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Mrs E < Nevill* ofOreen B*j dis
trict president of the’ Woman s Federa
tion of (Tubs accepted the invitation ex
tended by the Woman s clubs of Kan
kauna to hold the the next meeting of
the federation in that city. It will oc
cur May and 3, Thursday and Friday.
Among t!u‘ most extensive projects
proposed by the moneyed men of Toma
hawk for realization during the coming
summer, will be the erection of a large
tannery• within thelimitsof Tomahawk.
Bv the --neiation with the Bradley in
ter*-ts in the big project the capital of
the comj any will he It is
their pmp -e to erect the tannery to
provide a market for the many hundred
thousand cords ot bark whit-h lie waiting
for a purchaser. The capacity of the
institution will be ■ ,l1 " hides daily and
in the neighborhood ■ f men will be
fornisbed ei'ipl'iym* '
Ex-Gov. W. H I'pliant has received a
notice from the paymaster general at
Washington the effect that he is en
titled to II fur miliiary -ervices ren
dered and that a cheek for that amount
would follow. Maj I phain s last mih
tarys.rvicedat.- back nearly thirty four
The .liV.-nti->n ■ ! the Chicago Madi |
sen syn**d < f tie- Now. gian Lutheran
churl) which Du l at Madi-oli la-t week
do. idi i to . -ta’oli-h a Dillle-raii m ademy
at the village I I>i i-rte-ld near Madison.
The village off. red a bonus ..f sinno and :
fi.ur I. ,e if land The 11 a o 111 1 leertield j
was -elected live It. 1 Ilf If Madison was j
that the de:. gate- (V c -1 the evil inlln- |
cnees of tie larger towns on tie- moral.- j
of the students 1> i- e.xpected that |
about v. ill be put into tlii build \
Ami' ;iiii i iiii‘iit was uni'll' in Kinm-ha |
of tlio engagement of Mi>s Margaret |
Avery onl>’ of Mr- F .! |
Tnttle and tlis bill""! Ki'iioslm soricty i
to Andrew Bonner M.e <'angina a well
known ymmg bn sue-- man of St Paul |
Mi— Avery inhi-rin I a fortune "I "Vm’|
fl.iHMi.iino 1 1- .in her grandfather and -In- I
has largely ini-it a-• <1 this amount b y |
judicious invt-tments I'li* ■ engage
in‘-nt to Mr Mart 'in ghev Inis a tinge j
of roiniiiir" in i oniii'i'l ion Mi-s Av'-n i
want to thr Km ky imiinfam- to -iii'iiil
last summer anil whil** < limbing one ■ f
thn hijili peaks -he nu t her future hits
hari'l Tin' u'i 'Mint' will take in Ken
osha early in the 'nninn;r.
The people '•! tin Wi'i "ii'in Bivei j
valley now anticipate a inore rapi'l 1
realization of their hope, for the eon 1
-frneti n I (he Wi-'"ii-in \ alley Klee
trie railway, -inee new- of the inror
poration "t a eompany w ith that pur- ,
pose in v iew has been reeeiveil
Fc.tir miner-were bur'i 'l alive at the |
Aflanlir mine of lr aihelt >n Mom lay by •
H full o) t'e fl"||| till' capping on tile
serotnl level. Tile Work "I . I lit-it l*t ll i tiff [
the 1h i lit- wa- niineii' il l at o|i-e ami
the hi-T Ikhlv wi,- reeiiVereil at liloeloek
Saturday forem m mie ■ nlv of the I'nir 1 '
e-rajs'il ami he wa- f• inii>l aftei five’
hour- . him i-' 'neiit pi'' 'tee!eil bv -nine
timber- Tin-ile.nl are Andrew Polina I
Aim ;; I’ !;i ,i i| Tin-, „|.,| e (11 a• 1 kill
S V Hy'!• a ;a■ ,1111 mnt giain ami
•■levator man 1., ir* —ln-ail of tin
Si IP,'li (I;. >at"i mi any owning ,
h large line . < ~ Wi-coii-in
Mllim -otu ami North ami Smith link
•a wa- nnaniiiioiish nominateil foi I
mayor ..a tie Bepublicini ticket by tie
Itepnblieiin lily ( i I, \ in’ I It
The kepubl;, an • ants ,tn■ li< ial ca
.•■ntioii lu ]•! satnrilay atlerm-mi at Kan
( miri ■ j1111Ijl11o11- ’■ nominate. l Martin
B Hllbbaril the pre-elit i III' 11111 1 11 lit fill
■ ountv judge and adopted a re-olntion
denouncing tie- Pliniars Klei lion bill
whi- hi- lii* 1■ I i" -I. prim people of tin
privilege of nn i tin— a- 11 n• \ ire ami
nominate -in n pi-r-oii- a- tln v wi-li
after an inti o bam." ( el, ;i .
