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Arizona weekly journal-miner. [volume] (Prescott, Ariz.) 1885-1903, February 17, 1886, Image 1

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.. BnnKM.?v ww.s- - - - i .. -.;,. - " ii t . A-.-T?r ir-i-w. wev3Er--rwww'. . r.-?.
VOL. XXI No. 47.
irr Jrom Opiates, muU mm ro'.con.
25 cj.
at Dnrocirrs va malms.
(Cores Kbtur-.lia, Neursloia.
I'ltfrc. crAT.
- -i..n -i i riLrid.
untnm dalitm
Clrausrtlirlf mil.
Alia) a InliBBH'
Slow. HbmIm Hre.
B.stare lUr yen
in of I aaie. hrar-laseraaa'-ll
Relief, A.l'wttlv
has g-alned in envl
able rebutAtlnn, dlaplarinr all othtr prepara
tion. A port I' le i. applied Into each nostril
copl3:a tib e to use. Price So nU, by
mail or at me.'UH S-udferc ma ar.
CLT KltOllIKB. Drusel.tt.Owtgo. N.T
Taa Greatest Medical Tricnph ef taeAgs!
Lossefappeiitr. Uowels costive. Pais la
the Brad, with n dall eeaaati.a 1b ta.
back part, rain ander the ehoaMer
Blade, Valines nftereatlar, withasU.
tacJlnailoata exertion mt B.drerarlaeV
Irritability af temper. Lew ealrlta. with
a feellns.f having neclectcd Boaa.datr.
WearUrss, Dlzzlaras, Flalterlac at ska
Heart. Data before the area. Headache
arer the rieht eye. BeMleaaaeaa, arlth
tlal dreams. Ulchlr celered Crla,aad
mil jralXS are especially adapta4
to aach cases, one dose effecu aucb a
They Increase the AppcUtead can tba
xxslT to Take on l-'lc.U. itu. uw sraea la
aearisbnl.art by ihelrTonlo Action ea
Use UleesUTeOnrasia.nrcnlariitealaaia
proanrrd. ITtf Mr. A Mnmr Wt 1.T.
loorates the body, makes healthy Seat),
Etfvnethens the weak, rrp&lrs the wastes at
uie system with pore blood and ham muscle;
tones the nervous system, lnrircrates taa
brain, and imparts the visor of msnliixxl
I. SoH by drnsscists.
vri'ius t .nBrrsysbi .lew lorm.
Capital Prize, $150,000.
"W'e do hereby certlTy that we supervise
the errsnRtmrnts ror ail the Monthly and
Quarterly Drawlncs of tbe Lonltiana
hiaie I: e' y Company, and In person man
ag. and control tbe Dra1nrs themselTei.
acd that tli same a-e cot lncied with honer
ty.falrnrsi.cnd In rood t 1th toward all par.
Lies, and we authorise t" e Comuy to ute
thl certificate, vlth fac- Imilei of ontslfna.
tnres attached. In itsadvertlsamenU.
Cn ta m Laalesi era
We the titiderstpied Btnkt ind bsnVeri
will pv all Priies ' drawn in Ttxn Louisiana
State f.ottfil; which may t"! preented at
our count t
Pres. Louisiana National Bank
Pres. State National Bank.
Pres. New Orleans National Bank
LrAdsiana State Lottery CoBpamy
locrpurated in (or 25 ar by the
Xis u s.tnre ror edncatlonal and Ch&riMbl
porpoiNi with Hcapl al ofji AO.COO which
a r.srrre ran J nfor rJijO.'A'J since beer
By anovi-rwhclDil' rpopulu vote l:s ran.
elile wa maole part at the present State
Cui.cMtullon adopted December 21. . D. ISTtt.
IU fire- d Slncle Num er Wriwlnea will
takr place monthly I nevetse leor post.
psarn. irfKik attlie ( tilotring UUirlbatiou :
1'. f h .rnnrt Jf nntlily
axii Tiii:
In the A aitcmjrul Jtulr. Jfow rleaas
lands), JIrra 16.11. sjgBSj
Vadertne peroi.l vape.ibiou ajd man ge-
ineni or
GE.V G.T. liEAUIlEGAIJD.f f LVisine,
Slid GEN. J 1)3 A L A. KAKLY, rf YjIt
s CP.TU PRIZE $150,000.
Not Ire TtrVrta are Tea Ballara
only. llatTCH. K5 Finaa&
Tenths SI
I I'APITAl. V.:1K $150 000 I1SUI00
1 ORAX'i 1 t 7.E OK MHO. 50.000
lultiSn I- IEK ID-WC 2t,nn0
2 I. V OK "l!:r.K OF 10,00) IJO0O
i iiVtiQE rmzKs of 5,i aooo
a PKI7.1.S OK 1 SOO0O
so tin ,o... ,, , : s.ooo
100 do tto SUM)
300 do ?m , 40.000
Wl ds 60.000
1 HO ao So SO .000
.APPitOTIttvnos rKHK-.
