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The Manitowoc pilot. [volume] (Manitowoc, Wis.) 1859-1932, January 17, 1901, Image 3

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lie>- Are \<-r> I.nrgel.v Instrumen tnl
In l ur l ll w Man> I' niini
ut' Disease.
The theory that sunlight < erts a
jowerfully healing influei: e
ase processes has now become mi well
Btablished that the sunroom is re
tarded ?b n necessity in a v.ell-ap
tainted hospital. In the plans of 1■"
capitals that aspire to e up to date
he solarium Anils a prominent p ne .
nd to keep up with the advances 1 f
pedicnl science many of the o il hc.--
itnls are attaching s 1 aria to their
uiltiings. says the Trained Nurse.
[The sun ward is easily built. Tt
pust be. of course, on the sun 1 tie
1 the build in ;. having it:- i.istirr.
put hern ami western wi.'is .e
pnstrueted of glass. A good pla 1 i
p build a large hay window, vitl
petal frame work, and, if the hos
jital building is to be three or four
lories high, this bay window may ex
pnd to the full height of the main
(ructure. With this arran. ui 11
kch floor will have the advantages
1 a sun ward.
The means of ventilation should b'
prfect and the heating arv.ii zci.
ilequate, for the sun hath is j i-t as
fraction hie and useful on bright
py days as on siinnt days of s timer,
f the outlook from the wkidows 1 f
he solarium is pleasant, if iand
hape is diversified with Id -. 1 rei s
Teen lawns or fields or a laki or ,■
St of flic ocean, so much the '
nfortimately for some '1 litn; ■
he south view from the lu pi
in ' id by wallp of brick and si'
oiliing. however, can deteriorate
te direct rays of the sun. so that,
herever possible, tins exceeding
sef ul and very cheap commodit;
lould be utilized for tlierapcutio c.-
.litters in the Kri>nc!i Ki.reljtu I.i -
Kiun Have Vnilli'.uu lint an
Lins.l Time.
The Frcneh foreign legion, which
;on t lie id kept of I’a 1 i ; j
issip, offers a boat the hardest u
ary sen :< e in the world, and no 1
ho knows enters it tit til lie ha- c •
iii-t and a -'tiler meal -of stippi'i't • •
ish.' ;• .ul him-i’f. - ;V- a' !.
1 per. Mi n of a : ' uati. - in i ;
r. k-. 1 1 f 1 1 • .1 1 c
ay- . i Fr::t n to and -1.,
jrk w . "di h;. ■ ci it. ’r\ t .
|ps not choose to iir.pose upon its Av..
i!e ren.
Tims it has held the fr nrier o' tl
Ti'ii.. er-h nii‘-. wi re cm r\ n- wat
in a pi .-1 i- ci 1 1 t a hi s iiy a v,:!d \1 ■
ibe. The fever-infe-ied portions •
imbodia and Indo-Ch ina. which l.ci
is described, have id- ■ 1 een the scene
its exploits. The discipline, too. i
ost severe. Flogging is a daily occur
nee and capital punishment is tl,
suit of the most trivial offense
■ i
c of 11 u,ucli lat j.r number thai
yut I;cr branch cf the Fi'ctioh si rvic
physician wl i has h en studying 1
-Htii; y of the legionaries says that
ijcrity of the case- are well devi
led when the men enlist, since fev
ne men would ever accept theeond
:ci- know to exist in this corps. Ii
ids that in his opinion many men ski
r breaehes cf discipline were iu
entailv responsible, and he says fl
e same trouble may cause the instil
dination among the French truer
Ith the allies in China.
me itl tin- Sin iiilnr t’roi Ului;.- Mail
in the >lni-rinne tun-
I met.
it is announced that the your
jail of Jhind, who is lord of th
ird biggest native state under t!
injab government, has eeiebratt
s coining of age b\ marrying a Kn
pean girl. Miss Olive Miniah st u
tighter of Mr. Monalesen. of Hi ;.
y. The wedding took jdaee accord
g to Sikh rites and was to some • '
nt a runaway one. if the match ca t
so described where the bridegroom
already tin- husband of at least tw
itive ladies. Anyway, the British
ilitical officer was not given timi
interfere effectively, savs a Londor.
