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OLD resident laneburg
Mrs. Tennie Munn, wife of the late
0. W. Munn of Laneburg, died at the
home of her son J. B. Munn at Lane
burg last night. She had been ill for
,„.ne time, but was able to be about,
;to within a short time of her death.
\v days ago she contracted la
, but was not supposed to be
seri ]y affected. Last night she be
came much worse and died before
medical aid could he summoned. She
was 65 years of age.
Sh. is survived by two sons, J. B.
. ■ ' r. \T. Munn, and one daughter,
p. T-. McGough, nil of Laneburg.
Interment will be at Laneburg to
Farmers week of the College of ;
Sericulture of the University will be
held January 2 to 7. The work will
. • )tb 'rtructire and nractical and
<■ 1 w» h the time of every farmer.
The Home Makers Course January
2 to 7 is carefully arranged work for
the women of the state. The wor':
bo instructive, timely, vital and
bud. The course is open to all
women of the state. Farmers' wives
are especially invited.
The Annual Short Course for farm
< rs and farmers’ sons is given January
to February 3. The short course is
arranged as follows: for the conven
ience of people who want one line of
work only.
Cotton i .assmg, rronucuon ami
Marketing is given January 8 t > 20. j
litre i.- an opportunity for every cot- '
! n farmer, but especially for the
man who wishes to prepare for spe
cial work based upon a thorough
knowledge of cotton grade standards, i
Those who want general information 1
in crops and soils will he interested in j
that line of work given January 8 to :
20. Address a postal card to the i
Dean of the College of Agriculture, j
Fayetteville, Ark., and a questions ;
regarding any part of the work. Jan
uary 22 to 27 will be occupied with ]
work most important to persons inter
ested in live stock and dairying. |
Thousands of Arkansas farmers are
turning to the live * stock industry. 1
'ihey should have tho information to ,
enable them to tart right. January ’
21) to February 3 will be devoted to
fruit production. All phases of the i
fruit business will he thoroughly
handled. The work of the courses is
so arranged that a person can get all
or any part that he chooses. The live
stock grower, tho fruit grower, the
general farmer, the cotton farmer or
the would-be export cotton grader can
r t work in hn lin with the least pos
dble expenditure of time.
- j
<>100 Reward,
The readers < t l! =.» pv • will h*
pleased t:> leurn tl . here is a>. Cast
one dr’pfled d-scr diet . .eni •' has
been able to cure ;n : •! i‘ and
that Is catarrh. C.iV r.'i being preaUj
influenced by oiitl.- . • -mb
requires constltuth : » *■ -attnem. Halts
Catarrh Medicine p, laaeii ini *rn;ill\ utiJ
act3 thru the Dloo : n t Mucous S'ur
faces of the Sy.-n ■ Hereby destroying
tlie foundation of t.u Ui::ease, giving tho
patient strength by building up t1-' con
stitution and sssis’ing nature in doing its
work. Tho proprf have so much
faith in tlie curatt' ■' powers of Hall’s
Catarrh Medicine that they offer One
Iliimlrei Dollars for nr ease that it f ills
to curt 1' rid for of te.d'monlals.
Acidrt .r I. J. CU ■ d ( a foe do.
Oh'o. Sold by id! i --legist, 1.
A recent dispatch published in the
Gazette telling of a tight between l)r. ,
A. S. Buchanan and a tramp last Mon
day, which occurred when the physi
cian asked the tramp to work, evi
dently was rend by comrades of the
tramp. Dr. Buchanan received the
following letter Saturday:
“1 noticed the clipping in the Ar
kansas Gazette about you outraging !
the fellow son of rest and I wish to
inform you that this act is against
the constitution of the ‘Stiffs’ Good
Government Association.’ Now I wish
to warn you against such an act again.
The Sons of Rest are for pleasure and
not for slavery. President Lincoln
put an end to slavery in the Civil
War. The next time you get the hon- |
nr of befriending a brother of the road
please accommodate them. Hoping
some day you will be on the road your
self and we will treat you as a bro
ther. Please put an apology in the
Gazette to let the Sons of Rest know
you have reformed. (Signed)
Malvern, Dec. 17.—The Rev. L. H.
Holt, formerly pastor of the Second
Baptist chufch of this city, has ac
cepted a call from the Baptist church
at Hampton and left today. During
his pastorage here the new Second |
Baptist church was built.
The noted Indian missionary, Cap
tain Hicks spent Tt^esday night in the
city on his way around the world,
walking. Capt. Hicks is a very in
teresting character, he is full bboic!
Comanche and is making a trip around
the world on foot for which he is t >
receive $10,000, so he states. He is
traveling in citizen’s clothes, but al
ways carries a complete Indian outfit
with him. This famous character
made his first trip around the globe
two years ago, on horseback, and is
being well paid for his second stunt.