10 Approximation lTue or IJU $3 COO
10 do do 100 10.000
1W tido do 73 700
S179 rrlses. arc ;ntiEc to . .
' JtPP
". application tor ruio to ciub shnuld be
raadeonlyjo the olH-e or th tot
lap.ny In
KorrartfcerlnIoriU).tla wr'tf clearly, eir
lnrfull address. I'tlHTAI. OTK. Kxprest
sioney Orde s. or New Vork Kxcnnxe In
ordinary letter. Curre c by Kxpreat (sll
inms ot $i and npwerd. at our expecsf )
addressed. ji. A. IAL'I"IX.
. Xcw Orleans, La.
Make P. G. Money Orders maile
and address Registered Letters
SeivOrieBna. La
rt)as.tlTTjT cnrl 13 W 2r tr r.
f n.j one loll) wcrtd gwnHrjc
a. i . au JTJ.W He T- MaartH
furrmJ. fisrismUflc. Powerful. Dcravtte.
Co s: fcrtA hi fd Urrtlr in carlnr Rnptsr
fXtd raral 1 n h3. tsmrl Wsmr) far raxintJileX.
IV.. 4bT-
imTK UA8MTIC TSUJS C0..I9 1 WIA(nm..l
Stfwis Ourees Preftrrti Aea'wst
Him livolviirg licoje
tcKy Mi Pirjwy.
lisfECtor Rsiwr's Visit Mturt
Something Msrt TkaR a
Casual -Call.
Phentr Herald.
It teeta that U. S. 3Iar.hl V. K.
Mettle ha gotten tiiinsr If into a very ser
ious Uijitinn in liis official butiocs$, partly
throasb. Lis teal to kilk the raicalt out,"
bj bricginfi Jie'ty charges of TiolatiBe of
civil n-tvice reform law abaini rcpoblicsn
territorial . rLcials '.-y which he spent some
$12,000 of t- c j;oemmeqt money at Tu
on and every case brought was quashed
because, by U. S. Distiic: Attorney admit
ting that there was no cac and at any rate
the grand jury finding the indictment was
itself r illegal body aith no more autlior
ity than any other body of private civzeni
r will appear later in the statement of
charges which hare t en brought again i
In this connection we note also tbat tbe
indictments found in this district by tbe
United State grand jury aru also void and
tome, $9,000 uselessly wasted here. and
there bard!) remains a doubt tbat B.-nnett
and Collistrr, ll:e two staije rubbers sent to
Detroit f om this place, will be brought
b'ck on m writ of babets orpui and set at
liberty as tb?y cannot be tticd again lor
that crime, unier the constitution. To be
brief it turns out that the work f the
United States Marshal', uffice up t the
present time under W. K. Meade, the new
incumbent in triisterritory is utterly illfgil
ind voi i. as were bi jjrand juries to bepin
wiih, and it all arises frero the fact tbat bis
deputies r.f that effice without an homy of
la a- and merely as private cit:zns, as ac
cording to tbe charges made, not one of
them has ever qualified or been sworn lu as
ac elBctr.
On ibis account, and for many other
matters that hare a verr joor showing of
imptovement upon the dicharge of tbe du
ties of tbe office while under tbe late ad
ministration, a series of complaints were
preferred nnd presented to Attorney Gen-
tral Girland, and tbe inspector of United
States Marshal fficea sent out to investi
gate tbe facti in the case, wtich ha haa
done and left on bis return to Washington,
with tbe following chsrge, sworn to, in his
As near as tbe Herald has Usen able to
get at tbe facts in the matter, tbe charges
are substantially s follows:
ltjat tbe United States Marshal Meade
bas allowed his deput.es to enter upon tbe
discbarge of tbeir duties without taking
tbe oath ot office pres:ribed by law and to
summon grand and trial jurors, whose acts
are therefore illegal.
Tbat private individuals bave been in
structcd by tbe Marsha! to dichargc,tbe
dutyof deputy marabalf.wlthout taking any
oatb of office what ever, and have rendered
tbeir accounts at deputy marshals.
Tbat the U. S. Marsh. I bas, in violation of
law, kept his funds in various banks in the
territory in the name of bis so called depu
ties and made bis offic al disbursement by
checks on tboee private bank1.
That tbe marshal and hts appointees have
charged for attendance on court, whin no
attendance was performed.
