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: - -n -
J. C Martin. Editor,
APRIU7, t8
Ever since President ClereUnd ap
pointed CoL C Meyer Zulick., ot Newark,
govenor t Arizona territory, his politi
cal enemies in the democratic patty have
made determined efforts to defeat his
conSrination by the United States sen
As was recently stated in the Herald
a mil was brought againit him as the
president of the New Jers y and Sonora
Reduction company by some of the
ktockbuldera of the concern. In the bill
of comulaint filed in the Nct Jersey
rourt f chancery it is alleged that he
wilfully misrepresented the affair of the
company and induced people many of
whom were his intimate frimds, t in
Test nuney in the company, and suuse
qucntly the lunds were ucd for the de-
By a recent order issued from army
headquarters General Crook has been
assigned to the department of the Platte,
headquarters at Omaha and Nelson A.
Miles has been assigned to the depart
ment of Ariaona. While we regret to
lose General Crook from Arizona, the
change from an active life of hardships
and privations, to an easy berth is one
which he has merited. While others in tne
army have had what are called soft berths
General Crook's entire array life has
been spent on the frontier ightinft and
subduing hostile Indiana, wane k u
admitted that during the pact year he
has not achieved the success he had
hoped for and which the people of Ari
zona earneatly hoped for tt k generally
believed by fair minded citixens that had
a less experienced saaa thaa General
Crook been in command, isJetead of from
thirty to fifty hostiles being oa the war
path a general outbreak would have
occurred. General Miles who succeeds
him has won a reputation as an Indian
fighter and it is sincerely hoped that he
may achieve success ta hk sew field of
The announcement has been briefly
jade of the death of Tuthill King, a
vil ipinent ot a silver mine in Sonora, J Chicago millionaire, who died recen ly
Mcxco. A Ml history ot the case wa
,fora ded to Washington.
Djring the las: few days anothet
sc-mM was created by the prodi-ctiun
... ,.. (ii-ii n.a.l.- hv A del nun Geo
on his wedding trip. The Chicago Man
has unearthd a chapter in his his
tory that reads like" romance. He had
reached the mature age ol 8a, and had
family of married daughters. The oie
gentleman was fond of traveling, but hi
rJnldren observed wnh cam that as hi?
- rniiuicii uueit wi... - -
S Smith, of Newark, in which he makes m nBmbef he dereIopwl at.
very v n..ui chafes againx Cl. Z jl.ck -nj()r0Ui pr,)p.nj;tv. What if on one ot
in connection with n nom"la"u' 1 his trips he should fall in with one ol
surrogate t,f bex county ano me dcsgnng who Uy ;n walt
ehich loiiea. an actuum
The latest story connected with that
celebrated $iS,ooo peach-blow vase of
the Morgan collection is that it never
belonged to a Chinese prince, but that
it was originally bought in China for
$2oo by an American who was regarded
by the artful natives as a green old
sucker for buying an off-color article at
so great a price. The statement made
by the auctioneer at the recent Morgan
sale that there is not enough ingenuity
in the world to produce its equal, is
scouted as equally fallacious with the
rest of the rigamarole related as the his
tory of this queer specimen of bric-a-
brac The Times critic declares that it
could be duplicated over and over again
for a comparatively trfling sum. Wheth
erthis story be true or not, the fact
remains that the peachblow vase has
fooled somebody pretty badly.
Having achieved greatness in killing a
New York sawdust counterfeit money
sharp, Jim Holland, the Texas man, is
havine greatness thrust upon htm. Im
mediately upon his acquittal of the
charge of murder the enterprising man
ager of a dime museum offered him
$500 a week to go on exhibition as the
man who shot Davis. Hh declined the
honor and started at once for Abilene,
Texas, where his enthusiastic townsmen
are men .rine to receive Mb wiih a brass
band and a grand dispby of fireworks.
Such is greatness in this the nineteenth
to eobble ropectable and wealthy old
Alderman SimiU terrible death from Kenterol.n ai Mrs. Bardell" tried to
cnaibon nuhgtie was published in the eMrap .Mr. Pickwick?" The thought
Herald two months ago. He had been was harrowing to their filial mind, bo
a close pcr-oual friend cf Colonel Zulu I ,hey hunted up an exceptionable widow,
for mn.r ytar.Ou j ji prior to his death luJl(je a bargain with her for an hundred
a coolness as iiuti.cd bc: ten them.
The iffi l.v.t riinadc several month
before lis death and probaLly oul
renum the ixciuie i-ropciiy oi thi
senate it hecrc aim.- to-dy.
