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Arizona weekly journal-miner. [volume] (Prescott, Ariz.) 1885-1903, August 04, 1897, Image 3

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lewsj Items FtomJOor Osa Ton an
Sarroniidlng Corailtj.
From Wodtio tUy's O.lly.
fw ? 1 It tt a 1 -y- - till! 1 f r ?Q I'
Ibis bo attributed to tho Cloudyko
M. A. and John Burns, of Cherry
creak, aro registered at tho Burko
Tho weathor is warm enough to
give one tho Cloudyko fovor, from a
climatic standpoint.
Anionp tho instruments filod for
record today is that of J. J. Hawk
ins as a notary public.
E. A. Bruck, a prominent paper
dealer of Los Angolos, is in town'on
his regular jaunt.
C. C. Fineout has deeded to .1. C.
Reynolds a one-third interest in tho
Hod Cloud mine in Pino Grove.
Duubar, of the Gazette, is upon
the railroad. Whonevor John gets
left, it is an icy day in. Thorns.
A "crap" game in. town has closed
evidently for want of prosperity.. It,
should have gone to the Clondyio.
Among tho passengers on this
morning's uorth bound train was
Stevens, tho Goldfiold minor, who
is en routo to Colorado.. Ho goes
to remain.
Governor Akors has issued a
requisition on tho govorhor or Now
Mexico for tho extradition of Deo
and Tilton Scott who am wanted at
Jerome on a charge of cattlo stoal
The Phoenis Herald says: "Mr.
Jerry Sullivan while driviug cattlo
from Glondalo "Sturdily was over
come by tho heat ami for a time ho
was in a sRrious. condition but to
day is much bi'Mor aud his recovery
will bo complete in a few days.
Yesterday is said to havo been
the hottest day Pnonix had over ex
perienced. It was 123. in tho shado,
and was. occasioned probably from
the fact that Governor MeCord was
en route to tho capital tit last, which
worked up tho olomouts to fever
In the district court today, tho
only proceedings had was iu the
caso of Jesse T- Jones vs. .John S.
Jones, whereby tho receiver, A. J.
Doran, tendered his resignation. On
motion. Jesse T. Jones was ap
pointed recoivorof the Little Jessio
Mining Co.
When an old timer to tho rays
of an Arizona sun is knocked out,
like Jorry Sullivan was tho other
day m Phoenix, it is about timu for
tho averago Hassayampcr to niako
up his mind ami go to 1 ho Cloudyko
for safety. But, then, Phenix was
always a warm town.
Governor Akors yesterday honor
ed a requisition from tho governor
of tho state of Sonora, Mexico, for
tho extradition of Martin f lores,
who is wanted there on a charge of
murder. Flores is iu custody at
Clifton and an airont of ttio Mosi
sn govoruiiiont left for there last
uight to osoort tho murderer back
to Mexico. Gazotte.
Tho momlMjrs of tho Good Temp
lar order who went to Proseott last
Monday night to attend th grand
lodge, returned about midnight last
night. Thoy wore met at ttio depot
by about twontv members of tho
local lodge. Thoy report having
had a most oujoyable trip and being
hospitably entertained at l'rosrott
Mrs. John C. Horndon ontortaiuod
a number of her friends at a delight
ful musicalo last ovcninir. I rom ton
to fifteen uuinlHrs woo rendered by
different membois present, which
wero enthusiastically received. Ex
cellent refreshments were served.
aftor which the guetj. departed to
dream of the charms niu.sie hath,
"to soothe the savago breast." Our.
musical critic beiug mil of town, wo
cannot enter upon au elaborate dis
couiso on tho various numbers given
From Thursday'! Daily-
H. J. Allen, or Jerome, caino in
on last evening's train.
J. C. Hemdon returned last evou
ing from his trip to Pinos Altos.
J. L. Fisher is said to bo seriously
ill, suffering with peritonitis.
Attorney Johnston has gone to
"Los Augelos to inhalo tho ocean
Dr. Walls has gone to Los Angolos
on a professional jaunt, and will bo
absent for a few days.
F. S. Burt, tho ouorgotio mining
man, leaves today for a business trip
to Colorado.
D. M. Riordan, well aud favorably
known to all Arizoilans, passed
through today to Phonix.
Barry Gold water came in yester
day from San Francisco and stop
pod over to get an overcoat before
going south.
District Attorney E. S Cl irk, of
Cocouino countr, who joined tho
crowd at Flagstaff to welcome Gov.
McCord, camo th rough to Proseott
on last evening's train.
E. S. Clark, who arrived yesterday
from Flagstaff, wont through the
gauutlet last night a- an Elk. He
returned to his home this morning
in fair order.
