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Highest of all in Leavening Power. latest U. S. Gov't Report
Wednesday's Daily.
B. B. B. C.
T. E. Farisb of Vulture is in town.
Contractor O'Connor was in town
M. Fugli loft for bis Minnehaha
home to-day.
Charles Donaldson came in from
Lynx Creek yesterday.
Hugh McCruni returned last
evening from his visit to California.
F. G. Parker has taken the con
tract for tbo repair of C. A. Dako's
Pete Collott now has the oniy
stage line to Joroino. Oflico at J .
P. Dillon's.
A "Y" has been graded just this
side of the summit on tbo 6. F., P.
& P. railroad.
Mr. aud Mrs. W. S. Goldsworthy
have moved mto one of tbo Dwyer
dwelling houses.
W. W. Ross is quite sick to-day
with an attack of pneumonia. He
was taken suddenly ill last evening
with a chill.
J. H. Breed the jolly merchant of
Winslow came in on last evening's
t he 13th legislature.
me reporter made a very serious i
mistake yesterday in reporting the ! father.
mercury 19 degrees below zero. It The
s noma have read ly above.
Thursday's Daily.
Mrs. J. P. Dillon has gono to San
John Lawlor returned from Cali
fornia last evening.
F. M. Ayer, tho cattle buyer, came
in on last evening's train.
Cigaretto smoking by boys should
bo suppressed if possible.
John Frieud has purchased Chas.
Bidiugor's Palace barbor shop.
Invitations aro out for a fancy
dress part at Whipplo to-morrow
Tho Gazette has at last endorsoil
one aepartmout oi tho territorial
iur. ana jits. u. jjovv have gone
to uaiuornia to visit Inenus aiu;
the Mid-winter Fair.
February will have throe holidays
Arbor day, St. Valentino's day. aik:
Washington s birthua-.
"Sport" Boyle, an old railroad
man, went to work to-day for tho
S. F. P. & P. railroad.
Harris Baldwin and Col. J. F.
Wilson returned last evening from
att euding eourt in Phenix.
Lieut. Lovoridgo, of Whipplo left
for Rochester, Now York this mom
iusr on account of tie illness of his
Workmen are still engaged on the
Jerome tramway. The Link and
Belt company still has hopes of bo-
; . . i. : i l.
B. M. Goldwator will take an in
terest in the Goldwater firm to
morrow, and it will huroaftor bo
known as M. Goldwater & Bros.
Gus Barth, a railroad man from
yesterday, for a visit to his sister,
Mrs. W. S. Goldswortlrv. Ho may
remain here permanently.
The telegraphic report of Charles
W. Leach's death says that the sup
position is that on retiring ho turned
the gas valvo too far, permitting tho
escape of the deadly ga.
The first lot of the new shipment
of bridge timbers for th S. F. P. &
P. railroad arrived to-day from Ro
dondo. The carpenters have been
making use of the timb rs left over
from last spring's shipment, in tho
bridges thus far built.
Rev. Alexander Gilmoro, formerly
stationed as chaplain at Whipple,
died suddenly last Sundaj, Jauuarv'
2S, at his home in New Jersey, at
the ripe old age of 82 years. He
was the father of A. C. Gilmoro of
Dr. Clark, of Bisbee, is having his
examination in Tombstone on a
charge of bigamy. His two wives
are present at the exaininafiou, but
neither of them seem inclined to
give any testimony against their
Jocrnal-Minek believes in
homo industries all tho
A Peculiar Kxpericnce.
About ten years ago my health
became impaired, aim rheumatism
set in. Mv suffering was intense,
but Hibbard's Kheumatic Syrup
tin a ml inrnri ma fkwi hridr r r mi
matism, regulated my kidneys and
liver, and benefited my whole
system. B. W. Rockwell, Jackson,
Mich. Any statement made by B.
W. Rockwell can bo relied upon.
W. D. Thompson, Pres., Jackson city
bank. For sale by W. W. Ross at
Corner Drug Store.
James Blanch started in tho other
day to shoot up the little town of
Ash Fork in true western style.
He went into one of tho saloons of
the place, and the occupants of it
immediately vacated, leaving him
in full possession. Deputy sheriff
Con Cleary put in an appearance
and arrested him, and Justice Phil
ips gave him ninety days in jail in
lieu of $90. Deputy Cleary brought
him in last evening.
