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Jos. Strvnff is visiting Mendn ami
ulativesin Chung".
Rose Zander <>f Manitowoc spent
Thanksgiving with her parents here.
Rob Moore of Kt-waunee spent the
latter part of last week, calling on his
many friends hen
The Wood man hall at the Opera house
on Thanksgiving was a success.
Fabian Cretton ami family leave
Tuesday for a visit with relatives in
Next Sutniav night a troujs- from
Two Rivers will render "A White
Mountain Roy a melodrama in five acta
After the play there will 1 e a dance.
Henry Ikhlow formerly of this place
but now a progressive teacher of Tay
lor county was married on Thanks
giving to Miss Bell rres of ChelM-a
August Spe< lit of Reifs Mills is at
home at present lieing engaged in decor
ating and painting Eph. < iswald’s house.
Our storekeepers are getting tle ir
stock in shai>e to accomodate the rush
before the holidays.
John Knnz of Francis ('reek got his
left hand in a Icntter last Friday and
had three fingers so cut up that it was
UPcessarv to amputate them, besides
terriblv mangling the band of which
there are some ho)s-s of saving, Dr
Karnopp attended him after which he
was taken to the Manitowoc hospital.
While working in the creamery Sat
ttrday ( has \Vi'further was struck by
the churn so that he fell with one foot
under it and the churn striking it so as j
to break ju-l alsive the ankle in two
places He is re-ting ns Wei) as possible
under the conditions John liaehons
ha charge of the cremery at present.
Saturday evening the M W. A. elec
ted the following officers who will te
Installed on Jan sfh \en. Consul,
Nic 11 Ten’ll- Worthy Adviser. Eph.
Oswald Banker John Shainbean Clerk,
Casjsir I’hskelman; Escort, Walter;
Range Watchman Fred Ouistorff
Sentry Geo Is’venhagen The camp
has grown rapidly and the past year
has fteen a prosjs'rous one for it
Work has been begun in excavating
cellar on a Holst s lot across from Pad
ger State House for his new reside! re
which will be put up in spring.
The teachers of Melnik and linen
street schools agreed to have two spell
ing (onlt-p- (tie of these was heM at
Melnik school Wednesday Nov **s, and
Ifie Other I- to he held at thet irvenstreel
school soiictime near Christinas.
The meeting was largely attendel es
peeinlly on the part of parents which
the lewlid 'iuc very glad of Melnik
had fourty Ihl■ -pelleis against I vei.ty
four (irceiistreet pliers A ft* rail lie
(ireenstleet -peller' had taken their
M’l.t. Ml link had twelve of the best
"My wHe f , ully .1. / > nns says she feels entirely cured of systemic catarrh
<1 twenty yearn' standing. She to>>k nearly sin hollies of thy excellent met!l •
Ine, Peruna, as directed, and we feel very thankful to thee for thy kindness
nd advice. Sh> did not ever expect to he no well as the Is now. Twelve yearn
‘go It cured her of In grippe. I want to tell thee there has been a great deni of
'*truna used here Inst winter. Pcrun.t does not need praising. It tells for
ttelf. VI e can and do recommend it to anyone that Is afflicted w Ith catarrh. "
At ever, thy friend, John tivans.
South W ahash, Ind.
The a)xvc letter written hy venerable old tjnaker, M r.John Kvaim, living
it South Wahanh, lud. I- 11k in hm launuuu'e hie rlirillm with the
U4Uolu. caliirh ituiuij , I'eruua.
spellers left standing on the Hour. Then
words were selected from second, third
and fourth reader- until only one was
left. Miss Annie K. Gruber had won
the honor of Is ating all the rest, after
all the hard work before the contest. In
connection with the contest, the follow
ing programme was rendered
Song. Our Greeting.
Recitation, Albina Souknp.
Recitation, Emma Straka.
Riddles. Bella Maly.
Recitation. Annie Straka.
Song. Thanksgiving Turkey.
Recitation, Annie Pfefferkom.
News of Week, Ella Sehenian.
Recitation. Emily K Gruber.
Recitation Annie Dushek.
Reading. Annie K Grnber.
Song, America.
Recitation. Libbie Thishek.
Recitation. Emma Holay.
