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A Remaikable Young Lady.
This Young Lady, who was once called the
“Wonderful Child,” has been traveling in
the United States since she was eleven years
old. and has been endowed from birth with a
supernatural gift to fetich an astonishing degree
that she convinces the most skeptical , of her
wonderful powers, ad when required will go
into an unconscious stale, and hunt up absent
friends, whether dead or alive, and through her
they will tell the enquiring friend their situa
lion and whereabouts, with all the events of
fife since they last met, together with the
past, present or future events in life; also of
Isot money or property, identifying the per
sons concerned with so much certainty as to
scarcely leave a doubt of GUILT.
This young !<dy is a physician indeed. She
can see and point out the medicine to cure the
most ob-nnaie diseases, even those that have
for yeni s b tilled the skill of our best physicians
such as:—
Diptheria, diseases of the throat and lungs,
diseases of the stomach, neuralgia, sick
headache, dropsy in the chest, asth
ma, fits or falling sickness &c.,
and can direct salves and
liniments to be made and
used that will cure old sores,
fever sores, cancers, rheumatism,
catarrh, sprains, weakness in the
back and limbs,
And other complaints of long standing, and
has performed astonishing cners upon those
who have long since lost their
Sight and Hearing,
or nearly so by disease. All forma of female
compluii Is attended to with great success.
During her travels she has cured hundreds who
were on the verge of the grave, who are now
living and enjoying good health, through her
skill mid successlm treatment. Satisfactory
references will be cheerfully given when re
quested She will guarantee to make perma
nent cun sin nil cases she undertakes. Her
mode ol examination is with a clairvoyant eye,
tv lien she tells invalids of their diseases and sit
uation w’lh great certainly and satislnciion,
so much so as to merit and receive the confi
dence of all who consult her. She also an
swers letters pertaining to life and health with
great satisfaction, and sends medicate by Ex
press. when required.
This young lady can truly be called a Proph
etess as well as a Doctress, for her wonderful
predictions, and the complete fulfillment of her
former revelations in reference to life and health
and termination of diseases and otherwise,
Lawyers, Doctors. Ministers and many other
scientific men have consulted her upon matters
ofh gh importance, and given evidence of their
entire satisfaction. Bho is now staying with
her parents at
No 10 Garrison St. between Wabash and
Michigan Avenues, where she may he consult
ed upon all matters pertaining to life and health
and diseases olThe human system
Consultation fee, one dollar. n9ly
Taken Up.
BY the subscriber in the town of
Arena, on land occupied by him
in said toA it, on or about the Iblh nf > if t
Jure, D62,one bay Mare, about eight years
old, black tail, both bind feet white, scar on left
The owner will pleas call,prove property, pay
charges, and take her away
Oct 18, 1862, JOHN VVI7ZLE-
THE UNDERSIGN E•'would respectfully
inform the public that they are now receiv
ing from New Yoik City, and will sell at their
two stores in Dodgeville, an extensive stock >
iMfi & Ifltll,
Which they they will sell at such low rates
as to meat ihe exigency of the times
No store in the County can offer greater in
ducements to purchase!a.
'J hey will sell the beat
PRINTS from 15 to 18 cfs. D yd-
BHOWMSHEETING, 16$ “25 “ “
SHIRTINGS, from 15 “23 “ “
GINGHAMS, from 18 “20 “ “
And all other g.Hids comparatively low.
They have on hand a large stock of
Of substantial manufacture, which they offer
(This clothing is not eastern s lop works, but
is made at their own Tailoring Establish
Gents' Clothing Made to Order!
From the highest to the lowest grades of Cloths,
Cassnneres, Ac., and
T\\ ukful for past favors we solicit a con
tinuation of your patronage
Dodgevllle, May Blh, 1b62. n3i-
Taken up.
By the subscriber,in the town of
Dodgevllle, on lend ow ned by
him, on or about lire Ist day of Sept. 1,1
It-62, one red and white Cow, with crumpled
horns, about five years of aye.
Du ten Dodgeville Nov, 21, 1662.
nIU-4w R T. JAMES.
Paul Jeardoe having left his notes and ac-
Counisin my bands lor collection, all per
sons knowing themselves indebted to him, will
please cali and settle the same immediately.
Dated Nov. 17th 1862
nXO Sw L. M Strong.
