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Arizona weekly journal-miner. (Prescott, Ariz.) 1885-1903, August 11, 1886, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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A arjlaafl I-a-re AtTalr.
A dispatch dated Baltimore Md, of
the sd, says. Nathan H. Diehl, a young
fanner, of New Windsor, Carroll cousiy
Maryland, has deserted his handsome
young wife aad babe and eloped with
their 17-year-old servant g'ul named
Maggie Gushing. Diehl is about 30
years of age and is the son of Samuel
Diehl, a wealthy and respectable farmer
About six years ago he marritd a lovely
girl named Shire. He awned a fine
farm and was worth $6,000 or mote.
Several years ago they hired Maggie
Cushing as a servant, and she lived with
them up to April last. She is very j;ood
looking. Mrs. Diehl noticed about a
year ago that her huiband seemed to
have becmc fscinated with Maggie and
was paying her too much attention. He
began driving around with her in a two
horse carriage dressed in his Sunday
best, and went with her on excursions.
Of course the wile objected, but without
avail; and finally, in April last, she flatly
told her husband her opinion of his
actions, and told him the girl must leave
him and the boose or rbe would go.
He denied anything criminal but the
.,-i-c u vnt awav. in a
shwttime however, Mrs. Diehl diicov
that her husband was- continuing
visits to Miss Cushing. and found some
letters from the 2irl to Diehl in which
nlans for an eloneinent were discussed
tk;c .ic nunlr of weeks aco. Tne
wife charged him with infidelity
denied it as before, but she firmly insis:
-a ., i.rrvl-ii-w? the letters. That set
tled it. "Now." said Mrs. Diehl, "V
or I have got to go."
'Weir he said he'THgo."
Immediately after this he began
thrash ms pram and send it to marlte
Ho sold what he could, go: the cash, and
lso borrowed some small sums of mon
ey, raising altogether about $i,oa.
Saturday maht he brought Mis
Cushing to his farm and packed her
the grancry. N'cK morning I.e was
exeeedinclv kind to his wife and used
every persuasion to induce her to drive
over to the house ot Mr. CJrr, tier losier
lather, to spend the day. Not succeed
ing in this he was compelled to take the
girl away. In the evening they
tonic train to Baltimore and were traced
to a fashionable hotel here.
Last nicht they left, saying they were
coinz 1 Chicaco. Diehl's creditors
h?if runi rtut attachments to the
amount of S709.
A T&lklBK aefclat.
Every man his own reporter is among
the near possibilities. Short-hind writ
ing will be dispensed with as an useless
accomBlisramnt. And all this is to be
done by the aSfaVved phonograph.
Edison, wbo fcrrented the instrument,
never did anything to elevate it beyond
the status of a toy. He might have
found some practical use for :t, but lie
turned his attention to wore .rentable
work, the incandescent iuht in particu
lar. After Professor Bell had time to
turn from his telephone business, to
further experiments he picked up the
telephone where Ldison naa iaia 1
down, and has been working on it fo
sercral months. Among other improve
ments Bell has abandoned the tin foil
plate that Edison used, and covers the
cylinder with waxed paper. It appears
that the serious disadvantage ot the tin
foil was that tho indentations were too
eisilv bhterated. Professor Bell says
the wax will repeat what is told it hun
dreds of times without losing its vigor.
In its improvee state the machine is able
to do all the work of an amanuensis, and
it has been re-rhristened the grapho-
phone or the old name 'phonograph
reversed. A press reporter will be abel
to take one to a public meetirfg, open
it up and !c: it flicker. It will record
the entire proceedings the oration.,
motions, resolutions, suggestions, jercra
tion, tallies of vates, debates, etc, and
all in the reproducd tones of the various
speakers. When he returns to the office
to write up his notes he will let the old
thing loose, guage it to slow time and
write at his ease and the graphone's dic
tation. Or a man can talk a letter to a
friend, take or! the waxed sheet, send u
by mail and the receiver with the aid of
another graphophor.t- gets the letter in
not only the words but in the very tone
of tie render. It will be a splendid
thing to swear at a fttan with at long
rante. Et
wisdom ey Das jwm.
It a miserable thing to live in us
lense; it is the life of a spider.
The stoical scheme of supplying our
wants by lopping off our desires is like
catting oH our feci when we want shoes.
Physician ouht not to give their
judgment of tthgion, for the same reason
that butchers ar not admitted to be
jurors upon life and death.
The reason -vhy so few marriages arc
happy, i because jvr.nf, ladies spend
their time in nuking nets, not in
making cages
If a mm trill observe as he walks the
streets I behtve he will rind the mer
riest countenances in mouminj csaches.
Nothing more unqualifies a nun to act
with prudence tr.an a iiiisff:riur.e that 25
attended with sham? and guilt
The power of fortune i confessed only
by the miserable, for the happy impute
all their success to prudence or merit.
An Indiana man. while digging pest
holes has discovered a cavern contain
ing the petrified bodies of thirteen men.
How they came there is a mystery.
Possibly same thirteen club held its
annual orgies in that cavern and inebria
tion followed by stupefaction which
developed into pet-itacticn. That is to
say. they bscr:s stone blind drunk."
Notice of Trustee's Sale.
Where heretofore, to-wlt: on the lath
day of February A. D. 1S65, one William L.
Wllldcraiaii, of the county of Yavapai, in the
Territory of Anions, being Indebted to one
George mil, of Albuquerque, in tLo Territory
of N w Mexico, In the tun of three thousand
one hundred anil elehtern (SMIS; dollars 111
lawful money of the United SU e. and acroed
lo par the strns three months thereafter to
raid George Lail or hit airdtr with interest,
according to the term f a certain proml.
sory cote of even date therewith, belnjr Inter,
est thereon at the rate of one er cent, jkt
month from said date until j id. and.
Whereat In order to tecuie the payment of
aid mm of money tie aald William L. Will
derman, at party of tee Urst part, did there
after on the 19ia day of June, A. . 16S5 by a
certain deed of convejame twarltji; date on
that day daly convey nnt John A. Hush, of
Ffescott, Territory of Arizona and to h! suc
cassois or a.li;ns, as trustee for the benefit
and security of said (jcorir Lail, ai a par y uf
the third part, lo said deed of conveyance, all
aadtincular, all the rlifbt, title and interest
which tbe (aid par'v ot the rir.t part (said
William Willdermani, bad beinran undivided
out-half interest, ot. in -.no to 'bat particu ar
rniain-clalm and ralnlni; land ktiuwn an'
called tbe "Etty" mininr claim, bem flfte-n
hundred feet in lenzth by sir hundred feet
wide, situate. Ijini; and hs.nc in tli Cherry
Greet Minim; District in the Countv of Tavi
pal. In the Territory of Arizona, and located
by tho pirly of the 4m part, to said deed, vz.
laid William L. WUldernian. on the 2utli dav
of February. lbW. and recorded at pares IM
acd 1S1 in Book. - I. 9." of Kecorda of Vine'
in said county of Yavapai, tbe said ruin
in; rlatinbelnir situate about two and one
half (2ij miles In a northeasterly direction
from tho Golden Era quartz mill "on Cherry
Creel In aaid lUtrl-t and county at the time
of 1U loeatton; together with all end flu.
