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a r ITEMS.
Z-Thc undersigned takes this
announcing to the citizens and
Lerrof lo T a County that he is a candidate
• ii office of sheriff at the general Election
be held on the 4th of Nov. A. D. 1862.
-SjMMUBmL ■■■■_ *
Departure of the Dodgeville Rangers.
much every body that could be on
!>t in this place was on foot on last Thurs
y, when the company of Volunteers or
|wfed here were about to take their de-
S c to join the regiment now forming at
rolrfc du Chien; and many an eye was
rim|ull when the boys got into the wagons
adHegan to move off. Everything was
r j ar ]y—no excitement —no confusion —no
but the inner struggle going
tiany hearts, as sons and brothers and
ds were thus leaving, threw up
into many faces that plain enough
an emotion there that could find
st in silence and tears. “May the
heaven bless and preserve them,
e silent prayer ol many a father,
r mother, many a sister, many a
tye, and many others,
earn that their journey to the place
impnicnt was accomplished without
s-haps, and that upon the whole they
eir quarters pretty well,
hope to be able from time to time to
kep our readers advised as to the con
dition of this company.
T |ST OF LETTERS remaining in the
Jp Post Office at Dodgeville, October Ist,
A, D. 1862.
BUter, John U. ' foreign letters.
Clark, J. F. Nelce Peterson,
(•"ter, Henry 2 John Mybroie Coog-
Cpiall, William ville,
Cdrin, Cealia Ann Michael Shnider,
Collins, Dinah Tangle Tangleson,
CKlingwood, Haggie2 Theo. Peterson,
IMoner, Thomas Nuls Peterson,
nplven, Mark A. Andrew Peterson,
Dean, Martha 2 Migail Shinder,
Hauler, Henry Ole Jenson,
Hill, Abraham Mons Heomnclson,
Lie, Hugh Cornelia Gnllick,
Johnson, John Gullick Gullickson,
linn, John Ogum Olsen,
nDowill, John Henry Nelson,
jifcnderson, Mannoh John Flusk
jfteco, Henry Torgor Pedersen Tag
■cholas, John ! evbakkec,
Jfelson, Sarah J. Neils Johnson Y olden
lilts, Gilbert Lars Larsen Tylddlen
wtrkins, Joseph Gun Torstcnsdall Ber
£9niley, H. B. } get,
9>ell, Matilda Hans Knudsen,
Hfalbridge, Martin Ole Olsen Alptad,
Williams, Thomas Tcrbyeon Asbyompen
Williams, Martha Eido,
Thorkeld Eoensen.
® Persons calling for any of the above letters
ill please say advertised.
S. W. REESE, P. M.
the School Meeting in Dist, No. 1,
n the Town of Dodgcville, on last Monday
vening, Mr. Jas. Jones was elected District
Cleric; it was voted that three hundred dol
ars should be raised for teaching purposes,
sixty dollars for contingent expenses ; that
school should be kept three months in the
winter, as many months in the summer as
the funds will afford, that there he a male
teacher employed, and as much female teach
er assistance as the necessities of the school
may require.
What was done in the other District, we
know not.
A Tragedy. —A shooting affair, resulting
In a killing affair, took place in Milwaukee
inn last Saturday night. One James Grady
phot one James Wood, and James Wood has
jdied as a consequence. This wretched affair
ns mixed up with some young lady—love
ism. One Mary Jane Flynn, having stolen
two hearts instead of one. and so one heart
shot the other heart, and poor Wood is
The prospect for good weather at
the Fair don’t appear to be much better than
on the 17th ult. All that we can do is to
brace up and make the best of it.
arc prepared to print election
tickets in any quantity, but wc cannot afford
to do it for nothing.
Mud.—Mud by the yard, by the sack, or
by the ton, to be had in this vicinity for
taking it away.
The Soldiers Vote.— The Legislature has
passed the bill authorizing the soldiers to
£l*“Sec new advertisements in Special
Notice column.