IjlßOMthe residence of the sub- fcTyOil
J scriber in the Village of Dodgevllle. /t'/t
on or about the Ist of Nov. A. D.
1862, a dark red Heifer, with white star in the
face, white belly, and white left flunk, three
years old next spring. Any one giving infor
mation of the whereabouts of said Heifer, will be
REASONS why we ean sell Jewelry at
lower prices than any other house west of
New York:
1 f. We manufacture our own goods.
2d. Goods that we buy of other manufac
urers are purchased at the
3d. We sell for CASH, therefore our custom
ers are not obliged to pay other people’s debts
Merchants, Auctioneers, and Peddleis are
invited to call and examine our stock or
containing full list of prices.
N. B.—An assortment of
kept constantly on hand.
J. EEi !UICE, & C O-,
nl-rn.3 166 Lake St, Chicago Ills-
Letter ‘A* Family Sewing Machine,
IS the best ami cue ape t and most
beautiful of all Sewing Machines. 'lbis
Machine will sew anything, from the running
of a tuck in T trletun to the making of an
Overcoat —anything from Pilot or Beaver cloth
down to the softest Gauze or Gossamer Tissue,
and is ever ready to do its work to perfection.
It can tell, hem. bind, gather, tuck, quilt, and
has capacity fur a great variety of ornamental
work. This is not the only Machine that can
fell, hem, bind, and so forth, but it will do so
better (ban any other Machine. The Letter
“A” Family Sewing Machine may be had in a
great variety of cabinet cases, ihe bolding
Case, which is now becoming so popular, is, us
its name implies, one that cun be folded into a
box or case, which, when opened, makes a
beautiful, substantial, and spacious table for the
work to rest upon. The cases are of every
imaginabte design—plain as the wood grew in
is native forest, or as elaborately finished as
aU can make them.
Send for a copy of “SrxcEii & Co.’s G.v
I. M. Si.\(JF,H Sc CO.,
458 Broadway N, Y.
'l'he branch offices are well supplied with
siik twist, thread, needles, oil, etc , of the very
best quality. Milwaukee Office,
i39] !M. IT Xewliail House.
To People who have land and
other Property to sell.
WE have had within, the last six
mouths, many private letters making
tiqniry about the price of land, village property
&.c., from individuals in the East, particularly
in Now England, where we were once pretty
well acquainted. Some of those letlois we
Lave replyed to, and some we have not; and
we are in no shape associated with land spec
ulation, nor are well posted in the market value
of farms, in less or more state of cultivation,
and what they can he bought for
Ist. We will ku*p a book utonr office for the
purpose of having a record of lands for sale,
the condition of such lands, the price of such
lands, the owners of such lands, &c., &c.
2d We will advertise lands or other proper
ty in our paper for those who wish to advertise,
and charge five per cent, on the sales when
sales are affected, and claim no fee until the
place or property is sold.
3d. We give property sellers this chance and
we believe it a fair, honest chance, and have
the opinion that in this way selleia and buyers
can be brought together better than in any
other way. Some copies of our paper go to
New England, New York, Illinois and into the
lake shore rigion of this state, and even into
Canada. Onr calculation is to enlarge our
paper, so as to make room for more advertising.
o“Persons interested, note the above.
Tor sale!
Cheap for Cash or on Time.
BY the subscriber the following real estate :
The E 4 of N. E. i of 8. IV. The
E 4 of S. E. i of S. IV . i 7’he VV. 4 of S. E
4 and S. E - 4 of A. E. 4 of section number 10
in 7’owa 5 .Range 5 East, situated near Adams’
Mill, lowa County vs j s ,
Dodgeville June 25.
n4l-6m B.F. THOMAS.
HMIIS PERIODICAL is printed at the of
-1 fice <f the Chronicle, Dodgevllle, it is
issued once a month as the church organ of
the Western Conference of the P. M. Con
nection Its price is one dollar a year, and
may be had of any of the preachers of that
denomination, or by applying at this office
Mortgage Deeds constantly on hand and for sale
at Tins Office.
Iyer's Cherry Pectoral.
—FOR —
Families and Manufactur ei s.
