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Residents of Western Union Junction
believe that a sugar l**et factory is to
be located at that place, for the reason
that options have been secured on about
1,000 acres of land, ranging in price
from to f'-‘> It is claimed that a syn
licate from Milwauk< e heath'll by ( A
Brown, are Ttack of the move and that
the proposed factory will cost f.’.'io 000,
that fortv cottages will be built and em
ployment given to several hundred men.
There is also a report that capitalists
have reen at Burlington seeking figures
or. land for a similar plant.
Another art in tin* drama which ended
in Mrs. Bech. l Grover being granted a
divorce by Judge Fish in the Circuit
court last Tin-day. was played in Ken
osha The actor- wen- Em in- H Orov
er. the divorc'd husband. and Mr-. Mav
Butter-on of Chicago the co-re-i.ndent
in the -en-atimial -nit The -cene -elect
ed for the wedding wa- .Tu-tice George
MeCarron - ' oijrt room where the two
principal- mad* application to be mar
ried on a court order i-u.-d to Grover
; a- that purpo-e
The ju-tice feared for the legality of
the proceeding- and before coii-enting
to je-rform the ceremony demanded a
onsultation with the clerk of the court.
J. B Malom-v wa- accordingly looked
up and it wa- found that while the de
■ wa- granted and that to all intent
and purpo-i- Grover wa- a free man
ye' the -ignature of .In ige Fi-li had not ;
yet Veen place.] ..n tin- document ihe ]
ju-tice wa- not satisfied and proceeded
to find I i-trict Attorney Buckma-ter
Here the final -tumbling Work in tlm ■
scheme of the couple wa- encountered j
for the attorney determined that the j
marriage could not t..- legally -olemni/- i
ed until tile dec ret- had been signed
Three more m-es of -mallpox have |
broken out in tic- w<.o Isalsjut Mat inefte ;
There are now -even .-a-e- in all in the j
city. The wood-na n coming back from I
the pineries an- spreading the diea-e
James J Hill ..wm-r of the (treat
Northern railroad ha- made the eni
ploye- of the road in \V*'-t Su;ieriir
an offer in put up a building for their
n-e It will I‘a-..rt of Young Men-
Christian a—.ciatiou atlair and will be
built with reading room- (bathrooms,
-wiming pool, gymna-ium and thing- of
that kind. The amount given for the
building i- expected to be about *.'0111,0
La-fSntunlay to . n ngNew Kiehniond
was visited by nio-t unusual meteologi
cal demonstration, and eoii-id.-ring the
season of the vear the severest thunder
storm in history of Nortliern Wi-e..nsin
For two hour- there a steady cannonad
Ing thiind.-r and lighting accomi.anied
by a heavy downpour of rain. but no
wind Lightning -truck many places
and the damage heavy
The atinnal drive meeting of the Mi
ni uiinee River Boom company wa- la id
Monday The driving of the dilferent
stream- wa- not apportioned a- usual
Thec tal . -tilnati ■! I- g crop for tin- HM g
—a- n ■ui the Mi nomine.' 1-1- imated at
Ho I Oo I 000 f,.. T
' hath— >.ith of Farmhill i- in ,iaij
here •n a 1 hargi- abduction preferred
by Ira bubr . t F.lmw.. -I seith -tint
si f r ' regon with bmfers daughter
wa in la- wa- going to man v but -la
Ik k- but two months of 1. . ing 1 - Tl e\
btvl the mother- ■ nii-,■!)* S.-ith ha
f‘* o'■' witli him and pr-ipo-. ,to tight f. ■■
•la- girl
St Jani<- K'.imm 1 atii<i]j< ■ imp'll iii
K> will m i up;. ,i uiiiqllf pine ■
itiuotiK th** Wiwmi'in cliuivln , m tin
f ituro a* it ih a ■ -1 1 ui • h |iM‘xuliml i.vi rla
h prifxt who ri' i’ivi x nn rcimiticnilinn
for hi wrvic • - At th<- uuM tinir of tin