It is now 111 ixHsession of Senator
. Hairbon, of Indiana, chairman cf the
tne committee on territories, but a copy
ot it is urcserved in Newailc It drtail
thousand dollars, and had their father
marry het. This was n t a bjd specula
ron all around. The widow nursed him
faithfully for three months, and is an
nundred thousand dollars ahead.
Rufus G bhon Wells, an erratic bal-
oonattc or aeronaut, whom we anew in
California and who erstwhile wanted to
take a bllon voyage to the north pie
is now in Indianapolis trying to organize
balloon company for transportation
of natural gw from the gas fields to the
great cities in huge balloon holding a
million or more feet. This gas would
ell for at leas' filty cents a thousand,-
and costing nothing, so that each bal
loon would earn $jco a trip A com
pany on ng a S ore of balloons con
stantly employed, wd, he say, do a
paing business.
The Tucson Citizen which has neer
been in harmony with General Crooks
policy and which has never missed an
! opportunity to criticise him has the lol
various pracuces, which, it al.eges. gov- owng ,n regard to the my uer-
v ., ,. 1 .j . ..,. ij. onimo: -uenerai ,roo w- -
Johnson's' administration, when Zulick
held lor a brief period the position of U
S. Assessor lor the Newark district, and
refers to the manner in which the offices
at his disposal were disposed of. The
affiJavii further states that at the last
general election (1884) whm Zulick was
a candidate for Surr gate and was de
feated, he apprMched Alderman Smith,
tnen chairman of the patlic buildings
coramii'ce, and proposed a plan by
wnich, when a recount of the ballot
boxc. was called for, it would show that
Zulu It was elected and not defeated, as
with Erief and sorrow over the unexpect
ed turn of affairs with the hostile chief
Geronimo and iis followers, although he
was utterly powerless to prevent it He
had hoped we all had hoped that the
end of the Indian troubles was at hand.
and that henceforth the red cloud would
east no mote shadows of blood across
our fair valleys nor change the white
drapnies of joj into palls of mourning
and emblems of woe. No reasonable
man can find any cause for rejoicing in
this deen calaaairr oa accent of his
desire to see the military forces huaailiat
' I l mtvw An- for tlvf renewal of the
was prcr.ously announced. In the am- ' . . . . rf fnr fK- -t
1 . - , . , . j;,. I reaper, with the final triumph ef our
actuated in making tt solely by a desire I "r" . " , ,
.... nn, nn arms, we sincerely regret ujc
peon ,0 hold the fin of gov ernor of blasun ol our fondest awl trust
r I .1... ,k tmtmm mn Mt mw hrillllDt TIC'
a... .., imrlr thr demo I '
' I . C. ...t AmJU
crattc administration.
Mrs. James Brown Potter whe shocked
Washington society with her recitation of
Speaking of the affiJavit a well-known "Ostler Joe," lnteade going on the stage.
New Utscv poliucian said to a Hcra j She has played "Juliet" once or twice,
- I - - - wa
reporter ycstcrda: "President CUv I until her husband, J. r. aforesaid, oe-
land was ny angry whin he heard 01 1 came jealous of the realistic way
the affidavit, and immediately sent foi I which she hugged "Romeo and put a
Senator Mcrli'rson. who rccutnmcodet
Zuii k's apti -n.tmtnt. The uticr sen
lor .veral Newark democrats and a-k-
ti have the matter tnvestt ated. Allti
man Sintih j ven a wcik Into c
de-tli. He 11 ui J his charges an
promise): to 'c- ihem in dealt. I b
luve tic a wi-rkinx U;on a lull stat
incut hcn he died. Tne whule matei
lus Uen ittcirrd to a sub-coranntter
consiMiiif: cf Senat rs George, of Mis
issippi atid Cutliii, .l Iiluiois, who wcrt
tnvt-sit atmg it'octhtr with the Sonora
mine mat er."
It is understood ihat there are othr
charges aisnist G vcr tor Zjluk in irie
iise- (mi .f ili- tnat- ruiiiniit-r, at d
tii s. t h nd tr i ?ci:ig fur lulled
. 1 1 , t 11 ti:i; P .ifj '.tl;iht 1 dcitiorr t.
-. r u t ..; 'i.r on hi h
Z i t 1. 1. N- .ik Herald,
Mirikara Wreck A.
A dispatch dated Kansas City, March
31, says: A vain oi iwewj
filled with miscellaneous freight depart
ed over the Missouri Pacific this after
noon carrying a strong body ot police
with it who were detailed asaguaro.