$lO TO $l5 PER WnEK Profit can bb
Stockings and Socks, of every Size and
Texture, Undershirts, Drawees, Com
forts, Table Covers, Military Sashes,
Nubias, Under-Sleeves, Tidies, Sontags,
Shawls, Rigolets, Capes, Cravats,
Head-Dresses, &c. .
They use any description of thread, * UK,
Linen or Gotton, and Yarn of every kind, and
of any size, from 10 to3o gauge, coarse or hue,
rough or smooth, hard or slack twisted, home
spun or machine spun, i hev w ,ll ouble
and Twist the Yarn from the Broaches, as
they Knit. 1 hey
Make 5000 Stitches a Minute
The same stitch exactly as made by hnd.
Any one who can turn a crank can use them;
a child can operate them when the work is
-commenced. -Six dozen pairs of -Stockings can
be made a day easily, and with stesdy work
this number cun be greatly increased. *' ,e )
sre very Hmple; the most inexperienced can
at once work and understand them ; they o,
not get out of order, and with good care they ;
j will last a life-time,
7’he slightest reflection will show that a
■Knitting Machine, by its novelty, ana t e
various uses to which it can be applet!, is al
together bettor, as a Profitable Investment.
• hau a -Sowing Machine, for the Knitting
Machine, is an Actual Producer of Goods,
which are very saleable, because everyone
wears stockings, socks, &-C , which can he
made on the inaflhjpp* awd sold at a very hoera*
profit. From s2'te $3 a dav profit can be
made on them, those who use them attest to
this fact. The Farmer can knit his woo! and
sell the goods manufactured. In a neighbor
hood a Machine will pay for itself easily in a
short time.
To introduce the Machine in the North-west,
we propose to sell but one Machine ihe first
year in each township,— giving the purchaser
a chance to operate the Machine without com
petition, s - o us to make the price ol the Ma
chine easily in knitting; mid wo will give to
suitable persons who purchase ol ns, the rig.it
to sell Machines in their townships, at a good
profit, thus enabling them by two methods* to
easily Earn the price of a machine, PKP L
OF MACHINE, complete, /
A Circular, which we will send on apphea
ti on, will give further and full particulars,cut o!
Machine, &.c.
With each Machine is sent a complete book
of Instruction giving full directions how to use
the Machine, and to make and finish all tin
aniclcs it knits
Address, with Stamp, nSOyl
Office—l2o Lake -Street. Chicago.
Branch Office, 102 Lake Street, )
Chicago 111 )
I'fOß the purpose of facilitating the Sewing
' Machine tiaiie in the West, the FINKLE
opened a permanent of lie in Chicago, No. 102
Lake Street, (first floor t
The usual charges of freight on Machines
from New* York to this place will be add and to
the New York prices. In every other respect
the business of the Chicago office will h" done
on the same terms as at the the parent office
in New York.
A full assortment of Machines, with all ihe
lale improvements, is already in the Chicago
office, and all orders for Vachines and Sewing
Machine Findings wi'l be promptly filled.
To parties little acquainted with the Ffi.kle
& Lyon Sewing Macbin. s, the careful perusal
of the Companies circular is specially corn
mended. T his circular can be had on appli
cation. It is very specific, and will be found
highly instructive, having been prepaied with
much care, and we will abide by all state
ments therein made.
The following biiJ quotation is character
istic of the entire circular.
“I’bis Mac me is better adapted than any
Sewing Machine in maiket to the frequent
changes and almost endless variety of sewing
required in a family ; for if w ill sew from one
to twenty thicknesses ol Marseilles without
stopping, and make every stitch perfect Will
sew troni the finest gauze to the heaviest cloth
and even the stoutest harness leather, without
changing the feed, needle or tension, or mak
ing any adjustment ot machine whatever.”
Thus have we overcome the most difficult
point in the sewing Machine art It was no
oidinary triumph. Definitely can we now say,
“No other Machine compares with it in this
respect.” Hence, have we uniformly—almost
without exception taken the highest pie
minrn, whenever the machine has been prop
erly exhibited in competition with othei' firku*
class Sewing Machines Hence it is that we
are able to offer the following guarantee viz;
■‘We warrant every Machine we sell to give
better satisfaction than any other Sewing Ma
chine in market, or money refunded” We
never sell a Machine on any other terms. The
guarantee is as tellable as the note of any busi
ness man in the land. For more than five j eats
have we relied upon such facts for the reputa
tion os our npachine ; and without a single
traveling agent in the field there is scarcely a
i,eighborhodd‘ v on the continent where me ma
chine is nut favorably known. U e prefer -nth
a requtation to one based on mere ‘ talking
points,” as they art technically called in the
trade. Hence we make but one kind oi stitch,
viz., the lock stitch, alike on both sides re
quiring only one.third the thread ol other
kinds of stitches
N C. Lucal agents wanted in every county
throughout the West. Special inducements
n5O-ly 538 Broadway, New York.
