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A Weekly Democratic Reform Xeict~
•Dirorn A!(l) YEorMSTO*
TERMS; Two Dollar) a ytir, tn advance. No
llwcription will be allowed to remora beyond the
cibaarMthe year.
Statp Convvutloa.
The cledtora of the State of Wisconsin are here
by nettlled that a convention of the People Reform
party, and all who sympathise with them in fhe’r
tnrpoae* and objects, is called to meet in the
City of Fdnd n'u Lac. at 12 o'clock, noon.
On Wediiradn y bept. 38, 1877,
?or the pmrpitie of nominating candidate* for
Mote officers, and tlie transaction of *ueh other
b*dnee as may be deemed necessary. Kach Sen
•to and Assembly district ill be entitled to two
delegates in said convention.
Tha following -esolution was considered at the
last meeting of the S*ato Centra' Committee, and
the Chairman directed to submit the eame to the
Htaie Convention with the recommendation that
it be adopted :
"kaolini, That the number of delegate* to the
State Convention be one lor each county, and one
lor every 500 votes cast for Samuel J. Tilden for
Preuident at the November election, in 1*76, and
for cvoiy fraction of 200 ami upwards, and that the
ds'egalcs be chosen iu such manner aa the several
counties may determine,”
A N D REMT I>kol DPI I. Maaisou.
NELSON ÜBWEV, Ca-,ville.
JOHN BLACK. Milwaukee.
CONR AD KREZ, Sheboygan.
GKO 11. REED. Oshkosh.
1). C. FULTON. Hudson.
J. N. BRUNDAGE, Grand Rapids
8. A- WHITF. Whitewater.
A C. KELLOGG, Portage.
J. H. EARNEST, SHiillsbarg.
J. A. BARNEY, Miyvlllc,
T. H. lIUDD, (reeu Bay.
A. HOFFMAN, Chippewa Falls.
Secretary Slate Central Committee.
■Since hid return to Washington, says
*be Chicago Times, Rutherford has
been biaily engaged in preparing the
Questions ibr the proposed competitive
bxamination o t future office-holders. He
has completed three of these questions,
#hich are giver, herewith:
1. Did you vote for me?
2. Have you an abiding faith in my
RoUibct-n policy?
3. Do you believe ,ic ‘he Complete
regeneration of Key?
There are some people in TusaS who
Deed looking after, or they will get us
into trouble with Mexico. Despatches
from Gen. (3rd hint at an orgauiz. • <
•of 2,500 of cur “fellow—countryn.fi.
in that State who propos- t > . ; k- •i in
entaion into our neigh r. [•■!..
The last Mexican war be. 20 : ; ••(.it
fiber this fashion, and we , ivl a
either on our hands before >■ ko-.>w it.
A. tract of land might be set ap some
■where on the Rio Grande, where the
outlaws of either side could have their
fill of raiding upon one at— ther without
raiuioiiiug i/Tie two naiioriß.
The Chicago Inter-Ocean (earns that
'out of 197 Cc ogreesmen. 131 favor r:-
the law of 1873, and restoring
Uhe silver dollar to its old place in the
coinage; tit teen are in favor of remone
tiring with conditions attached: eighteen
.oppose remonetizing; thirty ono are un
-decided, and two decline tj answer Tin
answers represent every Htste, and in
clude thirty-one senators and one hun
dred and sixty-six representatives. Oi
the latter, one hundred and thirteen ad
vocate the measure and thiiteen oppose
An exchange says it is perfectly ob
vious now why Hayes postponed the
extra session of Congress, leaving the
army unprovided for during the so miner,
and involving his administration in a
diiect violation of law, for which it de
serves impeachment. Me hoped, by
swinging round the circle in the mean
while an 1 making soft sawder speeches
North and South, to reconcile the people
•to his Fraudulent Administration, thus
disarming the people's representatives
before they met in October, in this
expectation ho overestimated his orato
rical powers and underestimated the
country's abhorrence of fraud.
The grand jury of Columbia, £. C.,
'returned iniiictuioHtwoi} ves*ord;*y against
Senator P*t<tersou, ox-Cevemo*- Hoses,
•n ex-Ucutcimnl governor, an cx-prosi
dent of the senate, an ox treasurer ol
fhe atute, and half a dozen other per
sona, ter a variety of crimes connected
with the reign of the carpet-baggers, in
cluding breach oftrust. forgery, br.berv.
and conspiracy to bribe the legislature
indicted party are howling about
this as political persecution. They only
want to be let aione, —to let by gones
be by-gense,,—to clasp hands over the
awful chuj-M they opened in the state
treasury: but adc Hampton is not so
much in the reconciliation business as
he was, and they wUJ probably have to
ckar themselves before a jury, it they
•re cleared at all.
Those L tab divorces which have come
into vogue are dangerous. A Kertucky
woman, whose lawyer had jr >c ired a
Utah divorce for fief. g:id win. r , : r j
again on the strength ol it. has
•entenced to tlio {j;iitentiarv for three
years as a bigamist. T:.:.= -i ve: t
that will alarm not a few h;:-i ;< u ,(
wives. The marriages I,i ; -. v ; iv
in the various Slates at i ; .
tte Uuiud Slates are
trmdictory a,.d cojjfuwd I. irni' fi ia kV .
yets With niutu practice ano many fees
to create misery i„ lllailv i. lo!t]s
.Dd to semi the luen 'j i
women who fud not been aware of their
CTtor in getting uwrricd or in --eiu..
divorced. ° 0
7 fie Omaha Herald,, speaking of the
work in progress to repair the broken
railway bridge, says; “A trestle work
! will be erected from the approach to the
first pier, and a Howe truss will be
| thrown over to the second pi -r T'l
’material is new bei-;g ; repare- 1 . in C -
|cago, and will be ei.ip-ed here in a fe.
j days, when two Lundiid ire- will
1 put to work in erecting it into piace.
j ine cost of the temporary structure will
■ be about $20,000. The permanent iron
' superstructure can be built right over
(this temporary bridge, so that it will
i not interfere w ith the running of trains.
There are qalu. a number of small boats,
owned by private parties, that are being
: used at the bridge to carry passengers
across the river, and the business is prov
ing quite profitable to those who are
j engaged in it The Union Pacific have
just put on two small sued life-boat*,
which are each managed by a crew of
four oarsmen and a steersman. They
are capable of carrying fif teen or twenty
persons each at a trip. These boa's
! were en route from the east to San Fran-
I cisco at the time of the accident, and
had got as far as Valley Station, when
they were stopped by telegraph and
brought back to Omaha, and pressed in
to the service of me company. They
.are used principally to transport the em
ployes of the road.”
