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L F G A Ij
Foreclosure Sale.
] In the Circuit Court in
State of Wisconsin f 5 deli oun v and
Countv ol lowa, I state.
George 11. Kuhn and Joseph Holmes, execu
tors of the last wifi and fee!anient of Edward*-
T. Hastings, late plaintiff herein.
Ilf.mer H. Snow and Ann B, Bdiings, represea
taiivisof Henry M. Hillings, deceased.
\JU7 I Eis hereby given (hat by virtue rf
}i |id Diiisuanl to a Judgment o! i -rce'os
urc ned sab* ren"cfered in said ( outt iti tlie above
entitled anion on the Ifilh and y of September,
A. I). 1d62, I will, on Saturday (he 30fli day
of Jan mu y A. t> I 863, expose for sale and <•!!
a< public auction, at thefronl door >. the C oun
House in tile Vi'luge of 1 )oog ii i in low a
County U’is'-oiiaiii, at 9 o’clock I*. /!/ ol sad day,
the following det-ci iht-d nioitgaged premises, or so
much thereof-as shall he sufficient to satisfy the
amount of said judgment, interest costa and
costs of sale, to- wit:
7'he following described real < state situate
lying mod being in the County of lowa and
i-fiaie of Wisconsin, and more particularly des
cribed as follows, to*wit : /he west half of
the hoiil li - east quarter ot s Ction foiirt-en [1 Ij
containing'eightv ["hi acres ; the west hall ol
,!’e south-east quarter of section twenty-two
[t*-*l containing eighty [fCj acres; the south
east quarter of section twenty-ihrcc [23 j con
tabling mm hundred and sixty [l<■ 0j acres ; ilu-
Konih-Ivest quarter <>f section twenty four [J ij
coiiiai-'iig one hundred and s'xtv [ 1 till] acres;
the nonh-wefl quarter of s.-ction iw-niy-eix
coiit.d in-rone tiui.died and sixty fIGU]
K...es Adi of the above described true s ofiami
lying in township e'-x [fij north of range one [l]
east of the founh [4th] princip 1 meridian. A Iso
the eas: half of the south-east quarter of section
twenty [2<l] in lownsh’p Seven [7] north of
range alores.dd . containing eighty [Ml] acres;
and the west half .of the south-west fiactional
quarter of sfctiop six p(ij in township eight ijorth
of range aforesaid, containing sixty-eight [Gcj
ucr.s and forty hnadfedts of an acre.
Dated, Sheriff’s Office. Dodgeville Wiscoiiein,
October dilth. A D. If 62,
Eh.eiiiTof lowa County Wis.
vlttonu vs for Plaint iff, nC- 3m
In the rrat’rr of the Estate o! Louis Lebonty
deceased 1
On reading and fi ingthe pOifion of Margar
et Lebonty of lowa County, representing
among other things that Louis Lebonty, late
of lowa County, on the Fourteenth day ol
November, A I) ISC •?. died intestate, leaving
goods, chattels and estate within this County,
and that -he the petitioner is the widow ol
sai'i deceased and praying 'hat rairriinisiialion
ol said estate b,* to her granted. It is oid red
i!nt the proofs of said instrument be heard
be foie the Judge of this < ouit on Monday the
Ifilh day ol December. A. 1> 1802, at the Pro
bate Cilice in the Village of Dodgeville.
And it is lurlhher ordered that no lice thereof
),e given to all peiso s intere.-'e ' by publish
mg a copy of this older lor thiee week- suc
cessive y, prior to s‘.id day hearing, in the ol
-Dodgeville Chronic!-’, a weekly news pap - per.
printer! and pifbMT.cd at the Villageo! D, dge
v ii!e in said Ci.im y.
Dated November (Ufh ISO 2.
y. 1., ANS LEY
u 10 3sv County Judge.
John P. I h omns, 1
PI .iuliff.
