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From Thursday's Daily.
The Denver Cattle Convention lm ad
journed. E. Suhl, the aisayar, reports lively bas
Btas in bis lije.
W.C Duvet i poshing work oa the
Psck mine.
Freighters report business very dult in
their line at preseot.
Supervisor W. G. Wingfisld left for Lome
this afternoon.
Mr. Fisher, a special agent of the depart
mer.t of jastiw, is Jn town.
Phenix investors in the Louisiana Lottery
drew out 500 last month.
A number of commercial travelers arc, at
present, in Pre-cott, doicg the town.
A number of local eparrers ptopotc to
put the glov-s on to-morrow evening at the
boxing uilca.
Lieuttnant Dris, bo recently resigneo
bis commission in lis- army, nana
the Corialitoe live titxkeoraptny.
Tl.e ix.citl election, held yestcrdbv, re-
suited iu n oteof 71 against me trcin
tax li-vv for jo-Ji purposes to 33 to
of it.
The Lire Suck l'tcutd, t Kaniis City,
Teorl the receipts cl the tic' jard in
hat city, for January, :o Ik 1",$15 cattle;
157,0flG bo,;s and 13,111 sheep.
Tee marring-: of oua of Prescott' racit I Sabriu'a wooj c,rop rour mj)e6 r,m qj.
r ol
Froii Saturday's Daily.
tf. P. Ch:cJs, a patriHc6 Motctf, left
Prefcutt Mi unrrjing, alter a visit of tev-
erai days 1 -jkinc into mMl rnatteis here.
J. Si. VinJoburg ins retutnal to Pn-s
sou talistied to take chances here in prefer
ence to any place seen during bis ab'ence
Rev. C. S. Bsardt k-c and wife will short
ly leave for a two months' abscr.ee for the
btntfit ol the Uttcr's health
Kev. JJr. Smith, who ws for s, short time
pastor of the Congregational Church at this
plac. is Ijing seriously ill at his residence
in Eiit Prescott.
Chief Justice Shields and family are ex
pected to crrivn from tec cast to-morrow.
Kooma h:v been ccgtge-J for thtm at 3lrs.
Curtis, in West Prescott.
V U Danes is in town from tbo Peck.
II rays that the work of drifting to make
connection nitb the Occidents! mine is
beting vigjrcjuJy prosecutcd.
Mrr. Home, mother of Miss Kciily Home
and Ed Uoruc, his br.-n quite seemly ill
torstvcr.il dayp, bating bad a tumur reroov
ed fieui her &liic. 6he is uut' iu a f-iir
way for .-ccovery. we uie Uippy to say.
Heivij' k at the .Marina Street Courch to
morrow us follow: Preaching at 10 30 a. m
by Hev. C. S. BeardIee, Pastor of tho Con
gregational church Si jhath School at 2.30
r. m. Prsichiag m tbe evening l 7 o'clock
by X L. Guthrie, Putor.
Tii3 Lynx Creek pl..cer mincn have now
jsc ruiaiu 1j: tifj in Osy- with a ;oo
supply of water, which i-, at fresco:, be
ginnicg to diminish. Tbe leu t will con
tinue to run witliont cVm u n loot; ih
water lastf,
Fraccifco Kirillo wa killed i.t Antonio
iviuiilir oacir turn to oae Ol ctr iiutsi
i " .
..ii mi mi riiiinia' -. .unif ladiea is an
iounced to t.ke plce it ear.y djy.
Snow ie still rcoortc twjat !itt teet
deep on the Ilasya:!ii oiv.oc
the Ptck and Turket Urceic rc-im got by
way cf the bead of Big Hag.
The Fnscott Grsy, iu cddnu a : -t:r
cymnasium, rtcentl citabiitt'eJ.wt tik'ug
Ixinn. t ii nnnriuf. tlieli! lalU" t"i.r '! IiTe
exoertt in tbe terpticlKirean air b ..t .g
to ibe compscf.
rti Hoard of Sbd:itiso! uwsrJed tie
printing contract for tne i urmit year to
dav to W.O. O'XeiL Lej reouted the ial.
rv of tbe Flags laffDt -put y sl trrT25, for
takirg care of tbo tuanch )i: there and
mdjournd to meet at tbe csli of Lc cbiir-
Phenix is being veriun with Cbinauien.
The Gazette sys that ttcry t pemnt ar-
rivts bia lriai olc to two Chinamen cn
board. It looks very much is n the cru
ade against tbem iu Cuforct is Onviog
them to Arizona. The territory already has
aorc than enough of thtm without becom
inc the harbor lor more.
Toe editor of the JounsAL-Mtstn hss
baen tlie recipient of an e egant diemoad
Crf pin, trom a good old lady of Brook
lyn, New York, a a testimonial of her
.pprecistiou ot kind words spoken by this
paper oa tLo death of terioa. A tue tn
.bute psi-I ta her son on his untimsly death
9raiaai uple act ot justice ant nritten trom
puie!y disinterested motive this testimonial
i highly priiei by its recipient
The Mexican Government has just issued
- decree that bereatter, along the border of
the United Statea, tingle letter posuge to
anv iart ol Mexico thai I be five cents
(Mexican money,) and postage on priule
.matter one cent on to and a half ouncts
instead of ten cent for letter and proper
tionally high rates for printed matter as
heretofore. Frontier,
Any reproentativrt tud nit em at cs, orany
comrades ot Bsrre:t Post, o C2, G. A. It
or meabers of Barrett Ketiet Oorp?,Uo. 18
-deairiDg to attend the Department Eacimp
tcnt of the Grand Aimy of the K?put ic,
which convenes al Sscrament on rho IStb
instM can obtain cert:ti:U?, whir.h will te
cure then first class tickets to the above
mentioned piece and return, at two third
tbe regalar rate by applying to Geo. H.
Tinker, Commander, or Geo. V. Sines,
Joartermater of Btrrett Post.