Wnen the tram was near the Alton
elevator two strikers rushed out from a
lumber yard and turned the switch The
result of this move was twelve of the
cars and their contents are a total wreck,
and all the train men are more or less
injured. Detectives among the guard o
the train at once arrested Martin Scow
one of the men who caused the accident
and James Noonan, the other mw
while dodging around under the bridge
was shot in the small of the back by one
of the policemen. The strikers loudly
condemn th police, who now make it a
point to arrest any persons who are
heard using language likely to incetue
the strikers to violence.
tmrjr Awlcame
The war department has announced
the following assignment of omcers:
Major General J. M. Schofield to
the D.vision of the Atlantic; Major Gen
eral A. H. Terry to the Division ot the
Missouri; M'jor General Howard
to the Division of the Pacific Coast;
Brigadier General Crook was Jo
dav releved from the command of
the Department of AriZwa and assigned
to the Dipinmint of the PUtte, tormer
ly commanded by Gineral Howard.
B'teadier General N A. Miles, now in
command of the Dipartment of the
Overcoats from S3 00 aad apwsrd
it J. L Kubei'a.
BlaaketsaDd QaiHa a yowr owa
price at J. L. Futk.lV
Boy and Mess Button aborMl 0
per pair at J. L. F.tacr'a.
Flower Pot Brackets at i. L. Fitt
er'.. Baled -Alfalfa hay and. beat ley.
cheap at J. L. Fiui.
Carpet an' Oil Ciotb, M cent per
yard aad epwardr, ai J. L. Fibn'.
Freeh Batter end Kcgt tnm the
raccb joat received at J, L FiaherV
Freeh Sesnked Bod aa Herrieg at
J. L. FubetV
Robb-r Bnt and arcties ia great
variety at J. L. Fitbei'a.
BaaxiBg lamp aad chandeliers beet
ad cbeapeet at J. L. F'lher'e.
Six mom boat to let. Atp'j to Hon. L.
We will faroUh tbo Wearxt Jocrxal-
Capital Pria, $75,000.
lysm. Skwrea la preferaeei.
Lulr"-" HUte Lottery Company
Wa do hraUT certify, thai wa
iht.rniecDi-ila f.r a-i wm
tjaaiaily Drawloga or J" '-'"V;-.
Mimia Iatl'y Company, an In peraon '
"a tuat the aame m coi iucimi wim "
r, raWi. aid In roodT 1th towail par.
i hi coruscate, wltn rac- imiiwo.
atlaenea.in iia au
We the ordr!rnI Baaks end banker
will par all Prises drawn in The Louisiana
State Utlerie which mj t pre.enUdat
oarcouaur.. Smm.9mmmUT
Pres. Louisiana National Bank
mr aiai.aiaiaewai.
' Pres. State National Bank.
& aiaa.ikta'I.
Pres. New Orleans National Bank
T...t in ikM fur 36 r. by the
La la.atnre for educailunal aa CberUaele
purpoaaa-wtin acaphal ..r'a-." wblch
raerT4and oroT tt&JOjm h lue oar
aid ,2.
nnrtll&rle I' fflitl
nan of in. nteieut 8't
l uii.iiuitloa adoDted DaoemkMrSd, A. D. IK!.
Thaonlr lofery er Toted on aua enoora.
ad ay the pnupl a I r ay atat
Stejre Silwele JSwma-r lemlat"
bkr Bioe.aealy. " ae mnw
nam and the Weekly 8a. Fr.aeiKO CM rumg 'SSXAXZMVZ
ST atn"k .ntir aath wtutkev. doob'lwr i re.1IIX FTJ tUI OKKD
K ato;ky our msb wtutkey.
etacdard good, aod grtuiue TeoBtre
white rye at tbo Cob Writ.
Local lTiUJeEca-ritth Oytet
wt rrceivel a new lot at Baoman'e Oa-
mandof the Dtpirtment of ArJUoav
ditorialii-MiscfiHa ecislnns.
Dr. Hayw-rd a resident. f WjvI nd
Mass., died the other day alter havn g
lived a long and useful life. During hi
hole career he never cast a vote.
Among his papers liter death was found
ih following emtauh. which will be in-
o i
rrihrl uoon his tomhstone: ''Here liei
the body of John McLean Hayward,
who never voted. Of such is the king
dom of heaven." Grimly humoresqu
though this epitaph be, who shall say
thai a certain percentage of cold, hard
truth is not incorporated therein?
M.souri has been assigned to the com- eettooer y store C-rtti etreet.