John I. it belts and
Gueiifred R< berls, Ids
wife. A lot 7.0 Child,
Eheii G G bs, Peaily
A Child, E' V-’i iiutn
Ft>::. Stephen G Mini-
Mir,7’!loin is S. Young
Ah X Young, ChatleH
1! Wind, D C. Man
ny, C Young, Charles
I'emne, O iv.-r Ben
iKit, .1 times B, Fisk,
Wiiliitrn Gu'neit, Au
gust ns Kiiig t, Charles
Ci Ulus, .Vi nui. l N.
KeHog, Flit b B. (v;r
by, ('harlos K "tiitnd
line! Bel li-.:d ' Go!>l •
Deß-t and mis.
The glale off Wisconsin.
TO John L Roberts and Cnonfred Roberts
],is wife, Alonzo Child, ITvn O Cihs, IV.irlv
A. Child, K VViihuni Fox S’ephen C. Mamer
Thomas S. Young. Alex. V.iung, Chnrlea 11.
Wood. !>. C. M iinnv. C. Young, Charles Per
line. Oliver Bennett’, J unes B. FVk. WilTmi
Carnet, Augustus Knight, Cf;hs. Collins, iS am
i\. Kellogg," Eh h 11 Kirby, Charles Kinland
and Benlimd Goldsmith.
"troll are hereby sumrmned end r.qnire
ed to answer the complaint of John
l’.7h-nias Plaintiff which was li ed in the
office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court in and
for the Countv of 1 owa.oit the Ond da\ •>f 1 ieccin•
bar 1802, where’tho same remains on lie. and to
s ' ve :icopy of year answer on the sub.ciib r.nt
the I,aw Office of Samuel W. Reese,in the vil
l.paof l.iodg vtlle. low a County, and Mule
<il U i.consiu, within twenty and iys alter ’he
serrice of this summons, exclusive of the day
of service, and if you fail to answer said cone
plaint a*, heresy required, the plaint Hi will tin
ply to the Court fur teiief Demanded in the
X>ated December Ist, tfffij
~11-fiw. Plain tilT’s Attorney.
Taken Up-
BV the subscriber in the town of
Linden, near ihe County farm
()1 i ia n£ i owned by trim on or about the X-LcJL.
;Jih day of November, oneli* lit w\ horse colt
about 1 A years old, white star in toreho and. b ack
mane ami lightcolored legs the owner wilFplease
mil prove ptope ty, p"\* charm r and (<.ke him
a wav •
Taken Up.
By (be subscriber,' residing in the J
town of Dodgeville three liUje* WtM
east of t'.e village, on land owned by mm. in
said town, on or nb'Ut ibe 29 tb day of N’o
v- tuber ISfii, two yearling e fives, one black
'steer. undone red ami white heifer-
Also, on the Btb dry of Dec inbar, one red
steer, about one tear old
rl.Elw ’ OWEN C. JONES.
T'<iiO \I the premises of the subscriber
11 ■ ies dips- in tlie town of Dodge v 1 c.
Enu or abiu the las', week in last Octo- L_l ATS
■> r, a horse Colt about eighteen month oil.
fe'aCK, with white star in fn-ebead, and a fitb
Iw-bite about the fn locks ol die hind t- et. .’ll)'
|ioTßon giving notice where sod coll can !>■* ob
.aim and. will much oblige the subscuber and wi
be suitably rewarded.
Dated Dodgeville Dec.4th JBG2.
ril3*4w EV.4N \V im-LIAM*.
Somsthing Worth Having-
\\J OULD respi-ctfiiity -inform the public tluu
\ y 7re is prepared to lake
Aramotypes, Melainotypes,
Views of Residences, Locke! Picures taken
aid old, pictures copied, he is fitted up expressly
for Hie business, having a skyliahl. an indis
persible article for gelling a good picture.
Pleas- call at the car nearly opposite the
Conn-Mouse and see his Prem um Pictures.