tnmtifi. tho In aim nr of the riiuivii pro
M*ntal lii* antliial roport aial lint- if
port chowcil that Father II .1 it or la
who ha- Uf n in i of tihuivh
for th*- paxt nine M arx hit' itim-u hi
-rvi(,H- uliM.liit* 1\ froo Jtot , r ,. tho
coming of Father Uooho S| .laim
church hail paiil it- paxtoi a xalan >1
h Mar hut Father Knche ha* to
fuxtl to io i oj t tho uxiial 'alary aiol in
► tea'l of having th< church pa> him for
tu xt-rvioo, ;i -a paxl.ho hax pant tho
• hup h for tho privilege of m.t it
Lea Ha-m ,V -if Sturge.,n 1..1N
ii,i m i Ok- t■ .11 •,viiii; assignment-i
ftheir tl> f< i ilm • n^iiiiiy >n . /
navigation sti-ambarges I N b'-b-r
Captain ( 1’ i'arkuril < hi. f .ngineer, i
•Tame* ( urry Joeeph I. Hurd Captain I
’.V L Warring • iitru.. c |i
Bewaukei ( aptain t-amnel Chnstofer
-ui engine* r Murkllolt Tugs John
Leathern Captain Mi nty Tufts .ngm
e*-r Edward Wi-Ut rge N. Ih.ui
Ca; *ain James T ift- engineer John i
Hi le v.
This ha- Ina-ii a day <.f happiness f..r
Oi- tn.-nd- ot i an •Uc'.ll.-r- Waukesha,
HTid U.OM- . -p.. uibvso ).. r l'r> -id.-nt \V.
L Rankin who r*-< hvial a letter from
..alph \ oorhees who hail previously
given the iCHt.tution and was
by the I'onditioriH jpm rilnr 1 the me m
of tvM much more mm being subs,-rib
i-d containing a . h*-( k for fj.’i.uuu
The bo iy of H<-nrj KalbHeiwh a
Wealthy ice dealer o. Dixon, 111 who
has been visiting his father, George
Kalbfleisch. a farmer of the town of
Blooming (Trove, was found on the ice
on Lake Monona Madison on Saturday
morning. His.body was frozen in the
ice and had apparently lain there all
night. An ugly gash in the back of the
head and another over the right eye
showed the cause of dt ath, but how these
cuts were inflicted is a matter which the
coroner’s jury is endeavoring to solve.
Mrs Julia Duplici of Chippawa Falls
was in*,’years old on Sunday. She spent u
busy day receiving congratulations and
entertaining relatives and friends. She
she is at Mrs, George Ihunarse's, her
daughter's home in the country. Many
from the city went out during the day.
Fourteen grandchildren and great
grandchildren, and two great-great
grandchildren are present.
Charles Anderson is in a very critical
condition at the hospital in Marinette.
While working in the woods he slipped
1 and fell on a limb the latter penetrated
hi* abdomen and hr ike off. It was ex
' traded bv surgeons there.
(n account of the deep snow many
an idents are occuring in the Woods and
-everal men are arriving here every day
in a badly-injured condition.
Mrs Eliza)>eth Carey, aged 14 years
■nd one of the pion er settlers of Keno
-lia county, died at her home in Kenosha
ii Saturday. Mr- Carey had resided
in Wisconsin for over sixty years She
was a widow of Phillip ( ’arey. who win
irmerly a resident of Milwaukee.
(Benson's Plaster is Pains Master.)
When Muydole was told that he made “a
pretty go.si hammer,” he said, “No, I don’t
make a ‘pretty g .ml hammer,’l make the
la-st hammer that ever trim made.”
Ev. ry i arpenler who saw a Mavdole ham
im r wanted one. ll was of the bent ma
terial, perfectly balanced, and the head
nev.-r flew off. Hammers were divided into
la i i . ■■ ■ Ist, Maydilie’s; 2d all the rest.
Plasters are separated by the same line
! . . ■ Ist,] I I i-i.r:
2d, all the rest When, for rheumatic pain,
a cold, a cmigh, kidney trouble or any
other disease or ailment that limy lietn ited
externally, you a-k for a plaster, any hon
• -t, reputable druggist will give you u lien
sun's, He knmr* it is iniomiiftrably the
best, and he iiHHiiiuea that you know it too.