An exchange puts it in this way,
and puts it correctly, too: "Wo
wouldn't trust a man near a hen
house who would order a newspa
per stopped through tho postmas
ter when ho is in arrears. It is a
cowardly way of refusing to pay an
honest debt. Yet, there's lots of
people m this world that aro just
that dishonest. Aud tho biggest
part of this sort of people are not
the poorer ones either, but those
amply able to pay if they only pos
sessed tho desire of paying."
Rov. C J. Chase, a few days ago.
receiyed a very old and rare book
from a relative in Boston. It con
sists of two sermons, one of which
was preached before the King, at
Windsor Castle, August 15. 1G75, by
Richard Meggott, D. D. Tho other
was preached before tho Queen, at
White Hall, February 15, 1690, by
Henry Dove, D. D. The sermons
wer printed by the special com
mand of the Kingand Queou. Tho
former was printed in 1675, and the
latter in 1691, or a little over 200
years ago.
Dr. Lyster, of Detroit, Michigan,
one of tho most prominent physi
cians in the country is stopping &t
"Whipple, tho guest of Lieut, and
Mrs. Guravits. In addition to at
tending to an extensive practice,
Dr. Lyster is a professor in tho
Detroit Medical college and tho
work has been telling rather serious
ly on his health, and he is taking a
vacation to recuperate. After spend
a week or so, enjoying the match
less climate of Arizona Dr. Lyster
will go to Southern California.
Divine services will be held Sun
day at tho M. E. Church as follows:
Preaching at 11 a. m. Sunday i
school immediately after sermon.
At 7:30 p. m. the first sermon of a
series on Dives and Lazarus will be
given. Subject "Is There a Hell,
as Represented m this Parable?"
The Epworth League meets in the
Church parlor at 6:30 p. m. Pastor
and people cordially invito all to
come and worship with us. Let
each tarry a fow moments after ser
vices that wo may shako hands and
get acquainted. C. J. Chase, Pas
tor. For Over Fifty Team
Mrs. WixsLow's Soothixo 8TK0P lias been owd
lor children toothing. It soothes the child, eoft
ens the game, allays all pain, enros .wind colic,
and is Uie lxst lemedj- for diarrhoea. Twenty
ate cents a bottle. inwl
time, oven at an increased cost over
foreign articles.
Tho examination of Constable
Miller was concluded this afternoon
and ho was hold uudor $2,000 bouds
to appear beforo the grand jury.
The Electric Light company
swung a sample arc light across tho
intersection of Gurley aud Cortez
streets last night, illuminating the
north east corner of the plaza.
A construction train was placed
on tho S. F., P. & P. railroad to-day
and track-laying will bo vigorously
pushed now. Tho boarding tram
was moved to-day four miles out of
General and Mrs. T. J. Butler will
leave on Saturday for Los Angeles,
for tho benefit of tho lattor's health.
Mrs. Butler will remain there for
some time, while the general will
return in a few days.
W. C. Foster writes that the ap
pointment of a receiver for tho
Prescott land oflico will be left en
tirely to President Cleveland, ow
ing to tho charges and counter
charges against
the position.
The Santa Ana correspondent of
the Los Angoles Times says that a
now orchestra has been organized
in that city with tho following well
known musicians as members: J. D.
Loppentiuo of Orange, first violin;
J. E. Weust, violin; Louis Router,
violoncello; H. Hoim, elaronot; F.
D. Leonard, cornet; Ludwig
Thomas, Piano. Tho now organi
zation will be known as tho Thomas
One of tho most curious forms of
advertising of recent date is that
put forth by the Rock Island Rail
road, which has installed an officer
on its executive staff known as rain-maker-iu-chief.
This man claims to
be ablo to produce rain on a fow
hours' notice, aud tho company has
hired him to keep tho towns and
cities along its road thoroughlj sup
plied with showers. So far, his
efforts have been very successful,
aud the railroad is enjoying a boom
and is turning rival companies
greon with envy.
applicants for
Friday's Daily.
A. A. Moore is in town.
Dr. Meyers roturnod yostorday
from Jeromo.
To-day is Arbor day, and by law
a legal holiday.
W. W. Ross' condition was consid
erably improved today.
Mrs. R. N. Frodoricks roturnod
to-day from hor visit to San Fran
Sovoral bridge carpoutors and
track layers camo in to-day to work
on tho b. J? . P. fc P. railway.
Tho echoes of tho stoam whistlo
of tho locomotive now royorbrrato
through Willow Crook valloy.
