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mm-w»vim—awniri«•y*■»■■—r<*•-» —VTA — t’w’wi wn •mmnmmmmmmm*
A. IV. ST. JOHN. V.W.HT. JOI!>\ B. *. ST. JOHN
fq. w. st. jonr) & soiys,
Editors and Proprietors.
Entered at rhe postoftlce at Mena, Ark., an
second class matter.
Tli reo moo tbs.J,_ .,.. --... 2tte
Six Months....1.8»e
vine year.............t...i-....tibc
Advertising rates given on application.
K. C., P. a C. TimE TfTBLE.
Southbound. . , , , , Northbound.
4:15 pm.IvANSAfi CITY.10:1b am
8*40pin... I'ittsburg.. -i :i«) ain
i]fl ;45 pns...ioplin.. .y :3) am
1-;4T atii/._Afinam Springs....-..- .1*4:30 am
' , 5:47pa)!...i l'"ti*nu. . : »a»pm
ar 7t! -am.MENA................ <>:iV>pm 1
■ sRSarii Iv *...—•..MKJTA..’.1. »tt 5:45wn
tl:I.o*hw.. . hrhssen.4 :ftO pn*
, h>:U .. Horatio,. ... SUM HU
’ • it*: • * f .• .. ,Tt <}irkana..*;■ i f?s» pm
. -'llrev port.K)Spain
. ’* , ; \V. a: UI.simoVV4 A«eut.
' . r ' i.r'S'voirtd
p> u|Uf.... fotviiu*, ..12:0T. pui,
c.rti.y yin.....:. • ....../Mena ■.. -0:«0 hm
) t--A . J . II ■ I li l. .. ■
M. X. CHURCH SOUTH—PiPftchlng <-neh
•Sunday at 11 a.rn. and T nt" p. m ; Sunday soli ->ol
at Mai tu.; Kptvnrtiv i,e»*cue 2:8© p. ui.; Prayer
meeting Wednesday evening.
.1. Y.’Christmas. Pastor.
1 - i. . ... l- L — ..—-----4—- —
“The Bank of Mena,’’ That
sounds about right-.
We have no “boom;'1 it is sim
ply a steady, healthy growth that
Mona is making.
The K. O., P. & C+. is bound to
become the greatest road in the
country. Its Northern extensions
will soon enter Omaha, Neb.
‘ At 1,350 above the sea level we
have no fours .from tidal waves or
the Ovrioiv of rivers,' and wo
laugh at all talk about malaria.
Mena is a safe and healthful place
to live in.
Two thousand Irish emigrants
arc coming to the United States
ami three-fourths of them are
reported to bo young women.
There is room for them in Ar
The new man of (lie Port Arthur
route, as printed on the back of
the letter heads in use by the of
ficials, has outlined upon it the
proposed road from Mena to Hot
The dredging for a deep water
harbor at Port Arthur will go on.
Hie gentlemen behind the project
are men who carry out whatever
they undertake and know no such
word as ‘‘fail.”
rritn l oet cv*»u»i' mlvlnu/.' it
_ _ . tl [ t ^ J 1 (I >
lUi'UlillliVUUt'U i 01* n'luOVjijl; IT*
sect posts from apple trees is
made as follows: “One pound of
puris green, three pounds of fresh
lime and 150 gallons of water.”
Note the prices quoted in our
advertising columns for farms and
farm lands near Mena and see
how easy it is to got a homo which
will double in value inside of two
years. Now is the time to get a
good homo cheap.
Messrs Quigley & Kelly, the
owners and managers of the Bank
of Mena, to be opened here next
week, are gentlemen of financial
standing and large business ex
perience and will establish (lie
bank upon a stable foundation.
Now that our graded streets
have been cleaned up and put in
good condition the city council
should try and see that the main
thoroughfares leading into town
arc put in good condition as far,
at least, as the city limits.
Numerous air ships have recent
ly been “seen” by people in var
ious portions of the country, and
now a pastor of a church at Gol
den City, Mo., is ropoted to have
Seen an aligator three and a half
feet long in a creek near that
place. Do these people ali drink
the same beverage.
To Tltc Memory of BH! Nye.
'Tis sad to learn of the death
Of one so quiet and so kind;
But the Mow don’t fall so hard
Where his works are left behind.