That accounts current for expenses, etc.,
have b:cn sworn to as having been paid in
tbe amounts set forth, when such payments
had not been made.
That stationery bas been purchased and
used in the marshal's rffice, and charged to
tbe afccouDt ot stationery pu.chaaed for the
use o! the courts.
That mileage for guards has been charg
ed when no services by a guard bad been
Tbat ao called guards have been induced
to sign guard certificates in biank, and
have received a small consideration for so
That charges have been made for attend
ance on examinations before cort commis
sioner when no examination was ba3.
That writs have b;en partially executed
by ii iff tree t pirt.es and bills have bien
render! il thereto,- in tbe name of one
Tli at witnei.es, in numerous instances.
hare been tubroeied without direction of
court or district attorney.
That jurors and wltnssea have been paid
without an order fro-n tbe court and the
marshal his represented that said jurors
and aitneiset were paid by order of tbe
That witnesses and jurors have bsea re
quired to sign pay rolls in alank.
Tbat arrests bare been made end persons
imprisoned without any writ what ever
Tbat numerous criminal prosecutions
have been instituted by tbe marshal, wben
there was no possibility of coaviction for
tbe putpose of making fees.
Tbat many thousand dollars expense has
been incurred by tbe marshal solely for tbe
purpsse of making fees.
That blank vouchers hire been taken for
payment of official expenses.
Thst deputy marshals bavs employed
private individuals tr. act as deputy mar
shal and that the marshal knowing that
said prirate'individuals bad performed tbe
services of deputy matsbal without antb
oritj bas presented bills rendered by them
to the autboiitie at Washington for appro.
vsl and payment.
Tbat tbe appointments and oath of office
of deputies have not been kept on fi'eia the
office of the clerk of tbe courts, as directed
by law.
Tbat tbs marshal has avoided swearing to
bis official accounts, directing hi appoint
ees to swear to them, thus thinking be
would avoid any error that might be com
nitted in making tbe reqiired affidavits.
Tbat the marshal is in genera!, utterly in
competent to discbarge the duties of the
office he has ascamed.
Tbe above long array of charges, we un
de?taad, have beta sworn to, as they
should be, display a most ertraordiaary
state of afaira la an ofloe, which tbe new
incambeat bas bald for seven raoatas, and
show a Uaaentsble want of. business ability,
coupled with reckless determination to
reap tbe "spoils of office"1 to tbe last farth
ing. Tbe result will be that tb pSfle of
the territory will learn that irwaoaaible
saea without capacity ana, with eadleas
rapacity 'will not do tor public trusts, such
as tUt of tbe United fitafes Marshal's
Tbe time has come ia the history of tha
territory when men of integrity matt dis
cbaigo our public duties: They have beta
discharged by suck men for tha past few
years, and tbe new administration has xssde
the blunder of imagining that anything
would yet do to fill a territorial office. The
Washington authorities will learc, by i x
penence, that instead of seeking to dis
cbarge a personal obligation, o tsoras petty
politician, by appointing Lira to as office,
it will be necestary to appoint men tr our
offices who are ab!e and will discharge
those duties for tbe benefit of the people at
It it not posible tbat Meade will be con
firmed by tbe senate with su;h charges
staring him in tbe lace, and the charges
would not have been swede and sworn to if ,
they were not iscts. lie bss proved
Immeuse failure and will cost tbe govern
ment directly many tbouiands of dollars for
utterly worse than nothing; be will cost the
territory largely indirectly ; he will nearly
ruin tbe numerous deputies who will not
be r.ble probably to get a cent oat ef him
or tbe government for their services. "K'ck
tbe rascals out."
"To observation wbi.m ourselves we make,
We grow more partial for tbe observer's
stke. '
It is owing to observation tbat our mind
is furnished with tbj first, simple and com.
pies ideas. It is this tbat Isy the ground
work and foundation: of all knowledge, and
makes us capable of using any of tbo other
methods for improving tbe mind ; for it we
did not attain a variety of sensible and In
telltctual ideas by tbeenatloo of outwsrd
objfct, by tbo coofciojisness of our own
appetites and passions, pleasures and pains,
and by tbe inward experience of tbe acing
cf our own spirits, it would be impossible
either for mea or books to tench us any.
thing. It is olKervttioo that mutt give us
oar fi st ideas of thing', is it includes in
it sense and cnnseioune. All our knowl
edge derive! from observation, either it be
ot amgle ideas or of propoaitioas, is know),
edgo gotten at first band . Hereby we sec
and know things as they are, or as they
appear to us. We take tha Impression of
them in our mind from the original object
themselves, which give a clearer sn4 strong-
ex conception of things. These ideas are
taore lively, aad the propositions (at .'cut
a many cases) are much taore evident ;
whereas what knowledge we derive from
lec'.urea, leading aid conversation ia but
the copy ot other minds that is, the pic
ture of a picture sod is oae remove from
the original . Another advantage of ob
servation is, that we may ga:n knowledge
all tbe day long and every moment of our
lives aad existence, always adding to our
intellectual treasure, except only while we
are asleep ; aad even then the remembrance
of our dreamings will teach ui some truths,
aad lay a foundation for a better acquaint
ance with human nature, both ia tbe pow
era and in the frailties of It,
A Wlee satiate af ASralra.
