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Alfred Kerne i- doing some repairing
on his b- '"e and among others has put
on anew roof
Albert Mill has i>een hauling brick for
sometime to make an addition to his
father's h If time permits the work
will be taken up this fall.
Through the illness of Mrs. N. oiling
er Mr and Mr- M. Kraus were called
to Manitowoc
Louis S hm ider of St Nazianz was in
town todav
Henry Popfs- who was in town for
some time from North Dakota, will leave
for Minnesota.
Miss Lydia Albers of Cleveland was
the guest of Miss Lmra Kraus last Sun
Strattmmn Bros have received a full
line of fall goods.
H. Krause and J. Worachek. two ma
sons from Manitowoc. have arrived to
take up work at the new building of
Mrs Strattman
A Democratic meeting was held Tues
day at Joseph Nennig's hall. Good
*pcaters were in attendance and the po
litical of the day were ably
In spite of the amount of apples that
are ship]d Vo Strattman Bros., and A.
Htoltenberg a considerable quantity is
brought to the cider mill of A. Seipel in
Meene- Mr Seipel has g<ssl facilities
for tL’“ work and he is developing a
thriving business
A little fishing tug made its appear
ance off the pier last Sunday. A net
whs thrown out and while the fish were
trying to evade the hiring meshes of
their would !• captor the young js-oph
of the town were enjoying themselves
hr a Isiatride of an hour and a half on
the lake The ua tubers of the Germania
band ha--1 taken their instruments with
them, ami as tie little craft “hounded
over the billow- the strains of lively
music intermingled with shoftts and
htizzabs were wafted to the shore to tell
of the merrv time they were having
Drs Ltihinaiin and Pritchard
have found ts- of glanders in
((Vifitli" I tn in paire r. i
521 K I'll/ <lnrti- 1< i I'.i i. n ISO
il K Ol rlaiel. | ••In’ la-' 75
r Hr... *■ i l I 00
• *(* K Kiel, drawn work 'IS
.*er liro- I on
•18 M Rtaehle, ilrmui •!. 75
n i Kitn I'nr Knii n. i 'i" 'IS
Wl It I,u-ill -lil. I. i In drriwn work 1 00
ri I H un-ii ••iiiliri>W* , ry 7.’i
Hi H Klnhti-r, apr. It ' u work 5i
U-.t .1 I'eteflk •
tW* I Meifi it. fan* - * V
Hover Hr I I•
3WH K II I,llft It fa I. ' tt
005 A )ta*fwalk. la ,' r ‘ t.l 75
KnliUetle Ilf. I $ ll
•HV.I | , fl.-r|k lal.lt VI
W Kflt. .‘tiiifi |. indrawn wt.rk 7.”
tie It ti> l*t- 11f.., I t t .'I <VI
tan *# i| |,tt tn, ~,-t, . in drttwn work V)
Ml J J'eferlk, llaltenliurif laet 75
*l*l7 l * auivi - -it VI I
it i: lift.lt ll'.nilt.it
JWI7 |, I.ntiir- ftk>’tii *' Vi i
MIT'S li Ki.'lmr.l - IK -n i>i ii|/ r tnilirnl
defy 75 |
815 Truman Vi
84 . i.i. r id.f e 75.
7W71 K H* nfafll V*
fa* i* Kiel, • nilir.-i.i ' i■ ■ .i.• ii 7-'i
581 It II l.ii. Hi fa! ■ 75 I
t*n i,ati-ii i..i. 11.
tuft I K*.n -I t|.. ' ork 75
urn It l,u-t 5 vi
*** I |, 11 • r '-t i, i ■ i
TANARUS. Willard V
Ml (f Torn - *' i r.'li'in 7!>
*! IMu • ; * s ■ ’*
li r. ii.ii. , ij■ 11■ fi. *Vi
Tut I \'t.,'t I-hi, | - tin pillow i'll*. * 75
(.75 V I* null. .1. 1 V.
;tvi ll ss .fu-i.i
<Ui I*’lnrtl-..n work pillow diaine .5
;tio l! II l.u. lli -Vi
tWO I II wen I-ai< : -I .in work V
V, I It l.ii. !■, .... •■*.
•Ml h Torn —n *
•Ml li. V
tt*l i link*. It
ie SI f- It!**'ll ■ 1 lunt'li t lot ll
r. 15 Trumn n fi'
The Cheapest Sale Ever Held in Manitowoc. A Rare Chance.