As the name of Maydide stood for hamim ra
the name of Benson stands for plasters
the “real thing." All the medieinal poten
i ies that are valuable in a plaster are in
Henson’s. Capsicum, Strengthening and
Belladonna plasters arp out of date
\n army of physicians and druggists, and
millions of the people, have written of
Benson's Plasters as art nn-ilv to betnisted.
Henson’s Plasters have fifty-live hit/hmt
aunrtht. A.. •pt no substitute,
i For sale by alt druggists, nr we w ill pre
pay postage on any number ordered in ibo
United Stales, on receipt of ‘.'. r ic. each
beabury A Johnson, Mfg. Chamists, N. Y.
Contrail, t - Von won t -ell tin- a ear
load of bri. ks on credit
Dealer No Me and m\ brick are
very much alike Were hard pressed
tor cash.
j OF
lie' We. ;i . i.lhlf 1 M .lit Wl.i
passengers fi'-t see the if. kv
Mountains and s>- ittle Wa b
where the\ leach Hie tide waters
I 1.1 the Pacific 1 tee, HI A -e.t of
mountains -nowv peak- cm,l
I green valleys weird, basaltic
rock formations foaming torrents
dasl ing water falls.
In 'urination from agents of the
(ireat Northern
I I Will I M V
tun 1 Pass and Tkt Agent
s-i I'm i Minn
A;d clothing
It' r I the man who ippre-
Vflrrt'' **-■. n.i ti'iitii l.t t • ••.;i' ther with th.---!;,a- appreciates
|ra 11 ill This production stands out distinctly
ni II ' M from otla-i 1 .r tin- reason t! it it is cut upon
'ii * ■
I form jit. ssc-.l and splendid,y finished The special
jl pattern! cov. .ng a with range of variety and
| marked attrai tie. m ss, make the selection of a be
■ coming <- .or ell. it an easy matter S< .- this Sack
| Suit, know aid rcsjxct tin wearing qualities oi the
, , VI Sold fiv le d.-alc-t-. Look for our name in
— •Mjp t or rig l.t 1... i.d 1a... t ]-. ket.
Friend Bros. Clothing Cos., Milwaukee, NVI*.
'I was troubled for several years with
chronioindigestion and nervous debility,
writes F. J. < ireen, of Lancaster. N.
H., "No remedy helped me until I began
using Electric Hitters, which did me
more good than all the medicines 1 ever
used. They have also kept my wife in
excellent health for years. She says
Electric Hitt.-rs are just splendid for
female troubles; that they are a grand
tonic and invigorator for weak, run
down women. No other medicine can
take its place in our family.” Try them.
Only oitc. Satisfaction guranteed by
Henry Hinrichs.
Something useful or entertaining: or, f van
already have an invention get a
There is abundant profit in good patented
inventions. Send for our interesting Illus
trated Patent Hand-Book—free; gives more
information than any other. Wo obtain Pat
ents that protect. Terms lowest possible for
best •■r v re Ol Will'’ Itl.l i NIlM) II- VVH
1 All. TO SECl'ttU BAT INT No charges for
examination and opinion as to patentability.
Promptness guarantee and. Best of references.
Ov< r3l yi irs i p< rli nee. Address
R. S. 6t A. B. I.ACEY, I’utent .Solicitors,
Washington, I). C.
Mot lion, this paper ir hen you write.
There's Hu rest for those tireless little
workers I )r. King s New Life Pills.