The Draft to be made in Phila
delphia.—The Philadelphia Inquirer
of last Wednesday says :
“The Draft will take place on Thurs
dry next in this city, and the commis
sioners will announce the places at which
the drawing will be held.
#6k,Parson Brownlow, in his speech at
Detroit Thursday afternoon, said that
Mr. Lincoln’s emancipation policy was
well-timed, as he knows that the rebels
were about doing the same thing, after
wards proposing to become colonies of
In the Town of Wyoming, lowa County, on the 2Tth
inst., Amy, the beloved wife of KtCHABr' Rogers, aged
67 years.
She was sustained through a protracted and painful
Illness, which she bore with Christian patience and for
titude, by the grace of her Savior, and died “the death
of the righteous," in joyful hope of a blessed immortal-
• "Friend after friend departs ;
[ Who hath not lost a friend ?
t There is no union here of hearts,
t f That finds not here an end :
1 "Wars this frail world our only rest,
f-tring, or dring, j>Be veotffd bs Meet."
q D E 11 Y .
DYE is the best IN THE WORLD ?
Because eminent chemists say s!
Because it contains no caustic compounds I
Because it wears longer than anv other !
Because it operates Instantaneously !
Because it does not stain the skin .
Because it nourishes and strengthens the
Hair ?
Because it corrects the bad effects of other
Dyes !
Because its presence cannot be detected !
Because it never fails !
Manufactured by J. CRISTADORO, 6 As
tor House, New Yorn, Bold everywhere, and
applied by all Hair Dressers.
Price $l, $ and per box, according to
size. n3ml [No. 1]
fristadoro’s flair Preservative,
Is Invaluable wi'h his Dye, as it imparts the
utmost soilness, the most beautiful gloss, and
great vitality to the flair.
Price 50 cents, $l, and $2 per bottle, ac
cording to size. n.iyl.
It is admitted by all physicians that
the gran'J secret of health and long life lies in
keeping the blood and various fluids of the body
ina high degree ol fluidity. V hen yi u feel con
tinued pain in the head or bowels or any con
tinned uneasiness in any organ or other parts of
the body, you can prevent serious sickness by
deeding may give momentary ease, because
the blood left will have more room. But as the
| body is madt from the blood and sustained by
the blood, to waste our blood is to waste out
ife, &nd ruin our constitution. But Brandreth’e
Pills relieve the circulation as readily np bleed
ing by only taking away what it can well spare,
Mrs Hooper, of Barnstable Muss, was cured
of St Vitus Dance, General Debility, poorness
of b’ood. and costiveness of many years stand
ing, by Brandelh’s I’illa The case at length
is published in the amphlets. Sold by
Dodgevifle Wis.
and by all respectable dealers in medicinoes
HEG EM AN & CO'S genuine Cod
Liver Oil, has been pioved by nearly 20
years experience the beat remedy for CON
ST! VI PTION, &c , and while it cures the dis
ease it gives flesh and strength to the palient-
Se“ that you get the genuine, Sold by Drug
gists generally. IIEGEM AN & CO.
n 3 m 3 Chemists & Druggists, N. Y.
teller T Family Sowing Machine,
IS t lie rest and cue ape t and m< st
L beautiful iT all Sewing .Machines I hi®
Machine will s>'\v anything, from the running
of a tuck in Ta'letan to the making of an
Overcoat—anything front Pilot or Beaver cloth
down to the softest Gauze or Gossamer Tissue,
and is ever ready to do its work to perfection.
It can fell, hem. bind, gather, tuck, quilt, and
has capacity for a gieat variety of ornamental
wotk. This is not the only Machine that can
fell, In m, bind, and so forth, but it will do so
better than any other Machine. '1 he Letter
“A’’ Family Sewing Machine may be bad in a
great variety of cabinet cases. The Folding
Gase. which is now becoming so popular, is. as
its name implies, one that can be folded into a
box or case, which, when opened, makes a
beautiful, substantial, and spacious table for the
work to rest upon. The cases are of every
imaginable design—plain as .he wood grew in
its native forest, or as elaborately finished as
ail can make them.
