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Wednesday Oct. is, iS97
l.C. MARTLW Kditor ami Proprietor
The Prospector eetiuiRtes tho pop
ulation of Bisbeo at 5.000.
Railroad aoeideats ?.m to bo
Qpidemio at present.
Thu total wheat crop, ns ostinintod
by tho Orange Judd Farmer, is 5SQ,
000,000 bushels. .
Homo rule under Spanish domina
tion will nover suit Cuba. It will
bo too much like home rule with
tho homo loft out.
MoKinloy made three appoint
ments tho other day, and tluy wore
all quill pushers from Ohio. This
should make Arizona newspaper men
breathe easier.
A recent tolegram says the fato of
Andree is still unsolved. There is
just about 10,000 chauees to oue
that ho will uevor be heard from.
Some ouo said a long time ago
that U. S. Attorney Ellinwood had
resigned. This naturally leads to
tho quory. what is McKiuley going
to do about it?
Secretary Akors is again governor
. of Arizona, MoCord bding in Call
forma. Tho onemy will please aim
thoir polluted puke guns that way
for the time.
. Flagstaff has been sailing too long
under tho name of the "Skylight"
Intv. Jfrom tue number oi bag nros
it has h3d of late, the "Headlight"
city would be more appropriate.
. An American missionary has been
hold up in Japan and is out 7,000
yen. Ho should come to Yavapai,
issue. bonds on the rest of his earthly
fixtures, and then join the P. & A.
C. contingent of repudtators.
- Maricopa has plenty of "dough"
on. hand, as will be seen from tho
followiug: "The board of super-
vicnrs rfttiarrfnv Uatfl tlio iilimcntit.
duty of counting the money in the
count treasury. The sum of $40,-
128.63 was found in tho treasury.
Tho hay foyer has become so pro
. valout in several Arizona towns that
in niue cases out of ten when a
youug man kisses his best girl, the
bliss of tho operatiou ie hopolossly
wrecked by a mutual sneeeo Phouix
Gazette. Pleaso send to this clime
brother, a big stock of alfalfa hay
Among other ills, Governor Me
Cord is subjected to nowadays is
tho fonriuEr of his name by worth
less P. & A. C. bond boodler sym
pathizers, ovidently, cue of those
1 checks being flashed the other day
in Phonix. It was for only 510.
They're cheap in either event.
Tho future of the University of
Arizona is now assured. A foot ball
team is boiug organised. In this
aay aua ago a university stuuem
who graduates dares not show his
sheop skin unless he wears about his
parson foot ball scars and broken
. bo ues to prove that 1m is entitled
" to it.
uenorai weyiors successor in
' . Cuba, General Ivomero Blanco, au
- . nouncos that he will act in sroat
..... . i
-. energy aaiusi, tu iiisurgomt, ami
!, employ all political means to restore
nminlif r f f rnntniatit t it ra maiic cfir
tiuns of tho community. He hopes
to onu tuo Horrors oi war, ana re
establish tho peace svstoin adopted
in 1S79.
... 1 1m 1 f
a rauroau 10 tno ivioikhkc soouis
s a Attn rT i Ka rAnlif !ihc rf ir,
futuro, according to all reports. It
. will furnish many an item of inter
est to newspapers. Train robbers
will have a new Gold in which to
operate, and stories of trains aud
.- passengers being held up aud robbed
of millions in sold dust, will suorlv
many a racy paragraph.
. - . va ii. .1 i. i . r l . it x
nirt r of t.lifc rMtfit rtr? A fftrr caacs.
. moid bones and some cheat) iewelrv
" - - 1- A I J -1 - J
once woru oy tue uear aepaneo
nave ueon louiia in me aemocratic
party's sausage vat, and the latter
"- jiarty is under suspicion of having
: '?. either made boho or ausntrA nf its
- lormer mistress, xins may bo the
'reason why that particular branch
of the sausage industry is languish
ing at proseut. Pueblo Mail.
flniinni!lnr A. TTivmnn nf thn
. jauauusu luroiiin ouice at ioko-
hama, attompted to commit suicide
ou September 20. After his failure
of him by the government iu tho
matter of the Hawaiian iminiirrntion
difliculty he was ordered home and
hands. Ho was in a critical condi
- tiou whon .the steamship China loft
j. uAuumua.
vr. aauaroin, a (Jontral Amoncau
. physician, has succeeded iu discover
ing the gorm of yellow fever. In
Ins experiments he inoculated Gvo
l 1 lit .