Something Worth Having.
■ #%
at. ar, cornsrisH
WOULD respectfully inform the public that
ha is prepared to take
Amorotypes, Melainotypcs,
I Views of Residences, Locket Pictures taken
and old pictures copied, he is fitted up expressly
for ’he business, having a skylight, an indis
peusib'.e article forgetting a good picture.
Please call at the car nearly opposite the
[Court House and see his Premium Pictures.
Dodgeville, November 13th, 1861.
llowe Sewing Machines.
Established in 1845—Perfected in 1862.
RECEN Pand important improvements hayt
ing been put to this Machine renders i
now the most perfect before the public ; and
persons at a distance can order a Machine with
a guarantee of its prompt and safe delivery,
and that they will be able to manage it to their
entire satisfaction. No more breaking needles.
No more breaking stitches! No trouble m
making any garment, however delicate or
heavy, on the same Machine, either in cambric,
cloth or leather ; and for dre-:s.makers, shirt
makers, tailors, hat binders, shoe-binders or
gaiter fitting, as well as for every variety o|
family sewing, they have no superior, and
will be sold at a much l-.ss price than any
other Machine capable of doing the same
range of work
Send for Descriptive Catalogue of styles
and prices. A few responsible Agents wilt be
dealt with liberally.
Address, “TViV* HOWE Sewing Machines,”
437 Broadway. New York. n4B-ly
Also, Warehouse Trucks, Letter Pressee, <Cr.
Fairbanks, Greeisloaf & €o.
,\o. 17’i fjakeStret*!, CHICAGO,
OJBe0 J Be careful to buy only the genuine. [3B
For the Relief of the Sick and Distressed,
afflicte-i tenth Vi, ulent and Chronic Diseases
and especially for the Cure of Diseases of
the Sexual Organs.
ITEDICAL ADVICE given gratis, by
JL the Acting Surgeon.
Valuable Reports on Spermatoerhcea, or
Seminal Weak ness, and other Diseases of ihe
Sexul Organs, and on the New Remedied em
ployed in the Dispensary, sent to the afflicted
in sealed envelopes, free of charge. Two or
Three Stamps for postage w ill be acceptable.
Address, Dr. J. Nkillin Houghton, Acting
Surgeon. Howard Association, No. 2 South
Ninth Street, Philadelphia. Pa.
'toit xzotjs:e3.
Christmas Toys and Yankoo
ITTE ofler for sale this season the largest
VY assort meat of
ever imported by us. We have
tch toys,
French toys,
American toys,
Swiss toys,
Tin toys.
Toy Guns, Swords, Pistols, Drums.
Puzzle blocks,
Building Blocks.
Chess, Dominoes,
Noah’s Ark, with all creation,
Swiss towns,
Fteneh Villas,
Dogs, Cats, Sheep, Sic
Wax Dolls us large as life,
Dolls without natural hair and eyes,
Dolls that Laugh,
Dolls that Cry.
And all the new and ingenious TOYS that
the combined skill and industry of the world
can supply.
We have on band the largest and best se
lected stock of
GHEmms mm
suited to the country trade that has ever been
brought to this market, to which they invite
the attention ot
as we ar-\ determined to tr :ke this the place
lor Cash Buyers to invest the;, money.
Call or
your orders and be convinced, that our stock
is the
our prices are lower than any other house i
Remember the name and number,
Main Street, Bodgeville, Wis
; THEundersignecwoultl respectful!)
I fit ask for u share of the pnolic patron
•linage. Hie table will always to fur
i in good taste, and his rooms
: are large and airy, and in every department
! the intention w ; l! le to consult the comfort and
wishes of his patrons. Good stables and atten
tive ostlers always in readiness.