The Indian Planters’ (ia/ettc claim.
have seen the marriage contract
licit has been drawn up in accord
ice with Sikh usage, and providi
e lady with a definite income, bi
les making stipulations, with resec
tions. as to how many other wivi •
e potentate may also possess. The
isting Maliaranis are reservations.
It is an unpleasant business to An
o-Iniiian thinking, this marriage cl
white girl to a rajah, but rig' t
ongli from the Sikh point of view
ic lady will be known us her high
ss .lusvvant Knar.
This is the second case of the kind
at has occurred cf late years in tin
tnjub. That of the late Princes*
orence of Patiala was the Arst.
When t from KkviXlhii Tn mils.
The statement has frequently bn c
ade that it is possible to causi-gruiiis
wheat found in ancient Egyptian
pnk-hers to germinate and grow
ns statement has been disputed, and
e question was discussed at a re
nt meeting of the French Academy
Science. It was shown that while
e albumen of wheat found in a
mb 6,000 years old had undergone
alteration.the embryo was changed
and could not lie caused to gtrub
le. But a fresh embryo placed in
e ancient albumen would grow, luul
is fact, it was said, probably ac
tinted for the statement that tin
t Egyptian wheat rescued from its
ig entombment would sprout and
Of Berlin, Germany, the Expert Specialist and Surgeon.
Who has visited M mitovvoc £o" the past MX YEARS,
Oik • : Month, will again In* in
Manitowoc- Friday, February Ist.
m Specialist j|,4 gj
CURES ij&Ljti -- .on to fulfil his
ALL /JaßSitS l - 'iß jf promises in every
CHRONIC / | respect, and the
/ i : roas
' some.
T ▼ ■
Because 1.. gi
.. ... \ -v <■ I
h:s entire attention ;
to these cases. *'** * '
A3! Cases He Undertakes Guaranteed.
sOUMu MEN u “ n ' ,r " u,j: '* d w!,! ‘
j IVJ I-SLID iifivou, lit ' iliiv, stupid
f.',.‘B,on.iv otherwise unfit.t*d for business or
l udy, cau>*d from youthful errors or excess •>,
.-•ii shi'iiM consult this specialist at once. Don't
ielay until too iate.
VIANKINin 1 h ,,rP ir ' thousands of you
IMIIIMIILf tl >ubl< 1 a
oks and kidneys anti other uni:;islnk;il)!e
sitrns of ner\ u- debility. Many die of this diffi
culty. iL r norent of thecar.se. Tile most ob-tinate
•a<e S of thi.N cli a racier treated with unfailim:
U I rl lifUUft—!n
--i-j ffa.itinatinus ami kindrt'd
roubles—cu. and without pain or incou
"ATADD >1 ‘b poisons tie lr* at' .
Itji,.,! lumrs and jnv
be way f-T C i; • mupt .on, ulso Tliroat, Liver,
few points!
i—Xanv’s and picture never pubii.-!t(d unless
j'jppj ypur t-. • if 1 iviv from c'o.v. Thousand- cured t home by correspondcnct
•• •’ ‘ v, " f ■ Aii-oiut* ••cr - vin :• 11 profesvid al dealiiiL’i. AdJr
•• 'TOn limm, 103 ffandoioh St. Chicago, ill
I'.tni.li.iikls > sir i- in ‘ <• ■ vin; lll y
hut uiffignlty is o\p<-iii'in'i-il in rai>itig
■innigh ns;■ Tt- ts to supply tin* drm
f ! if the fm-t-vry.
i) :vm\ s i; iIV
•! :n sti'vy v. !iv women eiuliue
JitvT .11■ iii*. He; ladle. Nervousiie* 5 '
-I*• i.li .Mclutichulv. Fainting and
-i : v Sj ells when thmsand- have prove i
-at F.iecti'ic Litter-, will quickly
cell ti'oi bi- "I >nti(*reil for year ■
itii ki'.Lu" trouble." vvi ite> Mis. I’heln
orley, nl : r.-nn 1a... •and ala i
n k piiined nit* - so i ild ;a t]re:-> i• i\ ■
elf, but Liee.rie Lit: rs wholly ■ ne' ;
ae, and. altliouga M e ,r- ,iM, | cw
a able in ail :r it- i- ■ work. it
verenme.' (,'uii'tipaUoi.. imnrove- Ap
•■til-, give, perfect healtii. < kuv due
• liVnr. 1 dor: -h'. and ng store.
