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L .1 \ash in Kewaunee Attorney
L .T N,.,-h of Manitowoc was in tho city
this week attending circuit court. before
which he had a ca- The Enterprise
" t'c
to call on
T - ’ l 'l W
minntes Although Mr Xa-h support
ed McKinley four rears ago. he has
changed sinv and is m>w a firm Urvan
adherent Kewannee Enterprise.
Win at Football. ( c inpany H ami
the iw met on the gridiron on
Snndav and the v; ' r- went under by
a .seme of do to '< "■ li - 1 lier hoys are
prea* at the bickii g -Mine
A Fine Concert The 1 to-ton Sym
phony vhestra'hi 1: gnv< a jse form
ance at the Northsid- js-n house last
Saturday i- an adiii. aide organization.
An excellent I ■gra,..nn vv;.- efficiently
Returns to ; lis Home. Will Itobin
-on an old Maniiou o! i oiinty boy, who
ha-!* ■ n making his hone in northern!
Michigan for a manlier of yt ars. has re
turned to Manitowoc.
A <iift to the I ihrary, Mis* Hattie
Haenii has presented twenty-five vol
umes f links ami maffitzines to the
jithli' library
W iliiain Hagfiiow Dead. William
w. a former resident of Heeds
ville md well kmiwn here died in the
Norlie i ii li"S|iital in < tshkosh Thursday.
A Halsc Alarm Shortly liefore
midn._'lit ■ atni'l.r il fire department
wen ailed ti • the ( n milriell doek hy un
alarm of (ire Tie \ p ponded prompflv
hut f< nrid an fire
To Build A Iu Hunter Bros have
• ■ nred lie mniraid fur lie eonstnietio)i
mb for those in Ssari of ML
1 ' (lei nl . that 1 mitlred f]i r.-eiis l.av ■ th< ra Ik fort 1!/ y i VCD
. I bnl rtot tty tenor ant of tb i
i or later, ocr dostroy t tun - .
I l .1 II lid AHI iot .1 i l.t" I!.O j* Vrilir e. I y l.'lV.' 1,0
II- . f e 1 l/etiK'iobee, i vtr v meiiiini of iii file, t f r'nc ; yi i. ri' rirl'ln-
I ruraiii" af.i i, win ii. i>. iliapu, tlie mo i .-iiiiitul; ivatctun cun ruiulu j'l.u uou.ii. . nee.
I Tit- pre I D oar t filter inn v l I'OO !..!
I'rrslil* nt tlnfilniVMiil s illinium, ( mil I,like,
VI ~ rs. I’. Sure un. l ate of Kiml.
lurlum unit liinaei; fo., • olambii", 0.
Specialist in Ciiron’c Diseases.
Dr K
i ■
i . • r 1
,ol . * - • i.
P v I n ni. ii
* 1 ■
. I
h Ir, 1 1 u
U . tU It I 0
urr ( f
i ■
CUi w e I■tr ip 1
to . .. .ii ... In,
I r an , or ovi>r
' :on -I. put of
11, J.’Ul "l'
II ■ candidly.
I I ■ I! 1. i-.or-
U ..V will, .li all!
t lUOb' . it},- . f
D-nc H , i ..-1it1;... j
or r I return' uirr
L.ia, m -,l I. ui,
no <om . t i ;di
tic ’ll ■: . : I I I ;
f..U- 1.
Tne Mis*. Luooessful and Solantlfln Traotmont of till Olneuaua und
Week rim,rue cf blunklnj F, Iblo to Obinlll.
' ih 't ■■■ ,). Iv iu.l f.l T.i-bly Umnvn I,| ■ (!, ia lu tUo 1 00. I ‘.tab,, HI i lia.ir
p r '■ ■ '■ : it Oldver 1 -or ' I t,-. M.; i , li, -I ■■ 1 i i.-
I lIIOIMI . M UVO! S SUCi 1,: .| 111,001) I IMU-. I iM ■ ,
nn o - -
iJn Kl ' !' I * rin dloi’O'i doi’ u.d 11 •... iop .0 . sn. di Ore::.
Ult. ill Incus.