Com. W. Bsacb has attached a car at Ash
Fork, belonging to the grand trunk line.
It was tbe one in which his lirrtes aere.
He had a writ! n contract with the grand
trunk for the delivery at Ash Fork ot the
horses for a f pccified sum of money. They
were received with an addition Jreight b:li
added of $300. Mr. Btach paid the above
amount and at oncf got oat an attachment
against tbe car to recover the amount.
Uader the law which went into effect
Januarf 1st, all fee for recordinn all kind
of documents n pipers goes into the county
treasury and the ree;der is paid a sala'y.
In cse an instrument is rccoided that offi
cial is responsible to tbe county for the fee.
which brings the business down to a cash
bii. Parties sreding instruments from
the country to be weirded will do well to
tnftkr a note cf it and Fend the coin al cg,
s it i not optional as heretofore, fc:r the re
corder to rccir.l any instruin-nt end take
chsncM on p'tyrant
From Fkidvy's Daily.
Sammrr wcatuer.
The to-n wts fud of visitor? o.-l ;j
tnanyof them b-irg sttrrctcd I.cra o wit
ccs the ixrutii'U of D. W. D:!da.
The txecution of D.lds hs been the
principal top:c of ccnvtr.-sa'ion to-day,
and is the principal item of news also.
Charles VV. Beach arrived in Kirklsnd
Valley yesterday with his Umec: rrctntly
brougb-. out from the east, tweivetn r.um
ber, twoof vrliicb are fins stollionf. T1ip,
were snn- ItocnJ lor nineteen days in
Kf but arrived in good condition.
A Chinese rah hoase on Upper Grjiaite
Street, near the Creel, has qJite a curioity
in the slupe of a Cbincc Untern. It con
aists of a panoraras of quaint figures. Tbe
Isntern was msd by nn ingcauous Chines',
named Chirlrv G-c. The plsce i visited
each cvsnin? hj lirge number of vi;tor.
Tnscityd i l" Pa-a t hr McVl-l tii
slicg shot nu-siee t"'t!5 t!u !xy of tht
town wih a view of fuppre-sing it. It
would bo an set ff wisdom ot) the rart or
tte council of Fresco: t to do the f ilinp
Lore as they ate dangerous plaything.
The first curater cf the Silt Kivcr Ya'!oy
Xr-f, or rather cne half of ir, ii on our
table. It is published at Te rope, nr.d when
coomnnicitina i ovocl up for r?cilpt of
taVrrial, delayed by vusboutf, will appear
a five column qutrtn paper. U is pub
Ulud jyj. 5: Pitch. T. 15 II astir, and II
B Hirri. v.i'li the fj'tt nme3 r. editor.
tc initial rumKr i-a vry i-9t'y printed
and r.ey sbttf, and leii2 j uUii-bed in s
.ipeirta rown, wi'.u fc, rai conC'iuous
Tillgtt s.-.l ettjf niontf in a !fc condition
ill, no d ubt, bi a tuccasful venture.
ton, Sunday alurr.oot; list, lie Km takin
lessons in pi-tol practice from his friend
Santiago Juarez, who was twirling a revol
veron his finger, '"a la cowboy," when i
was accidentally di-cbcrged, uh a lata)
result. The Coroner wi at vic uotirird
and proce'iJed to the ciiup an I i jok chsri;
the iKKiy. At iu.- i. jue u 1 1 Monday
a ns.'iuo.r ol vitnssea o:c 'Xnninf '. tho
til tcrtified sub-tantialiy Ihtt the killing
wa purely accidental, and the jury exon
eraticg tbe primmer, ho was drcbarged
TLi makes the second death occorrirg in
the tame caup nitbin to ueik.-, and in
precisely the same rasuntr, both tbe victim
discijvrirg too late that rhc pistol was
loaded . Clarion.
From Monday's Daily.
Jiiiurt DtTcsport left for his home in the
Verdt VjIIcv yesterd ay.
Under Sheriff M. Liwler went out to tin1
Verde on c llicial besioes yet rday.
Chief Justice Shields and wile have re
turned from the east.
Ssm Hill h cone to Peer ix on busi
Hon. MT. A. Itowu and family will mov:
into Prescott this week. Mr. lUwe will
bnild himelf a residence ih Eist Peicotti
in which they reside.
Governor Zalick and Marshi! Meido tave
gene smth.
Court wil'open next ilonday :iin.
Tbe indications arc good for another
P!eaant scd sure cure Red Star Cough
Hev. G. II. Adams i trying to build a
church at Wilcox.
J. . Piper is giving instruction' to a
cu.nber of pupils at his re icecce.
.Mr. Drownelt, of the Elcio batter factory
of I iinoi. talks of s'articg a creamery in
Location notices of mining claim are
being filed at a lively rate with the county
Miss Martin and Mrs, Collumber opened
privi'c fcbcoU in tbe public school build
ing to-dav.
Jailor Hickcy has a numbsr of prisoners
at work unking improvements around the
court house.
Rev. X. L. Gctbrio and Rev. C. S. Beards
lea exchanged pulpits yesterday, and each
preached tn large cargregdtions.
The Phenix Gszettc urges the employ
ment of Aiizona convicts, in building dams
and reservoirs for irrisratinir imi noses in
the territorv.
Arthur Ribinon's young iriendj gave
him a surprise party on S'.turrfar niijlif, at
vthicti tho young folks present esjiyed
A r.cw temj sny has L(n ngftiiid fo
the purpose cf building tbe Phenix and
"Maricopa railroad, and Phenix ia ooco more
u!I of hope of gelling her rod.
The Whipple jubilee sirgers, who were
to have a portion of the rcrtipts of Friday
night's uerformaccr, out fnilod to lecrive
any, will shortly givp cr.ot!icr concert in
order to trv and cet even.
