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The Manitowoc pilot. [volume] (Manitowoc, Wis.) 1859-1932, August 09, 1900, Image 2

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T'ie Sturgis Wager.
•onltonct from lge TANARUS)
everv or.f else. ?'■" "u>anr
.. ,] the voting irt continucf’.
refl. ivelv. "I <lo I "" ho "-
~I IT dimi,right rudeness. I could have
tlot! v. >n> than I haw to show him
tint 1> alten- ions ha.c been distaste
ful to no.
“Then I may infer, said Murdock,
smiling. "that you would not break
tour heart it
* || ( . seemed to hesitate in the choice
of his words.
"Jf he should conclude to £0 abroad
on a long journey without subjecting
vou to his imiK-nding proposal."
' "On the contrary, father." admitted
\cucs. “I should be everlastingly
grateful to you if a coaaumma
tion could he brought about without
cruelty to
wards Mr. 'Chatham.*'
•‘Verv well. Agues, that is all 1 want
ed to see \ ou a hot
Ague- looked r :i. usl.v at l.< r father,
ns if to read the purpose hidden in the
pth- of Ids ii sci utahle e\ a . Sin
saw nothing but a p lite disn ■ al in
liis cam face: and the interview be-
Twcen father and daughter < mice. as it
,and begun. with formal courtesy on
both tides.
(HAi’TKi; vm.
Spray e was • ■ t* *i before bir>
urrai.pmg hi* j*; It* 11 f for toe nioi m*
i ;i g v work. Tin- untiitiisl.t il portrait of
AMurdock looked down upon him
v.ith eyi s of living >*• -lit v. OiTii.-mmi:-
)\ the artist would Inflow a deft
touch upon the gh win- canvas and
wou>d ietire to ii di liinee to note with
a critical eve t. c ii- w clTect. llnn he
would con Milt his watch in nervous im
patience; and. going to the window,
I,C wot M glance tillxious 1•. up and
flown tin street Otn. twine th.
rtiinhic ol whet Is tan ■ ■ him to lot k
tip in glad eVjieclanc . which gri.i.m..-
lv gat* "a' to gloomy i hcontent as
the not i died away il* • In 1 di>taiH'i*.
At lei.pth hope seemed to depart ill
togeih* i from the young man's tin as',
lie threw < own In Imisln . p:i' tip all
pretense of work and tlrifti il otT into :
brown study. Ilis < yes, li\< <1 iipr.n
those of tli' portrait. Inn! a troubled
look in them—so troubled tiiat it w a
- out of all proportion to tin
prof' - iot.al disappoint tin nt of si paint
er kept waiting fora f. ir subject
So absorbed did lie In come in his
g 100 n v an tiit at ions, that, when at last
ii earring stopped befot> tin bouse,
tin art I did not bear it. lint when,
presently, a penile t;ip onniled upon
the •!< or of the studio, lie sprinter to his
feet :i if he lad received an elected'
shoe it.
I’l-rl aps he had; for il was followed
by a rapid current of delicious thrill
tingling through every nerve mid ef
fect inj; in hi- whole being' a Midden
and marvelous Iran-Inrmation. At
once the furrowed lumv was smooth;
the drooping lips were wreathed in
kini'e Ihi Iroubhd look gave way to
one of glad Welcome,
For she had entile at ln-t. There she
stood, with laughing brown eyes and
glowing cheeks, when Sprague threw
open the door. Ala-, as usual, she wm

was ii t.ot enough to have her there at
all. to bask in the sunshine of her
depths of those solii-st itrilll eyes, to
listen to the rippling of tier silvery
v i dec V
“1 fear 1 am a little Inti , Mr. Sprague;
I am sorry to have kept you waiting.
Hut you s,.e this is how it vva-
What matt'red it to him now how il
wnaV Was li* i ; ii| tl in An et< mi y
of Kllspetl e .111(1 I).is. I V would IlilVl
been wiped out by that single el:t ran
ving file' lb vvor ■l at upon his eui
like i ip'.non- melody; lie drank them
in. hiit' ly rot nous of their inclining.