For Mis of Me great humor
For centuries will lie road,
And ninny a one will cause to laugh
At. things he's done and said.
Our astronomers and scientists
Are men of sober mien ;
As if the sober side of life
Is all that’s to be seen.
But Bill Nye took the other side,
And with peculiar tact
, He covered up’ with ridicule.
The most repulsive fact.
lils thoughts were lofty, clean and pure,
Ills face a ray of hope;
He seemed to Mi the object
Of perfection’s Horoscope.
Ux lowered above the humorous, world,
And none with him compare ;
And on each shn kissed pinnacle
Nye’s name is written there.
So I*-t usnsk Dame Nature
if it be within her power.
To weave a wreath about his head
Front Memory’s leafy bower.
That ho in«y know irt wiint estetsin
His works are Wid by nieii;
And that Man's immortality
jn pmvi'ii uy mspen*
The mountain streams of pure
soft water near Mena go rippling
down the valley as merrily as a
happy maiden thinking of her
first .truelove. Their blue and
limpid waters give pleasure to the
eye and sing sweet music to the
ear. telling of health and happi
ness to all who come to see and
listen while sitting in the cooling
shade of the forest trees growing
majestically along their banks.
Near some of these streams, or at
the springs on the mountains from
which they get their start, would
be a typical place fora Sanitarium
and summer resort.
The republican state executive
committee, at a recent session bold
at Little Rock, endorsed F. M.
Reeves, of this place, for the posi
tion of postmaster. This was an
excellent recommendation, one
that will be appreciated and en
dorsed by a very large majority
of our people regardless of party.
Mr. Reeves is a thoroughly hon
est and reliable gentleman and
one of the best known men in Ihe
county. He was postmaster at
Dallas under the Harrison admin
Renters of farms in the north
rn states should come to Arkan
sas and become the owners of
their farms. The amount paid in
rents for a few years only, would
pay for a farm here at the prices
the}' are now selling.
It is reported that England is
buying American horses for her
cavalry service. Possibly the
price of horses will bemn to ad
-• o
Vance now—under the McKinley
V nn /imi f lio \rr\ + r\ nl o aa n •*»
very near the ground to hear the
great strides Mena is making
towards greatness.
Our Commercial Club Speaks.
When word was received in Mena
to the effect that dredging had been
stopped in the channel at Port Arthur
by order of the Secretary of War, a
meeeting of our commercial club was
held and the following resolution
adopted and wired to Secretary Alger:
War, Washington, D. C.
Resolved; That we most earnestly
beg of yon to not recall the dredging
system at Port Arthur. This would
entail great loss to the commercial in
terests of thousands of business men
iu the states of Louisiana. Texas, Ar
kansas, Mis-ouri and the great .North
west. Deep water at Port Arthur is
an assured fact under system now iu
vogue there,and will inure to the bene
fit to millions of people in all these
states mentioned. To stop this work
now will entail great loss to thsusands
of laborers find cause a depression of
business now in operation in this sec
tion of our Government
A Useful “New Woman.”
South West City (Mo.) Leader: A
Pleasant Hill girl who began work as
a telegraph operator when IS years
old, now lives in Florence, Kan.,
where she holds the following posi
tions: Railroad agent, express agent,
baggagemaster, local manager West
ern Union Telegraph company, post
master and notary public. She has
also prevented two terrible railroad
wrecks during the past few years.
The Channel Will be Finished From
Port Arthur to Sabine Pass.
“Kansas City, Mo., April It).—Eight
years ago the oflicers of the Missouri,
Kansas «fc Texas Trust Company con
ceived the idea of a direct line of rail
road fr>’m the North to the nearest
point on the Gulf of Mexico. Sabine
was chosen as tlmt point on account
of the bow in the Gulf Mexico at that
place malting it nearer than any other
point to Kansas City, because of the
great depth o' water there existing
and the natural conditions for a great
harbor. Millions of money have been
expended in carrying out this plan, in
cluding the building of the Suburban
Kelt Railroad at Kansas City, and the
Kansas City, Pittsburg & Gulf Rail
“Nothing on earth can interfere with
the bio ding up of ouV termina's at
Port Arthur.