Rich Red
JUood is absolutely cweutial to health
11 la aocurcd caaily and naturally by
Ukiat Ilood'a Barsaparllla, but !a lm
jwwlbleto col it fromao-calIed"nerv
tonic' nnd oplatfl compounds, ab
mrdly advertised aa "blood purl
era." They have temporary, ileeptag
Meet, bnt do not CUBE. To have pure
L& cood health, take Ilood'a SirsnparJlla,
which haa flrat, last, and all the time,
been advertised as just what it is tho
best medicine for the blood ever pro
dnoed. Its success in curing Scrofula,
Bait Eheum, Rheumatisjs, Catarrh,
Dyspepsia, Kervoui Prostration and
That Tired Feeling, have made
aOns True Blood rurtflcr. Jill drucclts. gL
t . mil are purely vegetable, r-
Koyal makes the food pure,
whotesoae and delicious.
aaratV ntfH
Akiolutily Pure
Govornor McCord states that ho
will visit Prescott ofteu, and minglo
with our people, in order to seo aud
become bettor acquainted with tho
first town in Arizona. This is con
soling, iudeed. in view of tho fact
that tho lato Governor Franklin
didn't once, during his incumbency
of that omco, deem fresott of sum-
cient importruco to stop off and seo
tho beautiful mountain city, button
the other hand, soomod to bo de
sirous to jive it to us in tho neck, if
tho opportunity over arrivod. Wo
wolcome tho new governor.
The preparatory work of chang
ing tho division on the Santa Jo Pa-
citic lrom Williams to bougman is
going on aud tho old place is re
ported rathor lively. Twontv men
aro laying steol for now sido tracks
and building is iroiug on by tho
railroad and private parties. Solig
man gives eviaencooi being quite a
center soon, and attached to its fu
ture tho beliof exists that it is but a
question of timo whon tho S. F. P.
Hi P. will chantro their present lino
and follow the road bed of the old
P. & A. C. from Chino tin Bit; Chino.
Tho local officials howevor douy any
contemplated change.
E. C. Bartlott roturned yesterday
lrom a trip to almost every point in
tho uuiverso of interest, with tho
exception possibly of tho Kloudyko.
While in Europe Mr. Bartlott wit
nessed tho ovouts connected with
tho Queen's jubiloe, and says that it
was a magnificent aud imposing
scene. He has boon absent for
soveral months aud liko all Ari-
zonans comes back to tho Hassa-
vampa folds again contented and to
The eclipse today ol tho sun was
not up to tho expectations of what
was due. Probably tho arrival
of McCord iu Arizona had some
thing to do with it; it kept in sight,
and didu't hido its face in shamo as
sovoral auti-McCordites expected.
Superintendent Haunah, of tho
Goober mine, is in town today on
a -
There was an almost continuous
rain yesterday along the routo trav
eled by Govornor McCord from tho
timo ho roachod the territory till ho
arrivod in Pheuix. This is a good
omen for the territory.
Thoro aro a great many pretty
sauaro democrats in Prescott and
yesterday thoy showed thoir hands
in a loyal manner by going to tho
depot to welcomo the now govornor.
It has boon a long time since Pres
cott had tho pleasuro of welcoming
au exocutive and this little act of
courtesy is certainly ouo that echoes
reverently back that Arizona citi
zenship is yet loyal and gonerous to
tho highest.
George Morwin has written from
Seattle that ho would leavo for the
Klondyke this week. Among other
things ho says that thoro is no doubt
whatover but what it is the greatest
placor mining area over uncovered,
and that ho has seon euougn witn
his own eyes to convince him that it
ib a most desirable field to go to,
provided ouo has financial support
and physical endurance enough to
stand a long and hard seigo. He also
Bays that tho excitement is beyond
comprehending, and tuat women
aro more easily oxcitablo thau men.
Ho had to fight for passage on tho
stoamor, and expects to reach Daw
son by Sept 1.
Thos. Carroll, of the Verde, is in
town, and statos that whilo bis sec
tion is quiot, tho big crops coming
up give that section a lively outlook
for tho future.
Mrs. John Munds has gono to her
old homo on tho Vorda for a visit to
her mother.
Tn severing his connections with
tho Little Jessio Company, Mr.
-r ., , 1 Ml L I 1 -
uoran says mat no win cuuwuuu to
rosido m this section ana iouow uis
favorite avocation as a mining man.
This is certainly rood news, as Mr.
Doran is not only a good minor, but
also a very progressive citizen m
any ohaunol ho seous to worn.
At. Rock Butte, on tho local line.
over eighty men aro at work taking
out red sand stone, which is used in
th construction of tho big dam at
Soligman. Twouty cars a. day aro
shipped, and forty men aro at work
layiug it in position.
Tmi biff boilers aro lavintr at Jo-
n m
romo Junctiou for shipmeut to Je
rome, each being of 250 horso powor.
This makes eight ot these which
have boon roceived of lato and cive
ono but a faiut idea of tho macrni
tudo of the United Verdo in its me
chanical proportions.