Ague- Min'd.;ek, followed by lot
n.'iid, p. oe. i■. ■l l jit . 11 e i to tin- ilia a
- root! at i.pat I fur the Use of tin
arli -I s ■ ■ \V| . n di' 11 In meil
■'a ' 1 111. -I ' - lie il- I * < I'i
del Spj ,ig .a ... '- ' lie pin •• <it Ihe
port I a i , l tilt ie,, My ar
rang'd ■ • i and I'd inste<! fhi
Sl ades ail. screens.
Tin n oil ha. 1 1 II 'lined in the il 1 ' ss
"Anil • the >• are pf -it iv e.y t lie .Ist |
h at to . hes. i,.., t},, • . Me. ‘sprit”tie i
a l.eil IP. v jt.ng i. i inisehiev onsly ,
after a aWlnlltutei. “Von It ft ists seem
to 1” . i. iii nne. riniu about your
fa few 111 iipp' , ,1II," -,. any fll lllolis lie
tn ss 1,, .mg, r."
I 1 ” a: 1 1-! 1, • and m•. i. niekly as tip
” I ■ An i pie ion of pain
*ro- * <■;,; t| s (
“Vo Miss Murdock,' Ii” an? vm ; ei|,
g avi ly • "I shall not t.avi ii) t , .ie
you to pose ag an."
M Miic ■ • ani ntion v.as at- 1
traeted I >\ tlj.- inelninholy note in hn
voiiT Shr ill i rwiVliim from tin ror
jj-r of In r rye* in kindly curiosity .
I lii' artist tel) into a moody -id ore.
For aw In.i- lie workei; with feteiv-h ae
ti'ity at tin j.ijiliu ' and tin I (.'linl
tial!> fa 1 !irif into aM of nnhiiK'boiy ,

'> ii i miy at tin hca in if u’. j,' il
Iwfoi'i nidi. Hi* t:i ; v forjfottru. he
" :| s :t | < an lit’, nin on • < ion ■ 'hat la
wa tal. m in;\in)tn! i id hi* |rhili".M'il
!>"' lion tounreal Ii- fair -niiji ii. Ag- I
i■ > h la- imrniiip (.■ .in', and war inn
liana-ad l iv it; Inn. unmanlike, shf
ret a meii i mi mj ,f herself outwardly
at all ii |i! - a-i-In i; ( n rid oi. i'coin
"■onlni " niuark which broke the
M* 'I a Ijri’iipkt 11.. an,si In In
1 i ,tlil ' I • ' of
Jiili r.a 'l,l'H He ri')dii dto Ike young
f " ■ a 'i'iH in a Inu. changed voice,
a ■' 1 .. ...
• awkward inuial In ualm!,
mddctiU .
••Are ;. - iii'ii -la- Mi--. Munlock.
Ilia' 11 1 -|I 1 in;', ;,I , ’ 111 I INI uvi'i'V*'
*'U li l; I MI Sj.j ~ , A|.
' ' ' I* III! .■ 1. t I I I>f • C
• r! .Hi ■) a: i| win n the (j'lrila 1 i*
finished, because I wish to have it come
and to let my friends sec it. Hut I
should he indeed ungrateful if I be
grudged my poor little time and trou
ble, when \ win s have been so lavishly
Bud so ungrudgingly spent."
“These sittings haw been a source
of so much ph-a -tire to me." continued
Sprague, thoughtfully, "that I have
selfishly overlooked the fact, that they
could only be an annoyance and a bore
to you. 1 fear I have needlessly pro
longed them."
“l!ut, indeed. Mr. Sprague. I assure
you it has been anything but it bore to
me to pose. I am sure I shall mist* the
pleasant morning hours I-haw spent
"They have been the happiest hours
of my life," said Sprague, earnestly, in
a low voice, "and now they are nearly
Agnes started slightly, blushed and
riveted her ga/e upon the dainty white
hands which lay clasped together in
her lap. Her lament rose and fell in
quickened undulations.
"Why forever. Mr. .Sprague?" she
asked, softly; "do you think of leav
ing New York?"
"No,” he replied qniclgjy; "it is you
who are about to desert this studio,
which for a short time has been
brightened by your presence
"Well." interrupted \gnes. "since
yon are not going to leave New York.
1 hope you will continue to call on
"I suppose I shall continue to call
on your reception days if that is
what yon mean.” said Sprague, some
what disconsolately.
