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Many Men Working' to Succeed
Senator Davis.
Queen Victoria Said to he on the
Verge of Collapse.
Grout Oleomargarine Bill Has Been Passed
by the House News Which is Culled
From o>er the World.
The feature in the senatorial cout es
is the formal announcement by former
attorney General Moses E. Clapp of St.
Paul, of his active candidacy, making
two announced candidates from St.
Paul, W. B. Dean and General Clapp.
The situation among the Minneapolis
candidates is a waiting one. those here
tofore announced making few active
moves until they hear positively from
The mas Lowry. Telegrams from New
York credit Mr. Lowry with stating tl at
he cannot say whether he will be a can
didate until he has returned home and
has had an opportunity to look over Iht
field. In reality this is the attitude of
all candidates of that city. Robert G
Evans has announced his candidacy and
so has National Committeeman Thoimu
H. Shevlin, while Congressman Fletch
er. Former Senator Washburn, C. A
Smith ami Former Governor John S.
Pillsbury are classed as willing to ac
cept. However, all will make then
fight in their home delegation and 1 e
governed by its action. A meeting < f
the supporters of Evans was held end
plans of campaign mapped out. Turns
Bixbyia the principal candidate outside
of the Twin Cities,—in fact being tin
only active one thus far announced, oth
ers being simply willing.
By an overwhelming majority of 10,
the house of representatives passed tin
Grout Oleomargarine bill, placing a ta>
of 10 cents a pound on oleomargarine
colored in imitation of butter, the vott
being 196 to 93. It also provides that
upon the arrival of oleo, butterine, or
any other imitation of butter within tie
boundaries of any state or territory if
becomes subject to the police powers o
the various states. Upon oleomargarii e
not colored in imitation of butter a ta>
of one-fourth of one cent is imposed.
There was quite a fight to defeat th s
measure, and it was surprising that the
opposition polled such a small vote, es
pecially as a large majority of the At ri
cultural committee had reported a sub
stitnte for the Grout bill, and it wi s
ably defended by its advocates. Ti e
substitute was lost by a vote of 17* to 118.
Henry Thomas Oxnard, president cf
the American Beet Sugar association,
was married Nov. 15 last at the Churcl
of the Madeleine, in Paris, to Mile. Ma
rie Pichon, who for several years served
a* maid to his sister-in-law. Marie is a
tall, handsome blonde French girl, who
was well known in San Francisco when
the Oxnard family was here last year.
Henry Oxnard was regarded in Sail
Francisco as one of the most eligible
bachelors and his strange marriage caus
ed much surprise.
Li Hung Chang at Pekin has inform
ed General Chaffee that he and all tit
people of the province of Chi Li are e. -
tremely pleased and gratified at the Ik -
havior of the American troops to.va and
the Chinese. This is considered no light
matter. From all sections and portions
of the city under American supervision
come words of praise and thankfulness
regarding the behavior of the Ameri
Hon. Joseph Manley of Maine, who
was offered the office of commissioner
of internal revenue made vacant by the
death of George W. Wilson, called o .
the president. He saw the president for
only a few minutes and arranged for
another audience. Mr. Manley has
been elected speaker of the house in the
Maine legislature, and it is understood
he feels it incumbent on him to serve
out the present term, which runs until
next April. It is said that V.e probably
will ac ept the office if the offer can be
held open until that date. The matter
probably will be definitely settled Mon
It is announced almost openly that
Secretary Hay s place In the cabinet
dependent upon the action on the Hax-
Pauncefote treaty. Most of the senatois
understand that Secretary Hay has
positively declared his intention to re
sign unless the treaty is ratified prac
tically as sent to the senate. He takes
the ground, they say, that failure fo
ratify the treaty amounts to a vote of
want of confidence in him.
The second supplementary estimate
of sixteen millions issued in London
m ikes the total army estimates for the
year 02,309,158 pounds.
A dispatch to The New York World
from Winds >r, Eng., says: Much
anxiety again prevails in court circles
respecting the queen’s health. She has
broken up noticeably since she was in-
A Car of Dolls.
Fully 200 styles. They are not only
the prettiest people from Doll-land, but
the most reasonably priced we have had
in 3o years.