Send for a copy of “Stnobb & Co.’s Ga
458 Broadway N. Y.
The branch offices are well supplied with
siik twist, thread, needles, oil, etc , of the very
best quality. M ilwaukee iflice,
n3<t] !%o. 1 7 i\tM hal Homo.
To People who have land and
other Properly to sell.
WE have had within, the last six
months, many private letters making
inquiry about the price of land, village property
&,c., fiom individuals in the East, particularly
in New England, where we we e once pretty
well acquainted- Some of those letters we
have replyed to, and some we have not ; and
we are in no shape associated with land spec
ulation, nor are well posted in the market value
of farms, in less or more slate of cultivation,
and what they can be bought for.
Ist We will keep a book at our office for the
purpose of having a record of lands for sale,
the condition of such lands, the price of such
lands, the owners of such lands. &c.&c.
2d We will advertise lands or other proper
ty in our paper for those who wish to advertise,
and charge five per cent, on the sales when
sales are affected, and claim no fee until tin
place or property is sold.
3d We give property sellers this chance an< :
we believe it a fair, honest chance, and have
the opinion that in this way sellers and buyer*
can be brought together better than in any
other way. Some copies of our paper go t<
New England, New York, Illinois and into th*
lake shore rigion of this state, and even ml*
Canada. Onr calculation is to enlarge on
paper, so as to make room for more advertising
O*Persons interested. note the above.
Dissolutior Notice.
THE copartnership known as the firm <
L'ndley & Curtiss, in the village of Covet
town of Arena, lowa County, Wis . is this da
dissolved by the mutual consent of the partie
Arena, September IfHb, 1863*
Dysprpsia Consumption and Fits.
A SURE Cure for these distressing com
plaints is now made known in a “Treaties
on Foreign and Native Herbal Prepara
tions,” published by • r. it. Phelps Brown.
'f he preseiintion. fun.ished him by a young
clairvoyant girl, while in a state of trance, has
cured everybody who has taken it, never hav
ing failed in a single case. It is equally sure in
cases of Fils as of Dyspepsia ; and the ingre
die- ts may be found in any drug store. Those
who are i filicled w ilh Consumption, Bronchitis
or Athsma, may also be cured by the use of my
Herbal Preparations. I will send this valuable
prescription fiee to any person on receipt of
their name. Address, DR. O PHELPS
BROWN, No. 10 Grand Street, Jersey City,
N. J n39-!y
American Watches for America is
give notice, that hey have lately. issued anew
style of watch, expressly designed for Boldins
and others who desire a good watch at a mod
erate price. These watches are intended to
displace the worthless, cheap watches of British
and Swiss manufacture, with which me coun
try is fl coded and which were never expected
to keep time when they wore made, being re
fused manufactures, sent to this conuntry, be
cause nnsailahle at home, and used here only
for jockying nd swindling purposes.
We offer to sell our Watch which is of THE
TIME KEEPER, and in Sterling Silver Cases
limiting pattern, at as low a price as is asked
for the trashy Ancre.s and Lepines of foreign
make, already referred to.
We have nomad the new series of M atches,
W'M. ELLE Y, Boston, 'lass . which name
will be foutidjop ihe plate of every watch of
l his manufacture and isoneofour trade marks
Sold bv all respectable Jewelers in all ilu
loyal States.
W holesale orders should be addressed to
Agents of the 'merican VVaich Company
IK2 Broadway, N. Y
J E W £ L 11 Y
REASONS why we can sell deweliyat
i lower prices thin any oilier house west of
New York:
Ist. We manufacture our own goods.
*2d. Goods that we boy of other manufuc
urers are purchased at the
3d. We sell for C ASH, therefore our custom
ers are not obliged to pay other people’s debts
Merchants, Auctioneers, and Peddleis are
invited to call and examine our stock or
containing full list of prices
N. B—An assortment of
kept constantly oil hand.
j. ii. it it ms, a co.,
nl-m3 160 Lake -t. Ch cao Ills.