"Now that." laughed Agnes, "is not
in line with the polite things you have
been say ing."
"I did not mean to#sy anything
rude, Miss Murdock, but a mill on
your reception day is it call on our
guests. Surrounded as you are ou
such occasions, one hits barely a
chance to catch a glimpse of you.
in itch less to speak with you."
"We are always glad to see our
friend, at other times than on our
recaption days."
"l)o you really mean it?” asked the
artist eagerly. "May I call on you
sometimes when the crowd is not
t heieV"
"We shall be happy to lime you
call til any time. Mr. Sprague.”
Sprague thought he detected a
slight emphasis on the pronoun.
"I’.ut it is not we I wish to call on.
It is you. Miss Murdock."
Once more the young girl's express
ive eyes lived their gaze Upon the del
icate hands in her lap. and once more
there was a scarcely perceptible Mut
ter beneath the lace which lay, upon
her while throat.
The artist sat with intent eyes
fixed upon her
"(If course I shall he pleased to
have you call at any time. Mr.
Sprague." sh- after a brief in
Want more could any sane man ex
pect a modest girl to say? It is not so
Much the words spoken -t he manner
ol their utterance that conveys mean
it g. lint it is a truism that a lover
is not a sane man. Sprague was not
yet satisfied, lie was about to speak
again, when a knock sounded upon
the door.
It was the haH-hoy with a letter
".Miss Murdock?" he inquired, glanc
ing in the direction of the young
'for me?" exclaimed \gues, Slir
pri ed.
"Yes miss; a gentleman hit it
for you."
\ 'Me took the letter, inspected it
curiously for an instant; then, ev
en-ing herself, she tore open the i n
y elope aI . l) llllf illll'll tie- Hole which
it contained.
\t once a deep lln-li siilTn-id her
face and an expression of annoyance
passed over her features. She glanced
op hastily at .-sprague, who was ap
parently hard at work upon the hack
v round of the picture.
The hall-boy was waiting expect
" I here is no answer," sail! \gnrs
\ 111 1 a- tin- stern mandates of fa-h
--lon either forbid n v unan to wear
;i pocket or el i• deer'-e that i: shall
he located in some particularly iliac
•i - -dhle po-'tion. the voting girl
'."pped the letter and its envelope
it.to her hip and resumed the pose.
■■e -rip. tried to renew the conver
sion white it had been In'ei rupf
• . f e Tort - w ere in lain. II ith
'■ a I ' 1 were preoccupied ditr
• 1 1 , ’ t-ii-c I.f • ’ie sitting
t 1 am for
M;• Men.'. •11 ■ -, , r nc*
. ■l, j and lot to her cart iage. Nftcr
v. a t eld ng it until it ui-aj., l .lid
around the comer, he returned mood
ily to the studio.
As he entiled the room, Ms even
fixed in a vacant slate upon the floor,
he 1 alight sight Of on thing white
- 1 sin ct of ~.1 per—■ restiltg then Mi
<•!.., 1 die he pUsl id it to one side
with his foot.
Till Mill 11; 11 err Hied to ban- (.'one
mill N-rinas Murdock. \ gloom had
fiitien upon tin jilaei’ and it> oeen- ,
I ant. The artist tried to work; lvt |
in> nil rest I -•> and and pressed. At
l.ti'jlh In threw down his liiminliom;
anil i int' from the easel he put on
(nr, hit and eoat and started out for
n walk, In tin- ho|ii* that e.M n isi'
would driie auav the him deviU
whose grip In- f>ll tightening Upon
his In arf *tri tigs
Meeting Minn* friend*, in the comsr
( ,f f,i- almle-s wanderings he w.i
oet - lUlded In [lend Hie rest of the
dal in tin ii eom|ian,v, and returned
to hi- hill )|| 111 ((liarters lute ill tin
eii . inir tin I enough physically to
obtain that leallhfiil sleep which i
the boon of strong youth
ii . 'ii -ia; a neat w >
nr.PAf t irsT ok rtatk *'
' NOTirK 1- HEREBY (iIVKN that at h
•!•< t?■ *ll to heM ii 11 1• •
war villain** ami ti n dif*trl*t. < f
In* Stat -of W <>n tli* >iic(
iiik tin* HrMonday ♦ *-itil** ii day of
Vowiiil**r. A 1> IWH. the followii.ir ottWr* ‘
I • 1, . t/H-wit
-iti.-ul ot Hit* • lilt**l
\ noVKIf.VoK ill plan- I,f Edward iofii-ld
vlnme term of ottlee will expire mi the first
amiihiv ot .(unitary. A I) Paul.
l..svS,iii.' vvh •nil of office v II - xpire on
lie firs t Monday of January A 11 I'.'d
V K,i META (-'V Of STATE in tilaee of
William H Kroehlich whose term of -tti - will
..,.0.-011 tne r ir.i .iioinlay ot January. A D..