Al'ftuugh a urge edition of extra copies
ot the JontNAi.-UNXP, contauun.; an
account of the Dilda txreution ws printed
it uas tsbari'.ie't b-fre n.cn on Sturday.
Extra cipie f tiew kly vrill lie printed.
wiii-ii can b" prrftjr. rl, ?r itc tor uniijoj:,
t tin coats p?r cop .
WwIvHIa Yfiliiitns came up froai t!ie
Huabng mining district few dtyi 'tnce.
ad ropons grent activity in irining hnre.
Fhe St. Lsais-YavspM mill runnir? on
custom re arni tniners are busy developing
ihi-4r properties. II" -ys nejotiations are
pndiag for the talc of tbe Tip Top piopc
tv oli'J.
MrK.Jjcob lletiklc, wife of cx-Sberiff
Heokte, of Vtvapii Ouunty, arrived in thi
iy eveninz irom Prescott oa a visit to
ner sister Mrs. J. F. M. Yonjc. Tuis i
ibe ftcnad lijio this lady ha vrfitfd this
ei'r, and trc hopetbit her stay here wdl be
leMiJit and she wilt return home 'gidn
i'J qiiIIy w gwd opinion of Tombitone
his time a tbe fnd npoa her la,t visit.
The Touibitas.
From Tuesday's Daily. .
Thn Sterlio? milt is running oa a lot of
200 Son" of go-jd oie.
L. Bn'nfiird fc Co yeteidsy, received a
largo cisEigcmcat nt gcac's.
The Prescott foci d club will give their
' j'd pirly on Fridny ctcaing next.
Oh! rVr a gjrd smoke I "Aitkcn' Bat"
lSt cent cigar and yon have it,
A nther severe and very uccomfortablo
north wind ba jsea l!owing all day.
The prop;ct is go-i for the tarly settle
raent of tasc by the Atlantic & l'.icinc
The JonuNAi.-MnsEB is under obligations
to Delegate C. C. I5w for imparlaat pub
lic documents
Mjar W. F. Drum. Acting Icfjiecttir
Genersl .t tbe Oepartmeui, has got e south
ia public busine??.
. G. Stewart is practicing law kt
Flagstaff and adiicent :owu, and is said
to bo acquiring a lucrative practice
The south west corner of the cold wave,
which has been quite eivera in tbe emt
ptrack this section to day.
J. S. Ras has sold bis one-fourth inter
est in the Jlorgm Kid, and two ether
mining claims on Turkey Creek, to F. M
A solid walnut wardrobe, fine parlor set,
heating stove, etc-, must be all sold within
a few days at tbe residence of II, J. Wurz
bag. .
Joseph Cook, of Williamson valley, who
was recently run over by a wagon and se
verely icjared, his so far recovered as to be
able to visit Prescott.
Under Sheriff Latrler to-day compiled a
list of buioess houses in Prescott that are
subject to a county license, from which we
learn that there are sixty-five.
Sheriff Mulvcno" to-day riceis el a $10
government note of the issue of 1862.
These notes were long -inca called ia for
redemption, but this one lias escaped.
Chas. Bishop, of tbe Four Mite House, cn
the Black Cauun road, has become n bonaa'
zi kmc, luvir recently purcnasca tee
Ballwlncker mine, locited near his plice
Coles A. Bijhtord ami J J. Fisher have
returned from their trip east, whither they
went with a shipment of cattle. They were
snow bound n the road t r nineteen days
The fire "laddie" were out in lores last
nicht with tbeir machine. Attir tbe 1st
ter were stored awaj, tbe biyg had a cele
bration over the election of the Chief and
The widow of Rev. Geo. L. Smith, dc-
cev'td, applied to Probste Judge- Uiw
kins t -auy for tbe admisioa of the will of
the decetsed to probitc. The cntiro estate
i lett to the widow.
D. F. Mitcbel', clerk of the board of
supervisur, received word to-day that tbe
doors for the county vaults to he trcctcd
in the Cortez street Irdlding were shipped
from Chicago on Friday last,Febnnry 5th,
Ths impres-ion ha5 gone abroid from
seme source tlut tbe Phenix schools are
about to close. We arc pleased to be able
to say tbat they will probibly run till
April, the exict timo of closing not yet
having been determined. Herald.
Judge W. C. Uizeh'inr, bolici'or of the
A. & P. railroad, has taken up his tempo
rary residence in Prescott, and "dl proba
bly remain her ths present month. The
Judge likts tbe climate and citiz-cs of
Prescott, but it is business tbat keeps him
A CMI r Vtttmmt UUlmg Yaatks
! she Ttwa
A short time sir.ee a couple cf inorcent
nd mihl lo-klng youths arrived in Pres
cott and announced themselves as profes
iona!a of tbe -'manly art" of slugging, and
were desirous of giving an exhibition hero
They gave thsir names as Jack Ryan and
Bob McPherson. Ryan's real nsme being
Henry Taylor.
By tbeir innocent looks they worked
themselves into the confidence of the sport
ing fraternity here, some of wbom advaneed
them money. A mitch wa arranged be
tween Ryan and a soldier named Gavin, at
Whipple, which s to be a fi jht to tbe
finish. The performance was announced fjr
last (Friday) night, at Howey's Hall, with
m con-ert by; tb-i jubilee singers as a pre
Tue latter were to leceirc f 25, as their
share of tbe receipts. The concert camo off
according to programme, but when tbe
time arrived for tbo "slugging" to com
mence, Ryan announced that his antagonist
was in the gusrd boue at Whipple, and
could not attend. Walter Hulligan, who
was formerly a feather weight chmpion of
New York, put on 'he gli.v--s for a three
round friendly set to. Hall gan knocked
him around tbe slag.- as if he were a rubber
man, the opinion of be auJieiice generally
being that Ryan ws amply playing bimt
and tbat he iu realty what he represented
himself, and allowed Halligan to knock
him around for the purpose of getting up a
match with some ambitious alueger. Sub
sequent developments point to tbe fact tbat
Ryan l an impostor and a fraud, as he nd
his companion arose early this mnroiog and
Wednesday's Edition.