Boarders by the day or week furnished with
all necessary conveniences ai reasonable rates
O' Stages leave this house daily, north anu
ul-ly. John R. Roberts.
TlTortgage Deeds constantly on hand and io
J\T sale at Tuts Office.
Ayer’s Sarsaparilla.
sewiSg machine go.
Office Cor. Lake & Clark Sts,
Over A. 11. Milter’s Jewelry Store.
Entrance 25 Clar k Street,
WE are now introducing to the public a
ED shewing Machine, the inventor of which has
discarded entirely the use of cams ; and oy the
application of a new combination in mechanics,
has accomplished results heretofore unattained
by any inventor, and produced a Machine ra
pble of as great a range of work as any other
Machine in the nnrket, and better adapted to
the wants of the community, as he has com
bined, to greater enieni than in any other pa
And Noisklebsness of Action, to a degree not
approached by any other Machine. Our Ma
chines are licensed by
And are manufactured at the well known es
tablishment of ix.es Greenwood, of.Gmcia
auti, Ohio Machii es are put up on plant
tables, in half case, or in full cabinet, in W u |
nut, Mahogany and Rosa wood, /
0= Our Machines make the ‘‘Double Loop
.Stitch,” which is ptcferable for family use to
ihe “Shuttle Stitch,” or “Wheeler & Wilson's*
Stitch,” as it is sorueiimes called —
1. Because it is stronger and more durable.
2. Because its right or face side is incom
parably handsomer than that of the lock-stitch,
while the reverse is fully as handsome as the
reverse of that.
3 Because it is elastic, yielding or giving
with the material sewed. The lock-stitch is
non elastic and yielding.
4, Became it is a fast st'itch and will not
rip. thougli every fourth stitch is cut. The
lock-stitch will r<p if once broken.
5- Because, while it is also susceptib'e of
being taken out with great facility, in case it is
required, as in altering,garments.
ti Our Machines wit! rut),,gather, fe’B hem,
tuck and embroider, and will do all that other
Machines do.
All Machines warranted, and kept in repair
one year w ithniit charge.
- _ r-.
We are also sole agents fof the Sale in tiie
Western and North-western States, of
Improved Right Side Hcmmcr.
Its Ready Application in ary kind of .Va
r.hine, new or old. making it altogether ihe most
complete Hemmer ever yet off-red. It turns
the hem under, and places the fair stitch on
the right side of the cloth.
Persons in the country, by sendingus their
address, incio-it.g a leltei stamp,can liaveonei
of our circulars, l.st of prices, and sample of i
Late of and successors to E, Hichams & Cos,
Agents for i ii riots, Wisconsin lovva and Minn
Address ait letters to ilio “Ghtr.agu Machine
Co- ,P. O. Bo,x 3382, Chicago, Illinois. n3D
FOE S ik Im 3D!
Offered for salt the who] • or a part of that
excellent farm known as Dr. Lull’s old farm m
the town of Ridgeway, in .his County This
farm is situated in a good locality , the whole of
it consists of
And is well watered with living springs. 170
acres is under cultivation, the balance bears a
a spler.did growth of
Runs through it, fr,m which considerable lead
has been taken. ’< he homestead residence is a
good substantial farm house, and also another
good dwelling house is situated on the farm
part or the whole of this farm is now of
For particulars apply at this office. n46
V&U H>w Li 8 1 '! How Restored!
Just Published in a scaled Envelope. Price
six Cents.
A LECTURE on the Nature, Treat
ment, and Radical Cure of Spermatorrhoea’
or Seminal Weakness, Involuntary Emissions.
Sexual Debility, and Impediments to Marriage
generally, Nervousness, Consumption, Epilepsy
and f its; Mental and Physcal Incapacity, re*
suiting from self-abuse, &c.— By 1,01,7’ J
CULVER WELL, M.D., Author of the Green
Bonk, tj-C.