irular the tenement, hereditaments acd ap
purtenacce, dips, epurs, anlef. rock, ure
and earth therein or in any wine appertatnlnr
thereto or lu-acjwise belouxioc r connected
To hate ltd lo ho'd nnto the aa!d partv of
the second part in sld deed the aid John
A Rub. hIsuccestor and afsina apon the
txtiltA and conditions In aaid dead of convey
ance expressed . and among the conditions
and trust exemmd in eaid deed of convey,
ance tLcre U tbe express condition that i'
default tbould N: raace in the payment of. aid
cum of woncy, principal or Interest o owicr;
bv-iald William L. WilIdermaa,to said Gcorce
Lail in the manner etIju!a'eJ In ad prom
Ucory cote then the id party of the. second
part to said deed of convey ance ar hit succes
sor? or assign shall sell the above granted
premises or such part thertof as in bis dl.
cretion he shall find it necessary to 'ell. in
ord-r to accomrllsh thn objects of said trust,
on the application of the said party of the
third part in said deed, who Is 'the said
George Lail or bis aaslns; that snld procrty
wb en sold shall be sold at public or private
sale as the interests of tbe parties thereto
might utm t.i aaid (party of the aecond part
best subserved, and that it the said party of
the second part should tell at public rale he
should do so In tbe manner in which real
estate is sold uader execution as directed in
chapter H Compiled law o! Arizona a nd for
cash; and on payment of the amount
for which the said property is told;
the said party of the second part whether
said property be sold at public or private sale
is required by the express terms of eald trust,
to mike, execute nd deliver to the purchater
or purchasers at said sale bis
or their hirs or ai-signa a
sufficient deed or conveyance of said propcrtv; i
said deed of conveys: cefrotn said William l
Willdcrman to said John A. Rush is duly re
corded In the office ol the County iteeorder
of tbe said County o Yavapai, Territory of j
Arizona in Book SO of Deeds at pairr Ms lo I
52t inclusive aud raid deed and a!d rcco-it I
hereof are hereby referred to and made par1
hereof fur a uiorii peifect description thereof,
and of the powers thereby vesUd 13 the said
Trustee, John A. Kub, the party of ihe sec
ond part in and by caid deed.
And wherein, the alii;Wlll!ani I Wliblrr
tnan saving taade default in the payment rt
aid sum of principal and lntret mentioned
aud azn--i to be or him paid lo the aM
Ueorge 111 and bis alcu luand be -aid
deed of conveyance" and the pro mi -wry note
therein referndtonnct every part tberrof and
bavins entirely failed to ijv Mid aant of
money principal or Interest, or any- part
thereof, tne payment of wlilels said trust wh
created tn ,erurt-: and vtbreas tne ald Oco.
Lali, havlcs duly -lned safd prouilirj
no' and said moneys n-itrtt to be paid to
htm by sM Willdcrman nd every prt tbere
oftoone l'ret W. llarnin; and wnereai the
said KreU W. Hamm, the .-i!noe of -aid Lill
In tb prmle.ha made wpplleatlon tome
tbe said Jobn A. l'.u-Ii, tn sei ihalov- men
tioned and dcscrlbeil premnes. or such part
thereof 4n my dU crctlon !hi.ll Had ate.
a.itt to toll. In order to a.-oomplib theob-
Jectn o' tbs said Iran: aud wbtren. I. th
de-termlneathatthelater ttnorall patties con
refd will bebet subserved r.y a ri lv ate s.Ie
of uld prIerty: Now. tlierrore: notice !
herebv given tnt J. JolinAKufb tbe parly
ottho'second tm t. anJ tbe trostoe named In
Htd deed f conveyin-e. herelnatiovt
mentioned, retorted to and desciibed. do. by
virtue of tbe power and utboritv in and by
said ited of convenee, and the law In me
ve:ed. do ber'by ofTcr foi tale at private ale
tbe said property tnveyed to m- tn :iud by
ral'l .tfed "f oonence. or mach Hi' reof
-l:un lie neci-Hry to pay the eitnesof
ald sale, totetber with tbe reaon.'ibie ex-penM-of
this trust. Including couns'1 fees of
two hundred dollars, aud lb" amoniit diia
and nopald on ald promissory imt lh
wbattver interest tuat shall havo .-vecrned
thereon at tbe tlm of n;ii al-.
Any i -ron or corporation delriae toper-ch-.te
aid protxrty i heieby invned to bid
ana tnaae an offer for tlm same at any time
on or beforn the honr of eleven o'clock t. m..
of tbe tub day of September. A. 1). isi, and
the jurt offerlnj to boy tbe Iel psrt of a:.i
pioiertv herebvoCered Mr "ale and pay therr
foMutnclMat lawful mony of tbcL'ultod.-latei
to acconiplli-b tbe object of lhi suld trnt
will become the socce-'sful bidder for tbe
same and apon tbe payment of the purthac
mr.nev iberefor I will eitcaie and deliver h
deed of conveyance toaneh purchaser sid
property la accordance with tbe ald pwer
in me vested.
Orrersorbidk rnar be mde In writms by
lodglcetbevamewltb m- at my ofilce on tbe
westsble of Cortea street, between Gnrley
and Willi atreetf. In tbe City of Pi-cott.
Countv of Yavapai, Tent ory ofArlrons, a!
any time on or before tbe mid day nl Hour
above mentioned. ...
The ale will be roadeonly ,'orcab.paab!e
upon delivery of the deed.
And no bid will be conaldere-' unlets thi
partv or person making tbe same shall te
ready at me omce of said trustee, bnlnbe
fore designated, on tald 10th day or Septem
ber, lfcs. to pay tbe amount bid and recelvu
the deed forlbe proper!
Tbe riftht to reject any aud !! b'dsfor a less
mount tban a sum suOclent to pay off tbe
imtehu-dneu. principal and Interest lctended
tobeacenred by aald dfed of trust with tbe
expenses of sale. Including attorney fee of
Moo-oo, or for other irood and sulu -lent tea.
son i berefcy reserved by aald ttuWe
autd 7ratee.
G.T.Shaw, Proprietor.
Stage Station (on Ash Fork Road)
and Pleasure Kesor?.
Within a convenient dltne of rrescott. A
pleasant ride .ver n good rond,
Choice Wines, Liquors and
Cigars always on hand.
Geo. H. Huber.
Practical Watchmaker and Jeweler
Has opened in Lincoln's
Drug Store, where he is pre
pared to do all work
in his linf.
Watch Work a Specialty
Sazerac Saloon!
Ind Billiard Hall.
Geo. Vf. Eine.Pronrietor,
t'oiafartablr tlu'i ltunci" Attuehrd
Fine Billiard and Tool Tables, for the
Exclusive use nd entertain
ment of patrons ot the
Garley Street, Prcscott.