The Paul-Shaw case is .
am in court in
Placer miners are ha.py over an abun
dant supply of water.
Cloving ol UrUool.
J t urxat.- MJxkb "Yours
A Plainer' B.tk t '. li
On Saturday ctcaiag it o'clock ttrv.
Geo. L, Smith, died ot cons u m ptiaain
Prescott, and was buried this afternoon at.
- oclocf, a large OnccurstJJf
Ex Governor Sifftrd will visit this Ter
ritory shortly.
Tbebard of -upervino s will hold an
other session to merrow.
The Mohave connty-delioquet.t tax
amounts to 152,000.
31iss Martin and Mrs. Collumtwr iave
each a Urge numbr of puoils.
It coats Tombstone S57 per month to
run her pu lie schools.
Copies ot tbe Wkk ki.y Joubxal-Uisku
in wuppers ready fcr mailing, can bs had
at this office.
Three columns in ihe lat ivuo tithe
Yuma Sentinel ia icvoted to the subjsct of
banana culture.
A. P. Minear, a prominent mining man
of Sn Fmi-cUco, is paying n visi: to Pres
ha OCURXAT.-MJSKI5 "Yours Truly"
uaving jot returneil from itnes3iig the
closiDgctercUesofihaSkun Valley school
ending a five montl s term. Under the sb!e
.management of J?ls Jif Hiads, recently
irem Catifornin, KeU Hist. :u considcra'ion
of hU own ss well as the usiversally ex
pressed satisfaction of those present on ths
sound tbe prai-o rf both teacher an.l n, J " . " "al", ol "a-
pils bejond tbe boundaries of 'Skull . Wtl"e.h? IeTt8 erl,
iicia iu uioura ait loss, ne also leaica a
attending to pay tbe last sad rites to a retf
inuiuwmg joung man, wno fiu oeca take
away ia the prime of life, and m the very-
morning ot his usefulness. Dccea-d wis
The Prescott Riflis have chiuged the
t.mc -f tbeir meetiog from twice i month
to every Tuesday evening
Tbe A. A P. tax question is being amies
lily settled by tbe attorneys, and Jud
Usieldiiie will sbortiy pay tbe traa for
have not been seen since, tbe generil sup- tl,c company.
position being tbat they have skipped the
town, r.s there are numerous creditors, who
have been looking for tbem all day. They
left unpaid bills amounting to $125.
Captalai Cittwrard'at Death
Tbe following general field order has
been issued by ordergf General Crook re
lative to tbe death of Captain Crawford i
Fort Bowie, A. T., January 30, 1SSC.
Harry Woods, formerly editor of tbe
n ilcox Stockman, is setting typo on the
two llepublicj, a nawspsper publishej in
the Cuy of Mexico.
Tbe Chinese population of FIore co has
trebled in numbers witbin a month. They
are boiog driven Irom California and are
crrwdicg into Arizona towns,
General Field Ordeks i
No. 2. i
Commctcial travelers, sometimes called
drummers, continue to calt on County
Treasurer Cook ard leave with him the
amount of licenses imposed on them by
territorial statute, the sams as they did be
fore ihj recent decision by tbo United
Mates court, That dee;sioa does not f
ftct our territorial statute.
Complaints arc frequently made of copies
of the JounsAL-MiSEU biicg stolen from
subscribers, but a young man,.too mean to
buy a copy, and too cowardly to steal, h't on
an original plan to obtain a copy from tbe
carrier, containing the account of ths Dilda
execution, whereby a regalar sibicriber
was deprived of the one due him.
Mr. Bullwiokle, manager of the Arizona
Cittle company at Flagstaff, has recently
imported fir the company a magnificent
Perclieron Notman stallion from Norman-
With feelings of the deepest Kirrow, tbe
Brigadier General Commanding announces
tbed ath of Captain Emmet Crawford, 3 J
Cavalry, which occurred near Nacori,
Sonora, Mexico, of wounds received January
11th, 1886
Captain Crawford, with the z.'il and gal
lantry which bad always distinguished
him, volunteered for tbe arduous and
thankless task rt pursuing Ihe renegade
Chiricahua Apaches to their s roogbold in
tbe Sierra Madre, Mexico, and was ass'geed
to tbe command of one of the most imp r
tast of tbe expeditioas organized for this
In tbe face of most discouraging obsta
cles, be had bravely and patiently f 'Mowed
in the track of tbe renrgidcs, being con
stantly in tbe field from ibe date of the
outbreak in May last to the day of his
After a march of eighteen hours without
halt in the roughest conceivable country,
be bad succeeded in diicovering and sur
prising their raucberia in tbe lolly ranges
near tbn Jarras River, Sonor. Every thing
belonging to the enemy tel. in our hind,
and the Chiricahuas during 'be fhlit sent
in a f qonw to beg for peace.
All arrangements hsd barn anil a for a
conference early mxt moruing. Uufortu
nately, a body of Mexiciu irrgu.r troops
attacked Captain Crawford's camp at day
break and it w while enrienvriag to save
All ot the United States Marshal tor
Arixona tor twenty years have not been re
publican. We can call to mird one at
least who was a democrat, ff. W. Stsndi
ter, and whose sccounts balance 1 on the
wrong side of the ledger, too.
dy, France. The Champion says he is a I tbe lives of others tins: Crawford fell.
splendid specimen of tbo Norman breed,
coal black in co'or, and wcighirg 2,200.
Thomas Maoahan, No. 33 Montgomery
trect, uuason, is . i., two yaars ago was
given up by his physicians. He was
tflicted with dyspepsia snd obstinate con
stipation ; bad lwt forty pounds in weigh
ml WL5 a bedridden invalid. lie com
menced taking Brandreth's Pills in deses
of five, four, tjro and on?. Then he took
two every night for a montb, gained eight
pounds ia weight, and was able to attend to
buiiness. He took two pills every night
tor tbe following six weeks, and was tn
tirely cured.
