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I..VNV* \ ’
O fFI CIA - ’
cII ,VPTtI. - , 2 o( A,-
ACT being-**.•'
of the ot ’.UL fo *o ■
net V"V> for V> .ter 2 U
follow* • j Wisconsin, repre
gectiou I' . Assembly, do enact as
to prolific ction 2 of chapter 224 of the
w eot t> v oeing an act entitled “an act
gee \or the adjustment of the govern
t . for 1862,” is hereby repealed,
v *. 9. This act shall take effect and be
.orce from and after its passage and pub
Approved Sept. 19, 1862. .
[Published September 21, I&C2 ]
CHAPTER 4. —Extra Session.
AX ACT to further explain and extend the
benefits of chapter 8 of the laws of the
extra session of 1861, entitled “an act to
provide for the aid of volunteers in the
service of tlm United States, or of this
state,” approved May 25 1861, explained
and extended by chapters 112 and 274 of
the general laws of 1862, and also to pro
vide for levying and collecting a special state
tax for the purpose of extending such aid to
the volunteers of this state.
The, people of the State of Wisconsin, repre
sented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as
Section 1. The benefits of said chapter 8
of the laws of the extra session of 1861, as
explained and amended by chapters 112 and
374 of the laws of the session of the legisla
ture of 1862, are hereby extended to and
shall apply to all regiments of infantry and
cavalry and batteries of artillery, raised or
to be raised in this state, which have been
or may hereafter be mustered into the ser
vice of the United States or of this state,
which arc not included in said section 8 of
the laws of che extra session of 1861, or in
the aforesaid acts of the session of 1862,
amendatory or supplirnentary thereto.
Sec. 2 There shall be levied and collected
for the year 1862 a special tax of two hun
dred and seventy-five thousand dollars, which
shall be placed in the war fund for the uses
and purposes set forth in said chapter 8 of
the laws of the extra session of 1861, as fur
ther amended and explained by chapters 112
and 374 of the laws of 1862, as further ex
tended by the provisions of section one of
this act.
jSec. 3. Said tax shall be apportioned
among and assessed upon the several counties
of this slate, as provided by law, and such
tax shall be levied upon the taxable property
of this state, real and personal, and collected
and paid into the treasury as provided by
Sec. 4. The secretary of state shall ap
portion said tax among the several counties
oi the state, as provided-by chapter 386 of
the general laws of 1860, on or before the
second Monday of October next, and certify
the same to the clerk of the board of super
visors of each of the several counties, as pro
vided by law.
Sec. 5. This act shall take effect and he
in force from and after its passage.
Approved Sept. 23, 1862.
|Published September 27, 186?.]
CHAPTER T,— Extra Session.
AN ACT to authorize commissioned officers
to take acknowledgment of deeds, affida
vits and depositions, in certain cases.
TtC people of the, State of Wisconsin,, repre
sented in Senate and Assembly do enact as
foliates :
Sec. 1. Every commissioned officer of
volunteers in any company, battery, regi
ment or oilier military corps organized in
this state, is hereby authorized to lake and
certify the acknowledgment of deeds or other
contracts intended for record, in respect to
lands situate in this state. Such commis
sioned officer is likewise authorized to ad
minister oaths, take and certify to affidavits
and depositions, to be used as evidence in
the courts of this state ; provided, that the
powers granted by the provisions of this act
shall be exercised only out of the limits of
the state.
Sec, 3. Depositions taken under the fore
going section, shall be taken as in other
cases where the witness resides out of this
state, except so far as the law and practice
is (are) altered by this act; and no such de
position shall be rejected or excluded by the
court for the reason that it has been (ak n
at a place different from that set forth in the
notice. The party desiring such deposition
shall serve on the opposite party a notice
specifying the name of the witness, the com
missioned officer or officers (any one of whom
uiHV act) who is to take the deposition, and
a copy of the interrogatories.—Such party
shall, if he thinks lit, serve his adversary
with cross interrogatories within ten days
thereafter. The party serving the notice
shall thereupon transmit the direct and cross
interrogatories to the officer or officers named
:n the notice, who shall take and certify such
deposition, and enclose it to the judge, clerk
of the court or justice of the peace before
whom the cause or matter is pending, in the
same maimer as if authorized by a commis
sion issued for this purpose.
