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From Friday's Daily,
Hop ta-ni.Iii a: thi E":32." armory
Dia Eobinsoa hi; for homu thi
J. L. Fisher is confined to his rcoxn
through illness.
The Odd Fellows have placed a neat
:gn oa their halL
Joseph Bet2, a pioneer of Tucson,
died Monday night.
Another copious downpour of ram
visited us last evening.
Bert Crouch, of Skull valley, is paying
li periodicjA i oj ;tPrescott.
Hon. . V. Wells and fossily will
cave for the east to-morrow.
Tho dance at the Curtis' ranch will
be given to-morrow evening.
A double mail was received froaj
both east and west last night.
Chas. Thompson, the Castle creel:
boaania man, lelt for home to-day.
"A corn cure that dots its work" can
be found at Dr. Kobinsoa's drug store. ;
V. J. Mulvenon has sold the silver
Flake :uiu?, IVct district, to Andrew
Curt in for
Seveutv-sevea names vere received
this mi-rniug from Fix-tail", to be
jlaci-u on the great rcgistr.
The San Francisco CU record a the
death ofTheodoru F. Trace a postotiice
inspector, "veil known to Auona.
A deed from the sheriff, j Gus Ellis
fc Co., for the 'ev Era old mining
properthay, e h&ia filed for ;cord.
An Indian runner recent is said to
have traveled from the Cl mine to
Yuma, a distamx of sventy-ve n-iUs
ia rcven hours.
John 'It-Donald :md partr John
McDonnitt will commence Vrk, in a
lew day, oa the Blue Dick mt whieh
tley leased recently.
Democracy's opposing for will
throw out their skirmish lizi, at to
night's mats meeting, preparato to the
engagement of to-morrow the
The liquid expert of the J-c.val-Mi.ve2
orfice .t:sa-ed a samplef beer
to-day from ths Arizon.i bre'ry of
Martin & Bumiesster and re;orts jry
Inch sradc-.
t. M. Franklin, member froml'ima j
cf the 13th. 1-gislative asaibly.
received nino votes for district atrney
in the democratic convention othat
Hugo Bichards has been select :ig
Judge for tha democratic primar to
morrow and Ed. Home and Jaa. luh
Jack McDonald came in fromhe
reck mine yesterday an! repcrteLe
camp llouiishing. W. C. Dawc.
mtetinz with good success ia his ra.ig
Operations tiere.
C. B. Geauag has returned from e
long and arduous pursuit of the Ma
murderers, and has obtained iuformat
which will ultimately result in
getting them. Gazette.
'Samuel Smith, one of the sc
citizens of the Agu.i Fri.i. was in to
to-day and paid his rejects to
JOfE-vai.-Mi.vEa office. He reports :
heaviest rain of tiie cason on the AgJ
Fria ca Wednesday uisht, 23th. inst.
The nev huilding being erected
Hon. J. G. Campbell, to be occupied
Mloon. by thi. vctera V. C. Then onunS.
will be formally dedicated to the cau J. K. Frink the well known stock
to-aicht by the mass meeting. man returned to-day from a visit to
H. F. Kuabe, the gentleman who t- California,
formerly a telegraph operator at Wic" J. W. Wilson & Co., are arranging
cnburg, and discovered the great satheir stock preparatory to their removal
rock meteor, pa-scd through 1'hvnLx tto new quarters.
d.y, rn rout-.- for For: Grant, where h jlartin Maier shipped two carloads of
will hereafter be stationed. Guzette. mpty beer kegs to-day to make room
Active and honorary mcxabtrs of thtr a carload of beer now on the way.
l'rescott -ocial club will t.ir in mind tj!C rc.uH of Saturday's primaries
thst th- h p Comes off to-night, at theisUves the nomination of W. J. Mul
armi'rv of the Trescott Bities. Thtinoa for iheritT bv the democratic
m'l-ie will b- furnished by tho orchestra
oith,- J:h Infantry baai and will be Rcpnblican9irsn meet Thi
first class, and a SooJ social time wid; tQ no!n-matc candidate
b.- enjoyed by all who attend..
The year hi wliich August lias ve
Sundays is called ministers' leap year
lor. in effect, a wock is added to the
u,usl vacation season. The presents
t!e tliird successive year ia which the
p.-tors' holiday ha. thus been r -
Thomas Hughes, late postmaster of
Albuquerque, who vas charged with
being ft defaulter, has received notice
from the postoiEce department at
Wasliingtoa th.it his . accounts are
overpaid by I3I.10 which amount "will
b refunded to linn.
llic Pima county democratic convea
lion lnw made the following nomination-.
