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Cujit W T AUxts was called home
from his lecturing tmr in neighboring
states to inter the remains of John
Doersch. who died ii; Cleveland, alsiut
one mile west of here. Mr, Albers
again left for Michigan t> continue his
Ralph Kestley who was in Manitowoc
for some time ha* arrived in town. He
will leave for Milwaukee to continue
his course in the medical college.
Manager V H Zander of The Pilot
staff was in town.
Strattman Bros are putting np anew
building for the use of their mother. It
will be built of stone and will cost alsmt
$lOOO, If conditions are favornble it is
to be completed by Dec. 1.
Adolph (irotegnt had his threshing
steamer brought to Manitowoc to 1m- re
Farmers are beginning to bring what
sorghum they have raised to the ( leve
land Creamery Cos to 1m- made into
syrup. The crop is not as extensive as
last vear for many have found that it
does not pay well to raise the product
Thomas Meany was in Manitowoc last
Rev. Fr Cipin was in (freon Hay
John Mninui was in Manitowoc last
Miss Klingholz of Manitowoc s|s-nt
Bnnday here
J. E. Schnl* was in Manitowoc last
Mrs. Clements of St Nazianz is the
guest of her daughter. Mrs. P. Heinzeti.
Albert Hnsch is laying a foundation
Curl Sl).iiv, tin- great American
patriot in a sjieei h at < '<|ier ITiioii,
New York last week hjmk* against the
imperialistic policy of President Me
Kin lev Tin- following an* extract*
from his address
la-t me May at the start that I con
airh-r the manner in which the imperial
istic polir v is being commended by Home
person* tn jsipular approval the hugest
t' tntirleiii e game ever practiced upon a
Ire* people 111 III! whole long Hl** 1
have never known of such systematic
U“i> of distortion of histon hyj mcrit-lca I
cant. garbling of dis-iiim-nts and fain**
nretenr r lam in-r- to sjieak aw< rd
for truth and justice and in doing mo I
shall call things I■> their right nameN
y hi will pardon rne if thorn- nam*-H are
not always of tin mildi-Mt For I iiiiiml
c >nfi-M- when I witnessed kmiiic of the
moans employed to lure thin great r<
pilldie from the path of righteousness.
I ifh principle and glorious destiny my
.•id bln and Iniled with indignation.
In the name of tin- republic I’rcxi
dent McKinh v Imiurlit a people like a
h“rd of i ,itti* tioiii a defeated cofiinn n
•nerny against whom h\ the hide of
our Hag those people had viclorioiiMly
fought for then freedom and uidepen
letlei Vex ||. did that MTV tlmm
without rveii li-teiiilll' In lliel.l and lie
I 1 a-1- the American I pie to d<-
<dart by their Molr-mn vote-* th it it wi m
well done and that tin \ approve it
Americanc iti/.in- I appeal I" y--ii hi
nil “ill)<tHi—- what would von have
wild tlircf warn ago Iw'fin'i* tin- ini
periali-dii [iiiihihi had em-mpted your
blood what would m u have said if
anybody had pnslieied “iirh a thing ax
possible' Tln*n- i* not a man among
hi vho would not havo declared such
i prophet tit for tin madhouse
{ have again and again challenged
the itujs-rialists to “Iniw mo in tlio whole
hlstorv of tin world a single ai t of
|ior!idv unlimited h\ an\ re|iiildie more
infamous than that eommitted b> Mr
Mi Kin ho * administration against our
Filipino aid—, and I hav* received no
answer Init a “H kh mieei
* •
This i- tie character of the Filipino
war in which tie pn-idetit wantonly
involved ~ | miv uantonlv for there
ik no candid man living who will not
admit that had the piexideiit instructed
Wnhati pi-i mtihi'il a largo *hiji
in at n) 11<.it ami wi.nli'ii tail blank' ta
Tm i'Wil'i.ks Ka\ im.h Bank.
bin'll '."ii liny i a.i n|i| i-iiti' do not
"huh yi.nr I 1 ami f.i l dull att-r oat
■/ Mill niu\ kmuv tliiil miu mi'll a don*
t latino, t lain M'.iian It ami Livor
I'riii- iiiinti* Samplo- ttii'
• Until v liinrniiv ill uy sli.ro
Edison’s Phonograph
TV- 'cr than u I’uno, Orvan. or Mm*l<' ll- , for It iiinjfs and talk' hi •nil ax play*, and
da'iio-ta mt;< Ii |i ri-prialui 11i ■ n -' any l rrurunii‘i-t—-i>aml or ori-hi'vlra-—a .i
I, im, 1,i,) I;, jinn trliVUin nan i't !• |h >jjt . rrolir* —it inlvlu> ir< .