Snonlrlnrr n f "Rnh Morrison's can
didacy several democratic papers
i , t i i i un
seam io navo a oau esse in ruuum
fl.nr tnnk into tho future
deliberations of the president in
cnlnptinrr officials, bv roitoratiou the
krv.w.., 1 f w .
chestnut argument about lightning
and whore it sometimes sinno. iu
this particular instance wo agreo
with them, but wo also want it un
derstood that the Morrisons aro
truo bluo republican magnets and
whenever any looso cuain ngnuuug
i : .,:.w. t i
to riinniniT nrfiiiuii ib is uuiul! lu uu
attracted to tho center of gravity
whouever any ono of their loyal
heads bobs tip. Paste this in your
hat and seo tho bolt hit two times
in tho samo placo.
Tho judicial quartz mill today
had its stamps hung up.
Tt. wan indeed a nloasure for the
Journal-Miner man to meet and
also greet Jerry bumvan on mo
street last evening and so soon after
his torriblo experience with tho hoat
at Phonix tho other day. But this
is vory common with tboso who got
curled up by old Sol, for as soon as
they got on tne uivmo ma wuuu
immodjatoly revives and liko awak
ening from a dream the affiictod got
onto thomsolves at once, Our ad-
vico to this gentlomon is that ho
may find a bettor summer climato in
tho skies somowhere, but on oarl.h
you cau't put your branding iron on
a bettor article than that dished up
iu Ptescott.
Two vory important mining dooda
of placer locations wore filed for
record today. Ono wa3 from W. W.
Vauderbilt, F. A. Tritle, Sr., J. W.
Wilnou, 1). A. Burke, M. J. Hickoy
aud W. A. Cline to S. E. Fuller for
thirl eon claims in San Domingo dis
trict. Tho other ono was from W.
W. Vandorbilt, J. W. Wilson. W. A.
Cline, D. A. Burke, M. J. Bickey, A.
P. and A. L. Smith for four claims
on Rich Hill, also to S. K. Fuller.
Tho consideration named iu each is
nominal, but thoir transfor is statod
to bo the boginning of an active
career. Thoy aro iu each instance
placor claims.
J. C. Martiu and daughtor, Misii
Edna, loft this morning for San
Francisco, whoro tho latter is to
onter Irving Institute Tho boss
goos to rickochot up and down tho
coast, in pleasuro, and business if
Japan gots too saucy, or tho Klou
dyko wants auy 11 assay ampere.
Billy Gwin, in chargo of tho Big
Bug railway survoy, was brought in
today from tho field, suffering with
typhoid fevor. Ho is at tho Moroy
hospital, West Prescott.
Carl Holtzschuo is confinod to his
bod, throatoned with typhoid fevor.
Makmed. Near Proseott, July. 23,
1S97, by Justice J. M. W. Moore, W.
T. Allrod to Mrs. Amolia Joyce.
&lr. Allred is 56 voars old, and his
mothor and father wero prosent at
his marriage.
Tho Scott boys, accused of steal
ing and butchoring ton head of cat
tlo bolouging to William Gray, on
mo veruo, win navo vuoir prelimin
ary hearing tomorrow at Jerome.
Tho tVltula Story
Of the wondorful cures by Hood'
Sarsaparilia is soon told, ft mako
the blood rich, pure and nourishing.
It cures scrofula, catarrh and rheu
Hood's Pills acl harmoniously
with Hood s Sarsaparilia. Cure al
livor ills. 2bc. 5
Official fucsMiife.of Medal Awarded
still lives in memory andohills ovon
iuu uruieai. xo nrieny recau nis
crime, it will bo remembered that af
ter boiug rojeetwd by a woman of the
town, and burning with an insane
frenzy he placed over two pounds of
giant powder uudor tho Cabinot
dii.ing room, mid in addition to
wounding two women, completely
demolished that structure. Tho os-
capo from death of these innoceut
pooplo was simply miraculous. To
oven intimato that he should recoivo
any clomonoy from tho law is
critniual, aud tho underhand moth
ods now beiuir adopted, if true.
should raiso a protest in indignatiou
and injustico that would bo an out
rago on the pooplo, not only in Pres
cott, but OYorywhoro in tho terri
From Mondxr's Dally.
Foreman Gardner of tho Pick aud
WORLD'S FAIR.CHICA60, 1893 lSlffiAfi 3SSX
to get tits naiid caught iu tuo samo,
1 ISSwa'iKWKfluJis nsJ
r$? gf ".QD niul hltli tnnking
CSpy arc uichnicd in the
Widlllr uiakiug or UUWS
yMfT oo?:"cr. Ttic jtrcpa
V3?' ' f thw ?ict lein-
f f""1 'lri' ' t .vcut
fji y ijw.i... .i million
jjT. nll t.".Mii.i.. ! homes.
contly introduced vitalized air
tho paiule-is extraction of teeth,
is tho latest invention known
doutistry and is absolutely painless
ana narmioss undor any aud all con
litions and does not ondangor tho
patients lifo. tf
From Friday's Dslly.