Approved Sept. 25, 1862.
[Published September 27. 1862.]
CHAPTER B.—Extra Session.
AN ACT to ascertain and settle the liabili
ties, if any, of the state of Wisconsin
to the Milwaukee and Rock River canal
T.* people of the State of Wisconsin repre
anted in Senate and Assembly, do enact as
You dies :
Section 1. The governor, secretary of
state and state treasurer are hereby appoint
ed a board of commissioners to determine
and ascertain the liabilities, if any, and also
the amodnt of indebtedness of said com
pany to the suite, if any, incurred by the
territorial and state governments of Wis
consin, under the act entitled “an act to
grant a quantity of land to the territory of
Wisconsin, for the purpose of aiding in open
ing a canal to connect the waters of lake
Michigan with those of Rock river,” passed
iby congress, and approved June 18th, 1838.
" gee. 2. Said board is hereby authorized
to make an amicable adjustment with the
Milwaukee and Rock river canal company,
with respect -to which company said liabili
ties were incurred, and it it linds any sum
of money due said company by the state
thereon, the shall sign an
awtrd to that effect, one copy of which shall
fca delivered to the president of the com-
j. another copy shall be filed in the
A' the secretary of state,
,ec. 3. In case an amicable settlement
annot be effected as aforesaid, or if said
board should deem it expedient before at
tempting such settlement, it is hereby au
thorized to submit the adjudication of said
claim to five arbitrators, to be agreed upon
between said commissioners and said com
pany. The articles of submission shall be
signed by said commissioners on behalf of
the state, and by the president of the com
pany, or some person duly authorized, on
its behalf; and said submission shall be ob
ligatory upon the state and the company,
and neither party shall revoke the same,
and the award shall bo final: provided, it shall
be signed by a majority of said arbitrators;
and in case of the refusal or inability of any
arbitrator, so chosen, to act in the premises,
a substitute may be chosen as above, and in
case the parties cannot agree upon such sub
stitute, the governor shall appoint the same.
Sec. 4. The arbitrators so agreed upon,
shall meet in the city of Madison on or be
fore the first day of January, A. I). 1863.
They shall have all the powers conferred
upon arbitrators by the laws of this state,
and shall make their award in writing on or
before the first day of March, 1863. One
copy they shall deliver to the Secretary of
state, and another to the president or per
! son representing the company. The secre
tary shall file such award in his office.
Sec. 5. There is hereby appropriated, to
defray the expenses of this arbitration, a
sum not exceeding one thousand dollars, or
so much thereof as may be necessary to pay
the expenses of proceeding under this act.
The board shall draw its warant on the
treasurer as the money may be needed, and
apply the same in paying the per diem and
mileage of the arbitrators and witness’ fees
on behalf of the state. It shall the duty of
the attorney general to defend the state before
said arbitrators. The arbitrators shall be
allowed such sum per diem and mileage as
the board may deem just. If the governor
shall deem it expedient, he may employ
other counsel to assist the attorney general
in defending the state before said arbitrators,
and he is, in that case, authorized to agree
upon the compensation to be paid to such
counsel: provided , that if any amount is
awarded to the canal company hy the arbi
trators, the treasurer shall retain from the
amount so awarded, a sum sufficient to re
imburse the state the full amount of expenses
incurred hy such arbitration.
Sec. 0. In case an award shall bo made
in favor of the company, it shall he the duty
of the arbitrators to appraise the property
of the Rock river canal company, and fix
the value of said property, and the award of
said appraisal shall be deducted from the
amount, and the property shall thereafter
vest in said company.