Under the law of this territory the, tax
collector is required to publish tbe 'delin
quent tax list" for not leas than twenty.
oca days, tbe first publication to be on or
before the first Monday ia February. Our
county treasurer aad ex -officio tax collec
tor published tba list at tba proper time,
but through an oversight gave only Bine
teen days notice instead of the twentr-one
required by law. As the time has sow
gone by oa or bef m which the first publi
cation U required to be made, it is gener
ally conceded tbat tbe error is fstsl tnd
cannot be remedied, and that the delinquent
taxes, if collected at all, will bave to be
col ee ted in some other tbaa tbe uiual
way. Oae thing is certain aow, and that
is thst those whose names are on tbe de
linquent list will not pay tbeir taxes until
they are force 3 to, and tbat the anfortu
nate, though unintentional, mistake of.
Treasurer Smith has given tbem a pretty
large loopbele to crawl mt of, of which
most ot tnem, ana tne railroad costpany
especially, will not be slow to take adran
tage of.
One unfortunate result of this stste of
affairs bas been tbe enforced closing of
every school in ths county for want of the
necessary funds, aad at present writiag it
seems extremely doubtful if they can open
again until next year's taxes come in, un
less the taxpayers of tbe different districts
vote for a special school tax, which is hard'
ly likely.
Strange as it may seem, it is nevertbe
less true that our county treasurer hss
never filed any additional bond as tax col
lector. The law passed by tbe last Lieisla
tore making tbe treasurer ex-omcio tax
collector says tbat he shall perform all the
duties formerly icouired of the sheriff wben
acting in the same cipaclty, and the first
and foremost of those dsties wai tbe giving
of an additional bond in a asm not less
than twenty tboassnd dollars. Tbe boaid
of supervisors aad tbe district sttornty
ahoald have seen thaf this sdditional bond
was given by tbe tree rarer when be entered
upon bis duties as Us collector, but, in
view of tbe present muddle over tbe delta
quent tax list, it is a fortunate thing for
Treasurer Smith tbat sack additional bond
has not been required of him. Mohave
CwaKaasatlaa Cared.
Aa old physician, retired from nractlea
having had placed in Ms band by an last
India missionary the formula of a simple vet;.
Stable remedy forth speedy and permanent
cure ot Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh,
Asthma and all throat and lung affections,
also a positive and radical enre for Nervous
Debility and all Nervous Complaints, after
Baring tested its wonderful curative powers
In thousands ot cases, has fait It his duty to
make It kposrn to hi SasTerlng fellows, Ac
tested by this motive and a desire to relieve
hnrnan auffericg, I will seed free of charge, to
all who desire it, -this retlpe, In German
French or English, with fall directions for
preparing aad using. Beat oy mail by address,
lav with stamp, aasaleg tils paper, W. A.
KUTXa, It rower Sleek. Bocaeeter, Xsw
iara. ftwvjesewiy
Wmr Arlaaaa.
A bill has been introduced in the lower
Bouse of Congress by the Con. C. C. Bean,
draws by a well known former resident of
this territory, which provides for the attain
aaeat of title to grazing lands by stockmen
by actual purchase from the govornmea
at 95 cents per acre, of auch leads as ma
not be fit for or set apart for agricultural
timber, mining or other purposes. Tbe bit
urther provides tbat such leads can be at.
tsiasd by actual purchase only to tbe
amount of one t iwnship, six miles square,
nor in less quantity than rne fourth of a
township, and no claim can ba made to
portions of two or more townships nor to
fractions of different portions of a towasbtp
but mast be one-fourth, one half, three
quarters or oae whole township in square
blocks, aad all lauds taken in any township
under any other law are protected and all
highways must be left open.
Ths bill is very cartfally drawn, and, in
the opinion of the Herald, will bave a ten
dency to greatly reduce loose and indefinite
claims of lands cow prevailing and to fix
the cattle men upon a permanent basis of
actual owiersbip to the lands they occupy
and more carefully define their position snd
tbe character ot the lands they shsll occupy,
The kill bss been ordered printed after hav
ing been referred to the Committee on
Public Lands. Herald.
Arlasaa'a AdTaatagea.