I'*'\ I niln i Tit/ Miturif. wliu utir
r*-j,rTi ■ 1 ■ hini. • i-; t ill j|, ji i in, aj'i,
hitpitul lia- r> Hill;. .1 I" A [ip , tun ;unl
c rtnlin t< .I w. - Miii.lnv Ml- ailment
Wa- iij/lit „U a ■ 1 1 :.| anil in
1‘ ,! ’* ! ii til' a. i 1; . . win- nn
t rtll.li 'I
The Supo-iae an t ha. mi tin. and
’••• i-i'.i, ; .1, ... . l,|, ti„.
■I til. . IT> 1 Mai-hl.eld ! lie I 111 Vid \
H'IiIT 1,1111,1 m 1 ,0111; all'. lie amount !
•1 tlo- ; . inn.* 1. : „I,ue >1 t. r* t and 1
V ' ■ l " "*• II tl.o • • 'lll[lHU>
•’.lts tnrtii and OMI f,, tin- city
t 10 ait .I-ade*- ' 1 N‘‘il 1. ■ ■ an order
i, easineti -in cn-t ,ly Alt xan
-1.- r. -in r l i.itod States laml
oft;-• and old till,.- atomic win- had
1 diHiie Ito tail 1 111 iT- for contempt
for manv month* ||. j. r , 1.-a-. 1 1.,
catlw tin- parti,- to tin civil action
against him ha-. -n (provided lor pa\
Ujent of h > li- aid
Tin- R.. k riv. mlm.iii L ioit im re, n
•everal t<-‘ -in- , Sunday noon Tin
i<-n i nreaktnif up and melting. hut in
trouble from th.- ■ • xp* •t I I nrl!<
cr-*-k j> rising ra; idly and the water in
the riv.-r I ejo-.v Tiic dam hi - r:-, n thru
f- t Tin- p>- ,pl<- lie ill • -n tin- flats and
aion.; tni- riv,-r hank- fear that tin-re
nmy be a Hood.
Through the generosity of (i. Sim
mons and Father H. .1- Roche. pastor of
St James' Roman Catholic church, Ken
osha, will be relieved of s‘i"oo of the
heavy indebtedness that has hung over
it for so many years. The congregation
is one of the largest in the citv bnt it is
composed largely of poor people and the
building of the church left a large debt
Fire in the Lutheran parsonage at
NVillsville on Sunday morning destroy
ed the upper story and some household
goods. The loss is approximately SIOOO
folly covered by insurance in the Wis
cousin Church Manual Rev. Thrum,
the pastor, was quite badly burned in
attempting to save his library.
It is reported that there are about for
ty cases of smallpox in the town of Chil
ton. Strict measures have been taken
tn prevent the further spread of the dis
Dr. Oliver P. Walcott of Milwaukee
died Saturday afternoon <it the age of to
years and the funeral took place Monday
morning. He quietly slept his last
away his friends scarcely being able to
note the passing. In compliant'* with
the personal wishes of the deceased, his
■ vniaiiis were quietly incinerated in the
pr*'sense only <d his son Hubert AN aleott.