Mr. Smith, who runs tho boarding
car for tho bridgo force aud track
layors, says ho has ovor 200 guests
A lady drummer struck Tucson
tho othor day. Hor name was Win
ter and sho was "drumming" for a
spico firm.
Frank D. Myers, formerly of tho
Bon Ton barbor shop, to-day opoued
tho Palaco, formerly owuod by
Charles Bidinger.
James Butler, Prescott Arizona.
Mexican war volorau is among tho
list of thoso whoso pensions havo
been increased.
That alloged lottor fromEvaus to
tho Examiuor, was no doubt a fako
and probably written at a reporter's
desk in San Fraucisco.
A deed has boon filed for record
from R. Jonos to C. B. Coulson for
tho west half of tho Hutchinson
ranch in the Vordo valley.
J. D. Carter, formerly connected
with tho S. F. P. & P. railway, has
taken a position as private secretary
to John Lawler, tho capitalist.
Fifty one car loads of steel rails
or enough to lay ten miles of track
havo been shipped from tho Puob.o
mills aud will commence to arrive
S. F. Meiniiro, Jeromo, and Sig
Simon, San Francisco, aro among
tho prominent men whoso namrs
appear on tho reirister of Hotel
I-Ii gb.es fc
Honors World's DFair,
mm m& m mm
m m it, mm
u-rnibc o
U Powder
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. -No Ammonia; No Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years Hie Standard-
Saturday's Daily.
J. C. Ha radon is sick.
John S. Jouos of Chaparral, is in
Con Cleary, of Ash Fofk, has beon
appointed a deputy assossor.
Judgo Hawkins is expected home
this evening or to-morrow.
Ed. M. Blako roturnd to-day
from his trip to California.
Fivo thousand tons of ico havo
boon harvested at Bollotnont.
A Congress man claims to havo
discovered a mad stone which ho
offers to soli.
James M. Bakor has deeded lots
9 and 11, block 1, Projcott, to S. F.
Bakor, for $500.
Mrs. Akors, mother of C. H. and
J. W. Akors, colobratod hor 71th
birthday yesterday.
Sheriff Lowrv will commence
making his annual assessment of
property an Monday, February 5.
Tho mercury dropped to within
oight dogreos of zero this morning
in tho thermometer at hippie.
Mrs. Winn, a charming youncr
ady of San Frnnciso, arrived on
yestorday's train, for a visit to Mis.
tx. A. Swan.
C. H. Jones, of San Fraucisco and
Charles Dormitzor. of Spokane, the
latter representing tho popular An-
heuser Busoh como3iiv. aro in town
aud staying at tho Winsor.
Tho "one lunged doctor from
Ohio" of tho Phenix Gazette, of a
few mouths ago, who took charge
of tho insane asvlum, has now de
veloped into a splendid official.
A prisoner who escaped from tho
Maricopa countv jail last summer
was arrested at Jerome recently aud
sent down to Phouix to spend the
winter months, preparatorv to a so
journ m 1 uma.
If Yavapai County could afford to
lave about two more "write ups
equal to that which .-.ppeared in tho
Examiner recontly sho would havo
to enlarge hor boundary to accom
modate the influx of immigration.
Arnundio Carrion was soriously
cut about tho throat aud back last
night, out in ouo of tho grading
camps, by a lellow Mexicau. J
was brought to tho hospital to-day.
Coles A. Bashford returned yos
torday from his ranch where ho has
just rounded up a train load of
steers for shipment to Kansas City.
They will be shipped from Del
Rio next Tuesday.
James R. Shirley, vice-president,
and acting president of tho Hen
rietta Mining company wout out
1 his morning with a surveyor to
survey a town site at tho Dividend
O. C. Thompson, a first-class
draughtsman, formorly counected
with tho S. P., P. & P. railway, ro
turnod last oveniug from tho oast,
to take his old position in tho engi
neers ofucft oi the above road.
Father Badilla is building a
orvoir on his ranch, about one milo
south of St. Johns. When com
pleted it will hold a lartro auautitv
Henry Kinsley, a prominent citi- of wator, and bo a groat benefit to
sDttiuisuunu luu rivur. ol. liullUB
8 lOO Keward SlOO.
Tho readers of this paper will Iks pirated to
learn that there is at leant one dreaded ditea
that science has beon able to enra in all itx
ita8, and that is Catarrh. HallV Catarrh Ouro
is Uie only positive enre known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh lieuur a constitutional din
ease, requires a constitutional treatment. HallV
Catarrh Cure in taken internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mncoan surfaced ofthexyc
tern thereby deHtrovinir the foundation of the
diKase, and Kivimr the patient btreniriu by build
ing up the constitution and agisting nature in
doing itH work. The proprietors havo m ranch
faith in itH curative powers, that they ofler One
Hundred Dollars for any cane Uiat it fails to enre.