-Oar Chieftain," ooly 4 cebt, and e
pod ae any 10 cent cigar la tbe lowo,
Altkea'a Cial citure. tf
Oawoy bee Kro to Tobio Buinfor a
I dav. Bt leave Ml. Geo. H. Unr a
fwrcraar W4ichu-aker ia charge dunag
abseace. '
la one weik ' Crram B.lm opened
is mm Doirii. innioab wmcb I
i -.oi brcatlra-l in three year. .ul.Jued ai
-itcia'Min 10 in hel an thrua , tt.
-ni.l Ol rlu Colouel t. M NellllJ,
Lewi, 8. Y. (See. adv.)
For ten or twelte yeara I have beer
merely iMict'sJ with Catarrh. Mei
jvlma loua- tacti drcldrd relief Irou.
ii,T Cream llnt. I cnller mjaelf cure-l
J. W. Bcymioioa, M.ciiapcviiie; x.
1 (frioe a eoi.i
-.top to it She is a Mew ur leans giri, or
as before she was married, i he won
lcrful advertising she has received late!)
ii ihe newspapers has given her such a
om that there is no doubt that sh
k -u.J mjke a ureal finance! hit. Tni
crtainly mjy overcome her husbanO
nupie-, urtiierc is a great ocai oi uu-
icrcnce Octecu being the husband of an
amateur actress and seeing one's wife
t-ike a ret cgmted position as a sur. so
we may expect to see the lovely btu .ette
i n xt ieason in a play written especially
fjrher, with a rectution of "O.tler Joe"
bnuiht in as an attract on. Ex.
The chairman of the executive com
mittee of the knights of labor at St-Louis
issued the following order to thestnkers,
ADril ist. and work was expected to re
sume to-day: You are ordered by the
general executive board io go to work
Honor demands that you see that those
who came out to support the strike go to
work first. We will-tulegraph you hour
and day.
A champion hog was killed in Rhine-
beck, N. York., the other day in the
arrwiiM ot .ooo neiscns. which for
weeks before his death had to be f
with a spoon. He was so f4t that he
could nt feed hiins-lf, so a small boy
and a big iron spoon were employed,
The boy hd no sinecure, for the hog ate
half a barrel of swill duly, but the boy
learned to love the fat ho, and wept
bitterly when he was slaughtered.
We understand tbnt thsre u a move
ment on ton. among leading democrat
ri ih terrirorv. o have United States
D Utrici Attorney Rouse removed, on ih
around of incompetency. It i rumored
s ..iLI thf removal be ma le. whica
-nns.rtrr-d verv PMbinle, Mirk
Smith would bepjt forward, as a candid
ate for the "Cant p3ioon. EPITAPH
Rev. J hn Rai.kin, who is just dead at
Iruiiiun, O., at the advance l age f 6
js "nc uf ine pi'meer almlitiuntsis of .he
country. Hi inenas cutm mat nc
jrganired the first abol tiun aoticty in
Kentucky m igit, and that he wts Ire-
rHL'Woa) r cat Kt tier. I quently despoile l with decayed cs, is
What will tvtMtd b the good demo-J he was preaching his then unp-puhr
crats and muijtupi ho h.ive been sentiments in Pennsylvaria. He claimed
declannir hat less than a thousand that he first told the incidents that loira
office-holder have been removed bv tic some of the most intertiting and eicitin
president, when they read that the post I portions of "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Nota
mister general rus informed the senate j ble among these was the flight of Ehxa
that in the year ending March 3, 8,635 1 nd her child. He claims to have con
fourih-cla.'s postmasters have been re- I cealed these in his house until nightfall
tusvec? I and then taken them a considerable dis-
In Pennsylvania alone 93S pcetcfHces J unce on their journey. Mrs. Humph
have changed their holder from Repub I reys, his daughter, sap she got breakiast
l:cansto democrats. New York, Ohio j for the original E'.ita aad her child on
ard I.hnois have lo-t from 633 to i.ooa 1 this occasion. Ex.
each, and the ret of the state have
tindcrunr changes in propcttion, except
thit in Massachusetts thcie have been
fcir chantfcs in proportion than in any
other republican state.