Millions are always busy, curing Torpid
Liver Jaundice, Billiousness Fever and'
Ague They banish Sick Headache,
drive out Malaria. Fever gripe or
weaken Small, taste nice, work won
der- Trv them. ■.'•V at Henry Hin
Headache often results from a disorder
ed condition of the stomach ami consti
pation of the bowels. A dose or two of
< hambe lain s stomach ami Liver Tab
lets will correct these disorders and cure
the headache. Sold by Henry Hiurichs
An Honest . IcUiuncbor I .a Grippe
George \V Waitt, of South (Tardinur
Me., say- 1 have had the worst cold,
chills and grip and have taken lot
of trash of no account but profit to tin
vendor ('hamlierlainS ('ough Remedj
is ttie only thing that lias done me am
good whatever. I have used one bottle
of it and chills cold and grip have all
left me I congratulate the maimfac
turers of an honest medicine. For sah
by Henry Hinriclis druggi-t.
No. i
offers TO-DAY wonderful oppor
| tunities for farmers, manufacturers,
) merchants, miners and investors. \
C (
\ If you would take advantage of;
; YOUR opportunity, writeTO-DAY j
\ tor information about the oppor- \
> <
tunities in Wonderful Washington, $
( (
and about
Great Northern Ry
lni. S. Clark St,. (
( CMl‘l A(H>, 111. /
f- I. WHITNtV,
i, P. \ T. A., (
St. Paul, Minn.
February 12th, 10th. 20th ;
March sth, 12th, 10th. 26th ;
April 2d, Oth, 16th, 23d, 30th,
1<3 . 01 -
In most markets the Lehigh Valley coal is sold
25 and 50 cents per ton higher than any other coals.
We sell it at same price.
Quay Street. Fone 37.
Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
Edison’s Phonograph
Better than a Piano, Organ, or Music Box, for it sings ami talks as veil ns plays, and
don't cost ns much. It reproduces the music of any instrument—hand or orchestra—n ;.u
Sauries and sings- de old familiar hymns as well os the pop"! er songs—it is always ready.
. See that Mr. Edison's signature is on every machine. Cata
losnes of all dec or NATIONAL PHONOOKAHH CO., m.s Fifth Ave., New York.
Wc pay the above reward for any case of Liver Complaint,
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Indigestion, Constipation
or Costiveness we cannot cure with
Liverita, The Up-to-Dale Little Liver Pill
They arc purely Vegetable and never fail to give satisfaction.
25c. boxes contain 100 Pills, 10c boxes contain 40 Pills, 5c
boxes contain 15 Pills. Beware of substitutions and imitations.
Sent by mail. Stamps taken. Nervita Medical Cos., Corner
Clinton and Jackson Sts., Chicago, Illinois. Sold by
Corner Blh and JaySts. .Manitowoc. W isconsin.
Ffw lli'fiiKfi fur Criminal* at Prn
ul liiij—Tiirkt j siifput Country
for Law limikrrt.
In isno if fi ('riminal could fly to
mill her cuiintn lie was practically
safe, for lie could not be brought
tiaek without endless trouble. At
that time there were no extradition j
treaties between Kngfhind and France, j
ilnssia, (!ermiiny, Switzerland. Spain, :
Ilolinnd. \ ll stria or America, and so
if a lawbreaker could reach any of j
those countries he had a very fair !
chance of ec.nliny punishment alto
gether. It was estimated tnat even I
year over l.uno criminals avoided the
arm of the law by crossing over to
France, and an almost etpial number
from the continent fool, refuse in
Knylund. \ Russian criminal tit that
time had only to cross the frontier
and he was -afe, and the law was
jus't as ' 1 iy evaded all over Kurope, j
says l.oi.don \nswers.
Vt tin- pn ent day there are very
few refuv for criminals, and tb“
arm of tin law extends to the end i
of the bun >-t feleyraph ealiles. The
safest country for the law-brenher j
is Turkey, because there tire few
nmony tin minor officials who are
tilnne bribery.
In the early part of Ison there were
over un.oiMi eriminals in F.nyland who
had at sonic time been convicted.
Since then there has been a steady
decrease. When the late ipieen came
to the throne about ‘Jt.OOO persons
were eoinieted every year, while the
j averaye at the close of the century
is only a little over 10.000.
r lirec II ■■ nit red Kind*, nf Wnshlnit
('•on trl va nt'e. Are Vow on
the Market.