Tho Tucoa Star says that on the second
Lieutenant Mans arrived at Guadclupt
canyon, accompanied by Chief Nana and
&e buck and squaw and son of Qciqnicco.
All of tho hpstilcs have agreed to come up
to the line at the full of tbo moon, which
will be in about two weeks. Tnat the
Apache trouble is at an end there is little
room for dcubt. As scon ia Guron'mo and
is band of murderous thieves surrender
tbeir punlsbmcut wdl be next in ordei.
Wung Lee, a Chinaman that has been in
this territory for tho last fifteen year, was
naturaliztd yesterday in the U. S. district
court, iue attention ol tbe cf.urt was
called to the fact tbat a Chinaman bad
born refused citizenship by Judge Filz cr-
eld, but Judge Barnes luled that as there
was a donbt about the right of Chinsmin
to citizenship in this country under ihe
new t-city he proposed to give the gentle
man the bs:ufitof tbat doulr. Star.
The !ird of delegites of tbe fire depart
race held their annual meeting !st nisL',
and eUcted Clus. Spescer, Cliitf rt il,
?p.anciiijt; Gjo. W. Sines, Assistant Chief
and J. H. A. Marsh, Secretary of the
jard. The election of C.iief and 'Assls
tat Ins to ba submitted to tint city coun
cil for ratification
L. Bashford & C, got in a wsgon load
bams and choice brcakfist bacon from
the east yesterd y.
Parties de-iring to read ths Jcccxal-
HiSKit, and who arc ?oo poor to py for it,
will ba supplied gratis n application to
His loss is irrep'iMbif. It is necessary
to explain Ihe itrueitUtit vi ure pf the ser
vices rrf im d by die distinguished sol
dier. Hie i iuc- tiet ijt-ee prominently
identifl -i witliuioi ot l-e strerest c m-
paigus aud with mnj f the severest en
gagements with hoiti.e Indians since tbe
close ot tLe war ot tLe rlcl.hii iu which
also, ss a mere youtli, he bj;o a galfant
lie bos been personal!) Known to tbe Gen
eral Commanding the Dpartptt-nt tinea
1871, and has been at vniii us times select
ed for the i-xecutio-i t' the most delicate
and most responsible trust-, ali of which
duties have been perfoim -u o .be cmiilete
satisfaction of bis supcrio s, wLcibtr in the
field against hostile Sioux, Cm-yrnuus, Uiet
the republican pap;r In this tonn has
never insinuated in a mean or in anv other
way that Marshal Meade was a little be
hind in his accounts. It simply made
i Iain straightforward statement, according
to lutormatioa it bad received, and iusic
uaieti uo-.uinc. it is not tbe insinuating
Kind or a paper. If it baa anything to
say it speaks right out so it can bs under
stood. The fact that a part of Umrabal
Meade's accounts have been suspended, if
such is tbe case, was not intendel nor
could it have been understood as a reflec
tion on him. Happy is tbe tffieial, Uoited
t- . . . . i r t. . i . i .
oiaiea jimrsuai or oinerwise, who can i.ave
his vouchers passed without h vii-g any of
them suspended. The expenditures were
exceptionally large, and the result to show
for them were exceptionally small. This
is a fact which Marsral Meade himself, we
ptesume, will aesreely attempt to deny.
The Citizen has been giving tlw Tucon
merchants a little talking to in regaid to
their habit ot sending away for their print
ing, while they set up a big howl when ur
of ihcir customers order goods from the
outside. Tho following very truthful re
marks art applicable to other pities be
sides Tucson ; "They expect psper to
suppress legitimate items of sews - to
abme some one they ba'e ; to lie lor them
when they have rams axj to griud, and. to
hs a gcner.l catspiw to rake their chest-'
cut out of the ire, but they wijl beat him
dona on tbe already low price of advert
ing and get competitive bids -all ever the
country for a job on which there is a m'u-
g.n of one dollar profit. SulH merch-uits
have no right to expect a good word from
the press, and if exact jastico was accordea
Jiera they would soon close un hudnel-s.
Tbej are an injury to the phce tbey sre
b'eeding to death." Ejitaph.
The PaKlllt,fj
Henry Clack, alias Henry Tiylor, a'iis
Jack Ryan, tbe alleged pegdia', but who
is a In ng libel on tbe mtnly ft', and his
or Apaches, in Nebras!;, Dakota, Mou'ais, I partner, Bob McPherson, wf(o tried to hkip
Utah, Colorado, Aria iin or Mexico, or, in I the town on Saturday, without tin fonmlitv
thc more perplexing oud mere ennying I of leave taking of their numerous creditors,
position ot the ofUi-.-r in etinrgu of theintcr I were overhauled at Chino Valley, Sunday
ests of the Ap-cu- Si'ioo, tvh'cb place he I morning by Sheriff dulvenon apd Deputy
held iri-h honor and filehtv tor ncarlv I Sheriff Hickey. The latter polled a shot
w I
three years. I gun down on them and ordered tbem to
Brave es a i-1 ; nio Vt, ten-'cr and gen- I throw up their hand', wh!ch they did with
tie as a wromr i kiwsj avei-e to alluding I alacnty.ltyao TayIor,Clack temarkingwhen
tobiiown sci!creni(iit; temperate, noble I ordered to do so, "Yo sir, yes sir, don't
and whe, Iij wbi, ciurng 'if , nn h i:or to I shoot." They were brought io ton,
his professi-o and ia death 1 an mm pie.
to his comrades.
By C mmasd of Bhioadikb Gunkral Gr .
O-rta'n 7 !i Infsntry.
Okticml: a. A, D. O.
lreeott tljut.