Democrats doubtless vwiil rejoice to
learn that o many of their friends are
in. Republicans will shrug their
shruHers and say "fortune of war.'- Bu-
what will tne niugrump sa? Accord
ing to th- ir theories these petty offices
are just iheones which t.uht t- remain
The people of Leavenworth, Kan.,
have received a warning from the spirit
world that there will be a great destruc
tion of life and property during the com
ing summer by cyclones and floods, and
that Leavenworth is doomed unless it
can be averted by prayer. This informa
tion is conveyed by a fifteen-year-old
colored girl whose soul makes nightly
trips to the spirit land, leaving Leaven-
I ... a -
unchanged with a change of admintstra- worth about 7 o clock ana returning
t. We fexr that neither ihi nor 3nv about daybreak. Her information is
other administration will eve' accept the
sntiwtnij vi w of the p5 ofS.'es. Ex
The Central Executive committee cf
th- kn-ghts of liDjr, have fully invest
igated the difference between the At
lanta Constitution ii the Typograph
ical L -non on which the bovc tt of he
Constitution ws based, has dcchr.d he
bojco:t t
very meage respecting days and dates
but it has created an intense excitement
in that locality and has perceptibly in
creased the consumption of medicinal
whisVy for which that particular section
f Kansas 1$ noted.
An ingenious Ciegiaa has discovered
that good whiskey for family use can be
puulled ia an ordinary coffeepot
Jay Gould is wouh $too,ooe,coa.
The kid ulc ve covers a multitude of
prize fights.
The Boston Atheneum is to be open
on St'nday.
SecreuryMinning.it is thought will
shortly res gn.
Six hundred shtrp ere recently lost
in a quigmire near El Rito, N. M.
To-day is the dato announced for
Gladstone to reveal his Iriih policy.
The New Orleans expo-.itionx has
closed. It was a financial taiiurc.
Oie hundred thousand ,bushels of
peai.uts are stored at Norfolk, Va.
A fire broke out in Key West, Florida
recently and destroyed the entire town.
The annual spring floods are getting
their work in on eastern towns just bow.
Grand Mister Powderly of the Knights
of Labor is talked of for governor of
One of Vassar's sweetest and brightest
students has been expelled for pilfciing
from the other young lady students.
The Missouri Pacific has commenced
to receive freight again, having employed
men to take the placesof the strikers.
The St. Louis strike has not yet ended
and the prospects are not as favorable as
a few days since.
President Cleveland is said to have
engaged a summer residence at Litch
field, Connecticut
Mr. Cleveland wrote 150 veto mes
sages during his two cars as Governor
of New yoik.
Mr. Charles Asbury, the postmaster at
Lula. Louisiana, has four daughters
imA P.-ml. Diamond. Ruby and
Joseph Toroo, the man who composd
the "Aikin-aw Traveler," is still living
at the age of 85 years, in Cincinnati,
San Franciscans compUin that the
Flagstaff rebel committee has failed to
aclcnoleCi!e the receipt of the formir
citj's donation.
Democrats have bei n Hying to make
our tetnti-nal prison self turning for
some time. It i veiy nearly full ol
Drawlnc Cia . in theA kdrniy .f Jfiilc
ft wOrle.na. In-Miar. AW.il II
Jtouiuiy urawtac.
n'PT.L PRIZE 175.000.
leeeee) Tieknwwt nvr i.nataek.
r.t .! rir.fc- rr.arU.a.
17 V 0
. .1 In r.llklL
AppromroaUoo l"r.ea oT t-M. t743
a do do w
a do do SO 72w
uer prt.aBnoniin-1",, .. I ei
Apullcaiion n.r rat" " "
mod u lyo Ibe oOce or mr wop "7
For IBtlDrr IDiirmHn wr-ir 1 a
log full o rea. ra f"'
rton-T urae .. or tw 1 11 r "a
For Sale
30hed of Horsea and males
of all kinds from $50 to
$200 each.
3 Blackboards.
4 ranch wagons.
2 lreight wagons.
6 single and pole baggies.
5 hacks and spring wagons.
12 lobies' and gents' saddles.
15 sets of harness, single and
double, for buggies or ranch.
The above will be sold on from
four to six months' time.
Apply to
Plaza Stable, Prescott, A. T.
Next Door to J. W. Wilson's.
Sazsrac , Saloon!
U4 KM Hall.
Qae. W. aUaaavPraBriatar,
l-ctafurtaU Clak ai. Attaehew.
Fine Billiard and Pool Tables, for the
Exclusive use aad entertain
ment of patrons ot the
Gurley Street, Precott.
can learn the exact cost
of any proposed line of
advertising in American
papers by addressing
Hwwspapar A4 art-'eina Burwu.
tO ejilTII - SC. Now York.
Sand lOoae. lor lOO-Pagw PamphleC
Assay Office.
. bTAHL.
tlsTur emara.
I uu o .
1 do no
t a e
10 do
Stl da 6
i no ii-
aui d'i 6.
lues o a.
Will Open on the 20ih Inst SS,"H
Will Keep the Tables Well Sup, ORE AND BULLION
plied with
The Market Affords.
