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5, 18SC
ciEauAi. vkbk rmucw.
The traduceri of General Crock will
now probably begin to trial sail so as to
join the throng who will sing hit praises
when the last of the hostile Indians arc
either killed or captured. The persev
erance and patience with which he has
conducted tho campaign against the
hostile Indians should command the
admiration of alL The troops have ben
in constant pursuit when the attempt
seemed almost hopeless, and the dis
advantages seemed so great that a less
determined man would have given up in
despair. General Crook however knew
the character of his foe and he knew
that by unceasing pursuit and by giving
the enemy no chance of rest they must
sooner or later be compelled to give up.
During all these months of patient pur
suit when the tide of war seemed against
him General Crook was the subject
of the most severe and unjust criticism
on the part of a portion of the press and
people of this territory. To all of this
however he paid no attention but con
tinued tinder all the disadvantages
imaginabla to harass the eny, and
drive them frem place to place and
while unsuccessful in forcing them to
fight he kept them on the constant
march. The beginning of the end is
now in sight. Captain Crawford has
engaged the enemy and captured a large
Dortion of their stock and although
A '
losing his life, his Lieutenant, Maus,
holds one of their chiefs and members
of Geronimo's family as hostages.
That General Crook has done all that
was possible for any man to do has been
apparent all the time to all reasonable
thinking mem. That his policy was the
only correct one will be fully demon
Strated sooner or later.
The Tucson Star which has stood
alone, among the press as a friend of
General Crook has the following to say
in regard to him:
If General Crook succeeds in securing
a surrender of the hostiles, as it seems he
will, then he will have accomplished all
his most ardent supporters have claimed
for him. As to what will be done with
the cut-throats after they have been taken
in hand is a question to be determined
after we have caught them. On this
point it would be well for the press to
remain silent, as there are means by
which the hostiles can and will learn
the feelings of an outraged people. Let
Gen. C-ook pursue his policy in securing
them. He will surely win, and the Star
has faith in his good judgment ts to the
final outcome. The end is near. It be
hooves all to give encouragement rather
than adverse criticism at the present
juncture. There is little dojbt if Captain
Crawford had not been killed that he
would have brought the entire band of
hostiles back with him or planted them in
tho Sierra Madrcs.
The ieoplc arc anxious to strengthen
Gen. Crook's hands. Let the press join
hands and show that it is really willing to
ct fair in this business. No man has
worked with more zeal, no one has been
more anxious to terminate this Indian
business than Gen. Crook, and now that
he is about to reap the reward of his long
and untiring efforts, the press of Arizona
will no doubt show that fairness which is
peculiar to the frontier.
roKUtil TilllT TaSKEM.
Free-traders never lose sight of an
opportunity to denounce protection, but
when it comes to citing the benefits of
the system which promotes home indus
tries at the expense of foreigner! they are
blind and obtuse.
The most prosperous of European
nations, both foi proprietors and work
men, is Belgium. Her prosperity has
been caused by a judicious tariil system.
The people recognize that fact, and the
dispatches from Europe show that any
attempt to tinker with the tariff system is
met a: once with the strongest possible
A similar state of affairs exists, thongh
to a less degree, in Germarv. The tariff
lias cot been working there long enough
to snow all its advantages, but a recent
cablegram stated that German protected
cotton manufactures are already begin
ing to compete with the English free-
trade cottons in their own field. Free
traders pay r.o attention to these facts
i , . . .
uui peop.o wno nave tne oest sources
of knowledge know that tariff tinker
ing does not pay. Philadelphia
ioocn c scaenrs is now practising
law in Washington. He is 75 years of
aec, and has been compelled to resume
aciive practice because he wasted the
first years of his life in his country's ser
vice. Few men alive to-day have filled
as many or as important positions as has
General Schenck. In 1S70 President
Grant appoirted him Minister to Eng
land. A high-bom lady requested him
to write out for her amusement the rules
for playing the great American game.o
poker. He complied with her request
ihe hail a few printed by a friend who
hod an amateur printing office, and they
were distributed among her friends.
This was all, and yet it was finally
printed that the General was a gambler.
and that he had introduced the game of
p: kcr into England forjihe purpose of
liceang the wealthy members cf the
English aristocracy. After his rcrurn to
America his health became very bad.