Song of Praise, by (rreenstreet.
Recitation. Rose Holay.
Recitation, Rose Krejcarek.
Spcdling Match
Song, Roll on Jordon.
The bride and groom. Miss Rouse and
(Tins Re/.ek, Tuesday exchanged the
Vows of sanction to the new life from
the lips of Rev. Father Just. The cere
mony was performed at the parsonage
of St. Voclaya church at alwmt M o’clock
and was witnessed only by the atten
dants Few friends were aware of the
event and the announcement created
some little surprise. Both young js-ople
arc popular and deserving of all the
happiness life can afford The couple
is undecided where they will reside.
Jos Rezha. the son of Jos. Rezha died
of typhoid fever at the Green Bay hos
pital last Wednesday. The funeral took
place at his home Friday.
The death is a peculiarly sail one and
awakens the sympathy of the entire
Jos Kliment and sister Mary are
again attending our school.
Jos Rczck.of Antigo, has lieen here
to attend his brother's wedding.
Joe Helsd, an old farmer of New
Denmark, died of cancer in the stoune h
last Wednesday. He has been at a
hospital at Green Bay for a number of
weeks He was 54 years of ag- 1 and
leaves a wife and nine children. He
was buried of the St. James i himdi last
The school was closed Wednesday tor
a Thanksgiving vacation and the teacher
left for Reedsville to pay a short visit
to iiis parents.
Anton Marsliek is sick with a sore
Henry Rainier of Two Rivers has Ins n
out here limiting and nturned home
with five rabbits.
Born To Mr and Mrs Frank Wan
isli a little hov
Mis t'arl Piehkaand family of Lena,
'ha* removed to lioseerans where she
intend- to make her future home.
Mr, and Mrs. David Goesse gave a
Thanksgiving dinner to a number of
their relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hanmiernik of
Manitowoc were visiting at Rosecrans.
Joe /email of Rosecrans is erecting a
new barn.
Mrs, Sclimider of this place died last
Sunday. She was buried of the St.
Janies church last Wednesday.
The first meeting of the railroad sec
tion of The M C. T. A. at the Branch
I was a success. There were about 25
| teachers present.
A pleasant time was enjoyed by those
j who attended the opening dance in M.
S, Buckley’s hall Friday evening.
Miss Hannah Brennan of Hortonville
is visiting relatives at Cato.
The Thanksgiving dance at Cato was
well attended and a pleasant time en
The first meeting of the M. G. L. 8.
held Saturday evening, was a successful
one. The following officers were elec
ted I’. J. Linnane, President; Miss
Lizzie Fox, Secretary; Geo. Glover,
Treasurer. Annie Morrissey “spelled
down" in the spelling contest.
The following programme will be
presented at the next meeting of the
railroad section of the M. C. T. A. to Is l (
held at Cato, Saturday, Dec. 15. As j
there will he but one meeting a‘ter the ;
holidays, teachers should make a sjiecial |
effort to attend the two remaining
meetings Roll call Quotations from :
Shakespeare Meniliers. Merchant of
Venice, Act 111. IV. Miss Louisa Pitz. ’
School Management, Pages 4H (17 Mar
tin Markon. Redway s Manual Chap.
VIII, Miss Ida Schwartz. School Room i
Decoration in Winter, Miss Annie j
Mnench. Question Box.
At the regnlor meeting of the Maple
Grove Branch IoH of the C. K. of W.
the following officers were elected. P.
J. Murphy. President; J. P. Watt,
Vice President; M. O. Connor, Treasu
rer P. H. Gnhin. Secretary.
Miss B. V. Thornton of Manitowoc
spent Sunday with relatives here.
11 Plat/, left for Minnesota Friday.
He visited with his mother.
Tile dance held at Leist's Hall,
Thanksgiving was largely attended.
Miss Mabel Thompson of Manitowoc
spent Thanksgiving at home.
The Rev, Cipian of Reedsville spent a
few days with Rev, Mr. (Trie this week.
Mr and Mrs. Neal Met'alley of Ati
tigo are the guests of Mr. and Mrs, J.
Met 'arty,
Miss Ida Deidtrich of Manitowoc
at I* inled church at Clarks Mills Sunday.