Analyses ol Minerals, Surnacc
Products, Etc
For Silver, Alone St 50
Sllre' and Uold...
" Lrad.
" Copprr
...I 0
...i cu
Boar', per cck.. .
ttiigto iltal
. 50
Onen Day and Night.
Palace Salooll
Varteu OeV-tetwi Mem
(:m aie ailuwcit a free tru) of tliirij day
irx uee ot 1):. Dje'a tleorate-i Tottaii
'ieU ejna Xiectiic 8upeuatiry A.pliaite.
or Ike Speed j lellit and peraaaaest cut
bond aad a. . abdrrd t rouble, Alao I
itaay otber oiaeeaek, Uoeipleie reeioratim
u- neelu, vicar aaa eiaDtia iiuihik"
So rik irjcarrrd. I tB't rated paBpaie
no tail iatmsaauoD, ieia, ate otaiir
bj addnueiDit Voltaic Belt CxaspaBj
araball, Mich.
A Vmr
all wbu e aafenoj fmea tbe error. aa
ttenoia of voatn, servoae weakaew.
ni Iv dtcav. luaa ul Banaoud, r'c. 1 wi
pH reerpe tl at will care you Tf -I Of
liAROK. Tlda ereat rrasedv waa dis
nred bv a aUeioaary in Soau Aawrica.
a eelfeddreeed envelope to the Bav
'omrn T. Iaaua, Statioa D, Kew Trk
Meateaaav U, ucst to Boob A Botnce
r .,. rn niirv aahlle that I haT
enpned tb'a i opolar plre and will keap tht
at lUMtoifwui , .
DiVota is possessed of all the elements
and qu.lifications ntcessaiy lor stale
hood. She ha the population, the nat
ur'. resources v( a permanent hairtt
and a a simple act ol juticr, ice lf (S yMel ,hjl ;t vai alj owlg xo
from-iliolt.calrordua.ii.ns l.cr dl" q hcarnii; thn Zjlick was on
mand f..r arinvi..n h.,ul I l IttfQ j hlJ WJ. lo .m.cl j,,,,, ihat tie klpped
E i etn siK-iely sho. k'd by the
iui.truiiw of a n o'v Prmcesa
Hclcnc YUnti. She and her Ute
i,,ihii,ri i-ui cv.r S2o.ooo.33o in ten
A duil wj luuihi on tbe titiJ j
Wvrrloo recently, the o'e'J-1
Mine. VaUirf, j nauvw i F.anre nn.I
American fein le do. lor. The wcM.r.s
werr swords. M
wounded on one jinn
France wji thus dccli
aad ihe .lor) ol
red duly nuiti-
Thefiirnejs and impmiality of the
southern democratic press, in speaking
of the Mississippi massacre of colored
men is somcthinR very commendable
and in striking contras- with their dem
ocratic contempotaries of the north. The
southern pre universally condemn it
and calls on the authorities of Mississ
ippi to mete out justice to the perpetra
tors. The Leavenwoith, Kansas Times
announces that it has added to its staff a
meteorological editor, whose weather
prognostications have been the mos
temaikable prophesies of the 19th cen
tury. All eyes will now be turned to
Leavenworth for information concerning
cyclones, blizzards, and such little irregularities.
"Rucus" ia a new cord lately added
to the Texas language, and signifies a
lively ttmeofthe Doniiybroofc-fair variety.
In Vermont fifty years a.no a word of a
sinrhr meaning and pronounced as if
spilled "ruck-us" was in occasional use.
Mr. Pulitzer, of the democratic New
York World, endorses the republican
senators in their demands on the president.
Tie cost of criminal jjs icir in Louis
iana li equal to one half the entire
revenui of the state, and ft tfnot first
class q iality of juiicc cither. ,
No spot in Mexico is sacred from
smokers. In churches, on the railway
cars, on ihe street, in the theatres
everywhere, are to been seen men and
women of the elite: smoking.
It in whispered around that C Meyer
Zulick is hying his wires to obtain the
nomination as delegate to congress, in
which event. Thos. Farrish aspires to the
gubernatorial chair.
A passing train was ditched recently
near Parsons, Kansas by some scounr
drels. No lives wer lost Dut ihe'mail
agent was seriously injured.
A. N. Kellog?, the orifinator of the
"patent outside scheme for country
newspapers, died recently at Thornsville.
Fla., whither hS had gone in search of
relief from a combination of liver and
lung troubles.