We have bought the entire stock of A. 0. Schwager of Milwaukee at 50 cents on the dollar and will give to the people
of Manitowoc the cheapest lot of desirable merchandise ever offered in the city. We have taken several days to arrange and
mark down the goods. I was unable to begin the sale last Saturday owing to a delay in marking down the goods. Not having
sufficient room for the big stock purchased in Milwaukee ! was compelled to open a branch storeat Cor. Bth and Buffalo Sts., N. Side.
Come at once and get your choice of the many bargains that will be offered at such attractive
prices that the goods will not last very long with us. You can save just one=half on every dollars
worth of Staples, Underwear, Hosiery, Dress Goods, Mittens, Gloves or any other goods kept in a
first class up-to-date dry goods store.
I| a p q | Corner B'li and Buffalo Streets, North Side,
VFI 13 L* or Seeger Bldg., South Bth St. near bridge.
the village of Branch where Mr-. Fa
hriuu Honlak, who had a slight wound
on her hand, has leeu taking care of the
cattle on the farm and it is thought that
she contracted th-- disease from one of
them. She is 58 years old Mrs. Hoiilak
is dead,
The B, L. s. meets (let 20
Mrs. Anton Schneider i- visiting
friends and relatives at Milwaukee.
Frank W. Meisnest sjs'nt Saturday
and Sunday at home.
Miss Mary Kukral is spending her va
cation at home.
Anton Schneider returned home from
Darien, where he had Is-en employed
during the past month.
Miss Barbara Baumann of this place
and L. Lemls-rger of Clarks Mills were
married at the Whitelaw church Mon
day. After the ceremony friends and
relative* gathered at the home of the
bride s mother, where refreshments of all
kinds were served, and dancing was in
dulged in until the wee hours of . iom
('harlus Etzler has Is-en at
visiting his parents Saturday and Sun
Mrs (loess! left to tee her daughter
who lives at Neshota. She is very ill and
not exjiected to live long.
A party was given at Hosecrans by
the threshing crew last Sunday, A
crowd attended, and all rejiort of having
a good time,
A number of people and herds of cows
and horses came to the (’ooperstown
market on Monday. It is one of the
largest monthly markets in the state
Fred Zeddies is putting an addition to
his residence.
A dance was held at Moss hall Tiles
day, where some of the young men
seemed to have a rough time.
John Hammermik of Manitowoc, vas
at Hosecrans Monday and Tuesday at
tending to some of his property.
Miss Katie ('asper of Marinette is vis
iting her mother at this place
('asper Shaden of Wayside, was to see
our town Sunday,
Daniel Moque of Green Buy, was visit
MIT SS ll Klobwrda, lunnhotolli 75
it ll llr.iwn, Ml
7td T Wit I him ii. talile M'lirf 50
a i SI (Tirl.'fl 75
885 Ida .leiiM'ii in ii n 11.. dn|H SO
till II I*net h, „ '• 75
sMiiTonla.il lian.lktrfliler i*i to
.’it.S \ I’n-.-wiilk, 15
.'VII ll II I,in*t.li. Jewelry
850 K K lei, (llnVe ” VI
till ll II I,net It ■' 15
Mil veil 15
till nef'k I |e VI
tWO I li.ii/**ii, Ifltlrpiii -’Vi
mi It II 1,11.1 Ii 15
let Sir-(III.. Inuidkereliiel ill linn* ll work 75 I
It " O till 10
!■* " linen -eti |*i il ii I I life 75
•VII •* II Itinliter 60
tl| II II 1,(4**1 li ' lionllon • fl)
701 “ Soul. lime* Inin'lkerelilef 75
I, Itrow ii. l<Mi # frill* itake Won
860 II Kllnuhol/ filin'* haililk'rnlilef VI
VII ! Itauen. Itlll*** .‘lllllle lire-- 75
II Knhnelte. Hit t IVI
if* Mr- If.i. It-eh, fun*' * ehlhl* lire-- V
, •"
t*ll it II I.ue* 11. 75
VIT SS li Uleliiinl- einliroldi r. I loil. t eii-liinii Vi
ivil I! || 1.... 11l fanny |.ln nii-hloii ai
I If SI Sank 15
■flail Mm/, ii.-ofa (illlnw in .nil Urn work .5
.1 Sohrwnide. I |nilr -11 11 1 •• I- IVI
'lls Ma 1 1* ll n, -nf.l pillow 111 011111111. won, II
71*t I, To iralli Hulun rla 11 .5
•U 5 Trunmiin " “ 75
MU \ l’e|i-r-lill -ofa pillow <T ■ afltnh 75
Tim I llnu* ii
Hi'.( Kllrivh.il/ In eonelilli •
57k S I*ll/ ’ V)
tut i: 1 1 it 11 on mt h uni* * -nfii pillow
.lrt7 I, l.aitu' itkiiiMp “ *'
til. If II I,m ill '.in* -i illaphiy lain * work I
TWO I llni/i ii '5
111 VIM* 'N I. Work of Sri i 1.. - I
'.(I i. lorn-..n nntiy of port rail
SS 111 Satnpe, I liov flilni* VI
mi It II I,mill, lainl-i'iioe (roin milure I no
tat I, ill- .it. eop* o( hnnl-nai.e
illf I. Torn- n, Ih.iver pi I nni ue l <•
lilt ~,.|.* of flower pi 7 111
nit .ml life ph •**, nrlulnal I no
ing friends of this place.
