory, be his tribe a host
Woke Friday night perhaps it was his ghost.
And saw within the moonlight round his head
Making It bright as some Delmonlc spread,
The bosses writing in the book of gold.
Exceeding ent had made Old Hickory bold.
And to the bosses la h's psth hi said,
"What writest then V Each bo s upraised lilt.
And said with looks that well prefigured fate,
"The Bourbon candida'cs lor elghty-eight.'-
"And is Hill oner' said Andrew, "Nav. not
Replied the beast Andrew pke mre loir.
But chcetiy still, and said, his fi-w lip curling,
"Write 1IU1 the statesman tint appointed
the bosses wrote and Tanlshed, but a hand
Appeared next night with mnsic bj the band.
And snowea tneir names, ly Bourbot. favor
And lo, Hill's monogram led all the rest!
New York Tribune.
taaw rare Far Mlaaeata.
James Stewart, Sapcrintendent ef tie
Stage lines from Pbenix to Prescott, and
Maricopa, taking that interest in the gen
eral education of our people, to markel
with all the fouudera of our institutions and
with bia usual well known liberality, has
reduced tbe rates of fare fur students travel
ing to, and from the Ariiona Normal
School, making tbe faro from Prescott to
Pbenix, ten dollais, to said ttuJeuts and no
doubt all other transportation lines in the
territory will be equslly liberal.
raasaaaptlea Sparest
An old physician, retire! from practice.
old physician, retire!
having had placed la his hands by an East
luuia asuaiuaarj mo lonauia OI a Simple veg.
e'able remedy for the aptedy and permanent
care of Couaasjptlon, Bronchitis, Catarrh,
amiw .it u.iu.1 auu Jung anections.
alaj a positive and radical enre?or Vmt
Dablll'.y and all Nervous Complaint, after
having tested Its wonderful curative powers
tn thousands of cases, has felt It his duty to
make It known to hla suffering fellows, Ac
toated by tbia motive and a desire to relieve
human tusTorior, I will tend free of charge, to
all who daslralt, this re.ipe, in German
Trench or English, with full directions for
preparing ana using, sent by mall by address
lac with stamp, naming this paper. W. A.
5lK. 1 rowsr's Block. Iloebatter.Xew
aora. aorxow ly
Ta a Maatssi Balla.
Thy lips are pale as roses,
White roses after tba rain,
Save when the East unclcee
Iu pent up wind, as faia
To nip them blue sgaiu.
Across those lips haa sever
Passed the first alaegy word;
To culture constant ever,
No mortal ear has heard
Their calm by laughter stined.
The children of unreason,
Of base barbarian mirth,
May love the gay in aeatxn,
May fill tbe weary earth
Witb trivial, childish mirth-
For thee this life it asrioca,
With dignity opprctt.
And an, with brow imperious,
Thou frownest oo the jest
Of the uncultured West.
Men, seeing thee wraped in gloom or
Frowning on pleasure light.
May ssy thy sense of humor
Is undeveloped quite
It m: y be they are right.
But I will still adore thee,
And for thy hand will press,
And low myself before thee,
Because, I rather guess,
Thou'rt cboap to dreas.
Peck's Annual.
The Hiawatha ladlaa roller
Givtt the Indian to the army,
Givu the red man to tbe soldier,
Tnen abut off bia fire water;
Tell him that tbe bar room's nowhere,
Tell bim that be must hoe potatoes,
Put ia wheat, and be aawiae herd,
Teach hia maidens butter making,
aPie construction, roller ikatiag;
ilow to wear a new fall bonnet;
How to don tbe gorgeous sealskin;
Tell him that if he'd a dude oa,
He must have, a cane, and mow some;
Tell him that tbe daily papers
He must read, tbst be may kniwmort;
More about hia wife' dar mother,
More about politics, and so forth.
Thus the Indisn, thus ths red msa
Shall become a noble pale face.