- - - ...... j J' V WVTMM IlilUU H J
- - - - t- -v Mm,mj u
.. each iustanceyellaw fever developed
. through all of iU ranoua stagtv,
eveu to the death of hi fliibjfcts.
nr. rviii.nrnlli nHnnt.l 1 . u . r
measures to secure hw iuforuiation,
as human sacrifice iu the iuterest of
. medical science ie something new
.. , i - i it:
Jt is said that there are no re
maining puonc lamts in miy of the
c)lae nf V.iir TT.i n .1 ... v
- r M at
York, Pennsylvania. New Jersev,
uioKy or j.oxas. mere are 2&,uuu,
000 acres of public lands in Ohio.
57,000,000 in Florida, 32,000,000 iii
; Alabama, 28,000,000 in Louisiana,
36,000,000 in MichiKu ami 81iX0,-
000 in YiscousH. The other public
i ,i i.i.. i i
jauua uiu lit umu n mm m ahiiitc, .iuii
Denver is in gala attire, with 10,
000 people attending hor jubilee.
Kansas City's carnival week olosed
with t wo murders. Both murdorors
P. E. Studobakor, ouo of the well
known family of wagou makers,
died on Saturday at Alma, Michi
A steamship, which has just ar
rived at Victoria from Australia,
brought over 1,000 gold sookots ou
routo to Kloudyko.
Souator Morgan addressed a largo
crowd of Hawaiians on the subject
of annoxation, at Honolulu Septem
ber 30.
.Nebraska has a stato olection ui
Novombor, and considorablo interest
is manifest over tho outcome. Tho
contost in Ohio bids fair to bo ex
ceedingly livoly.
Japau's Imperial Diet has made
an appropriation to send a special
commission to tho United Statos for
the purpose of establishing bazaars
in tho priucipal citbs and toaching
Americaus how to make and drink
Japan tea.
Murderer Ebanks, of San Diego
California, has had his case taken
to the supremo court of tho Uuitec
States. Ha was to havo been haugtt
yesterday. California murdoreis
havo found nu easy way of deferring
the execution of tho death sentence
for a time at least, by appeal to tho
supremo court of tho Uuitod States
Now comes tho report that Buekey
O'Noill is iu training, preparatory
to becoming tho demo.-pop. candi
date for delegate to cougross next
year. Buckoy's performances are in
lino with tho report. Democratic
nspirauts for Mark Smith's .place
would bettor watch him. Ho has
full year in which to fix things, aud
ho "is a dovilish sly" individual.
An examination was made of some
electric bolts sold by a street fakir
at Ottawa. It was found that b( -
noath a strip of gauzo was a layer
of mustard; when the patient per
spired a little of tho mustard was
moisteued and it set up a burning
sensation, and tho deluded victim
bolieved a current of olectricity was
passing through him. Gazette. It
would seem from this that uiany P.
& A. C. people who aro so wanned
up havo similar attachments around
their anatomy. Has any fakir been
working on this community of late?
It looks suspicious, from tho above.
An ollicial statement has been
issued, showing tho number of men
and tho quality of tho munitions of
war sent to Cuba and tho Phillip-
pine Islands duriug tho insurrec
tions now in progress in those quar
ters. Between November, 1S95, and
May, 1S97, tho Spanish govornmeut
sent to Cuba 181,73S soldiers, 6.261
officers, of whom forty wero gener
als, 212,512 guns, 820,405 kilograms
of powder, 92,0S7,670 cartridges,
16,712 swords, 91 cannon and 120.509
shells. Since tho outbreak of tho
present revolution in the Phillip-
pines, the govornmeut has sent 27,
760 soldiers, 881 officers, of whom
nine wero generals, 43,100 guus, 21
caunon, 24,910 kilometers of pow
ders, 21,726,585 cartridges and 80,-
691 shells.
An exchange very truthfully re
marks that tho United States does
not want war. But it is not afraid
of war. The English editors of to
day certainly have not read tho
history of their own country, as they
are always talking about tho weak
uess of tho United States. If this
bo so, how weak is Groat Britain!