, • roat and Lunirs, Uynpcpali Urlght'a Diecaoe. Uiubtii
; ■ J' 11 ■ 1,1 1 C- i.i.d" an 1 Scmiol 111 - i-i s spe. ally .opdbv in ulm. nt
‘ b'.' C ;*.iil of ca ■ it .tltiul lrt-ci {.rollout: .si beyond I -pc M-ny
’■ , ! *' •' '• l. mhiht huvo been rcßlon and to p. rl. iv hi alth I. *d il.vy
... ■
< lIUOMC lilsl \s|.s.
* " 11 'ft fill IH llle ilie ilira. blit
"‘ ie : ! ■ ll■ I 101(1111.,
' 1; “-' ir i ii'u mi u. ( i Miinr e. torsami
prunoun 1 liem el, , lio i t dastras to mto
ro Ii • , n a ||,.. KnO-hli, Is
• iMuiiti u.if In *o con •
■ ult Mm i* I * v- r, i roJ ai v hrri
• l ') ui ,n nil/ i <h e.' *
i I l-llf <1 Hie IIIIMIJIJ.
• ■■■*.•■•
1 ' 1,1 ♦' fit'l riiil lit f<>r anjroi ot >
Ur. li u•i LI . , i► i t|c | -jr\ , in
“ u y * ‘‘‘ 1 > • 'l'r t|,t .14 h ut tli'T.Miiiti jr.
11 ' I 1 • |*lu I*. utilr li |>t po.
co 11? t > ‘it* ii! riii 1 H n ■ oti'l
fl " • ** r ■ fcm >try ,
y H't'Mii* f Hi**
'■ iit'on if Him In
• m■ I ui I v rtTor.i
1 I• *ll ■ 11* In lid .
vriv ‘ ' • 1 • 1 ■ • 1 m t.f the <>l •
* 1 *■* 1 : 1 ' l ‘ V, U Me,. pU)t>|(< ( MllNlill
v.;n*rin r fit? enn cut■*
■ * ’ tlirjr uro laHJTOImI llOpo.
IK' I V..'oVi ll Ml i lolls OF mi:AIM 1 NT
*; iftro |#Tf#‘Ct|v With
' 'MM; .1-. tint i. -I.ici<
In Oik . nt"l ;'lv
'.it In !!• Mi> Hi* -I
l ’ 1 .• ■*. f-r.nw.iH him r t
• Hen n*limy rlii/om.
. uliMl I-*r tliiM urn.
‘ t> - nmy h< , him with
I.if ih ■
’ ■ fiii'ii <h th* y
' * >tln*r.
1 Ilf It inrunl
I>t .-t- n . , , 1: h Ijici ..ninth
liiU ’ r ■ • * ’ 1-u nici injmj ms
O' -I' 'Otl'J . . ,1 riM the 111 inf i
*P*l* ’I % | T| I!** j f .4i t: rli ! I 111- -i.v .
H,f ‘'l'M ulu II "'"I'I lillw.l r Ml".
‘ 1 .1., f V.- 1 ‘.till- !
Ist 1 •‘rtnai rntl jr < '1 ' \ iho lul m tt|t>r‘>vr l
*' • • iKifs-u !.r i ~‘tnr ; I'll.v of
Atncilcianl Kuro|
and vein : -n !< n< e .winfid- 'dial. Vo ilmei.u i,t vJ . O. to uuy part o,
Ci . ■ -.m
* • and aioivei. <i r. ( a aid I, i iTOHoeo :o:d ,t j.-. tle.i'.tU :o > air ili.ieuM
Tim Wow i
biaf . Allot, i ,j,.. (~r tin whole iicaiu. o. iw. lurnUticU (roD the
Oil or.at! I ,tut , nil it once or by 10 mouth
Williams House, Thursday, Nov. I.
livery Pour Weeks Thereafter.
Office hours Troin 0 a m. l<< !• p. m.
of a tug for the Chicago Lumber eomp
Narrow Esca| e He:.r\ FanTer
had a narrow escaj ■■ from death at lh(
Jones&Ad msc id dm kson Tiasday
He fell from a coal caire.
Charlemagne takes fiour Tie steaniei
Charlemagne Tower Jr. arrived light
an 1 loaded Id ) carloa 1- of flour.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets cure hillionsne-s constipation
and headache. They are e i-' to take
and pleasant in effect. For sale by Hen-1
r\ Hinrichs.