Send for list of testiruouinls.
Address. F.J. CHliNEY x Co.. Toledo. O.
Jj&Sold by Druggists, 7&c.
To the Mld-wlntcr Fair.
The S. F., P. & P. havo now put
on sale a special round trip ticket
to San Francisco, which provides
for fivo admissions to tho Mid-winter
Fair grouuds. This ticket will bo
sold at $12.95. The holder of tho
ticket will bo allowed certain stop
over privilages and sido rides in
in California. For full information
call on, F. A. Healy, General Pas
senger Agent.
r sgS
ifr. D. if. Vtowliva
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that tho
firm of Campbell & Pillsburj-of tho
Prescott Steam Laundry, has beon
dissolved by mutual consent, by the
retiring of" M. Campbell. IS. D.
Pillsbury will continue tho business,
aud will pay all tho debts of the
Gnu and collect all bills due it.
M. Campbell,
E. D. Pillsbdky.
Prescott, Jau. 1, 1S91. lm
The Pioneer Insurance Agent, rep
resents tho strongest and most re
liable Firo Insurance Companies in
tho United States. Tho aggregate
assets over 10,000,000.
For Kent,
Rooms, with board if desirod. In
quire at J. E. Bones' Fruit Store.
50,000 IN PHIZES!
3fAlTizet eitihcate issued and num-i
liered in Uie same order as iiaid -iibscrin-1
...... .
Itions are received will be sent by rei irn
mail. If not fouud satiRfactorr-n-ti'-n it
I and money will bo refunded. Bend id M I
for a year s subscription at once and so-j
euro one i ine large prizes
353 Deaiibokn Street, Chicnco.
Prof. Alfred Walker, of tho Royal
Academy of Music, London, and
late of Cambridge, England, will,
with his family, soon arrive in Pres
cott, to practice his profession, in
cluding instruction on tho piano,
violin, and art of singing. Intend
ing pupils will do well to consult
him before engaging elsewhere.
Prescott reference Harry Brisley.
zen of Chicago came m on last oven
iujx's train for a visit to this section
of Arizona. Ho will accompany
Presidont Murphy on a trip over
tho now ffrade for tho S. P. P. & P.
Frank McQuilken was arrested
to-dav on a chargo of carrying con
coaled weapons. His examination
is sot for to-morrow at 10 o'clock
n his examination, on the charge
of shootinjr a soldier, it is alloged
that ho admitted tho act
Tho question now agitating the
mblic mind is, "Who will our next
mayor be?" Tho easiest solution of
tho question, aud one which will
rivo general satisfaction, is for
Mayor Fisher to withdraw his resig-
it -r T7,, , , it
uauou. jj.r. jnisner nas given me
city an oxcollent administration
Complaint is often hoard about
local papers not obtaining every
item of news which occur. Wonder
if it over occurred to these com
plainants that the fault frequontly
rests with citizens. Ihomostou
terorisiutr news cathoror in the
world can not bo ubiquitous, but
must depend upon others to impart
Tho S. P. Co. has published a
map and tho prospectus of the land
belonging to tho Crocker estate
situated at Merced. Tho opportu
nities offered to families to settle
there aro extremely favorable. Tho
land is choico and tho torms aro
liberal. It is one of tho pleasing
signs of tho times to seo largo cor
porations segregating their largo
holdings and holding out such in
ducements to settlors
B. M. Goldwator, junior member
of the firm of M. Goldwater &
Bros., will loavo for tho oast to-mor-J
row to purchase a stock of spring
goods lor his nrm. no nnnouncos
that ho proposes to purchase tho
largest stock over bought for the
Prescott market in anticipation of
a good trade. Mr. Goldwator pos
sesses excellent taste in tho selection
of troods and while ho is too modest
to say so, it can bo safoly asserted
that tho stock will bo tho finest and
most attractive ovor brought to
Prescott. Nothing that willpleaso
the fancy of the numerous patrons
of the firm will be omittod from the
A distinguished party is expected
to arnvo in 1 rescott tho latter part
of next week. They aro traveling
in a special train, tho guests of Col.
D. B. Robinson, of the Santa Fo
railroad compauy. Besides Col.
