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3*hc Ittunitoiuoc
Some comment has ls*en made cm the
fact that Senator Sawyer's will gave
practically all his estate to his own rel
atives. and nothing to charitable or edu
cational institutions. The St. Paul Pio
neer Press criticize* severely thin dispo
sition of the pro]<erty. saying that any
man who ha* accumulated million* by
living the first to take up and turn into
money the natural wealth of the coun
try should tie under a moral obligation
to return a part of it to the public who
helped him to fortune. This is true.
But the Pioneer Press failed to note the
generosity of Mr. Sawyer during his life
time. Some men of wealth prefer to
retain everything they make during
their life-time for their own use, and
then jierjietuate their memory by en
dowing a college or hospital by a gift
payable after death This generally re
sults in the donor's name appearing on
a marble tablet, or being made and kept
public in connection with the institution
endowed, at the cost not of the giver in
his lifetime lint, of his heirs after his
death. As the heirs have- not accumu
lated the wealth, they have no reason to
complain of the disposition of it in any
way the testator may see lit. But the
credit to him is scarcely so great as if he
had made the gift when it involved some
sacrifice to himself. Senator Sawyer gave
away thousands of dollars every month
for many years Me hel|ied struggling
colleges, though he was not a college
man himself. He heljied charities, or
ganized and unorganized, public and
private. He assisted relatives and friends
almost without numlier. His benefac
tious were made not with the- idea of
placing his name with those of Girard
and Peter Cooper, hut because he in
tended to accomplish good in each in
stance. No libraries, colleges, art gal
leries or hospitals are named for him.
because lie did not make that a condition
of any of his gift* But the gifts were
made, and the good was done. It is
hardly fair to criticise him lieeause he
did not confine hi* charity to one oi two
large legacies, wjth Ins name attached,
'(’he secret giver is snrch as meritorious
as he who heralds hi* generosity with
hind self acclamation.
Thk past week has marked another
turn in th Month African war. The
Bisirs have ls-en obliged to relinquish
their advantage gained ly their o|mra
lions around Bloemfontein and to retire
north ward. Hut during ttieir ocenpa
lion of that territory they succeeded in
indicting several heavy louse* the
English, and in seriously embarrassing
• len. Rolierts Tly latter made great
preparations to cut off and capture the
burghers, tint though he succeeded in
forcing their withdrawal he did not sue
treed in landing any of them in his net ;
Thin failure left the profits of the late I
Itloemfontein campaign all with the|
ttoers Roberts has not advanced a foot I
since he captured tin* town, but has suf I
fen and several losses and the morale of hi-1
army has deteriorated However, his
communications are again nnthreatened |
and he should be able to rapidly com j
plete his equipment for a forward move-1
ment. It seems strange that no ade ■
quate force has Issm sent to raise the I
siege of Matching The small English 1
garrison there has been making a stub
born and heroic defense, and is reduced
to serious straits but there appears to I
be no vigorous effort made to help it 1
Ar'n.if years of fighting in tin* courts
('apt Olntliii M Carter, lute I S. A
has Im'i-ii ■•qnestrated jtl tin* fjeaveii
worth military psison, where he will
keep books ami wear slrij.es for some
year* He embezzled a little matter of
a half million dollar* while in charge of
government work* in (teorgia He ha<l
powerful friend* at Washington, and
hi* cam* wan tried am) opened, reopened,
revi. wed and apjiealed until it ls*gail to
I'iok a* if the law * delay would !■ suf
fieient to permit the captain to live out
In* day* in freedom and the pursuit of
happiness. Hut in this ease the intliien
lial friends were finally iinahle to save
him from sentence Now he probably
wishes his time had heen rlllllllrik all
Ihe e year* since his arrest instead of
having only just liegmi Me would l*
that much nearer the end of bis punish
I)iAVI v the Admiral, not Dewey the
t'mdidal* came to Chicago Monday,
and was welcomed in the noisy Chicago
way If he would only promise to stay
a Imiral and give over the candidacy it
would Imlister up his jMipularity almost
lo the [siint it once rein tied
<•'iv I’ini.hm , theeccentric governor
ot Michigan. who wan elected on tln- n
imhli'iin ticket, him Iteconie n democrat
Mi> wivh Uii- only hiqie of ecaje from
*ni<! mid iiniM-riiilimn in in the ♦•lio-ti<>11
ol Bryan Michigan'* Bing' i* nothing
il nut inrii-jH-Mili"iit, mid In* him managed
to get n law following in bin own Mtate,
though not comddered n heavy weight
• IncwhiTi" Ilia announcement may mean
♦ Iml Michigan will Iwchmnod among the
doubtful nUiUw next full
TliKKt; am nearly 1*110111(11 mimblicnti
candidate* for governor hi carry the
elate by their own vote*. They ought
to iimcuH, mlect inn*, mil all vote £or
him lb* could 11 I fail to win with inch
n big lead an that would give him.