Arizona has many advantages to offer,
When oranges and other citrus fruit are
freezing ia Florida, our fruit trees, cotton
woods and more ornamental shades are
putting foith their buds; while cattle are
even freezing in Texas, our ranchers are
preparing to cut alfafa and make it into
hay, and while snow and sleet and bliz
zards are blinding the eyes of the eastern
husbandmen, here we bave sunshine, hap
piness aad the greatest signs of promise.
With irrigation we have no chance of sus
taining a loss or a partial loss of crops. No
mslarial diseases depress oar people ; no
cholera or yellow fever cany off tbe living
by scores, no sunstroke or rabid dogs in
summer disturb tbe workman or the citi -
sen. We are in fact greatly blessed bv
providence, aad simply need tbe efforts of
mankind, intelligent and not extravagant,
to give us place in the plan of our govern-
.Dent second to no other subdivision ia tbe
Union. Gazette
hiss uvea jaucE
A surgical operation that will set the
doctors to thinking was performed in
Greenpoint three weeks ago. A portion
cf a man's liver was removed ironi his
body, and the present condition of the
patient tends to indicate a recovery to at
least moderate health.
Augustave Carlsen, a Swede, who
lives at No. 19 Greenpoint avenue, and
Peter Miller were among the e-nployes
in JTiscners iron tounary at no. 234
Green street, Greenpoint. They were
working near the cupola of the foundry
on December u, when by a slip of the
hand Miller struck Carlsen on the side
with a red-hot iron bar that is used to
close the door of the cupola. The bar
entered the flesh on the left side to the
depth of four inches. It passed under
the end of the eleventh rib, and then
inward and downward, in an oblique
direction, penetrating the peritoneum
and the cavity of the abdomen. Carlsen
staggered down two flights of stairs and
made his way to the street without
assistance. The men through whom
ha passed were too much awe-stricken
to be of any help to the injured one.
From the foundry to hit home, adis
tance of nearly naif a mile, Carlsen
walked alone, suffering the most ex
cruciating agony. How he was able to
do this is one of the wonders of the
Dr. Williams gave the unfortunate
workman all possible attention. Carlsen
underwent racking torments. Every
day he had from three to six hemor
rhages of more of less severity. This
lasted for six days. That he should bave
lived even as long as that was considered
astonishing. Almost hoping against
hope, Dr. Williams decided to make an
anomalous operation on his patient On
the the sixth day after the accident he
removed a considerable quantity of liver
tissue. Great delicacy in the use of the
knife was necessary; but the work was
successfully done. After erysipelas made
its appearance and the patient seemed
to sink nearer and nearer to death.
Heroic treatment had again to be prac
ticed, and large doses, of quinine and
iron were given. For several days
quinine was administered every two
hours, twenty grains at a time. Morphine
injections were also given to prevent the
effects of possible peritonitis. Pus was
drained by a syringe, and finally the
orifice was temporarily closed by the
applications of carbolized horse hair.
The antiseptic treatment was continued
for several days. The wound was con
tinually dressed with thick layers of
citton that had been saturated with a
watery pne-thausandth solution of cor
rosive sublimate. The wound began to
heal, and pain iound wings of flight
The patient recovered his appetite, and
last evening was able to sit up in bed
and tell about his sufferings. He was,
of course, very pale and emaciated, but
is confident that he will pull through all
right What effect the accident will
Have on his general health remains to be
seen. New YorkS tar.
Recently, while sinking a well on tbe
desert, south ef tbe railroad, Messrs. Bsm-
rick faad Moses found, 80 feet below tbe
surface of tbe ground, fragments ot Aztec
pottery, upon which were figures,, re
sembling in design snd outline tbe orna
ments on the pottery of the Papsgos snd
Pirns of to-day. This would indicate that
century af er century must have rolled by
since tbe pre-bktoric inbsbltaats of tbat
section became extinct or ware driven
away. Spitspb .
TaUC BTwKY 9W TsU BaVX.tJaT tales.
Wben Music, heavenly maid was young,
The baUet girl, with silent tongue,
Was tripping oa her rigid toes
In much abbreviated clothes.
Wbn David danced before tbe ark,
Tbe ballet girl was in tbe lark ;
Ere Noah sailed over the deluged earth
Her charming pirouettes bad birth ;
Ere Eve wu lost by serpent's guile,
Tbe ballet girl's cast-lrea smile
Was fixed upon her palette face ;
Ere sun or moon was set ia place,
Tbe ballet girl in chaos dt-nced
Tbe ballet girl who you entranced.
Whose charms yom admired through your
Tes, that bewitching, buxm lass,
Wbaae praise still lingers aa your toagae,
Is yet, comparatively, young.