A STATK TKKAfd'KEB. in place m Jann-s
*1 Dal jd.si II whose term of little.- Will i-Xplre
•a the first .iiondav of January. A I) . lld
Ax ATTi HN'KY HENEMaL in place of
IXIIIIII-1 K Hicks whose ten-1 of ottlee will
•xpireo 1 the first .Monday ii January. A. 1
A STATK srPKKfNT'oNL.KNT m pin, ~ ~f
I, ri-n/ole Harvey win 1a 1 t Tin ottlee will
-vi.ire mi the first Moudiiv in January. A. I)..
I Hill.
.. I! Ail, HilAl) t'(i.VtMISSI: >NEM. in place ot
b'lihatii I, Kiee whose term of ortiee will ex-
II re mi the first Monday ol January A I) IHDI.
A ('(1 d.MISSIi (NEK OK l.Nst KAM K. in
.dm ■ of Kmil (iiljohatm whose term of ottlee
will expire on the first Monday of January A
■ j.. I'.Kn.
he sixth t 'ongr-ssional District. i-on.-isting of
lie counties if Wauhlin Marquette (ill-ell
~ake. Korn) du Lae Wniiieliauo < alitmet and
A UK 1 1 SKI! OK THE ASSEMBLY, for the
’ii-st A -i-moiy DWrn-l of Jlanitowis- County,
onsisting of the towns of ( ato. i ’i-nterville.
alsirty Manitowin-, Manitowoc Kapids.
•li-ein- New*on and tin-eity ol Vlnnitowoi-,
Si-i-ond Asseuihly District of Manitowoc county.
I insist mg ot tin* tow ii- of ( I ,] ,el town Knl >n
-TaiiKlin. tiitisoii Kossuth. X-tqd - Or-iVe
'ltshieott. IPs Kland Sehleswiit. Two t n-eks
r wo Biv its and the villages of Kiel and Keeils
. ille and the city of Two Mix ers.
Ai.so ji,i. Coi NTy ( iiti, kbs, reqe.ireil by law
o Is- chosen at suit) election.
In aiTordaniT with -u-i-tton I of article XII.
f the 1 onstitntioii of tin- state i-I W iseieisin.
he following joint resolutions adopted by the
egislatnre of tin* state of Wisi-misin at tie
•eguliir session of Ism. 1, are made 11 part ot the
-1-,-gidng notice, to-wit:
I No. I*. S.l
join r kiisoLL'TioN no. 1.
Pi-..; .--sing to ami-nd sis-tion Id. of article s of
In- .-mi-!:liition of VVisermsin. relating to gmsl
Meaolvi-il by the Senate the Assembly eon
-nrring. That seetion Ii of article ■ of the
-mistitution of Wisconsin '• amended liy
dding IhiTi-iinto the following:
The state may. however, appropriate money
o!• riii-ed ti.y taxation and not in anywis- to
-•institute a publie di-id. to is- usi-d in tin- eon
•trin-tioii or miproreinent of publie highways,
nu ll i-on-truetion or improvement to 1- made
II tin- manner provided by law
[No. IT S.l
i’rop e.ing an Hiiii-ndmeiit to ann-1*- XIII 'd
In- i onstitntioii of the state of Wisconsin to
ir-ilitl.it the pass -ysteni
Ke-.i >l veil bv the Senate the Assi-mtily eon
■nrring. That artirh- XIII of the constitution
s-Hllleudisl liv adding 11 new seetion, to In
iniulrTed mill to read as follows Seetion II
,*o person, assis-ialioii i-o-]iiii-tnershi|i. or
. isiration ha) i pri mls offer or (five for
■in purpose to am isditieiil i-oniiiiittei-. or any
iu-iiil, ror . nipk-vee thereof, to any eniultdate
or or ini-iiniln-nt of any offli-e or isisition
nnli-r tin-eoiistitntioii or laws or under any
••dimiiii urn town or uiuuieqialitv. of this
state it to any person at the request or tor the
inantuge in an or any of them any free pass
T frank orany privilege wiihh-ld from any
- , ■ - t 1 a unsJation or
riinspoiTation of anv |mtmiii or property, or
- p.m ..: 1: ;..n of i-.-ty vi--= ng'* ix-mmuni
f.o politii id eoinmlttei-, and no memls-r or
•in.ike- tl-s-reof -I, candidate for and no
ini-iunlient of any office or position under tin
.ii.siiiumm or taws, or miner any ordinance
.1 .11, town or inn ni -ipnllty of this state. ■n 11
'. for or in-eept, from any person. assiM-iatim
-partn* r.*hip. >r cori onitwn. nr nw* in im>
iiu-M -1 or for ii 11 v purpose, any free ; ass or
rank, or hu> i riv'le-e w thle-ld ti-oin an.