It has triod -conclusion with the
United States, once when tho popu
lation was one-twentieth of what it
is now, and once whon it was one
sixth, aud on each occasion Uncle
Sam came out on top. But John
Bull is playing a game of blulf aud
brag whilo ho is tryiug to stenl
something. Ho is still tryiug for
tho gold fields of Venezuela. He is
looking with wistful oyes upon tho
Nicaragua canal and the Panama
route. But tho old follow will keop
hands off whon Uncle Sams sa-s
General Nelson A. Milos, in a ro
cent London iutorviow, whon asked
if tho United Statos army was ablo
to cope with a Europoau power,
replied: "In any population it is
estimated that one man out of Gvo
is cablo of bearing arms. That
would give tho Uuitod States an
army of 12,000,000. Our peoploaro
stroug physically and gonorally in
telligent and well informed. Besides
that, each citizen is a sovereign aud
personally interested iu tho welfare
of his government, and serves volun
tarily without boiug forced iuto ser
vice by military despotism. Wo
have many thousands of men still
living who have seen moro war,
participated in moro battles than
auy man in Europe. But it is quite
another thing to equip an army
with modern appliances for defense
of tho coast, whero wo would havo
to use high power guns and modern
projectiles, which it takes years to
construct. Modern rifles aro differ
ent from tho squirrel guns with
which our revolutionary fathors
wont to war. Tho range of modorn
arms is very groat and the projec
tiles hoavior. Tho Maxim and Gat
liug guns firo four huudrod to six
hundred shots a minute. Although
those aro Amorican inventions they
aro largoly usod in European ser
vice." Railroad companies aro running
largelv to big locomotives of latp.
The Sauta Fo company is having
oight vory large onos built for its
passonger servico and uow sxnos
tho report that tho Ihrtio largest
oobmottvos in tho world havo just
koon completed at tho Baldwin
shops for tho Southern "Railway
company. They arotwico as stroug
as tho ougiuos which haul tho Em-
nro Stato express, of the Now ork
Central road, at tho rate of a mile a
minute botweeu New York and
Juffalo, and three times ns stroug
as tue lamous locomotives wiucu
lull tho fast luuning trains in En-
glaud. Those monster engines will
draw thirty-three loaded Pullman
oars, weighing forty-two tons oneh,
at sixty miles an hour. They havo
six driving wheels, each six foot m
diameter, lire boes ton feet long,
and with their tenders weigh 117
tons. The. tenders havo a capacity
of 15,000 gallons of water aud eight
tons of coal. Each engiuo will do
as much work as four ordinary pas
senger locomotives.
A parly of twelve eugineors acd
surveyors, from Boston, has just loft
San Frnncisoo for Seattle whore
thoy will bo roinforood by eight as
sistants, besides fifty others, who
will sail for Chilcoot ou a steamer
especially chartered for tho trip.
At Seattle 200 horses, 150 oattlo,
feed for six mouths aud 200 tous of
gonornl stores will be purchased for
the use of the party duriug the long
drive from Klukwark, at the head
of Chilcoot inlet, to Fort Selkirk,
the head of steam navngation on
tho Yukon, a distance of 5500 miles,
over a trail uufiequentod duriug the
winter. The expedition is to deter
mine whether a railroad can bo built
over this 800 milo trail. Tho engi
neers will also try to locate a now
pass, believed to exist north of
A Daronport, Iowa, dispatch of
Ootober 5, says: In aceordanco with
the oail issued by E. D. Wood, the
chairman of tho executive com
mittee appointed by tho laH convon
tio i oi Western Waterways, delo-
gito. appointed by tho govomors
and mayors of various western citiis
and commercial, transportation and
other organizations, met here today.
The general purpose of tho conven
tion is to prepare and submit to tho
President and Cougross of the
United States a memorial and reso
lutions askinir for continued and
more liberal aid in securing improv
ed and permanent navigation of
rivers and harbors in the West and
Southwest. Siuco tho last conven
tion an object lesson has been
afforded tho promoters of this
movomont in tho form of tho do
structivo floods in tho Southwest
tho past spring, and the repetition
of which can only bo provontod by
the construction of levees at gov
ernment expeuse, aud the deepening
of tho chaunol at tho Mississippi's
mouth. The accessibility of Daven
port has resulted in a large attend
ance, aud much interest and earnest- n(S)
uess is manifested by the delegates
on tho subject.