14 inch dressed doll, bisque head and
arms, pretty trimmings, stockings A ” ,
slippers and bonnets el
16 inch dressed doll, bisque head 'isl
and arms, assorted dresses... ,^t)v
16 inch full jointed French doll, iQ/->
moving eyes, 75c value t-OC
3o inch full kid doll, bisque head z A,„
and arms, brown or blue eyes UUL
Other sizes up to |7.50 proportionately
reasonable. Bring in the little ones to
see them.
. 8
formed that the Empress Frederick wa ,
suffering from cancer of the throat and
cannot live many months. n
Victoria who invariably eats and sleeps 1
well, has now lost her appetite and I
passes sleepless nights. For years she
never missed her morning ride in a
donkey chaise around the private gar
dens, until the last couple of weeks,
when this was forbidden by her doctor,
who ordered her instead to drive
through the park in a closed carriage.
A belief undoubtedly prevails that the
queen is failing. The papers in Lon
lon assert that the queen is in her
usual health, but the above are the
true facts on the subject.
No one can reasonably hope for good
health unless his bowels move once each
day. When this is not attended to, dis
or lerf of the stomach arise,bilious head
ache dyspepsia and piles soon follow.
If you wish to avoid these acliments keep
cour bowels regular by taking Cham
byrlai lie’s Stomach and Liver Tablets
when r qaired They are so easy to take
and mild and gentle in affect. For sale
by. Henry Hinrichs Druggist.
STOPS the; cough
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets cure a
cold in one day. No Cure, no Pay.
Price 35 cents.
When the pipe organist plays a tune
he generally puts his foot in it.
A practical
M * ■ VI 'knowledge of
Si i I SIGN and
i I I I Painting.
nil I gold and silver
B lettering, bronz
ing. carriage and
landscape paint
ing. kalsnmiuMig, mixing colors, con
tracting, etc., from our Painter s Book.
Our book of 35 years experience in sign
md bouse painting is so explicit that
■ven bo vs can teach themselves the
qaiuter's trade in a short time. 35 illus
trated alphabets are included i:i our
hook. Address Val. Schtvier Sign
Works, Milwaukee, Wis.
Is destruction of lung by a
growing germ/ precisely as
moldy cheese is destruction
of cheese by a growing germ.
If you kill the germ, you
stop the consumption. You
can or can’t, according to
when you begin.
Take Scott’s Emulsion of
Cod Liver Oil: take a little
at Hrst.
It ac:ts as a
The genuine has h <
this picture on it, er. lake more;
take no other.
not too much ; enough is as
much as you like and agrees
with you. Satisfy hunger
with usual food ; whatever
you like and agrees with you.
When you are strong
again, have recovered your
strength—-the germs are
dead ; you have killed them.
If you havo not tried it, send
for free sample, its agreeable
Uiste will surprise you.
409 Pearl St., New York.
50c. and $1.00; all druggists.
New Toys.
Walking D0115.., .sl, $1.25, s3and $5
Tight-rope walking ’A .
Acrobat at DUL
Cash Register rwx
Bank at. 3M.UU
Outfits for casting Statues and Me
dallions in Plaster of tfA 1
Paris at L and J
Placer Gold 1C ,
Mine at
Of Berlin, Germany, the Expert Specialist and Surgeon.
Who has visited Manitowoc for the past SIX YEARS.
Once a Month, will again he in
Manitowoc* Friday, January 4th.
mo Specialist i 'SuSr
All Cases He Undertakes Guaranteed.
YOU Mr. MFM If >' ou troubled with
••'•L.*” nervous debility, stupid
ness, or are otherwise unfitted for business or
study, caused from youthful errors or excesses,
you should consult this specialist at once. Don’t
delay until too late.
MAMkIMD There are thousands of you
Irlrtli \ll w U troubled with weak, aching
backs and kidneys and other unmistakable
signs of nervous debility. Many die of this diffi
culty, ignorant of theoause. The most obstinate
cases of this character treated with unfailing
Al I DKF °f delicate natun—in
/-tut. DULnJLJ flainniations and kindred
troubles—quickly cured without pain or incon
rATAPPH "’hioh poisons the breath.
stomach and lungs and paves
the way for Consumption, also Throat, Liver,
A FRW POINTS f T, "‘ °r gives tiis personal attention to each individual eu
n lull rVMHI 0 . 2d—i, U!> j n ,.„ s oonduoted on a professional basis and sirietly confident m:
3d—Names and pictures u ver published unless requested to do so. 4th—The doctor's patients
are his friends.