Dodgeville, November 1-3 Dr. IHGI
I p i fcTAN I) ABD
Of all kinds
Also, Warehouse Trttds, Letter Prance, <£ c.
Eciii i).(xiTPiiipaf k Cos.
.\o, 1 *4-2 liiike yilwl. CIHPAGO.
[]li Be careful to buy only the genuine. [3B
Christmas Toys and Yankee
njEcfiVr lor sale this season the largest
\V assortment of
■•jipjpy n'"p j jjp p
ever imported by us. We have
Dutch toys,
French toys,
Arnetican toys,
Swiss toys,
Tin toys.
Toy Guns, Swords. Pistols, Drums.
Puzzle blocks.
building Clocks,
Chess, Dominoes.
Xu ah's Aik, with all creation,
hvviss tow ns.
Fiench Villas,
Dogs, Cats, S. beep, &c
Wax Dolls s '.a ge as life.
Dulls with ut natural hair and eyes,
Dolls that Laugh,
Dolls that Cry.
And all the new and ingenious 'i OTS that
the combined skill and industry of the woil..
can supply.
We have on hand the largest and best se
lected 'tuck of
aimismis mm
suited to the country trade that has ever been
brought to this market, to which they invite
the attention o!
as we are determined to rr ake this the place
lor Cash Dutkiis to invest their monk.v.
L Wi i- Or itaC-Sid
your orders and be convinced, that our stock
is the
our p-ices are lower than any other house in
Renumbei the name end number,
nil m 2
lowa County Circn.t
C ouri.
Tlii' PlainPff desires
flie trin! of this fiction,
if any there he, ti> lie
hail iu the County of
i o w a.
SING F H <fe CO.’S
Letter -A*FamilySaving >liichiiic,
vrirn ai.l the iuccest improvements
IS tlie rEi-T ar.J ciikafe t and m< st
EEAUTirt'ij of it-'i 1 Sewing .Machines. 1 nis
A:aniline will sevv anything, from tire running
of u luck in T-tilctan to the making of an
Overcoat—anything faun Pilot or Beavercloth
down to the softest Gauze or Gossamer Tissue,
and is ever ready to do its work to perfection.
It can fell, horn. bind, gather, tuck, quilt, and
has capacity for a gieat variety of ornamental
This is not the only Machine that can
fell, hyra, bind, and so forth, hut it vviil do so
better ivan any other Machine. '1 he Letter
“A” Family Sewing Machine may be had in a
gieat variety of .cabinet cases. Ihe bolding
Gase, which ie now becoming so popular, is. as
its name implies, one that can he folded into r
box or case, which, when opened, makes a
beautiful, substantial, and spacious table for the
work to rest upon. The cases are of every
imaginable design—plain as ihe wood grew in
its native forest, or as elaborately finished as
ait can make them.
Send for a copy of “Singer &. Co.’s Ga
1. 31. SiXC£R Sc CO.,
■ioS Broadway N, Y.
The branch offices are well supplied with
tik twist, thread, ne-dies, oil, etc , of the very
rest quality. Milwaukee Office,
n39] 3'o. IT Newhail Hon<r.
- -rU-M.'.Y%i
pr- .
rpfTfS PERIODICA L is printed it the or
[ fice < f the Chronicle, Dodgeville, it R
issuetl once a month as the church organ ol
the Western Conference of the IV .M Con
nection Its price is one dollar a year, am
may he had of ain of tile pr< achers of that
denomination. or hv applying at this office.
A Remarkable Young Lady,
Ties Young Lady, who was once called the
“Wonderful Ciiiid,” ties been trav. ling in
the United Stales since she was elevt-u years
old. and has been endowed Irorn birth with a
supernatural gift to such an astonishing and -giee
tiiat she convinces the most skeptical . of her
wonderful powers, ad when required will go
into an unconscious state, and hunt up absent
friends, whether dead or alive, and through iier
they will tel! the. enquiring friend their situa
lion and whereabouts, vvidi all the events of
life since they last m-t. together with the
past, present or fat tire events m lit'-; also of
lost money or property, identifying the per
rons concerned with so much certainty as to
scarcely leave a i> -übt os guilt.