Keely’s Mach me.
[From I ht: Prow, Aug 29.]
Last night, at No. 1,422 North
Twentieth street, in the presence of a
number of scientific gentlemen, there
was a te*t given of the machine which
has become known as the “Keely motor. ”
All the tests given were successful, the
last one being slightly marred by a split
in one of the service pipes, not at all
militating against the experiment as a
The operation of the machine ia so
simple that those who have laughed at
1 the telegraph and tiic locomotive will
; cease to do so the same as they did with
i those wonderlul inventions. A rubber
i hose, five eighths of an inch, is attached
'to the hydrant, and water —about two
|or three gallons—is passed into the ma
| chine. The gauges, with graduated
scales, indicate me height of the water
1 column, the result varying, as it does,
so far as power is concerned. Air is
! forced into the upright column on the
| left with a pun.p, the pressure applied
i being usually about five pounds, some
times as much a ten pounds. By ap
plication of more air. or oy “bleeding”
os the gauges, the pressure is regulated
at will, and the machine is what is
technically called “set.” The operation
merely consists, then, in a motion of
. the lever already described; and certain
| ly last night its results were wonderful,
! and demonstrated that the power is made
j from hydrant water and ordinary air,
I no chemicals about it, and it will drive
!an engine and transmit power. The
j vapor passes from the machine into a
1 steel siiell and into a condensing appa
ji- tus, whence it goes to a small tube
j an : ‘.hence to the engine.
Ihe valves were all opened to show
: ; i;e urn ch ine was clear, air introduced,
the kvet was lilted, the first move
.owing one thousand seven hundred
j and fitly pounds pressure on the gauge
to the square inch, and though the
chamber for condensing was open the cur
rent did not blow out a match held over it.
With six and a half pounds air pressure,
the trauge indicated live t’- msrn 1 ‘ >
| six thousand v*y; htt.u.- ! ■ it,.-. :
J trial ( : (Jiff i .1 1 b ;t
j lever (weighed) registering fi . thousand
i ptninus dead .weight. The vapor was
! turned into an expulsion chamber, and
! the cap flew off .with a report like a rifle,
I frightening halftt.Ko.se present; and last
' ly, a dve-horse power engine, with three-
I lourths-mch stwtke and twenty-four inch
j fly-wheel, was driven at six hundred
land eighty revolutions to the minute,
fhe skeptical engineers wore convinced
that the jKtwcr vas there, and that it
could be applied. The present machine
cost $150,000. One of the engineers
.-.aid they had produced fourteen and a
ill \ i.'ium on one experiment, and
fifteen is perfect, as ail engineers know,
j A pl lie test will be given shortly.
Notice to Build -Side wallc,
City Clark's Office.
Manitowoc. Ang. 2th, 1877.
j WHEREAS. At b regular meeting of the Board
or Aldermen ol the cRy of Manitowoc, held on the
i ‘i.lhdav of ngust, ifT7, a petition wa, granted
j lor the building ofa sidewalk on the north s ido of
Ham nek street, bet w* en 91 h and ,oth street* n
I the aoulh side of B'livk 27:1. In the eitv of Mani
j tow'uc. Notice is herd.* that *.w her* of has
fronting on south side of said Block 273, on the
north side ot Hancock ytrcci. between 9th and loth
streets. nre directed to build a good and substan
ia>i sidewalk, u> be completed within tin davs davs
'rom l he date hereof, raid sidewalk to he not less
than feet wide, of sound S Inch plank, with curb
| plank, and on the established grade of . a >d
; cock street,according to ihe record in the (..
Clerk's Office.
St. Com., Ist Hist.
I Is hereby wrrcn tfcat hida will hr received in the
I t ity Utr!*... office tiW Monday, scutfintier jOrli.
IST7. for the coustnictiqn of (lie west protection
pier 011 Main .street bridge. accord! ng<o plans mid
-pecifleations t>n tile In the City CUrk's.oflice, the
board ~>f Atdermiyi reserving t^ e figm to reject
j any or all hide.
1 Manitowoc. August ?th, IHT7
o*llß. GEI.I.KE,
CuAB. Snoru,
1 Com. ob Bililgw.
, f.J. Hanh bavin-; bought all the stock in
itradi- accounts, and b)l;s receivable of the firm --i
■Herr A llauth.’ ol Grimms station Mnit-me
county. W in,, notice is licnl.y given ihat mid e<v
partnership is hereby by mutual consent diasolv
| ed. and all debts owing to said firm must he pan!
j ■ mediately to P J. Hanch, and all liabilities will
be discharged hv him
Hated Aug. g th, 1877.
11,I 1 , -i. IIEKH.

[MVlimif .ilauitownr t opm>
In the matter f the estate of Joseph tsonkun
deceased. 1
To all wl cm it may concern; Tetters of ad
mtnitratio <<•> *aii late, having been is tied to
Mar-rrctl. Soukup. on the M <U *t bwpteinherJ A
U. Ift<,. uu lour months from s. .id alter said dav
beir.c allowed and limited for creditors to present
flioir claims for (*x*minutiae and allowance. >'o
nee 1-hercbvKmm that the nndorsigned niil o D
he firsi Mondays tu October. November and Dec
ember, at the probate office ol the city of Mani
1” <n,d eon my. receive, examine. and adjust
diea ed 8, 3nd dcIURUt;,i of a!! arsons against iaid
T G OLMS I Ell. County Judge.
I\inrt B4TE ~ ilanttoHoc c ount)
bo’a-ed. uf!h# 6f 3o *l* beiukpp.
’ er rs of ration in -aid matter heir
.i\ kTraii t< Marp*?th sniunp cxwiHrjx o f
woe .anij and no otio having requl , ihe
- - I Tn- n . t Jff c ®* ,ni i- ‘ i ''ners on said estate, it i
a that ail f aims and demands of all pertain*
• l!d deceased he receh,d examined and
.and before the Jtidge ,f this Court.
' ’!■ It fn i rt | M ' ordered, ths; four months from
’ ,ht ‘ * acle hereby
„.t al.oned and limited to creditors to prC'-ent
their claims s-yonst said deeea*ed H
tr ipi , fttetii.-r- oidefrai, that withir. iixlv dav*
from the dale hereof, notice ot the times and
' V^ ,ch . s *J t, mar be presented and
IhT creditors to present their
cUims. be given bv publishing- the -ame for four
wtpks. suco-ssiveft . once i n ejich week, in the
Man.towoc Pilot, a weekly newspaper pri: ted at
Manitowoc citr in said couctv * *
l-.r 1 M- - ■ ~
an. lA-7.