\Nc combine the best and most
efficient drugs we know of for
the alleviation of coughs and
colds into a pleasant syrup: mark,
el it under the name of
F. C. B. Coufifh Cure;
sell it to you at lllc. per bottle;
and guarantee that there is no
better cough medicine,
To remove a troublesome <■> via or bun
ion First soak the corn or bind in ii
warm water to soften if. then pare it
down as closely as possible without
dn wiughlood and np[ih ('humherl' in s
Pain Balm twice daily; rubbing vigor
ously for five minutes at each applica
tion. A corn plaster should he worn for
a few days to protect it from the shoe.
Asa general linemen! for sprains, bruis
es. lamenes-and rheumatism Pain Balm
is uneijimle l For sale by Henry Flin
Hi ’ ■
peo] I
Inf by tioldli f up a
idea of nupi etlydi i.tb
lln fore tin ai \i He
1 ini y not urfi tin in
jto tala in .tniint
Ivinii la knot tin rn
lin be incurabb Nel
. 1 bei ill ‘I ti in by f Inc
pn oon ■ i."id the
a nmli ;■ 1 i. i are
' • ■• ii iin r mi Mb
■ I dt (letup them 110
i ■ rid
lie doe iot per
ad bclpli • n
(arables li, foe tor
Ii ut ihr InM i: Mil i lit
I I in Ir 11m ■ roe i.p
tbilr I ~1 illnn for
ini dli Inr.
I tie does not take
I aili i.is nndi r a no.
i 11 and full fiinn.utce
fill' lit 11 Ilf’ In c 11. K’O
inly for im di ii. i.iid
tub Ini? tv), all \i r
n luot be ci ct
• r Make tin* el.ji . i of
bln Ilf" im yl l ,ii. a
• • I.” thcMcl
Dr. Knlchi
Vro/id furl I; • 11, r, | • ui , ,„i Mlrp,,
M'liplriil I iarnl! i| .. ( i !*. |(|. .<). lHr ..
•h . vliirh tin - . i * 1 .1• ri■ ■ t Indh |i*rn*i<lno t j
‘' orr**-f illuMn •" In • , nc* Tlkto
;,f " 'iiDpiifi h .lil* !i jI . ;< iniii In rorfiru u)
i'nielli i■ not n i nth i ■ r*. und tire, thi rn
f'.fl*. n* . I f| ij1.1v..: , . ~ry (.id
lyouH'ft i Idtfiii,. .nr fij Mi lit V. 11 ti r no*
' h > ' thfi mid ii" \vi II to
‘ 11 f i 1 dion, nrn|
' ■'{•)•' < j m.. * rfor.
*<>;• ♦ ' ■ i . s i
* nrli lIId IC 11 \ m snOtKli,
1 f •'* fnd 1.1 r !.•. .
I'H.fV J Jmilm .and. M II M M sf.H,
♦Vim'. .T.dl nor. prlidi v, ). rl'rim
fiff I* V 111. 1- fil’d ( I JI • • M •
'■ mi if hi ii.tprud' i ■ mi i \. mu *<r
mi I r ■•.*. - h . . v. :. i \ i uien
* 1 I■' I'll' J‘ > , ... •, , y
1 lli v in, ,n ..|| it | i ~
)il *rl *I*J or' *, t, Id*
i'iMf lllitl • i| ||. ni - M j j- ' i , i ;, J.
Msn is .o*i .
• i ' I 1 m . bVf h
'-h mm ii * . J. ; i . MI In ,♦ I- Kljr
i I r.nd I '
‘* r n dir.lll >1 I • ’ft;* kid to. I<l
• IlfllJM. . I |„. ;, ,lf ,
Pm t xintili v *i fill- I'rlnr Purh
•T* I ~t i . r i l I l; if*t.* *ln mid
• • *<• um • f i rli *. nlilrh v. 11l
*M ;•!.: • I- r . ;>lctl
U .U.rlOuH to
i 1.4 • i.s . urtd i . . . r th ici ti n
Iro: , oll’tjfii’f**.
d*i Witnorrliin, tilrrl, I'rlyalr
It I 1 •* • | Ii •!.• n tm ■[*♦•#*oll), i on;.
*• I• #I I) tfid j>* httl. ii y and
\ inid " ill HILm |Ktl wrx
♦ ii I* j •►. >I; 1.1 i* , >i i. mildly to Ids
•kliM ui trralhifJ.t.