Tins young 1 idy is a physic! ui ii deed. Slit
can Bee and point out the medicine in cure ilie
most oh linaie diseases. even those that have
for years h . tiled the skill of our best physicians
such as:—
Dipihena, diseases of the throat and lungs,
diseases of ilie stomach, neuralgia, sick
headache, dropsy in the clie-t, asth
ma, fits or falling sickness Nc ,
and c<n direct salves and
liniments to l>e. made and
used that will cure o and soles,
fever sores, cancers, rheumatism,
catarrh, sprains, weakness in the
hack and limbs,
And other complaints of long standing aid
has performed astonishing cueiri upon those
who have long since lost their
Sight and Hearing,
or nearly so by disease. All firms of female
Coinplai. is attended to with ureal success.
During' ii r travels she lias cured hundreds who
were on Ilie veiga of the. grave, who are now
living and enjoying good health, through her
Midi and mi eessiui treatment, .'-atisiaemiy
references will he cheerlully give , when re
quested Hie will guarantee to make penna
nt-m cun sin all cases she undertakes. Her
mode ol examination is with a clairvoyant eye,
W hen she tells invalids of lheii diseases and sit
uation will great certainty and satish.c ion,
so much so as to merit and receive the confi
dence of all alio consult her. Hie also an
swers letters perZaming to life and health with
great satisfaction, and sends medicine by Ex
press, u lien required
Tliis young lady can truly he called a Proph
etess as well as a Doctress, for her wonderful
predictions, and the complete tuliillment < flier
former n velatioas in refeience to hfe ami henltii
and ttnuination of diseases and otlwwse,
Lawyers, Doctors. Ministers and many other
scientific men have consulted her upon muiteis
ol h gii importance, tied given evidence olMieir
entile satisfaction. Hie is now slay ii g with
her parent s at
No iU Harrison St- between Wabash and
Mich.gnu Avenues, where she may be consult
ed upon all malfe.it periaining'o life um: heailii
and dmeusr s of tlie imimm system
Uonsultation tee, one dollar. i.9 1 y
Oh ca o>, i liinoss.
J L W L Li. Y
REAFONS why we can hee w ' fry at
i lower prices th at any otli o use est of
Mew York:
1 s. Wc rnanufaclure our own goods.
9d. Goods that we buy of other mauufac
nrers are purchased at the
3d. We sell fur GAII, therefore our custom
ers are n it obliged to pay oilier people’s debts
Merchants, Nuclioueers, and Peddlcis are
invited to call an<s examine our stock or
Containing full list of prices.
N. I>.—An assortment of
k t pt constantly on hand.
J. SE. iIitUCE, Sc €<>.,
nl-m3 IGG Lake St. Chicago Ills.
To Consumptives.
nUIE Advertiser, having been res-
X tofed to health in a few weeks, by a very
simple remedy, after having suffered several
years with a stvere lung affection, and that
dread disea.-e, Consumption—is anxious to make
known to his fellow-tuff* rers the means of cure
Td all who desire it fie will send a copy of the
prescription used (free .f charge;, with the di
rections fir preparing and using the same, which
they will find a sure Cure for Consumption,
,4 stum a. Bronchitis. &c. 7‘heonlv 01-j-’Ct of
the advertiser in sending the Prescription is to
bem-fit the afflicted, and spread information
which he conceives to be invaluable, and he
hopes every sufferer will try his remedy, ns it
will cost them nothing, and'may prove a blessing.