‘■■•U - T. O, v-S
Whereas default has been made in the payment *
of money eCCred by a certain mortgage bearing
date the 16th day of March 1874. made and execu
ted by Ber B, Treat and wife to John II Thorn-
I ton, and recorded in the office of the Register ol
I deeds in the county of Manitowoc, on the l:>th dav
of July, l-,7i at ll'o'eiock a. m.. in Volume t. dt
' • gages. o n page 470. and wnich said mortgage
a :n e 2 ~h day of July, 1*74. duly eold and ae
a to U. P. Eaton, and’ which assignment has
■ . iulv record* f.
J ierea# the amount claimed to be due on
mortgage at tfce date of this notice is the sum
j of $l6l 41 ai.d #BO as solicitors tees; now there
‘ fore notice is hereby given according to the statute
| that by virtue of a power of sale contained therein
; -aid mortgage, will be foreclosed by the sale at
I public auction of said premises described in said
mortgage a.* lot six C 6) in b'oek 183 in the citv of
Manftow *c, on the iSii dav of October. 1877. at 10
o'cli>ck a. m.. at the front door of the Court house
in -aid citv.
Dated August 2d. 1877
98J-3w. It. P. EATON. Assignee.
IX PKOBAIE-TlanUtwoc luani}
In the matter of the estate of Ambrose Osch
vvald. cteceased-
The Court having this day made an order re
moving Anton Stoll from the’trust of administrat
or of the estate of said deceased, and it appearing
to the C<*rt that said estate has not been tullv
administered and tfial it i- necessary that an ad
ministrator tie bonis non - ’ be appointed of said
j It is ordered that at! persons interested in said
estate show cause if any there be why Don A.
I Shove or some other suitable person should not
|be appointed admiuis'rator "do bonis non" of
; said estate, before thi Court at the probate office
lin said county, on the Knh day ol September. A.
|D. 1*77. at ten o'clock in the forenoon. And it is
I further ordered that notice thereot he given to the
I heirs of said deceased, and all persons interested
; bv publishing a copy of tins ord-r for three sne
; c--ive week* prior U> said day of hearing in the
Manitowoc Pilot, a weekly ’ newspaper printed
and published in the city ot Manitowoc, in said
| county.
ilal'-d thL am dav ol July. A. D. 1877.
| WI-3w. T. 0. OLMSTED. County Judge.
I.X PROB vrC-.tlaniWwoc Count jr
j In the .Hatter of the William Hatnroel. deceased.
1 Notice is herebv given, that by virtue and in
’ pursuance of an order of license, made In mad in
said matter, on the vOth day of August. A. D.
by the County Co’rt of said county, the uud
-1 er*ia..ed Dorothea Uammel, guardian of the minor
heir of U iliiam. Hammel.deceased.will.ou Monday
i 17tli day ol -eptember. A. D. 1577, at ten o'clock
]in the forenoon of said day, at the office ol the
i County Judge, in the city of v anitowoc, in said
: county, offer for sale, at Public Vendue, the fol
| lowing described lauds, to-wit.: The south west
| quarter of the noith west quarter of section No.
thirty-six ilk)) in township No. twenty (J'') north
‘ol range No. twenty-four (24i east in said Muiii
]to woe c.ouniv; containing lor tv (id) acres oflaad.
i Dated at .Manitowoc, the 20th dav of Agn-t. A.
iD. 1877. 993-4 w. DORt )TilE t'il,\sDl EL.
1 Guardian.
TX FKOBATE, .nanitowoc fount}'
J. (ouil
In the matter of the estate of AVm. B D.
Honey, deceased.
Letters of administration in said matter being
this day granted to Alzada M. Honey, of town
Gibson and Manitowoc c<>.. and no one having re
quired the appointment of commissioners on said
estate, it Is oidcred th. t all claims and demands
of all persons against said deceased be received,
examined and adjusted before the Judge of this
And it is further ordered, that four months from
and after the date hereof be and the same hereby
are allowed and limited to creditors to present
iheir claims against said deceased.
And it is further ordered, that within sixty days
from the date hereof, notice of Hie limes and
places at which said claims may be presented and
of the time limited for creditors to present their
claims, be given by publishing the same lour
weeks successively, once in each week, in the
Manitowoc Pil t, a weekly newspaper p.inled at
Manitowoc city in said county.
Dated at Manitowoc, the •-‘7th day of August. A.
1). 1877. (sj3-4w. T. G. OLMSTED, County Judge*
[X FJCOIIATE, Manitowoc ton tj
1 Court.
In the matter of the estate of Clarissa C. Cole,
formerly Pease, deceased.
To ali whom it may concern : Letters of ad
ministration on said estate, having been issued to
Don A Shove, on the 4th day of June. A. I> 1877.
and four months from and after Aug 20. ISTT.beiiiL
allowed and limited for creditors to present their
claims for examination and allowance Notice i*
hereby given that the undersigned will on the tir-t
Monday in each mouth during said ti'te oi
four months, at I lie Probate Ollice in
the city of Manitowoc in said county, receive, ex
amine, and adjust all claims, and demands of all
s ■••;nsi ‘sitl deceased.
T. O. OLMSTED, county Judge.
I X PROB Vl'E*n.i.MTOwOl' tOI.MTt
1 comic.
In ti.e matter of the estate of David Cronin, de
Notice is hereby given, that by virtue and in
pursuance of an order of license, made in said
matter, on the 27th day ol August. A. D. 1877. by
the Countv Court ol said county, the undersigned
administrator of the estate ol David Cronin,
late of -aid county, deceased, will, on Saturday the
•■Wd day of September. A . D. 1877. at ten ocl .ick in
the forenoon of said day. a; the office •)' the Coun
ty Judge, in the city of Manitowoc, in said county,
offer for sale, at public vendue, the following de
scribed 'vnl. to-wit. : Tb south . pi ■ •* of
, township No. eighteen (IS) north of ranee
• enty one (2!) east, in said countv.
; terms of sale will be made kwu n at the
and place ol sale.
Dated at Manitowoc, the 37th dav of August. A.
D. 1877. 99b-4 w. DON A. SHuVE.
I FKDBATE - KiaiiituivOc ( imutv
I Conn.
In the matter of the estate of Wm. D. L>. Uonev,
To all whom it may concern : Letters of ad
ministration on said estate, having been issued to
i Alzada M. Honey, on the _7th day of August A. 1).