Louisville CouriersJoBrnal
As by the tense of bearing, we listen to
oral, so by tout of sight we learn what ia
comtr-unicated by written language. Con
versation, though of tbe moat pleasing and
kriifnble kind, cannot be commanded on
all occasions, nor all subjects. Bat reading
is always a source of delight, in any lank
or situation of life, whether in pro.perity or
adversity, it is the greatest pleasure afflu
ence can pricurr, and, in aiivcraity, tne
greatest consolation.
It affords so vist a field of amusement,
ilia', it is hardiy possible oot to tee pleas
ure in persuisg so interesting s story.
There is ro satiety, no lassitude in it. In
this glorious and precious promenade, yoa
may chooe bi company yoa like, yoa
my j 'in tbctn when you please, and leave
tlitru wiiii r.s little ceremony. They will
chime in with all your desires sad inclias
tides, liaiug an tffi-jity from mind to mind
that will permeate tbe entire being in
ecsttsies of true delights, and wbea you
choose to retire, and your bsck 'ia turned,
there are no censorious and slandering
tongues to msko any inde remarks eitbtr,
upon your dress or persou.
r.eiding is not confined to th neb, tor
o can greatly improve our minds in hst-
ever sitattion we may be placed, cantering
and training our thoughts or inward rea
soning to a giant mjsty pleating to be
It may be com parol to a telescope,
which opens and expands to our view, new
ohjec's and wonders of thd creation, which
could n.r be discerns 1 with tbe naked eye.
rhere fore, choo-e for your constant com
panions, works uy standard author, ana
tl.ey will stay witb jou through life.
'In th United States Court on Monday,
si.j- the Citizen, "a nolle prosequi was en
tered in the case of the United Stats
scain-t Jsmos A. Z -.briskie, under indict
ment for contributing to a politics! cai
uiiL'ii fund, while holding tbe potilioo of
U. S. District Attorney
tietier Idea.
The following is tbe list of letters
remaining a. the Post Office in Prescott,
Ariions, for tbe weekending January 38,
Arr.o'd Henry
B;al A M
B.-ycc Jas
Charlton Jane Mra
Cong:r C
Fisley M L
Fairfax J A
G lod S T
Griffin N
Uutchtnson Jno 2
Middleton Hugh .
Newton Jas H
Sanders Alex
Scbeaaler RJ
Tiernea Joseph
V-n Sack! H
WaUn M P
Waldorf M P
Howard Jos
C-dl for advertised letter.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies, A marvel ot
punty. strength and wholesome. Mara
economical tban fie ordinary kind aad eaa
not be sold In competition with tha maltitaae
ot low-test short eight alum or phosphate
wders. Sold only la cans, loyal Baklsc
iwusr Ox, 108 Wall Street, Hswjork,
The object of this an
nouncement is to make you
better acquainted with our
And how is that to be
done ?
By asking that you send
for our large Illustrated Cat
alogue. It is a finely-printed
book, full of facts, figures,
descriptions and pictures re
lating to the business. More
over, it is interesting, valua
ble and free. A postal card
request for a copy will bring
it to you speedily.
You may live many hun
dred miles from the Capital
City of California, and still
avail yourself of the advan
tages in trade presented by
our stores. Thousands do.
Their orders pour in by ev
ery mail with a profusion and
regularity which shows that
there is a something in our
goods, styles, prices or meth
ods not obtainable elsewhere.
If, then, the business has the
faculty of interesting others
so largely, why may it not
interest you ?
Wearing Apparel & Iloasahold Supplies,
a & : f-
Fine Booms 50c
maa lurmsnea m every particular with all the convenience
make it a
It ia situated in the center of the
T a aV 3 mAT aTharww -i t-a -m-nari-
x-oBiomce, ana is me ur uua
Ariiona. Particular Attention
SKB. AUMULLER, Proprietor,
rsseott, July 1, 1886.
llsvs tbs LamestiDd atost CsrtfuUT Purtfesssd Stock
Of General Merchandise!
salaaasonsestabUshBiSDtui Iriira.. jS
Alsi a CMpMi stick if tin Fmohs
lmm .Mis, Pacific Ciast Flaml Uirirwiar,
uckingham Hecht's Unrivalled Manufact
Soot and Shoes.