He suffered for jears from Bright's
disease, but finally, by adopting what is
known as the "milk diet," succeed in
petting himself cured, and he is to-day
in as good condition as could be expect-
J at his age. General Schcnck is
possessed of great ability. Had -he
shunned public life he would doubtless
be a millionaire to-day. Ex.
The Courier devotes nearly two
columns of its space this morning to
Attorney General Churchill, from which
it would appear that Mr. C owns every
republican paper in the territory. ;
Arizona, in a point of the development
of its natural resources, is practically a
new and almost unknown country. The
first attraction followed the discovery of
the rich mines, and an occasional tract
of favored soil was cultivated in a desul
tory manner, but it was not until the
railroad pushed its way through the ter
ritory that the flood of people came.
They were attracted by the glittering
possibilities of a new country and cm
braced the first promising opportunity to
engage in profitable enterprise. like
California of the earlier days, the barren
and desolate looking lands were consid
ered of no agricultural value, and that
industry sadly neglected, save along some
of cur favoring water courses. The
time has now arrived when the experi
ment of creating permanent homes is
being thought of. The waters of the
Gila, Salt and San Pedro rivers are
aheady utilized to a great extent for
irrigation and fertile farm and prolific
orchards have taken the place of mes
quit brush and cactus. As the valley
lands become absorbed by settlers other
means for irrigation are being sought and
we find the experimental stage of oar
developments full of theory and without
much practical knowledge. If artesian
water can be procured in our broad
valleys there is no limit to the prosperity
of the future. We know that water in
abundance exists beneath the soil, but
the experiment of bringing it to the sur
face is yet untried. We believe that all
the semi tropical fruits that flourish in
southern California will grow equally
well in Arizona but the experiment has
not been made. These are matters of
public concern and they should be
encouraged and assisted by the several
counties and the territorial and general
government. Not only should artesian
wells be sunk, but there should be a gov
ernmental survey of the water sheds and
and the advantageous points for the
storage of water for artificial irrigatio
When these matters are successfully
demonstrated there will be no time lost
in their utilization m the development o
our natural resources, and our terrritory
will very soon present attractions even
superior to those cf southern California.
The following telegram was received
at Whipple Barracks Wednesday after
Fort Bowie, A. T 1
January 27, 1SS6. J
Adjctant General,
Whipple Barracks:
The command under Captain Craw
ford struck the hostiles about fifty miles
southwest of Nacori, Mexico. The hostiles
became alarmed before the attack could
be made by the scouts and fled, a run
ning fight lasting two hours took place.
The entire camp outfit of the hostiles,
including their horses fell into the hands
of the scouts.
The same day, Captain Crawford, at
the request of the hostiles, who sent a
squaw, arranged for an interview, to take
place next day between him and Nat
chez, and other of the renegades.
Next morning before the meeting took
place, Captain Crawford's command was
attacked by a Mexican force of about
one hundred and fifty men, and Captain
Crawford, in endeavoring to mate
the Mexicans undeistand that
they were attacking a
friendly force was shot through the head
and mortally wounded.
He died on the iSth instant, and was
buried at Nacori, a day or two after
Lieut. Maus who assumed command
had an interview with Geronimo and
Natchez. They desire to talk to
the General, and want to meet him in
about a month, a short distance south of
San Bernadmu.
The scouts arc confident that the
renegades are completely worn out and
will surrender to General Crook. Thcv
have turned over to Lieut. Maus, Nana
and another buck, the wife and child of
Geronimo, also of Natchez, and two
other women as hostages.
Sign ed ROBERTS.
A. A. 1). C
The Yuma Sentinel answers thecharge
of the Thenix Gazette, that the indebted.
ness of this territory was incurred by
republicans by saying: "The Gazette, in
publishing the above item, shows itself
to be ignorant of Territorial history, or
wilfully misrepresents facts. In tS77
when the Territorial Capital was removed
from Tucson to Prescott, this immense
debt commenced to accumulate and has
been accumulating each meeting of the
Legislature since. In 1S77 and 1S79,
both houses ot the Legislature were
Democratic; in iSSj the Council was
Democratic and the House Republican;
in 18S5 both Houses were a tie. With
these items of record staring the Gazette
m the face, we would like for it to ieform
us on whit basts it makes the above
charge. We are open to conviction,
and if the Gazette will explain the Jozic
by which the Republicans have so ruth
lessly expended the peoples' monev while
the Democrats have cither had control.
at all times power to stop it at foun
tain head, we will ag.-ej with the Gazette
that "ihe change in the administration
came none too soon."