1*77. and four months from and after ‘■aid da.
being allowed and limited lor creditors to present
their claims tor examination and allowance. No
tice is hereby given that the uudeisigned will on
thekmrlh Mondays of September, October. Nov
ember and December at the probate olbce in the
city ef Manitowoc in said county, receive, examine,
and adjust all claims, and demands of all parsons
*gin>t said deceased.
9UB-4w. T. O. OLMSTED, County Judge.
The undersigned, the special guardian of Ignatr,
Pankrstz. an in tan t- duly appointed by an order ol
th I'irc-it Court of .Manitowoc county-, Wisconsin,
dated on the fth day of August. A. D.1577. for the
purpose of ssilinj' the real estate of said infant
hereinafter desenoed; and being by said order re
quired to sell the sume.at public sale at a price of
not less than four thousand five hundred dollars, a
part ol the sum to be paid therefore to be paid by
assuming certain liens upon said promises. the
balance to lie paid in cash at the time of the ,ie-
Uvory of the deed of conveyance thereof; and
also Doing required bv said order to gP e prbiic
notice of the time and place wifech sale, by pub-
Iwlnng notice *d -a'lch liusc and ln the
••Manitowoc.Dilot,” tor two uu .
Therefore, in puivuaitce rf said order, said premi
ses will be sold at public vendue to tho highest
bidder, subject to the approval of paid Court, on
the 14th day ol September. 1577, at tcu o'clock in
the forenoon, at the office oi 11 O. x W.J. Turner,
in the city of Manitowoc. Manitowoc county. U is
■ sin, and the terms of sale will be us herein
■ ■ stated. The following is a description of
the premises to be sold : The muth-east quar
ter of the north-east quarter, excepting ten acres
in the nrlh-east corner thereof; and also the west
half of the soutt -east quarter of the north-east
quarter, all in section No. fifteen (151 Township
No. twenty (♦>> Range No. twentv-threc (Tbea-t,
iu swd county,: and also the west hall ofthe south
east quarter ot the north-eset quarter uf said sec
tion No. fifteen. .cojgijiuiog twenty acres-, and also
a pari efthc north-east quarter of Hie south west
quarter of section No titrpen (15): and also a part of
the south-east quarter of me north-east quarter of
section No sixteen, containing seventeen acres:
and also part of the north-east quartern!the north
east quarter of said section No. sixteen i j.,i con
mining twenty acres: and also part of the north
east corner of the north west quarter of the south
west quarter of section No. fifteen ils>; and also
part of the north west quarter of the south-east
quarter of the south-east quarter of section No
sixteen (16,', containing twenty eight acres; and
also the south part ol the north-west quarter
of section Number fifteen (15) all iu the town,
Hange and county aforesaid, a portion of said
premises being tho nil! pond connected with the
mill situated on l> premises hereinbefore ~esc
.ibed. WM. G. Ll'E^S.
118-2 w. Special Gnaidian.
IS PRB*Tt Mauilevof Couutv
1 i Court.
In the matter of the estate or Fredrick Plena,
! On reading and tiling Use petition of Maris P!en.
' of the county of Manitowoc. W is., representing
' among other things that Fredrick Hens. Jute of
; Mnitow..c cour.ty. on the 7th day ot August. A.
j I), la. ~ st tlie I'-Wij of Newton.died inlc.-ta c.less
ing good*, chattels and e-iaie with this state of
W t scon sin and .hat the said petitvieris the widow
ot mid divetoosl. and praying that administration
of said estate he to .John Sehttette and to her. the
widow ol said deceased, granted, it is ordered that
.; said petition be heard before the dredge of this
; i out I, on Monday, the 24th dav of beptotuber, A
0. IhTT, *< ten o eiots a. ta , at mr office in said
I Ordered further, that notice thereof be given to
the heirs o said deceased, and to all inter
ested, bv publishing a copy ol this order for three
successive wee s prior to said day ot hearing, in
the Manitowoc Pilot, a weekly newspaper 'pub
lished at Manitowoc in said county.
Dated Manitowoc, the dad dav of August \ I)
I>TT. AdJw. T. G. OLMSTED. Counts judge.
| ' V°BATE.-anit*# c (anniy
.u the matter of the estate of Seth K aoall. de
ceased ,
On reading and filing the petition of Catharine
Kgndall. administratrix of the estate of said dc- ;
ceased, representing among other things, that she
has atlljr administered said estate, and pravin
that a time and place be fixed lor examining and
her account of her adn.iuisiravn r.-lileigio
this Court. It is ordered that said account be ex
amined fcj the Judge f this Court, on Friday the
2sth day of •September. \. I). ls?T, at :,s u
a. m., at m- office in said c ‘uplv.
‘ Ordered fnrther. that notice thereof be given to
th-heirs ot said deceased and to all persons in
terests, by publishing a e-pv of this order lor
hree weeks prior to said dav of hearing. in the
Manitowoc Pilot, a weekly newspaper published
a' snitowoc tiSi::4tr— \.
• fit Manitowoc, the 3d day ui eeptember,
■ . TO OTAfbTPP r o-ty ,fr ; W I
-Lx That at the general elec,. nto be held a-.
several towus. wards. and ct a 3. .-c : ,
the state ol Wisconsin, on .. lite- r eei
ing the first Monday. being lue sixth cay
v ember next, the lotlcwlng officer* are to be elect
ed, to-wit :
A Governor in place of Harrison Ludineton,
whose term of office will expire on the first .Sou
day in January. IST*.
A Lieutenant Governor in place of Charles D.
Parker, whose term of office will expire on the
first Monday in January. 187s.
A Secretary' of State in place of Pet*r Doric,
whose term of office will expire on the first Sou
day in January. 1878.
A State Treasurer in place of Ferd. Kaebn,
whose term of office will expire on the first Monday
iu January. 1878.
An Attorney General in place of A. Scott Sloan,
whose term of office will expire on the first Mon
day in January, IST*.
A Slate Superintendent in place of Edward
Scaring, whose term of office will expire or the
first Monday in January, I*7B.
A Slate cenalor iu the Second Senate District,
: comprising the county of Hr wn. in place of
Thomas 1; Hndd. whose term of office will expire
I on the first Monday iu January, 1878.
A State Senator'in the Fourth Senate District,
comprising the counties of Cnwford and Vernon,
in place of J Uenrv Tate, whose term of office will
, expire on the first Monday in January, 18,8.
A State Senator in the Sixth Senate District,
comprising the F'fth, Eighth, Eleventh and
Twelfth wards in the city ot Milwaukee and the
Tow ns of Franklin. Greenfield, Lake and Oak
Creek, in the county of Milwaukee, in place of
tohn Mitchell, whose termofettice will expire
on the first .Monday in January. 1878.