Sec. 7. The money awarded, if any,
whether by the commissioners or arbitra
tors, shall in no event he payable or be paid
to said company, until the State shall re
ceive from the United States the monies
commonly called the “five per cent, fund”
now withheld hy the United States. When
the State shall obtain said fund from the
United States, the secretary of state shall
draw his warrant on the stale treasurer in
favor of the company for the money so
awarded, ami the same shall he paid hy the
treasurer on presentment, out of said five
per cent, fund ; provided , hove ever, that this
act shall not lie so construed as to admit or
recognize any claim against this state in
favor of the Rock river canal company.
Approved September 25, 1862,
noiK.r.v ii.i ,r.
WRIQGLESWORTH & Cos., Pbofuietors.
WE liavo lately made large additions to
our truck of
And are now prepared to print
Wo would further say that this office whs
never so well situated ns it is now in the way
~fa variety ol ty)e for doing job work, and
we calculate to have constantly on hand a suit
able variety of paper, cards, inks, &.C., V.c,
adap'ed to plain and
And we shall mke it a point to he punctual
in atl tiding to whatever wink is intrusted to
oUi hands and oe ns moderate as possible in
oar charges.
tPHIS PERIODICAL is printed ;t the of-
I fice ( f the Chroniclk, Dodgeville, it is
issued once a month as the church organ of
the Western Conference of the I’. M. Con
nection Its price is one dollar a year, and
may be had of any of the preachers of that
denomination, or by applying at this olltce.
Dissolution Notice.
fTUIK copartnership known ns the firm of
i L'udley & t'uniss. in the village of Dover,
town of Arena, lowa County, Wia . is this day
dissolved by the mutual consent of the parties.
Arena, September i9tb. 1862.
dyer's Cherry Pectoral.
Families and Manufacturers.
$lO to sls per Week Profit can bk
Stockings and Socks, of every Size and
Texture, Undershirts, Drawers, Com
forts, Table Covers, Military Sashes,
Nubias, Under-Sleeves, Tidies, Sontags,
Shawls, Rigolets, Capes, Cravats,
Head-Dresses, &c.
They use any description of thread, Ntik
Linen or Gotten, and Yarn of every kind, and
of any size, from 10 to.VO guage,coarse >r tine,
rough or smooth, bard or slack twisted, home
spun or machine spun. They will Double
and Twist the Yarn from the Broaches, as
they Knit. I hey
Make 5000 Stitches a Minute
The same stitch exactly as made by band"
Any one who can turn a crank can use them >
a child can operate them when the work is
-commenced. A'ix dozen pahsof .Stockingscan
he made a day easily, and with stei dy work
this number can he greatly increased. The>
sre very irnple ; the most inexperienced can
at once work and understand them ; they du
not get out (>f order, and with good care they
will last a life-lime.
7’he slightest reflection will show lhat a
Knitting Machine, hy its novelty, and the
various uses to which it can be appl'ed, is al
together better, as a Profitable Investment,
’bun a wing Machine, for the Knitting
Machine, is an Actual Producer of Goods,
which are very saleable, because everyone
wears stockings, socks, iVc , which can be
made on the machine, and so and at a veiy liberal
profit. From $2 to s.') a dav profit can be
made on them, those who use them attest to
this fact. The Farmer can knit his wool and
sell the goods manufactured. In a neighbor
hood a .Machine will pay for itself easily in a
short time.
To introduce the Machine in the North-west,
we propose to sell hut one Machine the first
\ear in each township,— givi ig the purchaser
a chance to operate the Machine without com
petition, so as to make the price of the Ma
chine easdy in knitting; and we will give to
suilab’e persons who purchase of us, the right
to sell Machines in their townships, at a good
profit, thus enabling them hy two methods 4 to
easily Earn the price of a machine, PUP'E
of machine, complete, $45.