“While scheming real estate people
owning property at Sabine Pass
would like to reap the fruits of what
they have not sown by inducing or
forcing us to use their ground, and
U - .1.II it A,. ' 4 M
l* . vx VIV/U'j Ul 1 L'U v OU U. L v/ VIVMU — *
working on the channel which we in
tend to build from Port Arthur to the
head of Sabine Pass, we wisii to say
positively that nothing can prevent
our building this channel. While we
would like to build it as we have
planned, that is in two feet of water
in order to save dredging two feet
of dirt l'or a distance of live and one
half miles, if we cannot speedily get
permission to do this we wilt simply
move the channel back, dig it in solid
ground which we own, and operate
under, a charter from the stale of
“Rumors have been rife daring the
past few days that tnis work must
Stop, but t here is no foundation in
such reports, and the people who have
constructed this great property will
find a way to build a channel live and
one-half miles in length on ground
which they themselves own. Port
Arthur will be the terminus of our
railroad. We would deem it unwise
to subject the great property interests,
extensive trnnnals, public and private
improvements and the people of a
growing city to a recurrence of the
great tidal wave disaster'which swept
the old city of Sabine Pass from the
from the face of the earth a few years
ago. The moment the road is finished,
if our channel is not in shape to carry
export business to the Gulf, we will j
simply rent lighters which have been
ottered us, build a short dock in front
of Port Arthur, and run ears on the
lighters to load the boats as they lie
in the Pass until our channel is com- !
pleted. We agree to handle all busi
ness that is offered us for export in
this way before the channel can be hn- j
; is bed, and as we have never made any '
promise we have not fulfilled wo hope
th s will be final and end all false ru
mors regarding what we will and can ;
A. E. Srii.wKrj,, President.
The Walker Springs.
nuoul too uays ago P. ?*T. Polhauius,
of Texarkana, who is erecting the ex- '
tensive ice plant and bottling works
t. ___ .. .. . ___ ! 11 VI v « w
***•**-1 U-. uy X . JiCCVCS illJU ,
on Push mountain to the Walker
springs which have a very excellent
local reputation for their met]ical qual
ities. About eight gallons of the water
was taken by Mr. Poiharaus to his!
works and carbonated with gas and
bottled, and last Saturday he left
a half dozen bottles at the Star office
with his compliments. As far as
tested this water retains, when bot
tled, all its peculiar qualities and we
have no doubt but if once brought to
the attention cf the public would be
in irrtat demand and the bottling and
shipping become quite an industry.
The : Mena : Dairy.
,,,e Milkl>otl\ Sweet ind Sour, nlso Batter.
e ueltver daily, both irloi hoik mid evening
to all customers, choice butter mul the best of
milk, both sweet and sour ns wanted, and all
at reasonable prices. Hall our wagons us they
pass and give us yonr orders.
Wilson, Rowton & Co., Props.
In Nursery Stock.
■ Only Anthorizefl Agent,
Our Price-List, now
ready; mailed free.
Sarcoxla. Mo.
Attorneys at Law.
Office, second floor, MENA,
Blocksom building. ARK.
Ill HH II I nimmmmmmmmi mni ll^l,*,wWlll^!!T^^l -tv ..■■S .*. .. 7
I ^ Ready For Business!^ f
W. H. Booth & Co. I
--—- l
1 , t
4 The largest stock in the city. :-: Fresh from tho factory 4
Can Sell It Very Cheap.
<k Corner Be-Quc^n Street and PliPinja A»B X
Jluni 11 Aven.U'. . . . i ICIlcl, ATK. <|>
Good Homes. Good Farms.
Cheap Homes. Cheap Farms.
Here is Your Chance to Get Them
A. W. St. JOHN & CO.,
Real Estate Agents, have on their
books the following list of properties.
each and every one being a
Nd. 1. A new three room cottage with
porch and ball, stone foundation, plastered
walls, nicely painted and finished, good well
of water, on corner of Honert avenue and
Hermann str: et, lot 40x100. Price $550
No. 2. Lot 12, block 00, on south Dc Queen
street, good business lot, two small buildiugs
on it. Owner will take mule team and wag
on in part payment. Price $325.