/('< in tinned from First Pago,)
I: xpi.-; ■' u : the foregoing rejiorts the following stab-mentH need to be
I. r a 1 1 \ \ ft! a j:ir: Ir will be >n that the librari an has certain mu til
fine .• i .i •• in ; [H: yi therefrom ivime ii I 'the minor expenses incident to the
<-v. f. ;n r. t-n tie* I nir v Atth • beginning *2' <ut of the general
f;r . pi il 1,1 i' meet these mini r expenses, lint fur several
nr ■ •• ti i s :i-r . rly into thj hi*viv of the librarian have h<-* n
- iffiei- it tu tin ; ill t., •*■ 1-m •. . U and a little more. Tie- balance in her hand®,
■<; 05. v. 11 ! me-! . rI < tin *. ;er. and hereafter any balance in her hands
| will lie pi 1 fu the tr. : surer even quarter.
S' ii ■ H -it Tin-S— n-tary’s rejiort shows the amount of orders
drawn f • • '• v ■ -i f pay u -tits have been receive] al l in m iking up the
inn. Mint u! - eili a i thi -retary assumed that all orders drawn had l*e i
i paid As;. .tt - I n-t the treasurer's report shows that two of those orders
■•rder No and N n I. had not been presente 1 for paym -nt prior to the
■fh lisen’, -i ii cmse ia nice the amuiin* of e i ictnally on hand at
ti •th •,v e; rep -1 by th • treasurer i liith- m ire than the
• ■ • • t i ‘ . 1 ■ t;i -*•-retar , bit the ■. aviary's rep ir dio vs the actual fin"
in< il i■ i I rhino' the library at tii -chi •of the year because th ■ unpaid orders
we.- i . n;i-id r-eeipT-1 fur and were liable fu b • pro united fur pay
ni"i * a lime H- Ii the se r-t irr an 1 treasurer repu nnpai 1 sub*criptions
-in . tlie am mt uf <>s;, and the funner reports cash un hand *241542 and
ti e I itter *2o3'.
Tuka in i.’- ItKi'- ir- The treasurer s report embodies an itemized state
i;.< uft ni'-er itions in ai lof the library, the am in - collected and the
am Tits nnpai lun such - ib- riptioii-i Tiiat list is omitte lin this repott but the
snli crifitiuti' report** 1 as nnpai 1 amounting tu ij!3B3, have in fact all been paid
except a single on •uf 8-*5 which is not yet due or payabh The other subscrip
tions report** 1 a nnpai 1 h ive in fact been paid by a gift of b > iks instead of mon
ey the term' of the subscriptions entitling the donors to make payment in that
wa; Tlie present resources of th ■ li'irary therefore arc the cash on hand. $2445.42
a subscription nt sf.Vi payable in money during the ensuing year, and about #l5O
receivable a hen inafter state 1 from the Jones Library A-rviation.
As the library fnnu r . •* 1 by taxation in one year inns' -office until taxes are
paid the in t y.■ -I ■. u r -tiinates of the needs of the library < ver the period from
tie close of tli • past fi- ■ 1 year. September 30th. to the fir-t day of January. A. I)
If rj.
This li -ard hasm-tnv 1 tli ■ subscription contracts a authorizing the use of
donated fund' Cur the purchase of books and the original - piipnient of the library,
but nut fur current expenses, Accordingly those funds bav* been used for the
purchase of furniture, pictures, shelving, window shades and any other articles
necessary fur the convenience or ornament of the library <-well as for the pur
chase of books but all expenditures for current expenses h ive been charged to the
library fund furnished by the city. •
The following statement shows the amount receive 1 from the city, the
amount paid out therefrom and the amount thereof still m hand
I library fund raised by taxation ttliie.oi
Pad on i-xpetis • account s Hi I. SI
Paid on Sain y aceiiunt lso.no
I’aid on rent Bi’ -onnt IKT..VI
I’ai on incing account 51.50
Paid on . iisiirnni’i- aei-onnt . 5 i
Paid on stationery account 141. TH
lialaiM -i a-d oti hand raise*! by taxation 33*1.13
$1 if* I. IN I
lu dctcrmi.iiii-' tip c-itiiaato-i whie’i : ..low this beir! 11 Ih-u roiiiiielled 1
: i ..iisi.h r ccrtfiiii iii'/c-. ii tip- s tie of cvpcuditure whi. . arc sure to beoame re
ccssjirv. 11,t ii. .vc statcincnt iuchnlcs nothing for liirhting. As no Mill inn leen
[ircs. tib '1 or: it.lit.. 1 the lihrnry is simjilt in <leht to the amount of about slh) on
thnt iiccimiit. <nr estinmte for salary will be not only i r fifteen months, hut
ion I iiiehple tin wages ..t' an assistant, since the nmnagenieiit of the library has
. .mo in involve gr- atev laii .r tlbin a ■angle librarian can jierform. Tlie above
statement as to lent j. for six months only. We are therefore somewhat in debt
on that a.■ .mil The estimate which follows therefore f..r rent, like the estimate
for light i larger than the period cover.-l really calls for The above statement
contain- ip. cbm - for furniture hat we assume that for t ! .. future tlie repair of
furniture and m w purchases ought t<> )>.■ paid forasenn - . .t expenses. Stationery
account li. he.-n very largi This is owing to large initial reijuircnients: our fu
ture needs we think will he much smaller.