WRITF • vour troubles if living away from cilv. Thousands cured at home by correspondent:-
iIIUILi -in., lioine sent as directed. Ahsolutu secrecy in alt professional dealings. An I:-
a'l letters, giving street and number plainly. Send stami for list, or questions.
DOCTOR TURBIN. 103 Randolph St., Chicago. 111.
A. IF Thnrness of Wills Creek Coal
Cos.. Buffalo. < . writes: I have been
afflicted with kidney and binder trouble
for years, passing gravel or stones, with
excrutiating pain. other medicines
only gave relief. After taking Foley's
Kidnkv Crm; the result was surprising.
A few doses started the brick dust, like
fine stor es, etc . and now I have no pain
across my kidneys and 1 feel like a in w
man. Folly's Kidnky Crm: Inis done
me 000 worth of good." Henry Hin
A cold, cough or la grippe can be
“nipped in the bud" with a dose . r two
of Folky's Honey and Tar. Beware
of substitutes. There is wilhunj ho good.
Henry Hinrichs
Via the Northwestern line, excursion
tickets will be sold at low rates to
points on the Northwestern System east
of the Missouri River within 200 miles
of selling station, December 34, 35, 81
and January 1. good returning until
January 3, inclusive. Apply to agents
Chicago North-Western R'y. 37
Art then one ofthe many that has
drained the Golden Nectar that maketh
thy heart full of strength and gladness’?
If not, take Rocky Mountain Tea. Se
LIPPI N coirs
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even prettier than the Oak 1 ” .
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cluding Hon. Peter Stirling. Choir In
visible, Under the Red Robe, Fur the
Freedom of the Sea and dozens - o ,
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vance of any institution in the country
Scrofula. Tumors, Totter, Eczema and Blood
Poison thoroughly eradicated. leaving the sys
tem in a strong, pure ami healthful state.
I you are suffering from persistent
Headache, Painful Menstruation.
Uterine Displacements, Pains in Hack, and feel
as if it were impossible for you to endun your
troubles and ‘'till h* obliged to attend y-.ur
household and social obligations. There ir*
many women doing this to-day. However, a
great many have taken treatment of this sp
cialist, ami he can refer you ty those whohav.
been cured by him. Live the doctor a cull. ll
can give all the encouragement in the world
and will cun? you if you trust yourself to his
<§ Wjfanru
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Laxative Brn‘ Qiiinine tomcm
the remedy that *mv* ti in one* daj
We carry in stock a
complete line of .
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Silks, Cottons, Etc
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1 inventions. Send Mr our interesting Illus
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examination and opinion ns to patentability.
Promptness guaranteed Bi rt< t r<-t ■
Over 31 yearn exponent o. Address
R. S. & A. U. LACEY, Pati-nt Solicitors,
W ushlngton. I). C.
Ahntion. this paper when you write.
KiJuey Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the new
papers is sure lo /.now of the wonder:,.
cures made by Dr.
1 J -tt Kilmer’s Swamp-Roc-.
J vV-Ld I the great kidney, liver
L. i L* and bladder remedy.
1 Tv 4 */ ‘ ■ ./
ajd pu cal triumph of the nute-
IjCjj. teenth century: cis
/\ ji ;. covered after years f
/“Tl scientific research by
IT I I t r • Kilmer, the enr
—Q Cr specialist, and is
wonderfully successful in promptly cunr.y
lame back, kidney, bladder, uric acid trou
bles and Bright's Disease, which is the wor t
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Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is not rei
ommendedfor everything but if you haveki,.-
ney, liver or bladder trouble it will be found
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When writing mention reading this generous
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send your address to (rtfcr'tTftjfl'
Dr. Kilmer 8r Co.,Bing
hamton, N. Y. The
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Phone 41. N. Fifth and York St.
Manitowoc, Wis.
Witch Hazel Oil
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It cures Piles nr Hemorrhoids Maternal
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Burning, Fissures and Fistulas. Keliel im
mediate- cure certain.