3 lie mt .pillratlB tor I'nitm ttttttra
Unlt-d ntatea LauC Offlre, i
I'r.ecott, Arliora, July2d,lt. J
Notice in hereby riven thai John I.swlej.
wbose postoSIre addtess Ik reeott. Ariioau
Territory, hai tills day nled lil app'i- u ion
for a patent for ten hundred and twenty. I03i)
IneHT leet of ILe Illack Mwa m'n i.ne'D
earlnc silver, uold and cipper will nr.ace
ronndalx hundred (fioo) reH, In inb !!
uai-d tn tue Kureka M aine dtatrlcl. eon IJ
of Yavapai, and territory ot ARiuni. nd
d!tua-rd t)Y dolu uuV and ottlcliu plat on
rile in IbU otSce i lot No. II. lot No,
-41 b-lnt; oeserlbed at follows, io-wh.
Kejrlnulue; at initial monumeui aimlddte
of claim wher U set vofcanlo t'ine tnrke'l
U M I M. U.-. niltieritl ui.uuiiifnt. No. 1 b-a-n
213 K, lit rt. tlixucn Hr- W rta to
Mend center of cUtm nlf nisri;.- X ind
M I' V I. n N fe3 of oufcrta ?e i.k- ttn'nc
i ttf Kit f'l Interei X enit 1 ue f aturl
l"olnt Mini it Claim. s Ti' WiVf-et I om
N eud center monument titone N r No. 1 aao
Xt to wbmtsel volcanic rock marki I B
SI No J. T ience N lir K lli tn ntret N
end line i Natura. l'oinl Mini;i aiin N
7" W V '17 1 t n nd center raunuu e-.t
(stoue N 1'N'o. II lOJUffl to vrbere U e. vol
canic rock .'-rke-t B M No 3. TLf-n, e N
KT -3j0ft-r u in Mi d e ntei of t
where tj il No. 4 1 nwilru on voIckuic rx-
In pbe. Th..oe N i K IMF eoure ."SO
frrt to u here! - t !. toa.- m'ice: t M
N i. t Taeucv ilr V ,(Gj fe- r to a n re Is e!
limestone msrkwl BM '-o. 6. TMew . tr1 K
ac.'ce .. :uoilruri.( d X KMlMNo.l
placo u b-stciuulu it oundrttf of
Jluiw ! vaia.lii II' -J KmI eout.io
me 1S.TJ acres.
Tue ioyitlonotthl mine ii recordetl In th
Kecorder' orBce of Yavapai connty, terTl.orj
of Arizona In k ITofminrs.
Tbeadlointnc otalm Is the Natural I'olul
i!lnln Claim.
Any aua all p-iou- clalmlbK aversely iny
port oo of al'i Jllsck 3Iea m'ue orsuriae
ground ar- rviuiiod ! rile l-eir adv re
clalmawltbthe Kel.uror the U-lie.t Ht
Land OffU-, 1'rvKOtl, In the territory of Vr'
aoua, during tbe sixty d y rlod ol pojli
cation hcieof orthey will be barred byvlftm
ot tbe provUlous of the ?tatuf .
Jul2od tUcltler
o. 173.
Entire r AppUratl Cur t. v I'ateat.
United iitiUs Land OOice,
rVescott-irlioaa. July 2d, Ls5. i
Notice is hetev given that John l.a K r
whose pcstorGce address is Prescult, Arizona
Territory, has thl day tiled his applicai'o:.
for a patent for pevifu hundred and fifty (75o
lluear feet of the Bagdad mice or te.u bcaiini;
ijld. ailvcr and Co' per, wltu rurface l:r.lnd
six bun Jred (OoV) feet In width sltuau'd in thr
Eureka Mlnine Il.stri t CiUUty of Yavpi
and Territory of Arizona and deslsnatrc be
the fleld notes and othri 1 pi it on tile in this
ofhee as lot No. fi. Slid lot No 4'J belnr dt
criutd aa foilowf, b-wit:
Beiflnnins av initial monument at N center
end ot claim when; Is set a granite i'.xk
marked B 1 M U. p. tniaera! in uumentN . 1.
bears 8 80- 33' W 1W5 feet. Thence 3 H J'
(V S03 feet to where set lu the i-roui.d a
lava rock marked B No. 3. Thence S VJ E
T50 feet to where is let 1 f'Xd In irroui d a
Ulro-e rock marked 11 No. i. Theuce N tf
TO' E3Vfeet to Seid center of claim vrbere I
sttme -tone 1 lo d lu ground and msrkid B
No. 3. Thence V CfSl E (ssuie coune; SM
leet to lalcote rock t et I foot in cro led ird
markcdllNo.fi. lhnee N -J;'-' W 7M fe 1 to
where B No 7U marked on Wfareuf ltdr
of slate. TLeueeSlil" 3j' W to mouun.cnt
snd tone B 1 M, platt) of beciuniuir.
Magnetic rtrlatlon If iVft couUit iu.
'.l.7 acres.
The 1-jcalioii of this mine I- recorded in the
Recorder' otfica of Y vapat County and 1 er
ntorr of Arizoua, in II i 13 of Mlut-i.
Anv and all perni claiming edversely my
rMrttoo of Aid Hi:dad mine or sui.are
gronnd are required to tile their .dv. re
claims with the Register ol the l"n:tcd ct tes
Lam' OUre at l'recot, in the Territor .- r.f
Arlzoni during the -.Iity day period ol ub.
cation hereaf or tb-y wfll be barred by ri tee
ofjthe provision-of ;h; statute
jal 2 flOJ Ilegl-ter.
Notice of Dissolution cf Cojuniicrship.
Notice i he reby gltcn that tha Coparti.cr
ship beretolore exiting tct''n LrriBnh
foid. Win. O. Bsskford and hobert If. I ur
iniler, under tbe firm name of I- BLfoi J .c
tbis nay dissolved by mutual oa
.cct, Levi Babford retiring from slid 1 rm.
All leb'ducnd owing o "Id late I'o
partnership are to be paid to tbe stirvn
partners, W. C Bisblord anc IS. II liuri:iJ er
acd all dt-Me due by s. 1 t -.iparl rrthip
will be lettlcd and paia by t5.-rn.who "ill ro i
titi 'e the l'ii-lne tinder i firm r.anid of W.
0 Bitst-ford .V Co.
I)ab-d at
tb.- lO.b daj of .July.
Levi Htsiiirowp.
W. V. ltMiiou:.
K. II. Bl'RVI?T- K.
.nt ten cent .-vjslmi.auil
will mall you fre-, roj ai val
Uali.c -anip e b -x of yoods
lhal it put von l.i 'bt whv
u:mir.; more mo..e o 'ban any
tb;uiclr in Amnea. Fotti ixo o! fcil ages
An live .tbou,nd woik i-i par titie. or
all tne time, (".-.pital not r ijuii"j . We will
Mart on. imiiii-o-e ih lue for t iim-e uho
tart at i-uer SUuon a Cl
Nl itCmwlj I'nrtluiKl, Maine.
ill I ft ror w rking peip.e. Si nil 10
ULI SI co ts wi.Kit .and wew!. 3Ic:I
Oi I I Jutifrre, a royal, valnibcitii.