He is about 65 years of age and takes
4-foot steps at a time. His home is
in Oklahoma but started his world
lour from New York. He did not
state how long he was to have in
making the trip. ' |
He left early yesterday morning
"or Hot Springs where he is to meet
--ho vrll r.n • through!
that city tomorrow in an automobile, j
which was given to her. Capt. Hicks
fates by President Wilson’s present
wife. The automobile was given to
the girl before she became first lady
of the land, when she was attending
•o’lege in the . -ime county this Ind an
girl attended school. The gift was
made because of the high average in
her studies, this girl making the best
grades in music, art and literary stu
dies or any student in the Indian
Cant. Hicks is a very willing talker.
In telling of his conversion, he said
that he was converted in the streets
or Cleveland. Ohio, after listening to
a. Salvation Army singing, “Where is
My Wandering Roy Tonight.” He
also says that lie never took a drink
of “fire water” in his 1 ife.

Mr. W. B. Garret is out in the
county soliciting new subscribers and
collecting past due subscription for
The Prescott Daily News. He is thor
oughly reliable and business trans
acted for us will !: • satisfactory.
He has attractive clubbing offers
and will take your order for any of
them. Our rate • for o r own publi
cations are as follows:
Daily News, by mail one year.. .$3.00
Daily News, by mail six months. 1.50
Daily News, by mail one month. . .25
The Nevada Ne\vs, one year.... 1.00
The Nevada News, six months... .50
Among our clubbing offers we have
the following:
The Nevada News and Twice a
Week Gazette.$1.50
The Nevada News and Weekly
Commercial Appeal. 1.25
The Nevada News and Farm and
‘Ranch, one year. 1.50
The Nevada News, Twice a Week
Gazette, Weekly Commercial
Appeal . 1.75
These are only a few of the combi
nations and they are good ones. W
you are not supplied with an abund
ance of reading matter for the coming
year, let Mr. Garret have your sub
scription to any of these papers in
connection with our publication.
The Nevada News is an all-home
print paper issued from our office at,
Prescott every Thursday. It is a five '
column paper and contains from eight
to sixteen pages of real live matter
each week. When wo say it is all
home print we mean that we print
every line of it right here in Prescott.
A large number of weekly papers use
what is termed “ready print.” This
matter is supplied by syndicates and
the publisher does not even know
what kind of matter he is going to
send out to his readers until he re
ceives his weekly shipment.
Our daily publication is ordinarily
four pages of home printed matter. It
gives some satisfaction, for we have
been printing it for ten years, and
have paid for all of our print paper.
Your subscription will be appreci
ated. See Mr. Garret and let hini add
your name to our large list of pleased
■ - ---
FOR RENT—Good farm five miles
east of Prescott. Seventy-five acres
in cultivation, good residence and
two room tenant house. Apply to E.
K. Thomas, Prescott, Ark. 14w2
Colds Relieved
Without Dosing
If you have tried “Internal” medicines
without success, we want you to try the i
“External” treatment — Vick's “Vap-O
Rub" Salve. Apply hot wet towels over
the throat and cnesi to open the pores, then
rub Vick's in well and cover with a warm
tlunnel cloth. The body warmth releases
healing vapors that are inhaled with each
breath,and, in addition, Vick’s is absorbed
through the pores. 25c, 50c, or $1.00.
An X-Ray machine of the latest
type, and made by Max Wocher &
Son, has just been installed at the
Lb ->eson Sanitarium in this city, by
l«rs. A. U. and G. A. Buchanan and
.. II. Kennedy.
The machine is scientifically con
structed so that there is absolutely
i;o danger of X-Ray burns to the op
erator or the patient, an important
improvement over the old style X
Ray, yet it is much more simple in
Prescott now can cla'm the distinc
tion of being able to handle any case
requiring the aid of the X-Ray, such
as radiology and treatments of var
ious natures. It is also invaluable
to the dentist in the way of locating
the trouble at the root of the teeth,
photographs of which can be made
cn this, machine in a few minutes.
The owners state that the use of
the machine is open to any physician
ifl the city, and inspection of same is
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned as Commissioner under and
by virtue of the authority in him vest
ed in a certain -decretal order of th ■
Chancery Court of Nevada county, Ar
kansas, made and entered on the Cth
day of December, 1916, in a certain
cause therein pending wherein W. H.
liriont was plaintiff and Molisy Reece
et al were defendant, will sell at pub
lic outcry to the highest and best
bidder, on a credit of Three (8)
months, at the front door of the court
house, town of Prescott., Nevada comi
ty, Arkansas, between the hours for
judicial sales on
Saturday, the 6th dav of January,
the following described real estate
situated in Nevada county, Arkansas:
Begin at the Northwest Corner of
the Northwest Quarter of the North
west Quarter of Section Five (5),
Township Fourteen (14) South, Range
Tvverty-two (22) West, run thence
South Three Hundred and forty- rno
(949) Yards to the cento: of lane be
tween this and i. li. Mad. - la^d run
thence due East Three ILualre ! aim
Nineteen (.419) Yards to the c iter
of Hope and Bodcaw Public Road, tin
thence North along said road Five
hundred and forty-nine (849) Yards
to the North line of said Northwest
Quarter of the Northwest Qua ter,
run thence due West about Three
Hundred and Nineteen (819) Y i .1.