Mining Intelligence.
xVt Bisboo tho Copper Queen com
any pays 1,150 umployos 85,000
ur month.
A streak of oro has boon found at
tho 150-foot level iu tho Dnuto mine
at Cripple crook that assa3a $2Q,'300
to tue ton.
Tho Suu Danco Mining Company
has a new team and wagou hauling
ng in concontratos from their mine.
It brings in 7,500 pounds at a load.
Tho Gopher Mining Company is
working t hreo shi fta on their Gopher
mine, in Chaparral. The shaft is
down 200 feet, aud at this depth
everything indicates ponnauonoy.fig
A deed was filed for record today
from E. F. Roberts, of Jerome, to
Silas T. Lowry, of Decatur, Illinois,
for tho Sulo Issue mining claim,
near Jorome, tho consideration be
ing $150.
The Graham Guardian says tho
mine in tho Aravaipu canyon aro
attracting considerable attention,
and within a year a oamp of 1,000
peoplo will bo luoatud thero.
Another ahipmout of Tolophone
ore wont through Monday. A oar
load of llarshal oro is now'ready for
transportation to tho smoltor, and
several chloridurs will keep the big
teams uouik during tho week.
Tho Providence Mining Company
has the shaft iu its Annie nuns down
810 foot, and has a solid buly of
sulphurets four feet wide at that
depth. The oompauy already has
onougb ore blocked out to keep its
ton-stamp mill ui operation lor tho
next two or three years without an
other foot of development work.
It was reported yesterday, on
what seemed good authority, that
tho Oro initios of Oro Blanco dis
trict, had boon sold to Philadelphia
parties, tho price boiug $150,000.
Tho export returned from tho minos
last wook, and it is said, advised tho
immediate purchase of tho property.
The Oro uuues havo been producers
for some time, and aro considered a
bonanza. Star.
A Reporter Visits One of the Host
Camps in tho Territory.
The TrogresH nf the Mlno, Ita Out
nut, ami Notes of Iuterest
Concorning the Camp.
M3jor Goo. H. Sission, ono of tho
principal stock holdors of tho Table
Mountain Mining Co., arrivod from
Aravaipa Tuesday, and went to Tuc
son. We loam from indopoudent
sources that ono hundred aud sixty,
men are already employed on the
new road to the mines, and that
the force men may bo incroaed
Active development work is also
bMug prosecuted iu thu miuea.
Willcox News.
Encouraging progress is boing
made at the Graud Reef. A fiue
road to the mine has been com
pleted. Day light was struck iu the
air shaft Sunday. The boilors aud
air compressors lately ordered are
now on the way from New York.
Mauagtr J. AV. Pay no is very reti
cent, but from what we can loam,
the property gives promise of do-
volopmir into ono of the greatest
produenrs of the West. Willcox
Rauge News.
The last heavy storm 611od Geo.
C. Waddoll's initio, on Coppor creek,
with dobris and washed away from
fifteen to twenty tons of good mill
frig oro aud about two tous of shi
ping ore from tho dump down the
canyon. Largo pieces of Ins load
oro wero found a milo down the
eauyon from tho mine, whilo bould
ers woiKhinir a ton or moro wero
deposited near tho mouth of his
Tho Pennsylvania coal miners',
strike is giving riso to a groat deal
of law which, if continued on tho
linos projected, will finally proscribe
a rule of action by which all such
affaire shall, in future, bo ccuductod.
A United Statos circuit judge,
named Mcllvaiu, has rocoutly elab
orated tho decision of J udgo Goff,
of tho West Virginia court, upon
the subjoct of working men's rights.
