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I *
City Bakery
For Everything Fresh
and Good to Eat
Phone No. 25 before 10
a. m. and 2:30 p. m.
to insure dinner and
supper delivery
A Man Who
Would Try
to gel you to take liis deed to a
piece of property without fur
nishing an abstract of title had
better be watched
Bahner & Co.
fun Lou Cabin Democrat
Editor and Manager
By the week by carrier Iuc
Application made tor entry as secotui-class
matter at the Conway. Ark., postoflicc
t x
:: Local-Personal ♦
- hM“M~♦-♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦
Mrs. E. R. James is visiting at
W. S. Shaw of Hamlet is in the
city today.
Herbert Martin of Martinville is
in the city.
Go to Freeman’s for magazines
and post cards. 3-tf
Rev. K. A. Tabor of I.ittle Rock
is in the city visiting relatives.
For Rent.—A nice residence.
6d iw Mrs. K. P. James.
Miss Beulah Holmes and Birdy
Nance of Fourche will attend the
Rev. Bob Cook has closed a
meeting at Perryville and is now at
Pleasant Grove, near Aplin.
Dr. W. T. McDonald and
daughter were in Conway yester
day en route to Little Rock.
W. H. Montgomery of Green
brier called this morning and sub
scribed for the Daily Kditiou.
Prof. O. D. Longstreth and
family have moved into their home
in the Davies & Garvin addition.
For Rent.—Three large fur
nished room.
5tf Mrs. Mawk Austin.
Miss Ollie Brannon is entertain
ing her young friends this alter
Jioon in celebration of her 13th
Mrs. Charles Et/hack and child
ren of Ivittle Rock are visiting in
the city, the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Caspar Dum.
C. A. Simmons has begun the j
erection of a nice residence on the
lots in the Davies Garvin ad
dition recently purchased from
Mrs. M. F. Hardin.
Our local in yesterday’s paper
was erroneous. What we intend
ed to say is that after Saturday no
100 pound deliveries of ice will be
made to residences except in the
afternoon. Smaller quantities will
be delivered to residences as usual
any time in the day.
McCrr.LOcn & Alundkk.
A Regular JTen
Cent Mackerel
For Five Cents today
and Monday at
Miss Emil Moose is visiting in
Little Rock today.
Mrs. L C. Holman is visiting
in Little Rock today.
Mrs. \V. L Durham has return
ed from a visit to Plummerville
Mrs. Nora Clements left this
morning for a visit to relatives at
Mrs. R. B. Haskins left this
morning for Little Rock where she
will visit for a few days.
All sizes of hard and soft coal
always on hand and promptly de
livered at lowest prices. Rhone
167. tf
Jo:: Jonks.
Estrayed Sept. 15. — Big white
cat, black spot near left ear. Re
port to Log Cabin Democrat. Re
ward will be given to finder of
cat. 6dat
Jas. S Theriac of Clarendon,
who is attending Hendrix, will
open a pressing and repairing of
fice to the Hartley building on
Front street next Monday.
Prof. M. F. Dickinson, state
secretary-treasurer of the Farmers’
Union, resigned the principalship
of the Perryville public schools in
order to accept his present position,
and the board of that place has not
yet been able to secure another
Baptizing at Cadron Gap
Rev. J. R. Giddens will admin
ister the rite of baptism by immer
sion to two candidates at the pool
at J. W. Hiett’s, Cadron Gap
tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock.
They will be received into the
Pickle's Gap church.
Suit for Divorce.
H. C. Rook this afternoon filed
suit in chancery court for divorce
from his wife, Melvina Rook, al
leging desertion. The parties are
I will sell a
next Tuesday morning
between 9 and 10 o’clock.
Watch Monday’s Daily
for the price ::::::
With Favre Herbert & Erwin
We have on display a
complete line of Fall
in all the Fancy and
Staple colors. See them
I AM very sorry to announce to the public
that owing to some unavoidable delay 1
will not be enabled to have my opening
Monday, September 21, but will have same on
Wednesday, Sept. 23
at 9:30 o’clock. Everybody be sure to come.