Aw.if. Y. O. .--iiaw; district
attorney. '.nil. r..ri li- K:i: treasurer,
John S. Wood, r-cord-.r. Fred H.
Hughes: coun'y judge T. D. Satter
uhitc; clerk cf the county court, Hull
Fsoii is vrtritD.iv s utiiT.
Masonic lodge mvets to-night.
Stage: were delays by the mad la
Srvitv'i t-vm-irrow at all
Extra free V.tach to-night at the Tres
cott Hon-c.
Troop- are ta:d to be ia pursuit of
Last night's saas? meeting filled to
The democratic betes ere masters cf
Shs ;:aton.
The dark horse did no: fiuro to any
reat extent ia to-day's contest.
Miss Tattie Stephens will arrive from
her visit to Caiiforau. to-morrow even
ing. E'-Maver Inrwerscrr will -isii Cali
fornia ihortly for the l-eaefit cf
We htarit mmorevl that Dr. Kendall
tvP.1 bring a stock of drugs to Prvecott
The music furnished last evening by
the orchestra of the 9th. Infantry band
was1 highly praised by the dancers.
Chaplain Pearson, of Whipple, will
preach at the Baptist church to-morrow
evening at S o'clock.
Mulvenon, Cook, Thornc and Gunn
with their Lieutenants, make a strong
political combination.
Another glorious rain to-day which
flooded the ,fc.trtts and washed away the
accumulation of rubbish.
Anattimpt fit asiuccudiaritm w
discovered ia time to avert conflagration
in Phenix on Tuesday night.
Phenix had a visit by a sort of cyclone
Tuesday night which did considerable
damage to property. No one hurt.
Nineteen animals out of a bull team
of twenty-four, died on the road, east of
San Carlos, in one day last week, and
other losses are reported. Not a drop of
rain has fallen ia places between San
Carlos and Thomas, and there it nothing
for teams to subsist on. Silver Belt.
Good music and mood time in ay be
expected to-night at the dance at the
Curtis ranch.
lid. II. Cook has gone out to Ash j
Fork with a private conveyance to meet
his cousin Miss Moffet JCice, on tier
... " Ml
rMurn from CaU.'ornia. iney urn
arrive to-morrow evening.
Douglas Gray accompanied his wife
to Ash Fork, yesterday, en route for the
east. Mrs. Gray has been an invalid fcr
several months and goes to Boston in
the ho of recuperating her health.
An exchange says that a rVstematic
course oi singing lessons, with the pro
ler physical exercise, wliich good vocal
teachers make a part of their instruc
tion, will contribute almost a- much
to health as a whole gymnasium.
Edsoa B. Churchia, a soa of George
Churchill, and a nephew oi Hon. Clark
Churchill, dieJ at the residence oi the
Litter, near tliis city, last night. Edson
IS. Churchill" came to Phenix about a
year ago, hoping to find in our climate
some relief from the malady with which
he was afflicted consumption. He was
a bright and intelligent young man
about 23 years of age, and his death
is greatly lamented by all acquaintances.
The funeral ceremonies were observed
at 4 o'clock this afternoon. Herald.
To make ginger ale, take two jounds
of brown sugar, one quart molasses, two
tabkspooufuls cream of tarter, two of
ginger, two sliced lemons, two gallons
boiling water. Stir well, and when milk
warm add half pint of yeast. Stir again
and let it settle in a lightly covered ves
sel, twelve hours. Strain, bottle and put
ia a cool place. It will be fit for use
ja two or three days, and will only keep
a week.
From Monday's Daily.
Geronimo is said to be C a tot trail
The republicans will have no slate
Local news have beea exceedingly
scar.-e to-day.
Sheriff Mulvenon has gone to Phenix
to attend the preliminary examiaatioa of
C. P. Stanton.
Slickers and all kinds of rubber goods
cheap at the Lion store.
Miss M. Martin came ia from the
ast cn Saturday evening.
ileceat heavy rains have caused the
grass to grow remarkably rapidly.
Tarties just in from the railroad
report track laying progressing at the
rate of one mile per day.