Fit* I 1 • Mr I! ■ on - tli '
. - or NAIIOAAL HIONOCMAPIi tv, ,i, F' ‘.h A\ . (V;* V*i-.
| for anew planing mill and carpenter
The monthly fair held here Wednes
day was not very large on account of
the rain.
Khetoricais: To be held in the public
school Friday O t. 5, lUOO
Song Wisconsin Land of Beauty
by members of A class
Recitation Gertrude Hagetiow
Recitation Julia Zabn
Recitation Lydia Reichert
Story Channcey Hickok
■ Recitation John Falge
Recitation Olga Saeger
Essay Will Cooney
Song B Class
Recitation (Iharles March
Story Marion Du mass
Declamation Fred Hagenow
Recitation... Annie Morrissey
Recitation Raymond Krueger
Miss. Annie Stein entertained a num
ber of friends last Sunday evening, it |
ts-iug her birthday. Those present, j
were Misses Helena Kitsch, Mayme;
Stellinn, Clara Haese, Laura. Schulz,
Olga Saeger. Matilda Elmert, Bertha
Ma-rtz, Maggie Goodhey, Clara Macrtz.
Joint Haege, Carl Macrtz. August Kitsch i
Edward Zahn. John Schreiber, Eddie
Reinemann and others.
Wm. O'Hara, principal of the Horton
ville school, was in the village on Fri
Mr Blesser ot Manitowoc was in the
village Monday.
Julius Bornefeldt was in Manitowoc
last Saturday.
Miss Helena Kitsch is spending this
week in Brilion.
John Dcdrich was in the village on
Peter Rienemann, the hustling grain 1
buyer, shipjs'd a carload of barley on I
our Peace coiiiiiiinnionern to embody in
the |eace treaty the name provinionn
with nitrat'd to tie I’nilippiiien an to
(Ttfia. and had be treated the Filipinos
accordi ii iriy, not a trim would have been
fired, and not a drop of blood would
have been shed an no blood ban been
abed in (,'uba since her liberation
An to the money qneation, my con
vieliotiH have of course, not chanired in
the leant Hut while the money ipie
tion wan the paramount inmte four yearn
ago, we never admitted that it, must re
main the paranioun. question always,
or that however important nottud
money in to the eeonomie intereafs, an
well an to the character of the nation,
there may not be other tbimrn id' even
more vital moment or that a party
representimr sound money may do
things utterly obnoxious to good morals
of good policy and still rightfully exact
our support under all circumstances
In my correspondence with Secretary
<luge 1 have shown. I think that the
dangers to our present mom-tan system
are hv no means aa threatening now an
/ealott- partisanship represents them
ami that we may freely act upon the
. i|uentiou of imperialism without -.erioun
peril to our standard of value I can
didly lielieve so Hut I frankly declare
that even if the d.Ulcers no luridly de
p eted by the imperialint- really ex
lisp'd my position in the present crisis
would he the name
He would not have been counted a
good American patriot who at the time
of the American revolution had aban
doned the cause of liberty and iudepeiid
cnee Oil account l)f the and dust rolls vicious
iii—e of tin* continental money or who.
during tin Civil war hail given tip the
i-aiiw of lihertv and union liecause its
defence brought on the dangerous issue
of irredeemable paper dollars or other
economic perils or who. at either of
those period had forsaken eitherot those
i auMCH for the reason that the man in
I position of leadership might iioldohnox
ions opinions or ho inclined to do iinwol
inine tilings with regard to other mat
! tel" It |S still remembered ill IloW
; litth e-tei in .lohii Adams held the
member" ot the Continental congress
hut how In ml v he nevertheless, as a
patriot stood for the cause of hi" conn
n in 'is i ni: ii MN
Wlirii Mill'i'i niir from u ranking rough
litki it iliw.' i.f Ft 1.1 v m Monkn \nm>
TaK Tin- miri'lifw "ill Im ri'licM'il ami
a warm gnitoful fooling ami hoallng "I
till' jiarlH atli'ctml "ill oxporionotid
XlMlllWill IO M \ 111 MIN "I s
V N II Kill It N
Via tin- N’urtli Wottorn Lino Kx
rurttiuii ta kot* will !• -aid on ai • uni
• I Madison carnival Octiilnu Uk It uni
1- It null'll !u thiol .or Jii Aplilv In
ai’i ni-. <im aifn A North W. -tmi li v
Mr Rush of Chicago, is sjsutding the
week here.
Tom Morrfscv of the Grove \va in the
village Saturday.