Congressman Minor seems unable
to attain his majority.
It seems difficult to decide whether
Gen. Otis is a hero or a failure. He was
set at a gigantic task, hut now that he
has been relieved no one is very jsisitive
whether he succeeded or not
Tmk. Michigan delegate* to the Kan
sas City convention have l>een instructed
for Bryan. The democratic state con
vention also declared in favor of the free
silver plank of tin- Chicago platform and
against the retirement of the green
The Two Rivera Chronicle takes the
Milwaukee Journal to task for calling it
a populist. The Journal has got into the
habit of throwing around the term popu
list rather promiscuously, intending
primarily to convey the idea of any one
who is not a gold-democrat. It calls re
publicans by that name whenever the
fancy suits. Probably that's the reason
The Chronicles ire was aroused. It ab
horred living classed, even by the Journ
al, with bloated imperialists and mon
Thursday and Friday brought news
of the final retirement of the Boers from
around Bloemfontein. They did not de
stroy the waterworks which they wen
in jm,-.session of so long. Wepener was
also relit ved by the general withdrawal
to the north. This movement left Rob
erts's line of communications open and
tin threatened to the south. Though ef
forts were made to intercept and cap
ture detachments of the Boers, they all
gut away safely with their guns and
munitions. The London war-office had
a message from Mafeking in which Col.
Baden Powel said the garrison was hold
ing out well. Though the Boers were
ultimately driven hack from their Free
State invasion, they succeeded in caus
ing much delay to the British and in
flicting large damage on them, and in
getting away with pi actu ally no loss to
tin Saturday there were dispatches
containing accounts of rear guard fight
ing at Thaba N't'bn, in which lien.
French's troops were engaged, (ten.
Warren, one of the British officers dis
credited by Roberts, was made governor
of (iriqnaland West and thus saved from
being recalled. A message from Lor
enzo Marquez placed the present strength
of the Hoer armies at Ti.nnn.
Sunday brought no news, the censor
apparently being at work again. The
withdrawing Boers were thought to Is- |
concentrating at laidybv■and, and to
have a good start over their English
| pursuers. The tone of the Herman
: newspajiers suddenly changed from fav
i oring the Boers to favoring the English.
11 is supposed that this was on account
of the Kaiser’s well known sympathy
with England.
Monday if was retried that (ten.
French had given up the chase after the
Boers and returned to Bloemfontein.
London pajs-rs were disposed to ( riticise
Roberts for his failure to capture any
of the burghers after bis elaborate pre
parations of the past week or two. The
Boer troops that wore Intel' active
around Thaba N't‘lui liegan to disperse
to their farms, many of them taking
the oath of allegiance to (treat Britain.
Little faith is pul by tie- British in these
oaths of allegiance, as many of those
who subscribed to it after (Tonje’s sur
render went back into active service
shortly after The members of the peace
commission in Europe announced that
tbe\ would sail for the I’nited States on
Thursday It was understood that all
the Muropean powers had declined to
act for them.
(ien. French's efforts to cut off the re
treating I leers were reported on Tues
day to I ompletely futile, dust as
(ten. Hunter with .'i.immi men was about
to start toward Matching to assist Col.