Office—No. i. HuslmeU House Block.
B* loit< ----- Wisconsin.
Not over S’J.UIIf 1 insured none risk, or in a
circle of eight rods.
Direct ms.—John Barnes, J J. Busline)!, M
\ Northrop, E N. (’lark, N. O. Perkins, J
C. Maxwell, C. P. Wbitfind, A. B Carpenter
{’ L. Currier, C. B. Whilford, Allen Gibson
Martin Russell, Hon Hamner Robbins.
Officers! —G P. .Whiiford, Secretary; J. J.
Bushnell, Treasurer; John Barnes, President
M. v. Northrop. Vice President; Mar'.'n Kus
sell. General Agent.
[v3n32 'y] Agent, Dodgeville
W A Jil J 1 1
ff’HFI undersigned would respectfully an
[ nounce to the inhabitants of Dodgevdie
and vicinity, that be has been receiving, acd
lias now on hand a well selected slock of
Consisting ot
S par, Tea , t rjp.ee, Krasins, Drierl
trails of all knuls, F/sh, iubac.c and
fie also takes pleasure in announcing to the
üb/ic that he has in connection with his Gro
cery Deparment, a
Where be will always be found by those desir*
ng his services in that branch of hisbusimss.
Cafl and see him, at his new store opposite
leardoe’s Block, L-wa .Street, Dodgeville.
June lOth. lt<6l.
[vßn*9tf] LOUI CONRAD.
M“ ortgage Deeds constantly ou band and for sale
M Jew Orncr.
General Election Notice for
lowa County.
Clerk of the Board ofSupervisors for tlie Town o
Ycu are hereby notified that, on the Tuesday next'suc
ccoding the first day of November next, the following
officeas are to be elected to-wit ;
One Representative in Congressional District ]for the
term of two years from the first day of March next.
A State Senator for the fifteenth Senate District, in
place of L. W. Joiner, whoso term of office will expire
on the first Monday of January next.
A member of the Assembly in each Assembly Dis
trict, and all such County officers as are by law required
to be elected at such election.
At the same election the question will be taken upon
the approval of the people, of the amendment proposed
to section five, article five, of the Constitution of the
State of Wisconsin, by chapter 203 of the General
Laws of 1802, as follows ;
[Chapter 20.) ong'iial y published April 7,
I8G2; as amended by chapter 354, published
June 30, 1b62 ]
AN ACT to amend chapter 71 of the revised statutes,
entitled, “of the incorporation of banking associa
The people of the State of Wisconsin, repre
sented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as
Section 1. No bank or banking association shall
demand or receive a greater or higher rale of interest
upon any note discounted by such bank or banking as
sociation, or for the lean or for bearance of any money,
goods, or things in action, than seven dollars upon one
hundred dollars for one year, and after that rate for a
greater or less sum, or for a longer or shorter time.
Whenever the securities deposited with the state treas
urer to secure the redemption of the circulating notes
of any bank, shall be sold in pursuance of sections
forty-one and forty-two of said chapter 71 [of the] re
vised statutes, if such securities shall be or have been
sold for a sum sufficient to redeem its outstanding
at par, then the bank comptroller shall, after the expi
ration of three years from the time of sale of such se
curities, pay over to the legal representative of any
such bank, upon application therefor, the surplus de
rived from the sale of said securities, if any there be
remaining in the hands of the camptroller.
Sec. 2. At the general election to he held on the
Tuesday next succeeding the first Monday in November,
A. D. 1862, at all the places of holding elections in this
state for the election of officers requit ed by law then to
be elected, the question whether this act shall become
a law and go into effect, or in any manner be in force,
shall he submitted to the people ; and if the same shall
bo approved by a majority of all the votes cast on the
subject, it shall go into effect; otherwise, it shall not
go into the effect nor bo in force.