A State Senator in the Eighth Senate District,
comprising the counties of Kenosha and Wal
worth, in place of A-abel Farr, whose term of of
fice will expire on the first Monday in Januarv,
A State Se nator in the Tentli Senate District,
comprising the county of Waukesha, in place ot
William Blair, whose term of office will expire on
the fir-t Monday in January. 1878.
A State Senator in the Tweltth Senate District,
comprising the counties of Green and La Favettc
in place of Joseph il Treat, whose term of office
will expire on the first Monday in January. 187S.
A State Senator iu the Fourteenth Senate Dis
trict, comprising the comities of and
Sank, i a place of David K. Welch, whose term of
1 office will expire on the first Monday in January,
A State Senator in the Sixteenth Senate Dis
trict. comprising the county of Grant, in place of
0. 0- Hathaway, whose term of office will expire
on the first Monday in January. 1878.
A State Senator iu thv-Eiuhteeutb Senate Dis
trict, compririui; the towns of Alto, Byron. Bldo
: note. Empire. Fond du Lac. Friendship. Lamar
tine. Mcromen,Cakfield. Kipon. Bor-entlale. Spring
vale. G aupun. the north ward of the village of
\\ itupuu. and the cities of Fond du Lae amt Kiuon,
in the county of Fond du Lac, iu place of tVilfiani
11. Ilincr. whose term of office will expire on the
first Monday in January. 1878.
A Slate Senator in the Twentieth Senate Dis
trict, comprising the county of Sueboygan, and
the towns of i,-hford. Auburn, Calumet, Eden,
Forest, Marshfield. <Gceolu andTaycheeda, in the
coun y of Fond du Lac, iu place (if Daniel Cava
naugh, whose term o! office will expire on the first
Monday iu January. 1878.
A State Senator in the wenty-Second Senate
-District, comprising the counties of Calumet and
Outagamie, in place < i James Ryan, whose term
of office w il! expire on Ihi first. Monday in Janu
ary. 1878.
A State Senator in the Twenty-Fourth Senate
District, comprising the counties of Ashland. Bai
ton. Bayfield. Burnett, Douglas, Pi.lk and St.
Croix, iii place of Sam. S. i ’tield. whose term ol
office \v ill exp re on the first Monday iu January,
A State senator in the Twenty-Sixth Fenate
District comprising the towns of Berry, Black
Earth. Blue ound?. Cross Plains. Dane, Fitch
. burg, Mazomanie. Middleton, Montrose, Perry,
Primrose, oxbury. Springdale, Springfield, Ver
ona. Vermont and Westport, in the county of
Dine, in place of if. £ Davis, whose term of of
fice will expire outlie first Monday iu Januarv,
, 1878.
A State Senator in the Twenty-Eighth Senate
District, comprising the counties or lowa and
• Richland, in place of Daniel L. Downs, whose
' term of office will expire on the first Monday iu
January. 1878.
A State Senator i.i the Thirtieth Senate District,
comprising the counties of Dunn. Kau Claire and
Pierce, in tlie place of Rockwell J. Flint, whose
term of office will expire on the first Monday in
January. 1878.
j A State Senator in the Thirty-Second senate
District, comprising the comities' of Jackson and
Monroe, iu place of .Mark Douglas, whose term of
\ office will expire on the first Monday in January,
1 18.8.
! A member of the A<= 'mhly in each Assembly
i District in the State h county officers as
| are by law required to ■ • .and at such election.
That a vote is to h. take upon a proposed
i amendment to the C0.,.'. n, iu pursuance ot
the provisions of chapt, 4 ot the law sof 1377.
approved February 24!h. -77 which act is as 101-1
1 lows :
AN ACT to submit to the people an amendment
to article VII. of the constitution.
Whereas, The legislature of this state, at the an
nual M-sjou for the year iB7*3. proposed and
adopted by a vote ot a majority ot the members
elected to each of the two houses, an amendment
to the constitution ot this state, in the following
language :
“Remdv' '• l’v the Se • ■' ■ ■ - , ~ .. t
sKtutioii b"c ‘ iiVncnti
bar. The .lip; IMI
chief justice itiul •
elected by the qualified electors ot me
Ihe le^ishttur-ciiaii. .u its first session alter the
adoption mi. amendment, provide bv law for
the election ot Iwo associate ju.-Uces'of said
court, to hold I loir offices respectively for terms
ending two and four years respectively, alter
Hit end of the term of the justice <>l the said
court then last to expire. And thereafter the
chid justices and associate justices ot said couit
tbali be elected and hold their offices respective
ly for the term 1 ten years;and
Whereas. The foregoing promised amendment
to tlie constitution of the slate was duly ratified
and agreed to by the legislature of 1877; there
'I he people ot the State of Wisconsin, represented
in Senate and .Assembly, do enact as follows :
Section I . Jibe foregoing proposed amendment
to the constitution oi tliis state shail he submitted
to the people at the general election to be held on
Tuesday succeeding the liist Monday of November,
Jaiid if the people .-hail approve and ratify
said amendment by u majority of the electors vot
ing thereon, said amendment shall become a part
o! the constitution ol tills state.
Section 2. The form oi the ballot in voting to
approve and ratify said proposed amendment hai!
be "for amendment to the constitution.’’ It
against the same, “for amendment to tire constitu
tion, no," wuich shall he <•■ the general ballot
used at said election, and deposited in the same
box. All persons qualified to vote aJ any election
in this state, shall be deemed vote.s on this ques
section r;. The votes cast approving and rati
fying, or disapproving said amendment, shall be
counted and returned by the inspectors ot the
election in all respects as votes for slate officers
are cmtiJed and returned, and the officers now
dsigg.CA.Jevi by law to canvass the returns ot votes
fin' aluLe icSoeis. Ltiil canvass the returns on ibis
question at the same time •’.ml place, aud n..der
the same regulations and restrictions now provi
ded by iaw tor canvassing and declaring the re
turns ot elections lor state officers.
section f, U ithin three days after the deter
mination ot said canvass, it shall be the duly ol
Jjie canvassers tocertify the result of said canvass
to the governor, win* shall thereapon, without
delay, make proclamation of the result.
Section a. i lie secretary of abate is herebv re
quired to include the substance ot this act iti the
notice ol the general el cotton lor the vrar 1577.
SEcnon b. This act shall take effect gad he in
force Irom and alter ts passage and publication.