I laden I’owi 11, it became known that
the 1 leers wen* again very active near
Kimberly They were reported to be in
force iictween that city and Fourteen
Streams. African horse sickness broke
out among Roberts's horses, and many
died The general situation was not
favorable to the Knglish. in spile of the
recent withdrawal of the burghers
Wednesday it was announced that
heavy lighting was imminent near Tha
lia N Clin (ten. French, who was di
rc. ting the Knglish forces at that point,
was estimated to have from Hi (inn to ltd,
(ind men and the llocr rearguard was
pl.t. cl at from it.lMMi to in,(Min. Their
rear guard lighting effectually prevent
ed miv advance on I’ret.uia The Hints
at arked the Hritish outposts at Jloshof,
hut without result Mafeking sent word
that they could stick it out for two
months or more The Herman steamer
Koenig landed a quantity of war mater
ials for the Hints at Heira and embark
ed a cargo of Transvaal wool
ItfWiti -i I, tile Kurly Hitierx are the
linen! |ii llh I ever lined 1) .1 Moore
Milllirook. Ala They quickly cure all
liver and Imwel trouble* Henry Hin
Firnt Medical Htudeul I lielleve in
letting well enough almie Second
Medical Student "Then you'll never
make a miccenafnl doctor
Karl Beauchamp in to renign at the
end of the current year from the govern
orahiji >f New South Wale*
Whitewater lies dedicated anew $14,-
! 000 city hall.
Milwaukee hi having much difficulty
in raining the $15,000 guaranty fund for
I the state fair.
i Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rice of Fort At
kinson recently celebrated their sixtieth
i wedding anniversary.
I 100,000,000 feet of loss arc expected to
i pass through the Tomahawk boom on
1 the Wisconsin river.
Beloit students gave a successful pres
entation of the (ireek play ‘Tphigenia
in Anlis” last Friday.
Bankers estimate that American tour
ists in Enrol*- during the coming year
will sjjend $150,000,000.
A bad Indian named Manypenny, un
der arrest for distributing whiskey on
the Odanah reservation, escaped from
custody by jumping from a moving train
near Ashland.
Carl Schnrz was the guest of the Mil
waukee Musical Society at their grand
concert Tuesday evening, (ten. Schnrz
was one of the early members of the so
ciety when he resided in Milwaukee be
fore the war
The Beaver Dam Malleable Iron Works
were destroyed by fire Tuesday morning.
The loss was SIOO,OOO, with $87,000 in
surance. The concern had been in oper
ation for eight years, and paid its first
dividend last fall
The city of Hull. Ontario, and a large
part of Ottawa, just across the river,
were destroyed by fire last Thursday.
The property loss was estimated at s‘3o.-
000,000. about one-quarter of which was
covered by insurance.
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
railway has secured options on a right
of way from Random Lake to Sheboy
gan. If the road decides to build to She
boygan it will probably start a line of
carferries across Lake Michigan.
Ex-Mayor Herman Erb. Jr., of Apple
ton, killed himself by shooting Sunday
morning. He was only twenty-seven
years old, and was elected mayor of Ap
pleton at the age of twenty-four. He
had lieeii suffering for some time with
mental ailments.
1 The republican congressional conven-
I tion in the Eighth District, held at Ap
! pleton, resulted in a deadlock, the dele
gates being divided between Minor of
Sturgeon Bay, Hatten of New London
and Knestennann of Green Bay, The
convention finally adjourned to Wednes
day of this week
.Miss May Williams, an attractive
young woman of Milwaukee, attempted
suicide in New York by taking carbolic
acid. She followed a young man to that
city who had been attentive to her in
Milwaukee, but he declined to Lave any
thing more to do with her. which made
her deaperate She will recover.
Winn Allen a clam digger at Prairie
dn Chien found a pearl near there meas
uring three-quarter.- of an inch in diam
eter and half an inch thick. It is per
fectly formed ami of tine lustre, and
weighs 111) grains. It is undoubtedly
worth several thousand dollars.
Forest tires along the line of the Wis
consin & Michigan railroad north of
Marinette have become dangerous. The
little town of Ames, Michigan, was en
tirely wiped out, and other towns and
lumber property are threatened Giei n
Bay is so enveloped in smoke that navi
gation is difficult. Forest tires of this
magnitude in April or May are unpre
cedented Nothing but rain can check
Vcs, August Flower still has the larg
est sale of any medicine in the civilized
world. Vour mothers, and grandmoth
ers' never thought of using anything else
for Indigestion or Biliousness. Doctors
were scarce, and thev seldom heard of Ap
pendicitis, Nervous Prostration or Heart
failure, etc. They used August Flower
to clean out the system and stop fermen
tation of undigested food, regulate the
ration of the liver, stimulate the nervous
and organic action of the system, and
that is all thev took when feeling dull
and had with headaches and other aches.