Miss Jo. Thornton who has been ill
for some time is recovering.
Subscribe for The Pilot.
The Quakers have always been ch a
aetcri/ed hy their untiring care In
relieving the suffering of their own
pi.or, and are hospitable, sweet-spirited
and gentle people. They universally
wear plain, unobtrusive clothing, not so
much for uniformity, us to escape tho
ever-changing fashions indress.
Their honesty and veracity is well
known. Hence tins letter will be read
w ith interest by all classes.
i ‘onld any words be more to tbe point,
could any evidence bo more convincing,
than the above persuasive, direct, sin
cere letter? Systemic catarrh is a con
dition hi which chronic catarrh has per
vaded the whole system. Catarrh llrst
begins hy localizing itself in someone
or more organs of tho hotly, hut very
soon it shows a tendency to spread to
other organs. If it Is not checked,the
whole system becomes invaded hy this
Insidious disease.
Wucn catarrh has reached this stage,
of course It has none hcyolld tho reach
of all local remedies.
Nuthlni; but a systemic remedy can
reach it.
I’eruna in the only remedy yet devised
to meet such cases.
I’erunu eradicates catarrh from the
11 does its work quietly, but surely.
It cleanses the mucous membranes of
the whole hotly.
It produces regular functions.
I’eruna restores perfect health In a
natural way.
Anna I*. Nichols, Vice (Irand Hatter
llehekah Lodge, In a letter from WW
Main street, Kansas <' 11 y, Mo.,says:
“ My friends rec- r ——
oinmcndcd i'ecuna v-Ui#jKfc.
sohighl.vlhut I pur • '*-rB^.
chased u bottle to
try it and have |)||^
never been sorry. N
have used I’eruna I
feel like a different '
woman and hardly Anna I*. Nichols.
know what it is to
be si*k. I congratulate you *>n the
merits *>f your wonderful medicine and
w ish you continued success."
One of Dr. I (artman's free books on
catarrh, sent to any address by The
i’eruna Medicine Uo., Cvlumbua, Oinu
Cloak and Suit Department.
Specially good values in Women’s Jack.
Black Cheviot Jackets, either coat collar or
high storm collar, skimmer’s satin CiA
I ,ne d well worth $15.00 at *p||J
i • I | Black Kersey Jackets, all wool eithertf*| A
\v* il/)] coat ° r storm c °D ar * a SlSgarment. .*plU
Beaver Jackets, high collar and
large reneres, our price only
A'IHIR we are so thoroughly convinced of the ex
ceedingly low price of the above named garments,
that we ask you to compare them with those for
which fifty percent more is asked by any other house
here or elsewhere.
Sable opossum cluster scarf, trimmed with dr qq
six large tails
Electric seal Head Boa, large head and tail /pa
45 inches long
Consisting of Otter, Beaver, Camelshair etc. at
from $ 1.35 to sl2; colors, greys, browns, tans, black.
French Flannel waists, trimmed with blackfl*! r/\
taffeta silk bands
Fine flannel waists with silk soutache .... $2.75
Millinery Department.
All Ladies’ Misses’ and Children’s ready-to-wear
hats, reduced to half price. dM CA
A lot of fancy trimmed hats at
A lot of Turbans and Short Backs, nobbily {>'‘l rri
trimmed with velvet and fancy feathers. .
Velvet hats with fancy feathers, and r
Fran.: Wanishs new barn and stable
are ic iring completion With the
gett' ii 'I- help of neighbors, he has been
able to retrieve the loss earned by the
fire, to his property some time ago.
Tit* Thanksgiving dance at Joe Kell
ners hall was very largely attended.
Untieing was indulged in to the wee
mi a’l hours. All preseid report an
enjoy alif time.
John Kinney one of our oldest settlers
i> ci ill. Dr. Burke of Way; ide is
attending him.
L \V Ledvina the Four Corners
tcachci visited at home during the
Thanksgiving vacation.
Mr M. I,origan spent Thanksgiving
day with friends at Kaukauna.
John Kcchan of Dallas Texas is visit
ting relatives at Kellnersville and vicin
ity Mr Keehan hasn't Ihm*ii Innne for
over -.'o \ oars. He is a guardian of ■ the
law at I i.illas Texas
Jennie Martens of Mishicot is staying
w ith Mr- M. Kellner. Mrs. M. Kellner
vi ded with Mr. and Mrs. Martens at
M i-hii *n last Sunday.