Sec. 3. The votes cast on the subject specified in the
last preceding section, shall be by separate ballot, and
shall have written or printed, or partly written and
partly printed, on each of them the words “for amend
ment to the banking law,” or “against, amendment to
the banking law',” which words shall indicate the vote
for or against the approval of this act; and the ballots
so cast shall he canvassed and returned in the same
manner as the votes cast for state officers are required
by law to be returned and canvassed ; and tin secretary
of state shall, immediately on the completion of said
canvass, publish a statement of the result thereof in
i the official state paper, and shall communicate the
same to the next legislature at the commencement of
j the session ; and he shall also deliver to the state treaa
: nrer a certified copy thereof, with a statement of Hie
result of the canvass upon the subject, immediately
after the completion of the canvass,
j See. 4. This act shall take effect and he in force
from and after the twentieth day of January, A. I). 1802.
j Sec. 5. All acts and parts of acts conflicting with or
I in any way contravening the provisions of this act are
. hereby repea hid.
I Chapter ztfi approved April 4, 1862; chapter 304 ap
proved June 17, 1802.
| Sheriff’s Office, Dodgaville Aug. 23d, 18G2.
nOO-wll Sheriff low-a County, Wis.
rnHE UNDERSIGNE wou’d respectfuliy
[_ inform the public that they are now receiv
ing from New York City, and will self at their
twostores :n Dodgeville.au extensive stock ol
X>jE=L'ST goods
mm it BB4SB,
® IB y © iK is ;< Y,
Which tliev thr-v - ill sell at such low ra er
as to meet the exigency of the times
No store in ihe County can offer greater in
ducements to purchase's
They will s II the b .-u
PRINTS from 15 to 18 cts. f? yd.
BROWM SHEETING., 16f“25 “ “
SHIRTINGS, from 15 “23 “ “
GINGHAMS, from 18 “20 “ “
And all other goods comparatively low.
They have ou hand a targe stock of
Of substantial manufacture, which they offer
(This clothing is not eastern slop works, but
is made at their own I adoring Establish
Gent*’ Clothing Made io Order!
From the higliem to the lowest grades of Cloths,
Cassimeres, &.C., and
7 h nkfu 1 for past favors we solicit a con
tinuation ofvour patronage
Dodgevllle, Vlnv Bth, 1862. n34-
Something* Worth Having.
WOULD respectfully inform the public thui
he is prepared to take
Amorotypes, Melainotypes,
Views of Residence*, locket I'icures taken
at and old pictures copier), he is fitted up expressly
for the business, having a skylight, an indis
pensible article for getting a good picture.
Pleas- call at the car nearly opposite the
Court House and see ns Prein urn Pictures.
Dodgeville, November 13th. Jb'6l
rnHE public are hereby notified that Mrs.
[ Mary Ann Evans is not to be trusted or
obtain aiiv credit on my account as I will not
pay any bills of her contrating > fter ibis date.
September 18, 1862. nl wk
Ayer’s Sarsaparilla.
Medicines, ('hemicals, Paints, Oils. arnithes,
Turpentine l)ye M oods Glass and Putty, 'I ü
bacco and Cigars.
Anew and extensive stock of
Wines cn.d Brandies foi Rlediral Pvrjtose s
Toilet and Fancy Articles, Fine Htushes, Soaps
of all kinds
Perfumers, Spices, School Books
lias just received, and will keep constantly on
baud, a well selected assortment of such arti
cles as are enumerated above, and all others
usually kept in a Drug Store, which will he
sold at the lowest prices. Thank (uI for past pat
ronage he solicits a continuance <f il e sttne
Qjf - Physicians’ prercripiioi s accurately dis
pensed by an experienced Diuggist.
Dodgeville. Oct 30,1861. [nllf]
“ AYE W&
And for the speedy cure of the following complaints:
Scrofula and Scrofulous Affections,such
as Tumors, Ulcers, Sores, Eruptions,
Pimples, Pustules, Ulotelies, Polls,
Plains, and all bltin Diseases.
Oakland, Ind., 6th June, 1859.