You only need a few doses of Green's
August Flower, in liquid form, to make
you satisfied there is nothing serious the
matter with you. Sample bottles at Os
car A. Alter s drug store
"Jack proposed to me while turning
the music for me at the piano.' Ah. 1
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ney and bladder troubles is to take a
site, sure medicine like Foley’s Kidney
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"Why Do Men Gamble?" is the title
nf a brochure now attracting attention.
A lot of men wimble liecause a few men
"After suffering from piles for tifteen
years I was cared by using two (sixes of
DeWitt s Witch Hazel Salve " writes W.
J. Baxter. North Brook. N, (' It heals
everything. Beware of counterfeits. Hen
ry Hinrichs.
As we travel the path of iife. we al
ways fancy that the other fellow has the
ls*st side of the road
Persistence in doing ones duty ends in
liking it. something like acquiring a
taste for olives.
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Japanese do not care much for novels.
Among 37,000 new books printed last
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In Sweden good hotels are erected by
the communities in places where it is
thought tourists would like to tarry.
• There is only one chance to save your
life and that is through an operation,”
were the startling words heard by Mrs.
I B. Hunt of Lime Ridge. Wis., from
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may 31
France pays in tensions every year 70,-
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subtracted from the salaries of officials.
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Chicago & North Western Railway.
No 3 No 1 No 5 No 17 Vo 1) No 51
Leave Chicago T (HI ain ll3oam sno pm
Leave Milwaukee 7 (10 a m 955 am 150 pm 7 30pm
Leave Cleveland .. 9 11am 1159 am 354 pm 5 40am 1140 am
Leave Newton 9 30am 12 08pm 4(pra 5 53am 12 08 pm
Leave Manitowoc 937 am 12 25pm 4 30pm (120atn 954 pm 107 pm
Leave Branch 9 49 a ra 4 32pm 030 am 150 pm
Leave I’incOrove 4 39pm
Leave Cato 9 59am 443 pm 047 am 21ft pm
Leave Qrimms. lilltlam 4 49 pm 051 am 2 85pm
Leave ReeUsville 10 08 a in 4 55 p m 0 50 am 3 15 p m
Arrive Appleton Jet 1113 am 000 pm 8 15am 1132 pm
Arrive Antigo 9 20 p m 1140 am 2 20am
Arrive Ashland ft 20 p m 7 45 a ra
Train No II daily; trains No s 35, 17 and 51 daily except Sunday. Trains No.'s3. 5, 11 ami
17 making connections at Appleton Jet for north and south. No.'s Band 17 making connections
at Marshfield for St. I’aul and .Minneapolis and the northwest. Trains No.'s 11 and L making con
nections at Ashland for Duluth, the Superiors and the west,
No 2 No 4 No 10 No 14 No 16 No(
leave Reedsville 518 pm 741 am 1822 pm 9 30am
leave Orimms ,523 pm 7 46 a m 1227 pm 1008 am
leave ('ato 527 p m 751 a m 12 SJ p m 10 15 a m
Leave Pine drove . 7 53am 1234 pm
Leave Branch . 584 pm 7 59am 1240 pm 1035 am
Leave Manitowoc 551 pm 4 59am 816 am K 107 pm 4 oft p m 1145 am
1 Leave Newton (104 pm 830 am 123 pin 4 85pm 12 50 pm
Leave •'lereland . 6 14pm 839 a m 133 pra 435 pm 108 pm
Arrive Milwaukee. 8 10pm 7 (15 a m 1035 am 350 pm (140 pm
Arrive Chicago 7 30am 930 am Ilftpm 615 pm 930|im
Train No. 4 daily No.'s 2. 10. 14, 16 and 50 daily except Sunday, all trains making connections
at Milwaukee audChlcago for east, South and west.
Leave Manitowoc 645 am 10 30 ain 430 pin Leave Two Rivers 7 40am 1210 pm 515 pm
Arrive Two Rivers 710 a m 1060 am 450 p m Arrive Manitowoc B(iam 12 35pm 5 40pm
For any further information apply at depot ticket office. C, A. Hichtii4vics, Tkt. Agt,

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