• if tin- t. .ini crsli on hand . .#2143.42
Tl, p ■ a ill nviiiliil.lc <.f di.niil. and funds f..r purchase of 82l'iu.2ii
And Muiilubl.-f.,r current cxp.-nscs :tW.I2
524 43.12
Tn iota] ,• , -oiirc.for th" purchase of honks frim^ 1 - ptemher Hu. 11■> t Jan•
u iry I, IlHr,*, are a- follows:
lii.nnt -d funds ..ti Imnd . .BJluu.'ju
I’llpnid s.|)mci jptioti ■■■ 230.00
,tones bil.rnry fund. 13u.)
W. estimate that there will he nee lei fur current xpenses from the 30fh day
of September 1!) "i t.. the first day ~f January llHrt tie i llowing sums;
Ex|Mi-e H.count for 13 month- # ao 'M
shlhi'vaccount for 13 months iaiim.
Kent in-i .unit for 1 months
Light account for 13 m-.iiths nai.m
I .... i .. .
Fiirnlo re out for r.monthH 40.n0
IiMO Kli. e le '..not t r 13 mootl.s 2.0'
stntleiiei'y nee. .tint for 13 mouths. 30.00
sr-IoT .Vi
Less t iihince . {lU.rui'v fund now on hand 33*1.13
Amount tot e provided fur l.y taxation . 514C1.37
Thi iionrd luts <• uieliHe.l to ask of the city ip a .priation f-.r the ensuing
.o|\. a 1-except a sum sufficient to meet tin ul. -a. .ii mate of ■ ue *essities for
. orient expenses, assuming as we do that our lie- a- tn the pmvi.ase of new hooks
m . no t with the balance of donate 1 funds stili. "id and to be collected.
'l 1,, laroer items of expenditure fur current expen ■ s are tin following:
Mill, rv of Lil.rnrlnn j.er annuni s*tnu.oo
sidnrv of Asslstiu.t Litirarlnn per minimi . . 3<lom
Kent 11 ud heating per annum 373.n0
l.iuht per 1.111111111 about ... 1731*.
Rinding p.-r annum, aismt luo.oo
It 1 .juiti- piohable that the ebarg. for rent and beating may be increased
irmg tl; ensuing y .if i;s it may become a neees>it\ to enlarge the library room,
l unillv we beg to rep* r: that Tile Jones Idle e - Association, at a meeting
!-.Iv■ called itid io'l l decided to turn over to'File .Mu ;towoc I'uolic Library all
. its propertt and assets, in hiding seven or eight liundred volumes of iiouks.
. 1. \ public documents some pictures a half lot with a building within
~ ;1 \ and ibent Mn<-llbu he i l ilty Dollars in money: that the books, public
iinicnts and pictures hav, aln adx Ii •■•a d<div. r- 1 tint the monet is ready to
be tm tied over when* ver the treasurer of the Jon -F. rary Assisdaliou shall lie
,11, and upon to .1., s., tli.tt owing to the po Miliar 1 • - wip.-h the Jon. Library As
- ..iiitioii hoi.is t.. the half I-t referred to I here liu 1... 1, doubt and uncertainty as
to whether it i* advisable t<> acc'-pt .1 deed .1 it at po -"tit or not and for that
reason no deed hits been tendered or accepted.