Parties wishing the prescription will please
F i.v. Edward A, Wilson)
n6-3m Kings County. New York,
Pan! Jeardoe having left his notes and ac
counts in rny bands ink collection, all per
sons knowing themselves indebted to him, will
please call and settl the same immediately-
Duted Nov. 17t1i8'53
nlO 3 L. M. Strong.
i>. a- Guirmm
deader in
Mi dicines, ( hetnlcals, Pa nts, Oiis, \ arnithea,
l urpeuiiiie Dye Woods 4 C>lass and Putty, lo
hacco and Cigars.
Anew and extensive stock of
vt s**l n m j? a m m B W
ii a i atsa aid a*
Wnifstn and Ih o>,(hea fci Medical Tt.r t *
Toilet and Fancy Articles, Mae Brushes, Soaps
of all kinds.
Pci turners, Spices, School Books
mrpyi? rn MPniPTW??
rAlHiiu fJb.UillMu.
lias just received, and will keep constantly m
I,arid, a well selected assortment of such arti
cles as are enumerated above, and all others,
usually kept in a Drug Store, which will h
sold at the lowest prices. Thank (u! for past pat
ronage he solicits a coiiiii ucr.cc c f the same
j Physicians’ presciptionsac rateZy da
paused bv an experienced Diuggist.
Dodgeville 0ct.30, IS6I. [hUf]
, Effects of Irregularities Avoided.
—Too mncli eating and dritik iag, new habits
mhl modes of life of eu pu duco irregularities
in the bowels and general health of the system
But Bn ax m-'Tti’a n.i.s will soon cure, th
stottt.-ick will regain its sir, ngtli arid a healthy
id ion •"!' the system will be restored. No Med ■
icin.£s ate equal in usefulness to (ho
Brandrelh’s Pills,
Brandreth’s Universal Salve &
Allcock’s Porous Plasters.
Every man of the Fire Zouaves had a box
ol Bkandretii’s Piu.s ;t box of Universal
s alve, and an Aixoock’s Porous Plaster pu
in their knapsack free of expense. And to this
fid may he attributed the absence of any of
This Regiment from the hospital
Every Soldier should haves box, of Brand
teili's Pi;!s a box of Salve, and piece of Porom
Blaster They are SURE to bo useful, often
Tho bafest and Best.
Preparation that can It ■ used upon the HaD
for imparting to it a natural shade of brown o
b ack , is
Christadoro’s Hair Bye.
It corrects lire bud effects of other dyes, nour
ishes ilii" H dr is easily apiil’n and. performs its
wmk instantaneously, and its presence, to me
b-orver . i mains an
Impens rablo Secret,
Miiiuifaitiured by .1 ( R!>TA i-<)RO,
Astor House, New York, fcjoid everywh
and by al I I iair I >ivscers*
Price, J$L §tl,sU,und per box, acco
to size. it! I■l in
rrisriadoro’s flair PreserTatiFO,
Is Invaluable wi'b hts Dye, as it impnrtss the
utmost sultness, the most beautiful gloss, and
great vitality to the flair.
Price ;l(i cents, $l, and jjjjQ per bottle, ac
. •
curding to size. noy 1.
fty*p( k p.*la,(>oirsmapficß and Fits
A SL Rl’ C’nre for til pho distressing com-
I L plaints is now made known-in a “Treatiks
TIONS,” published by I r. <>. Phelps Bih-wn.
i be preset i’Hion. furnished him by a young
ciait voyanr girl, while in state of I ranee, has
curt and i vor\bo(i\ who has taken it, i.evtr hav
ing (ailed in a single case. I: is equally sure in
cits -s of Fits as of s iysjx pda ; and the ingre
die ts iiu'y he found in any drug store. Those
who are i CitcM and with ( onstut ptii n, Ihoncbiiis
or Avhsma, may als > he Mired by the use o' rnv
lleibai Preparations, I will send this valuable
prescription free to any person on receipt of
their name. Andress, ? > [J, () PHELPS
BROWN, No. 10 Grand S licet, Jersey City,
N J. noii-'y
WIiVT ir I> M UtVl IE I
vv Eol EitiN 11Ui EL.
