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Three Styles In One Shipment
Low Quarters. Following fashion’s dictates, we hav*
tiied to buy the styles most in demand. Our shipment
of live days ago contains:
Brown Oxford, Calf, Military Heel.
Brown Oxford, Kid, Military Heel.
Brown Pump, Kid, Military Heel.
1 lenty ol shoes besides these found on our shelves,
so give us a call.
Phone 88.
« tr-"n. i,..'
9 9 9 t * » f 9 9 • * • * ? * » * V
i ******** » i***4**» »,***4»**t* ***
V v
v *2*
♦!* Tonight, fair, slightly warm- v
*!• or. Saturday, fair and warmer, v
* v
9_t_* I
#•— — •— —•* •» «• «v • • «
* t44444*4*444444«4 >
I »»»»■-<. . * * f * » * f f
v ,i“ri*T‘rrr.'Ti*vh~rrr.".- v
*J* »!.
"2* *2*
Jitney, phone 410.—6-3dtf
O. K. Taxi; phone 4G0.—dtf.
S. 0. S.l Don’t forget. S. I. A.—dtf
Fresh meat. Call I hone 285.
We make abstracts. Durham &
Wood of all kinds. Call I. N. Fields,
phone 24.—10-3dtf
Erbacher’s tor Fresh Meats.
Phone 90.—dtf.
I'ure pork sausage at Central Meat
Market, phone 285—ll-25dtf.
Gus Allison and Ralph Farris were
visitors in Morrilton last night.
Get Your System
In Good Shape!
(Jet your system in good
shape so that you can re
sist grippe and flu germs.
Beef, Iron, Nux and Wine
$1.00 Per Bottle
Sold by
Prescription Druggist.
Phone 401, Quick Delivers
ray«HTiag imsEBaoaHL
(.i: \ui A I E Ol' l OME'i UiSl I
I Eyes Thoroughly Examined
Don't forget to pay your S. 0. S.
| tux when you buy.—S. I. A.—dtf.
Phone 595, the Conway Mar
ket, for the best Fresh Meats.
See Mrs. Emmett Wit for cover
ed buttons, telephone 539.—l-2eodGt.
Milch Cows lor Saie—A lew choice !
ones. Erbacher Bros. Phone 90.—
11- 18dtf
Home rendered lard, 10 cents per
pound. Erbacher Bros. Phone 990.—!
12- 31dtf.
Dr. Charles J. Greene, dean of Hen
drix College, is spending the day in
Little Hock.
Pure pork sausage, wieners, and
lunch meat. Erbacher Bros. Phone
For Sale—A few Barred Rock cock
erels. See them at 420 Independence,
| or phone 231.—1-Cd3t
Mrs. Joseph Frauenthal and her
guest, Mrs. R. N. Kirby, are visitors
in Little Rock today.
Wanted to furnish you in wood.
Call or see Roy B. McClendon at
Newbern Bros.—l-2dl0t
I-ost—About 10 days ago, small
memo book. Return to W. S. Cazoit,
and receive $1 reward.—12-28dtf.
Insist upon paying vour school tax. I
It’s the only way we can keep the
public school going. S. I. A.—dtf.
Fresh—Lettuce, celery and Texas
green cabbage at Hiegel, Thessing &
Moix. Phone lfil-—We Deliver.—dlt.
Mrs. J. E. Sanders, who has been
seriously ill at her home on Prince !
street, is reported today as much im- J
The Christmas Saving Club at the j
Farmers State Bank is still open.
Join today and have money next
Jones Barbershop has been moved
from North Front street to East Oak j
next to , S. S. Keathley's grocery, j
First class work; shave, 15c; haircut,;
25c. W. F. Matthews, proprietor.—
Gold Bond
W M. Harrell & <Bo.

That the present grand jury is re- I
lentless in its determination to inves-'
ligate illicit liquor traffic in Faulkner j
county has already been forcibly dem- |
onstrated by certain matters that 1
have become official and public know!- |
■ ige. An occasional story that leaks !
out of the grand jury room, however, j
gives further evidence of the determi- ,
nation with which the jurors are wag- !
ing war against the rum demon.
A certain witness was called before
the body yesterday, according to a re
port which somehow transpired from
the secret proceedings of the grand
jury. His steps were rather unsteady
and his eyes wore an unnatural glit
ter even as he testified, but he stout
ly maintained he knew nothing about
anybody selling any liquor.
“I haven’t taken a drink in three
years! ’ he almost shouted, to clinch
h i s declaration.
“Come around here and let us smell
your breath,” one of the jurors or
dered. Each of the 1(1 solemnly took
a whiff as the witness exhaled close
to their faces. The odor, it is sa'd,
confirmed all their suspicions, and it
is rumored that the gentleman with
the “baited” breath will probably be
called upon to face an indictment for
The Conway high sePnol basketball
team under the tutelage of Coach
.1, G. Moore, is playing Morrilton
high this afternoon at Morrilton. The
team made the trip overland in Mr.