A tu pe in c m ne ti.l uat'on(4-i
--mi iv iai ■ - the ..: ii, c i; a ,
tion w l h - ‘ ’iin.e: n., ~,
Is all right, it you are too fat;
and all wrong, it too thin already.
Fat, enough tor your habit, is
healthy; a little more, or less, is
no great harm. Too fat, consult
a doctor; too thin, persistently
thin, no matter what cause, take
Scott’s Emulsion of Cod Liver
There are many causes of get
ting too thin; they all come
under these two heads: over
work and under-digestion.
Stop over-work, if you can;
hut, whether you can or not,
take Scott’s Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil, to balance yourself
with your work. You can’t live
on it—true—but, by it, you
can. There’s a limit, however;
you’ll pay for it.
Scott’s Emulsion of Cod Liver
Oil is the readiest cure for
“can’t eat,” unless it comes of
your doing no work--you can’t
long he well and strong, without
some sort of activity.
The genuine has t
this picture on It,
take no other. JFrYijwk
If you have not
tried it, send for
free sample, its a- ‘meDCYI!■
greeable taste will m
surprise you.
Chemists. -*?>■ f
409 Pearl Street, ) v~"
Now York.
50c. and $1.00; all druggists.
! Heart. Kidney. Blnddt>r and all constitutional
! and internal trubli§; also Kuj fure. Piles,
! l*i*-tnia, Dyspepb H, Diarrhoea and all diseases
treated in ad*
vance of any ui -iit iition in the country.
| Scrofula, Tumors. 'l‘etter. Eczema and Dlood
i Poison thoi ouclily eradicated. leaving the sys
( tem in a strong, pup* and healthful state,
\ APii P C If >< ware suffering from persistent
LnL/iLJ ll“a(laclip Painful M' listruatitm.
I’t‘ rim Di.Hpinffiiji a.n. Jbiin> in Hack, and feel
ns if it were impossible for you to endure your
tr -üble' and still l** obbged to attend your
household and >.*cial obligations. There ar
many women doirnr this to-day. However, u
great man\ have taken treatment of this spe
cialist, and le eun refer you to those who have
been cured by him (.ive the doctor a call. He
I can give all the encouragement in the world
and will cure you if you trust yourself to his
personal attention to each individual rase,
on a prof* s-i.mal basis ami strictly coniidential.
r "-iuest*‘d to do ■). 4til—The doctors patients
f‘/L AV
■ his signature is. <a>v- re 1- .i . . . '■ ■ •
Laxative Bn Q: r Jr .'-'.c ■ *
xemedy that chi... : cvslil its one ‘
Tlif human haul ran be <li]ij. ,11
lead o led at white heat without dan
Don't Be Fooled!
The market is beinsr tluodci.
/*SW with worthless imitations ct
\-htf . , . TCA . . .
To protect the p ablie ve cu‘
V - A, *' v especial attention toonr;
: • / m.-tU, nrit.lrJ ,nev.v i.
j;c. I;eniaml the cenuir
t-ot bale by ell l.irui;;p.-'.,
The pvo lr.e. of -oapiu (>Teat Urita n
is .hunt imic tm- a v. ek, ui' whicl
ne: w . n • '.at mi an 1 iinxijs made in L >ndon.
-.a allow oc, vN isconsin.
C i>l i AL *lOO.OOO.
i)EI : AKT:\II"NT.
I- MOM- i-Mi.ivr.