Ilkbl pie box or gM"s ttial il?put
rou -n tb ay ut niHkin nrnr iiioatAnu
few daya than you ver thooKhl jxrTble
at any bnslues. Capital not requt-" i. Vou
can live at home turt work In pre time
only, or ail the time. All ot both e.it:-, of ail
ape-., crundly u c--ffui. -Vi (i-ii to Sfiliy
eart.ed vtry eumi. TU' ' I hIki wut
woife may text li.e liushiw.. wm mAirc tht-
nnparn.ltfled offi-r: To ail wlx. rt' iii.; well
salUa; we wiit ud 1 'o pay for tbe mm blc
sowrltlueu. Full iiartl-ul.ir direction e
ami free. tiiiraenly y . bf jteiyF- r- for
ey,l wbo ftart at once. l(.n't delay. Addiess
ITIXOX v I'o t'ort'tMlU. Millie.
Notlcels berubv given by tbe.uu-jerslxL'ed,
adtniulstiatorof toe r-tate r.f l-an.- Ilralsl.aw
deceased to the cr editor o', nod J pfisom.
bavins claims a-iLH ti e a a dtceed. to
ex Ibtt them, with lbt urnrv voncbirs,
vllhin ten ni nil rfler.the tirt pulili-i.tl.iii
of t 1 1 nolle, totbe ..! . lulni-tniUir at
till place of el -nce. t V alnut lirove.
Yarapa County or to Judc .tobu Honrd.at
l'reseolt. In sa.d countv.
Dated at Walnut lrue. Juiv Ti-Ah Im1.
. ItNKH u VI K
Admlnl'tr. tor f the Kutate of I-aac
Rradiibaw. II eu-ed. jj I
In preent8g!icn away
end ut Ere ceu' ijt
aft-, and by nut: I itu
will rl fres parkge
of roods of large value, that will start vo i i a
wort that will at onoe bring yo'i in inon.r
fo-ter than anytbln; H- n. ,in. rim. All
about tbe !i.i) In piveut lib eacn iflt.
Asenta wan' el eerywh"rt o' t-itber sr. of
ail a;e', for all ti. e time r pr, iiim oj v.
fowmk'orat tlielr own home. Korir n it
tor ad worKer a tnli-lely iu i.-d, aon t
delay. II. Hallett A Co i'ortlKii 'Mi,n.
. --c'rrtri fcythoU.S.Cov':
o ouriy tho Fast Mail.
i -i ;- PiHKi't!
V." a Elejant Throafh Tninj ccntzlnito Pu'imsr
P' .ac: Sltcjinj. Dining ar.d Chair Cirs.bcUtei
. wS:l!oaIn7fir(imin(ntc!litSaithut trance.
O.er 390 Elegantly Ec-Jippfd Passsnger Trains
rti'.r.lng Call) otr this perfect ijjlem. pajiing
Mt ani through the important Cities mni
Too'ns in the flrest States cf
Connecting in Union Depots for all paints In the
State s and Territories. EaST, WEST. NORTH. SOUTH,
fco matter ahert (ouare gcing. purchai (Oujticleis
a tha
Oall Trains tia this Lint tetaeen KtNSXS CITY.
tlUi'iCY. HANNiBAL and CHICAGO. Without Clunge.
T.J POTTEfl, t & gt- w. ( ,i i& Cdtl
PBCEVLLOCLl.. u(. . s- c , o , ct-oa.
J. F BARNARD. .-. . c . j. s e. a t
i. a e- i., . MHt,
A. C DAWES, ct.x in t-r, k. c., s ..ac.s. a
n. ST. A, it-
k 5 '"jrli
Notice of Sheriff's Sale, Fore
closure of Mortgage.
fieorge L. Kiccard. l'Uiutlff
Wells II. Bates, nn.ttt C. Bates.
Rilbtrt inning, John Y. Hubbard
t. w, Iil.ke, Neil .McihjusiQ. l ai
rlck McDonald aud the Mnrcus
flold MmiuL CdRiiisni. a corpora
lion orgsmzed and rreited a ider
and bv virtue of tbe laws ol the
state oi New York.
Under and by viituc of an order of t de and
decree of foreclosure lued out of the Ills.
; i.t Court of Ihe Thiid JuJios DU rlctof
the Territory of Arizotu in ami for the Couu.
lyofYaapal, on the twenty eighth day of
June. ISX, in tbe abort' ctdlll-o action where,
in fleorge L. Klccard tbe above-named
plaint lfl obtain da judgiu ut .-sd decree cf
foreclosure again Wells II Bates, Dewitt C
Itater, fillbert M lining, John Ilubbard, V.
W. Hlake. Nrd M Uon Id, Patric McDonald
and the Mar us Gold M:nlcg C.iuipaiiy.a or
poraiii-ii organized and cieatvd under and b
virlu. o" lb" ia 'f the J i ot W York,
fief-naants on iheiitb day June. 1SJ, which
Id ueeree is recoroci' in juilgiut-ut okL 3
of iJ IINtrie '"our ,oi oaet 1.11, 1 Z 112,
lot and l.V I ui t'ommdeded to e.l all t
right, t tie and 1 iterf t of tbe -aiJ defendants
o: in and to the following disclbcd property ;
l that certain mining cum or ijuartz
vein known acd d. scr.bcd a tbe Marcus Minn
consisting ol dllccu hundred (IjOii) linear
feet along the I'ldor vein, with sufficient
ground on either ide for the convenient
workiug of tho same. S.tuat lying snd
be-ng la the Wearer Mining Dfetrict. about
three (S) mil' s a est from he store of George
U. Wllfou on Antelope creek. In tbe County
of Yavapai, Territory of Arizona, t gether
with all and singular the heteditatncntp.lene
uieots and appurtenance' thereunto he'ong
li g or in anj wue lucideut or appertaining.
Notice is hereby ghen that on Tuesday the
34TH day of August, 1SS6, one o'clock,
?. M.,
of that ttay lu front of the County Courthouse
in Ihe city of Prescott ia slid county, I will
;ti obedience to slid order ot 'ale aud decree
of foreclosure sell Ihe above described pr- p.
r'y or so much thereof as nia lie necessary
to satisfy the plaintiffs Judgment with Inter
est tbereou and cost to the highest and best
bidder for cash.
Irecott, . l August Sd, lsJ.
. J. Mclvexox. Sheriff.
By G. C. Wadurli, Under eheritr.
Iu the matter of tbe estate of J. S. Merrell.
di ceased.
Notice is hereby riven by tbe undersigned,
aaministrati.r ofjjie estate of J S. Merrell,
deceased, to tJtttcnJltors of, ai d all ptrsons
During claims acsiDst the said deceased, to
evbibit the same, with tbe utcc-s&ri vouch
eie, witbin t,
u in .r!h from the first publica
tioucftns notl.-e to the undersigned, at hii
ottice, in the stu-c of Gus E'li V o. on
Washingiou street, -ti th cllj of Plienix,
Territorvof ArKoiia. Javt? M. j llii.
l'r-sc it", Aug. 4tb lsii. Administrator
so i-ivy..
flasaayampa MlninK DMrlct, Yavapai Co.,
Arizona, Tune InvS.
To i" whom il may concern:
None, ts hep-by given tbat I bave loc ed
tbe Eutia May mining claim. mtuMe in lb.