to point o' beginning, containing
Twentv-throe (23) acres, more or
less; also th ? followi, g describe 1 land,
commencing at Northwest corner of
I. H. Mack’s Store House Lot run
thoa.ee North Forty-five (45) feet to
point of beginning, run thence East
One Hundred and fifty-one and one
half (131 1-2) Links, run thence
North Forty-live (45) feet, thence
West One Hundred and fifty-one and
one-half (151 1-2) Links, run thence
South Forty-five (45) feet to point
of beginning, same being a part of the
Southwest Quarter of the Northwes
Quarter of said Section Five (5); also
the following described land beginning
at the Southeast corner of the North
east Quarter of the Southwest Quar
ter of Section Thirty-two (82), Town
ship Thirteen (18) South, Range
Twenty-two (22) West, and run thence
due North Forty-four and one-half
(44 1-2) Rods to the center of Pres
cott and Bodcaw Public Road, run
thence Southwest along said Roml
Seventy-two (72) Rods to the South
boundary line of the Northeast Quai
ter of the Southwest Quarter of said
Section Thirty-two (82), run thence
due East Fifty-four and one-half
(51 1-2) Rods to point of beginning,
containing Eight Acres, more or less.
Also the East Half of the South
west Quarter of the Northwest Quar
ter, the Southeast Quarter of the
Northwest Quarter and the North
Half of the Northeast Quarter of the
Southwest Quarter of Section 19,
Township 18 South, Range 22 West,
containing Seventy (70) Acres, more
or less.
The 70 acres last above described
will be sold separately.
Purchaser will be required to exe
cute note with approved personal se
curity bearing interest at the rate of
10 per cent per annum from date of
sale until paid, and a lien will be re
tained upon said lands to secure the
payment of the same.
Tris December 14th. 1916.
16w2 Commissioner.
From Tuesday's Daily.
John Culp, living about two miles
on the other side of the river in Clark
county, brought to Prescott this
morning a large, gray timber wolf
which he shot near the John White
place. He and his little son were out
hunting yesterday and the dogs trailed
the wolf for a good ways until the
wolf became desperate and turned in
his tracks and began running the
dogs. It was while the wolf was in
pursuit that be came into view of
Mr. Culp who had a gun loaded with
buckshot; he took careful aim and
fired, hitting the wolf in the right
shoulder, killing him. The wolf is
of the loafing variety and is a very
rare specimen in this state. He
weighed about 70 pounds. Mr. Culp
is offering him for sale.
Little Rock, Dec. 19—The following
officers of the Arkansas regiments
have been assigned to recruiting duty
in the state, for the purpose of carry
ing on an active campaign to increase
the membership of the State Guard:
First Infantry—Capt. Bernie F
Jungkind, 1st Lt. J. M. Brooks, 1st
Lieut. S. B. Scott, Sergt. Eugene
Browning, Sergt. Wm. T. Popplewell,
Sergt. George Tillery, Corporal Lan
das, Corporal Wm. Croxton, Corporal
II. B. Chenier, Private Carmell C.
Smith, Private Claude Hopper, Pri- j
vate Bryan Simms.
Second Infantry—1st Lieut. Samuel 1
iB. Thorpe. 1st Lieut. Thomas A. Gil
lespie, 2d Lieut. James E. Berry,
Sergt. J. E. Johns >n, Sergt. James
I.ockridge, Sergt. Wallace Bruce, Cor
j poral H. Whitfield, Corporal Carl W. j
Rollow, Corporal llarolil Ford, Car- |
poral Lawrence Martin, Private Bur
ton Fitzsimmons, Private Williiam '
| Meeks.
The Gale High School basket hall
•team defeated the Stamps Y. M. 0.
I A. at Stamps Saturday, Dec. ldth., .'>2
to 2*>. The inexperience of the Calc- 1
High team on an indoor court was
quite a disadvantage, but their su- .
pei ior team work and rapidity mad ■
up for this. It was especially credit
able to the Gale boys because of the
fact that the Stamps Y. M. C. A. ha.