A Ciicutar, which we will send on npplica
ti on, will give further and full par.iculais, cut ol
Machine, &c.
With each Machine is sentjv complete book
of Instruction giving full directions how to use
the Machine, and to make and finish all th
articles it knits
Address, with Stamp,
Office—l2o Lake Street, C hicago.
Branch Office, 102 Lake Street. )
Chicago 111 $
jMOR the purpose of (aciiitaing the Sewing
I 1 Machine trade in the West, the FINKLE
opened a permanent ollic in Chicago, No. lU2
Lake Street, (lirst lloor )
The nsttal charge.- of freight on Machines
from New York to this place will be add and io
the New York prices. In every other respect
the business of the Chicago ofliee will b done
on the same teims as at the the patent oliice
in New York.
A full assortment of Machines, with all (he
late improvements, is already in the Chicago
office, and all orders for Machines and Sewing
Machine Findings wi I be promptly tilled.
To parties little acquainted with the Fi. kle
& Lyon Sewing Machm s, the careful perusal
of the Companies circular is specially com
mended. '1 his circular can be had on appli
cation. It is very specific, and will be found
highly instruct! e, having been prepaied with
much care, and we will abide by all state
ments therein made.
The following b.i I quotation is character
istic of the entire circular.
“This Mac ine is better adapted than any
Sewi g Machine in maiket to the Ireqiiens
changes and almost endless variety of sewing
requited in a family ; I’oi it will sew from one
to twenty thicknesses ol Marseilles without
stopping, and make every stitch perfect VV 1 1•
sew irom the finest gauze to the heaviest cloth
ami even ihe stoutest harness leather, without
changing the teed, imcdle or tension, or mak
ing any adjustment ol machine whatever’’
Thus have we overcome the most diffiicull
point in the revving Machine art. It was no
ordinary triumph. Definitely can we now say.
“No other Machine compares with it in this
respect’’ Hence, have we unifoinily—almost
without exception taken the highest pie
mium, whenever the machine has been prop
erly txhihueo in competition w ith other first
class Sewing Machines Hence it is that we
are able 10 oliiei the follow mg guarantee viz:
•V\e warrant every Machine we sell to give
ukti eh satisfaction than any other sewing Ma
chine n< market, or money refunded” We
never sella Machine on any oilier terms. Ihe
gnaiantee is as leliabie as l fie note ol any busi
ness man in ihe land, to; more than live years
have we lelied upon such tacts for the reputa
tion ol our machine; and without a single
traveling age .t in the held thert is scarcely a
■ eighboi hood on the continent where the in a
dune is not ‘avorably known. W e prefer .-itth
a requtation io one based on mere “talking
points,' as they ait technically called in the
raite Hence we make but one kiml ol stitch,
viz., the lock stitch, alike on hoih sids re—
quiiing only one-third ’he thiead ol other
kinds of stitches
N B. Local agents wanted in every county
throughout the Wt,t. Special iuducenie,.ts
nOO-ly f)JS Broadway, New \ork.
Office—No. I, husimell House Block.
It< loit, - - - - - WiKCOIIMiII.
Nolover $2,000 insured none risk, or in a
circle of eighj rods.
Directors. —John Barnes, J J. Bushnell, M
A Northrop, E N. Clark, N. O. Perkins, J
C. Maxwell, C. P. Wb it fold. A. B Carpenter
C. L. Currier, C, B. W’hitford, Allen *>ibsun
Martin Russell, lion- llarnner Robbins.
OkeiceksJ—G P. Whitford, Secretary; J. J.
Bushnell, Treasurer; John Barnes, President
M. Northrop, Vice Presiuent; Our. Rus
sell, Generai Agent.
[v3n32 *y] Agent, Dodgevilie
Ayer’s Ague Cure.
the origin a e
II owe Sewing Machines.
Established in 1845—Perfected in 1802.