Miss Tattie and Joseph Stephens
returned from their visit to California
; Thtirsday even-
tes for dele-
. bj voSeJ fof at th., ,,rmarv. on
H Cock rctumetl from Ash Foik
j hi, COUla KiCc, who
retunims rcal a protracted
f w GAifora;x
fhe COUIt h0U5O litchn! arc get.
their work in, in goo-J .shape in
r party, lhe slate now is tor iiui-
lon for sheritf, Cook for treasurer
Wilkersou for probate judge.
JTlie news sent out from Tumbstone
Gcronimo wantel to make terms
k the Mexicans has been extensively
red at by outside papers as "another
.bstoae'lie." Those papers now have
ance to take it all back, as the uews
altogether authentic." Epitaph.
i oa-tem papc r publishes an item
effect that a museum in an ArKJ
town are preserved the heads of
itecn Apaches. Will not some of
xchanges till us where this ghastly
ition is locatel?
rivate letter received by the writer
h 'lerscnal friend in San Francisco
ibe etR-ct that the railroad line,
"tins us with tht? Southern l'a-
c; Maricopa, is certa inly to le built.
a namwl Wallace who was left
ige of the effects of Barney Mar-
tilntelopc, has been arrested on a
ch of -tcalinr a nortion of the
t. Johns Herald savs it observes
so'iirteea candidates for county
ofT'n Yavapai county. We have
fail) observe anything like that
nui)ver here.
numbers of yellow beetiese a
r'upon the cotton wood trese
t- s. They cat otT the new and
teuti, at the ver top and end
f hches, leaving them bare and
?s2 a few davs the-e hue? will
disaioke substituted by an ugl
black.,-jjcri aai then, again, these
by a
e spinninj: worm. Tea: pc
The normal school will ojon on the
Cth. oi next month with a fair number
of pupils. The school is in a most
promising condition and will shortly le
of gxvat advantage to the territory,
esjiecially when made more accessible
by the advent of a railroad. PrvJessor
Fanner is the correct man for the
position he occupies ; he is well up in
that jocular knowledge and experience
necessary for his position and teachers,
who are now in our public schools will
find it advantageous to place them
selves under his instruction during their
vacation?. Herald.
The Courier, with its usual narrow
ness, is making a great blow about C. P.
Stanton, the man supxsed to be con
nected with the Barney Martin massa
cre, being a republican. Does the
Courier know that its special friend and
cowardly murderer Dilda, who was hung
in Prescott for his crime, was a demo
crat? Herald.
From Tuesday's Daily:
Ludwig Thomas teacher of music.
Judge Bush declines to be a candi
date for any office.
Our brass band will be ready for
active service soon.
A Euit of fire-proof offices to rent.
Enquiie at the Lion store.
A horse race broke in upon the mo
notony of our town to-day.
The republican mass meeting will I
j held on Thursday September 2d.
Xo instruments have been tiled with
the county recorder since August 2Gth.
T. G. Norris, of Flagstaff, has gone
'back home" to Arkansas to visit rela
tives. Kentucky sour mash whisky double
standard goods, and genuine Tennessee
white rye at the Cob Web.
J. R. Walker publishes a card with
drawing entirely as a candidate fcr
Teople troubled with summer ccm.
plaiut can find blackberry cordial at
Lincoln's drug store. Sure cure.
"The idea is abroad that Mr. Church
ill has fixed the slates for his party."
Courier. Ye the idea is abroad gone
to EurojH; probably.
The cheapest place in town to buy
clothing is J. W. Wilson ik Co's. County
warrants and jurors certificates takeu at
par. ,
Another rumor comes from the
south, that Geronimo and his band of
hostiles have surrendered to Captain
A Washington telegram says the
movement of the Chiricahua Indians
from this territory will commence in a
fe"w days.
Jas. M. Vandeburg has leased the
station recently kept by Barney Mar
tin at Antelope and went out tonlay to
take charge- of it. 1
The days of high prices in Trescott
have passed away. Drugs and patent
medicines are telling at New York
prices at Robinson's drug storo south
Montezuma, street. I
The public schools opened yesterday
with 123 pupils distributed as follows:
Mr. Gleasoa, 35 ; Miss Martin, 29 ; Mrs. j
Coluinber, 27 ; Miss Flagg, 32. !
The August roster oi troop-?, ?ering
in tiie department of Arizona is to
hand, and as usual is a credit to the
department printer, Chas. Allabach.
Demitrio N'abaro, charged with assault
with to intent to kill C. P. Stanton was
brought before Judge McGrew ca a
writ of habeas corpus yesterday and
discharged from cststody.