The damage suit of Samuel G. Me
Curty vs. tin- Leathern A Smith 'Loving
■ unpaiiy of Green Bay. tried in the cir
cuit court last, week Iw-fore Judge Hast
ings results in another laibire and a
third trial has been ordered. McCarty
sued the company for S.'.o.oun damage ■
alleged to hav been sustained by him
while operating one of the dcteiidant
eunqiany s tug'- last year.
The Waukesha National bank has de
cided to bllihl a fine new structure for
it- home mi Main -treet ami Broadway.
I'iftv M ar- air'i last Sunday the First
Presny teriat: elmreh of Bamboo was or
ganized and the clo-e of the epoeil wa
duly celebrated There was a. jnbihe
sermon in the morning by Kes <’ K
Itiehards of Kilhonrn and in tin- even
ing several letters from former pastors
were read. <>l twenty one charter
members, all liave passed away e.\ce| t
four Mr and Mrs A <i Tutlh Mi
I). K Noyes of that city and M <'
Waite of St I,.mis, of the thirteen pa
tors who have is'eupied the pulpit from
time to time several are still living in
different parts of tin' country
Between Oalata Mont vlni'e
pa—etUfers first sen tile ip'i'kv
M .until ' all I Sn Tftln Wla
WII "e lill'V I'":l 'll the (id,, n’.'ltl"'-
"{• file I 'am lie le",i:i A -,-a • .
m nintaius -iniwv peak ,• I
gr""ii ' illevs weird ,'.a 1 11.•
i ■ k t a ana t!• ai- fi laming t aa ■n'
la-bin.; water tall-.
Information from agent- tth •
(j real Northern
i>>al I’ i-- and Tk‘ Agent
sr I• \i i. Mi\n
Wli-•!•■ i'l'iu - will in'l'i i lui.ilv • \
I< i min.iti- lit' tli' limit ramiihiii' t'llnvn
Alwnvi wt-ll In-iit ii Kriilirmt 1.. fur.
linnliii-' iii.'Ut li-li I•*■ 1 . r ut ytlniiK
A fIA broj:
hfP • lip Wh.it ’ t:.ak*s Atrn-i .1:1 gentlemen? Char
-1 1 '
SfS li,
■; I [ ' mastvt radt- ,\ \ 1 ;u-nd Bros. Clothing
fn /W has Ih.lt distinct air of ste le
I H I that 1
I|l I
’ I If
IB I ;Inlll■.ll U;.K ■ i Iha .■! 1 ■ .I'-, durable in at mil out of
|l j I which l.all \v ..r and I■■ll i! >.; t. f a ■■ vir.il Seasons
tJR 1
ffl ■ I-I ■r- I,ook ( a oar laillle ill I :ght liand luasl
Friend Bros. Clothing Cos., Milwaukee, NVIs.
"1 w,t~ troubled f< r several yearn with
chronh (indigestion and ti tvoub debility,
vvrit**H F. J. Green, of Lancaster. X.
H., ‘ No remedy help'd me until fbegan
mdng Electric Bitters, which did me
more good than all the medicines 1 ever
used. They have also kept my wife in
excellent health for years. She says
Electric Bitters are just splendid for
female troubles; that they are a grand
tonic and invigorator for weak, run
down women. No other medicine can
take its place in our family. ” Try them.
Only doc Satisfaction guranteed by
Henry Hinrichs.
*,omothinfc usoful or entertaining: or, if you
Iready have an invention get a
Thorn is abundant profit in good patented
nvontions. Send for cur interesting Illus
trated Patent Hand-Book—free; civ. h more
information than any other. We obtain Pat
•nts that, protect. Terms lowest possible for
!j. t ■ rvire ()l k (I !■,PM t NliliD II VV I
I AIL TO SI.CI PL PA II NT No charges for
examination and op.nlonas to patentability.