RECENT and important improvements h'avt
ing been pot to this Machine renders i
now the most perfect before the pub ic; and
persons at a distance can order a Machine with
a guarantee of its prompt and safe delivery,
and that they wi.l be able to manage it to their
entire satisfaction. No more breaking needles!
No more breaking stitches! No trouble m
making any garment, however delicate or
heavy,on the same Machine, either in cambric,
cloth or leather ; and for dre e rnakeis, shirt
makers, tailors, hat-binders, shoe hinders or
waiter fitting, as well as for every variety of
family sewing, they have n > superior, and
will be sold at a much l-ss price than any
other Machine capable of doing the same
range of work
i<end for Descriptive Catalogue of styles
and pi ices. A few responsible Agents will be
dealt vvilb liberally.
Address, “The HOWE Scicing Machines,
t;}7 Broadway, New York. nJB-ly
Also, Warehouse Truck*, Letter Prmee, Ac.
Fairbanks, (Jrcerleaf k to.
\© 172 Lake Street, CHICAGO.
O'Be careful to buy only the genuine. [!4
Pit ia<lelplii;i.
For the Relief of the Sick and Distressed ,
njjhcte with Vh ulrnt and Chronic Diseases
ant! especially for the Cure of Diseases oj
the Sexual Organs.
■jIIEDICAL ADVICE given gratis, by
IVI the Acting Surgeon.
V ALU ABU! K k PORTS on Sperrnatoerhcna, or
Seminal Weakness, and other Diseases of the
Sexual Organs, and on ibe New Remkdikii eni-
in ibe Dispensaiy, sent to ibe afflicted
in sealed envelopes, free of charge. 'I wo or
'I liree Stamps for postage will be acceptable.
Address, Or. J. skillin Houghton, Acting
Surgeon, Howard Association, No. 2 South
INinlh Street, Philadelphia. Pu.
A > / \ /I
\O/ \
I’oub v 'l in t juJ
They hive the highest testimonials and cer
tincaies m (heir ! .vor from families and the
public press They will run Imckwaid 01 for
ward malting a smoouth nd elastic Mitch on ail
kinds if tob;ic
$3 0 EiICH.
They are so simple in their construction that
a child of twelve veins can work them with
ease We Warrant the seam secure though
every iiiiid strhdi be cut. 'I hey make a si tong
er and handsomer •wain than can be made lu
These machines are twd throughout the
country, giving satisfaction to all v\ ho use them
and are, undoubtedly, the most economical, best
made, and cheapest in use.
$3 0 -iICH.
These machines run with a fiuct.on wheel.
Long away with the sretelling and annoyance
"fa hell or band—a desideratum which litis
ong been sought foi. Our machines have a
straight needle and a guard to prevent break
ing, thus requiring not more than one needle in
ix months common use. They aie warranted.
'A e furnish full and explicit directions for
■ismg them. Each machine, when sent out, is
Mi perfect running order, with sampleof sewimr
hi cli.il> ... ~position, so that a person cun
commence working at once.
They will Hem, Stitch, Fell, Tuck, fJathei.
Embroider and make two different stitches on
the same machine. They embrace two impor
tant improvements which render them the most
desirab e and simplest Family machines eve
Notice to f We offer a 1 beral dscount to par-
Vgexts J ties wishing an Agency or right i 1
sale of our machines. With a small investment
"f capital a profitable business can be readily
established All sales to Agents, with discount
must be i. variah'y for Cash,
N B. Our machines all stand on a handsome
table, and are worked by a treadle !Send for
descriptive circular.
o*on receipt of jjjjSO we will send machine,
by return of express; or, if so ordered, vve will
send a machine and the bill with it, so mat it
need not he paid for till receivi and
Address GEO. F. I’Ol.hlNS &.TO.
Office.— 120 Lake - trket. (up stairs v
W riggleswoktii & C'o.,
[ufivl ] |ji If*H I \‘f♦* II t ?*.