Ho hold with Goff that laborers
havo not only a legal right to strike,
but a right to porsuado others to
follow their oxample. In ordor to
farther this ond, ho say, thoy may
hold public meetings, organize
parados, and as a means of display
ing thoir numerical strength, march
along highwitys; but beyoud this ho
doclares thoy cannot go. They havo
no right to take possession of a
portion of tho public highway aud
exclude others not counectod with
thoir movement from its uso and
bouofits, Ex:
Tho columns of rango aud farm
journals in the north and oast now
coutaiu frequent appoals to thoir
patrons to provide ample forage
and shelter for their stock iu antici
pation of winter's storms. Tho Stock
Grower's Journal recommouds the
feeding of calves duriug tho cold
season, aud tho advice is doubtless
good and timely.
Tho southern stock grower has
reasou for self congratulation in tho
fact that his stock require no pro
vision of this kiud. "With thondvont
of tho lato rains or tho fall of the
first snow ou tho peaks, his cattle
soek mountain range, where they
find practically frosh grass and
warm nooks sheltered from tho chill
north wind. Dense cedars or pro
jecting cliffs shield them from cold
rains, while, except ou tho summits,
snow seldom lies on tho ground for
moro than two hours. Tho rango is
no whore over stockod. Cattlo will
enter tho winter iu hotter condition
than for many years, aud with the
excellent feed reported in almost
ovory locality, there can bo practic
ally no suffering in our herds dur
ing tho coming winter. Willcox
Range Nows.
A JoortNAL-MiNtn reportor visited
tho scouo of milling activity at Con
gress Sunda.y aud Monday, thero
found ouo of tho liveliest, best
equippod and most successfully gov
ortied catnpii in the torritory.
Tho tram lands you at Congress
Junction, whero you aro met by
stagoand ooiiveyeu threo milos uorth
to Cougrosii, plainly visible, aud
nestling comfortably at tho b&so of
tho mountain with its fifteen hun
dred inhabitants.
Congress is composed of lower
towu and uppor town, lower town
comprising tho business and rosi
denco portion, in contradistinction to
that of tho company's portion of
the city, containing tho mills, com
pany store, boarding aud lodging
houses aud residences of employes.
The litio of domarkation between
Him two sections of tho town is made
dirtinct bv nu iutorvouing opon
Wo landeu m tho city at v a. m.
Sunday, and found tho town alive
with tho hum of business. Tho roar
of machinery in tho mill, tho la
bored breathing of tho hoisting en
gines, tho wheeling of oro to tho
bins aud of refuse to tho dumps,
coupled with business activity in
lower town, told us plaiuly that
Sunday as tho day of rost is prno
tically uukuowu iu tho ininiug
At the company's store wo mot
tho gonial aud courtoous W. F.
Staunton, fiuperintondunt of tho
mines, to whom wo owo much of tho
pleasure of our stay, and tho infor
mation contained b'olow, rolatiyo to
tho mines. Mr. Staunton is a young
mau, but ho is genuine business a
through, everything working with
clock liko precision uador his super
Mr. Stauntou informed us that the
uumber of mon employed is 125,
with a pay roll of $30,000 per month.
Tho output of tho mine is 120 tons
of oro, averaging $20 per ton in
valuo, besides tho additional tdtip
mont of 25 cars por mouth of high
grado ore. Tho mill is a 40-stnmp
and runs day and night with the
exception of tho first day of each
mouth a day for rost and repair.
TJo oro is taken from threo shafts.
No. 1 is 1,750 foot doop, No. 2, 1,400
fet and No. 3, 1,100 foot. No. I is
lighted by oloctricity.
A now hoisting plant has boon
ordered for the nhaft No. 2. capable
of goiug to a depth of 3,000 foot,
and in shaft No. 3 a similar hoist
will bo placed, capable of hoisting
a load of 20,000 pouuds at the rato
of 1,000 foot por minute for 3,000
feet depth.
Tho water supply is taken from
Martinez creek, to tho northwest,
raised 500 foot, and pumped a dis
tance of ouo milo into tanks, from
which thu mine and the tanks are
abundantly supplied. Tho company
charge tho inhabitants of lowor
town Si por mouth for water, which
would be considered a fair price in
any town. Tho supply is taken from
a hvdrant at tho company's store in
barrels trundled on their sides to
and from the hydrant by the pur
chasers, who have their tiekots
punched for each barrel taken.
All tho supplies of tho company
and tho merchandise for tho business
mon aro haulod to Congress from
Congress Junction by thu company's
railroad, a distance of threo miles.