■. iN ■’' • II!ATK Vii i.T’hi. ,'iiiKST,
. J. 50 "• t > i'a ihiki
tiiei'l I' -m, . •• i.i-e ]sp
people ■■ . I,' rllli 1
The 1 eii'.-vlva.iiia anihraeire niiiea
lie- 1 eell Hiked without el-ssatiol
-i.t r i
The aver;’.-■ of illness in human lib
i nine and. ys on' of the year
Mable 1 w nld never man yan a i I
did not lo e
Man hi -nm iiMi a. • ,-alh wealthy
n an should propose - ;
. ‘ 1 i Id love him, of course
Don’t Be Duped
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several cheap renrinta of an obsolete edition
of “ Webster's Dictionary.” Thev are being
offered under v arious names at u low price
dealers, agents, etc., and in a few instances
as a premium forsuhscnptions to papers.
Announcements of these* comparatively
reprints are very misleading. They nro ad
vertised to he the substantial equivalent of
a higher-priced bonk, while they are all
Reprint Dictionaries,
phototype copies of a lunik of over fifty
years ago, which was sold for about SA.OO, ami
which was much superior to these imitations,
being work ot some me rit instead of one
Long Since Obsolete.
'lb* Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary pub
lished by our house is the only meritorious
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School, and meny other eminent authorities.
Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.
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lo it the best for the femlly nd .student.
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G. & C. MERRIAM CO., Springfield, Mesa.
? nT
That rapidly i *\ ey - ’! ■ * *n- urr>
. which uccn|*w f, no th ioi
Wis ■ is mw *n<>n - t i-■
the 1j irdshin . dta
tier life, : ■ enonuh to , ,>p
1 away tlv int.-ii , - enter on a, count
of exU< ■ Mu; la;, Ipi iee-’. It it iu that
1 1 I Int whi
Wat oppor.n r to briiur if to the hii'h
esi point <>.' i . ..et .ion and prosp, ;. v .
SiT .1 ■ i’ rtrtd- ted other v '
meats ;o -iiirf in. All that it a. .I-<1
is a s !...: , aital. Brawn and hr u
■npi ■•-. ted by push anil ener , \ v .ii
do t.,<-; The iron ore, marl ii
and ela •• is, .h ■ liaioi".' and '■
■ ,'ive t-rril opportunity to I’.
■ t Kiel • if: .-(.liver. Laud ' q.
. Tea ■ pnrena-e,l on t-; T'" ter
T V. s( , v.slN CKN FRAI- I.'
•;s aei’iiitM for the quick. an . heap
ta ■; - irodactsan tin
dm tv..!i l .- tin* very center > . t!i
--• '-lln-ni territorv. choice . ’ ! ,
M •• : I.ot • . . in' It' • :.li.‘. one ;
ty. <ti' jf p.unpii’t i
• ( y this nean’ ■ r
int a ' "* iihtuined by
\V. 11. Kir,ta-a
T -’id at '"d-i-trial < lojnnii-si,.a, i
Geo. T. Jarvis, Gen. Msrr.
Burton Johnsun. ’ J \c. C. I on,
G. ]■’. A. Gen. Puss. A,i-iit.
Colby <V Abbot J' 11 lt Mil wank, Wi
I I BIKDI.i s I HE (il.Oltl
Tin- fame of Hncblen's Aiiiie.; Salve.
;.s the hesi ia 11,<■ world. extends ..uin 1
the earth. 1; ti perfect in^r
>i Cuis Coni- Biro . i.raise- -i.
Scalds 80i1.,. Cher-. Felons. ..lies.
Bains uiid aii Shin Eruptions Only
infallible !> ile :i■ ‘.oe a box at i Peirv
njsgth Pv sp >*Bpfrv FBFBRtniTO'nF mmmm
M fcfliww : p S -** AiP®
Used in Millions of Homes! Best Coffee for tiie Money!