The world renowned author, in this admira
ble Lecture, clearly proves by his own experi
ence that the awful consequences of self-abuse
may be effectually removed without medicine
and without dangerous surgical operation, bogies
instruments, rings or cordials, pointing out a
mode, ~f cure at once certain and effectual, ly
which every sufferer, no matter what his con
dition may be. may cure himself cheaply,
privately, and radically. This lecture will
piove a boon to thousands and thousands
fcent miner in a ul-iiii
1863. —■*
DaU y, Scit
Jhe Pf'prin,, ■ y
to announce a
luroHt'or 8p t;c ,
ebpo.nden Ck , V
moms income
cale of pn Ce ,
rs - By coiupi. VO
Journals, j( W jj|
the' North mi , rp T
e shall con, I 1
upon tha pl aill( ,;
can be made, |^|
"Hyidsoni-st P ; W B
1 he |>ros,*nt p r *
per over Jifieec v '_ f
him to speak o f i [s '.
Independent i\ El j*ai
that his journal i,
pression of th e
the rebels in a t , ll(l
of the ,1,00i
active support
Mati on of Frkkd,. lowes
Gar list of U O J ;
, Regiment of ’
several grand divfc Twol
Local and (-’ommeti
• lie undivided au eK
Editors ami A’epi tt! ;
1..? ii e call pariitfip
> W Ef KLV \\ If.co.Vfis
two column j.apc
made up l_c
All matter uf theh*
in this sheet; thus 8
all the news of
the Bemi \i Es KLT ,
D \ILY WiefY-
Published evety ij B
am, 12 m. and S** r *
1 Copy 12 months, i „
1 <?opy G tnonihj, ®“
1 Copy 3 m.-mii*,
Published every tu nC
ing as follutvs : >—
1 Copy J year, i, u j
1 Copy 6 ntolilhs, /
4 Copies 1 \ ear ito (kJi
6 Ciipies 1 year 0<
1U Gopics I y ear >
Published every k
tna-ltd every luesday’l
1 copy 1 your, in Block
if cup.es 1 year,
22 copies 1 year, * ttoK nKY
44 copus I year, A p o dgevilU
Riven i
■ tsxea in l°' va 1
1 . ttornk>
flee in 11
THE SEMI-Wf ■■ —i
First Pitni:nm.-', r
the la g. sl dab of
to the Si mi'll e< kiy, W
& Wilson sewing mtek—- - - “
j Second Prize.— ’Vri '
j of subscribers to th- 1-
one s4l> se!.o| i ,r S l.ip..Mj^{-.^
codege, viiUvankee. r
Ihrrd Premium— for and r
of subscnheis to the fci , ii i, w-|Bt'StC'TA
| u pair of mi<-k tnr gattn®; Office ov 1
j worth $ in. * ”
i fourth Premium—?
i club i-f stibscrbers to 1 b
year, we w ill send the i- ( ’’ 11 " 1 -' ’
one year.
First Premium
the largest did) ot su( lo { iol , “
to the weekly Wisconsin,—
Kins’double lock stitch so .. . V
$5O. ) 0 S E P
>emnd Premium.—H ng u ,
club of subscribers to the v f,
one scholarship in Lunis pub')'
college. ’Milwaukee. in g^d'
T hud Premium. -EH
of subscribers, to die wremsonAßU:
pair of mink fur gaunildJeP-hUe,
wofth $-5- amo. 0<
fourth Premium FMways on
c!ub of subscribers to the '<_ r _ T , rr
we will send die Daily du j
(Jjrciubs can rt ntaia
of January next, ami die Kgf t
rent in from tune to time nd aU xh
•j r Persons oideriug th' 1 nodutionx
state which edition they (ioloteto tu
[Lf’AH papers disciinliu-t'SB
for which they art piid t-xfjft .L
iny even
Milwaukee, October 20, Itrent.
_ jrdially
IF U-i - -
rpn P undersigned would
1 non nee to ike inhabit*" ■
and vicinity, that he has !>■ 4 MIC
has now on hand a welUelft
■dec Tii
- Hi
Consisting and
Sugar, Ten, I°f‘ ee ' •
Fruits of all kinds. Fm f||
He also takes pleasure m _
public that he has in
ccrv UrpanneiHi
■ BARBS® s'
Where be will always befoujMail
Clad and see Inin, a! his
JeanWu BUk. fe
June 1 Oth, TAT rr w
[v3n39tf] k.w
Office—No. i.Bushnebdg
Not over $2,000 insured •*'
circle of eight rods. j
Director.—J”hn Ban|
A- Northrop. E. N. G‘ a J
C L. t-urvter, G. a- r w*
OeficebsS— G r. n a nV
Bushnell, Treasurer; Joh‘ B |
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