Moore’s car
Pine Bluff high will he played at
Pine Bluff by the girls’ team of the
local school. Harry Adams and Miss
Myrtle Lewellyn, members of the
faculty, will accompany the team,
which will leave Conway at G:30 in
the morning. Both games are sea
son openers for the local teams.
Phone 595, the Conway Mar
ket, for the best Fresh Meats.
Green Grove lodge of Masons will
meet tonight at 7:30 for work in the
Master's degree.
for Rent—1-or light housekeeping,
three unfurnished or partly furnish
ed rooms, with hath. Phone 319.—
Ready money is a good thing to
have. The Christmas Saving Club
at the Farmers State Bank will make
it easy to save.—l-4dtf
Ten acres of fine berry land one
mile of city for sale at abargan, or
will trade for town property. Con
way Trading Co.-—l-6d2t
Deposit a little money every week.
It will grow fast. That is the plan
of the Christmas Saving Club at the
Farmers State Bank.—l-4dtf
Seven room house, two acres of
land, in Conway, fine location. For
sale cheap or will trade for acreage
near city. Conway Trading Co.—
For Sale—Practically new five
room cottage, three blocks from town,
$2,100, $300 down balance on easy
terms. Mrs. Anna Prince Pittman.—
Room for Rent—Modern, conveni
ent to schools and churches. See AR
MOR M. LEDBETTER at 405 Front
street or at residence on Ash street.
Sweet milk, butter milk and cream
to whip. Phone us, we want your
business. We deliver morning and
afternoon. Russ Dairy, phone 298
Wanted—To trade 80 acres of land
near Conway and a stock of groceries
in Little Rock for Conway residence
property. C. II. Nelson, at the Racket
The Christmas Saving Club at the
Farmers State Bank is for the old
and young. Come in and let us ex
plain this simple and easy plan for
saving money.—1 -4dtf
Rev. R. L. Jetton, pastor of the
First Prerbyterian church, is attend
ing a meeting of a group of leaders
of the proposed Presbyterian campaign
at Forrest City today.
Do\you need money to help pay
your taxes, insurance, fuel bills or
debts? The Chr stmas Saving Club
at tbe Farmers State Bank will pro
vide this money.-—l-4dtf
My 1021 sweet potato crop is now
well cured and ready for market at,
reasonable prices. If you need pota
toes call phone 467. J. II. Berry.
Service and quality.- l-4eod4t*
Be one more to try our dry clean
ing department. When a customer
comes back for more that is a sign
he is satisfied. Model Laundry Dry
Cleaning. Phone 360.—l-5d3t
Ten acres of land, four room house,
well of fine water, fruit for family,
large barn, out buildings, for rent or
sale, or will trade for town property.
Only one and a half miles from Con
way. Conway Trading Co.—l-6d2t
J. B. Parker, editor and publisher
of the Conway News, is held at his
home this week with an abscess of
the threat, from which he has suf
fered considerably, lie rested well
yesterday and today, and now appears
on the road to recovery, much to the
satisfaction of his many friends here.
Jure Trials Occupied Circuit Court
Grinding on Docket-—i’oe De
nied Damage.
Sixteen more true bills, making a
total of b€ for the sitting since Mon
day, were returned shortly before noo 1
today by the grand jury. All charg
ed misdemeanors. One charge, that
of grand larceny against. Ed and Em
mett Dillard, was dismissed by the
Jury trials occupy the time of cir
cuit court, which is making fair prog
ress toward disposing of the docket.
A jury ecrdict returned late yester
day denied damages asked by Arthur
Roe against the Citizens Ice & Fuel
Company for injuries alleged receiv
ed in the explosion of an ammonia
tank there. Members of this jury
were 11. A. Moore, Luther Holloway,
Wilter Edwards, J. J. Ball, \Y. A. Lie' -
long, W. IF Blythe, J. L. George, W.
T. Hall, J. P. Linton, Fulton Farris,
Creed Adams, and \V. O. Durham.
II. II. Cureton, brought to trial to
day on charges of simple assault, came
clear of the indictment without the
assistance of an attorney, it was said.
Cureton’s case was presented to the
jury and its verdict leturned without
the intervention of an attorney for the
defendant. Jurors in this case were
H. A. Moore, Luther Holloway, J. J.
Ball, K. I'. Curtis. W. A. Lieblog, W.
A. Russell, . R. Blythe, J. IGeorge,
J. E. Montgomery, W T. Hall and
J. P. Finton.
v\ non inf* court took recess today at
noon, no report had been had from
the jury in the rase of G. C. Williams
vs. O. .T. Stanton and Walter Har
grove, involving certain subcontracts
for the construction of the Damascus
highway. On this jury were Walter
Edwards, M. C. Hawkins, Creed
Adams, W. O. Durham, I. G. Dailey,
C. H. Fuller, A. Tittle, R. W. Brown,’
H. R. Sams and ,T. W. Rhea
Judgment for $132 was awarded G.
D. Henderson against the Missouri Pa
cific for damages alleged done cattle
belonging to the plaintiff and in tra
sit over the lines of the company
This verdict was returned at the night
Judge George W. Clark excused M
A. Jobe and JR. F. Brady from furth
er service on the petit jury and R. W.