Main Street, Dodgevilie, Wis
a l H E uudersignei would respectfully
ask fora share of the [uiDiic patron
His table will always h* Ipr
oishediti good taste, and his rooms
are large and airy, and in every department
the intention w>ll he to consult the comfort and
wishes of his patrons. Good stables and atten
tive ostlers always in readiness.
Boarders by the day or week furnished with
all necessary conveniences at reasonable rates
(LT Stages leave this house daily, north aim
ul— ly John R Roberts.
for sale:
Cheap for Cash or on Time.
BY the subscriber the following real estate:
The E iofN. E. i of s. IV. $ The
KsofS.K. 4of ,S. " . 7'he VV £ n {S. R
i and S E of E. of section number 10
in 7ownRange 5 East, situated near Adams’
Will. lowa County Aj,.
Dodu, yille June 23
n4l-6m B. f. THOMAS.
Office Cor. Lake & Clark Sts.
Over A. 11. Miller's Jewe'ry Store.
Entrance 25 Clark Street.
WE are now introducing to the public a
KI) >ewing Machine, rhe inventor of winch has
discarded entirely the use of cams ; and ny the
application cf a new combination in mechanics,
has accomplished resn ts heretofore niiaUained
by any inventor, and produced a Vlaihinera
pi.hie of <is gr at a range of work as any other
Machine in the rn rkei, and bener adapted to
ihe wants of ill- community, as he has Com
bined, to greater enlent titan in any other pa
A nd Noiskleshness ok Action, to a degree no.
approached by any oilier Machine. Our Ma
chines are licensed by
And are manufactured at the well known es
liihlishmeiit of iles Greenwood, of Oincin
nati, Ohio Machi. es are put up on plan
tables, in half case, or in full cabinet, in Wul
nut, Mahogany and Rosewood.
|MtiC£9 FitOJJ #lO TO #IOO.
O” Our Machines make the '‘Double Loop
titch,” which is pieferable for family use to
the “Miuttle Stitch,” or ‘‘Wheeler Ac. \V i Ison’s
fititch,” as it is sometimes called
1. Because it is st ronger and more durable.
2. Because its right or face side is incom
parably handsomer ihan that of the lock-stitch,
while the reverse is fully as handsome as the
n verse of that.
.'I Because it is elastic, yielding or giving
with the material sewed. The lock-stitch is
non elastic and yielding.
4. Because it is a fast stitch and will not
rip, though every fourth stitch is cut 'ihe
lock-sinch will np if once broken
-5 Because, while it is also susceptible of
being taken out with great facility, in case it is
required, as in altering garments.
(>• Onr Machines will run, gather, fe’l, hem,
luck and embroider, and will do all that other
Machines do.
All Machines warranted, and kept in repair
one year without charge.
We are also sole agents for the Sale in the
Western and North-western Slates, of
Improved Right Side Hemmer.
rRIxjJZ $3 00.
Ls Ready Application to any kind of Ala-
Iline , new or old making it altogether the most
complete Hemmer ever \et offer- and. It turns
the hem under, and places the fair stitch on
die itiont side of the cloth
Persons in the country, by sending us (heir
address, inclo-ing a lettei stamp,can have one
of our citculars, list of prices, and sample of
Late of and successors to E. It ichards Ac Cos.
Agents for 1 imio.is, iscon.'iu lowa and .Vlmn
Address all leiteis to the "Chicago Machine
Cos. P and Box 3382, Chicago, Illinois. n3IJ
F ** U S a\ X* JtSl
Offered for sab h- w hoi ~r a part of that
excellent fa • m Know tas ir. Ln ’s .. ; d lani in
the town of iiidgeway, in i-is minty This
farm is situated in a good locality 1 , the whole of
it consists of
Mid is weil watered with living springs. 170
acres is under cultivation, the balance bears a
h sp!e..tlid growth of
2]Q53iS SB A 1 SB A l3 ®"h
!’mis through it, fr in which considerable lead
•'as been taken. Ihe homestead residence is a
goo I substantial farmhouse, and also another
good dwelling house is situated on the farm
• part or the whole of this farm is now of
For particulars apply at this office ■ ■*"
lit w Lost! How Kksioreo!