Robinson this party consists of
Marshall Field, tho millionaire mer
chant of Chicago; Robert T. Lin
coln, ex-secretary of war: N. K.
Fairbanks, tho millionaire packer
of Chicago, and Norman J. Ream, a
a capitalist of Chicago. Tho party
is duo in Phenix to-day, and after
an inspection of the baft nvor val
ley will go to southern California-
and return via Prescott. Their
visit is for tho purpose of looking
over the resources of tho territory,
and is very significant for its future.
Tho Examiner's "write up" of
Yavapai county's resources reminds
ono of tho humorous lecturer who
was billed to appear in a Kansas
town. Tho night was stormy, and
a lono individual turned out to hoar
tho lecture. When tho time camo
to commence the lecture, the
speaker aroso and addressing tho
snifflo auditor said: "As an indi-
I vidual aud a private citizen you aro
: no doubt a success but as an
i audience for a lecturer you aro an
i inglorious failure." So it is with
tho subjects of the three biograph- together with probably another in
ical sketches which comprise the voice or two of tho same kind during
greater portion of the Examiner's tho year. About tho same time
article. As private citizens and, as that this package was received by
oflico holders they aro all right but the Prescott office, packages, also
as drawing cards to attract - immi- supposed to contain stamps passed
gration or the investment oi capital through lor many of tho couutry
wo tear that they aro nor, a success, omces.
E had Typhoid Fever
Which left mo with torpid liver aud kidnoj
trouble. I was & great sufferer. I tok a
bottla of Hood's Sarsajicryia rnd was restored
Hood's5?.1 Cures
to health and pdned over four pounds In
weight. It U thi hen blood tmrifler." D. M.
FmxDEits, real islate nsctrt, I'or'.land, Oregon.
Hood's PIHo cura constipation. Tryabor.
Col. J. F. Wilson will loavo to
morrow for San Francisco for a visit
to his wife. During his absence ho
will attend thomeetingof I ho traus-
Mississippi Congress.
R. H. Brown, a civil engineer of
Salt Lake Utah aud C. H. Leo a civil
engineer of Prescott, ramekin to-
1 . t TBI 1 ---
nay irom tuo tsiacK mils where
thoy havo been ongaged for W. A.
Clark in making a survey for a
branch road to Jeromo.
Williams House arrivals: Chas.
H. Lee, Joromo: R. H. Brown, .hio.
Cloog, Guv Bennett, Juniper; Jno.
M. Cullom", J. C. Hall, Redlauds.
Cal.; S. J. Coovov, city; John As
tram. Verde; W. V. Cook, William
sou Valloy; Mrs. Yates, Chaparral.
A. G. Oliver turned S51.783.60
loose from tho county treasury last
month . Of this 3,923.71 wore paid
fos public schools; S9.3S2. 32, county
expenses; $4,318. 18 for roads; $23,
304.07 for interest, and S11.S25.00
wassout to Phenix to the territorial
A potiliou was filed, to-dav, iu tho
probate court, asking for an order
of sale of mining property belong-
to I he ostato of t ho lato S. A. David
son, and lor a correction of a former
petition andhoiriug for tho sale of
personal property bolongiug to tho
ostato. Hearing will bo had
March 5.
Tho track laying lorco of tho S.
F. P. &. P. has beon increased to
125 men while about forty or fifty
more are at work in tho material
yard. Tho force has been engaged
for sovoral days in surfacing up tho
tracK as lar as laid, but track laving
was resumed this afternoon again
and will bo pushed right along and
a separate force will bo employed
for surfacing.
Tho postoflico department at
Washington is working off its over
plus of Columbian stamps on tho
smaller postoffices of tho country.
A fow days ago Postmaster Archi
bald received a packago containing
60,000 two-cout stamps of this issue.
Tho postmaster had not even sent
an order for any stamps and a little
note accompanying tho shipment
gave him to understand that he
would be required to work these off
Mo.vdat's Daily.
H. Kiusloy loft yostorday.
City council muots to-night.
Tom Wing has closed tho Bollo
vuo Hotel.
Tho board of supervisors will
moot to-morrow.
A. J. Knoblock camo in Saturday
from Santa Maria.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Butler loft for
California yostorday.
There has boon a decidedly cold
wave on for throo or four days.
"Doublo Dosos for tho Dumps" at
tho M. E. ehtmh to-morrow ovou
iug. Mrs. Boblott was brought in from
Poiut of Rocks yostorday for medi
cal troatmout.
Last evening's pnsiuiigur traiu
brought in six or oight car loads of
freight from Ash Fork.