Six lambs strayed into the farm of
Mat C- nefels three days ago. and Mat
-ays he would like the owner to call at
his place and get his property.
A number of Two Rivers ladies help
ed Grandma Berger to celebrate her
birthday one day last, week.
Rev. John Nienstedt of Ashland ar
rived here to officiate at the wedding of
his brother. Henry Nienstedt of this city
and Miss Ella Kocscr. also of this city.
Col, N. E. Morgan is making things
warm for Representative E. S. Minor
down in the Eighth district.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Barniel of Mil
waukee are visiting their many friends
in this city.
Louis Spaeth and Annie Vauderhloe
men were united in marriage at St.
Luke s church,
Mrs. Fred Beeck ami daughter went
to Appleton on a visit last Wednesday.
Miss Aila Schodroff left last Friday on
a visit to her parents in Chicago.
G. V. Nash of Charlevoix, visited Mich,
ins mother and brother in this city.
' Eugene Kirk and Giih Schultz spent
Saturday and Sunday with friends in
Mrs ,T. Mosnch and daughter Bertha
spent a portion of last week with friends
in Milwaukee.
G. A. Cavanaugh left for Chicago.
F. W. Dicke made his maiden political
speei h up at Shoto last Thursday.
Misses May, Annie and Margaret
Kretchi left for Chicago.
Dick Bishop lias erected a wind mill
near his buildings.
The Caxton School Series have lieen
bought for school district No. 5.
Joseph Stoer. who was seriously ill the
past week, is recovering.
The dwelling house of Andrew Leist
was considerably damaged by lightning
last week
It seemed as though Alfred Hartung
enjoyed that moonlight ride last. Sunday
Miss Esther Huelmer has entered up
on a course at Moore's Business College.
Water *olor.
Ml K If Lijotli < op> of |M.rtrall *2 00
133 II lift/ Landscape front iiHlun* I 00
Or .1 I: Moiin\ cn*h 2 00
to 1 M M til)i*lln lid , <*opy of Ihiml**;• pi* *i 00
.437 II Kr* - Dower-. from nature .'I
111 M le|||p**'\, Onp\ *.f flower piere ‘2 (Ml
101 I \\ am r ••"pN Idaek mid whin* pier* 2no
133 It r.rf/ -till Ilf'
('hiiiu I’ulntiiur
HM(i TorrUoii portrait copy 1 oo
dll flower* from tint up* .'I 00
Oil flower ropy * 100
oil ' pi' '* original (•-oiiveiitlonii I
\nrk 3 00
P\ roirrupliy.
.Vtt •I< •• • rit- ||e**e'humi wood wrk aOO
l ’ln*** 2
Bhotngniphi'* • vlilhit.
10’. I Miller roller I|i ill of IMloto* 'J 00
Miiiiltowor f v** I• * work*, | In nip .'I 00
< Mua* A.
loft I- Milkr portrait* and uroiipe* 2or more
, : I'll
l-.H Krliimljer, I ho\ nuar* 3 00
I ’la?*- li
- Kllngliol/. liml-•• jm**-, -1 or mop*
(.let -2 00
I. In. Sfaiidf. I In\ r|, aa 0
rill- r.