For ev'n tbe world's not old, yoa know-
Only six thousand years or so.
Boston Transcript.
raaa ta a Plasaaar.
Swse' man, so cool, so calsa, so bright;
Owner of earth and akyl
I fear it's going ta freeze to-night
It's in your eye.
Tbrt glitter tbat enchanting gleasa,
Bespesks yoar own sweet trust,
And pipes for watsr, gas and steam
I know will bust.
Great man! Some fourteen days ago
My sink pipe sprang a leak;
You came and looked aad foaai it so
And In a week
Ycu sent two saea to look agaia;
They cam aad saw aad want,
And crime again, and stopped, aad tbaa
They stopped the Teat.
Your bill therefor, great maa, ia here.
By special post it came,
And I resign wbata'er was mine.
To pty the same.
How could tbs world move oa its wsy
Of your great crisp bereft f
We know, however cold the day,
You're never left,
American Angler.
ill aad 'Frlaaa Beit.
"Fiftj, eh I Thst . above my pile.
Come, make it twenty, and I'll stand tbe
You won't, eh! Well yoa needn't smile;
You bet I'll catch you short some of these
''You ain't short, put up your dust .
He's a coward, boysee! he's lost hu heart."
Some of 'em laughed, some cussed,
And Bill for lis pocket made a dart.
"Look yer, boys; take that back;
I've bet my pile I cant go no higher;
I know my band will beat the pack.
And the man that says 'Coward!' wby, he's
a liar!"
"Plank the dust for tbe claim yoa sold;
You've got that about you, I know, at
A Big tear down Bill's cheeka strolled.
"I've saved that for mother way oat
"lie's a tenderfoot," came from every band.
Bill's heart was heavy; his large eyes rolled.
"I'll see tbat pot; if I don't I'm dastard.''
Aad down on tbe table went tbe nugget of
"I'll see thst fifty," said he, and raise r
'itopf said a voice; "I'll take his has 1 ia
this little game;
ril see your fifty, just for fun,
And raise yoa a thousand aad my 'Frists)
"Go ahead ! now' tha time to shout!
What, ain't thar a thousand among the ball
lot I
Wai', I guess then, you're all froze oat,
Come, Bill, you and I will sbare this pot."
"So, you'd rob smother of ber bread?
Well, sueb a gang as yoa should be ia -
Come, we'll shake 'eat, boy," ska gently
They art chums aow Bill aa 1 'Frisew
WrixiAit J. Las, in PUladelBak
Tha following is tbe list of letters
remaining at the Post Office in Fnscott,
Arizona, for tbe week eadieg Febraary 11,
188. :
Brace A Jr Lowthion John B
Buchanan Mis LUlie Miacy George W
Branch Robert Megraw MiaaJe
Boylsad Frank Miller Thomas X
Barrett Eunice P . Nickossoa J G
Cook Frank Noma Mrs Baseline
E5cke Charles Osbora W T
Gardner John Rogers Battle
Harbiason 8 C 8 trachea David E.
Haerger George Steinbrook Laura
Isaac Mrs Jane Steward Nortea
King Thornton SpenceO
Call fog advertised letters.
JH AMAaam,
Tbe Paul-Shaw case Is oa trial in Tac-
Absolutely Puftv
This powder never varies, A marvel et
purity, strength aad waoleaomeaess. Mere
economical tbaa tbe ordinary kinds aad eaa
not tM sold la competition wltk U ssalUtase
of low.test short eight alaae or pkasakaic
nnwdaiw OnI4'Blw la aaaa Sml BWSrtaa
Taaasasaaaafa tlv-j- a rillssiasl WWI ! aailtslt
ia Hsawsmtato, CaL Both in raise, aad ia tke mimtj of ta fcmtsibBt
-w . , thrmsanilri
feadples) tt ea 4ig trtnt.
awy state, tbewe principles were "One Fiisi
aTiaiBlilluai. AUcsetomers treated alike.
aad satnaa ffiee to oat of town customers as to satf'
Cbapter 11.
It will be smto(tood at a glance that each a syvtem, rrdsrryem
twrcad protects the interests of all customers, whether young or eel
xyawiessced or inexperienced ; whether dealing ia person or ilaalitsg
throfjfB the mails.
PwOfJe were quick to see its merits. Trade began to grow. Soost It
was discovered that this store kept not only thoroughly reliable sj jr.
bat Ouit itt pricei cere loiter tkan thote of all other merchant.
Then trade grew faster and faster. People from afar heard ef Mb
store aad sent hundred of milej that they might benefit by ssa
feeds and trices. They knew they would be served as justly aad as
well, as if ia Sacramento to buy for themselves. And ikty seers risfti
Cbapter 111.