It cures Burns and Sealds. The relief
It cures Inflamed or Caked Breasts and
Sore Ni|.|iles. Invaluable.
It cures Salt Rheum, Tetters, Scurfy
Eruptions, Chapped Hands, Fever Blisters,
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Dont B 5: Foolsdi
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JBSjlk with wurthk • i
'(fc'J To protect (I: r'l lie .ve cal
Imuk, pi 11. 1 1 (lira'll .
ngo. Denninl flic • ,r
-ol Sale by uli Dru^-.iial
Manitowoc, \\ isconsin.
L. I> MOSKS. Prksniknt,
LEANI)EK CHOATE. Vn v. Phkmidknt,
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C I ■ F Wist’ON SIN <
Mai. •. • i ‘
Dorothea Haiti • hr Plniutlff.
Kit 1 Han reel itnl Dora Harluvcht, his
wifi-. \ igu-t Kell. > illiam Kunz and W ilhel
:.u Kunz. his wifi-, defendant-.
By virtue. i and i ursuniit to a judgment of
-ait! eireuit - art i- tin- slj-vc entitled action,
vliii-h w.-ir ■ --1 on the 1 Hi day
of ()i-t01..-r A D. Isuu I -hail i-jitcc- for sale
and -ell at pnhlh auction af the -in HIT- dice
in the sheriff's residence in tin- First \\T. and of
- ■ .. ■
eemla-r. A. I) !!••>. at the h-mr of fen oVloek in
tlie fot-i of that day all of the following
- h sen I led mortgaged Jirellli-* - or -i i niUen
thereof a- may he siitfieieiit to realize th
eft and i oft~, togetlur wuii lie- uishai-seiui-ni
of sale and soiieiti I- .. fees to-wit:
The west one-half of the west one-half of
tin- south east quarter of sis-tion twentj
• iudit ■;* and tin- i orth we-t quarter c 1
the north east quarter of seetion thirtj
l three. Als<> nil that part and parcel of lam |
lying and being situated east of Hu- Hi
hoy (ran river of tin north om- half of the north
oia-.hall ol the north West quarter of seetion
th.rtv-four -141 containing ten (In) aeres if
land more or less: all of the foregoing deserih
■■d i. n I and mi rtgaged premises ising sltuati 1
in h unship se\ enteeii (11) tiort hof ran If I-1 wet -
i \ mie iv’l i east in the eounty of Manitowoc and
stateof Wisconsin.
Dated Oi-tolier 3Vnd. A I>. it**!,
M IV Mead Plaintiffs Attorne.
Publish Oct 25. Nov. 1, S. 15. iJ. v".i I>< e. ti It.
CTATK id-' WISCONSIN Circuit Coirt.
s' Manilowoe County,
William Voss, plaintiff
Dorothea Harhrei-ht. Fred Harhn-i-ht and
Dora Harlirecht, his wife, and August Kell, de
By virtue of and pursuant to a judgment of
said eireuit i-mu-t in the above entitled aetion,
which was rendered and dateil on the lilth day
of October A. In IBOP I shall expose fop sale
and sell at pnlille am-tioi, at I in- sheriffs office
in the sheriff's residence in the First Ward of
Ihei-iiv of Manitowoe in Manitowoc countj
Wisconsin, on Wednesday the Itlth day of In
ei-mlier. A. D. limb. at the hour of ten o'clock A
M of that day all of the following deserilied
mortgaged premises, or so mm li thereof is
may In-sumeient to realize the amount due to
tln- tdaintill for principal. interest and cost
t- gelher with the dislmrsi uu-nts of sale and si
• feel to-wlt
The west half of the west half of the south
east quarter of seetion twenty-eight (SHI and tl e
north west quarter of the north east quarter o(
-el tii ll tllil-t\ -tlin e I'.!") in township sevelltei i
1 17> in rlli of range twenty one i3P east in Mai i
towde eoiint v and -tale of of \V iseoiisin.