That a vole is to be taken upon a proposed
amendment to the constitutioii ui pursuant ol
the provisions ol chapter 158 ol the laws ol Is",’,
approved March 6, la;7. which.act is as follow s :
AN ACT to submit to tnc people an a.ueiiUnieTit
ol section 2of article VIII of the constitution ol
this state.
Wiibmeas. the legislature of this state, at. its
annual session lor the war ls?* proposed and ]
adopted by a vote ol a majority of all the members
clvi led to each of the tiro houses thereof, an
amendment to the rovstimiou of this antic, in
the billowing language :
KesolveU by the senate, the assemble concur
ring, I ha; section J of article VIII of the const!- j
tuttou ol this s ale be amended so as to read as ]
follows : section i No money shall be paid" out !
ot tli.' treasury except in pursuance ol an appro
priation by law. No appropriation shall be made !
•or the pay ment of am claim against the state. I
except claim* of the United Slates, and judgments, |
unless tried within six years after the claim accru- i
ed. Approved March ‘,t. aud
M L ERE as, '1 he foregoing proposed ;meniirnent
to the constitution of ..ns state was only ratified
and agreed to by the legislature of 1577. bv a ma '
jwrify ot ail the" members elected to each house, i
and was duly approved : theref vre,
The people of the state ol Wisconsin represented]
JB senate aco assembly, do enact as follows :
Section l. The foregoing proposed amendment i
to the constitution of this stale s' ail be submitted 1
io the p.upje at a general election to ho held on (
'luesdav succeeding the first Monday of Xovera- ■
her. Is. i. an J if the people shall approve aud ratitv I
'he said amendment by a majority ot the electors 1
voting thereou, surd amendment 'shall become a i
part ol the constitution o! this state.
Scrnos 2. The form 01 the ballot in voting to
, nppr ve and r.i'iU said mncudnu-ct ahull he "fur
iht- amendment, " and the form of bail it auainst
aa:d arnendmejit shall be "iie-uiiat the amend
ment.'' which shall be on a separaie ballot, and
said ballots on ?a.d amvr.diuerit snail be cast in a
separate boi to he nroutied for that [mr js.se. md
ad person' qnalifled t-> vote at any election in thia
stale ihall be deemed voters on Inis question.
> t- The votes cast for or against said
amendment shall he counted and returned by the
inspectors of tin election in all respects a Votes
for state offi. ers are counted and ret unied. and tue
0.-hcers in counties ualed by law to can
vass the returns - : -r state '.fnvers shall
canvas* the rein:. - ; .ci; espective counties
on ftis question a.: fv :. ' return the result
to 'fcc state canvasser- -one tune and places
*fd under the same . ions and restrictions
ow provided by law f - 4 u;j and declaring
• returns for electi. u< ol state offccer#. and the
. .te canvassers anao can-asa aaid returns cert id
tat to them as provided by law in case of elections
1- i -'afe officers.
.'mni.iN 4 Within three days aft nr the deter
tut l Ui.m of said canvass hv the state canvassers
they >n*ii c-itity the result thereof to th ■ sover
nor, who shall thereupon without deny make pro
eismatien of the rostilt.
Section 3. The secret.rrv of state i* hor bv re
quired •-* include th- -utilise. - ■
notice •! . '-n-’
SECTIoX l>. inisrn . • <s ir •
force from and af er its .-. •
*4' ■ ri ■• ■ my band auu .-qf ; o -ei
capitol. in Matiiar.ii. this- Ift day of August, 1 ”7.
[L ?.] PETER DOVLE. Secretary of State.
Slate of llivroniin,
tlanitoncc County, s*
Notice is hereby given. that at the general eler
*ion to be held in the several iuvrn-. wards, and
ecti >n jrecinctk in the county of Manitowoc on
e 1 ue-cav -acceedine tho first Moudav, betn"
~e sixth day ol November next, the following
fficers arc to be elected, io-v.it ;
A Governor in place of Harrison Ln : ,-j,
w hose term of office w ill expire on the fiiel alru
dmy in January. 1878.
A Lieute:..nh Governor in place of Charles I'
Parker, whose term of office will expire on the
first Monday in January, 1-7-.
A Secretary of State in place of Peter Dovie.
whose terra of office will expire on the first Mon
day in January. 1878.
A State Treasurer in place of Ferd Knelin.
whose term of office wilt expire on the first Mon
day iu January. DTB.
An Attorney General in place of A. Scott Sloan,
whose term of office will expire on ihe first Mon
day iu January. 1-78.
A State Superintendent in place of Edward
Searing whose term of office will expire on the
firsf Monday in January. 4878.
A l lerk ol the Circuit (. ourt for the county of
Manitowoc, in place ol A. Pieniue. whose term of
office will expire on the first Monday in Januan .
A t'oenty rthe conn
tv of Manitowoc counn. iu piace of U A. Walker,
whose terra ol office will expire on the fir.-t Mon
day in January. lo7s.
A Member of Assembly in’the firsta,-semti!v dis
trict. comprising the towns o( Schleswig, Meetne.
Baton. Liberty. Rockland. Lalo. Maple Grove, and
Franklin, in place of Thomas Thornton, whost
term of office will expire on the first Monday U.
Jannary. isrs.
A Member of Assembly in the Secoi and Assemblv
District, comprising the towns of Iwo 'reeks.
Mishicott, Gibson. • ooperstown. K< ssuth. Two
Rivers, and the village of Two Liver-, in the piace
of Thomas Mohr, w hose terra ol office will expire
on the first Monday iu January, 1-78.
A Member ol Assembly in the ibird AsscniM.
District, comprising the towns ef Ceutreville.
Newton. Manitowoc Rapids. Manitowoc, and the
City of Manitowoc, in place of Peter Johnston,
whose terra ol office will expire on the first ion
day in January. 1878.
Said election to Oe conducted, the votes can
vassed and the returns thereof made, pursuant to
Given under my hand at the Sheriff's office li
Manitowoc, Wis.. this olh dav of Aneu-t. 1-17
Sherifl of Manitowoc County .
ffkilei VaaPelt,
Have moved in their elegant new stores,
121 & 123 •V'-f nfiln st., opp 1’ Offlcf*
\V*p now have stores that are perfect in arransc
* c ment and in the most convenient location
in the city.
are now offering superior i (lucernents to
'' c customers.
VV'p will keep ETKJtYTHiNo usually found in .-.
j ” c whst-i lass Dkv Goods Hol’s’e.
\Vu -hall make specialties of fine -ilks. lo<ces
’ ’ c Cashin re-. Mourning Goods. White Good-
Shawls. Hosiery and Corsets.