Just Published in a sealed Envelope. Price
six Cents,
A LEC T UHE on the Nature, Treat-
IjL incut, and Radical Cure of -Spermatorrhoea
•r ISetninal Weakness, Involuntary Emissions,
Sexual Debility, and impediments to Marriage
■generally, Nervousness, Consumption, Epilepsy
mil Fits; Mental and Phys cal Incapacity, re
suiting from self abuse, Ac.— By LOB 7’. .J.
CULVER A ELL, ii/.D., Author of the Green
Hook, j [-C.
’Phe world renown* and author, in this admira
ble Lecture,clearly protes by his own experi
ence that the awful ecusjquences of self-abuse
may he effectually removed without medicine
and without dangerous surgical operation, bogies
msliumeiils, rings or coidials, pointing out a
mode t f cure at once certain and effectual, Ly
which every sufferer, no matter what his con
dition may be. may cure himself cheaply,
privately, and radically. This lecture will
ptove a boon to thousands and thousands
Sent under seal, in a plain envelope, to any
address, on the receipt of six cents, or two
postage stamps, by addressing,
127 Bowery, New Yotk, Post Office Box, 4586
The Great Cause of
human miskry.
prick six cents:
on the cm use and cure of tfpermatorrhcea,
Consumption, .Mental and Physical Debility!
Nervousness, epilepsy ; Impaired Nutrition f
the Bony; Lassitude; V\ eakness of the Limbs
and Back: Indisposition, and Incapacity for
s udy and Labor; Dullness of Apprehension •
Loss of Memory ; Aversion to Society ; I ove
of Solitude ; Timidiy; •'elf-Distrust ; Diz
ziness; Dead che : Affections of the Eves •
Pimples on ihe Face • Involuntary Emissions’
and "exual Incapacity; the Consequences of
Youthful liidiscreli. n, &.c , &.c.
O’'/ his admirable Lecture clearly proves
tha the above enumerated, often self-afflicted
evils, may be removed w thorn medicine and
with, m dangerous Surgical op. r.lions, and
should b - read by every voulh and every mail
in the land.
>en’ undr r s. al, to any address, in a plain,
sealed envelope, >u the receipt of six cents, or
two postage stamps, by dderessing,
i II \S. J V. KLINE & Cos.,
12T h.wery. Now York, Post Utlioe Box 4586.
o2j-Jy *1
Something for the Ti
JC3TA Necessity,* eve Rv * -
the cheapest glue,* T few ”
E |* j,
L '-K In tbi
11 '• Wo,or,
whieh ki'd c* (l
n v •'■ EMmvZ
your broke,, K„ r ,,„
Vied your Durness. Strap,, „ ? 1
t i r will mend ku
Sve thr piect. of ih„ , Ipeil „f'
~ o„V V
I T \V ILL MEN I) Ivor
Don l throw away that broken lv *
* as ‘ly repaired.
Vour broken Chm* r opil and ‘
nde a. p,„d Mi Cf '
Hmt piece knocked out of y our
C ‘* n >e ~lUon aB strong as tr f
1 hat costly Alabaster Vase ,sbroke,,
can l,natch it, mend it, it win "
show when put lomther.
It W'll mend Bone, Coral, L m
Jacl everything hut Petal's
Any article cemented with America,!
Glue will not show wbereitTj
.“/T’ er > 11 should have’
of Johns & Crosley’s American Ct-.nei
New \urk limes.
‘•lt is so convenient to have uuhe hi
New York Express.
•‘lt is always ready, ibis conunen.
everybody ” — lndependent.