Luring the fiscal year several other valuable gifts have been received from
individuals 17<•• >h- from I’eter Johnston Judge .1 s Anderson .and Miss Rose
-s. 1,1,. i, ~k and ina-.'ii/.ines from Thoinn I. Fort i ..n. Mis-I Lit tie Bacon and
A, Wimp) 1... 1.-s .ind public document' from > nat rJ. V. Quarles and Hon.
1 |; listabrook and a vety large globe fnnn Mr Merge Scbnet*.-
It. -id. - tin's, "ill- nianv generous and public spirited ladies have given free
lx , ( th. tr tiii' and services in marking cataloguing and indexing books and in
t! ■ ■ tie r lab 1 loti' duties in 'blent to tin .pening of the library to the public
I luted Octolier 21* IWHi,
Tut: Ik>\Ki> n Dike* thus ■>f Tin; M vmtowi• Pi ulk Lmikarv.
By L. J N \sii I‘n sideut
I have n■•••il ('hamlet hiiu'* CVdie,
< 'ill i;i and 1 Mai rlnn il Hi nirdv and find
il to lie a great medicine -ays Mr I
s* of I’utfun Ark It cured
nn- nf lilimhlj tlnv 1 cumtnt nn-ak too
highly it it This remedy always wins
tin good opinion. if nut praise. nf those
wlm iim< it Tlii* ipiii k cure* which it
effects i*vi*ii in the most severe cases
nmkf it a favorite every where For
ale h\ I lent y Hilll li 11'
• I In.mu' what .i je iwerful weaj.un
11; ii art The leave-l in n fall at tin
fi et N' i wniider wnineii take Hm lcy
Mniuititin Tea in prolong that joyon
sjiell See Huerwtatte
Nothing makes the earth *o spacious
a** In have friends at a distance Tin y
m i k the l ilitudei and longitudes
Money at 5 per ct.
First Mortgage Security
Manitowoc, Wis,
a t’Ain
We the undersigned, do hereby agree
tn ri fund the money on a a" cent buttle
. ! < ireeiie ' Warranted S\ rnji of Tar if it
fails to etire yourconghiir cold. Wi also
'.uarantee ant In it tie to prove sat
isfactory or money refunded.
A Charmin'? Voiin/? Woman Makes Public
S >n;e Impi riant Tru’hs Common
to all Live:.
Miss Clark, Rochester, Ind.. says: I
have been sick for years. My nerves
wore all shattered: J suffered from head
a-hes. sleepless nights, piis all over,
and sometimes 1 thought I must go in
sane. My life was a burden to me. I
had been treated for years without any
good result.
“My parents persuaded me to consult
Dr. Turbin, the specialist, who visits
Manitowoc, Wis., one day each mouth
for the past six years. I went to see
him to please my parents, hut had no
hopes mvself of getting relief, and even
death would have been welcome to me.
“After a thorough examination Dr.
Turbin promised to cure me, and thanks
to him and his skillful treatment I am
well today. I have no fear of the insane
asylum, but am doing r;y duties, sleep
and eat well, and have no pains or
• "I gladly give tl-is testimonial so all
my sisters who suffer with diseases pecu
liar to womankind shall seek a cure,
and consult the specialist. Dr. Turbin,
who takes great pains to cure his pa
tients permanently, and honestly tells
them it in his opinion the case is incura
ble. I can only praise him for the new
life he has given me.”
Dr. Turbin will be in Manitowoc, Fri
day. Nov. !>, at the Williams house.
Between Chicago and Davenport.
Arrangements have been made with
the Davenport. Rock Island & North
western railroad, whereby standard first
class coaches arc now run between Chi
cago and Davenport and Rock Island,
leaving Chicago at 10:00 a. in., arriving
in Davenport at 3:30 p. m.. Rock Island
at 2:45 p. in. and. returning, leaving
Rock Island at 325 p. in.. Davenport
3:45 p. m.. arriving in Chicago at 8:30
p. ni.
A Good Man Wanted.
A good all round man. who can make
himself generally useful in and about
i saloon needed. 0:11 at Pilot < iflice.
Oct. 17-24.
Passenger and Car Ferry Steamship Line.
. . . BETWEEN . . .
Manitowoc. Wis.. and Frankfort. Mich-
Where connection is made with Ann Arbor
R. R. trains for all points in Michigan,
the South and East.