The company has a magnificent
56-ton Brooks' oil burning ongino
that does tho work. Tho train makes
ono trip each way, going down and
coming back in tho morning.
Congress has tolographic aud tolo
phouo couuectious with tho outside
world, and the company has its own
oloctric light plant, by which their
mills, stores and other establish
ments aro lightod.
In tho officoSuporiutondontStaun
ton is assisted by five officiont men,
voung in years, but old aud capable
iu business qualifications. In tho
store E. S. Jonos has the manage
ment, assisted by C. P. Hart. J. A.
Wescott, W. E. Bayless, E. W.
Bretzel and John Hnrter.
At tho cyanide mill 100 tons of
tailings aro handled daily, and yet
tho capacity of tho mill is insuffi-
ciout to keop down the increase,
and, as a result, tho company iutnud
to enlargo this branch of tho busi-
Tho tenth of every month is pay
day, and tho turning loose of $30,000
in tho city makes things It vol v, as
wo fouud last Sundav, which hap
pened to bo tho 10th of October. A
general good timo prevails and lower
town swarms with tho boys out for
a good timo. Howovor, good order
obtaius, and lowor town does a good
Wo found tho business men of
Congress ontorprising and courtoous
and together, between tho camp and
tho city, our stay of two days was a
genuine pleasure. Old timora re
lated to us tho history of tho Con
which has
' 31U Hooker Xo Xoneer.
Miss Mabollo Beckor, or rathor
Mrs. Frank Gilstrap, loft Saturday
night for Calico in Sau Bornardmo
county, tp visit hor mother, Mrs.
Shoy, for a whilo. Sho will then go
to Prescott, Arizona, which will bo
hor homo.
It was not gouorallv known, says
tho Visalia Times, ovou to hor inti
mato friends, that Miss Beckor had
ohaugod hor name. Thoy woro
married at Los Angeles. It was
agreed botweon thorn that ho should
rn nn to Proseott. whoro ho had a
... t i -I.
position ouerou mm, wuuo u
would return to Visalia for a month.
Tim was dono, aud honco tho sur
prise that Mrs. Gilstrap springs
- ... m . m m 1 f it.
upon hor irioaus, for tuo tact oi inu
wedding was closely kept a secret.
Both Mr. antl Mrs. irnnttcriisi.rau
havo many friends horo who wish
them croat happiness, Mrs. Gil
strap has for a number of years boon
tho typewriter ami snortuana ro-
. .i. . i m t 'i-..11nn Jt
porior m uie law oiucuui jjiouipj w
Farusworth. Sho filled that posi
tion with groat ability, and hor
quick oyo and careful hand will be
greatly mi&sod from tho documents
P . i . n . t i O.I
iu mat omco.-xoitwrvmu,
Mrs. Gilstran will arrivo at Ash
Fork Suudar morniutr whoro aho
will bo mot by hor husbanti. Anoy
will arrivo in Prescott on the ovon-
inir train and will iro to housekoop
ing iu tho houso formerly occupied
by Editor Banta, of tho Pick and
Drill. W. Frank Gilstrap is a prac
tical printer and is foreman in the
Pick aud Drill ouice. wo extonti
best wishes to tho twain.
J. W. Jackson has returned from
Squaw creek, whoro ho has been em
ployed by E. S. Thurston. He says
that Mr. Thurston has a largo force
of mon omplorod in developing his
mine, and in preparing for the orec
tion of tho mill. It is proposed to
build tho mill of brick. Tho loca
tion of tho mill is about 1,S00 feet
from the miuo and at an altitude of
about 1,000 to 1,200 feet lower.
tramway will bo built to carry tho
oro from tho tramway to tho mill.
A striko of vory rich ore is report
ed from tho divide botweeu Lynx
creek and tho Hassayampa. Parties
familiar with that section will re
member a dyko which runs through
tho country. A straugor was pros
pecting thero a fow davs ago and
out of curosity broko off a pioco of
rock from this dyko and to his sur
priso found it glistening with
particles of gold. Tho sido ex
posed to tho woathor was covered
with moss whilo tho other sido was
literally studded with gold. Ho
also secured some quartz which was
vory rich iu gold. Ho locatod a
claim and will dovelop it.