Dated October 23ml A I) Iffoo
lIFN HV 1,1 HUM ANN SherilT
M c Mead, Plaintiff s \ttoriii \
Pul dish 1 t 35 Nil I- I . V.- at 1 1. . -I I ■
' In the matter of tin-estate of Arthur Kahn
To all whom if may i-om-ern: Fetters of ad
ministration on said estate of A rlhur Kalin. i’e
eeased having la*eti issued to Alvina Kahn in
the llilh day nf NoVeinher A D I!**l and six
months from and after said day lieing allowed
and limited fi u- ereditors to j resent their claim
for examination and allowance notice is In re
I>\ given that the undersigned will, on tin
fourth Tuesdays of March. April and May A
D 11*11. at the Prohatc ollice in *.ic City of
Manitowoc, in said county, receive examine
and adjust all claims, and demands of all per
sons against said deceased.
Dated Nov. mih ll** l
.1 s aNDKKSi iN, County Judge.
Ii ' v- s i ; >tt. Attorneys.
Puhlish Nov. 33, 311, Dec. li. IJ.
j 111 til i -matter of tll* Estate of .Inhll Vogt )
To all win in it mny eoneern
L ttTs Testamentary on said Estate .b bn
\’ngl deeeased having been issued to Henry
WVrnei keon the :ird day "f Oetot er A D It**
md six months from and after said day beinr
allowed and limited for creditors to pn sein
t heirelaimsforexaminnt lot andallowame m t i*•
is hereby given that tin* undersigiieo will oi
ilrst Tuesdays of .laduarv lt*d Maivh and .lum
H* I at Hu Probate nilleo in the eit y ot Vanib
won in said (’or.ntv i**■••i\ %• examine ami
adjust all < laims and and tnands of all person
against said used
I 'ated No\ 1 "it h I.h
.1 \: n; i> %. i'• unt y Judge.
Schiuit/ V Burke Attorneys.
I N I ‘ID HATK 'J am i< • \vik Cm mv •m m \
1 In t In' mat tor of tin estate of W )i Uj,
I 1 ill It (I .1
I |*o all w Iniii it mav eoneern
Letters testamentary on said e.-late bavin-.
• • n issued to Libbn- Wieboldt on tin- *J7tb da
t Nov. A D l'.*nuai and six montin trm after
aid day being allowed and limited for eredi
,ors to pro -out tlndr olanns f,,r oxamiimtion
md allowam - notiee n li.-r. r> given that tin
undersigned will on tb* 111 bda v of .1 uin*. I'm 1
it tin* .namt v o ft at i: • I’rol ollioo in 11 .
M nil •
1 tin.: t-iui'l joi iimt ai' la n and demands o
I ll' .1 > \\l >1 . 1,- • N < ount >.l mj-••
j- Pi:- I MAN, Ci .a rot vrv
In Me - ; f tin- ' Ml- • • I r tilu M. ym
I .•■♦tor ■ t in'ii ini ' n wit h tl- • >ci!
. ad In tale of Crania Mover having
O. ; . 1 IMMI I \N -• hp-eter o|| tile .Mild
li\ of N. \ A |i ; ..‘am: . n. ...A11s from ami
lit. I* thed it I • •
< r oivdlf 1 c Ir< sent tlioir lainis for oxaini
: 1 .ml ,t.v <*e notiee is hereby aivell that
h urn 'no- ill.on tie seoond luesday^of
V; •11 *u . : lie I'.H'l at tin Probate (ifth e
1! tl e 1 lf\ . I Al: low. I, ,i .1 I • 11l f
'■ : . ■ examine , i.; a < a ' ..! i <’;o a i- ind and
mr mb Of all JH. 1 sagain-t said debased
1 mlo* I leeeinU-r Ila t
.1 . A • **••♦•• to,i ,
s. jol s, > L w ok AS. hmidt Attorneys
I ’til*. I . b Id
Stockholders’ Meeting
The annul In (in,: I the stoekholders . I
’ • Vji ional Hi n < m Mamtow .. f,,• 11>#• de>
turn *1 direeti rs and mh h business as mas < oine
■ H iore them, will lie held at its banking oflfb-e
. oloek A M
Mani t*w'h W: 1 • ■ ■ inh i . limn
Fm i) T / m NK.a. i 'ashier
Pub dee Id *.’( :.‘7 an din
I N PIN Hi ATE M.e owe. •'.i m s *, mi
* In the matter of tbo . ,ti I .and Mean Pn-iee.