One lively democratic United States
marshal put 10 a bill a few days ago for
i.aco miles of mileage for a one day. This
come about by the marshal making a
journey of a hundred miles and having
twenty-two warrants to serve. He
charged milage on them all at three cents
per mile Tnis reached the handsome
sum of $66.
, Baa atter'a tt
imittaunia Street. Prescott. All tbe deli-
. ciea of (he Uomr, ban Fiaoeircn an.
Vae City markets Gnmpriting: Fn-al
th,Oyaierr, l.b.ler, CbUkeo-, Pip ree
itpe, Spiced Lral, Twgat Salad, etc.
f., Dinner irr.m 4 to 7 P. at. Elegaot
'ritite Kortai Attacbel, Hopper
-urate Dinner a uedaliy. Prleee to ton
tt time. 0(fo day aod bight,
riraaaaih Bk ataww
For le bv J . D. O-ok. Pretcutt, Ana.
: l 80 per e"inr. TUee gg aie Iroai
rii.tol i ek. fnira iheCeleliai l William
le raocl', "f L Ang-l, Cal. tt
riaamaa4 etrataaw
(be fieri t tuu nd beat Bike, aoitaJ 10
clittiate, (or sale cbeap at
Qku. U. Ccaar'a
ti Jewelry tttorm.
Meaaw'so Afct.
11 u-e ol eteo rmuii to ler. Central)
.ait 11. Aoj.l ai L aWilord A Co.. it
A'aatrd t the Pre. to it O.rdeD, north eod
M tNrmik - rrfi .lUif
,e laaaaeetaJa'y.
ti.t- it, .leaily wh.i e c- k-, reivaat Rirl
tii . w.rb'rwi.ui'i., ( le Ihe pieco
'1 11 f re lellit pi.ni ) on u-
. .o Ik "! ("lC - AppiJ ei liei
pcrtonally or Ujr leiirt lo the uu?Ciiu r.
wi.-. w II g va lull intormo'i b. U:h-r p
p.i , Ie..c c ..y. Mar.y. 80tu, lisfl
blEfB li UftC TJ.
tf PirC'll, Ana,
BJI White L mm r
lie !' ha cIom 10 the cneV
onriL rnl ol Moii'Si" S'rtct, i-jot ih
ujlii plc lu atari a lute lain'lrt ; go-o
well i fl w'er; tij iiiai.t cN'M'ta; rea
-iap; fence Will b- rrpore. Apply ai It.
ol SS and uuwaxda al our .Xpl I
A. AV i.
New Orleaoa. I.
M-.aklulaa), C
Make P.O. Moiey Ord rs aabie
ail aiinss negisierei itucii
r-ir nr.'!.!. I
Pioneer Shops.
At tie OMStai..
.any a full Stock of all Kinds
of Blacksmith and Wagon
Material, and are pre
pared to do all
kinds of
Blacksmith and
Om Short Notice.
Agents toi' theOsrjorne Boots and Shoes on the Pacific
Iron JlOWer. Coast Buy no other.
No Chinese Employed.
For Zinc, Tin, Arsenic,
Antimony, Nickel,
Cobalt, Quicksilver
Or any other saetal. at rates as LOW as
consisiatewt with careful work.
L. C. Palmer.
City Feed Yard.
Prescott, Arisoaa.
Wines. Liquors & Cigars LiTery, fi and sai subi
aV aV -wawieiw ' '
J. J. Gcss, Prop
Cahn.Nickelsbiirg&Oo. TN i FrN,
take the best and most durable
... AM
Adams' Self Regulating
Wind Mills.
MSI wXsa
Montezuma Saloon
Come and sea us before contract
Cornetj Gurley and Granite street aa
end -of bridge leading to West
P ett Hardens to ilie u
Apl tr
raertaabe ra ruij.
Z 0 A,
nwr c cHiar nn ii or rHTca.
t.irrkAaiCSa.l'aaCvXr. T
Marva IS. law.
a X. Faorae X, 1 itlpllra-, aulj ct o
th u-aal oui.uibo. . will ta received at tbla
1 Me, aod at t e oSl a of Ibe acUrf
Baartaa vt tiabaUteoee mt tbe iol.owl.n
aaaad Bata In .naoa Ta-'ltnr'. BBilt It
o-.- . niB TacaeoAT. AVaiS, 15. I SS. at
wnleU ua. u. p.aoca l-'7 wm M oantd
iBtbepmeoeeofbld o- laral-ataf Ua
ollowBaoatiueaof 4r,ta:
W r 9mca luo.ib. fn B--.ooolha
Vuil O aau S.ouol e; Via hacm li
eu 1 J -oil' Is 1.. .0,101 ma; fat He
How l'j.ooo ib: F. t Mojava. Uoon la.;
Fur. T..O-ns SS,oju Ib: 8o Cari,no.