James Ste-rar', pimmi"ii fr rli- ex
penditure i-J Mi- npnrop- ; o nud.; for the
improveiii"i-t of the ft uck Ci-fl-in roid rc
tu'nd ibis iDoimcg 'n-m a vi-it to the
camp, which i now located hot ween Gillett
and New River. He informs us that the
recent storm damaged the grades on the
Blaclf Cafim and Arr.istra creek hills very
slightly, ana thn the forco csn make all
necessary rcpitrs in two days. An entire
new roil has been made over the Chalk
hill this side rf Gillett, turning to the right
this side ot the rocky grnunl and running
by the old stone hnue The stage came
and dividad up the gde receipts between
Justice Pannenberg and Sheriff Mnlvenon
In the way of costs and were allowed to
take up thi.r tramp again towards the
railroad. P. escott business men are liberal
to the unfortunate, but this pair found out,
in their sorrow, that th y cannot do the
town and get away with the busines in an
underhanded mincer as they attempted to.
Sixirm Opics
Of t e Weekly JocraloMiskb enntainirg
a ftd' ;cj uit of the execution of I). W.
Ditda, can bo procured at thi ofBc a r.nd
altri Wednesday, February lO.h. Piifo 10
Ben Batter's :hp Hesiae.
outczumt Sircct, Prescott. All tbe deli-
. cics or the Home, ban Fcaocitco and
K.oas City market", Cvimp'istng: Fresh
Fish, Oys-ers, Ibters, Cbickcc, Pigs Fee',
ripe, Rpietil ramb, To-gaes, Sslad, etc.,
i'C , Jlm.ier Irom 4 to 7 r M. Elecaut
Prirste thorns Attache'', Suppers and
Pricus to suit
his e.ffi:e Wc niaite this off-r io tbe hopes ofer th3 r-e roa'J jesterday which is bitter F; irate D.i nci a spicaliy. Pi
hat theso "who do pay fur it msy not be ao'' sbnrter ilnn the old route. Ten men ,le t',nw- 0i,,n tUS ar'li "'Sht
robled of it as has been done of late.
J. L. B ik-ir, of Albioa, Nebraska, wants
to know tbe whereabouts of bis brother, U.
Biker. He formerly kept a station on
oe roid irom rrcscou io Jerome. Any
ne knowing of him will p'.eiso cummuoi-
cate with Sheriff Mulvenoo.
sre now cmpbrcd ot tin work which will
be extended to ths old D:.crt S aton, and
wnn op?ratlnes are completed wilt iv t-
the public one of the best mountain toids
ia the territory.- Gtzc fe.
KewapiH-r rrrarj-lDtlenii.
An exchange says: Pi-ople cannot be too
chary about newspaper pretcripiions. Een
when startrd out right the icm ranco or
ticglect of compo-iters will alter tbm so
tbey make fatal doses. Once last summer
I'i-olinp Cntlle.
Pitaa County, Ariztne, has the most pro
lific cattle in tho world. We hV6 about
00,000 head of cattle in this county and ship an exchange publiihed ai a cholera preven
about 90,000 bead per annum without di- live a formula which nould havo caused
minisb.og our stoct it would appear by I death ia one dose, and recently another Ins
this that cveiy cow, lull and steer and calf done the tame in a prescription nnMi.kM
sre a calf each year. This is not actually
the cts;, however, and still our first propo-
itiunis substantially correct. It is not
the breeding, bul's, steers and calve, but
tho smugglers acros tbe Snaora line west
of Nngales, that keep up tbe regular supply
for shipment. Frontier.
for nytiropnobia. in boih instances tbe
blame is attached to tmnsnmiti, n nf .nm
portion of the formula by a compositor.
Bat that would not help back into tbe
world a poor fool whose fear of contagion
had led bisa to bavo the prescription pre
pared for use.
In the Probste Court of Y-tvapal County. Ari
zona, crriti-rr:
In the matt-r ot ihe rsttte of Gzoacc L.
CMITU, l)cc-fert.
Tbe Territorv of Ariz-jna seeds Orcetlnir:
Pursuant to an oricr of the ebove entitle'!
Court, ruade on Ihe 10th day of February 195,
notice is b r br c:v.-n tbat
1SS3, at 10 o'clock a. n of raid day, at the
eourtrnom ot said court, at the court house,
In the City of Prescott, In tbe County o: Yava
pai, Ariaona Territory, has bc-n appointed as
the pl-ace and time for proviogthe will ol said
George L. Smith, deceased, and for hearing
tie application of Mary X. Smith for the Issu
ance to ber of letters testamentary, woen and
where any persoa lntero ted may appear and
contest tbe same.
Attest: J. J. HAWKINS, Clerk,
PaEscoTT, Arizosa, February 10th, 1S80,
Feb 10 lOt
Subscribe for
' 't
Gulch," and to that end respectfully asks
the assistance ol your valuable paper.
Thei-peaing exercise of tho entertain
ment wss vocal music "Gay and Happy,"'
readercVi by the school. Then followed
recitations emfresdingj by each student,
with occasionally a s-ag.
The eidtr pupils acquitted themselves iu
a praiseworthy manner 4,in point t( de
liyery. -ivbg such fjree to their utter
ances as many older and more cxperiencei
persons fill 'o do, thus reflecting deserved
credit upon their teacher, and it ii only
justice to tbe trii'ilier ones for me to ftato
that tbey were, considering the sg?, Mr-
respandicgly successful in their efforts.
fho audience, which cccapiod ail availa
ble space of ths room,, was favored with
tea son?s and twentv-Eve reeitaiions, onlv
a few ot which, however. I h va time to
specially nnhc; taii cvenirg, for I must
at'end the dance to-night.