Promptness guaranteed. Best of references
Over fil year ; experience. Address
K. S, & A. 15. I.ACLY, Patent .Solicitors,
Washington, 0. C.
Mention this pape r when you rite
There sno r -sf for thus • tireless litth
workers I): Kin;; - New Life Pill-
Millions are always busy, curing Torph
Liver Jaundice. 15i!Iiou-ne s. Fever am
A true They banish Sick Headache
Irive out Malaria Fever grille e
weaken Small li.-te nice, work won
hr- Tn them .’"i at Henry Iliu
He;id::i ueoj'tcn it uh • from a disorder
ed condition of tile stomach ami const i
pillion of tile bowels. A dose or two o
< 'hanib.■ lain s stomach ami Liver Tab
let- will com t {lie- 1 disorders ami civ. <
tiie headache Sold by Henry Hinrichs
An Honest ricilicine lor l.atirippe
George \V Waitt. of Smith Gardiner
Me says 1 have hail the worst cold
(hills and grip and have taken lot
of trash of no account hint profit to tin
vetnlor < 'hamberlain - (’ongh Kerned'
is tne only tiling that has done me ant
g 1 wliatet it. 1 have used one hoftl*
of it and eldl’s cold and grip have til
left ini' I > -ngral nlale the matinfae
Hirers of an honest medicine. For sal*
by Henry Ilinriehs druggist.
The Eminent Kidney
and Bladder Specialist.
ip". \ . v
■ ,
■ - 6
* .
■ -i and
The Discoverer of Swamp-Root at Work In
His Laboratory.
There is a di ease rrevai ing in this
-ountry rr.oM dangerous tecaurs so decep
tive. Many sudden death;- are caused by
It—it'art and: ea ;e. pneumonia, heart failure
or ipoplexy are often the result of kidney
oi ■. e If kidney trouble is allowed to ad
van 'ho k inev poisoned bio- Iv. ill attack
t'.e vi'al oi ran. . or the k; in- r s themselves
'■ 1 iown md waste iway cell by cell.
f the I the albumen
i tl ; !• right’s
Li ' .i ", tne v. or t f rm of kidney trouble.
Swamp Root the new di ■
• tr.<; tree $j ecificf r kidney, bladder
an i ginary troubles. It has cured thousands
:’ a: irentl h role::. * a e . af'er all other
*•: i..*•••'•• fade 1. At druggists in fifty-cent
ent free
t• " il. a. a 1 :k 'tiling at at Swamp-
F • a' 1 its v I lerful cur* Address
,11 Y. anb
rnentir-.’ this paper.
,<tultT I ane.lit m .
\ i ton In \/1 i a liinu'i 1 11 in Hit
n.nt it New Ni rls we.irinc a lie!) b
who h wen ci nei ai 1 s| ; .ii worths
di,ill.inn - lie told a customs ofheet
that In I id nothitttr dtillable. Tin* ofh
eer i- about to pa-v . n when h
s 1 1111 '* id and caught at Nznia’s wa 1 s
to kei p f run fall inn. II is hand touched
In he * ami ihe neweointr was soon
dl-polled of M- valuable shiomen*
Amoina painte 1 ov* r wootl will <luia>
ell It
In m<*sl markets the Lehigh Valley coal is sold
25 and 50 cents per ton higher than any other coals.
We sell it at same price.
Quay Street. Fone 37.
Manitowoc, Wisconsin,
Edison'S Phonograph
Better than a I inno. Organ, or Music Box, f>r it ;• and talks as. well as p y ; . a- !
don't cost, us mi;’ 11 rep rode..., s the mu;-: ol an y . *>; r . , .* — ... or; re—t
in ■ •
See that Mr. Edison's signature is on every machine. Cata
s of all and , or NATIONAL PIIONOORAi ft Cv. - ijf t nth Ave.# New York.