J. M. Aitkou and M. E. Morin
wont out to Chiuo j'estorday, on a
duck hunting expedition.
Chineso residents awakened tho
ochoes last night by a fustlado of
shooting, in honor of Chinoso Now
H. D. Ross writes that ho expects
to tako charge ol tho laud olhco
about February 15, or probably a
fow days soonor.
Diphtheria sooms to havo made
its appoarnnco again. Cho most
energetic measures should bo em
ployed to prevent its spread.
hen a man ronche-i that stage
in which his chief amnition is to
stand around a bar, waiting to be
asked to take a drink, his uselul-
uess is about gone.
Tho Best Remedy Wright's Para-
-it 1 t. .. r..
Kju xiurtuiicuo uuuiuuy. mops pain
in uvo miuutos. Harmless, taste
less, no ill effects. A positivo euro
lor headache aud neuralgia. Sold
at Ross' Corner Drug Store.
Captain Brown, of Wliipple, has
ono of tho most interesting coll
tion of Indian curiositms. mostly of
tho bioux, extant.. Iho captain put
in sever u rears of activo service
amougthis warliko tribo.
,r. M. Dodson vostonUr received
a Gno dressed 'iossum and a thirty-
pound cat fish, packed in ico, from
ivansas uuy. ana is now enjoying
tho luxury of high living.
It is reportod that some one fired
a shot at Anna Belle Stcpp, about
9:30 o'clock last night. Tho ball
pa.-sod uncomfortably close to hor
head. No cluo to tho would-be
Eightv-ono men arrived on tho
noon train yesterday, to work on
tho construction of tho S. F. P. &
P. R. R. Thov wore sent out this
afternoon to the various gradin
Toesdat's Dailt.
E. B. Gage returned on tho noon
irnm io-uay.
Tho Columbian stamp is on top
now m Prescott.
iho went hor moderated vorv con-
siuorably last night.
Supervisor Roach camo in yester
dav from Pino Flat.
Supervisor J. W. Smith returned
to-day from a visit to relatives in
B. B. Orapo. of Skull Valloy, is
quite sick with inflammatory rliou-matism.
I.F. Coppelof Tucson committed
suicide by shooting himsolf under
tho left oar.
Robert King, a barbor of Neodlos,
committed suicide last week, by
shooting himself.
Thomas Brown, of Hotol Winsor,
has boon sick for sovoral days, but
is convalescing now.
There is a talk of submitting tho
quostion of '"who shall bo chief of
police" to a vote of tho pooplo.
Quo of tho proprietors of tho
Noodles Eyo has opened an under
taking establishment at Needles.
Major Rowo camo iu from his min
ing cam i) to-dav to attond a ses
sion of tho board of supervisors.
Iho current expouses of Cochise
county for tho year 1893 wore $39,
315.45, as against $14,901.35 forl892.
It is understood that John Law
lor has . niado a proposition to tho
city council to build a jail for tho
city's uso.
Tho city council has as?nm in
structed tuo contractor for the ro-
E air of tho reservoir to complete
is work at once.
' -
. ci
Dr. Clark, the Bisboe bigamist,
has been released on bonds. Tho
doctor says ho thought his first
wifo was doad wheu he married
number 2.
James Shirley and Jules Bau
manu returned last evening from
tho JJividend mine, where they
wont to lay off a town site. Tho
town site embraces 160 acres, and
will bo platted by Mr. Baumann
It has not beon christonod yet.
It is hoped that a sDecial election
will bo called to give our citizens an
opportuuity to vote for a special
school tax to continue tho public
i . ii i a.
scnoois lor tne am torm oi nine
months. Tho tax required would
not exceed three mills.
Postmaster Foster, of Lubec, Mo.,
writes that aftor tho grip Hood's
Sarsaparilla brought him out of a
feeble, nervous condition, into com
plete strength and health. Hood's
Pills havo won high praise for their
prompt and emciont, yet easy action.