Ht-ny.inipi iuiulu district lie r ib bead of
Ibe ll-n tyauip:i creek, naid claim C"V r'Dg
rifiicn buu ire f-etln lenglb by six huMd.ed
frt-tinuldth o xurlHc ground, portion o.
the imne L lug the jld fctnator mill slle. Ail
persons cla mt Jg fencing, lumber, buildings,
orj other material, wltbm Ibe ilmlti, f s:d
culm, which I am now In p js-esiou of. aud
worKlng npon, are notified to remove he
ai-iiie within y day. from date of t hl ueticc
ai reUlttit bylaw. MakvE.3iith.
In th l'robate Court of tbe County ,f Yav-
pai, Territory of Arszona.
In li.e mat cr of the ectate of Andrew L.
JJcxller, dei'ea-ed;
It app ariuj; to the Court by tbe petition
P'es-iGted and tiled by Ah e Mueller, the sd
raiDir'ral'.v of the estate of Andrew L.
M filer, deceased, praying for an order to
sell ".ai ertate. thit 't is necessary to i-ll
the whole or s me ponion (f the rial e-tate
belonging lo said estate to pa the illow.
ano to tbe family, the debt.' outstanding
aga'ii-t aid deceased and p;ia esta'e, and
the debt-, expenses and charges of the ad
Rnuistration. It i-tb-retr. rdered by 'he
t'ourt hat all persons interested iu the said
estate appe.r before the said Probate Court,
on Munday. the ytb day u' august, A D.
Is5. at loVclock in tbe forcnoi n of said
d.. at ibe L ourt room of ssid Probate court,
ou the ea-t side of Cortez s reel, betwen
Oti'ley ari Willi. tte' ts, .1, the c.ti of
PrefMit .uiiiuty of Yava,. i, Territory of
Arizuii In snow causi tli.van ird-r -buu d
no b. grntoi to the oid adiuitilstratri to
-ell -.i Diu b of the real estate of the de
ctas d a- bll b nece-fart, atpu'dic or , ri
V U. -ie
Itiu that a cop of this order be publi Led
at Ua-t I-- r ni'C-sive Aeck in the Ari
zona Journal Mi..er. a ne -paper printed aud
tuhli- bed i.. - aid ci.y M I'r'-i'ott. count.! of
Yaa! si, lerr' t. y ,.f t o-a.
D.'.'dii tr - .-t. J li, lutb. !5f0.
J.Mi ! HW KIN'S, Pr.ilj.it,.' Judge.
A Prize.;
.: ii - i - ciiiafe
-ecli'V fro coly box
5,oo , wnieii w 111 help r'l
nio e money riul iiiar
bin an b.ug else In til-, vorl . Ail of
Itaersei .ncc-e from nrt hour. The br i d
o t rr uii uii ii Iwfore tlie worke--b
' itely - re .,..r- addr- Tru ( o
luMiti.u ! Aoiihtj. Mali-e
For the Great ftew Book, "The
Wo Ws Wonders."
BY J. V. UL'F.I-
Tin tu. -.t su. ci ssful sUb'Tip'.ion book ever
pu . b d. i,.' half a million copi swere
sold 'I,.- p s e ght ino'ith, aud ii sidling
thre times rs la.-t now a ever before. Kcgu
lar c:ir.rh-.-er clear from il5 to f25, ?m and
f.Vi idav. Nothing like it was ever known Ie
the hi-'ory of liook publishing. Proof- sent
tree on application. "o experience needed to
in-.ic -ucter. We help persons without
m ejii-t.i do a li'ge bu-incs-.; nocapital
1 1 d. Write for partictlli r .r s j;n. T
n r pe.'iii who do not wish to canvass
on ck' -'OM. We also give awa standard
b, p rjons iliri send us nam sof book
aie tt'oti- for our list of fre' stuidard
:74 San Krmici-co, Cnl.
laxt.tTTI T-R,
The p-,rtnc:hip nertloor- ealstl f
tween i" s.Hutculiinon and A, Aiitcen. nnder
tin; II m nr.me,of C.S.Hut h!r"n A Co. bns
t.. -ilaybeeri dln.ilvi-d by toqio-ii eon-ent
of i-otb iiarllei. Tb bus ne- will be c -t.nued
by C. S. Ilutchtnson, wbo will piy all
liaM!llei of the lata Arm aud coileel all
money due it. C-.IU'T IIINsON
rrescott, Jn! IM.ISvi. Im
The undersigned n il pay the aUivc nward
for tl.. recovery of i. b.. rk nddlc horse ..bout
fi 'ten bands hi'g'i one wbtte bind 'out; brand,
rd tr. b e taU, -r ;brn Is .o icled-ind
vet 'c . vh.'ezr r. .t ad aud s.d.ile
marks on back. Address J. it. sUAt K.
A5tf Prescott. A: .zona.
ind Lodging,
Corner Hurley and Granite stret't as
end of bridge leading to Weit
Plmannt. CoBirartabli K.ieu
and ;oitMeda
Strange: respectfully trca'i c
Magnolia Balm
is a secret aid to beauty.
Many a lady owes her fresh
ness to it, who would rather
not tell,and'? tarit telL
Man and Beast
Mustanf; Liniment is older thaa
most men, and used more
mora every year.
Cantrifugal Holier Quartz
Concentrators and Ore
MLmih Machinery ofvery Des
cription, F. A. HUNTINGTON,
45 Fremont Street,
m;ir2o 3111 Sin Francisco, Cal.
can learn the exact cost
of any proposed line of
advertising in American
papers by addressing
Geo. P. Rowell & Co.,
Nawapapar Advarttaing Bureau.
IO Spruea St., New York.
Sand lOcta. for lOO-Paga Pamptalat.
W. T. G AIJ ATT ft CO.
Kni-lnir,iiRappllfor Evary Piirrlpt .
Il..h.r i.hui al i...i.v AeliMti
Henna the faclDe
Uitrrull'a Jark Mrawl aTHalaia; laaap.
B"i tVork of all Harts. Irapcrtsr or
Pip and Malleable Iron FUUnga.
a-' Fri4.)m. Cal
l litllr cumiin 60 daj oyiir.
lUrat'i TCIrrt ro-M agm Mlc Ut I U
wtXj oa In Mi vcrti ptnerattajc
acunfirraoQ. Eltctrle A Xartu
"cmrrrnt. Srlf ntlric. Iuwrrful. LTOrali!,
f.rlAb. ail F.rTtltTd. Arotd Irani
. i itt ...i . 1 nir.ii. FnnMiunprcirpanirlusK
ALsii i:u:cthio bllti rou BicEAnca.
U. U3aM. IhiiMTBS. 191 WatAEi AVIV CK1UCS.
OTTo l:iimiv oriDR aa
IwskI 2Ianh and Sept
rath jrmr. MflO raffM,
8Jx 11 tasclca,wltla ow
3,BOO Ulaatrallona a
ivhola Plct-ara Gallrry.