Shoriff Ruffuor returned
from his trip to tho coast.
Major J. af Watts has filed his
oath and bond as clork of the court.
Tho Miuiug Exchango is to hold
i . A
an important meeting tomorrow
Carl Holtzschuo was taken to the
Mercy hospital today, suffering with
typhoid fever.
Eugiueer Fishor submits a report
on tne water supply prouium lor
Prescott, which is published in this
issue. It is moist reading for theso
drv times.
Tho prosidont has nominated C.
S. Nichols to bo Iudian agent on tho
Colorado river.
Joff Shipp, of Santa Maria, was
iu town yesteruay, auu says inai.
whiJo tho thermometer ranges no
higher this summer than last, yet
the hoat is almost unendurable.
Tho Whipple signal sorvico report
shows that tho temperature has
boon as follows: July 25, 26, 27 and
2S, maximum, 92, 95, 97 and 93, ros-
poctivoly. Tho minimum was 50, 53,
55 and 59 on same days. Kainlall
on 2Sth, nino-touths of an inch.
Hotol Burko guosts today aro: M.
Robertson, San Francisco; E. S.
Thurston, Now York; N. C. Wobstor,
Jerome; C. A. Poak and M. T.
Cooper, Kansas City; J. Wright, St.
Louis; J. A. Ulark, .New xork, u. r.
Bennett, Juniper.
Among tho Winsor arrivals today
aro Jim Burson, Phenix; Mrs Z. L.
Gloason, Joroma; W. A. Kichardson,
Vrde: H. H. Helm, Wickonburg;
D. C. and H. L. Thome, Santa Maria,
and W. F. Wilbur, Verdo.
Among tho documonts filod for
record today are five deeds as fol
lows: Sam Foran to Mrs. Foran, the
Jim Crow mine for $1. W. A. and
W. T. Rowe to Sam t oran, a one
half interost in the Jim Crow mime,
for SI. G. W. Hull to A. B. Rogers,
throo lots in Joromo, for $150. J. W.
Pemberton to E. W. Johnston, the
"City of Butte" claim, for $1.
Mr. aud Mrs. Frank M. Murphy
crave a lawn paivy iasi sTeniosr at
their handsomo residence on noo
Hill. Tho spacious lawn was
throucod with officers and ladies
from Whipple, and a host of friends
from Prescott. Tho lawii was illum
inated with electric lights suspended
through Chinese lanterns. Tho
Whinulo band, with Prof. La Guar-
dia as director, was stationed upon
tho lawn, aud to say that tho dillor-
ont numbers rendered wero beauti
ful, does not express it, "La Poloma"
being ono of the numbers especially
appreciated. The young pooplo
dancod and flitted about the lawn,
while tho older people sat still and
onvied thum, but onjoyod tho evon-
ini? aud tho beautiful music, band-
wichos. olivos. coffee, ice cream and
cako wero aervod during tho evening.
Tho host aad hostess proved them-
solves adopts in tho art ol entertaining.
Assistant Cashier Brandon has re
turnod from his trip to tho oast, and
reports having had an enjoyable
From Saturday's Dslly.
Masonic lodgo moots tonight.
Doc. Wilbor, a Vorde yeteran, is
town on a businoss mission.
Tho Comrt is in tuno now with
tne popular feeling, having tho
Kloudyko punch for sale.
Workman Lodgo moots tonight at
8:30 iu K. of P. hall. Workin tho
Workman dogroe. Visiting brethron
fraternally invited.
If tha olomeuts don't soon stir
1 i aiB.
resulting in a wound that mcapaci-
tales him lrom working at that vo
cation auy more. Wo sympathize
with mm aud rogrot exceedingly to
hoar of any typo meeting with suoh
an accident, as tho craft am gener
ally tho most abused race in tho un
i-i full of good health,
tnv'jiorating, appetiz
ing, satisfying. Put
omc up to-day and
huvr It ready to put
down whenevcryou're
Made only by The
Cliotles K. Hires Co.,
rhn.idclpma, Apack-
njjf makes 5 gallons.
ini everywhere.
Mean Tiling I
A dinner such as wo have bad
today," said tho oldorly boarder,
"makes mo feol liko n young man.
"Indeed?" "was nlLMra Hnshcroft
deigned to reply.
"Indeed. "When I think of that
lamb wo bnd for dinner, I feol f hat
if that wns lamb I must bo still
boy." Washington Star.
Tho Bashford-Burmtstor company I Membors of the Eastern Star aro
will havo a plain talk iu tomorrow's requested to meet next Thursday
issue that will interest
ora in this section.
bargain buy- evening.