J. W. Wilsnfc Co. have just received
samples for their fall clothing and are
prepared to take orders tor suits now
at reasonable prices, to be made to
order. Give them a call.
Freight rates have been materially
reduced on the Atlantic and Pacific
The call for a republican mass meet
ing, by an error in yesterday's issue, was
made to read "Tuesday, September 2d."
It should have read Thursday, Septem
Mrs. Reed, wife of Harry Reed, editor
of the Apache County Critic, died on
Monday night of last week after an ill
ness of only five hours.
Some of the most brilliant lights of
democracy will be compelled to skir
mish for proxies if they get into the
convention, and they caaaot well be
snared from that body.
Climax, Horse Head, Red Cross,
Vanitv Fair, Queen Bee, Durham,
Fruit and Flowers, Loae Jack, Perique,
Seal of Alabama, sweet Caporal and J.
B. Pace brands bi tobacco, cigars,
fruits and confectionery at G. W.
Ford's cicar store.
The republican convention of Mari
copa county met in i nenix on r-aiui-dav
and nominated the following ticket :
James Sanson, for sheriff; E. B. Kirk-
land, treasurer; H. L. Wharton, recor
der; F. L. Brill, and . Rood, supervi
sors ; C. Eschman. coroner and public
A half, mile singe dash, race came off
this afternoon, at the race track, be
tween Murphy brothers' horse and
Joseph Melvin's brown pacer for $100 a
side. It was easily won by the former,
no official time being taken.
The Champion, the great family and
moral newspaper of Northern Arizona
seems to have aroused the ire on the part
of a thing printed ia Prescott, common
ly known astheZulickand Farish organ,
and miscalled the Prescott Courier. On
our bended kaees we ask pardon for any
offense done to the Czars of Arizona.
Cnaeervbarj- Silvery.
When ever you feel an uneasiness of
the heart, a slight pain in the shoulder
arm, or under the shoulder-blade, or
whea you find yourself short of breath
when exercising, or your heart has
periods of beating fast, you have .heart
disease, and should take Db.FXvt's
Heakt Remedy. At druggists -?1.50.
Descriptive treatise with each bottle; or
addin J. J. ilack & Co., S. F.
The announcement of W. O. O'Xoil,
as a candidate for probate judgo appears
in this issue. Mr. O'Xeil is editor of
the Hoof and Horn and with the candor
usually characteristic of editors he
admits that the office has not It-en on a
wild chase after him but he is seeking
the office for what there is in it. He
has been admitted to the practice of Lw
in two orthreestates and territories, has
lived a number of years in this territory
and is qualified in every respect to till
the office.
"The Future," is the name of a paper
just received, published at Richland,
Kansas. It Ls edited by C.C. Blake, and
its special mission is to foretell the
"coming weather through astronomical
mathematics." In the number, at hand,
one column is devoted to predictions
for September, while the weather for the
next succeeding six months occupies
two columns. He has figured up a
very cold winter commencing Decem
ber 0tli. and l.istinsr until Auril 1st.
The paper is published on the 1st. cf j
every mouth. j
The following ironi the Phenix :
Gazette will furnish a good hint to
carp raisers in this comity: "Rev. Mr.
Melton, who is living on Mr. Conelly's .
..1 ,i rtfi mi... ff ..- ln .lift ifr.T
over alfalfa into the fish pond, the fish
ate the flowers and next morning there
was about 150 German carp dead and
floating on the surface of the pond,
besides all the river fish in the pond
were dead, all having bloated. Let all
persoa3 who have fish ponds bsware of
alfalfa bloat"
081ira53 LOCALS.
MucuScibre-i bj th Fitrcou Boltllng
Work is jot tLt tbiDg to prtTect tiie
suram-r compta-a. lies! t by and paUta
b!e. For le at ali saloon, r&m'l.cs
applied. 'i
We arc offering an elegant line of
ladies underwear at cost, and the very
latest designs in nee'k ruchings. Call
tad see our bargains cvea if you do uot
want to bur.
Of best make and superior tone, well
casoned and adapted to this climate,
for sale on oa terms by
Geo. H. Occur.
To all who are suffering' from the
errors and indiscretions of youth.nervous
weakness, early decay loss of manhood,
etc., I well send vou a recipe that will
cure FREE OF CHARGE. This great
remedy was discovered by a missionary
in South America. Send a self-addressed
envelope to the Rev. JoSBrn T. Ivman,
station D. ew ork.