Main Street, Dodgoviiio, Wis-
HI I E iiiidersigni i would reaped fad v
L !; ns ’ s for a share of the puntie patron
IA i a '■& ’*?*'• His table will always b• Inr
.,.;nishi-d n good taste, and his rooms
are large and airy, and in every department
the i litem tun vv ii ; ho to consul t the 'Comfort a nr'
wishes of bis patrons. Good stables and atten
tive ostlers always in readiness.
Boarders by the day or week furnished with
aii neccssarj conveniences at reasonable lau-s
L?" -Stages leave this house daily, north an.,
n I—U• John R Roberts.
Just Published in a Healed Envelope ; Price G cts
ON 1 lit. CAL- 1 - AND t UoL o( Speima—
torrhec, Gonsumpiion, Mental and Physical
Debility, Nervousness. Epilepsy ; Inupahed Nu
trition oi the Body; Lassitude; Weakness ol
1 1te Limbs and the B cl; ; Indisposition, and
Incapacity for study ami Labor; Dullness ol
Apprehension',; Loss cm .Memory; Aversion to
Society ; Love of Solitude; V'lmi-iiy ; Seil-
Dist-n-t : Dizziness: Headache, Affections of
the Eves ; Pimples on the Face; Invoitu f.ary
Emissions , and Sexu.il Incapacity; the Con—
sequences, of Youth Ini Indiscretion & c , &c .
t-/ 1 his admirable Lecture clearly proves
that the above enumerated, olten self-afflicted
pviL. may be it moved without medicine and
wit* out dangerous surgical operations, and
should be lead by every youth and every man
in the land.
-ent under seal, to any address, in a plain
sea’ed envelope, mi the receipt ,l six cents or
two postage stamps, by addressing
nIM-ry ~ CIIAS. J V. KLINE &Go
127 Bowery, New Y ork, Post Office Box, 4 356
Taken Up
y the subscriber, in Coon lIoU
3 low. Town of Arena, lowa
t oiinty, one Hay Mare ib‘>ut fonneen i. i / A
hinds high, two white Jtiud fettneks, a botie
spavin in ihe hock joint on the r gf t hind leg,
some white spots on the back supposed t>< ba/e
been by the Saddle, and supposed to he about
eleven or twelve years of sge, ;he. owner is
requested to call prove property, pay charges
and take her away.
Mortgage Deeds constantly on hand and fo
sa! at Tins Office.
To Destroy Kitts, Koackcs, tj-c.
To Destroy—— Mice, Moles and Ants.
Tu Destroy Bed.-Bugs.
To Deslsoi/ Moths in I‘nrs. f lollies &.C.
to Destroy Musquitoes and Fleas
To Dei troy Insects on Plants and Fowls.
To Destiny animals
To Destroy Every form and species of Ver
S> lr .yj. I i-tatitly
Those Preparations (unlike all others) are
“ F'ree from Poisons ”
“Not dangerous to the Unman Family,”
“Ruts do not die oh the premises-”
“They come out of their holes to die. 1 ’
“ Fhey are tile only infallible remedies known
“12 veins and more established in N Y,Ciiy”
Used by the < ify Post Office.
Used- by the city’ prisons and station hou e
Used by the city steamers-ships &c.
Used by the city hospitals alms houses &c
Used by the city’ hotels—‘.dslor’— ‘St.
Nicliola?,’ iS c.
Used by the boarding houses, &c. &c.
Used by mure than 50,0Ut) Private F an
il ies.
O’hS’ee one or two specimens of what Every
where said by the People—Editors
Dealers, tf-c.
Housekeepers —troubled with vermin need
be so no longer, if they use “Cospar’s” Exter
minators. He have used it to our satisfaction,
and if a box cost $o we would have it U’t
had tried poisons, but they effected nothing; but
“t ‘ostar’s” article knocks the breath out of
Rais, .'Vlice, Roadies and Bed-Bugs, quicker
than we can write it. It is in great demand all
over the country,— Medina jOj Gazette .