- uiuiuvuwi muu w vvja obit I f . . ' " ; '
thmsolvos tharo won't bo onough 'ownwii of tho Little Joaaio mtno, is
water mnnini? dnwn Ranniiif. Asnsn roportwl to bo seriously ill.
or I'btts creek to quench the thirst
much less provido
Horman Vogo and bridp returned
jrestonlay from their trip to Califor
nia aud wore woicomod by many
Mrs. William Murphy, wifoof the
o Jo
is the time that tries all the care
of the mother and all the skill of
maternal management. Baby
comfort comes from fat; fat
babies have nothing to do but
to sleep and grow.
If your baby does not seem
to prosper, if he does not gain
In weight, you must get more
fat there. A few drops of
each day will put on plump
ness; fat outside, llfq Inside,
baby and mother both happy.
Your baby can take and rel
ish Scott's Emulsion as much
In summer as In any other
Jot sal by all dmnrtHa at sac aad
of a chipmunk,
for a city.
The first signal gun for Klondyko
recruits has boon heard in Proseott.
As yet howovor tho only ono to como
forward and enlist is Bob Pryor.
Mr. Chriatiausou, the Congress
miner, has gono to tho South Afri
can gold fields. Tho Klondyke evi
dently has no attraction for him.
Potor Marx, a stand-by of Walnut
crook, is in town, and disponing of a
nice varioty of peaches. Ho gives a
good account of his section in raugo
aud agricultural matters.
Shoriff Sproal of Johnson county,
reported dead and safo iu hoaven,
has turned up aud announced him
self yet a tax payer and a livo graiu
of the salt of tho earth. Ex.
Mrs. Edward Everts, of Whipple,
ontortaiuod a largo number of nor
lady friends from Prescott and
Whipplo yesterday. "Hearts" was
the attraction of tho afternoon.
Mrs. Blatchford won tho first prize,
Missus Lou Gago and Helen Wolls
tho second and third prize;?, whilo
Mrs. Dutchor carried oft tho booby
prizo. Salads, ices and coffeo wore
sorvodduriug the afternoon.
If Potts' creek is to be seloctod as
tho situ of tho dam schomo, thore is
less liability through it over
mauacing tho lives or property of
this city than any othea similar
scheme. Tho water shod of this
channel lays in tho vicinity of
Thumb Butto aud all streams that
drain it empty into Millor. Hence
for this reason it would bo Ur utoro
desiraablo thau oither Aspou or
Banning creeks.
An autopsy, by attondiug physi
cians, Drs. Abbott. Barrett and Por-
tor, on Mr. J. L. Fisher, rovealod a
genoral peritonitis, duo to perfora
tion of tho von form appondtx. It
was this fatal malady that caused
Shepard & Kastner received a
largo coffeo mill for soiling tho larg
est quantity of Schilling's Best
coffeo in Prescott.
A horso that was hitched to tho
plaza stockade yanked a gang plank
off the other day. A bounty should
provail for other cayusas to come
and do likewise all around tho
Tho little daughtor of C. M. Mc-
Dowall, of Cougrens, is suffering
with a broken arm sustained while
E laying at a birthday party. Dr.
iller is attending the litClo sufferer
I who was brought to Prescott for
The death watch over Parkor has
been discontinued, Judge Sloan
deeming it unnecessary and expen
sive in viow of tho appeal going to
tho next supremo court, which meets
in January.
Last night as tho train from the
north was making good time toward
Phenix coming down tho grado a
couple of miles this aide of Vtilturo
Siding, a man suddenly appeared on
the track fifty or sixty foet in front
of the engine, wildly swiugiug his
coat. Engineer Langdon, as soon as
ho saw tho mau, applied the air
brakes, reversed his engine and blew
bis whistle. Tho man apparently
made au effort to loavo tho track,
but was bewildorod, and the ougiuo
struck him just as he had placed
one foot on tho outsido of the rail.
Tho unfortuuato man was instautly
killod and thrown to ouo sido of the
track. Tho cbronor's jury exoner
ated tho railroad from all blame in
tho promisos. Herald,
A. J. Hudson, tho Ash croek stock
man, is iu town. Ho has recently
branched out as a saw mill nian,
and now has in operation quite a
nlanl. Ho says that there is a good
growth of oak, pine and ash wood
near his mill, and a good demand
for lumber.
If thoro is any ono thing this aheet
belioves in it is to oo the burg have
that regard for its sanitary feature
as to warrant some consideration by
each and, every property owner.
Thoro iB but one way to do this and
that is to move, and if tho Pooplo
don't interest themselves individu
ally tho city should do so officially.
Tho way filth is turned looso from
back doors into alloys is a fright,
and if persisted ib any moro this
summer tho city will loso its
prestige as a summer resort and bo
coma notorious.
A mnnrt is in circulation that ro
cently a potition was circulated in
Clmrles Wallaco is homo again.
He went to California and saw tho
big Pacific, which ho says is nico for
a llassayumpor to look at.
Tho first throo finirors of Printer
Gardners hand wero broken at sov
eral points in yostorday'a accidont
and tho band horribly lacerated. Ho
was attonded by Drs. Brrrott, Walls
and Dutchor, who say it will bo
some months before ho can return
to work.