Verrons Dabiliutd Mea
You are allowed a free trial of thirty
davs or the use of Dr. Dye's Celebrated
Voltaic Belt with electric suspensory
appliances for the speedy relief and per
manent cure of nervous debility loss of
vitality and manhood and all kindred
troubles. Also for other diseases.
Complete restoration to health, vigor
and manhood guaranteed. No risk
incurred. Illustrated pamphlet, with
full information, terms etc., mailed free
bv addressing Voltaic Belt Company
Marshall, Michigan.
A light bay gelding three years old
branded "C"oa left hip low down. Any
information which may lead to his
recovery will be iuitably rewarded by
Lakhy Haxses. "
Stoddard Arizona.
Ely's Cream Balm cured me cf Catar
rah of many years standing restored
my sence of smelL For colds in the
head it works like magic E. II. Sher
wood, National State Bank, Elizabeth,
N. J. Eesv to use. See adv.
I can safely recommend Ely's Cream
Balm for the "cure Catarrah, Cold in the
Head, etc. Before I have used tne lot
tie 1 purchased I find myself cured. At
times I could scarcely smell anything
and had a headache most of the time.
Henry Lilly, Agent for the American
Express Ct., Grand Haven Mich. Price
50 ccats.
Jack-of-all-trades runs a dump cart
for the cleaning of yards and alley ways
Send orders by mail. tf
Xatl:eT Krttlr.
The udcrsigned being compelled, on
account of ill health, to retire from busi
ness, for a short time, at least, all par
ties indebted to him are requested to
call at once and settle their accounts
or they will be placed in the hands
of an attorney for collection tf
I. P. Inckeeso:.
J. G. Kecgan, a first-class blacksmith
will, from the first of September, be in
charge of I. P. Ingwerson's blacksmith
and wagon shop, corner of Goodwin and
Granite streets. Mr. Keegaa solicits a
continuance of the patronage of old cus
tomers, and all new ones w-ho may sec
fit to give him a trial.
Prescott. August 2S. 1S3G. ti
TwtCir bill
Of choice, extra family, Frenso Sour
just received by
J. L. Fishes.
Notice to the Public
Notice it lerebr ctven to ill whoa It nsy
coccrta, tilt By wife. Ilecrielta Bowea, h-T-ins
left ay bed and Do) 4 wi'Loul just
ciase or provocation, I t-il! set tto retpec
line for say Jebu she kt contr-t-
Pmeott, aur.24, 16.
I he-cb; aanouace ayU as s csrifMdite for
tte oSce of Joint louncIirnsa fur tbe coun
ties of YiTiMi, Maricopa, Apcb, Tuns sad
MohiTc, subject to tbe endorsement of tbe
Kcfiubllcia Territorial Co ventios.
Moasve County.
Thereby accotisee orteJf ss candidate fcr
Probs'e Judge cf Tsrapsi caacty subject to
11-e fccUan of the Kesuclicia Convection.
Clmseos oi Yavsssi county: I Itce to s
sonnce ttsat nv r.int will be presented to
the next republican convention for re-nun-instioa.
beHsrioc :hu my ierrices as dStrict
attorney can b; ratde tnare b.-ne&:lal in th
proper and efficient dlcaarfe of duty br the
experUaca o( twa years fa tr9 past. Ta'iolt
taf aU friaa it far past kindness.
L.F.10&EK3. .
Wednesday's Edition,
. In a few days now Gcronimo will
J. W. Wilson ha moved to the north
side of the plaza.
Pr. G. I). Kenpall will arrive from his
visit to California this evening.
Guilt .ml Hathaway rejKirta fifteen
miles of track of otir railroad laid.
Mr. Van Allen, ..f West Prescott, we
arc sorry to state is seriously ill.
Judge Hawkins turned m $S3 7o to
day, fees received during the month of
The territorial democratic convention
will meet in Tueeon next Monday, Sep
tember Gth.
Our recently mild contemporary was
afllicatcd this morning with another
severe attack of the Churchill epizootic.
A hors-j belonging to James McCrum
was struck by lightening and killed on
Monday afternoon about three miles
out of town.
The Lion store has a large number cf
children and bovs' echool'suiis they are
bound to sell them and will meet inside
Williamson Valley democrats in
structed their" delegates to their county
convention to vote for W. J. Mulvenon.
for Shpriff; F. J. Cook, Treasurer: Ed.