Tbat esse store soon gathered about it a large fssBily el ,
all cotusected by arches and passago
MS sawortsseat of goods, till now it
i i . j. . . , .
aaauisa manure lines ot gooas.
feet wide by oae hoadred and twenty
syasjawadesaeiofty feet high.
roesas are provided for the free use of visitors. The store empatya,
from oae hoadred aad fifty to one hundred and sixty clerks, aad bass
buyers constsatlyiia the Eastern and Western Markets. It is tJbeLawW-
sas usasani atau stabiisument
Cbapter IIP.
The Mall Order hsiaess of tiiis
tuammoa tne coast it is greatly facilitated by lasaas of a large Hlos
tnted Catalogue, which, together with any nnslis that may be
dsaared, is seat free to any address. The caUlogae is a finely priatoi
task, with ever eleven hoadred illustratioas, and fall informatiea
taw to order.
byefeaaos. fsoMMm Uteres erf aaerit Theiwawssaa. iju,.
trade ei this Hosae shows there is a iomething im mm totm,MmeOinf is,
its styke, sewstseaf ia as arices, sosastAsae aa sm asaUkods, aot obtsia
sbteelaevasxw. m" --f " 1 n'n is fret sat sssjasjiai Is imssiljls
th iliM mm, mvto km mm wmmVimnHmUmHgiM
Fine Rooms 50c and $1 Per Day.
and furnished in everv particular with all the convenience
it make it a
It ii situated in the center of the city, within fifty yardi of the
Postoffice, and is the MOST CONVENIENT HOUSE in Northern
Anton. Particular Attention
B123. .A.UMXT1LEJR,, Proprietor.
: . July 1, 1S8S.
Haas ihs Lamest tad Bloat CararaUv rareaasadMock
Of General
sa is ana onsasUMlshinsril In irlioni , .art
AIM J CMpMi stalk ftf Ht Fmkhs
UM MMS MCifrC CMS. flMMi IMtfffwf ,
Buckingham Hecht's
Boots and Shoes.
Magnificent Selection of Ladies'
la, MnW ami I aliiiainlinHiiiil
OSnWasBa COsWK OF TUX riiisa sT
The Only Hotel in Northern Arizona With
Hard Fiiiished Rooms.
H. Ae Kemdmll, Proprietor.
GK &0ra!S3mmAm2r9 Fxp
(Succeeesor to Dan Hatz,)
Board and Lodnng Per Week - - - $10
Board, By till Day - - - $1
liMsrtafcry Atafci. ch Bra IWiTeesl ta uytavtef Tew
nf nttaw stusea. Bat ia
I aad
Ka Dsjiiasioa.
ways. It also greatly in
keeps under oae vast roof :
. .. .
its main gaiewuusa is one ,
feet deep, and ia partially
Cosily furnished Waiting and BaadiBa
West of the Kocky
store now erteadsta every I
Those warn sjasjsa i
Blslft 3gQTVfE3
Paid to the Comfort of my (iuests.
OrifN CiSiMtfi Clitkiif. Ill
UnrivaMed Manufact
and Children's Shoes, just amve
m i a llimala lln inT ITi t r "T endear?
. . .
WEEK, . $7.00.
hmu jauffMi-n her.
Taa Aeizosa JoURjcAL-Misia U past
l-i a aviry Uar In the wests cxcix Sunday
53b .hea everr Wednesday at MvMtir.tae
ipltal ti the Tarritorr.
Devoted to the commercial and business m.
rf:iU of thr Territory.
1 TEHJIrf:
DAILY per rear ! SUM
Wssxt " one year, A st)
- " " sixmoatbs. - 3M
Money mav be remitted by registered letssr
atoffice order or draft.
"The JocKm-Xma-uwiii be delivered by
rrltr to subscribers in the city forSJeeats
wee lr.
Local notices will be Inserted at aiUea
Kits a line for the first insertion tad tea
cuts per line for each saUcUeut i&sertioc.
Correspondence oti all subjects or general
ulerest will ba accepted, anuuews from any
x-allty Is solicited, especUUylrom the alumsr
rap and ajrrlenfural district.
AH communications should he addressed ta
hb Jormxi.MiSsB. Prtatotr, Arirona.
K. C. Uaxs. iUMU No. 6S. Me rchaaU' Kx
nnje. San FransUeo. la sole acemfor tha
ttrzoxA JotTRHAL-Mucaa la that vtif. Ha
s n bortxed to collect nionsya due this
uttbllsh itent, take orders ror adrertlslns;,
4 attes'l t iiy oilier bnslness dcvolvtae
I'm him 1 1 rpreeniatlve erth. pab
ihrr. Taa Da t -Incn.vAi. Mi aad
A ekut ocuii.Jlutr wil l round oa
Gl at his oQce.