Leave Mavitow k-daily, except Monday'.’ Men in
L.v. Ki-wnmiw Tm-s Thurs.nnd Satur 3 a m
Vr. Manit.m oc Tues.. Thm-s. and Satur. s a in
Train No. 4. Train No. 8
Leave Frankfort lorloain - •lopin
Arrive Cadillac I2: A) pm lo.tftpm
Aim Arbor B:33pm II Min am
Toledo beoopm 1:00 pm
\rrive Traverse ('tty via I’-iv Marqntte Kail
road 12: to p in 0:10 pm
Arrive Detroit via (-fraud Trunk Kaihvay
0:20 p m 11 3o a in.
E. s. LORD. Agent.
Manitowoc Wis
Fur Sheboygan. Milwaukee an 1 Chi
cftjfn iluily except Saturday ami Sunday
at7:3UP. M. Sundn boat leaves at h
A. M.
For Kewaunee, Alumna, Sturgeon
Bay ami Menominee. Thursday Satur
day and Sunday at 7 P. M and Wednes
day at ' P. M.
Fur E.-canaVia Tlmrsday. Saturday
and Sunday at 7 P. M.
Going West.
heave Manitowoc 'i 'ma m.3:15| m
heave Menaslia TANARUS: 111 m. 4:4H j, hi
heave Neenah. 7:3S a. in. s:On pm
Arrive Ashland 4:3n p. in. 7:55 a. m
Arrive St Paul s:li j>. in. S: 15 a. m
Arrive Minneapolis 5:35 p in. s no a m
heave N’eenali 11:55 p.m
Arrive St. Paul ~ S:lsa. tu.
Arrive Mliineapol.s s-amr. m
\rrive Ashland 7 15 a tn
5 VI h in train out of Manltow ■ make- . . i ■
it etion at Neetmli at 7:31 a in >Hi train for
ishknsh. Fon<l 'ln hae ami other points -until
thus gjvlng Manitowoc people a eliiim •• t" gi■ to
■shkoab and Fond du Lae the same ilu■ 515 p
in train also makes eonneetion at Neenali at
: In p. in. for south.
Going Hast
heave Minneapolis 7;25b. :n.7 u. 5 p. m
I,save St. Paul K '>l in tip m
heave Ashland H:4Hb. ui. 7 tisp.ni
heave Neenah 5:15 p. m. Hpltt a. tn
heave Meuß-ha 5 ii'ip. ui. s in a tn
\rrlve Manitowis 7 imp ni. w 15 n m
sima in train out of Neenah gets connection
from North ami South at 7 3n a in 5 15 p. ni
train gets eonms-tion from South at 3 in p ni
W. H, Vaxdkorifk Agt
Carpets Sold by Sample
At but a small advance oit wholesale
prices We are the Manitowoc* agents
fort) W Rit‘luirdsutijj& C.V fur tin* sale
of cut to urder carpets at uearh whole
sale cost.
All the latest styles and .ill the leal
ing kinds of carpets kept in stock.
Call and see onr hundreds of samples
liefore purchasing elsewhere. We know
we can suit you.
MKNDhIK & Ml’hUt ihI.ANU,
C>.* X Buffal Stc
Chicago & North Western Railway.
. Ko a . N,) 1 No 6 No IT N.II No 5
I Leave < .k-.k- _ :i'am IDUm spm
J PH ' •* M Iwaukee ... •o a m 9.V ain 1 "v> j m 7 ;i<! m
Cleveland !' 11 a m 11. Wain i! l> tn 540 am 11 40 am
.V'*: 1 ’ m ’•?,' 4't|, m 5 83am 12 no pm
1 r m, i""’' -am r '.pm 4 20pm 20am 954 pu iliTpm
jgjisj ,i3!nm >?-
Jfvp £ato .im 4 4:)pir H 47 a m ”15i.m
[."nv JtriminH I" id ain 44j. m H6lam "r.i, m
L.-av.' RecdsvilU, . 10 (Warn 4 55pm Txi a m ii 13 n m
Airi\e Appleton Jc*t 11 12 am 6m pm Hls r m ll&ntn 1
Arlo'- H2O p m 11 40 ain .2*o ain
Arn.i AsKland 520 pm 745 am
1 rain No 11 daily: trains No's 1 25 IT and 51 duilv except Sunday. Trains N'n.VH 3 Hand
t v“,V 1 / 1 "' ! 1 ;" 1 .: Bt , A l’] >! n ,, "i Jot for north m o nth No.'s 5 and IT making ■ .nnectlons
”l..th vs m’ a m' Ua ,* R "JL , ' l P l 'l'jnra polls and tin* northwest TrainsNo.'sll and IT making cou
. i t ion. at Ash.and for Duluth, tin* Superiors and tin- * cst
! - r . ~ No 2 No 4 Nr. 10 No it No PI No 30
Del™ Orimms l * • > •' ' ■ ~ ! “* HUB
naMt'Jto SSP* m 1 .in, 10 08 am
DnSveptne X 1 ‘ >"•
7“ ve owfdand |. m 'a i iSip n. 435 n 12 50 p m
ffSXS lift .’4(iS " , ’ t ”
I A V,lp, \ Ul ' V' v' : ra ? ai “ni lU.p in r. 15 pm o ~i
, L ayi* Mai3itow°o 645 a m iOHOnm 4 llsi nm : Uare Txo 7 4 m 1 nm unnm
! ‘ fVranv’fiir^hSlonf' l#m t4 1 " 3,a , m 4 /' !>nl ArriveManif* .■ mi. ;i m T .'.pin 5 40pm
I * or a >D further information apply at depot ticket olDc * i. A Hr. i.tha. ss, Tkt. AT,
ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over Savings Hank. Money loaned on real estate security.
ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Williams Brick Block. Manitowoc .'.Wisconsin.
*OTE2WSB,‘JSSftL*‘ AT om - -v. Eccb*,
LAWYERS. Office in TorrisoiTs brick block north end Eighth street bridge Manitowoc Win
cousin Collections promptly attended to. * m anno woe, wts-
Johk J. Hkalt ' Walter M, Joyce
Attorneys at Law. Metropolitan Block, Manitowoc, Wisconsin UoMf to Loan
ManiloXorv tvLonshn 8 ' Kot,HT Pul>Hc an<l Money Ironed on reasonable rates.
J F MI LHOLLAM) ml 7 — ———
PRACTICE limited to Eye. Ear Nose and Throat. Office hours, ft to 12 a m 1 to 4 „ m
rd ,toM. ,n < .flic, mvr Mendlilc * MulhMlnnds. X Bth street. ManUowSc WUconsln P '
v ou ’ * p AI 4N'ETj s T with Kaisers Military Band. Teael r~f Clarinet and . tin t- instruments
Leave orders with Manitowoc Music Cos.. H, Bth street.
s Wood, Coke and Charcoal,
£ I All kinds, largest stock and
M. prices right.
Local Anaesthetics used for painless
extraction of teeth.
“I Use Peruna ir My Home
as a Family Doctor.”
Mr. K. A. Dixon,
810 East Tenth Street, Kansas City, Mo.
Mr. F. A. Dixon, Editor Pythian Echo,
says In a recent letter to Dr. Hartman s
“Some two years ago I began using De
tuna in my family as a family doctor,
and I have been highly pleased with
the result. My wife lias used it for
catarrh and experienced great relief.
My little girl has been sick a number of
times, and when wo used your medicine
it proved a success. 1 have used it my-'
self several times and consider it a very
valuable medicine. Speaking from per
sonal observation, 1 consider it a good
investment to keep It in my home, and
believe every man who desires to re
lieve suffering, and at the same time
save money, should Investigate the
real merits of your Peruna and other
In a later letter he says : “For about
four years 1 have used Peruna in my
home for myself, wife and twoohildren,
and 1 have saved many doctor hills.
Many times a dose or two of Peruna
taken In time will slop aslckness,which,
if permitted to go for a day, would re
sult in serious trouble. For grip it is
splendid and can he used successfully
with very young children as well as old
people. I nse It in my home as an all
around family doctor and when it has
been given a fair trial, it has proved an
excellent remedy.”
Address The Peruna Medicine Cos.,
Columbus, 0.,f0r free catarrh booth
Uli, P&trcmze the
dealer who sells
It wears the
HBfj'fij '4-1 1 *'w *uli limit and
TW J| ®faf; hold* its haj#c
siffll IMM because properly
I Iff cut - Don't
BfM 3 h !{} accept any u*.
jpjfy f If| clothing offered
r&l ®§J or
tv [horouqh fxuciical business course.
Write for infounaUon. fitherflace.
LIPPI n coirs
A Family Library
The Best in Current Literature
12 Complete Novels Yearly
2 .SOperyear; 25 cts. a copy

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