Home Recorder; J. C. Hemdon, District
Attorney ; J. J. Hawkins, Probate Judge.
Complaint is made of the malicious
shooting of 'took near Prescott- A
horse belonging to John Stephen?, wa?
recentlv shot in the side with fine shot
and a steer wa; shot m the head but
not fataly.
It is stated that the Warm Springs
and the Apaches will be sent tempora
rilly to Fort Union,New Mexico, to wait
final decision by the Washing ton autho
rities. .
A gentleman named "Vindcx"
editing the Courier at pre.-ent. He
furnishes its readers this morning
with a two column article of extracts
from a congressional committee report.
The Albuquerque Journal says that
"engine No. 1. the, first engine for tbe
Prescott fc Arizona Central railroad
passed west this morning over the At
lantic i Pacifiie. roid. It is a hcanty,
and its arrival i an assurance that
before munv moons th; road will be
Chew "Piper Heidseek" and "Tokay."
Smoke "Aitkens Best," Star-go," "Silk
Tie" and "M. E." cigars. 'Sportmans"
"Cacral." "Full Dress," cigarettes and
various other brand- of cigars and cigar
ettes at Aitken's.
Dr. F. IC Ainswor'.h will leave on
Thursday, September 21, for Riverside
California, wh?r? ht will in the future
reside and where he has formed a co-partn?r-htp
with Dr. WJill, one of the
leading physicians of southern California.
During a protracted residence in Pres
cott the doctor has be?n on of its most
enterprising citizens while he has Lvcn
devote-d to his profession, he has also
found time to take part in the leading
business of thi day. He was for years
physician to tH-j St. Joseph's hospital
in thi3 city, served one term in the
l.-gislative council from this county,
and one from the northern district
composed o: Yavapai, Mohave, Apache,
Yuma, and Maricopa counties, also
biing president oi that body during
the bst session. He leaves a large and
lucrative practice in Prescott, and white
regretting his departure his many
friends will wish him success ia his
new field of labor.
itrpiibCr lu 23 21cet!r.z
At the request of many republicans
a mass meeting of republican citiiens
of thi- precinct is called to meet at the
court house on Thursday cvening,5ept 2d
at S o'clock, for the purpose of selecting
candidates for delegates to be voted for
at the primary election, to be held on
Saturday September 4th. A full atten
dance of members of the party is
earnestly requested. td
I'utjiltstion ortlir llrnrf
Persons who suffer irom accasional
palpitation of the heart are often un
aware that they are the victims of heart
disease, aud are liable to die without
warning. They should banish this
alarming symptom and cure the disease
by using Ds Flint's: Heart Remedy.
At all druggists, or J. J. Mack & Co., 0
and 11 Front tt,, S. F.
Itu-a'tiri t'lTi unity.
Wanted. A reliable enterprising
man with good business qualities, with
small capital, to open a branch store, in
safe and profitable business in Prescott.
Address "Business" JouEy.iL-Mi.VE
California flour at J. L. FisherV.
J. L. Fishor has on the road a l"t of
Mason jars for preserves.
Pocket stoves 7.1 cents each at J. L.
Crvstalired fruits 2j cents pc tox at
j. L. Fisher's.
Smoked Etls and Lamb Tongues,
just received by J. L. Fisher.
Carpets and Oil Cloth, cants per
yard and upward at J. L. Fiiht-r'i.
Fresh Butter, Eggs and Cheese from
the ranch at J. L. Fisher's.
TIancing lamps, glass ware and chan
deliers best and cheapest at J. L.
Gold dust, bullion, county and city
warrants taken in excliange for
goods at J. L. Fisher's
K-EEGAN In Prescott August 2S,
tothe wife of J.C.K cegan, a son.
The dance given by the Prescott
social club last evening was a very
pleasant social affair, and for the first
time in tho experience cf dancers, the
ladles were in excess of the gentlemen.
ALLEN. Oa the 21st. of August 1533
Stanley, the Infant soa of John and
Julia Allen, of Cherry creek, aged
11 months.
I'aadKair rr Proaale Jaagr.
W.O.O'Xeil. editor of Hoof and Hm,
hits planted the following announce
ment in tbe Flagstaff Champion -. To
the electors, of Yavapai county.