OlVEfl MrkaIala Prtoca
rflrfrt to oanawaarra an all naosU fbi
prnaaud ar fttmaijr aae. Trlla haw ta
erdrr, and Ktvra azact coat 01 tm
tBina; -rata taac, eat, drink, wtar, a
hmn tan wttk. TliMe IXVAX-VABL
BOOIC5I eoiatisla lafurraation Klcaasrd
t. tho snarkrta of Du Trorlil. Wo
m'- mall a copy FRGEta anjr eI
lcu upon rrrrlpt of 10 eta. to drfrajr
rrp-ji mt maaUstaj. Lrt ma hear from
jri'U. Hpatlfally,
W JU 'JfJ WaBab Aieow CUcasa. IU
DIL IliVW Palnlran Catarrh Mprt lflc
dtrors ths LlTinizI'anaiUi. which csn thlsdlMid
4 S
(Cut tTWi Ji-rutM nwjnl.1,J 40 1 1 VI.)
Tb Cura Is Permanent, as will be sttctetl Xir
fiatlenta tr?atet four Tesra C" with no Ttnra of
disease. In CATARRH cf 3f- and Throat
ninety per cent, are cored with ni ti of Kexnedy,
whether co tof pneorfortyTetre.UnQlnir. frlcn,
byrusiU Sl.OO. irinncsarBsflectficrresiwrnlenco
is deslteil. Trmtlu, explitcliit Iuhdstion Cure fur
rtBrnf. V.X. I.VIM.M.I.4 ..pi ins
aJU. LOH AXUELKH, :AI Veu,. pic,j
Tala paver ta kept aa tie at tha aBce of
Flags, Etc., Etc.
At Lowest Eastern Prices.
1 & 816 Delaware St., Kansas City,
The largest Jobbing House in its
no in the West.
EySend forCataloguc
$150 BTMATtT.
By reeolnUoD, unanimously adopUd tiy ti
lts', meetlne of lu ExecotlTei Co mm ttle
flATION lierel.jr offers a ulandlcffrewaril uf
One Handled and Klfij Doilarsfor the dUx
tlon leat-lDE t.i ttie arrest an I conTictlow'i f
auv psrs'ia .r ieronKallty of sleallnsr catt
oruorsea belonlu i any men-ber of It a
Asoelallou, or for Information leadtna: lo toe
irr acdr"Icit ny pern iirrtr.
ox callty of m' se, brano n or msl -L.ou.iy
kiiliuK ilvo stuotc b-lOD ut to an
lurintierof tbe Association.
v.K HAZELTISK. rjeereUry.
mWmmK On the RleLt Iil(. Ear
BV Marks on Left
B Ear Crop and Spill on
IHaaB Klcht Ear.
ly''P Kangrson Lnx Craek
IW S and Lonesome Valley.
AataMaVaataM J R. SLACK & SON
J'osi nutce Acore s,l rescatt, Arlrona.
Brand V
with nnder c
To hereby (It xm
thit all rattl bran eu
with drcleon ll(b ar
wltbtwolitai h tr.
and a3 boraa an ed
same on right th. h o
Ionic tons.
Rami Drp Ifj
FRATT & KlSiG, Preaoott,
On left hip, iino
colts Email nndei
bit out of right sax
Bl Clen-w
VUliaicaoa Tails
Hones and Cattle on
left thigh.
Cattle Ear Mark
Crop off left ear and
overbit in right.
RavoB San rnndace
Brand : 24
Ear MarkaA Fii;
caf in both ears.
Ttantre and P. O.
Address, Kirkland
jS. m. a a nc.
en left hi ji.
' tl la hereby iriu tha
all horse, so bianded are th
liroprrtj of
Prs-ncott, A. T.
Ear Marks MD.ooth
crop, loft ear.
uonsFS am., i-n
Caip.rli& Baier,
Chino Valley and Verde
1 Lereby give m.llre
tliutall horans brand
vtl Olapiond Anchor
on tbe left nip be
lone to Kaqsfe WU
'tainsoti -valley, 1. O.
Address, Simmons,
aB VAllKB:
Under glow on ilaht.
oier slope aal nnper bit
onieu ear.
Mns. s. IICKIM
"Lcne. omo TaTjey,
P.O. AM.-e.. rrearot
Left btp low down
Hones and Ca tie
Esrjre Wslsnt llreT
Orlando Allen
rrescott, A
Utai '!
ro u
mil' rr If ,
- -mm Mr hm
i ih ft,
'rrrtar-Mt -
ia tr-
tin -act
li'.(l l
t'sJtjOMf a
net H
WI tik
k uu it
u sial4 k
7 a t-alraatar aar
fVH vtaataasv l.
trrf atlnsr -
an a a- La'tfra. aaaaliUa. as 4
SI Tlal rt.riav WW Bull aa.w (Ma
f US tV ami awaabfIa e..
Granite Street Blacksmith
Corner Granite and Goodwin streets
near the Gray Eagle Stables.
I. P. Inuwersop, Prtnrictnr.
TUts Arm Is prepared lo do all slntfa of
Either new or repairing on abort notice Alf
ainn'K stoiE.tin or w..; i.dln- foi
. Ja
5 .
wmmi isl&kqs piniRo mvm
f. . rMn cf Hi c-r.trl poltl.Hi nitlo.e rrl,rU nl
. r .i..ii ime Ka.1. Mli. t .t Ui llel .n.1 trr
r ' ;i - ..ri.lltu the ino-t imi. t in ml.l
,. ... ,ti. , i.tmlii.l .-.ten, of Ifir... 1 t. , .,.r
JU'n -h' l-i .n I rjdllte:r t.i.. . nl': ..
I.eiieliier ui atlantle rt INcnU- I rsft It
I. lli tlief,.ll. MS l-t 7TO il.iMIr iu.t
,JV'. .""'""" ' en-l r-- S.lle
Iiiit'. IVet SnrtUwe-t .nj : .nluv-r.
Tha Great Rod: Island Rou to
li r.lrA.. .V..
f .errt..
' hi I - e.' r ..
11. r , l.j- r. . l, .mnrhl.
.. . . ' ,rc "i rwiimami I ta. ,i h. n
IKio t ill: .-tilTert. jn4 briav rollinsf -I. e.i.t-.r
l-rrnin . hiitm-i .till en make It 11 - nf.tr
'!.';,'.".'" ' ''"" i 'f..rm ikl ,n Wr.
nl li .i iuiri''lpM' ,11 i. cr-Te"r r,-.
li il . rali mor nil It. tniitii auter -i-s - . ct
ti.i. r .it. re Trsn.r.n t .11 e,im-tlo.- Int. in
l Tl -i 17.11. .nl tb. nn ci nil.-.t. .ill
.n rnictf, uf eAtitint.u. ,?
iw . .,t F.trir. Tr ill let. . ,
Pni'1.1 !vicll bWs, K.t a ( -r .
.atetMnn are roar.rd o
J"l-"iit t)ir O.uelK.. lai. nl i
Sleeper. ef U. l,te.t de-lcn -.-I
I Ij hleh rUbu ilrl) m le me.'. .1
in n evtwe' t-hk-aru k,iu.n . VT
r t
. I
1 fiir
. i.
1 Mm ta
lo rjn is- oi-bnti I mirg
7fia Famous Albert Le- ffr-jto
I ' tir : rr.' tin t r4t I
h 1
I. lIK't 1 'I-hf. 4 . .
Teirl!. f.. n.
. .... " r "r r
'.a I -.rn .