Supt. Bon Jones is in receipt of a
lottor from tho goueral laud office
at Washington statinc that inas
much as Surveyor Logan has dis-J
appeared, leaving tuo survoy or thu
coal fields on the reservation un
finished, his bondsmen aro expected
to complete it and that instructions
havo boon forwarded to tho sur
veyor general's office of tho terri
tory to appoint an experienced
draftsman, to bo accepted by said
bondsmen, and uuder their direc
tion tho survey must bo complo'ted
at once. As soon as this is done J
und tho survoy approvod at Wash
ington those coal fields will be
thrown open to locations. Graham
A placor miuor out iu tho vicinity
of Willow creek, just west of towu
t i i 1 otrn .1
. , j gross mmo, wnicn nas been pre-
kii Lmuuuu uutBmou; vja i viously told in these columus, nud
wufk rucuuuy. nuus ui nw , I told us of many now am
Tho Uuitod Statos mint at San
Frnticisoo has resumed tho coinage
of silver dollars, in accordance
with instructions from Washington!
Tho gold rosorvo of tho United
States treasury has boon steadily
iuoroasiog sinco March 4, until it is
pow $145,000,000.
Whipplo troops aro expecting
marching orders for a chango of
havo been mado periodically iu that
section during tho past fow years,
although no systematic placor min
ing has been engaged in. During
tho summer of 1S93, whon work on
the coustrtictiou of tho railroad was
temporarily stopped, on account of
tho fiuaucial panic, n number of A.
J Hughes' men mado good wages
by placor tuiuiug iu tho gulches
there. There aro scores aud scores
of culches iu Arizona where cood
wages cau bo mado todaj by placor
Tho hoisting ongino of tho Black
Warrior Coppor Compauy, iu Web
ster Gulch, was blown up on Mon
day morning about 4 o'clock by
some unknown miscreant. Giant
powder was placed under each of
tho two cylinders of tho ongino and
oxplodod a few momonts apart. Tho
reports wero distinctly hoard at the
Black Warrior camp, 800 or 900 feet
distaut, but no one wont to investi
gate the cause until three hours
later. Tho explosions completely
wrecked tho cylinders into frag
ments and tearing asunder tho
wooden foundation bjocjts which
wore bolted to tho stone beneath,
and also blew tho roof off that
portion of tho building. Tho dam
ago dono, Supt. WTryto thinks,
amounts to fully $2,000. Globo Sil
ver Bolt.
any now and valuable
prospects awaiting dovolopment in
the hills about.
Ono old gentleman, who felt in
duty bound to furnish his mito of
information to tho reporter for tho
edification of tho goneral public1
aud not boiug well versed iu minim;
lore, gave us a lengthy dissertation
on tho characteristics of dogs.
Tho company has plonty of oro
in sight to keop thorn bus3' for years
to come, and when that is oxhausled
they havo othor claims iu rosorvo to
keop them busy for nu indofinito
The town has its social sido, with
a church, threo socret societies, the
Rod Mou, a now lodgo rocontly in
stituted with sixty mombors, tho Af
O. U. WT. nud Odd Follows.
A good school is in progress with
threo ablo toaohers at the holm and
150 scholars learning tho routo to
manhood and womanhood.
Wo climbed au ominonco. and
"viewed tho landscapo o'or" and
saw an ideal camp. WTo retraced
our steps, climbed m tho stago for
Concress Juuction aud homo,
ploasod with our trip and tho
courtosiop oxtoudod dpring our brief
Tho Carson Nows says that gov
ernment surveyors aro at work on
tho Comstocklodo to ascortain how
far oast tho surfaco crotmd moves
each year. Shafts onco straight aro
now so crooked that buckots cannot
bo lowered through them.
A tnlecrram from tho City of
Mexico savs: "Advicos rocoived iu
this city by a woll known mining
mau confirm tho stories that thoro
aro some rich placers in tho Yaqui
eouutry. Within tho past thirty
days ovor 200 prospectors havogono
into tho Yaqui country. All woro
woll outfitted. Parti'es coming
down from tho cold fields say thht
there is au abundance of gold in tho
country, aud a wido Gold for explor
ation. The story that Henry An
derson, an old Arizona miner, has
come out with 30,000, tho product
of tho work of threo men for threo
months, is correct. Anderson has
liouo to tho states for a short rost
and will return within ninety days
Before leaviuK Hormosillo ho stated
to a friend that ho know of much
richer claims than those which havo
been discovered, aud expects to
mako a largo-sizod fortune"
The best is best
only until there's
something bet"
ter Perhaps
some day we'll
have even a bet"
ier baking pow
der than
TYhihif-iAii )
CJi wliat s to bo the tiling in Dress-
Ca-oods, starts JNO-onday.