Ite; Vurt Vard... rJ.uoolta; Wvtppi.B jt-cu.
nproiKMae lor raraiabla Soar nade la
r utTa, aad rroas Mjioaa wuaat only will
be eua racrad ax tbla on- an at tbe "Be. a
F tae AeU&x O-BaUewlea of lha porta.
Ae p-opoaali for rore'ula la above
asiiBi(45il vioonu)u lar. 4ailvetea in
ooub.eaacaal otoo B'mI guaari on car ax
Lot ABsJe, U - or WS-r rrrtf at Rait
riaseUoo. til, wljl be r. mItoj -at opeard
at im um time br b ParUalo and
Dapot Cmml-aarr 0 ga aiaiaoca, ax lu
f7Bf!cu vaTi
CaTiopa oontalnlns p-op-eala for dellT.
air m StnTras'laao r La- Ar galea aboa d
b- proarlr uarkaU, an 1 au.ira.aa4 to tbe
rorebaauc aad Unt C aali arr at Sta
FraarUco. C . and tnoa ...r artJ"naSWr
tu tba anar.lcad ur to tbe Acilnx C aua
aarxanrtb . oia b u lor.
Tba Ouvrameot jeiree tae rt6l to rtjact
ar.y or I prupueala.
B aua p.up ap.a anaranWceasd foil lntor
luauoo aa ta tb aaanncr oT blddlBf, CunUI
diUoa 10 M ooa rtau by bi Ida . and ttnu or
e-nlractand rariaeet.jrll b rarnleiiM on
ppHcott a' o ItU OB ". o tne oBee nf Ibe
Fa ciuiiiil and Drtt CoajBl-ewy ! Slab
:u o at S.n F aoelaeo, CaL. or to tba
The undersigned has opened a LODGING HOUSE.
wmie taunury on vrraaiie
Street, nrar tne corner Montezuma Street
files, liters aid Cigars of Mi
list Qiality
Unstarched clothes, per doz $-5
Starched " " " 2.0-
The patronage of the public is
respectfully sol cited and if suffi-
This Lodging House has large, fine, nice
and clean rooms and beds for rent
by day wek or month,
cient if given to tva rant it, will QqJ VYbI) fff-1)
shortly start a steam laundry. r.tiy - tL. ran- '
t. (farthlr
aal'. Uaad .BU
Stnirere respe tftillv !.
Mrs. James Roach
has bought out the
and wilt keep Ibe SaWee eappiied wlik
that dse a-rket affords.
all Kills f 6mi It Smsm.
8 a-J par weak V
tail" jC"1 - 1 ., - 1 v
Wov. a
K. r. bowxx.
xaaea a
Pataltr of aalllat
ano nnan
tba aide.
Bank Of Prescott, wn,ES aud liquors
ouvtJoun iu
First National Bank,
CAPITAL 150.000.
P. 1L FISHER. Proprietor.
it praaantasl'tn away
ianw aa nrr c 1'""
art-, and or ' :
rill t rrea a packaae
ol oJo- Urawe ae.tbai. win irinraa la
ur I aft. Fl 1 a nam jus j . -' ft
libvuctnaa aarUJaa la- In Am-n:. All
bujiUi-taseailapraarau . ".u1 ,
Atentawan n Tr7WaeTa of lthera.X-of
.uVi t"T "11 ttie HBe-r p!CUmu r
lf oai it.air o T J
v t a 1 ot4 aa-tu:ly .nro. dont
dfiar. I. H lleU Co. fortiauu. litl".
T. J. Butter, F. W. Blakk.
President, j Cashier,
A (general banking business done
A First class sqaare piano will be sold
eery cheap. Apply to
tf Teacher of Maiic
jpifM. tUllF, Proiritnr.
B 8 8 fit
By ha hogshead, barrel, keg
csV or bottle.
At the old stand on Montezuma
The Cottage Hotel at Ash Fork.
The undersigned respectfully inform the citizens of Arinaa and, the public
generally that they hare re-opened near tbe Kadroad Depot'
at Ash Fork, '
3JT E3l O'TLL,
Where ean be found the best accommodavions. In connection.
with the hotel are
Sample & Club Eooms.dsoFmeBilliardTable,
The house iaa alio a fine corral and stable attached with plenty
of Hay and Grain.
Evirylnty liiflts- aii Rbm fir ail.
t.l?&: ak&iuj. WaLTia Cook.

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