Magnificent Selection of Ladies'
avsral for taa IRpU-oaf basts wed
aawan oi ia. naw - .more.
The Only Hotel in Northern Arizona With
Hard Finished Buoms.'
rat'Claaa In Every Reapeot
H. A. Kendall, Proprietor.
(Succeessor to Dan Hatz,)
Board and Lodnng Per Week -Board,
By the Day -
gwwssiake7 k ta i. Praia iiru 111 Muni, batjiirt if rr
tab 7, mi.
and $1 Per Day.
city, within fifty yardi of the
! . 2T .
V fcMfcAT J1UUSE in .Northern
Paid to the Comfort of mv Guests.
Origii CassiMfi Crit.ii . Bia
and Children's Shoes, just arrive
Qaw, ii i.
npoD thsmln tbe past, they wQ sarasstly
- $10
- $1
(iTC4.sc ratixTixci
Thk Astiosx JonuiL-Xnm' h mk
llsnid everr day In tea weak ezeaSaasaaar '
Taa AmioxA waaaav JocaxjttlSiaaali
Eub ished every AVedneaiay at l'ia ! ika
apltal ur ll.e Trntory.
THE .4.K1SKIXA rt'atUSSaflBMs cs -
Diro'etl to the coaiserclal and haaaaaa m.
tcrc-sts ot ths Territory.
OAltT psryeax - - tttm
WiiW " one year. ts)
" " siZEBoatha. " gaf
Jlocer may be reraitted by rertsterei lattar
ostoSee order or draft
The Jocas ii-Muexwiu be dellTar4 Vr
rrier to suhscribers in the city for at eaa la.
week. ,
tocsl coUcss will be Inserted at tftsaa
nts a line for the first Insertion asd taa
mU per Use for each sabteoueat lnserUosu
Corrcspondesce on all suhWt of rsaaral
interest will be accepted, anu sews from aay
locality U toUelted. esrxjciaSLr trosa taa saladaar
ramps and ajrrlcnl'artl district.
.u communlcsuoDa should be addrassad ta
Ihb JoeaxiL-MiXKn, PrcscoU. Arlseaa.
K. C. IIsex. ftoom No. tn w- -
Jhaaje. aa ran:laro. la sola aat far th.
A.K1ZOXA JotntXAL-Jlijrxa la that eUy. Ha
a aa hor!rd ta colln-t
satabllshmeat, laie orjors lor advartlsiaa.
wo awaauia any oiner buslnss devolvta
pon hi in as tl- represenutlvs ar tha pab-
ner. Tut Dait JonjAL-iMts aa
titr JocBAi.-MiSEr will bo rauad sa
SI at hla oCIce.
Kate at ci AilTertlataa.
jj-.erlrr'a Sate
- IS oat
- Soa
initiion. UUtrlet Cuirt.
umruons Jctlee Court
t jirraure rtntlee.
L ndOfflce iXotlco ror Pnblleatlnni.
Application for r.tm .
J smm m mm w)l Mm,
.itiTissptr jaavinmaa aims (is
vxarnauo co.Tnucr
JB7biBdefcr4t in
all staao Tias Table to aa nssa
Mai' for tsontheru portion of the Tenitory
ind Pacific tXat leaves daily at 6:30 a. sa,
ria llienix and Maricopa. Arnres at 6. -Of
MsU tor the Eastern State ria A. A P.
It. R. leaves dally at 3)0 p ta. Arrive
u p. m. aaur,
ilail for Bradahaw. ria. IlLmtaia
Bucno, SIccsville and Alexandria, leave
nunaays soa r nuayt at 7 a. m. Arrive
luesuays anu satarUays at 0 p. ea.