It begins to look as if Coal Oil Payne,
of Ohio would have to relinquish his
hold on the seat which he now occupies
n the United States senate. Democrats
and republicans alike arc charging him
with obtaining his scat by corrupt means
and an investigation has been ordered by
the legislature.
Tate WbadertYl Mlllelaed roreat ia
The following article regarding the
famous Chalcedony Park of Arizona is
from the pen of a gentleman who has
recently visited it and is deeply impressed
with its beauty. The article will be read
with additional interest from the fact
that a number of San Joseans, among
them Wm. Adams, Jr., and S. I. Shaw,
s.mofIaiah Shaw, of Berryessa, are
argely interested in this valuable property.
This eirified forest is described in the
current number of the Popular Science
Monthly by Prof. George F. Kunz.
Chalcedony Park, outside of its mam
moth deposits of jaspcrized wood, fossils
and petrifications, has an antique history
more strange than that of any other
place in the world. There is a legend,
handed down to the present tribe of
Navajo Indians, that in ages past where
this unparailcd freak of nature now
exists, there was a thrifty garden of
flowers shaded by a mammoth forest,
the openings being of productive spots,
covered with the richest soil on which
the aborigines of Aztec origin raised,
'ncath the balmy clime of a tropical sun,
all the fruits, cereals, vegetables, etc,
produceable under'such favorable condi
tions. Then the Great Spirit, whocontrols
the gods of war turned loose his
thunder bolts and lightning flashes, and
this productive, tropical country was
deluged with fire, the very fastening of
its foundation were torn asunder and by
a convulsion of nature, too sublime and
terrible in its infinite power to describe,
was chanced into its present state of
historic grandeur. Thousands of acres
of forest, of verdant plaiu and cultivated
fields, as well as villages with their
people, were submerged and crushed and
tossed about and changed as only the
theoretical powers cf Hades if unlocked
on earth might generate. This paradise
now lost, became
The earth itself changed into digested
volcanic food, the air a sulphur bath, the
very skies were filled with tufa, lava
obsidium and volcanic ash, and this Gar
den of Eden became an example of the
Omnipotent awful power. The rem
nants of this enlightened race who were
lucky enough to be stationed outside this
the greatest crater of the world, and who
were spired, were also changed from a
civilized, thrifty people, to a band of
semi-barbarous Indians, but among
them there still remained a few descend
ents of that once wonderful people who
erected cities, built cauals, cultivated the
soil and prospered as only people of
intelligence such as was possible during
their age could do. This may have
Of old Adam's time as it really is to-day
the paik cf wonders of our day. Wonder
ful discoveries are made in Chalcedony
Park every day and no where else in the
known world is such a field presented for
the study of the tourist and scientist. The
ruins of
Are scattered over Chalcedony Park
Pieces of Aztec potter), decorated with
various colors and many beautiful devices
were scattered br the elements and are
now found in every direction throughout
the Park. It is the intention of the J
W. & M. Co., to make a grand exhibit
,t the American exhibition to be held in
Liverpool, commencing May 1, 1SS5,
and early in the spring suitable accomo
dations will be furnished at Chalcedony
Park for visitors, and buck-board or
stage run from Corroza to the first de
posit, distant eight miles up a pleasant
almost level valley. At their store No.
346 West Twenty-third street New York
Gty, the company have the largest ac
cumulation of choice mineral specimens
and curios in the United States. San
Jose, Cal, Me cury.
It is with regret that this paper is
called upon to announce the death of
Captain Eminett Crawford one of the
bravest men in the army and one of best
Indian fighters under General Crook.