Gentlemen : Believing that candor
is as commendable in a -olitiral candi
date as in any other individual, I desire
to call your attcution to a few facts
concerning my candidacy for the pro
bate judgeship of your county, subject
to the action f the Republican County
Convention. A residence of Arizona
for nearly ten yeare not because I was
forced to come here or Licked the mean
of leaving I have during that period
fully realized the fact that men are
elected to public office in Arizona, not
so much on account of their jiossess
ing pre-eminent qualifications, as a
liberal endowment of that ,alnable
artiele commonly called "gall" and
having by a long connection with the
territorial press gathered more of that
commodity than anything else, 1 have
concluded to shy my "caster into the
political aren v" to realize ecmething oa
it. I do so entirely on my own respon
sibility. No "anxious public," tho ' so-
licitation oi many friends" nor "th"
wishes of many prominent citizens,"
have made th: slightest effort to "bluff '
:ne into doing it. To hi frank, it
is not .a case wh-re the office is
wearing itselt out hunting for a man :
not much. Here it is the man wearing
himself out hunting the office, and
rustling like sheol to get it, for the sim
ple rea-on that it is a soft berth with a
salarjof 2,0K) per annum attached.
While in the way of special qualifica
tion', I have no advantage over seventy
five icr cent, of my fellow citizens in
the county, yet I believe I am fully
competent to discharge all the duties
incident to the office in an efficient man
ner if elected. If you coincide in this
opinion, supjvort me, if yon see fit. If
you do not, you will by no mean- jeop
ardize the safety of the universe by
defeating me.
Yours fraternally,
0. O'Neiu
The Star says that the gra-s thirteen
miles south of Tucson is on an average
of IS inches high, and two months ago
the land there wa-s jwrfectly barren and
no sign of vegetation whatever.
Prepared with strict regird to Pcrtty.StrOEth, 2d
Heaitbiulneta. Dr. to Ice Lai-::;hinl-rri.uLiiir:
COA05ia.LJjacorAIai3. llr. tricc EiUilic,
Vr-'-i Lcacs. Oroage, etc liver deiidacjij-.
f J5.XT CJM13 rC.rJCI CO, a SL LUX.
$250 REWARd
Prescott, A. T.,
August 11, 1SSG.
A reward of two hundred and
fifty dollar3 is offered by the
County ot Yavapai, Territory of
Arizona, for the arrest and con
viction of each and every one
of the murderers of BAKXET
MARTIN and Family, at
Negro Wells, Maricopa Co.,
about three weeks ago.
W. J. Mclyeno:.'.
Livery and Feed
Sontheast corner o Piaza.
First Class Rigs to be
Had at ali times.
Private conveyances to all points
in Yavapai county.
For all Kinds cf Dnnks, CigJrs, Etc
Gailcy Street,ncxt to fOStorEce, formerly
Arirona Brewery Saloon.
Ths Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars in
tie market always on hand.
Besr cn Draught cr by the Sufiis-
Send us Your Address for a Oopy of Our
s vb. tfrSi fe-
Complete Fpilee List of
Dry and Fancy Goods, ' V
Clothing, Hats, Boots,
Shoes, Trunks, Etcs
Nos. 529, S31, S33 and
R. H. Bceiiister.
I. . liliff tttt 0.
New FIpih.
New GoodiSo
And Mew Prices.
Having made a change in our firm, we take this
method of informing our old patrons and our new
and the Publio GeaeTaiiV, at we shall
continne to keen as heretofore a full line oi
Of the Best Quality at tiie
Lowest Market Prices
REMEMBER! cm not
Call and satisfy
W. C.
If You are Ready to Receive,
We are Prepared to Give You.
Railroad prices to correspond with the new era of Affairs. We
have marked down our immense stock of
Furnishing Goods,
Hats, Boots, Shoes,
At a great many degrees belorv competition. Wo want yotur
trade and
$1 in cash will give you. a pair of 'Levy Slrausa'
best Kivited Overalls.
$1.25 will buv a good scarlet or grev flannel undershirt.
$1.25 will buy a pasr
$3.50 will buv a good
$1 will buy a good grey or black Sarony Hat worth,
$3, and ali other goods in proportion.
Give us a Call and be Convinced,
The JLion Store,
1 BEOS 6 0.-
S35 K St. and 102C Ninth St,
Sacramento California.
W. C. Bashfow.
and will not be UNDERSOLD!
yourselves that tve
of scarlet or grey flannel
double sole uair of boot.
; l lit
ca hi rtura.

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