"Some idea of the variety in which
laundry h .m liinery is now made,''said
a New V rk dealer, aeeordiny to the
Sim. "may In yaineil from Ihe fact that
In one eat doylle of such appliances
there are to he found about 1100 num
bers One maker produces washing
machine- in so varieties. These in
clude machines of different sizes, ma
terials and welyhts, adapted to all
manner of uses.
“•If ii ; machines I here are now
adays many ineludiny machines spe
cially (h ad for irotiiiiy particular
parts, as a mis, collars and so on; and
then then are nmnyles in yreat va
riety, >• . of them biy nuieliines
wei.diinc Many tons, made for the
ironiuy of fat (foods only, as table
cloths. napkins, sheets, towels ami so
on. I here is more or less hand laun
dry Won! ne branch or allot her, but
there i \ an work done in laundries
for whiel aehini'S eanriot lie had.
“\II i to : oat va riel yof modern In me
dry na, . ny may be found in actual
open. ii ii and about New York, ii
••ne e l aliment or allot her. 11
' Mil l lu p. -sihle. of course, to show
it all In i • ration in showrooms, hut
it < ala niwn to better advantii|fi
at. I un ■ 11 isfuetorily in every way*
in a tua I w ork.”
Hops do not come from thehopjier. but
a yiM'd many counts come from behind
the counter
■ < )f large sores on my little daughter's
head develoj ed into a case of scald
head" writes C. 1). Isbill of Morgan ton
Tenn.. but Bucklen's Arnica Salve com
pletely cured icr. Irs’a guranteed cure
for Eczema. Tetter. Salt'Rheum, pirn
pies. Sores. Ulcers and Piles. Only da
cents at Henry Hinrichs
Auctioneers are an obliging l"t: they
always attend to every ■ •ie s bidding.
1 Prepared in many color t ints
v to harmonize with nur
(CVFu \ rounding* dining •
iff* \ room, drawing room, / I
' bed room <>r ball Sold /
The letter “e" is the the begining of |
, ery en the e ■ u<
The I'm.nnetuns I'.nlUti Sparrow.
Residents of Shreveport, La., com
plain that while in former years many
varieties of American birds made their
homes in that vicinity a great change
has been brought about by (he Eng
lish sparrow. This pugnacious little
creature tirst appeared there aboitt ten
years ago and soon changed from an
mobtrusive twitterer to a savage
lighter with a raucous mice and a dis
position to fly tit every feathered thing
not thrice its size. The result is that
very few birds winter there now, and
it is about the only small feathered
creature seen at any time.
Local Anaesthetics used for painless
extraction of teeth.
IHcßndfs Studio.
Finest Photos ever made. “Swellest” Cards of
latest designs for Cabinet Heads, Busts, Figures,
Groups etc. You are invited to call and see our work
and get our prices.
Studio in Metropolitan Block, N. Ktli St
Herr Aloysius Rager
‘>ls Isth. Street. Manitowoc, Wis.
PIANO Classical Music.
Piano Solo and Duets a Specialty.
VIOLIN—OnIy the best Methods used.
VOCAL MUSIC Special attention given to Sight Reading
and Vocalisation.
Pupils are given, free of charge, .he benefit of an extended experience in pro
curing Instruments and Music.
Practical and thorough Instruction given in the German language
For the next two weeks we will en=
deavor to show
in Dress Goods, Cloaks, Capes, Chil
dren’s Jackets, Linens, Lace Cur
tains, Fur Clothing, Underwear,Caps
Mufflers, etc
Exceptional Bargains in Rem
nants whenever We find them.
For Coughs and Colds.
During this season of coughs an 1 c dds
we would again call attention to our
syrup of Tar an I Wild Cherry. It is
compose I of entirely harmless ingre
dients and acceptable to both young
and old. We beg you to remember that
any person n >t benefited by taking this
medicine can have his money refun led.
Oscar A. Alter,
Prescription Druggist.
We Guarantee
You the best foot
raHH wear that money
can buy Years of
clean Record and a
low price for the
O I THT JC* enr AMI YORK STREET, 1 door west
DUKI OCSIAnU, of Chas. Salak Cos

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