Mrs. Caudles Lecture.'' br
Div.d t rspn, red c ed credit upoa the
spjakcr, who manifested oti.iistakible'
evidence of possessing ontorical r.owers.
thednvelopment of which should not bo
'The Old Man ft School," by Miss Ollie
Dicksoir, was given with an eloquence not
oltea displayed by a dmrct school stu
dent, and ltich, perb.ap?. wou'.d" uot often
be trcclltd in tbo higher schools. Tho
recitation was of an old man ot three
score i.nd perhsps ten, who had not caterd
a echoot-room siaea hi.i boyhood, and
therefore did uot notice or realiz-j the
great modern improvements jn the f&cili
ties for educiticn, until one day ha visited
a village school, and oa reluming to his
hctao was expressing his surprise and wotf
wife, and oue child, two years old ia Pres.
cott to mourn the loss of a loviog father
sea a devoted husband, who have the
warmest sympathies of our people in thefr
great bereavement. - '?
Mr. Smith graduated with high honors
a: Amr-erst college ana afterwards took a
course ol theology, and graduated front
Andover Collegu. A gentleman who re
cently visited Prescott who was acquainted
wiui mm uunng his college life, said he
was Q2c of tha mrut promifeiag young mea
of his class. After graduating JTroa Ando
ver college, be was for some "time stationed
st Rock Springs, Wyomisg, as pastor of
tho Congregational Church at that place.
His health beginning to ail he removed ta
Riverside, California, but failed to secure
th- relief , expected ascTTabdaflea' 'the
miniitty anl came to Prcjwtffor the ben
efit c.f bu health, and engaged in tbo stock
bu'nes3 with T. W. Otis rn the Lower
Agui Fria. lie had, hewever, postponed'
mis ensnge tco long, and the fell disease
had obtained such c hold on his system
that ocr healthful end life giving c.ima$
faileil to overcome its insidious inroads on
his system, although there is no doubt his"
life was prolonged by it He preached for
the Congregational sexiety here for jthree
moatb3 to fill he vacancy cauaul by the
resignation cf Rev. T. C. Hunt, peadidtbe
arrival of Uo7. C. Sv Btfardslce ana was
recogaizid donna that time as one of the
Fire! Fire! Fire!
February 221, Ills.
To the
Prescott Volunteer Fire
Q apari ment
Everybody Turn-Out
ablest ministers that has ever be;a ia
ircscott, and a. a man wtsuaiversaliy
loved by all who knew him. Like al!
others suffering from this disease ho' ws
sanguine to the Jsst of bis recorery; ,
A Brllliaut Stroke of Esiterprte.
I - - J .J . V. . IIIBBIIUIIC.
that Hilda stood as erect and firm as -tfe
editor of the Tombslono would to brac3;tui,-
agajcst a bir to takaa bottle of popj
). L
. .0
Overcoats from $5.00
at J. L. Eisner's.
Blankets and Qailts a
.pace at J..,L,Ejshu's e ,
j Jloys' and Mens' Bu"l toe .Shoes,! 1.00
per pdral J, L
your awn
der to his wifV, and comparing mode'n ap
p3iaj snu sttteiy tcuoot bUiMings of to- "takis thts cikcT' for enterprise. If 8ul
lay with the old log school house ( devoid Jisbcd a half column articla nnrnonin In
of furniture) tha? he was e dwated in. be a special toleeram of tbe Dilfa cxrea.
Tbe old gentkman was vory favorably im J tioa, in which scsrcely a lioeof truth api
prcssrd with the cha'.ga that had taken I pears. It hung him at 1.15. tbree-ojuar-
p'ace, and the story, v r. cited by the old ter of an hour after Dildi wasia his grave,
man, wou'd farni-h materia! f..r tlccp i for tie murder of under sheriff L-'er.
thoqght in try ons iuttrcsted in the- cduca- who was present and assiaied at tho execu
tion of children, aiid wouUV I believe, tion. XotwitbstandiDff. the scaffold" , was
prompt almost any man to vote Yes at a I btlf a mile from town' thisleBterilrisms
meeting where the question subniitted rc- sheet hunir hia on the tilaza wiTh a Cithn
quired tue ballot "Tax Ye-," or "T-x JS'o," lie prisat at the bead of jtbetprocestloa,
tor tue mainteoauce oi a tchooj fcr a proper I while no preacher or nriest was 'near. In-
hnqth li timo. stead of Ihe rmltti l crhwti tnrmJS-J
Next. ,JTbe Bililo of WaUrloo," bv I tIls scsflbld, Kash stretchaei roposlwriSjaa'i?
.Miss Stella Bower., wa rite 1 ia a very 10 keP tn crowd bick.- -He alslisiet the
pathetic msnccr, adding Irish laurels to I sheriff hold him up on the scaffold, so weak
her already bnllimt cuefr a oupil of I an(l frtgblcned was he, whilo tbe 'isctl is"
this schojl.
"Sam's L?tter c read by Master Bin.
Blackburn, provoked many ".wrtitw audi
ble." B?n. explained tbat Sam'a reason for
always addressing him as "brothci" was
that h'6 mother aad Stm's mother was tbe
ssrue wo.Ttac. Tne Ic'ttr waa written with
a stuttering psp, and was 4d tiiututter-
"Nelf and Her Bird." by AnabeJ Stapps:
"L5il:e Thing," by Eitt Miller; 'Kisjcs''
by joe liuiiy, ir.U many other pieces by
many otber litld ones added t- ths p!ras
ures of tCjafteriO-in. Nor must it be for
gotten that three tittle one, too youngs to
attehd scb jo), coatribut.d their mite to tlje
amussmrtit ot the audience. But how
litt o Joe Rudy tecame so experienced, ia
the, art of kissing i3 what anchors me."
Hero am I, nearly a baadrod aad thirtv-
wo years o'd, ;i "hsint arTc kissed
nobody ye', ami nooooy haiut never kist
me none, since Iw-is: i a bw-boo !"