I not been defeated before in three
years, having won the State champion
ship for the last several years, and
have never been beaten by a High
School team before, he Gale High
team is a fast bunch of boys, and
stand a good chance for State cham
pionship for which they expect to
enter. Too much credit can not be
given to Prof. C. B. Erwin and the
boys composing this team, for their
It \cellent showing. They arc ready t -
play any High School team in this
Both Units at Doming Far Pvlou the
Required Strength on Peace
Doming, N. M., Dec. 18.—There i
need for recruits i:i the two A;:aii
sas regiments. The required peace
strengtii of a regiment is 1,175 men,
not including the medical corps. At
present the Second has 524 men on its
roils, while the Fir.-t has about
more. Both regiments are being de
pleted by the loss of men whose t:m
has expired. Almost an entire com
pany of the Second goo-- out this
month, and a company will he <!■< ir
ganized in January. .According to
a ruling of the War Department, a
regiment must he at peace strength
when mustered out or cease to exist. I
The doings of the militiamen are a
source of surprise and amusement to
the regular officers. A private from
the Second was recently detailed on
guard duty at the hospital. He came
over in his own auto, put, on his side
arms and performed his duty correct
ly. When his turn was over he calm
ly drove back to camp. The regulars
are not used to such things. At pres
ent there are half a dozen private ears
in the Second, most of them owned by
enlisted men.
Captain Hawk of I Company, First
Arkansas, has recovered from his
operation and has gone on furlough to
his home.
Sergeant Kyser, United States In
fantry, who has been detailed with
the Second for some time, has receiv
ed a commission as a second lieuten
ant in the regulars.
Genuine Cameo solid gold rings,
85.00, at Hesterly Drug Store,
From Tuesday’s Daily.
A car containing six 1 e
roadster and five touring c ’• ? a
sidetracked tlv's mo? -’mg i 1 f
Harrell & Hamby’s garage
loading which is being d ' e to ?.
The cars are being assemble ' as t y
are taken from the car so t a e
owners can hrave nminedie^
same. The cars brave been contract
ed for for weeks and the dealers w e
unable to get a shipment o»? acco t
of the manufacturers being u!?ahle to
supply the demand. The o ■ e s • «:
Mrs. W. R. Lawler of Toy' r f,
ship; A. J. Fuller of Parker tow f «;
Verne Buchanan of Bough'- C l
ship; R. Q. vVonhan. Rnsstn; h ■. P.
J. Mendenhall. Ross!* ; ; J. 1: 1 >
way, Rosston.
Conway, Dec. 17.—Under 4ho a- s
pices of the Conway Shake ;' ■ o r ' b
a larger Christinas tree, lade - with a
!>ag of candy and an orange for each
of the 700 children of the e;ty iP'-’er
the ago of 10, will ' e place ! on the
public square Saturday night A pro
gram will he given. It will he the
second annual municipal Christmas
The Annual Fiddlers’ Contest will
be held at Rosston on the night of
Feb. 10th. All parties wishing to
enter the contest, or contribute priles,
please notify the secretary. The home
band will not enter the jontest.
d'2\v2 C. W. Brandon, Secy.
Little Rock, Dec 10.—Colgate &
Co. of New York, have advisee! fche
militia headquar1 r . in response* to
a suggestion by Maj. Fredemann that
tl y will s< d a package of their soap
•nd othe r pr< .'. cts to every number
the two Yrkai as Regiment-; at
Fort Deming.
Little Rock, Dec. 10.—Tin? State
Norma! School Board is meeting *o
day "t Conway for the purpose of
".sidering the budget, for next year’s
expet'.; "- t he submitted to the L s
A Wealthy ChiId’s Gift.
One of the toys made
for Santa to deliver to
u New York mansion
this year is a miniature
grocery store. When Mil
dred of Fifth avenue be
holds It on Christmas
morning she will feel that
lovely old Santu has done
the very best thing possl
ble for her this year It
has a large counter, with
groceries packed in tiny
boxes and cartons and
an advertising slogitu on
the outside of each, a big
drawer at the side letter
ed "Cash," n cabinet with
rows of shelves on which
one sees packages of "Ha
by Trust" cocoa anil
“Cherub" breakfast food
There are shining scales
which really weigh—and
honestly, too—n cash bell
which rings grandly
whenever a penny Is de
posited, nickel plated
scoops for selling loose
goods and all sorts of
miniature measures. A
big doll In pink organdie
and ribbons nets as sales
woman, and the effect Is
most realistic
C>OUflhS Ol ISJiflht worry the patient and disturb
V/UUIJIS9 Ui l^iykll the Sleep of the whole family.
For a good relieving remedy use
It Eases the Lungs
It checks coughing, relieves chest pains, Hoarseness, Loss of
Voice, Sore Lungs, Wheezing and Difficult Breathing. Good for
children or adults.
Price 25c, 50c and $1.00 per Botlle
Buy the $1.00 size. It contains five times as much as the 25c size and you
get free with each bottle one Dr. Herrick’s Capsicum Plaster for the chest.
JAS. F. BALLARD, Proprietor ST. LOUIS, MO.

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