-f fe-ir ,-. lor. III'. .. Il mi.""',; '
' ' '! '. '..'1 ' '' " 'N
1- ;tt I'tlEtT I - ti- K n
v , : ..''I'r.'i." -" mat.. k,Z-
. , u.f 1 .' ,n In'ermert..'- r.
. .. '''tal'i-d Inlurm.tlea e-e l..i m,it r..h'rr
.reSii l1" asl C.D..1.. w Uj ti-
Tst0alJlvr. 0.oirMraaa.ara.
V Til
Ili laV.-'Lo aafV
a . vjlsw it.
127 First SI., Sm Francisco.
chic.co works, sa too N. Clinton St.
Builders of Mining Machinery.
Plants for fold and silver mills, embraclnc
tbe latest and most Improved maeblnery
and processes tor base and free orea. wer
Jaeket Smeltlni Fnmaces for Silver, Lead
and Copper orea, with new and Importance
uiptovemtinta, superior to any other make.
HolstlneWork; Pumplns; macblaes. Cblar
ldlamu Kurnacva. ttc. We offer our customer-
the test rMUltaof ihtrtyyears' eiperlence
In this special line of work, and are prepared
tu rural h from Han FraJiclscoorChioaco tbe
IE041 approved cnararier oi iui':a tt
ductl-iu maenlnery. auperior In de.lgo and
construction to tbatol anv other rnaaeat tbe
lowest possible price. We Rlso contract to
deliver In rom-ilele rannltig order, Hills.
Furnaces. Hoisting works etc. In any of tbo
Mlnlnic States and Territories. K tlmntea
(riven on applletlon. Send fur UliistrateJ
V'ew York offlre), 115 Broad war,
Established, 1877. Tbo Oldest Bank In tha
Ma LlWia argeatcle
w. K. aUaBivriK
Sot-Lawis. i- W. Wills, h coo Rich am-b
O. N. liCkXIltTKIt. W. t UA.ZWL.TISK.
Ik mt Caitrorwla - lr.u;tc
LaUallaw at Co. Vt.rL
DraXtaandToletrapUleEichaii(i ujalltix
principal cities of tb United Htat Ui: M
and aold
Carrying U. S. Mail and W,F
X Co's. Express
iMTe rratewit dally at
U A . it
ta A. a
Arrive at Pkeaix at
Arrive at Jtarleasa at 5:SO I. M
ConnectlBK wltb 8. P. R. R. trains '
and West.
tStages for tbe .Norte.
Leaves Maricopa oa antral st Trains
from the West at 7:15 A.M
Arrive at rhealx dally at X. M
Arrtve at Prearatt dally at :13 Jl
Presoott and Phenirr,
Via Wlckenburcann V'ullnra.
Leave Prescott, Monday, Tliursi!av at 3 p.m.
Arrive at fhenlx Wednesday aud Saturd-.y t
6 a. m. making connection with stief-r
Retnrnlne, leave Pbenix Mondav and Tl.nn
day at 3.T0 p. M
Arrive at Prescott Wednesday and Saturday
6 a. in.
Prescott and the A. & P
tT trerustdall at
attivp at asu rnra at.
-." P il
ConneectlnK wltn Ibe A A P trains East ond
Leave An Fork anon arrival .f trains
dally at (AM
Arrive al fre- ott 7-JOl'M
Prtaeott. A 1.
Jemea stevart, Hopt. J. f. UtMor
n-KXlt. A sl. al Prscott.
The San Fraacisco Weekly Alia Till
bMnt to anyaddreai thirteen weeks
ob trial for 35 centi. 8plendid prcmi-
are offerM to yearly sabaenberj.
And others raaTerlo; f xn
Rrrotu dLI!jty .cxhattsr.rjr
rhrotnc duaarirn. prtmainr
mcIidv of jounaj r uU avre
JVlli VfiJ -aiTw V J 41".
lorce's famoa ICIrt
MaMrlla KC TateOaHallJS
In rrrrj Zwfz. Stat ta TUruon br bern fxL
gUUi tj tagUntij frit. Pston tr tad kJJ I u
yeavra. VTh4 fjunlir can fur um txlU EUrrtrro
1 Im f 1 1 with urto btiM. AToid worthr- ia-
tafan-aTia aVJkrl him sM mm rata n tsaa atatatrxrir Ti saaais al Cav4
RutafK TOO atrtA tn'OS. Sa-tad stAXapforpavn.phre
Pioneer Shops.
At the Oil Still.
Garry a full Stock of all Kinds
of Blacksmith and Wagon
Material, and are pre
pared to do all
kinds of
Blacksmith and
Oft Short NntiA-i.
Agents for theOsborne
iron Mower.
.... A.W Z
dams Sell Regulating
Wind Mills.
Gotlieb Urfer's
Saloon & Lodging House
Cortez Street, Opposite Office Row.
Prescott, Arizona.
Wines. Liauors and ciirat-; of a r-onri
quality always on har.A Neat aodclearj
beds, well ventilated rooms.
Granite Street, Precot,t
Run stages from Prescott to Alexandria
uu icvuin twice a weeic, carrying
passengers and freight
Will LeaTe Presoott
Everv Mondav nnA "Prlrlnrr
Morning at 7 o'cleck, retuniW
;iaj j-uotsuaj ana oatur
H M ui Sill Stik
IDr. Xiiebig
tr. -eiuj- ami Jiaaofc at
a for tbo cor of all roc!aI.
Complleaue! aci --cila In
cnraCle (.nroe'e Llseaata. I'f.
ldebls German InvltoraturU
rriiTTt.T fuamntetv,! tocura
Xervoua and I'rv.ii-al lietdllty.
. i ' . . . r A. ... . w, T rj.
"-U1 ivu-i .u
,of Luenry. rlni: aud dual
neaa in tne jrmi, i r.Mtim'j
. . . ,,.
nopeieoa xeeiiua, bsu
resnlta of Yootbfoi loiprndaao
nl excests f maiu year
Tbe Doctor, a rejp'r rollo
physician, will aicrrr u fort
alLousbnd dollaie fur sct
the Intlreiiiuor a HI uol uro,
under social traimnt aad
Tte rcaaou wL) ..utan.'ean
notiret.eiire.1 cf wrakneaa
a? tbeab.vedlee,l owltia iv.
5 complication eal.ed rx.JA
. .. ,...,.iM, toes
fVKKHU wuiui i " ' '
liar treatment,
Llebig'.luvltomloc -N0?" i
HIUve euro- tor "M?rVftriK
I? S&Unle Irsouv pay. wtr eniod.
StrlctestVerieCTniatatineU; '""'Tl
StlSxn tu mutt Cou-lui-.n
I ?unnic nrkr leturfru.
obdixaky Cj.saa.
Anv recrnl ra.e. ef apeclat oi m? dta
eiLXlcarea fur 110. Rmodlt saaclentto
cnlTvlllbe Promptly .ent with full dlrectlont
and ad"lw on Telpt of J10. All rt
securely covered from obeivatl-n.
Invigorator Samples Fre.
f. I or address DR. L1EBIO A CO..