Mikt Kellner son of M. Kellner and
his cott-in Ueorge spent thei’ - vacation
here Mikie attends Business College
at Manitowoc.
Supt Fred Christiansen visited
s* hcMil- m this vicinity last week.
Kellnersville •can boast of another
siw mill The mill w ill he owned by
W. /.email and will he located about
one mile north of the village
Married on Thursday morning hy
Re\ | .1 Just Mat Uadey to Miss
Lizzie StnclsT-CI^ 1 ' Just also solemn
ized tin wedding of ('has Rezek and
Anni. ■Rons last week. Both weddings
took place it St. Joseph's church.
Miss Lizzie Frank is visiting with her
p(rents after an absence of eight years
dining which time she has seen the
greater part of the I'nited States and
visited the island of Cuba. She wiil
leave for < alifornia in a slan t] time,
Jo- L. z.ha of Hibson about Is years
o'd died * f typhoid fever at Hreen Bay
last w.ck The remains were brought
to tire* nstreet where the Lev Father
Just conducted the funeral obsequies.
The parents have onr heartfelt sym
The young folks *.t Kellnersville trea
ted Mr ivn*l Mrs I Permitka of Fran
cis Crnck to a surprise party last Satur
day. They report a fine time.
A branch of the Western Union lias
been oiganized at Polifka’s. The so
ciety is a Bohemian organization, A
branch of the Cuming Men of America,
a juvenile society for hoys has also been
organized at Kellnersville
The Sister School is preparing I‘* r an
entertainment t o be given on Dec. ‘J6.
The Misses Julia Cheruey and Paula
Kotik, will leave for Chicago ttiis week.
M. Kellner and Sons are shipping
great quantities of barley to Manitowoc.
They have a large amount of grain on
There is a desirable location here for a
doctor. Since Dr. Tompach left a few
weeks ago we have been without a
doctor. The people ate waiting patiently
for some disciple of Mate* in Medina to
John Kracht announces the arrival of
a young Democrat at his house.
Willie Pavlitski is on the sick list.
Frank Stangel left for Michigan last
Adolph Dworak bought Fred Pestien s
farm. Consideration *!HU.
Mrs. Sladky, mother of George Sladky
onr blacksmith, died of heart failure
Saturday . She was buried at the local
cemetery, Rev. Kloncek officiating.
Adolph Shebesta is visiting at Mil
Adam Sladky attended his mother’s
Rudolph Tegge of Madison ate his
turkey here.
Married: At the St. Mary's church.
Miss Tonic Kaiser, daughter of Jacob
Kaiser, to Marlin Dttfek of Stokes. I)**or
Cos. The ceremony was performed b /
Rev. Kloncek Mi-s Mary Kaiser was
maid of honor while Willie Benesh
| acted as best man's part. After the
ceremony the bridal party did justice to
a sumptnans dinner at the liome of the
: bride's brother. The newly wedded
| will li. •• at Stokes.
M. tried; Miss Ida Fggert to John
j Scfiroeder at the brides home. Rev. J.
X. Davidson j erformed the ceremony.
Last Tuesday Mrs. Mary Cherniak and
Joseph Fend mutually agreed that "it
was not well fr man to Is* alone.” So
I they made a "short cut” for Kewaunee,
I laid their trouble before Judge Btnetn
mer. and came home as man and wife.
It is unnecessary b> say that the friends
I All of our woolen "Musser” Hose for
women and children all sizes about
JO dozen all told, will be closed at much
below value, the heavy weight at a reduc
tion of about 40 per cent., and the light
weight at about 33 l-J per cent, from pres-
In addition to these, a broken lot of
ladies’ plain and ribbed 75 cent cash
mere hose was marked down
Silk Counter
We bought at a bargain, 2 pieces of 19
inch black TAFFETA SILK, well worth 75
cents that we can offer at the low
Our RIBBON SALE offers extraordinary
Bargains and we hope you will profit by
making use of same. The ribbons are
certainly exceedingly cheap at our prices.