Will Segler was in the village on Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Busse returned last
Saturday aft r an absence of about three .
i weeks.
j Messrs Mnmm, Schulz and Olra were
in Manitowoc on Tuesday.
The M. W. A. held their meeting on
Tuesday evening.
Mrs. John Fareld of Wausau, visited
friends and relatives at Grimms.
1 Arthur Koch of Milwaukee was a
guest of the family of Chas. Koch Sr.
Albert Forster visited at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zelzer.
The son of Gottlieb Bnholtz, is now
on tlie safe side of his illness.
Earl McComb, the older son of Dr. and
Mrs, I, N. McComb. has entered the
state university
Miss Jennesse Miller and mother have j
returned to their home at Springfield. O.
after a few months visit at the home of i
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Neal.
The old Catholic church building is j
being partitioned for class-room pur- j
poses, and there will lie an upstairs to!
lie used for a ball.
Mr. and Mrs, Carl Zander, and niece
Gertrude Frazier of Manitowoc, were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. Zander.
The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Goer
scheltz, died last Tuesday.
C. J. Neal and R E. Carncross were
off for a duck hunt in the Green Bay
The Ev. Friedens congregation cele
brated its annual harvest festival last
The inanufacturerM of BannkkSaia’k
have authorized the undersigned to
guarantee it for hums, cuts, sores, nl
cers. tetter, eezeiua and all skin diseases.
Your money hack if it doesn't do all it
claims Henry Hinrichs.
High living, intemperance, exjKisure
and many other things bring on Bright's
Disease. Foi.kv's KIDNKY CUKK will
prevent Bright s Disease and all other
kidney or bladder disorders, if taken in
time, Henry Hinrichs.
Your blood goes through your body
with jumps and bounds, carrying
warmth and active life to every part of
your body if you take Uockv Mountain
Tea. See F (’. Blierstlltte
After exjMmnre or when yon feel a cold
coming on. take a dose of Fobky’m Ho.v*
KY WIiTAU. It never fails to stop a
icold if taken in time. Take nothing
I elsi Henry Hinrichs
The Peoples Savings Bank
Manitowoc, Wis.
Sunday, Sept. 30
A number of friends of Mr. and Mrs.
L. A. Williams pleasantly surprised
them in honor of the twenty-fifth anni
versary of their wedding day.
Miss Annie Lintuer. daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J, M. Lintner, returned home
from a few months sojourn in Milwau
kee, and her lady friends and their beans
took advantaged' her return, to remem
ber her birthday
A number of friends and relatives
gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Koch Sr , the occasion lieing the
fiftieth birthday of Mr. Koch. Every
one present had a regular got „l old ami
new-fashioned time.
The Misses Susan and Katharine An
drews of Franklin visited at the Com
tilings homestead in Maple Grove last
Thomas Dugan of Franklin will cele
brate his. wedding to Mary Mangin on
Oct H.
Joseph Walluer of Cato will be
married to Rati- Remiker of Franklin.
John Brown opened his school at
Shoto hwt Monday.
M. Markeu spent Saturday and Sun
day at home.
Joseph Schweda has purchased the farm
of John Meism -t and will soon lie with
his old friends and acquaintances again
Quite a number of hunters passed
through this wav lust Sunday.
Martin O’Connor, D. C. Cavanaugh,
and Jos. Miller represented Maple Grove
at the Democratic convention, Saturday.
CTATE OF WISCONSIN, 'orsiv cocrt for
Manitowoc o*r st v
In the matter of tin* t*st it** of Isaac Erickson,
Notice i herchv given that tin* undersigned
as guardian of lsaa< Erickson insane, of the
city of ManitoW'** Win* main. will, on the 31th.
day of Octoler . IWon at :*;oo o'Hoek in tin*
afternoon of that and at Zingshelin Hall in tin*
, nth ward of said ity offer for salt* and veil at
I*uhlic Auction all the personal property !*•-
longing to said misting of household
1 furniture. Iclteheii utensils etc terms of sale
will he made known on ‘lav of salt*
I >ated. (h'tolter Ith lilt o
onstad & Hongen Attorn *vs
Pul. Oct. 4. II
We have just received a large ship
ment of Ladies i tcntlemen sand Chil
dren's hnderwcar
The Peoples Savings Bank.
An old bachelor says the reason he
never married is because In* was afraid
he might neglect ids wife in after years
or she might neglect him.
1 have always used Foley's Honey
AND Tap cough medicine, and think it
the best in the world." says Chas Bend
er, a newsdealer of Erie. Pa. Henry
There will lx- a dance in Monahan's
hall, Friday evening, Oct. 5.
The Manitowoc and Western Tele
phone company will soon extend its line
from Morrison.