More Grain and provisions are destroyed an
nually in Grant County by Vermin, than won and
nay for tons of this Rat and Insect Killer.—
Lancaster ( VI is) Herald.
Henry R. Costaii— We are selling your pre
panuions rapidly. V\ hen-ver they have been
used, it a is. Mice, Roaches and Vermin disap
pear rapidly. Ecker & St< ufker.
Druggists, V> indsor, Md.
‘CosDuV’ Rut, Roaoli, ticc. KxUoniir.ator.
•‘I lostar’s”
‘CostarV’ Oeb-bug Exterminator.
“Costat ’s'’
• Cost atElectric Powders for Insects,&c.
in 2 c nOe. and $ I.(!() Boxes. Bottles & I’,asks
CO and (ill si*- s for Pl p-tiaions, Ships
Boats, Hotels Ac , Ac.,
CAVTIO* : I I To prevent (lie public from
b mg imposed upmi b;> spurious and Highly
I* ft tiiaoiiH Imitations. n;n w label has lu-.-n
(irepa-ed, lietoing a Juc simile of the Pioprie
lor's signature, Exit.nine ,e.;di b is-hoi tie. oi
ll i k carefully before purcbaßiUg, und lake noth
mg but i4 4JOsS;ii
!ZT Sold Everywhere —by
Til Wholes tie Druggists iu the large cities
Some of the
A'n ilssale Agents in New York City
Shicffclin Brothers & llarrol, Risley & Kit-
Uo, i chert.
B. A. Fahnstoflc, Hull Bush, Gale & Robin*
& Cos. 1 . son.
A. B. A !).. Sands &.Co M. Ward, Close it Cos.
Winder fc Hart. McKisson & Ilbbbins.
■ iauics S. Aspinwall. i). S. Barnes & Cos.
Morgan & Allen. F. C. Wells & Cos.
Hull, Ku.-kle & Cos. Gazelle, Marsh & Gar-
Thoinas it Fuller. ' dner.
P. D. Orvis. Hall, Dixon & Cos.
Conrad Fox.
elr.d others.
Phil aok lem ia . Pa.
T. Vv. Byott & Cos. ißobert Shoemaker &
B. A. Fahnestock &j Cos.
Cos. j French, Richards &.
| Cos.
And others.
Boston Mass.
( leo. C. (loodwin & Coj Wcekes ct Potter.
M. S. Burr & C. ;Jno. Wilson, Jr.
A nd others.
Also, All G holes ale Druggists at
Chicago. 111.,
St. la uis. Mo ,
Detroit. Mich,
Louisville, Ky.,
AND 15 Y
Druggists, Grocers. Storekeepers and Retailer,
generally in all Country Towns and Villages.
111 the
ETSold by
m* £ I©'M Mf „
And by the Druggists, Storekeepers and Re
tailers generally.
O’Connty Dealers can order as above.
Or address orders direct [or if Prices.
Terms, &c , is desired, RTsend for [1862
Circular, giving reduced Prices] to
lleury K. OuMar.
Prificijrat Depot—No. 482 Broadway, Nev
York. n4Bms
r PHE UNDERSIGNE 1 ' would ref FMtf||:i
|_ inform the public that they aren OWr '
ng from New Y oik City, and will sel/ hl ,1
wo stores ?n Dodgeville, an extensive stock^
S !E ®® Si gEE i
Vhich they they viiJ sell at such low r aeß
s 10 meet the exigency of the times
No store in the County car offer greater in
iceineiils to purchasers.
, HEADY-ajADE clothing,
Of substantial manufacture, which they offer
(This clothing is not eastern slop works, but
is made a: their own Tailoring Establish
Cents’ Clothing Made to Order!