The circumstances uader which this
gallant officer were killed are particularly
sad. Having met and defeated the
hostile Indians and then to have His
command attacked by the troops of an
ally through niKlake, and to receive his
his death wound, while attempting to
make this friendly force understand
their mistake is peculiarly sad. The
death of Captain Crawford will be
deeply mourned not only by his personal
friends and associates, but by all who
have read of his gallant and brave de-ds
in pursuit cf the relentless foe of Arizona j
and New Mexico.
Ihe rhenix Gazette is at last just
commencing to comprehend the situa
tion. It sajs: "The administration of
Governor Zulick is in more danger from
the ill-advice of Zealous and indiscreet
friends, than it is from the wanton and
unreasonable attacks of iwlitical enemies.
Arizona is an extensive countrv and has
many interests none of which shcula
conflict if her affairs are manaced
honestly, judiciously and with discretion.
Above all sectional fights should be
discountenanced." It does not yet
grasp it entirely however. It should
have said that acting on the "ill advice
of zealous and indiscreet friends" has
been what has made Governor Zulick's
official artions suscuptible of the severest.
yet just criticisms of the press, regardless
of politics.
The Phi-nix Gazette is making des
perate efforts to get itself squarely in line
with the new democratic territorial ad
ministration, but as Governor ulick has
expressed himself in opposition to the
insane asylum, it finds some very bitter
pills to swallow. The Gazette is more
wedded to the asylum than to the Gov
ernor and the task of espousing th cause
of each it finds very embarassing.
Editorial ni MisctllmMis Itms.
We are pleased to note the confidence
.expressed by the committee, appointed
to investigate the management of the
Oro Fino Mining Company, in its gen
eral manager Hon. A. W. Callen (old
grizzly.) No one acquainted with the
character of "Old Grizzly," however
expected anything different as he is
possessed of indomitable energy, and
perseverance and is honest in all his
transactions It is a matter of gratifica
tion to see the cloud which has rested
over this enterprise removed and that 1
work will be continued with increased
energy and activity to a successful issue.
For the sake of the community which is
interested in the success of every enter
prise, for the sake of old "Old Grizzly"
whose energy and untiring industry we
want to sec rewarded, for the sake of all
stockholders, we hope to see the enter
prise a success and from all the inform
ation received we believe itwill be.
Our contemporary in an effort to pose
in the guise and garb of the goddess of
virtue has a great deal to say about the
work done by Republican newspaper
offices at the last session of the legisla
ture. It has repeated on two or three
occassions that the service it performed
was in good state of preservation yet and
would show for itself while that done by
the republican papers was scattered to
the four winds of heaven. When the
wotk was called for to be measured by a
special commute of the territorial council
cn tho night the appropriation bill was
under discussion that done by the re
publican papers was promptly on hand
for measurement while the files of the
piper containing the journals could not
be had. We are glad to note that they
have been found.
The territorial press has become tran
quil upon the subject of Governor
Zulick's blunders, being satisfied to await
the harvest of the seed which has been
sown in good places and from which a
reasonably fair crop of satisfactory results
is expected. The tact that Governor
Zulick does not enjoy the respect of the
people of Arizona is a strong supplement
to the complaints which have been made
concerning his mining operations in
Mexico and his official incumbency o
the office of Surrogate cf Essex county,
N. Icrsev. Should the senate confirm
his appointment he will have to accora
plish a great deal to establish himself in
the confidence of the people of this ter
ritory. Tucson Times.
The result of the experiments that are
being made to hybridize wheat
and rye are described in the January
Century. It is hoped to produce a plant
that will yield a wheat kernel on a rye
stalk, and that will grow on lands that
have been worn out for wheat culture.
A plant has already been obtained that
promises to fill all these requirements.
The stalk closely resembles rye and the
kernel wheat, but the latter has not yet
been produced in sufficient quantities to
ascertain its flouring qualities.
In common with many states and ter
ritories Arizona has a law upon its stat
utes imposing a license tax upon com
mercial travelers or solicitors for business
houses located in other states. By a
recent decision of the Supreme Court of
the United States this tax has been de
clared unconstitutional, on the ground
that it is a regulation of interstate com
merce over which Congress alone has
the sole jurisdiction. Drummers will no
longer pass sleepless nights in devising
new ways to evade the law. Citizens.