T >all whom It may ooneern Letters testa
inentary on said ••state "f -aid Ml nan Pn r*
having >< eii issued to P .1 Pier- ■ on the :.* , .’nd
da vof Nos onih *r A D 1a ■ * and -ix months
from and after said day being allowed and bin
lied for eredib rs to present their elinms for
examination mid allowaine notie** is hereby
that tin* uml' i darned svill on tin* third
Tueadays of lebnnrs April and .lime A l>
HUM at the Probate dio. in the ePv of Manito
w< >e. in said mint s reoei ve oxainine and adjust
ill • laims am deni.i,i-ot alt person.- list
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Horse a X(f \/•
Chance t ty* 9
Arc in -rt asing in. value from v> nr to
year. R -.i'roads arc the great.civilizers
ii r they give the settler as well', a’ the
manufacturer e({ua) opportunity to
work in undeveloped fields, therefore
rapidly settling the country'and bring
brthits undiscovered riches. North
rn Wisconsin i* rich in iron ore: ' Vy,
kaolin, marl, timber and fine farm
lands. It has made many a settler
independent and added to the wealth of
manufacturers wno have sougut this
territory Oppor unities {have not
passed, as Jihere is still a generous
supply if land which can be obtai n<l at
low figures and on easy terms.
tiik Wisconsin ckntkalJhy.
YV as one of the first roads to penetrate
the vast Wisconsin wilderness'which
stretches'across the stale_fnin East to
West. It. also,has develop'd from year
to year and today offers the best of
transportaiiun facilities, enabling all
to ship tlie products of that section to
any market in the world.Jj Illustrated
phainplets and maps which are inter
esting as well as instructive can be ob
tained by addressing
W. H. Kir.r.KN,
Land and Industrial Commissioner
Gko. T. Jakvis. Gen. Mgr.
Burton Johnson. Jac. c. Pond,
G. F A. Gen. Pass. Agent.
Colby A Abb.it Bldg.. Milwaukee. Wis.
In Northern Wisconsin on the North-
We tern Line. Low rates and easy
lermsof payments. About too.ooo acres
of choice farm lands. Kurly Vmvers will
-ecure the advantage 01’ location on the
many beautiful streams and lakes
which abound with fish and furnish a
never ending and most exceleut
water supply, both for family and for
Land is generally well timbered, the
soil fertile and easy of cultivation, (‘hi
i ago Milwaukee St Paul, Minneapolis
Duluth Superior, Ashland and iiumer
! oils other thriving cities furnish good
markets fia- farm produce.
For fun her particulars a I.ln - (ho.
W Bell Land Commissioner. Hudson,
Wis I i I! Me!;. A<; p A . St.
Paul, Mil ■■
Spavin Liniment.
Fuglisli Spavin Linii cut ividovi-s All
I lard. Sol t or Calloused Lump- an] Blem
ishes from horses, Blood Spavins Curbs,
Splints. Sweeney Ring Pom- Slides.
Sprains, all Swollen Throats, Coughs,
etc. Save ♦•‘lit by the use of one bottle.
Warrant t ■ and the most wondert nil (lemish
Cure ever known. Sold by F ('. Buer
stalte Druggist. Manitowoc, Wis.
(tii (letolier 1(1, tin hi, the Chicago &
North Western Railway will sell h >me
seekers excursion tickets at verv low
rates for the round trip from ( hicago
to all pi mis on the Northwestern Line
in Nebraska, South Dakota, including
the Black Hills, and ( takes, N. D also
to points in Northwestern lowa and
Minnesota and to point' on the Union
Pacific railroad in Nebraska.
The above in addition to the regular
hoineseekers excursions on these same
dates at rate of one fare plus £■,* no for
the round trip to authorized points in
Wisconsin. Michigan, Wyoming. Col
orado, Clah. Idaho, (tregoti and Wash
ington Tickets to be limited to twenty •
one days from date of sale and good for
stop-ovei on the going trip within fifteen
days in homeseekers - excursion territory.
Sisters of St. Francis
Teachers of piano and other instni
im nts. Mason's piano method of touch
and technic taught.
Dec •-’it 1101) South Uth street
!. ddhwtSK*
(11/uvxvnf/t/yuc/uiil bit.ii/Mif,ci-.■■-tf

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