Not many days now before we
shall begin the work of another
year, and as we shall have to la
bor under many disadvantages for
some months, we are very anxious
that every mother and father who
has a child in school do all in his
power to help in making the first
few months as good as can be, and
you can do this by talking to your
child, urging him not to be in and
about the building now under con
struction, and that they must listen
to me in all matters that come up,
and such other matters as yon may
feel ought to be said. Of course
we shall have to require that every
pupil shall stay away from the
new building, stay from the
grounds at certain tunes, and many
other things that have not been re
quired betore, but nothing shall be
done that does not look toward the
care of the children under us.
They have done so nicely in the
past that all will gladly obey what
ever is asked of them, and while
many seem to think that there is
much danger in having children
on the ground, I have the confi
dence in all of my pupils to believe
that they will do in the future as
they have done in the past, and if
they do we shall have no trouble
and everything will move on nice
ly and the work pleasant to a’l.
Let me ask one thing of all who
send to the public school. Believe
that the teachers whom you have
to teach in the grades and have
charge of your school are trying to
do the right thing, and if they
should do something that does not
seem right to you, do not talk
about them to your neighbors and
friends, but come straight to the
teacher with an earnest desire to
help us to the right aud all of us
will be benefitted. Remember
that none of you are free from mis
takes in the control of your own
children where you have only a
few with few complications, and
we have many with many compli
cations, and certainly no one
would be so unreasonable as to re
quire that we as teachers shall be
above making mistakes handling
so many children with so many
dispositions. When we make a
mistake or do some things that
you think are wrong, we are not
vicious in it, but like yourself we
are trying to find out the child and
to bring out the best that is in him.
We love these children under us
next to the parent, and then do
you think that any of us would
take a delight in doing things that
have not the welfare of the child
ren iu view? We are anxious to
have the teacher and the parent
more closely drawn together, and
to this end we ask that you visit
the school, get in touch with
school life, get in sympathy with
our plans, see to what purpose we
are giving our lives, and this will
mark the greatest year in the his
tory of the school. May 1 not
have you to whom these children
belong join mein this?
Examinations to be given Thurs
day and Friday, Sept. 24 and 25.
Let all who failed in May be ready
at that time. 1 am glad to know
that many are ready now and I
hope that you may make your
grade and go on.
S. S. Watf.ks.
Fine Potatoes.
j. M. Seay of R. F. D. No. 2
brought to this office this morning
some ol the finest sweet potatoes
we have seen. Mr. Seay has a
large quantity ot these potatoes for
Unveiling Called Off.
The unveiling of the monument
Sov. F. N. Bruce at Morrilton, to
morrow has been called of b> re
quest of the deceased’s wife.
F. M. Morgan.
Think of It!
Hi ink of what an effect it would
have on the commercial and
financial status of Southern Insti
tutions if Southern people would
resolve among themselves to pat
ronize Southern Iudustrv. Why
send money to the East for l.ife
Insurance? Why encourage graft
and greed?
I he Southern Life Has
Four Good I hings
1st how Rates.
2nd Guaranteed Annual Div
3rd A Guarantee from the Stale
Insurance Commissioner.
)lh A Total Disability Henefit.
Take a policy in this safe conserv
ative Southern Company and help
huihl uj) the South. Agents wanted
State Managers
Little Rock and Conway
Meets all trains. 25c to
any part of the city.
Central’s Primary Department.
In the early part of the summer
arrangements were made for se
curing a trained kindergarten
teacher for the College, but we
were disappointed at the last mo
ment. We have an idea that the
College ought to keep abreast of the
times, it it asks the parents to
send their children there. We
have therefore perfected plans
whereby regular courses in kinder
garten, manual training, school
drawing and reading under the
regular expression teacher, will be
installed this year.
This means work under special
ly trained teachers of primary
work, art, expression and music.
We hope enough parents will ap
preciate the advantages offered to
jlistity us in the expense.