I • ! Mill* Marin* ■■’or mop* pict nr*> 100
<. I.ato 1r i* . I le \ eluMr 3 00
1 In-* I*
J. >| i i• • r (hflil'e Has* la‘->t -dliH'' plot UP* 1 00
I ' M II ner, *ha\ It. ticket 1 no
H i Mil he | rlnll.l e||Vn ,
I I * 1111 > 111 **l • - j•I *• *< - ■ iplii** mmitil - 100
til llr*wii Im-i pin up' *tf animal
I,’ \ IC ii 111 III* *l* . pliotopra pill*’ good- 1 (Hi
I ■ ! Miller pl*lnr** of ehlMrni
I \ 1’ it mine)*-, ne do/ lia-l maun pi.if*' Oft
in , | m lifer !>• n inief i .r view
.1 \ 1: 1111 ) 111 *1 .Ihm |e perfection developer ftO
f ontimied on Mth piitfo.)
Sii <>l< 1 Krnjtw’s skip|M*d. I thuntfht
In- -;ml tii-(i>ri' the war was ov*T w*’d
h' jir -Miiirlliinfc that A'unld st.aiwr lm
man it v "
Mr. Schriehardt and daughter Miss
Alma, of Manitowoc were the guests of
friends here Saturday
Mrs. McGillis of Marinette attended
the wedding of her brother on Wednes
A large number of people heard the
speeches given by Mr. Burke and Mr.
Healy of Manitowoc.
Ed. Holsnicht who has been employ
ed here for some time, returned to his
home in Michigan.
Mary Blatz returned from Milwaukee
Thursday after a brief visit with her Sis
ter, Mrs. Taylor.
Miss Mary Rublev died Friday morn
ing of consumption. The funeral was
held Sunday.
Fr. Stastnv and Jos. Cisler spent Sun
day at Menchelville.
John Kratochvil. Sr.. is visiting rela
tives in Racine
Fire destroyi and the barn of F. Wanish
last Saturday.
Mrs. J. Krejcorek of Gibson, died on
Friday last. The funeral was held Sun
John Hurdimi, age 00 years, passed
away last Saturday. Funeral was held
Francis Creek is again without a
All the silos in our neighliorhood are
tilled with corn for the winter.
A. H. Zander of Manitowoc, was here
on business Tuesday.
Peter Schart lias closed his brick yard
for the season.
The bridge between Two Rivers and
Mishicott is now completed, and farm
ers are again seen on the road.
R. H. Zander went to Green Bay on a
business trip Tuesday. -
Miss Julia Torrisou and Henry Hel
gerson will Is- married on Get. 24. at the
home of the prospective bride’s sister.
Mrs. Ella Jackson.
Save Money.
By buying Sewing Ma
chines at wholesale prices
You pay no traveler’s ex
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A iniu liiiii tliat is sulil a q ■
tor" 5 $18.50
H. E. Mason and Miss Emma Cisler
were married on Wednesday by the Rev.
William Houten. The groom has lieen
a school teacher in the county for the
last six years. The bride is a daughter
of Joseph M. Cisler of Kossuth,
John Novak of Reedsyille did business
in our city last week.
Tom Meany of Reedsville was in town
last week.
The Misses Emma A. Maertz, Clara
Maertz, and Ella Richards of Reedsville
visited in our city last week.
Miss Emma Maertz of Reedsville and
Miss Amanda Langemack visited at
Chilton Thursday, returning on the
same day.
Will Maertz is again at work in the
office of the Brillion Lumber company.
E. C. Lan has removed his family and
household goods to our city, and will re
side here in the future.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Altman of Pot
ters visited in our city last week.
During Mr. Schwallers absence his
tonsorial parlor was in charge of Ernst
Messrs. A. F. Schwaller, Henry Uhl.
and Wm. V. McMullen, have just re'
turned from a trip through Price coun
ty, with a view to purchasing land. Mr.
Schwaller purchased 170 acres, and Mr.
U'hl 120 acres. Mr. McMullen already
owns considerable land up there, and ac
companied the other gentlemen for the
purpose of looking it over.
A beautiful farm of 200 acres in first
class condition, located in Cooperstown.
Manitowoc county, known as the Not -
nan farm; 170 acres under cultivation
and 80 acres valuable timber land. Two
large frame barns with stone stable,
large frame granary, fine silo capacity
275 tons. Machinery and cattle sheds
Large stone dwelling with 12 rooms and
fine, large basement. Two first class
wells and one flowing spring. This
property will be sold at a sacrifice.
Dan Noonan,
Hosecrans. Wis.
R. G. OLP, Prop.
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