, Wp -hall not keep oid sty’es nor shop-worn
” goods.
rcCL ‘* ve new SO<ia every day.
keep a resident buyer in the eastern market
j c who sends us all the latest styles and new
novelties as soon s produced.
VI T xa have ample capital, and -hall buy all ncr
j I' o .rood- for cash, and can undersell any Hons,
that does not buy on the same terms.
\W -end samples to any part of the North
! \T c wl and send goods C. <>• D. when desired
:^0. r X) IS iO Vase* Qua: to
; I<iOOO Wonhartd Mcanirujs tu/l in oU&fT Dictionaries
TTCTebstei now is Eioli'.ills—it leave- noltiiiig l.
VV be desired. - t res. Ray mot and, Vas-ar Col.
TTJvery scholor know- the value of the work.
■, I\V. 11. Prescott, tlie 11 i-ioriae
!, < ' .I , he i'll 1 mo-1 |i c .in, inn ion a:a oi . i
Ptuitti* je. [Dr. • Holhiud.
.Jl'jpen..r in most respset.- 'o anv u" - .wn ;•
w me. 'Geo,; .; -sti,
; *J*he standard authority for prin; i , fn u,i> , ,
[A. 11. Clapp. Govern,. t Prime
j'Tjxcvis a.; -thers in giving and dvrinioc ,i
--terms i President Hitchcock
■Remarkable compendium of biinian know ledy.
■ 1"B Clark, Pics't Agricnllnral Collect-
More than 30,000 copies have been placed i>
I the public -(bools oi the I'nitod State-, bv stat
j enuulnieiils or School Officers.
j Recommended bv State Superintendents oi
j Schools in 27 ilifierent States.
Mobsters I nabrideed Dictionary contains onr
ffttii more matter than any other, the typ.
| being smaller, there lore giving ninth more mat
j ter on a page.
Webster contains 3000 Illustrations iu the
i body ot the work, nearly three times as many a
any other Dictionary, and .hese arc repeated ami
classified at the end of the work.
Itas about 10,000 ivoodv nml mran
iiijf* nut in oilier OictionaricN.
Euliodies about one hundred years of literacy
labor, and is s. veral years later than anv other
laree Dictionary.
The sale of Webster's Dictionaries i- xO time
as creat as the sale ol any other series of Dic
; Embraces under one management the Great Trunk
; Railway Lines ol the WEST and NORTH WEST
1 and. with it- numerous branches and Connection.
; forms tin ■shortest and quickest route b.-twc.-ii
i Chicago and all point-in iliinois, i-corsin, \ „r-
I them Michigan. Minnesoin, 'owa. Nenraska. Cali
- toruia ainl tile Western Territories, it-
Omaha & California Line
I Is tfec -Jioricst and best rou e between Csit a'ro and
I all point- iu Northern Illinois. lowa. DaXor-. N-.
; hraska. Wyoming. Colorado. I’tah. Nevada. Cali
| toraia, Oregau, China. Japan and Australia. itV
: Chlcagti, St Paul and Minneapolis Lice,
I is the short Hoc between Chicago and ail point, in
I Northern Wfoconsin and Mtnnv- t. >; :i<i
i-on. ,-t Pant, Minneapolis, Dulcih. ajvd aD Doim
in the Great Rorthweist. Its
! Lacrosse. Winona and ?t. Peter Line
I Is the best route between CS?es-.,nd La f’ro—.
” tnoiia. Rochester. Gwatoruu*. MankAto. Sl.Pet.-r
New Uni. and all puiat- ia Soatheru aad Central
M inaesota. Its
Green Bay and Marquette Line
Is the only line between Chicago, and Janesville.
Watertown, Fond du Lac, Usbkoeh. Apnlet.n.
! <’•*• Bhv. KsCJtnaba.Negatwe.Maruiiee.lloiigl,:
toii, Hmcock and the* LaKc iSiiperiwr Country. ItF
Freeport and Dubuque Line
Is the only route between Chuago sir! t
Rockford. Freeport, and ali points via Freeport
Chicago and Milwaukee Line
Is the old Lake Shore route, and I- the only one
passing between Chicago and Evanston. Lake For
rest Highland Park, U ankegau. inwiuv, Kenosha,
and Vtlwankce.
Pullman Palace Drawing Boom Cars
arc run on all through trains of this road.
Tliis is the ONLY LINE running these cars be
tween Chicago and Sr. pan) amt Minn,-spoil- n.i
cago and Milwaukee, Chicago and Winona, or < hi
cago and Green Bay.
Close connections are made at Chicago with tin
Lake Shore A Michigan Southern, Mie!p-,ni ren
tral, i’.alliinore * Ohio. Pittsburgh. Fort Wjviii- i
Chicago. Kankakee Line and Pan Handle Routes
tor all point- EAST and SOUTHEAST, and with
the Chicago and Alton and Illinois Centra’ for ail
points South.
Close connections are also made with the Union
Pacific H. R. at Omaha for al! far West point-
Close connection.- made at junction points with
trains ••{ all cross jwnuts.
Tickets over this route are sold bv all Coupon
Ticket Agents iu the I niter! States and Canadas
Remember, yon a-k lor your tickets via the Chi
cago A North-Western liaiiwav. snd take none
New York Office: No. tie Broad wav; Boston Of
fice, No. 5 ■ tste Street; Omaha Office’ 315 Farnham
street: San K- ..’isco Office. 124 M ntgotnery s-.;
( hieag.) Ticket Offices. 82 Clark street, under Sher- J
man House; 75 Canal, corner Madi-on: Kiuxie-st. ;
Depot,corner WestKinzie and Canai str<-.-ts;\Velis •
Street Depot, corat-r Wells and Kir.zi- Streets. ,
For rates orinformaiion cet attalnah; from vour
home ticket agents, apply to ’ j
w. H. S TVnNETT. ’ Marvin Hi&uitt.
Gea.Pa-s. Ag't, Chicago. Geu. Mang'r. Chicago 1
VJ r> Vlree. Stinson & Cos Tortland. M
Dr.W. C."Williams,No 531
J.vrkaon St..>lilvulr. i.,
cures all Private, Nervous and
sßr Chrome Disca-wslno Mercury or! ess oi
time ) Catarrh Throat and Lung afitet
• ons. Kidney s a nd Ma doer .old cases Gleet,
Syphilitic and Mcrcuria 1 auecdons, blotches fee , Semina]
' 4 cap ness, Los.. of Socual Power,Emissions Nerv ou-.i.e-s,
! Jrge-no ~ lajv. of Memory, &c ,Curedfoi Life, (where
utbert ha re failed) H-iretredte! have beet -ed VC ye? s
andiiav* neverfa-Ld, t'CT.c p. ’ rcc crithd'-'. -c
Tina standard article is compound
ed with the greatest care.