Mail for Phcnix,via Antelope Valley,
iiintoc. Wickenbnr?!i ami Vnltnr 1
llondavs. Wednesdavs and riiava a: a a.
u. Arrives Tnesdaya, Thursdays' sad Sat
idaysalG a. m.
Mail for Juniixr, via Simmons leaves
.x uidays and Tnesdaya at 7 a. ra.;
1 jusjs ana .rrioays at 0 p. in.
J 51 . A. . ilarsh. Poslraaatar.
SiTe Ash Fork at is A.M. Arrive at Al
--,nerque at 1130 P. JI.
TatAXXM warjt-r
uCkVe Albnqnerque a: &40 A. M. Arrive at
v'hFork at io.-OO P.M Arrive t. Mojave at
X) P. M. Leave Mojave (Sen Francisco
Uvt) at6:00PJt Arrive it San Frsnclscoa
Trains on the Atlantic and Pacific will bera
fler be run on mountain time.
rains on the Soutbern PaeiOe wl
Palisasua ralaee MieeaSaa; crm will a
raa throauik feetweva '- t
aav City sua hvasi rrmmrtrnf.
T Through Uekets to all pointa for
ude at tbe Prescott office.
For Information concerning passenger or
'rclght Dullness, call on
,. . O.F.andP.AAlbnantrqtw.Ji.it.
t. . IVoblnon, Oeaeral M Uia-r-
or J. F. M EA 1K1R. Acep t Hrsaeott.
Attorneys and Cossselors at law,
prescott Arlseaa.
Will attsad"strIctly"to all basis ess eatraste
them Ia the several Courts ot Uncord of the
rritory. AbstracU ut title to miaing claim
d realty accurately prepared. P-oaipt at
tii jr Iven to collections.
Prescott, Arizona.
Attorney a.xd Cocsselob, at Law
T4srWIU practice lall theCoarttoT Arftwia
Oincx Over the Bank; of Arise
Prescott, Arixoaa.
Office in Court House j- - Prescott.
Preacoti ....
Offica ob Cortac Stxast, a sw oVsasa asMaa
Thk of Jocbsvat. oflSoc.
Pktsiciax txs Baaaxex.
Prescott, Arkoaa.
OSce Oetonal Baneios.Curlay 1
. B. iL BOBIN80N,
Physician axd Svegko.
Office 03 2tcatesnma street,
One door Iiorth of Rcetr & Cbs Dragstora
Attorney General of Arizona.
iTtonasr axd Oocsssixix at Law
Ornca Over Use Bank, oi Arlaoaa.
Prescott. Arizona.
WM.H. rccmzw.
ATT k:;ky-at-la-w. tj. b. cokhbi
v KIONKR and for Third Instrtet tSSt,
A. Wshlfai lMiartnSs a W sa aa.
KSVVMt,!. A .
frobata Jodc
attoroeys and counselors at law
Prescott, Arizona.
Special attention to conTeyanciBg asd
office work of ill kinds.
mW-V11 M.f n. ... ... . .
and before the varices DtpartiueuU la Waah-
lnrlnn.ll r
Oace-Eooia No. J, over Bank ofjwlzoaa.
Prescott, A. T.
UEK RUL1CCUA11ER.VO. L lteictar
?w.-H?f L lhJ- tode, tba first and taird'
TUURSDAYof eaeb month, at Tu o'claca
MaibersrelnTlte.llob prarn'
rzrx to r a. v. r.- raoj
OU hsjaj la-wrw. V Tvimi2k astasrw at aW4
'iasiga U. X- AsaarsC ta sccaauat. Ak Urr
aatssiswsl Caiaywsi taf atsssaii VsjasU stsas rasa
wrtU ktstteaa raa. -" 'bit i.
tss I,, aa. UUilils. aTt (U,
iWranaj- 14
3sVS .

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