Cure Impotent’., Night Emissions, Loss of Memory, all wasting dis
east 11 effects of self-abuse or excess and indiscretion. |
a nerve tonic and 11 blood builder. Brings the pink PILLS
OT 9 glow t pale cheek: and restores the fire of youth. By
Vj Jlfu mail 50c. per 1 , 6 boxes for sx.so, with our bank*
k ZZ) able guarantee to cure or refund the money paid. Gf'’
,4 Send r circular aid copy of our bankable guarantee bond. *
Positively guaranty and cure for Loss of Power, Varicocele, Undeveloped or Shrunken
Organs, Paresi Locomotor Ataxia, Nervous Prostration, Hysteria, Fits, Insanif.
Paralysis and 1 •• •• ultsof Excessive Use of Tobacco, Opium or Liquor. By mail
in plain packa SI.OO ab \ 6 for $5.00 with our bankable guarantee bond to
cure in 30 days or refund money paid. Address
Clifton and Jackson Streets CHICAGO, ILLINOIS
Corner Htli and Jay Sts. Manitowoc, \\ isconsin.
The N*%v IV'h nillon of \n*lrnltii
3limt 11-r# nlti*r Hr ( on
Australia is to Hivat Britain the
Must \si I uti 1 1 • nf all her colonies,
write- Hugh M. Lusk, in the North
American I V .< u. 'I lie external sn
tlii I A :-t ralia in tlu Smit li I'a
eitie is lioin •' In make itsiif f'i It be
fore lone, | ~se who know Australia
best will I ne the least (hunt that
-lie will (ii means ere long to nsr
that intle.eim, for 11 ur|m>>r-- b. nefiein!
to herse'l. Her people Hen far from
pleased with what was none in th.
•ase if ' a: and it is -ate to say
that i 1 |■ 1 1 j ■ ■ (
e\ ■ r eeii 'rT the ass■ nt of united
\tisfra The sphere of her first
In teres I s ■\ ' . for 11 • pfi s nf. lie eer-
Haed e \ to the I’aeit e and 1 1 "ait
eetilts t. tie smith of ■ ipiat ir.
• lie wi ' I. lcrested in t lie l.oxalty
group. u re Frilltoe ii stilh'islied.
and In t' ' New Hebride- where she
Is n n i• v "oils to establish In rsi If
■•he ii solicit* )■ • a i it the S*T
iinon i part of which are at
present r gnized tis (Irrman terri
tory. • will take a ien deep
■len st I <> fnt lire of New 11 nil a.
part * f di belong- to (ierinuny.
■ and H - . I x on* 1 the |!riti-h -n'
i tim. i in ■ rstoei! to form part of
Holland' .re a t tint little n-ed estate
in tin in ' rn nrctiip* 1 aro.
These tllldeuibf ■*!!> tie Nils,
tra la’- li ■ • care, but she will not be
content with these fm very long.
S’ a mi. I’ri i-li and southern Chit a
and IliiniMi are natural marts for h r
trade, whieh in the next ten years
wilt b. ' rapidly increasing one. and.
in relalle to nil these, she will ex
pert to i \i reis'e large itiflin nee.
Ms 11. id of I xlu Ini . . i.nmlii:
l.iirtxep nml l.ni-ae r—lts
l.nM'sl I sen.
flr: i ir steam contemporaries
’ls i•' ii I ion to Ihe fact t hat an
\ in*'i i< na.nnfnci nrcr of rotar.v
]hiit | rjisis as follows: "Our
tiino)i- i work about three miles out
in tin e. ■r\ arc startei and stopped
from ih. i nitpntty's <• it \ office, their
(ie-r.it " .eing ascertained by tel
jit in I ! jrpes on for ’ ;i> s without
■ \ m . e-oiiijr near them." There
■ i uirse. he .it h. r elect riea!