.1 1 soi for the tn-,\ ibn • a-i-omiinslntion 11
111-.portallmi ,>f miv per--e or pis perl. 01
In-trniisinissioii ol any message or eoinmitni
Any ioliiti--it nf anv of the als v ■ pri-v isioii-
I 'I.- bribery aed imni-eed a- 1" ■ uled l.y
aw an 1 it anv "ffleer or any iiu-iuls r of tie
eg,-lilt lire Is- guilty- thereof Ids ifil- e shall '
nine vaeant.
No fs-rson within the purview thi' net
h -1, • pri. ili-ged from tesid y in-..- ;:i -datioii
0 anvibnig fh-i-'-m pr-Jitliit-d nmi no person
niv. . ~, testified shall lie liable to any prosi
n'; ,1 - punishment for an . offense .nieiTn-
II g wlileh in* was required to give his t-- tine my
e- 'is*, tqe.. auv do -tin: —itary evH.-tic ■
Th- -.illfii'id 1 mini -inner and his do--i"y n
be disi-imrge o r duty hi -j-;- I from the
i-,\ i- n-iis -i tlii uinendniein
| No. hi. A
.HUNT k‘> SOLI HON V) I t.
|■ p in, in iieieiidin -nt • , ar;i--i-- !I nf tin
,., t ni m ,f \V ,iisci -iving tin- I'-,-isl-i
■•re p- ,-i- t-i pa -a g, is,-.ill lianking law
I; — lv.-I 1 1 \ss,-m-, . and 'h- Meant--
1., nrri ig rent nrtie!-- (I of tie- •-. n-:dnlion
.1 tin-state 01 Wiseonin lie and is hereby
iii-iml-d l.y sn'i-titiitifig for-■•-lions 1 and "■
1 -1---d .1 n- -a - lion I-. Is- I;-, evil a --i-tion
ni and re,nil g-I follows:
-lon I The legislator-shall inive pov.i-r
i.i-.-t n .--ni-ral banking law for tlieei-.-ailon
. - e and 1 r th gulad- n and up -
■l. -th— (sinking iiqsln—■ provi-1-sl that
; and tv. ■ -'liinls of nil tie in iiitnTs
, ;I- -n. h lii'ti-e to l- tak.-i- liv \e.-is a 11*i
n- 1,. 1., mvor id ,tn- pu-siig --.f sin-h Iniv.