Mexico is again about to engage the
Vaquis in war. A Guaymas telegram says
the Prefect a' that place has given orders
prohibiting Mexicans from leaving
Sonora for lower California. A number
of them have been engaged by the Boleo
Mining company, at Santa Rosalia.
Much dissatisfaction is caused by the
order, and rumors arc rife that a draft
for volunteers will be
coming week.
made during the
An armed posse on Tuesday night
entered the jiil at Henderson, Ken
tucky, where Calvin Simpson, a mulatto,
who murdered Mrs. Graves, was con
fined, and without taking the least notice
of the protests of the sheriff and jailor in
charge, took their prisoner some distance
from the town and hung him to a tree
riddling his body with bullets after he
had been strung up.
The Courier very modestly hints tha
Attorney General Churchill should fur
nish money to keep the schools in
operation, as it says the fees that he
received in cases recently would help
the school fund. Messrs. Rush & Wells
recently received a fee from the county
fcr services. Probably they might be
induced to u:rn it into the school fund
Dying, urged Henry Ward Beechcr in
his pulpit on Sunday, is usually painless,
and passing out of life far easier than
being born. A man with dyspepsia may
carry a little hell in his stomach. Men
go out of lire with the gates on oiled
hinges. "Being ready to die," Mr,
Beccher concluded, "is being ready to
full investigation of the death of
Captain Crawford should be made. In
Lieutenant Maus' report to General
Crook, he expresses the opinion that the
Mexican troops were fully aware that
they were firing upon American troops.
If such should prove to be the case the
death of Cap'aiu Crawford should be
In figuring up the indebtedness of the
territory the Phenix Gazette includes
$100,000 appropriated for the insane
asylum and then in repply to a recent
article in the Journal-Miner the same
paper guilelessly says that the insane
asylum and normal school will not cost
to exceed $60,000. i
The bill recently patted by Coagress
and signed by the President providing
for the performance of the duties of
President in case of the removal, death
or inability of both the President and
the Vice President authorizes cabinet
officers to exercise those functions in
the following order: Secretary of state,
secretary of the treasury, secretary of
war, secretary of the interior, postmaster
general and the attorney general Any
member of the cabinet who may not be
an American bom will, of course, be
disqualified for the Presidency.
The new surveyor general of Utah
says that the land transactions of that
territory are honeycambed with fraud.
He finds that about fifty per cent, of the
entries by Mormons arefraudulent, while
he claims als that the railroads have
stolen state lands by wholesale and the
gentiles are not far behind the Mor
mons in fraudulent entries.
A Texas clergyman, about to be ap
pointed chaplain of the penitentiary,
preached a farewell sermon to his con
gregation, who had treated him rather
badly. He selected the following text:
"I go to prepare a place for you, so that
where I am ye may be also."
Alfred Peacock, ef Colorado City,
Texas, has sold 5,000 head of one and
two-year-old heifers at $19 per head, to
be delivered at a point fifty miles west of
Tetscosa, Texas, in May next. Steers ot
the same age, in that section, bring $a
jay Gould is in constant fear of
assassination and employs a number of
detectives for his protection. He never
travels on his own railroads without first
sendinir "feelers" ahead to sec that
everything is safe.
The young women of a Cennecticut
town have organized "The Tongue
Guard." Each members drops a penny
in a box everv time she says a word
against anybody. The money is given
te the poor.
A burglar at Connersville, Iadiana
passed himself off on the postmaster of
the town as a postofnee inspector, learned
the combination of the safe and stole
three hundred dollars from it on the
following night
The ceurt stenographer of the Ninth
Judicial District wrote 1,246 words in
Marian, New York, recently in five
minutes, under a public test.
The word "iugwump" has been
added to the luminous language of
American politics. It is a Georgia word
and signifies a man who publicly lavors
prohibition, while he privately patronizes
a demijohn.
A young man at McPherson, Kansas,
got a wheat beard in this throat last
summer and last week it was taken from
his neck, having worked its way
Mrs. Grant has receifed a check for
$250,000 from the publishers of her hus
band's book as her share of the sale of
the first volume of the work.