Stocking Yarns
The yarn season is about over, and of one grade the
best black "GOLDEN FLEECE”, our 30 cent grade, we offer ir
200 lbs. at per skein ZdC
Clothing Store
If you want a FUR COAT that does not look like a fur coat: one
that is just as warm but does not look as warm, and can therefore
be worn on other than the very coldest days, and always presents
an elegant appearance, then select one from our stock of Fur lined
coats of which you will find a good assortment. The outside is
cloth, doeskin, beaver or other goods, and lined with the different
Kinds of furs most appropriate for the purpose.
If given a trial you will find that our WOOL OVER SKIRTS, of
the ‘‘Staley" make, will wash and wear better than any other kind.
The latest in men's plain and fancy suspenders just arrived.
of those who have embarked upon that
sea “for which no mariner's compass
has yet been invented ", wish them well.
Mav their wishes be fulfilled.
Wanti.d; Some rural correspondent
to report more weddings at the same
place in so short a time. Evidently
Cupid is a spry fellow around here.
Charles Elder who teaches in Coopers
town spent Thanksgiving here with
his parents.
A. C. Maertz and wife were at
Manitowoc Friday.
Win. O’Hara one of Hortonville’s peda
gogues, shook hands here Wednesday
with friends. Wo are pretty sure of
having the training school here at least
that’s what’s reported.
Examinations were held the fore part
of last week
Charles Sweeting was in the village
Miss Philie Armstrong, of Oshkosh,
spent Thanksgiving herewith friends.
Charles Haese, while cutting feed last
Friday had his hand taken off.
Mr. Johnson, of Manitowoc, was in
the village Sunday.
A few from here attended the M. G.
L. S. Saturday night.
Miss Mathilda Benishek left for
Chicago, to remain during the winter.
Frank W. Meisnest spent Thanks
giving with parents.
Mr. Bernum. who spent the last few
months here on account of ill health,
left for Wayside last week.
L. M. Pitz, Annie M. Schneider and
John Brown spent Thanksgiving at
Scarlet fever has again found its way
into the village.
Charles Knkral of this place and
Mary Puls of Kossuth were married at
the home of ths bride's parents Nov.
2H. TVey will make Manitowoc their
future home.
The B. L. S. meets Friday Dec. 7 ,
A successful tern hers' meeting was
held here Nov. 24. The attendance was
large, and an interesting program was
carried out. The next meeting will lie
held at Cato.
Messers A Giesiand G. Hahn took a
trip through Rockland on Sunday.
A turkey raftle was held at tho Kas
son house recently.
Mr Knnteson has secured a mill in
Seymonre and is at work.
P. 11. Fielding Jr . bought some tim
ber from I). Brennan and intends to do
some lumbering this winter.
A large party helped Mrs. T. Fritch
celebrate her birthday. Thanksgiving
Bartholomew Brennan of Morrison
died on Wednesday and was laid to rest
Saturday. He leaves a wife and five
small children.
Quite a number of cattle is being
driven from this vicinity to Manitowoc
every day.
Superintendent Christiansen visited
the schools in Meeme this week.
Patrick Connell and wife celebrated
their Silver wedding last Sunday. It
was a fine affair. They received quite a
number of costly presents, among them
was a lovely silver wreath and bouquet.
The evening was spent in singing and
feasting. Mr. Festler of St. Nazianz
acted as toastmaster. At 13 o'clock
supper was served, after which merri
ment went on till 4 o’clock in the morn
ing, when the guests started for their
homes, saying they never spent such a
pleasant evening.
The Thanksgiving ball was well
Dr. F. H. Gehbe and wife of Manito
woc spent Thanksgiving at the home of
Mrs. Gehbe’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Matt. Savage.
Herman, Lilian, and Ruth Schneider,
of Branch, sjrent Thursday afternoon
skating on the lake here.
A teacher is lamenting because he
can not skate. Some of the older pupils
have kindly suggested to him that he
can keep himself warm by clearing the
snow off the lake.
Miss Mamie Gnhin of Maple Grove
visited our school Monday.
Miss Anna Schneider of Branch visited
friends here Sunday.
Miss Hannah Brennan who teaches at
Hortonville spent Thanksgiving with
here parents here.
County Continued on 5.

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