Wh wear old broken or ill fitting
pi a tea wuen you can have now ones
made aud guaranteed to fit at a
mall cost by Dr. A. ALLDERDICE
Tho dean of trees of tho eastern
United States, tho Woodbridgo oak,
was iciiea less tnnn ton years ago
in tho vicinity of Boston. Its ngo
was estimated by Professor Abbott
of Now York at 2,000 years, and by
Professor Eaton nt from 1,500 to
2,000- "
In nnclont Egypt tho laborer, tho
soldier and tho man of the pooplo
went barefooted, but sandals formed
part of tho costumo of tho man of
rank. .Thoy could not bo worn, how
ovor, in tho house of tho king or m
his presence.
Occasionally your pot canary
bird should bo fed with n hard
boiled egg ohopped fine and mixed
with cracker crumbs, giving it not
moro than n thimbleful of tho mix
ture at a time.
Much to tho rogrot of many Gov
ornor McUord a olhcial duties neces
LADIES' Belts in cilt. silver.
- . u m I
Imn fwtlltiirifrt TnaHn SIU
sitated his remaining in Pheuix aud rubbor, from lfi cents up! A. Blum
at tho last moment Iih tHhu'rnnhml I nn.
At Caphyoo, Arcadia, may bo
seen n piano trco which for a long
time was regarded as tho ono that
the historian Pnusanios spoko of in J
tho second century.
D. W. Cross, Coiloctor, Accountaafc
and Genoral Business Agent. Ari
zona Bauk Building. 7-26x12
Brislev's Cold Tablets cure a cold
in a few hours. 25 cents. Try them.
Ico cream of all flavors at Dil
lon's. y-16tf
Schilling's Best tea for salo at the
Bashford-Burmister Co. Try a small
Western Delight cannot bo beat
for tho mouoy. tf
Rov. H. A. Brown, A. B., will pre
paro a limited number of pupils for
college or toachers' examination.
For information, inquire at resi
dence. jy2Stf
A fine selection of tho latest novel
ties forspring and summer imported
and domestic woolens havo just ar
rived t Viofftlandor's tho fashioa-
ablo tailor. tf
Filling tooth is complete and nam
les3 by Dr. Heavouston's method
Ono trial, and you will recommend
it to your frionds. jy2tf
Tooth without plates mado bvDr.
Heavenstou, gnaranteed to fit lika
paper on the wall. jy2tf
Ice cream soda, all flavors, at Dil
lon's. . 7-16tf
Plant onion sots and alfalfa now
Both very cheap at Brisloy's, in Ho
tol burko building. mil tt
For Sale! For Sale It
A nicely solocted lot of house
hold furniture i3 for sale, entirely
now and in good condition. Will be
sold privately. An inspection la
asked by purchasers. Inquire at this
office. jy29xB
For &eat.
Furnished house of six rooms. In
quire at this offico. 7-13 tf
at tho last moniont he telegraphed
Secretary Akers his iuability to bo
present at the luuoral of his friend,
tho lato J. L. Fishor.
Deputy Rovonuo Coiloctor Burns
was brought up yestorday from Pho
nix suffering from typhoid fover.
Ho is said to bo vory ill.
Wyntt Carp is to go to tho Klon
dyke as au expert, whilo his brothor,
Virgil, is near Prescott exporting a
mining claim with money and mus
cle. W. J. Martin has gono to tho
Provideuco mine, where ho will act
as suporintondont of that property.
Among tho promiuont cattlemen
iu town today we notice that vete
ran from Dato creek, Jim Oneal.
Secretary Akors arrivod yostorday
from tho capital and camo in ro
sponao to a telegram anuouueing
tho death of his friend tho lato J.L.
Fishor. Ho returns to his station
tonight. Assistant Socrotary Tritle
accompauiod him on a similar mis
sion. Tho shooting gallery has gono to
other Golds whoro gatuo is moro
A cowboy fight took placo Satur
day at Point of Rocks, which start
ed from a bottle of whisky and tur
miuatod with six shootors Five
hands participated and black eyas
aud busted heads were numerous.
Judi?o Mooro will patch them up in
tho legal corral.
Tho store of Gregory & Smith, a
now firm of entorprisiug aud oblig
ing morchauls, was thrown open to
tho public today. Its iutorior pro
sontsan iuvitiug appoarauco ami re
flects creditably for tho tasto dis
played in arrangement and iu tho
care they have usod in selecting
goods. Wo wish thorn success.
Ono of those peculiar political
controversies in lino of "war to tho
kuifo and tho kuifo to the hilt" has
just terminated in the Jerome post-
olhco coutroversoy. Both Akors aud
Stoddard had their candidates for
this plum, and both principals wont
at it from tho drop of the handkor
chiof, in fact it is said each became
so animated that thoy overlooked
their own interests. But Akora won.