[No. J!. S ]
| nr -:m -mini -lit t"’ seefe.ll 1 of
Vis oiisin r--l.it j nu to edin-.itii n
H • . i\• . 1 1. th- s,.nut • th- A-seiitldv - on
,l-rmg 'll-. —• 'ion I. ot aril--." I", of the
-ns-iintn■- -• Ik- -tnt ot Wi- 1 tu-in In
line! ill -I s, as to l-etlll IIS 1 ioWs
; ii,. -in -n ■ 1 - instruc
1 1 sh-.il li--ni a state siipi idiiteivhe.ii
11< )| ■,l hel .- t- el s IIS the legi l ill; bull
I j-■ ■ • Hint their ipialitii-iiti,ms 1 dm
mid •'inipvlisalnni shall b-- Il' --1 1 i.eii liv hex
sin ■ aipe -i *. --Ild.il i shall ■■ ‘ and os|-o t.\ Th
nalitli f the stave at tie* i am*' ’lm ■
- tie- an-. i.-iinn.-I- i*s tie ndsTs of the
-npreine 1 "iirt and shall mdd hi-* -dtle— l-v
*. a 1 1- year 1 r--in tin- a -s-dil : t'* ~t V. - n-'n y
lull ■ 11. - - .1. sun- rinti-n 1- - ' a. iln;
111 elis-tloil ill Nnveuiliel HI-id -linll hold
mid . - .nliim- 111 his "fit util m ' ;-t Monday
• 1 July pa . and Ills -- -hall Is- I
-it th-- Bin ■ -t tie judicial -ti.-n ii April.
1 , in' -rin - 111 lin - m.'i manti-T of
1.. Io -i; I .Oif.ng al. elti' r- Ilf
siitiervlsii-I: ot pu lie in-tni- tiiill - im'! ' s fixed
iiv law ,
1, , im 1 1 1 l.a id and o'li.-i.i! s.-nl at the
I rtp-t -n tin- 1 :lv Ma li th--ttr-t day of
\ 111; 11 --I A 11 !■>*
TANARUS,, 11. - .>l,l-1 > 1 1.-rk ot Manth-woe ( -nitty
, _ _ I \V. II Kr-.H.1 I' it
si ir S-k r- tnra - t Slate
noiiu oi a i wk
• i| i'll hi if i '< tI'NT V i I.T.ItK
Mi\ii'„i I'nrtm Win Auk. iidl'<i
A ni'lnTHl el.'lllllll I- to lie held 111 tile
-io end towns wards r Hinges mid elis tion dts
triets in -.Hid ei nutv on the Tnesdn\ next
. i , . doi" l i. t Monday- hi o the tlth dav
a i in
•)<-i tell the oftii el s '.|iee|||i-d hell'l l 111 ai'i'iii’d'
nin-i'with tin* i.iinstniiie "f ii not tee meivisl j
In ..n tile Seel etltrv ■ and Slate ll i—•
A Mimiik.h 111 As.non.V. ill th" Kii-t nsseinhlv
• i itriet I'ntniirlsiutf the towi 1 i v- I'enter
i dle hllsTt-. Mini t.iiwiii Mnn lowo. Hnpids.
Meeim Newton U'ld the . itt if .Vtnnitowoi in
|dl Joseph Wdlott Jr
\ M I
nssemhlv di-tri' t • oin|n'li-lnK the towns
Kutoii l'i iiidilln 1 1d.-ihi , Ko-snth
Maple tiro . Jtidiieot Itrs I land - hleswiu
TANARUS t'l'oi U- Two (livers and the villages of
Kil l unit I,'oodsvdle Hint He t'tty of Two
Ills • in [.hi', of Ilians iingnnn whose
me.era) ten -of 0810. w 111 e*iiire lii .(amwry
All I tail
A sin ni i In idle i t llenrv ta hriranu
wln we i.'fni of i !•'. will expln in Januiirv A
1) Itt'l
Ai'asni 11 m. n |d eof Arthur H /.under
ul . e term ofttee will e\ lire 'a Jniitiury.
A lr !'•(
A>l. Ml I lIM-i urn in idle • ot Peter hunt
1 tmiin w h .s term of . ftlei ini! expire in
Jnimrry A !• >'"*l
AI I l-a.k or II I 'lie I I ■ a tl |dee ol
I'npi 1 I tr Veihon le ■ On ..'llei will
i x iiir> In Jm in A I > IMUI
A I ut r ArniHsti in [disee ol e.dwnrd S
S. tm 1/ v. 'a -• o n of i* • . v and expire in
June.m A 11 it'd
Ii " .. . - ■ nvuvoa rr td’" ' ’ *ipli tiara
wboHt-Itrin r.f o,ftU--- "ill .-spin- in January,
A. D.,IU. . _ . . , .
A Cokonkr in pin • Fr.-ln. kS f Ltihmann.
whose tinn of orth ill .-spire m January. A
I) Ill'll , ,
A Col-NTV ScHIIOI. * I’l- I:IN IK> 1 >KNT 111 place <>l
Kr -Brick I hristlai. ’ whose term of office
will cxpin- in .ln A !’ J
Given under mv nndaiid offh'iu) at the
<*it.V of Mfinit-u. Wthin hid day *f
August A. t).. ARPHU ! Z/NDER.