From the higheot to the lowest grades of Cloths,
(Jassimeres, &c., and
HTh'nkfu! for past favors we solicit a con
tinuation of your patronage
Dodgevllle, May Blh, ISC2. n3J-tf
T. S. BAKER & CO.,
Commission Brokers and Conirnisson IVier„
chants. Ilealers in Real Estate &. Merchant
We have on hand most of the time (as
Brokers) Stocks of Goods, such as flardvvate,
Dry goods, U atches, Jewelry, Ciothirg, Boots
& Shoes, We have now on hand a block of
§30,01)0 north of Superior Groceries, Com
prising Sugars, Teas, Coffee, Tobacco, Stc ,
&c. which will be sold at the regular quoted
who.esale prices for Cash k laiui,
VVe are acting as Agents for the manufac
turers of Superior Ground Java Coffee, whicl
we can sell for 2; cents per pound for Gash—
i land. I bis coff e will give genearl satis
I action : s can be tested by sending for a sanipli
It will be sold in lots to suit the purchase!
Iu llie place of land vvewili lakt" Ilovsvs, U’ag
oiis, Buggies or Produce with 4 cash.
or other property shipped to its will be sc.id ac
cuidiiig to insi: uctious <5l- avails remitted ac
cording to ore:. r*
Our commissions in all cases wi l ! be reasoii
blo &, sit isficmry A-idress with a stamp,
S. Baker &, <O.
No. 12-1 Unndolph St.
nl!-if- P O. Box, 2229.
Guardian Sale.
In the mattes of the Guardianship r.f Mary,
Peter and Catherine Casserly, miner heirs
of Hugh Casserly, deceased.
JO 1 IGE is hereby given that by virtue and
Lx pursuance of an order of license made in
sod mutter or. the Second day of October x.l>
)BL2,bv the County Court of said County the un
ders’gi.ed will on Saturday the 20ih day of
December next ensuing, at one o’clock in the
A fterno'in of said day at the front door of the
■ durl house, in t c village of Dodgeville offer
for sale al public vendue the following describ
ed lands to wit.
The east half of the north-west quarter of
-Vecliou number two I2Y Town number live (5)
Range four east containing Seventy-four
and one-ball' ;744) acres. Fixcepting a right of
wav (adjoining the north line to the public
road,) two rods wide.
7 he terms of sale will be made known at the
time aid place of sale.
Dated November 241 h, 1462.
nll -3w Guardlan &c.
SfiL Muzsr How Li st! How Restored!
Just Published in a sealed Envelope. Price
six Cents.
A LECTURE on the Nature, Treat-.
AjL incut, and Radical Cure of "Spermatorrhoea
or Seminal Weakness, Involuntary Emissions,
Sexual Debility, and Impediments to .Marriage
generally, Nervousness, Consumption, Epilepsy
and Fits; Mental and Physcal Incapacity, re
sulting from self-al use, <fec.—By ROB'/’. J,
CULVER WELL, M.D., Authorof the Green
Bonk, tj c.
I’he world renowned author, in this admira
ble Lecture, clearly prov es by his own experi
ence that the awful consequences of self-abuse
may be eflectually removed without medicine
and without dangerous surgical operation, bogies
instruments, rings or cordials, pointing out a
mode of cure at once certain and effectual, by
which every sufferer, no matter what his con
dition may be. may cure himself cheaply,
privately, and radically. This lecture wil
piove a boon to thousands and thousands-
under seal, in a plain envelope, to any
address, on the receipt of six cents, or two
postage stamps, by addressing,
i >r. CU AS, J. C. KLINE,
127 Bowery, New York, Post Office Box, 45 6
Taken up.
the subscriber residing in Garri-
son’s Grove some three miles east
of the village of Dodgeville, on or
about the Ist of Nov. 1862, a white cow with
slits in her ears, red neck, from four to six years
'•-d. Ihe owner will please call prove property
puy charges and take her away.

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