J. O. Dunbar was confined to his
home yestorday by a severe attack
of stomach trouble. Gazotte. Evi
dently old boy John got hit below
tho belt by a prosperity punch.
Rev. Bowron preached a very elo
quent sormon at tho M. E. church
last ovening.
From Taeidai'a Dally.
Miko En right, of tho McCabe
mine, is among the unfortunates.
Ho was brought in yesterday for
treatment to a badly mashod Band.
This makos the socond time tho
above has sustained injuries to his
bauds recently.
SILK SHIRT WAIST, with white
colar and cuffs, for 75 cents at A.
Blumberg's. 8 3tf
Erick Fredericks again assumes
the mauagomont of the Fisher mer
cantile establishment, aud he look
charge of tho samo today. Ho was
for years a trusted employee of .the
late J. L. Fishor.
Lost Pair gold framo spectacles,
with long limbor temples hookiug
over tho ears last Sunday, August 1,
near tho Baptist church. Loavo at
Goo. C. Ruffnor for G. A. Scott aud
recoivo suitable reward.
Mrs. M. A. Weldon has ro-opened
hor Homo Kitchen, east sido of
plaza, ono door south of Proseott
Mining Fxchauge. Old customers
iuvitod and now patronage solicited.
NEW line of wrappers just
received. Percales aud lawns. 75c
and $1.00. A. Blumborg. S-3tf
Charley Moyors, ono of tho Klon
dyko kings, will arrive in Prescott
tomorrow at noou. Iu a lottor to
Bon Rybou ho so states, but will
remain but a short time.
at Ait-tf
Mrs. E.J. Austin has roturned af-
tor a ploasant visit to frionds in
JpafJ UST rocoived 40 dozen shirt
waists. Bought vory choap, and will
do sold accordingly, isiecant styles.
Low prices. 25c, 35c. 50c, 75c and
$l.uu. a. Jiiumoorg. 8-3tf
A desciple of Johnny Bull who
got ontaugled in a "scrap" with
some bull punchors, got thrown
pretty hard yestorday in tho legal
corral, by having to stand all the
bruises and then pay tho legal costs
of 121. Ho was defended bv G.
Arthur Allen in a neat legal man
ner, but Georgo's branding iron was
too dim to blur tho Arizona statute
maverick mto an imported Jersey.
Walnut Grovo water melous, tho
first of
tho season, on
ico at Joe
Ask your grocer for "Western De
light." tf
Hubert Mulvenon took a jaunt up
to the Forks vostordav and returned
in tho evening. Ho flashed an afli-
davit on us, and says that whilo
standing on tho platform, ho saw a
big pig attempt to cross tho track
undor a moving train, with the result
that tho animal was cut in two. But
this did not phaso tho progress of
the pig, as tho fore quarters kept
ngni on goiug ior over uiteen loet
as though nothing had happonod.
Mr. Mulvenon says'Hhero aro others"
who saw tho pig deal.
Try those wator melons from
Walnut Grove, on ico, at Dillon's, tf
Johnny Kinney, tho Chapparalite,
is in towu today and got his foot
wet. It dou't rain any more out that
way ho says.
Freah candies at Aitkoa tc Robia
aon'a tf
Otto Miller arrived in town today
from Crowned King, where ho is
employed by that company. Tho
item recently published iu this pa
per associating him with a criminal
mihdeed iu Los Angolos was another
poron by tho samo namo. The
correction is willingly mado.
Dr. Hearenston's dental work in, all
its branches is of first class nature.
Offico Row. jy2tf
Carl Holtschuo and Wm. Gwynn,
who aro each suffering with typhoid
fevor at the bisters of Mercy hos
pital, aro roportod to bo getting
along nicely.
Dr. Hoavenston, tho dentist, will
make you as good dontal work as can
be done iu tho United States. jy2tf
They call it tho wot waterworks
these days.
For tho boat and cheapest coal in
the city, call on M. A. Gray, agent
Croscont Coal Co. tf
Mrs. J. S. Calles and sou, Arthur,
havo gone to the soasido for a pleas
ure trip of six mouths. Mr. Calles
is doinir the batching act and has
already had two doctors working on
his digostivo apparatus.
Now apples, pears and apricota
from Wing's orchard, at E. H. Fred
ericks', jylYtt
Aztec Lodgo, No. 17, 1. O, G. T.,
last oveniui: installed the following
officers for tho ensuing quarter: Past
Chief Templar, E. C. I'ayue; Chief
Templar, T. U- Harvey Vice Tem
plar, MissNellio Crocker; Socrotary,
Miss Jessio Durbm; Financial Secre
tary, F. Payuo; Treasurer, Mrs. Do
Witt; Marshal, Miss Edith Rogers;
Deputy Marshal, Goorgo Walker;
Guard, Frank Gilletto; Soutinol,
Adolph Mosor; Chaplain, Mrs.