A bill has been introduced in the New
York Assembly to prohibit inspectors of
elections from interfering with voters on
account of their sex.
"Dead from exposure," was the ver
dict of a Helena, Montana Territory,
jury on the body of a horse-thief who had
been hanged by vigilantes.
Governor Stoneman has offered a
reward of $500 for the arrest and con
viction of the murder ot Jesse C Wick-
ertham, of Cloverdale.
Congress has passed a bill appropriat
ing $500,000 for a monument to Gen
eral Grant,
Two hundred and two lions have been
killed in Algeria during the last twelve
Little Greece has lowered her back
and will disarm according to request.
Trouble is again brewing on the
Isthmus of Panama.
Haw t irt rree Wkltky.
Congressman Bill Hill, of Ohio, has
a great scheme by which he thinks he
can get whisky for nothing in the event
that he wants to. He says that it is
claimed that a silver dollar is only worth
eighty-fire cents. Hill says a man can
go into a saloon where the price of a
drink is fifteen cents. He can order his
drink and then plank down a silver dollar
and the accomodating barkeeper will
return eighty-five cents in change.
John C Badeau, a French Canadian
and follower of the late Louis Riel, has
appeared at Bismarck, Dakota to purchase
arms and ammunitions for an outbreak
cf half breeds in the spring
In order to better accommodate
- a -it ii:r
ia counecuou wilu our vyuunjium iiiu-ua, ouuui -uhm -zuma
street,) the Bull's Head market, North Mo- to
zuma street, next to the P. & O. Restaurant, nenr
the corner of Gurley Street, where we wilt
keep always on hand the best assortment and
the following reduced prices forcasn, to wlucli the attention of the pu1 he
is called
nff br aide-
Beef br hlmlanarter
llef by forequarlcr
15 "
-12)i "
Keef rump and round.
tier I jein.
ieei nonat
Hcef nlata holllnr.
Iletf alrloln and of erbouaaalaalc. 1
Ker prima tandarloln ana porter
boue '" t SO
Beef lound and chuck ala
to 10
sin lion br rarcaaa or alfie.
Meats Detail to ill parts if tu
the Terrttarta)
The Normal school building located
at Tempe, in Maricopa county, is now
completed, and it is the intention of the
Board having the matter in charge, to
open the school on the first Monday in
February next, and continue for a period
of sixteen weeks.
1 AH applicants must be not less
than sixteen years of age and of good
3 Applicants must be able to pass an
examination in the ' hirst Grade laid
down in the course of study for public
schools. See appendix to School Law.
3 Each member of the legislature
is authorized to nominate one pupil who
shall be entitled to free tuition. No
charge will be made for tuition to those
who intend tu follow the profession of
teaching. All others must pay a month
ly tuition chargo of fovr dollars.
4 Board and lodging in private
families can be obtained for about $20
per month.
The Board intends to furnish every
facility to those who attend, for obtain
ing a thorough education.
For further particulars address C T.
Hayden or H. B. Farmer, Tempe, A. T.
Joseph Campeell,
jani4td Secretary.
The propriety of placing a limit upon
wealth is being discussed through the
press. Some would fix the limit at
$1,000,000, and others at $100,000. "We
hope the $100,000 limit will not prevail
as we would be sorry to work the balance
of our life just to have our earnings go
into a free distribution fund. We want
a $1,000,000 at least
Four thousand miners of Irwin, Pa.,
have struck for an advance of 10 per
cent, over what they are now being paid.
A general strike will at once be inaug
urated unless the demand is acceded la
McCarthy, the democratic ex-clerk of
the supreme court of California has been
heard from in Honolulu.
The Fargo Argus saya that Dakota
can accomodate io.coo girls with hus
bands on ninety days' notice, and asserts
that it has made 2,000 matches itself.
The editors of the Argus, who have
read 2,000 love letters, are both un
ar between Greece and 1 urfcey is
imminent England and Russia will
probably take a hand the former as an
ally Turkey and the latter will aid
CflttntrJ Fa.hlnn Cutaicrtia
o;ut race ior Swls- ami S-mi.
KXtoanaldrrM. Uifftrats and 1.
c trjrtftui for Ladle ont C&tldKM..'