After the juv. nifc exercise w-jrc con
cluded the ti ach-r mai-j a few very mpro
pnaie remsrus to the pitrons o! tbo scltco',
otpressins thanks for xmdncss shown, and
maKing suggestions well worthy of con-
ideraiion. Then with feeliacs of- ccneral
satiifactioo with the manner in which the
chool acquitted itself, and a unanimous
feeling of ri-tjret at Miss ntnds' intended
departure, tbe company dispersed to- re
assemble later ia the evening o enjoy a
social danceyand iris now time-fdrjcto
d'ueard this pea-ij favor cf my desire: to
attend tbe party. 8 ts-tS;, uu?jj njora"-
Later 'n.e.daoe last 'evening wss vstll
attsndedj aad all preent sestced to enfov
.1 ..t.r . - -- - ' J
uvwueiuioeir utmost capacity for'so
doing. Those proving themselves most ao-
jireciative rif cn opportunity for hRvinrj a
jolly time might be mentioned a? "Calatn-
ity Janet" "TK-3 the Cike Johnny," "P-v
sey EJ," " rghum Joe," "Slippery E lrp,"
Ir.John DlcJcsoa, RoU Miller and
others, . .
niruii jj uiu icnsoi luriusr aevs
myit and-tho tescher coatinccd sacee
I am s;eepily yours,
J. B. M
lure nsw a nrrHv,"hleI ta b tsislabad oa
la Urgt uortairat
. Embalminy Done In tie LaUtt
' Stifle the Art.
Assay Office.
Assayer and Melellargical Cktutst
AsssyiDRof ererrkindof
jVnalyses of Minerals, Furnace
Products, Etc
For Silver, Alone , ....$160
- Oliver ana uoia 3 ce
U T . .1 ....... '
iiUm ..................... .-..I LV
.4 09
- F,'oer Pot Brackets afvfL. Fishi
Baled Alfalfa hay. scd heat Lay, I
cheap at J. L. Fisbct's.
Carpets an3 Oil Ciotli, f.O cents per.
ys-rd and upwards, at J. L. Fisher's.
" " '
Fresh Batter and Eg; frtm tbe.
EaDch just received "at J, L; FiIier's.ji.
Fresh Smoked Shad and Herring at
J. L. Fisher's. - f
V. s .
A:: -Rubber Bcot md arctics si 'great 4
variety at J. Ifc"Fisher's. " 1 I
Hanging lamps sn'd'chandeliers best
nd cheapest at J. L. Fisber. s .
jusisias LOCALS.
M i
We will furnish' tLe Weekly jlunsAi
'iner ucdlhe Weekly Sao ?ranci'co Call
ir$5.00 jear
Instrumil acd vocal sheer music, also
nsic biuk Tot !e by Miis Adoa Moore,
t-rtezStrct-t. ' . tC
Omway Iks gnne to Tonfo Bwiafora
.lays, but leavi- Mi Geo. H. Huben a
x-urCTOir w tchn;skcr in charge dnnpg
abieoce. f
- "Our Coieftair,,' only 5 -cents,- aad "as
jniod.as any 10 ct.eigsjiatb.'town,Vt
Aitken's Cigar Store., . tfc
Just received, at Hntchinson &. Co
Jorner Dru-j Store, anoth"inToice of
Wizard Oil, Ely's Cream Balm and otr
opuNr remidies.- l' "sod"1
For ten or twelve years I have been
"erely afflict d with catarrh. Never
.sdore four tath decided relief aifrom
Ely's Cream balm. I coasiier mysctf cared,
I J.,W.BCFrnc.3TO,riMbiwfUcjlK-
Rheumatism, Gout end Neuralgia arc
iei erally caosd by urea ia the blocd, aid
H is one of the fipedal'i properties of Dr.
'tt' bmond'a Ssm&n'aa Neivitje to eradicate
11 these disorders.' For sale at "0. S?IIufci
ascn & Co.' corner dreg store. tf
la one week SlyVi Cream Bilm opeacds
passage in one couril. through which? f
had not breathed in thrce years, s'uuJueSmr?
ilhmaiatioa in . raj headaudtttroit, tie
. eclt of catarrh. Colonel O. M. Neillia
)swrgo,N.T'. (SiSadr:)
- - t -
. Copper
" Iron
JlirATIVE. For Zinc, Tin, Arsenic,
Antimony, Nickel,
Cobalt, Quicksilver,
Or any other metal, at rates as LOW as
is consistent with careful work,
M cents
25 "
Tonsorial Palace.
Gurley Street, next to Arizona Brewery.
JJiths.Hotand Odd.....
.shampooinc Ui
jHalr CstUn 5,
Three Fi RST-CissARTisTsEjtrLo yed.
Waldo House.
Centrally located on Montezuma
j A fewdoora north of the Kaza.
First-class rooms good, clean bed
and best of accommodations
for the traveling public.
Rooms by Day, Wert or Hub
Ash Fork, A. I,
Forwarding andCtommissii
T" - I
The Cottage Hotel at Ash k.
a.'.. .... . f.im$
The undeisiKned respectfully inform the citizens of Arizona ana thtpublic
. generally that tfaej- have re-opened near the Ritlroad Depot f " , ;
at Ash Fork, - L-
Where can be found the best accommodavinns.
; with the hotel are
In connection
Sample & Club Booms, aJsoFinlB'Billiaxable;
The house" has also a fine corral and stable attachedtwithfplenty
-V' ' of Hay and Grain. -ssx '
Everybody Inyitsd and Room for ail. r
Mk. & Mrs. Walter Cook.
Ati l-'or's. Aria,
City Peed Yard,
Prescott, Arizona.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stables.
Fast Freight.
And Passenger Line." :
The Poor Accommodated Fnt,
Come and see us before contract-
-'tie Only First-Class
Livery in Town.
viest of Drivinp; and Saddle
Stock, Fine Buggies and
Which can be called for day or
night Careful and exper
ienced Drivers.
Ladies and Gent's Saddle Horses a'
Specialty. .
Passengers earned by private convey-
ance to Ash Fork and all points in
1 points In Yavapai- county st
moderate charges.

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