.A ,m ongl I OLut? Ch.oice IsTovelties
J" List JXJnoackedJ !we are Showing
Aja Eleg-ant1 Assortment lot JThe
Following- G-oods:
A train load, consisting oi seven
teen ears of cattle, was loaded at
Del Rio, to-dav, and shipped to
Kansas City. Coles A. Ba?hford,
b. P. Bohan Sua Clint Draper ac
companied tho shipment to its des
It was Josh Billings who said
"When a man commences to go
down bill, it do seem that every
thing is greased for tho occosiouJ
While to a certain extent this is
true, it is equally true that tho man
himself very ofton furnishes tho
Frank O'Brien aud his ostimable
bettor half arrived yesterday from
Donvor, and are guests of tho Win
sor.- Mr. O'Brien is ono of tho best
known and energetic mining menc
. t - . i ,
mo coast, ana is tuo recent pur
chaser oi tuo Zero miuo ou tho
A letter recoued last night from
Mrs". W. W. Ross stated that she
would loavo for Prescott to-morrow.
As sho was notified by telegraph
yesterday, of tho condition of her
husbaud. sho may probably leave
W. W. Ross' condition changed
for tho worse on Saturday night,
and ho was quito seriously ill yos
torday. He is reported as resting
somewhat oasior to-dav, but lias by
uo moans passed tho daugur lino yet
in his illness.
What is more disgusting aud re
pulsive to thoso who havo any re
gard for personal apporanco, thau
yellow and uucloau teeth, from
which proceeds that horribly offen
sive breath. Wiight's Myrrh Tooth
Soap prevents all this and gives
beautiful pearly white teeth. Sold
at Ross' Comer Drug Store.
Burke & Hickoy, on Saturday,
purchased tho fifty-foot lot just
south of thoir hotol from John
Lawlor and F. M. Ayer. for $8,000.
Tho lots, at present, contain a wood
en building occupied by Phil Kear
ney's saloon, J. P. Dillon's cigar and
fruit store, and J. F. Osenbarg's
harness shop. Tho now purchasors
intend to erect a brick addition to
thoir hoiol on tho lots, probably
tnis year.
Dr. Dutchor was called on Satur
day night to attend to tho sixteen-months-old
child of Mr. and Mrs.
Clint Taylor. Tho litjtlo ono was
suffering from a sore throat, tho
mother said, tho same as thoir othor
had a fow weeks ago, and which died
from tho offects of it.. As soon as
Dr. Dutchor examined its throat, ho
pronounced it a case of malignant
diphtheria. Tho child died soon
aftor Dr. Dutcher was called, aud
was buried this afternoon.
At last night's mooting of tho city
council the finance committee re
ported advorsolv ou the Examiner's
bill for $150 for tho Prescott write
up in its Midwinter Fair edition.
Tho contract made with tho Exam
iner was for the iusortion of matter
prepared by the city or approved by
tho mayor. Tho biographical
sketches and pictures inserted by
tho Examiner wore nover ovon sub
mitted to tho mayor, much less ap
proved of by him, henco tho finance
committee's report. Tho action will
certainly meet wiih tho approval of
taxpayers, as tho article-in quostion
contains nothing of a beneficial naj
turo to tho town.
- Imperial Austrian, German
and Hayiland China.
IntheLatesfc Decorations and Designs.
T.A. F'ine A.ssorfcmeirof QT, A RRW A Tt.TP,
3-Jiirdiuiers, Rose Jars'aud Vases.x
Beautiful Decorated Dinner and Tea Sets.
Handsome Decorated Table Lamps.
IPlairt and Decorated 3?orceiaiii Oh inn.
.Call and examine the above beautiful line and low prices
asked for thsin
"Wall Paper,
Ceiling Decorations
And Borders
Which we offer at 25 per cent, below formerjprices.
Wo call attention to our special prices in
The'best assortment Ladies, Misses and Children's Fine
French Kid, Dongola, Kongola, Pebble, Goat and Calf But
ton and Lace Shoes. When in need of Shoes do not fail to se
cure a pair from our large assortment. Men's specialties in
fine jmd heavy grades, all widths and sizes, ofjjthebestj inakesj.
Ladies' and CMldren'sinFine Al
Wool Underwear.
A choice assortment now open for your inspection, .'
Dry Groocls !
Men and Bo3T's Furnishing Geods and Underwear in f Choice
Lines. California Wool -Blankets, all GradesaDdjjColors,
Comforts in Endless Variety.
Tinware Hardware and
Miner's Snpplies
Funcjr Drens Party.
A laucy urcss party was givon
last ovomnff, at Whipple by Mrs
Lieut. Emory and Mrs Lieut. Travis,
which was attended by tho ladies
and officers of Whipplo and a largo
number of ladies and gentlemen
from Prescott. Mesdames Emery
ana l ravis proved themselves charm
ing hostesses as tho evening passed
off so pleasantly that tho hour for
departing arrived while tho enjoy
ment was still at its height- Music
was furnished by tho 11th Infantry
baud uudor tho directorship of Prof.