Brown and J. W. Rhea were sworn in
to replace them.
The court dismissed the cases
against John Nash. S. A. Weatherly,
Coorge Sims and Will Morgan, at the
cost of the defendants. The case of
George Merriman, indicted for con
tempt of court for alleged attempts to
improperly influence a member of the
jury at the July court term, was con
tinued until the next court sitting.
J wo other eases dismissed were Stat«
vs Oliver Owens and State vs. Rich
ard Irby.
district endorses
Stewards and pastors of the Con
AfTu ^S!r'C,t moetin£ «t the First
Methodist church last Tuesday with
the Rev. W. R. Hays, the new presid
ing e.der, endorsed the training school
tor Sunday school teachers held at the
church last year, and voted to make it
a district school with teachers from all
charges in attendance. The school
w|!: bp held here early in the fall of
Other plans adopted at the con
ference have to do with collections in
the Centenary and Christian education
movements, which the district will en
deavor to make 100 per cent.
Charges having representatives at
the conference were Atkins, Plumer
a' le, \ ilonia, Mt. \ ernon, Rosebud,
North Little Rock, Gardner Memor
ial and First church, Conway First
Methodist church and circuit.
The drill team and oCfieers-cdect of
Polly Prove No. !'. Woodmen Circle,
are c 'led to meet tomorrow afternoon
at 2:d0 o’clock at the Woodmen hall.
I f you want to use the best
lax*d in town, buy it at the
Central Meat Market.
Per Pound.
Phone 285
r ■ m i c hi mi i i.—a— mi
Do You Know
Newbern Bros.
Sell Paint?
They Are Sole Agents In Conway for
Simmons Quality Paint
* hie gallon of this paint will cover 400 square feet with
0110 coat. This is a guaranteed paint. Here it is: If
tin' work is iu proper shape and paint applied accord
ing to directions, two coat work will wear three years
and three coat work will wear five years, and not
chalk, scale or flake off, and wo agree to furnish ma
terials to do the work over if it proves unsatisfactory,
through any fault of the paint.
Wo have on hand a big stock of Paints, Varnishes and
JfetvJi&trt c
SSSESK&rszu;; _ ;
After a couple of weeks’ absence we
are back again.
Christmas and new years have pass
ed and we hope all the readers of the
“Cabin-’ have had a merry time.
The guests that attended Miss
Virgie Thomason’s new year dinner
were Misses Lois Morris, Della Har
lan, Valina Breeding, Mona Gra
ham, Beatrict Wright, Dannie Nolen,
Jim Rushing, Chester Riggins, Nolen
Smith, Hariell Breeding and Virdio
1 Morris.
The new year’s party at Dixie
Smith’s was enjoyed by a large crowd.
The parties they had last week are
too numerous to white separately, so
I will say they had several.
' Miss Virgie Thomason spent Christ
mas at Center Point with her uncle,
i Tom Wood, and family.
Misses Lorena, Gertrude and Patty
Nolen spent Christmas with Miss
Lois Morris and returned to their
home at Gravel Hill last Monday.
Kenneth Manning went before the
justice of the peace and the constable
Monday morning and submitted for
I being drunk Sunday evening. Sever
al others were drinking it is report
Mrs. Millie Caruthers, Mrs. Hassie
Thomason and daughter, Miss Virgie,
spent last Friday with Mrs. Athy
Caruthers and family.
C layton Caruthers returned from
Craighead county a few days ago.
Miss Beatrice Wright and brother,
Ivan, returned Saturday from a short
visit in Craighead county to their
sister, Mrs. Una Huffman. Mr. Huff
man said tell everybody he made a
good crop last year. He gathered
750 bushels of corn and seven bales of
We had several new pupils in school
Monday morning and expecting more
January 4.
Rub-My-Tism. antiseptic and pain
killer, for infected sores, tetter,
sprains, neuralgia, rheumatism.
£-'e soon ’nipped in the bud”
without “dosing” by use of—
% <f* k
#> V> •
w y * ?-■•*o «•*:% u n
Dmr 17 Million J n Used Yearly
Mrs. Housewife:
You will be surprised at the family
wash we give you at a low price of
7c per pound. Ail wearing appai’el
washed and starched, ready to be
dampened down and ironed when it
it returned to you. Sheets, Pillow
Cases, Towels, Napkins, in fact all
flat pieces will be ironed.
If this work and price don’t please
you, you can not be pleased.
Model Laundry
And Dry Gleaning
PHONE 300.
Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat
Glasses Scientifically Fitted
Conway, Arkansas
Halter Bldg. Phone 493
Lonp Term Farm Loar j
Immediate Inspection
312 North Front Street
I ggSgCBfggpgg
- m asa—• •• 111
When you call
For one of our
You'll be PLEASED with the fine,
up-to-date car that will answer your
Dependable service, courteous chauf«
feurs ALWAYS
Popular Kates.
O. K. Taxi
CALL NO. 460.
Made To Order
Ju Any Style You Select.
$23.00 and up.
Guaranteed to Fit.
Anton Worm
The Tailor
Conway, : Arkansas

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