Accept no sul f lti e! nM" f/X i>y lion com-i- and you v\ ill never use
Insist < i Ll^ N COFFEt rl V pksr? J3)L a "\"\ Uei - , u •' ,hs “ lu ‘*>; n,rc
1 i nothing but Coffee
These articles mailed I'U'l'l' in I M2 j Pane % tiohi Pine. Genuine RtibySettinn
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exchange for lion heads cut from I m% ■ £o | \Z \i ’V. „
front of i Ih. IJON VOFFKF, r,k&. % K k I SSS*- kv
* I .;*. •-■• ■* r n I KSsyji/$> (/ —
H ; V ferj I ’“•""l’- Mump. V
Silk Umbrella icither I.oily sor (ients). tij F FANCY i® ■ un-vui" •. m. ■•• i.• ii ••■ having 11 .•• • xm-t
- 1 , E fsA '7 > fl B MII > • 'Of.- au.j i I'. >f f ;,.l K . > I [ I y
Sent by.xpre., O I Slv!S3i I 1-tf ,As mM^.’A p‘p": *?'* Ncw
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paid), for 170 * 1 V WQQUUNW,9 I Tp4£Si ''
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Avery finer,inbiclla, ni;i leof nnkmsilk tnfTota: l|im l l*l| m t> **®|
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-■ Table Cover. ~ 1 I
Ladies Pen-Knife. a .- —. ■— |.. , •'IfV V-K \K <S '
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Lion Coffee wrap|>ers and a 2c. * i -d V IB
stamp. I.urge a<sl ma TV material >"e
I r j
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ha- n• 11 exph■ led. fur Dr. Kins.!; ' New
Life I’ilh. which are perfectly harmless,
in nth .stimulate liver ami bowels to ex
pel pi lisomais matter, cleanse the syst-mi
aim aiis .utelv cure t'elistipntinn and
t-. . Hernia, lie. Huh ,-.V at Henri
Hini'ii li s drug store.
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Sweden and X iv. ;'" t xp-ort -.MM'cu ti n
ul' wo i len • s a yi ii“.
''>,!■ rust of Algetic: n c’i>iiUs“ion at
Pari ■ was :n ::r'v yl.i -0.000.
U!i A I' IS i! APPiMI.SS
For the la-t low week-. almost tin
whole world over, friends :rn! aeqliam
tall' i- have peon \\ i.-llili;.,' each oiler 1
Ia ;>j y .■>, \v A ear. Have \mi Mo) pcil
(i- you ■.■.-elf what happitn
Will;, ut intending to answer this ipn.--
ti' ii w ■ wi h to \. nr atli ulioti to the
tael that there I- no li:|>l*im-s-s without
h ,1 th whv not go and see Hr. Kntehin
,•.mi have him examine you atnl it sick
iinil.c voa v.cll and nappy. Dr. Kntehin
will he at The W illumin' Tlmrsduy
dan Jith line dnv only. I ixaniinat ion
fr< e.
Two hundred ( hinese are now employ
ed ill tee lid 1 ,r> I'f /ileatec; if-. Mi xiruil .il
are gi\ in** Madi saiisliU'lioii that mote
a ill hi' sent for.
When writing lor premiums semi our letter In the mim envelope or
package with the lion heads. II inure llnan IS lion heads are sent, you can
save postage by trimming down the margin. Ask jour grocer tor large
Illustrated premium list. Address all letters to the
I { * '.k£*
Spa\ In Liniment.
Kntflish Sp.viu l/.nii iwn ri n v>■ All
Hard, Sod i < all* iwdl.uMij*: Rleni
islu sir ri., In.]•. ■ , ill. •;! S;i;;v . Cnrlis,
Splints, ;'wci‘U>\ Ilinrf-Stifles.
Sprains, all Swollm Tlrr* ats. CoiiKlts,
ftc. Saw s.‘ ( o l.v tli. !!.,■ ■■: oni itoftlf*.
Warrantlll.• most wonderful Hl mi- h
Cure ever known. Sold ) y F C Isue r
stjittc Dmjt.nM M i:iit..\\oj. \V
Tin 1 si jisou • i‘ naviifati.-u vw.-l; Las
just (•!< sed ha Ism tin* im st f, litaMo
in the iiisimo the i *r- ,t iakc
ro < chi: u u in isi: day
Take Lax.itiw Fro.no < 4 > ;i;i : i.> "< ■ ts
All ivi'nnd the memo it it tails
t > cure L \V • if..VC -si ii- on
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