No. 3. One 80 acre farm, 4 miles west of
Mena, on public road, all tillable, 35 acres
under good rail fence and in cultivation, bal
ance in timber, one double log house, good
cribs and stables, large garden, 3 acres in or
chard, good well and spring. Price $640.
No. 4. One 80 acre farm, 3 miles south
west of Mena, 35 acres in cultivation, balance
in timber, large log house, fair log barn, well
iu yard, large garuen, some fruit trees. Price
No. 5. One 160 acre farm, four miles west
of Husks Station, 50 acres under fence and
in cultivation, balance well timbered, \wo
sets ot cheap log houses, 100 bearing fruit
tiers, 5 never failing springs, a tine stock
farm, good range near. Price $000.
No. 6. One 100 acre farm on the Ouachita
river one mile from Heath station, 0 miles
from Mena, 60 acres in cultivation and fenced
balance iu timber, mostly bottom land, two
sots of buildings and outhouses, small orchard
and fine well of water. Ouachita runs
through but never overflows. Price $1,100.
No, 7. 40 acres, 1 mile from Mena 10
acres in cultivation, balance good timber, all
tillable. Price $400.
No. 8. 80 acres, 40 acres in cultivation,
all tillable, good timber, fair improvements,
good well, some fruit, one mile from Mena,
bice location. Price $800.
No. 0. SO acres, three miles from Mena,
o0 acres in cultivation, poor improvements,
all tillable land, good school and church near
by. A bargain at $5C0.
No. 10. 160 acres, 90 acres in cultivation,
good improvements, running water, nice
place. Price $1,500.
No. 11. 280 acres, on railroad track, 100
acres good bottom land in cultivation, balance
good timber, ail tillable, good spring, two
good wells, good barn, good frame house.
This is an all around (arm for all purposes,
and a bargain at $7 per acre.
No. 12. Lots 1 and 2, block 10, each loox
335, part of each cleared and goood for garden,
shade trees on front end, nicely located.
Price lot 1, $225; lot 2. $175.
No. 13. Lots 10 and 11, block 10, lot 10
llox300, lot 11 110x300, both front on Ilonert
avenue, all cleared. Price lot 10 $125, lot 11
No. 14. Lot 4, block 11, 300x335, street on
two sides, i acre in timber, 2 acres in cultiva
tion with several apple and peach trees grow
ing good well, frame of barn well roofed and
little log cabin. Price $250.
No. 15. Lots 1 and 2, block 11, each 300x
3 ; >, front on Houcrt avenue, J acre of lot 1
good timber, 2 acres in cultivation and fenced
with a few peach trees on it, a choice piece of
bind. Price $225. Lot 2, all timber, good
location. Price $175.
No. 10. Lots 4 and 5, block 10, each Mi
3-35, part cleared and part timber. Price lot 4
§125; lot 5 $100.
No. 17. 800 acres in a fine farm 10 milt*
out. 200 acres in river bottom, with mount
tains all around for thctisands of acres. fn»
for outside range; can lie divided. Price on
application. This is a fine place.
No. 18. 340 acres, 1 mile from Mena, well
improved. Price $15 per acre.
No. Ill, 40 acres 1 mile from Mena. Prion
$10 per acre.
No. 20. 100 acres, 8% miles from Mena, 40
acres improved. Price $000.
No. 21. 320 acres. 3 miles from Mena, well
improved, on railroad. Price $10 per acre.
No. 22. 280 acres, 12 miles from Mena, 80
acres bottom land. Price $4.50 per acre.
No. 23. 37§ acres, 1 mile from Mena. Prifll
No. 24. 400 acres, well improved river bot
tom, 4 miles out. Price $15 per acre,
Address A. W. ST. JOHN & CO.,
■^LQAa, -A-rlrajD-sas.
V Ti‘n ana Sncct iron
Roofing, . .
Galvanized Iron Cornfce.
Guttering, Spouting, Repairing.
Tin Shop at Sneed & Jones’ Hardware Store.
Call and see mo.
Fresh Meat!
We are prepared to keep all kinds of
fresh meat in nice condition during
the summer months. Give us a call*
Sherwood avenue between Mena and
Be Queen streets.
Board & Alley’s
Meat Market
Baggage and Transfer Line,
. Work guaranteed and prices in keep
>ug with the times. Agent for Walter
Bierce Oil Co.
< .

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