COI-NTI 1 ~,nK
To The Denuuratic 1 alms of Wisconsin;
At n meetint- ot tin- Democratic Sta;.- Cen
tral Uomniittcc held in tliim rity on the 11th
(|ay of .Inna 1! o. tin- chairman was instructed
to Ifi\ I notice tl it the state convention of dele
gates of the 1). mis atic Party of Wisconsin
wil 1 he held in :hc I -v ol Milwaukee, on the
•r.nil day of An n-t !!•<>. at 12 o'clock noon, for
.he purpose ol ci.n.irmlimf candidates for tie
various ehs-tlv. -I:;'- -.nice- namely. Governor
Lieutenant Oovi rm Secretary of State, State
Treasurer. Attic-" v (leneral. State Sujierin
teiident. In tiiranee i ominlssloner and Railroad
Commissioner, t.-1“ oted tor nt the general
election in Xoveinls r next; for the nomination
of presidential elm i rs for the general ejis-tion
in Noveml • r next .nil a chairman of the Dem
ocratic Stai ■ < V lal < V mmitfee and two
Me mliers from coimressional district to
ciinstitute such committee, to serve for two
years from the Hr t day of January, limi. and
for the transaction i t any ether husinessiu the
jurisdiction of the convention.
The represent a. ion to which each county is
entitled is in- i ted helow. the apportion
ment being one de i ucte for eaeh 240 votes or
major fraction lh c ! east for presidential
electors at the la-t national election:
No. of
Counties. Delenates.
Adams .. 2
Ashland .. T
Racism s
iia> Held 3
Drown 16
Buffalo 5
Burnett... 1
alumet 7
- hlppewa 12
Clark .. 5
lohnnliia.. 0
Crawford n
Dane 81)
Dodif.- .... •,*"
tin >l‘ 4
Oouglaa 1 11
Kan Claire n
Klon-iu-,. i
Amd 'ln r>444* ;0
• ii ant IS
ttreen !'
Jrecn Luke.. n
ron 3
........ 8
Icfforson. . 14
I lined a T
Kenoidia . T
Kewaunee.... T
jACronae 18
.a Fayette .. .. )'
Jllcoln. ■
Manitowoc. in
Marathon I-}
Marinette '•
'iHrquette •)
Milwaukee. Cat
Vlonroe lj
)conto 5
>miiln 3
•utoifauii ...... Id
izankee a
'oik 4
’ortaife 13
•rice. .... 3
{ocitlc ... !•>
{icliliiml. —■. • • *
tack 15
;t cv. i.. ... in
-auk 10
■lawyer I
4taawau<>.... t>
■iiei oy itHii .. 13
■ . r
frnnipen lean 0
v'crnoti T
.'ilae . 3
A'ulwni'tl) t*
1 ‘l. PU . I
A *1 . ~|i lo
A’|iuke>ll ... 13
•Vnillnell 1
A" mn-imra 3
iVinneUnp. 3"
S’.MMt . I*
Total. •t3
oil), v PKCK. ( liainnnii.
( I N'i 'ML. sw-.vtary.
Gen-Gen! Gen Gen!
Do You Wish to
Grow Younger?
( Lm-(i> n ' tin ga oat
e-t Mu sc It* Producer, Nerve
Punic and Blond Builder. For
Bale and Sallow complexion A
frue Tonic. It ha- no equal.
\ clianct ton-row young, healtl y
md la autiful. w rinkles will he rc -
and and deep iin< s softenei •
\ v<uttlifill expression to the face
uid more gracetul curves to the
hndv. Nervousness will make a
< )m Gen-Gen tah! t after each
meal and at bed-time will over
come nervousness and develop
the muscles bringing out the
mo>t graceful <d a woman s
curves. Prepared by Prof Ovid
La 1 Jaciie of Paris. France.
\ddn -s all ordt rs to th
tleyer Chemical Cos.. Sole Agents,
Stevens Point. Wis.