Its effects arc as wonderful and as
satisfactory as ever.
It restores gray or faded hair to its
youthful color.
Il removes all eruptions, itching
and dandruff. It gives the head a
cooling, soothing sensation of great
comfort, and the scalp hy its use
becomes white and clean.
By its tonic properties it restores
the capillary glands to their normal
vigor, preventing baldness, and mak
ing the hair glow thick and strong.
Asa dressing, nothing has been
found so effect mil qr desirable.
A. A. Ilnycs, M.D., State Assaycr
of Massachusetts, says, “The con
stituents are pure, and carefully se
lected for excellent quality ; and I
consider it the Best Preparation
for its intended purposes.”
Price, Or.B Dollar*
Buckingham's Bye
. Tiiis elegant preparation may l>e
relied on to change the color of (be
board from gray or any other undesir
able shade, to brown or black, at dis
cretion. It is easily applied, being in
one preparation, and quickly and ef
fectually produces a permanent color,
which will neither rub nor wash off.
Manufactured by R. P. HALL & CO..
Biii ty til ins~r.s, tz\ texltrs la KtlblsM*
abor Scrofula, and all
scrofulous diseases. Erysi
pelas. Rose, or !St. Antho
ny’s Fire, Eruptions and
Eruptive diseases of the
skin, Ulcerations of the
Liver, Stomach, Kidneys,
Lungs, Pimples, Pustules,
Roils, Blotches, Tumors,
Tetter. Salt Rheum. Scald
Head, Ringworm, Ulcers,
Soros. Rheumatism. Neuralgia, Pain in
the Rones, Side and Head, Female
Weakness. Sterility. Lencorrhoea, arising
from internal ulceration, and Uterine
disease. Syphilitic and Mercurial dis
eases. Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Emaciation,
General Debility, and for Purifying the
This Sarsaparilla is a combination of
vegetable alteratives Stillingia. Man
drake, Yellow Dock —with the lodides
of Potassium and Iron, and is the most
efficacious medicine yet known for
the diseases it is intended to cure.
Its ingredients are so skilfully com
bined. that the full alterative effect of
each is assured, and while it is so mild
as to be harmless even to children, it is
still so effectual as to purge out from the
system those impurities and corruptions
which develop into loathsome disease.
The reputation it enjoys is derived
from its cures, and the confidence which
prominent physicians all over the coun
try repose hi it.) rove their experience
of its usefulness.
Certificates attesting its virtues have
accumulated, and are constantly being
received, and as many of those cases are
publicly known, they furnish convincing
evidence oi the superiority of this .Sar
saparilla, over every other alterative
medicine. So generally is its superi
ority to any oiher medicine known, that
we need do no more than to assure the
public that the best qualities it has ever
possessed are strictly maintained.
Dr. J. C. AYER &, CO., Loweil, Mass.,
yrnrtical rttui Jnnli/ttral rhfmifts.
Ladies’, Gents’ & GliildrenL
103 to IQ7 Wii; consul st.,
In order to ivsike room fur svvvral
Tngy have determined to close out a lart;e har‘
f tiielr present stock of
Kol Gloves. forNots, Underwear, Table
Linens, Ladies and Children’s
(ic U. (• nts’ f hirls
Ho-; ry
r 1 - than the goods have ever been
.-on;be!ore. It wi; pav von to come fifty
mil, .- on the Care tor the purpose of
n \ dollars worth
Rl€fi & SI LB EH
Are 1-j closing out 8' dozen BLACK KID
GI.OV ES. iu NninbersA-q. n and 6 a only.l button
at 4 cent- and 2 burtons at 30 cents, former prices
irom il togl.od.
' The(I eo ... T
A volume niJJirUiiiig iutereet by the er,\inrni his
torim l<. * Itroctift: ilescribinc the fituviin*
an.. Tn: sarlnl. poHliral. i.ud relieiotia
lilstoi y <>i. i tonioiittii; tin ,r bttute tft mrinl
OJ-d ’Titf. and pfriih'triUrt the catl*t * i- til. i
..sue. nt -tab- <'ltriM'n-- mgxinti Jtfohnn. ie-.’/i/i—tbe .
nJglt’i !.•“ ffl ,t other ration* invol• i; Biojtra- 1
hies '' tn Hu!'' r*. Mid '.'enrroia; All
Ilicl.ly ilJitMtraii-d. Tin hf,* million*
itri ti. il u.. Want and imt".nO>i. 3.009 agrUU 1
•>a vr ' I i‘— ra' term-. Addi.gs ii I'BB A lilt BIiUS.. I
ire .I1 s. S. .'b;,,-.. J; I
* 1
the most complete stock in the CITY !
borne very fine suits in Gents’ and Youths’ sizes,
of the Latest Styles.
ffe are jest getting in a better supply for Fall and Winter
o. ToemsoN
has Just rmMVnl w ;ti .c stork ot
| Hats & Caps,
Cloths and
< ’assimeres.
Ail work snaianti-ert.aml clone at the cbeapm rafcji.
It is with undoubted certainty 1 can assure my patrons and
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<-ity that kept a larger stock of Builders’ Material*, or soid them
to its customers at more reasonable figures, than I do. I keep
lull assortments of the following goods ;
Sashes, Glass,
Blinds, Nails,
Doors, Locks,
Rollers & Hinges for barn doors*
All of the most approved patterns and
man ufactories.
A full and complete assortment of
Carpenters and Masons’ Tools, Paints andf Oils,
Hoes, Spades, Shovels, Forks,and Farming
Utensils in all varieties.
AJ) ranting to purchase Stoves or Tin-ware, or Imve week
to he made to order, can do bo Utter than to call upon me a
the largest nnd meet complete Hardware establishment in the
city. Satisfaction guaranteed to all .
el "w^aasriELß^
South Side.
Hot Farmers !Ho?~
This Reaper will be placed on trial against uij
Combined Machine in the market.
Draft in mowing at Centennial Field Trial, 157 pounds—
The lightest draft of any machine on exhibition
—twenty competitors.
lam oho rrymt for Ac icefl-khoivn Vanßrvut Seed Soicer, Doytovk Sulky
Hake, and all other kinds oj heavy farm machinery
Farmers, pleaeo call and examine before you purchase elaewhere.
Warehouse in Plait's Old Stare, on Vorkstrc t. M. IJ. MUBPUY.

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