La Guardia and it is needless to add
that it was excellent as the music
furnished by Professor La Guardia
is alwa's that.
About midnight an elegant re
past was served which was by no
means tho least enjoyable loaturo
of the evening. There wero very
many beautiful and original cos
tumes, nmoii'' tho number tho Jonn-
xal-Minek noticed tho following:
ALrs. Ira vis, in black lace, adorned
with stars, represented Night.
Mrs. Lmorv, in white trimmed
with stars, Dawn.
Mrs. Do Russey, Greek costume.
Miss Atkinson, Shepherdess.
Mrs. Guravits, a Neapolitan fish
M rs. Evart, a lady of revolution
ary days.
Other ladies present from Whip
ple but who were not iu fancy cos
tumes wore Mrs. Major Bradford,
Airs. Captain Brown, Mrs. Lieut.
Russ aud Miss Russ.
Captain Buchanan was dressed in
old continental uniform.
Lieut. Emory sacrificed his mous
tache to represent a cadet and with
tho loss of that and dressed in a
cadet uuiform, his most intimate
frieuds scarcely recognized him.
Lieut. Iravis appeared as a Sioux
Lieut. Guravits, as a Neapolitan
Lieut. Williams, a cadet.
Tho following officers wore pres
ent in iulluress: (JolonHDoRussoy,
Lieut-Colonel Powell, Major Brad
ford, Captain Brown, Captain
K.fnrra I .inntnnnntii Kncu nnrl Vnnnn
Tho following wore present from htOVeS
Prescott infancy costumes:
Mrs. E. W. Wells, Tho Veiled
Miss Melon Wells, Grecian cos
Mrs. R. H. Burmister, Dresden
Mrs. Huso Richards. Ellen. Lady
of tho Lake.
Mrs. W. C. Bashford, loth Century
Mrs. C. A. Bashford, Night.
r- A r "n at :
Mrs. F. M. Murphy! Continental Of the. Celebrated Studebaker Bros Wagons and Buggies
i I WW
costume. r? Tr-.v,:i txt ij
Mrs. H. D. Aitkon. Soring v uijr cuiiau ainiuteu.
Mrs. J. C. Herndou, a Butterfly
Mrs. S.P. Behan, Empire costume.
Mrs. G.A. Swan, Gipsy girl.
Mrs. C. V. Culver, School girl.
Mrs. H. Goldwator, a Rose.
Mrs.H. E. Armitage, " Red Cross
Mrs. J. C. Martin, Spanish souo-
Miss Florence Gould, Milkmaid.
Miss Carrie Gould, Empire cos
Miss Prouty, fancy costumo.
H. E. Arraitajre, Capo Town.
t ?
xiinca, evouinff aress.
T. G. Barlow-Massicks, a Pirate.
H. A. Swan, Spanish cowboj.
R. B. Burmister. a Scottish High
A. C. Burmister, Continental cos
Frauk Emmal, Continental cos
F. T. Ellwood, a sailor costume.
Othor ladies and trentlemon ores-
ont from Prescott wore:
Judge and Mrs. J. H. Wrisht, Rev.
E. W. Meany, F. M. Murphy, Judge
E.W. Wells, Mr. aud Mrs. R. E.
Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Snider,
Mrs. W mu, Mr. aud Mrs. C. H. Akers,
Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Spaulding, W.
C, Bashford, Hugo Richards, R. H.
Burmister, S. P. Bohan, H. D. Ait
ken, H. T. Andrews, Mr. and Mrs.
It. C. Woodruff, Mr. aud Mrs. F. A.
Healy, G. A. Swan, A. G. Oliver, Ed.
Wright, Henry Goldwater, F. A.
Tritlo, Jr., Harry Tritle, N. Levy.
lanhoo Commandery moots to
Soldfon all Small Margins.
Staple and Fancy
Always Fresh and Cheap. Just received- another carload
Glidden's Superior Galvanized Barbed Wire
Corrugated Roofing, All Sizes.
of all descriptions always at tho LOWEST -MARKET PRICE.g-Jf
Pretty Babies,
Ugly Babies,
Laughing Babies,
Crying Babies. .
The Baby's Treasure. It must be
Seen to be appreciated. Will be
given as a premium for one dozen
Cabinet Photos of a Baby. This
is the best Baby Weather (photo
graphically speaking) that can bet
desired. If you wish your pict
ures finished before the holidays
please call without delay.

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