,.1 lttiu' wer aoJ limn tfrplr-c
ujooj, ac oner lower mia uit. cs . f
turn af:f I'nrni StAT"i I uraalru
I luiilaiartloa !rj.' 'I.tb. cry r-
Jin;-; H, I, r, n i-'
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Waldo House.
Centrally located on Montezuma
A few doors north of tbo Pliza.
First-classrooms good, clean bed
and best of accommodations
for the traveling public.
Rooms by Day, Week or
Tonsoria! Palace.
Gurley Street next to Arizona Brewery.
Batlif, Hot 3d Cnld
V) cent
solving i
Shampooing ....U)
Hair Cutting- .....Sj
Three First-ClassArtistsEhfloyxd.
bare now a cewllurae, akich win b f cm!hM ea
In t,re sfwvptm-it
S'-, T' tr-t Art.
our customers, we have oret".'
: .. ?.... ..! a r ...
qua:ity of meats, which wei l s-l.
C cnta Mutton ihon lil r and chncfe chop
9 " MntlonprlmwfUf.;..
Ijimb by M'i .
jmo ribs and loin chop
I.imb tli'ialili r and le e
1'ork bs aiueorfnifcrter
lorlc ,aiinfti.
IVirlc plrfce
Itolozna aiiaacp
-17 lo
1. 1.15
I-lver Iuddlnc-
City and ForrWhinole Eres to
Tke Largest Stock of
May be found at
ERWIN BAER'S Photograph Galltrr
m Sim iioti.
Unexcelled Wines,
Home Hade Candies.
Manufactured Fresh Every Day
Fresh Fruits and Nuts Of All Kinds.
Oysters in Every Style.
Jules Bauman, ConfeL'ti.mer, Cjrtsz Street, Prescott, Arizona
The Cottage Hotel at Ash Fork.
The undersigned respectfully inform the citizens of Arizona and the public
generally that they have re-opened near the Railroad Depot
at Ash Fork,
-A- IN" 2 TXT IK O T B Xi
Where can be found the best accommodations. In connection
with the hotel are
Sample & Club Rooms, also Fine Billiard Table.
The house has also a line corral and stable attached with plenty
of Say and Grain.
Everybody Invited
Ash Fork
Jan. 2SIB, 11SG.
Mutual Reserve Fund Life Association
Total Number of Policies Issued, -
Total Amount of Insurance Written, - -Assets,
- -
Reserve Fund, - -
Average Daily New Business,
Losses Taid, - -
One Mortuoary Assessment Produces.
Amount invested in U. S. Regitervd Komi.
Amount deposited with Insurance Department, I!ewYrk,
We are wrltlnea Urere
amount or life- insur
ance than any elber
companv or aociaUon
in the United Matea.
Oar chuirc for car-
rrinrriiki are low and
rqnitable, at least one-
Daii cnea per man in:
rates of the old level
premium companies.
We have Gli'.DED
I.NG3 or the Aisocia-
IMH ilili w
Successor to Doaglass & Stephens,
The Tragic Meat Market.
Gurley Street, Between Montezuma and Granite Sts.
Fresh and
sausage s
Choice Corned Beef
JL3-Cash Paid for at Cattle and Sheep."
It s, etc b m for ca?h. Meats delivered to all pms of the eitv ami
i 1 s, p
n f'pr 1 it- m rn ir e
I 0 J
s A
I -t aUaaaal
I t CI?
I r- ZZiS g
I 15 a
I - u
I bj axni - BBBBBj
I ataaaaaaH
: m
L !
Liquors and Cigars
and Room for all.
Mr. & Mrs. AVai
alter Cook.
4 1 9,85a 20
1 50,00a OO
ion are retarced to It
Able and reaponalM
men wanted ax agent 1b
Sew Mexico, Ariiona
and Southern California.
Send ror rates aad
printed information.
Ucaeral Aceat.
PvraeMt. irtona
Salt Mesi.a
of all kind
and Pork a Specialty
BaaaaaaaaTaaaKiSaDEaC'aaaWHlBaaaaaatal I
LnaVi?! aaaaaaaTV. NWaVlaaaaaaaaaaV

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