Bates et saal AdTertl.la.
-:sr!n"'s Ss I. .
1 mons. District Ct-nrt.
tCmmonsJnstlee Court
- 3ioe
r ji re'tar. notice..
L nd Office (Notice for Publication).
Arpl.'eetloa for Patent
a imimaiiators Notice ... ... .
itav k- roiixri ojc
hlk at us.
i irsstaaar Act-
ujsxt). wsrsKB Ad.
rr be mad. Sac je la
Ur.'.l V.uml XtBte Xahl.
ta aa iesa
.Mai' lor southern portion of the Territory
b.I Vvziie Cihiat leaves dally at 8:30 a. au,
a l.eniiand Miricopa. Arrives at 649
Alju lor the .Eastern Statea riaA.tkP.
i. lw leaves daily at 0:00 p m. Arrives
't ?JU p. ci. daily,
Mail for Brsdsbaw, vis Haadayamas,
lucnu, Meesrille and Alexandria, leaves
rl.ndays and Fridaya it 7 lb. Arrives
ti-sdavs and Saturdays at 6 p. m.
Mail for Phenix,via Antelope alley,
ta iton, Wickcnburgh and Vulture, earss
lotidsys. Wednesdays and Fridays a 3 a.
n. Arrives Tuesdays, Thursdays and Set
It. ys at6 a. m.
Mail for Juniper, via Simmons leaves
- s urdaya and Tuesdays at 7 a. m.r arrives
. idays and Fridays at G p. ta.
J. II . A. Marsh. Postmaster.
tbl. lists BAtrr
Te Ash fork at 30 A.M. Arrive at Al
L-uerque at 1130 P. Jf.
c-re Albuquerque at 3:40 A.M. Arrive at
b Fork at 10:00 P.M. Arrive et Mojave at
VIP. M. Leave Mojave (Sua Fraaeisca
I v) at 8:09 P.M Arrive at "a 7raDciseoar
:JA. M.
Trains oa tha Atlantic sad Pacific will hare
Tier be ran on mountain time.
. rain oa tha Southern PaelSe wl use Baa
.lessso Uaaa;
I'allaxaa raiaee tsieeislac Oar wlU aa
raa tarvaga aetweea at. f laaie. Blaa
aaa City aad staa sTraaeJae.
T" ThrouKh tickets tu all points for
ale at the Prescott office.
Kor lnformsllon concerning passenger or
reight business, call on
G. F. and P. A Albniusroue, Ji. M.
tt, . Robinson, General Ma&efer
or J. T. MEA DOR, Agent. Prescott.
jobs a. ucsu. xi). x. wmus
Attorneys and Counselor at Law,
;PrecoU, Arlxoaa.
Will attend strictly to all business eetrastev
them la the several Courts ot Record of tbe
rritory. J.btracu of title to mining claim
d realty acjarately prepared. P-napt at
i t Iran to collections.
Prescott, Arizona.
Attorney and Counselor at I-aw.
SSsVWlII pracUce in all the Court of Arisnne
Us nee Onr the Bank, of Arise .
Prercotr, Arizona.
OfEce in Court House Prescott.
ireaoea ....
Office oa Cartas Street, a few doers i
Tax et JetraA oace. ' -s
Phtsiciax AXD BrjBfiXOX.
Prescott, Arizona, "
OfEcaOetaconal Balldlnr.Garlej treeU-
B. . ROBINSOlf4'
Physician ab Shrsioi,
Office oa MoatecBata street,
One door Ncrtb of Ilees? & Go's Dragsla
Attorney General or Arizona.
Attornkt axd Conns sum at Law
Ornct-Onr the Bank of Arizona.
Prescott. Arizona.
Ya.ana?J,?n.n4t ihlt DUtri
t"PI wanty. OStee next door to Ka5
A Well. Prescott. A. T. MS?
Probate Jads
Prescott, Arizona.
Special attention to conveyancing and
office work of all kinds.
"Will practice la all ths courts of Arlaona,
and before ths various Departments In Trash-
lBftOQ,D. C
Office Room No. S, over Bank of Arlaeaa.
Prescott, A. T.
(mmsn stir basstbbb WTaJt tmz
maaUns of this Loose, ta. Brat aad third
THTTR.HI1AV f MtiiJitT TS.aTTS.lri??
wws , miau wfft csw aai.
T, Aratvavs, taWr 7, IMS,
1 i '-'ii-'-voiS '-i. -wifc-5a8tadaieiSsr i-'
aa aaa. i " ' s mncmmf0pF- H 1 1 ' . . aaaMisasasmamw
Taj -

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