Tie First taaiii Sale Star
Wednesday i ! !
IW V Incli JJav -will be UUJrt vjJfJtLJN XJNG
TlUmann & Bendel, Mfra.
Dr. Stoebor, a geological explorer.
was frozen to death recently while
maKing tuo ascent oi Mt. Ararat.
Thoro has beou a general rainfall
throughout tho middle western
states, and tho long and disastrous
drouth has been broken.
A largo proces! ion of tradesmen,
neauoa oy pro-synaic ana president
oi tuo chamber of commerce of
Rome, marched to tho offico of tho
Monday, to protest and confer with
tho government regarding increased
taxation. Premier Rudini promised
that all possiblo should bo dono to
promoto friondly relations and
greater o quality between tho tar
payers ana collectors. Meanwhile,
angry crowds collected in front, nf
tho ministry and toro up tho pavine
sbuuus, uuu tuu puuuu iiisporsoa It,
aftor a conflict in which ono rintnr
was killed and six policemen in-
llowaro or Ointment For Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy the
souso oi smoii aua completely de
raugo tho whole systom whon enter
ing it through tbomucou3 surfaces,
aucu arucios suouiu never bo used
oxcopt on prescriptions from reput
ablo physiciaus, as tho damago thoy
will do is ton fold to tho good you
an,P4sibly derivo from them.
Halls Catarrh Cure, manufactured
by F. J. Chonoy & Co., Toledo, O.,
contains no mercury, and is taken
internally, acting directly upon tho
blood and mucous surfaces of tho
system. Iu buying Hall's Catarrh
Cure bo sure to got tho gonuino. It
is taken internally, aud mado in
Toledo, Ohio, by F. 0. Chonoy & Co.
Testimonial freo.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are tho best.
Tho Way to Cure
Catarrh is to purify tho blood, and
tho surest, safest, best wav to purify
tho blood is by taking Hood's Sar
saparilla, tho Ono Truo Blood Puri
fior. Hood's Pills
always reliable, easy to take, easy to
Tho teachers of tho Prescott pub.
lie schools aro doing good service by
giving firo practioo drills to tho
high school pupils cleared tho room
liist as lucky P
mil 1 1 ttssnr i ns am
il TkTTTlTTTTflnm 1
i b i u air n nTtn.
. m BT 1 I W I I mm mt H I 1 a m r-m m m a
fill IV MA Iff BlrV A 11' fill-
r v i i
I m i MTuiu i nil
iviii if ii i ii ii mi in
Jackets !
tho Mouey EVEK JfJslUiU.
Vl XJ uaiJJJVIJlJlJAO i wilt tlUUU X iaitaiiuuuu
tTTorvrc! vrr ttt.t TTTTTi: tv rrrrr7 vr x?r otvt."PC VB
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Dr. Scott Holm's funoral took in j"8t oo minute, whilo tho kinder
place yesterday afternoon iu Pho-; gnrton tote gofbut in good order in
nix. two ana a half ininutos.
Wish to inform the miblic tba
thoy aro prepared to make LIVING
TXT Tr?T7Cr?nTT t,nnr . itisoi .
J, 1x1 II 1 If II I tho Faoifio Coast, or in tbe tasLoy
rvi, a m h tn m. a mm i ni r
3 l l mmmm giving up a portion oi (neir pruu j
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3 pound sack of Salt 5o
5 pound Sack of Salt for 10c
Full Cream Cheese, por lb 15c
SlbPiuls' 30c
101b oails' ! 90c e
Fancy Mocha and Java
Coffeo, old prico 50 cents, 'i
Choice M. & J. Coffee, old
nrico -lOn.. now 35c Or
31bs for 0 1
Finost Maricopa Buttor, per lb.. 25c
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thing Else.

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