30 cents for one box nr 52.50 money or
der for six boxes.
Now Is Your
Fime To
Visit The
Pacific Coast
< 'heap excursion ticket- K (M) d for
three weeks, on sale via
Great Northern
Auk. ; uud ‘M Sept t and I>.
tH i and I<* Impure of th
rulwuj ticket aKcnt or :te
i ien'l I’ll!'!* mid Tkf a .ent
st Pa'm.. Minn
The HARVEST TIHE meals will find these
items and prices in our Grocery, Crock
ery. Cooking and Table-ware list of
exceptional interest.
Fancy Rice, slightly broken per lh 4c.
Fancy quality, per lh <sc.
Choice Rice, best quality, per 11 7c.
Fair quality prunes, per It. 4c.
Fancy quality prunes, per It (>c.
California Choice Brand, per tt> 7c.
California Sugar Prunes, per It ilc.
s & M Tobacco, per tl> *3sc.
Spot Cash Tobacco per tl, 25c.
Long Cut Tobacco per lh 19c.
S. B. Tobacco, extra good quality— ... 29c.
(Termini sweet chocolate, regular sc ijlate.. sc.
Columbia sweet chocolate, fine quality— sc.
Medium Size Granite Prc- v ,
serving Kettles i()L
Large Size Granite Pic- to
serving Kettles iOC.
Extre Large Size Granite i ■
Preserving Kettles 40C.
The Peoples Savings Bank.
anitowoc, = = = = = - = = = Wisconsin
Passenger and Car Fcrrj Steamship Line.
. . . BETWEEN . . .
Manitowoc, Wis.. and Frankfort. Mich-
A here connection is made with Am Xrtor
R. R. trains for all points in Michigan,
the South and Fast.
..•uv.. Mmiitov. iM-ilftily. rxivpfrMi orln\ c K a in
.v, Kewnmn-t- Tors. Tlmrs.iuiiT Satnr. A a in
Ar. Manltosor Tins Tluus anil satnr. a in
im i n>kii SriiEin i.r. Ann Arhoh llaii.Road
Train No. 4. Train No. 8
L,avt* Frankfort in main ohopm
irriveCa 12:SS pm 1 1 IS P m
Ann Arbor M'lpm ma'uin
Toledo 10:00 pm 1:00 p m
Xrrlvi 1 Travi-rso I'it v via I’-r- Miu nntt*- Kail
.•ii,l 12 40 p in 0:10 p m
.Crow LK-troic via iram: nunti SailiAuy
11:20 pin 11 "in am.
Iv s [,i Hill. Aiu.ni .
Manitowoc. XS'is
IN F.FFCT Jin 20. 1900.
IV Sheboygan. Milwaukee and Chi
daily except Saturday and Snnda\
at 7;d(l i’. M Sunday b.>at leaves at a
A. M.
For Kewaunee, AI-'ana. stnrjfcon
Bay and Menominee Tiiurday Satur
day and Sunday at i 1’ M and \V eilues
day at 1 P M.
F.r Esninaba Thursdav Saturday
.. ;d Sunday at T P. M.
A Delightful Velina stone Park Trip.
A partv <>f select Wisconsin jieoph
will make a trip to Yellowstone Park in
•Tnlv or Alien'd, in charge of C H. Cul
Ver Professor of < teoloKV. Stevens point
Normal School, traveling in a special
-leepim; an 1 buffet car. Those desiring
t,, join can obtain comphdt information
a to rates, time of leavimr. etc., from
.1 M Turner Special Excursion A Kent,
Wisconsin Central Ky Burlington
Wis mylTauM
Large white soup bowls . 15c.
Large milk pitchers 10c.
Glass butter dishes sc.
Large glass water pitcher I Oc.
Large soup plates sc.
White cups and saucers.. sc.
Pints, perdoz. ■ 37c.
Quarts per doz. ■ 48c.
1 Gallon per doz 65c.
Fruit jar rubbers at equally low
Up to Date Bicycle.
Fully Guaranteed.
All other wheels that we handle
will be sold at reduced prices
for the balance of the season.
Second Hand Bicycles at $3.00 up.
See Our Windows for Sundries at Wholesale Prices.
Oldest. I arrest and Most Reliable Cycle House in the City.
Subscribe For The Pilot.

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