J. 0. Ater & Cos. o*uU : 1 feel it my duty to ac
knowledge what your Sarsaparilla has done for me.
Having inherited a Scrofulous infection, 1 have suffered
from it in various ways for years. Sometimes it burst
out iu Ulcers on my hands and anus; sometimes it
turned inward and distressed me at the stomach. Two
years ago it broke out on my head and covered my scalp
and ears with one sore, which was painful and loathsome
beyond description. 1 tried many medicines ami several
physicians, hut without much relief from any thin-. Iu
fact, the disorder grew worse. At length It es rejoiced
to read in the Gospel Messenger that you hid prepared
an alterative (Sarsaparilla), for I knew from your reputa
tion that any thing you made must he good. 1 tent to
Cincinnati and gut it, ami used it till it cured me. 1 took
it, as yon advise, iu small doses of a tuaspoouful over a
mouth, and used almost three bottles. New and heallhy
skin soon began to farm under the scab, which after a
while fed I off. My shiu is now clear, and 1 know by my
feelings that the disease has gone from my system. Ycu
can well believe that I fool what I am saying whoa I tell
you, that I hold yon to ho one of the apostles of the e je,
and remain ever gratefully. Tours,
St. Anthony’s Plrc, Rose or Eirtlutlas,
Tetter and Salt Rheum, Scald Slaad,
Ringworm, Sore Ryes, Dropsy.
Dr. Robert M. Preble writes from Salem. N. 7., 32th
Sept., 1559, that he has cured an inveterate case of
Dropsy, which threatened to terminate fatally, by the
persevering use of our Sarsaparilla, and also a dangerous
Malignant Erysipelas by largo doses of the sail's; ->yi
ho cures the common Eruptions by it constantly.
Bronchocelt, Goitre or Swelled sieek,
Zebulou Sloan of Prospect, Texas, writes ; “ Three bot
tles of your Sarsaparilla cured me from a Goitre —a hid
eous swelling on the neck, which I had suffered from
over two years.”
licucorrhcca or Whites, Ovarian Tumor,
Uterine Ulceration, Female Diseases.
Dr. J. B. S. dimming, of New York City, writes ; “I
most cheerfully comply with (he request of your Agent in
saying I have found your Sarsaparilla a most excellent
alterative in the numerous complaints for which wo
employ such u remedy, but especially in Female Diseases
of the Scrofulous diaihesis. I have cured many inveter
ate cases of Leueorrhoca by it, ami some where the com
plaint was caused by ulceration of the uterus. The ulcer
ation itself was soon cured. Nothing within my knowl
edge equals it for these female derangements.”
Edward S. Marrow, of Newbury, Ala., writes, “A dan
gerous ovarian tumor on one of the females in my family,
which had defied all the remedies we could employ, has
at length been completely cured by your Extract of Sar
saparilla. Our physician thought nothing but extirpa
tion eouhi afford relief, bat ha adviced the tria, ot your
Sarsaparilla as the last resort before cutting, and it
proved effectual. After taking your remedy eight weeks
no symptom cf the disease remains.”
Syphilis and riercurlal DhsaM.
New Out.rtws, 25th August, 1869.
Dr. J. C. Ater: Sir, I cheerfully comply with tho re
quest of your agent, and report to yon acme of the effects
I have realized with your Sarsaparilla.
I have cured with It, in my practice, most of the com
plaints for which it ts recommended, and have found it*
effects truly wonderful in the cure of Venereal and Mer
curial Disease. One of my patients had Syphilitic ulcers
in his throat, which were consuming his palate and the
top of his mouth. Your Sarsaparilla, steadily taken,
cured him in five weeks. Another was attacked by sec
ondary symptoms in his nose, and the ulceration had
eaten away a considerable part of it, so that 1 believe tho
disorder would soon reach bis brain and kill him. But it
yielded to my administration of your Sarsaparilla; the
ulcers healed, and he is well again, not of course without
some disfiguration to his face. A woman who had been
treated for the same disorder by mercury was suffering
from this poison iu her hones. They had become so sen
sitive to the weather that on a damp day she suffered ex
cruciating pain in her joints and hones. Bhe, tco, was
cured entirely by your barsaparilla in a few weeks. I
know from its formula, which your agent gave me, that
this Preparation from your laboratory must he a great
remedy; consequently, these truly remarkable results
with it have not surprised me.