Geatv street. Plivale entrant, ioi Maaoa
DrLlotXirut ilanette He-i.r. or
Self-Masnetiiers the Gn-ateat Curttlvo In.
ventle of the ate. EvcT mau or woman
k.. ,v..ir nwn mm nelic bealer.
man rjulred on the end of the end of taa
healer, consequently no w xeea i vJ
hnJ mblxr. Prlee 5. com Jele. Sold oaly
at the Dr. Llebl Dtspenaary.
aeit Xtarn St. 8m Tranetf, Oat
TjtjratTi ladartboUn of CUriila fo
Soiooi, Wastlsaod Cbroalc dlaoaoas.
Tk. AIXDTls a Rerolar Oradailed PfcJ-
tJalmilty of UL&lcaa. UlMaabio-
iitrt 8jiso la til specialty on tbe raoSc Coast.
ITV) tzSu froa tlio effrcU cf jvxXltvO.
ceejMwlamatarrrTiaii.cjTMOsaDj rhfm-
cal UebUltj. LOMOI ucrnsiu maim.
lual Wrakntaa. Instaa-rSza, cHomacJi. Llrcr.
KaLieyaod KaiUor Diseasea. eta. Hjayi-abex
UuA T a eoabluttoa of Vt jtlatU JtmfMtf
lir Allen La so arranied fcis Oeatasot tkattt
irt3 ayvm not onlr almost Izaaeaiato Klicf. bat
Dr. AHea was t at niacr Tears Cbhl Baasoa la
ooaof tto i:t!n'-oaos, his i sroM Kin naa
Us vlsbea It cUsUacUj iadeid.Uia bo torn
not cUlra to ilo lm-)0rbUlU. IkcUbaoa
toWaUUyalaadccitrtrT''riin sr.lara
nco. ia IsIOCMdtahlSSpeciallT.
VrSemttBptHloittimlatnnmm WoottpaB
isntist Os lt Craaau Cua Tar sirn I
trill ritMtMMpommeCMrtUi tmm I uo
cVruaa. CVminlTstina m caps cr by Id tor raaa
od cooileotaaL .Cbarrea odjt. OOt
llaun9toSdaUr.(toSafCBl4a. Boaoailto
aad KnasaacaU7
Treats al Cliionlc, Private aad S racial
Diseasos the same wonderful sntcesa aa
f old.
The Great English Remedy
Jr Iiauxx- lamcf car
for NeMi axbllltT
.vki EzbansU-d V 1 ta lltj
. Bamlcal w eaaneaa
HprmataTThoa. Loot
aluuuvu, awjvi.aicj
I'aralTtls, asii all laa
ml terrible eireei or aau
!jpt abese. youthful follies.
anaaxceaaoaiu uaasaaa
"l .-a. -a inrti taa loaa at
s&jr nenor7,laatltnle.Boa
- tnrnal emlsalooa.avar
slon to soctsty dlmmoeH of vlakm, nnlsoa la
Ihe head, tbe TtUI fluid paaalnc onnbaervoa
In tbe urine, aaJ many otber dlavasaa tbat
load to Insanity and death.
Dr. Mlntle.wnoU area-alar frradnatod r-by-ilelan,
will agree to fonuf- flvr bandrcd dol-
l.n fnr a sua of this kind the tal RSlorS-
live (under bis special advice SuU trjatmeat;
will not cure, or for anythlnc Irarore or Injur
Iocs toon t t. Dr. Mlntle troats all prtvata
plseasea u esafnily, wlthoat mereury. Coo
oaltatlon fre. A tborouch esamlaaaoc and
advice, nciuorna anaiyau or urine, ja. irica
f Vital Restorative. fljW a bottle, orfour tlmas
Ihe onan tltr. I: sent tpsur i-5r apon re-
eelpl of rrlce. or CO. U., .ectrr frr.ra obaer
.jaiiuo, auu iu viiamr utiji i n 1 1 cii , u j
r. E. MINTIK M.D. No. il Kerar street
an Francisco, callf'irols.
Dr. Mlntle's Kidney Kniej, .N KfiiRETI
.UM.euresaJl klndn of tcldnev arj blajdrc
Complaints, Gonorrhoea, Leooorrbora, OIe
nrsaie oy ail uroijgisia; 11 a wun, six w
e-, li.
Dr. Mtollz's DANDELION PILL aro tbe
stand eheapest dyspepsia and blllnua cur
the market. Kor llJ by all dragglsU.
t" Sample bottle free, sent on a-ipllcatio
, etfer,staJnir symptoms, x acd are. Cora
irt. -trirtla e.rftrlerttisl
Uf ira vv b i-a
Celelirated Fa.bloa Catalosrao
CCilT CBCC'fr Hprta aad tons.
lnh.toaDrad(lroa. Ulasuaiosaadu.
oTerjrthlaa-forLaaUoa'.OeBt.. cliilo-to
aaa aBiaru. wear taiaa nounrv,u
Goods, at prices anr-pr uan tacas of icy
booselBtSe Called SStaiea. t'oasalsia
attsfacttOB oaaotjairtt,orBalirT r-
Clh Ave. A; -iozh . . r
The Great English Remedy
riKXiBtCSll rey and
henln rasa
d Nerve To ut
rerun a)f ova
vears or era
ttcal eipenenro an
Cnres vltb anfallln
certainty Nerrons an
fbpsicai Disability
Seminal Weakness
atorrhoe". Pro a
rrhoca, Kmlsalon a
ncy, r.xoanatoa
KZZZZmJZS&fii-!. V. lalll
lir. Prematora
disease- and lo-s wetted MAXBOUB.ls
all lt compllcatlcris and fmm unatara
canas piodnceit. It en-lcBr. and purine
destructive to mind and bod v. It 1. a int-ta el
iminator of all KIDNEY AND BLADDER
COMPLAINTS. It contains no injtuua la
erellenta. To thaae aaaVrlax rrata taa
evil rfferta aryeatkfal laalswrriiaaaar
exeaara.a Htseedy. taaraasa aaa rr
mauent CCKK IN t I'ABAtTKEB. Prlea
-.5'J per bottle, or nve dottl'S In ease, with
'r 11 directions and advice, ala sent awm.
nim observation to any addrea- upon receipt
'i prjarc, or V..UOJ. xo tie ilSit (.HIT O .
-o Kearny r. Naa rn.rlsrr. f'al.
Conaultatlnns slrlctlvcoubJentat. Lar Inter.
or at otSce. KREE. i-'or ie etiiilrii;u uf
auenu. and tn order to Insure perfeet socrsiey.
have adopted a private addrss,indor wbien
II packaces are forwarded.
Scfflelent to show Its merit, wilt b e stnt to ny
one.applylnc by letter, etatine cli. jap
ou a;e. Lomrannlcatloar. rl.-t- ooa
Palace Saloon,
Montsxma ft. next toJBone A Saeaa
I wish to notify the public tbat I bar
eopened till popular place and vrlll keep ta
Judlng ' lm"
Wines, Liquors I Cigsas
J. J. Guxx, Prop
larpenter & Builder.
j-liop on Cortez Street, oppoaito
City Eeed Yard.
Estimates and specificau"ons given m
shcrt notice.
.Ml kindsof Job Work promptlj-
oiLcuueu io.
i aaaw r
ffft e.. ..nl ClmS
r iux4 aivea kla aallrala aaa
peir-MataaMastaa. w
it -"r jwmmw

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