“We have tried it, and find it asusef,
house, as water.”- Wilts' Spirit o/U,
£lconcmy is Wealth
per year saved i„ every fa.
One Bottle of
Price 25 Cents per liut 4
Very liberal reductions to H'iloi
Bu yers.
T Klt M * € ASH.
O’Fur sale by all brin/ros. uin! ifrii
erH generally throughout the country
('ole iVla ulaclurer*..
7S William Slice:.
(Comer oi l iberiy aired) A Ij \\ \’(J
Imjroilai’t to House Owners.
Inrjro! latil to (ImMers.
Imjioitfuii to Kail U-,aJ Coin pat
Important t > Farmers.
To ail whom this in m/ concern, and item
Jon.XSA- CliosiE'i
d\v m &um m & &m\
T">e cheapen’ and most durable Ranting n
it o usiil Water I* on
it can •)■■■ i-upped to le w ad old Itoi-ls
k lid,- (>■!■[■ 11l llal , a (i lo slllllgit' roots tvt .
renn ving the shingles. ’
jhe cost rs only about one-tliiiil ik
Tin, ami it us twice as litnahle.
7’his artie’e has been thoroughly toe
N* w York <' itv and all parts id die t
Siai.-s, Canada, M si Indus and Cenlntl
South America, on bitiidingsof all kimls.
as Factories, Foundries, Churches. Kail I
Depots, Cars andoii Puldic Buildings genet
Government Buildings. &e , by the piia'
Builders, Arcliileets aid others, during the
four years, and has proved to he the ( In*
and most dnrab e roofing in use ; it is me
respect a tire, water, werlher and time |>
covering for Roofs.d all kinds-
This is the OSLY material many Iff
in the Un ted. >hr'tfli'sticity mid Dim
fry] which are universal y a knewl.dgedn
possessed by GlltlU aui!
A O heal is reared in milking ajijdicnli
The expense of applying it is triflaig.
ordinary root can he Covered and htnsne*
same day It ran he applied hy nny
when finish- and forms a perfectly I Inf 1 n
surface , with an elastif* b dy* "bin' ra,MI "
injured by Ileal, Cold or Mo.n.s, >lmnlnn
Roof Boards, nor any externa I action wh#
L Kil l
For Coating Metals of liinus whent
posed to ilie action of the Wesiher.fD
For Preserving & Bcpairic
BSctal Roofs of all kinds.
This is the only Composition f * '
will successfully nsist extreme
c,im length of Ome, ir ; r
to met.li. to which it adhere* firmlj,*
body equal to three coats of ordinary P . #
much less, and wil last three t |im ‘ |rt
from its elasticity is not injured by lh.
tion arid expansion of tin an' l
consequent upon sudden changes o
It will not crack in eld or run .u warm*
ther, and will not wash oft- , fr ,(
This Cement is
preservation of iron tailing, neral nit
cultural implements lic-i at ®
ufaciurers use. „rMVTST
For preserving and repairiiu, *1" j, B grri
metal roofs of every de ff?' '
el..ei.y,i.n | cnck
expansion of Met.n..
or run in warm wraiher. a p dimalf
These material .■* U
and we are U* ***
part of the ceuni'l. . r pur ed forU*
P- rch> hoofing tn ro - j g> w jili fol
and tiulla Percba Cement u
pnnteo direc ions for Snake liberal**
Agents W anted. responsible p :
salisf clory arrangement iein aelve*m 1
ties wh would like to esiab isb llu'n
lucrative and pem> meiil bnsno s. .^
Olir Trt are f < ?‘au weclC
We can g.ve abm.da.U proof v| ale ,ialt
in favor ol ur improve "" ,~ au d tw
bavin,; applied ibem to several
in New York and vicinity- ,j l V
JOHNS 4- CROshbi,
Wholes le Warehouse *8
Cor of Liberty >t, w j)| be^
Full descriptive chcuiarsaud p- ices fn?*'
mshed on app'ication

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