i,liser\ i:ur t be fuel that the
I 111111>- w if ■ at w ork, but
'hi i; . inilieatloii of the telephone
's lei i
ms to be no end of the du
ll be t h row i on Ihe tele
em'h hate t siiitif* -is anew
ie Kl< ft riea 1 Wi rli and Kn
ii r 1 -i \an.ple. in mill towns. it
row id that calling peope up it
• r |iv teie pilot a In at s the
ii rti . i. |< a nil I lie peramhnlntin ir
t 1 hollow . I’ll i- o .a has re
ived an extension in a west
re eit \ a here a patient, tired of de
eareless nitr-e-, now has
and hj ti lephom every time
he hi nr i nines around for the admin
*ra I ioi . f his dose. 11 Is sail! the pinß
'oi l. t . i rfeelion
Pickles should never in. kept in glazed
ware as the vinegar forms a poisonous
■onijioninl w ith the glazing.
)f largoN* ires on my little daughter's
head devehipeil into a case of scald
head writes C. I). Ishill of Morgautoii
Tetni.. but Bncklen’s Arnica Salve com
pletely cured ier. It s a gnranteed cim
for Eczema. Tetter. 'Salt'Rheum, pim
ples. Sores. Ulcers and- *Piles. Only •!.’
cents at Henry Ilinriehs
Greatly reduced one-way rates will be
in effect via Wisconsin Central Railway
op-iints in Minnesota. North Dakota
Montana, Idaho. Oregon. Washington
and British Columbia each Tno-day. cum
morn ing February Idth and continuing
until April doth.
For detailed information inquire of
W. H. Vandegritt, Agent. apr do.
twentieth of Scotland's area is for
est land, -even-tenths is nu aintain heath
and lakes and only * ate quarter cnlti vat
ed land.
The term "Algebra" <-ni • - tVom two
Arabic wordssignif'itig the putting to
gether of Virokeii things.
Some Reasons
Why You Should Insist on Having
Uncoupled by an\ other.
R 'inters hard leather -oft.
E pecially prepared.
Keeps out wall* .
A heavy bodied oil.
An excellent preservative.
Reduces cost oi vow h..nn ss.
Rover burns the Itaihet its
Elficielliw is inert ised.
Secures best serviee.
S'itches kept from break inn.
|s sold in all
Localities Muniifa.turpil t v
SliiiulimtM Ml I iiniiMiie.
Local Anaesthetics used for painless
extraction of teeth.
IHdcmlv's studio.
Finest Photos ever made. “Swellest” Cards of
latest designs for Cabinet Heads, Busts, Figures,
Groups etc. You are invited to call and see our work
and get our prices.
Studio in Metropolitan Block, IN’. Btli
her r Aloysius Rager
915 15th. Street. Manitowoc, Wls.
PIANO Classical Music.
Piano Solo and Duets a Specialty.
VIOLIN Onh the best Methods used.
VOCAL MUSIC Special attention given to Sight Reading
and Vocalisation.
Pupils are givti;, Tree of charge, the benefit of an extended experience in pro
eni ini' Instruments and Music.
Practical and thorough Instruction given in the German language.
For the next two weeks we will en
deavor to show
in Dress Goods, Cloaks, Capes, Chil=
dren’s Jackets, Linens, Lace Cur
tains, Fur Clothing, Underwear,Caps
Mufflers, etc
Exceptional Bargains in Rem
nants whenever We find them.
For Coughs and Colds.
Daring this - > non of c tughs an I c >1 Is
we would again call attention to our
syrup of Tar aal Wild Cmn-ry. It is
composed of entirely harmless ingre
dients and acceptable to batlT~yomig
and old. We beg you to remember that
any person not it oiefitel by taking tiiis
medicine can have his m mey refun I.
Oscar A. Alter,
Prescription Druggist.
We Guarantee
. ; You the best foot
mM wear that money
can buy Years of
clean Record and a
low price for the
D I THT JC CZHT A l-l I YORK STREET. 1 door west
t>UrV (XMAnL, o! Chas. Salak Cos

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