Fraternally yours, 0. V. LARIMER, M. D.
Rheumatism, Gout, I.iver Complaint.
Independence, Preston Cos., Ya.. 6th July, 1869.
Dr. J. C. Ater: Sir, I have been afflicted with a pain
ful chronic lihenmalism for a long time, which baffled the
skill of physicians, and stuck to me in spite of all the
remedies I could find, until I tried your Sarsaparilla. One
bottle cured me in two weeks, and restored my general
health so much that I am far better than before I was
attacked. I think it h wonderful medicine. J. FKEAM.
Jules Y. Getchell, of St. Louis, writes: “I have been
nfHictod for years with an affection of the. Liver, which
destroyed my health. I tried every tiling, end every thing
failed to relieve mo ; and 1 have been a broken down man
for some years from no other cause Ilian derangement of
the liver. My beloved pastor, the Rev. Mr. Espy, advised
me to try your Sarsaparilla, because lie said lie knew you,
and any thing you made was worth trying. By the bless
ing of Ood if, lias cured me. and has so purified my Wood
as to make anew man of me. 1 feel young again, ihe
best t hat can he said of you is not half good enough.
gelilrrus,Cancer Tumors, Enlargement,
Ulceration, Carles ami Exfoliation of
the Hones.
A great variety of cases have been reported to us whore
cures of these formidable Complaints have resulted from
the use of this remedy, but our space here will not admit
them. Some of them may he found in our American
Almanac, which the agents below named are pleased to
furnish gratis to all who call for them.
Dyspepsia, Heart Disease, Pits, Epilep
sy, melancholy, Neuralgia
Many remarkable cures of these affections have been
made by the alterative power of this medicine. It stimu
lates the vital functions into vigorous action, and thus
overcomes disorders which would be supposed beyond its
reach. Such a remedy has long been required by the ne
cessities of the people, and >ve are confident that this Will
do for them all that medicine can do.
Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral,
Coughs, Colds, Influenza,
Croup, HronclxltU, Incipient Con
sumption, and for the Relief
of Consumptive Patients
in advanced Stages
of the Disease.
This is a remedy so universally known to surpaM any
other for the cure of throat and lung complaints, that It
is useless here to publish Ihe evidence of Us virtues. Its
unrivalled excellence far roughs and colds, and Jts truly
wonderful cures of pulmonary disease, have made it
known throughout the civilized nations of the earth.
Few are the communities, or even famihes among um
who have not. some personal experience ot its effects
some living trophy in their midst of its victory over the
subtle and dangerous disorders of the throat and lungs.
As all know the dreadful fatality of these disorder", and
as they know, too. the effects of this remedy, we neea not
do more than to assure them that it has now all tae vir
tues that it did have when making the cures which have
won so strongly upon tho confidence of mankind.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER CO., Lowell, j&asa.
rv. A B.r£i°***
J. H Vifian Mineral Point.
J. H. Reed &, Cos.. Chicagf / | psa i e-
J. Sice, Milwaukee, $
And by all dealer* in medicines. vdnlO
Wnty Feeds constantly on hand and (or
saV at Th e Office
M„ tg g,- L eeds constantly on hand and to
eah? at This Office.
To Destroy Rats, Roaches, df-c.
To Destroy Mice. Moles and'Ants.
To Destroy Bed-Bugs.
To Destsny—Moths in Furs. Flothes &.C.
lo Destroy Musquitoes and Fleas.
To Dertroy Instc'.son Plants and Fowls.
To Destroy Insects on animals &c.
To Destroy Every form and species ofVer--
I)rsti(,p Instantly
Those Preparations (unlike all otherr) aw
“Free from Poisons”
“Not dangerous to the Human Famity,”
•• Ra ts do not die on the premiseb-’’
“They come out of their holes to die.”’