Misses Mamie and Ella Moran left for
their home in Chicago, last week.
Mr. Glover entertained a large num
ber of his friends on Sunday of last
i week. Avery pleasant time was spent
and all present speak highly of Georsre s
Mr Buckley has purchased the saloon
formerly owned by Mr. Rahr at Maple
1 Grove and will soon le established at
1 his old stand.
Mr. Kelley, Mr. Hussey and Mrs.
Hussey visited friends in Kaukauna last
Among those who attended the Demo
cratic convention were Jos. Miller Jr.,
W. C. Maerfz. J. E, Nolan. Tim Keehan,
J. P. Watt. P. J. Linnane, P. H.
Guhin and M. M. Guhin.
There is some talk of organizing a
Bryan club at Cato.
An effort is being made to organize a
court of Catholic Foresters at Maple
Pat. Fielding, Hr. has returned from
Chicago where he has spent several
weeks visiting friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Connell of
Nebraska are visiting relative i here.
Farm for Sale Cheap.
I have for sale the Henry Rumpf farm
: in the town of Mishicot, consisting of
| eighty acres of land, with gxxl build
; ings. This farm can be had at a bar
l gain. Julius Lindstkdt,
j office Manitow H- Savings Bank Bid.
A.A.IKKVERH. ('omtealions, Inflamma
currs (tioua, Limit Koff. Milk Fever.
H. M.IHPRAISK I.aiueileaa, Injuries,
curbs i Kheuiuatlain.
(' (’.(WIKK THKOAT, (iuinay. Epizootic,
cuhrs i UlatclupiT,
curbs) WORMS. Hot*. Grub*.
K. K. I COCGHH, Colda, Influenza. Inflamed
cures ' Lunga, Pleuro-.Pneiinionia.
E. F. M’OLir. Bellyache. Wlnd-Hlown.
cures ( Diarrhea. Byaenlerv.
I. I. INKIN DIAEAHRK Mange, Eruptiona.
< THiJB ) | U’tTH. 4ir*HV, Flircv.
.1. K. I BAD rONIHTIOV Staring ( oat.
♦ ruts $ Indlr.eittloii. Klumiicli HatttEcrN.
tiOc. each; Stable Cane, Ten Kj>eclflcs, Book, Ac.. $7.
At druftpiHts or Kent prci if on receipt of price.
HumphrevN’ Medicine Cos., r‘r. William A John
Sts., New York. Vktkki- uy 31 antai. Sknt Fhkk
and Prostration from Over
work or other causes.
Humphreys' Homeopathic Specific
No. 28, in use over 40 years, the only
successful remedy.
$ 1 per vial,or apecial package with powder, for $5
Sold by UruntUU, or neat pout .paid on re.-dpl ol prlca.
11l ItrllllllS'MKU. CO., Cor. William A Join. Hu., Nan fork
Schuette Brothers.
Fall Millinery
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
i * Oct. 4th, sth and 6th.
It will be worth your time, ladies, to attend
this opening, as Miss Scholl has taken special
pains to show a most magnificent stock of
everything in the line of Millinery for fall.
That she is an expert in this business and
competent to reproduce the best French and
other styles in the most fetching manner, and
at moderate prices, considering the high class
work and materials put into such head-wear,
is now conceded by all who have given her a
To Keep Off Flies from Horses and Cows
Why let your horses vvory when you can get our “NO FLY”
at $2.00 per gallon? One gallon used according to printed direc
tions will keep the Hies off 4 horses all season. This heretofore
unknown compound will not only keep the flies off hut will add a
sleek and velvet touch, and is a positive cure for all skin diseases.
No household should he without it as it can be applied to bed . and
walls and will chase hugs and all insects where it. is applied; it is
strictly painless, and can be used anywhere.
We are not responsible for frauds imitating our
goods, and you should see and insist that the name
ACME NO FLY is on each bottle or can. Can fur
nish hundreds of
Hilwaukee Rapid Transfer. Diamond Coal Cos.
Standard Roof Paint Cos. R, Beer Livery, etc.
614 Chestnut Street,
We are closing out at special prices
m r everything in the line of Summer
Goods; such as; o
M Parasols, Kells, Ladies Waists.
Jackets. Summer Corsets, Dim- O
M itics. Piques. Etc.. Etc..
to make room for our fall stock, already ordered and D
1 1 to ar rive soon.
§A. B. JHelendy
studio in Metropolitan Block, !N. Sili St
My new studio is a decided success l in the produ
tion of fine portraits. in Cabinets and Photo Ovals
Special care given to Family Groups and large work
also Photo Buttons and Photo Novc tles. I'.n i
my Studio is one block north of Bth street bridge

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