W. W. Rivkrs.
New Moving Picture Machine.
W. N. Owen of the Electric
Theatre has just installed a new
moving picture machine. The
machine is the latest model and
the pictures reproduced by it are
much clearer than the old ma
chine. It is so adjusted that the
light is projected through each
picture on the film just twice the
lenghth of time as on the machine
formerly used
Laundry Business Growing.
That Conway would rather pat
ronize a home institution than a
foreign will be readily shown by
the increase in business of the
Conway Steam Laundry. The
laundry does first-class work, be
ing much better than some turned
lout by the ‘‘large city” laundries.
Court Allows Claims.
County Coint was in session a
short time this morning. The al
lowance of a few miscellaneous
claims was the only business
1 transacted.
Boarders Wanted!
The Erwin House opens up to
day under new management
at $2.50 per week. Fare the
best the market affords.
Rooms the best in town. See
me at nee. House will be
full by Tuesday. I mean bus
iness. No middle men in this
deal. See me at Havre, Her
bert & Erwin’s furniture store.
Silver Shirts
The Silver Brand Shirt is the best made and best fitting
Shirt on the market. The workmanship and material is the
best, and the measurements are absolutely correct, no skimp
ing in length or width. The price is in reach of all—$r oo
The Silver Brand Collar
is the only “Two for a Quarter’' collar in Conway. That is
four ply and all Linen. Try the Silver Brand next time.
Wilson Bros. & Livingston
One Price Cash House Conway, Arkansas
Conway Cotton Oil Co.
We have started our Mill for the
season and now have fresh
made from new seed. Pure Meal
containing the highest fat and
milk producing qualities and
not adulterated with hulls. Su
perior to any other kind of feed.
Per Sack of 100 pounds
New hulls, 100 pounds
Cotton batting a pound
- $

To Prevent Cold Feet
simply improve your circulation. Remove the
waste* matter that clogs the blood by taking
Ramon s Pills—then tone the nervous system
with the Tonic Pellets. All in one box for 25 ctf
and rnouey back it not satisfied.
I have bought the Ramos
restaurant and have made
everything clean and up-to
date and will open for bus
iness tomorrow
I invite all my friends to call
and see me when wanting
something good to eat. Ev
erything will be served in
first class style and accommo
dations the best, (live me a
trial. Short orders a special
ty. Regular meals, 25 cents.
Boydston, Sr.
Ramos’ Old Stand
Look into this
Real Estate Offer
The entire property of Joe Nixon situat
ed on the main business street directly
across the street from the Farmers Union
warehouse. These lots measure 340
feet on Front street, one good 6-room
house, good outbuildings, two good
wells, first class barn, all improvements
in first class condition— all of which can
be bought for #1750. COME SICK US.
Durham & Holman
Let us figure with you.
PAINT is the cheapest thing in
the wot Id for its Real Value. It
costs less than one-tenth as much
to paint a house as it does to build
one and will make it last ten times
as long. (let True-Tagg Paint from
Nelson Drug Co.
It won't come off
Pay Cash for Meat
and Save Money!
On October r we will begin
I selling on a strictly cash basis.
Nothing will be charged to any
body. Those who do not wish
to pay for each purchase may
buy coupon books good for $3 or
$5 m meat, and a discount of
ten per cent will be made, mak
ing the books cost $2.70 and
$1.50. Unused portions of these
books will be redeemed in cash.
The credit system has proved
a failure and is just as bad for
.the consumer as for the dealer.
I Bv selling strictly for cash we
expect to be able to furnish bet
j ter goods and to save money for
our customers. We hope this
action will meet the approval of
our customers and we assure
them that everybody will be
treated exactly alike, no excep
tions being made to this rule, dtf
Boydston & Adams
Restful Sleep Insures Good
Health and Long Life
A Pure White Clean All Cotton
Mattress means a sound, sweet sleep
$12.50 all white cotton
for only $7.90. Rolled edges and
finest tick. Don’t fail to get one.
Frauenthal & Schwarz

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