“ I’hey are the only infallible remedies known.
“ It 2 years and more established in N Y,City’ v
Used by the ('ity Post Office.
Used by tbeciiy piisons and station hrrue
Used by me city steamers strips Ac.
Usrd by the city hospitslssime-houaef tc
Used ly the city hotels—‘.rlator’— ‘St.
Nicholas,’ is.
Used by *he boarding houses, Ac. Ac.
Used by more than bO,OOO Private b rm
one or two specimens of what Every—
where said by the People—Editors
Dealers , <pc.
Hocsekfffsrs —'ruubled with vermin need
be so no lun jer, if they use “Costir’s” Exter
minators. Vs have it to oi*r satisfaction,
and if a box cost 3.) v/e would huvs it. Wm
I:.d tried poisons, hut they effected nothing; but
“t'osTAn’a” article knocks the breath out of
Ra'.s, Mice, Roaches and Bed-Bugs, quicker
than we can write it. It is in great demand all
over the country, — Medina [O] Gazette .
More Chain and provisions are destroyedsn
nually in Grant County fay Vermin, thin vroaid
•ay for tons of this Rat and Insect Killer.—
Lancaster ( H is) Herald.
II enh v R. C ostar— We are selling your pre
parations rapidly. Wherever they have been
used, Rate, Mice, Roaches and Vermin disap
pear rapidly. Eckkr A Stouffer.
Druggists, Windsor, Md,
•CostsrV’ Rat, Roach, &c. Exterminator.
•H iostar’s”
‘CostarV’ Heb-bug Exterminator.
Costar’s” Electric Powders for Insects,&c,
In 9"c f>oc. and SI,OO Boxes, Bottles A Flasks
$3,00 and $;.,(() Plantations, Ships
Boats, Hotels Ac , Ac.,
V A UTlO\ 5 ! 1 To prevent the public from
being imposed upon by Spurious and Highly
I*, i vicious Imitations, anew label has been
prepaicd, hearing a fac simile of the Propria*
•or’s Hgnature. Examine each b ix-hmtle, or
It ok carefully before purchasing, and take noth
ing but 44 C’oslUI - ?s?f
O’ Sold Eueryichere —hy
.ill Wholesale Druggists in the large cities
Some of the
Wholesale Agents in New York Cirr.
Shicflelin Brothers & Harrel, Risley & Kit-
Cos. j chen.
B. A. Fahnstock, Hull Bush, Gale k Robin*
& Cos. son.
A. B. & D. Sands 1 Cos M. Ward, Close & Cos.
Wheeler & Hart. McKisson k Rhbbins,
James S. Aapinvall. I). S. Barnes & Cos.
Morgan & Allen. F. C. Wells & Cos.
Hall, Ruckle & Cos. Lazelle, Marsh & Gar-
Thomas & Fuller. dner.
P. D. Orvis. Hall, Dixon & Cos.
Conrad Fox.
And others.
Philadelphia, Pa.
T. W. Dyott & Cos. j Robert Shoemaker k
B. A. Fahnestock &j Cos.
Cos. French, Richards k
And others.
Boston, Mass.
Geo. C. Goodwin & ColWeekcs & Potter.
M. S. Burr & C. [Jno. Wilson, Jr.
And others.
Also, All Wholesale Druggists st
Chicago, 111.,
St. Louis. Mo.,
Detroit. Mich ,
Louisville. Ky.,
Druggists, Grocers, storekeepers and Retailer
generally in all Country Towns and Village*
In the
Io “ Sold by
W> i. 111101.
And by the Druggists, Storekeepers and Ra--
lailers generally.
O'Cooniy Dealers ean order as above.
Or address orders direct—[or if Prices,
Terms, &c , is desired, O'send for [lfli€3£
Circular, giving reduced Prices] to
Henry It. Cost ar.
Principal Depot— 4ty4 Broadway, die*

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