Dr. Heavonston does not put you
to sleep when extracting teeth. No
laughiug gas usod, as it is a back
number aud not reliable. jyltf
ftboiesalo and 1 He. tail Dealere.io
And Furnishing Goods.
rThe loading BOOT AND SHOE HOUSE of Northern Arizona
We carry a complete lino of Flannel Undovear, Bl.ir.kets, Quilts, Overalls
uuck Uioves, iats, Uaps, Kubbor and t . Clothing, Umbrellas, Tents, ste
J"T"Wo also carry a most comploto assortment of School and Blamk
Books, Legal Blanks and School Supplies.
We aro exclusive agents for the sale of tho celebrated CAMEL SKIN
SHOES and also LENTZ'S Leather Soled Nailed RUBBER BOOTS.
BURKE & HICKEY Proprietors
Boms of tho features ot this Uoase:
tt is the only absolutely fir a
TT-J.I . T- I
prooi xioioi in irrescott:
0aflt employs nono but vVhitk
Cooks in the Kitchen.
gjFIt is lighted throughout by
JEflFIts tabic board is unexcelled
and its sleeping apartments aro kept
neat and clean always.
JJJBHft has a watchman on duty
all night, thereby guaranteeing au
property secure from thiovery.
Toe PrescottLumber ComDany
A Full Supply of California Redwood
Finishing liber, Redwood Sigles
Agoncy of tho Arizona Lumber and Timber Company, Flagstaff, Arizon
acksmith and f am Stas
' a.
Corner of Granito and Gurloy Sts., PRESCOTT, ARIZ.
Horse Shoeing and Repairing ot Buggies, Wagons and General Jol Wtfk
"Best facilities lor doing all kinds of repairing in wood and
iron. Uooo material used and all ions turned out nuicklv.
I keop on baud a soloct stock of oak, hickory aud ash lumber, ton
gues, shafts, spokes, folloos aud beut rims. Also have for sale
The Celebrated Schuttlor Wa gons, Osborne Mowers aud Extras for same
Fruit ico croam at Dillons. 7-16tf A Select Boarding ailll Day
Try a"Whito Owl" cigar
Mrs. John McKiunon and throe
sons, and Rod McKiunon, arrived on
last night's train from Old Mexico,
to visit for a short timo in this city.
For strictly first-class dontal work
at lowest prices, call ou Dr. A. ALL
DERDIOE, the Prescott dentist.
Phonix and presented to ex-Governor
Frauklin asking for tho pardon
of Bill Bliukloy, tho dyuamito fiend
penni t Tim cnvflruor
frtr hn hu our Sovoral Bradshaw
rill 113(31-1 Ll Jf vym " I .
a a frlonrfuliin in lliiB town, to anpoar aa
uuoij auu oiuLUiv Mw-r ----- i . . - i i
instance Now.smco uovornor iu.c- t"'i 4"V"
: ;h W. nnthor trovorsy uroing on in that section.
offortlwill be made toward the samo Tho matter will como up on Fri-
heinous end. ui au iuu uiu
pooplo aro iu
witnossos and
handed proceedings that character
ize the pardouiug power in the past
and including also tho notorious
Norton aot, the liberation of this
man Bliukloy would bo tho dirtiest
and foulest pioco of ourruption evor
to curse tho territory, nis crime
melons ou ieo at Dil-jyllltf
Among tho Winsor guosts today
wo notice tho arrival of Mr. and
Mr3. F. X. O'Brion. Tho former is
woll known in mining circles.
It rniuod today aud tho littlo dew j
drops that hit tho oarlh caused too
train to pull in over an hour lato.
Tho local lino had bettor hitch up
its trousors or olso tho ghost of tho
old P. Si A. C. will overtake it in a
climatic race.
Encourage home production, by
using Wostorn Delight flour. tf
RECTED. For SAM bv Brislf.t, the
Dnoaoisr, PnEscoTT, Abiz.
Men's suits, pants, shirts, collars
and nock tios, cheaper than any
whoro oIbo at tho Bluo Front Storo.
Effron Bros, jj2irx
Clouch's fruit. froBli every morn-
imr at tho stand noxt door to Brink-
muver's hotel, and south sido of tho
plaza, noxt door to ShuIPs Livory
Stables. Orders for parties taken.
if time is given. Fruit loft at 8 a
m. at stand. jy 13x1 in
School for Girls.
EtahUymth roar. NinotMin Pmrnuuim n.i
toucher. Krory homo comfort and care, rrivato
MUtance to rapid and thorough adranewmnnt.
It'll! I .Milm.1. fnn . . mm
Uu roaw. Vol and Inotrnmental Mmtio.
UrawiDRand ralnting. 4
rrillnft rated catal vzaa addms
A. M Principal
rn?Cj Staa-e Line
Passengers and Past Freight
' - T T
Lonvos Tresott fnwUay, TbitrsOny, Saturday. - Arrives Yodnefidny, wjt
Aconor tit rncjor- & KoimNsua, . ..

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